How to Solve the Initialization Error after Installing the BDM CD or the ACSP CD on a Computer Running Vista

If you encounter the initialization error shown in Image 1 below, after installing the BDM CD or the ACSP CD on a computer running Vista, follow these directions to correct the problem.

Image 1: Network Initialization error screen.

First you will need a create a new folder off the C Drive which we will name “pdoxusrs”. To do so, log in as the Administrator, click on Start and then on Computer, as indicated by the red arrow in Image 2 below. (If you are using your home computer, your own username will likely have full administrator rights.)

Image 2: Start Up dialog box showing “Computer” link.

When the screen below appears (Image 3), double click on Local Disk (C:), as indicated by the red arrow.

Image 3: Screen showing Local Disk (C:).

Click on the right mouse button in a clear area on the right side of the screen that appears after double clicking on Local Disk (C:), as indicated by the red arrow in Image 4 below.

Image 4: Screen showing a clear area on which to place the mouse.

Scroll down to where it says New, click on that folder and change the name from “New” to “pdoxusrs”.

Image 5: Screen after the creation of the pdoxusrs folder.

Next click on Start and then on Control Panel.

Image 6: Start Up dialog box showing “Control Panel” link.

Once you click on the Control Panel link the following image will appear, if your folder view option is set to Large Icons. (Whichever way the folder is set to be viewed, you should see an icon entitled BDE Administrator.)

Image 7: Control Panel Screen with View option set to Large Icons.

Double click on “BDE Administrator” and one of the following BDE Administrator dialogue boxes will appear.

Image 8: BDE Administrator showing Databases screen (left) and the Configuration screen (right).


Either way click on the Configuration tab, then in the window double click on Configuration, Drivers, Native, and Paradox. In the right window that appears where it says NET DIR C:\ click on C:\ and change to C:\pdoxusrs. Close the BDE Administrator by clicking on the X at the top right corner of the BDE Administrator Dialog Box. You will be prompted to save the changes. Click on Yes.

Image 9: Screen after linking NET DIR to the pdoxusrs folder.

You will be requested to restart all BDE applications for the changes to take effect. Say OK.

Image 10: Screen requesting to restart all BDE applications.

Re-open the BDE Administrator to ensure that NET DIR has been changed to C:\pdoxusrs. Once that has been confirmed re-start the BDM or the ACSP program.

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