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William Button Diary, 1922

January 5, Thursday

Thursday 5th Left home for St. John's @ 5am.
January 11, Wednesday

Wed 11th Left St. John for home arrived at 10 pm.
During our absence Mr. W.H. Button died at New Chelsea early Sunday morning 8th & was
burried [sic] on Tuesdy 10th
February 6, Monday

Monday 6 Visited Lead Cove
February 16, Thursday

Thursday 16 Missionary Meeting Deputation Rev. [Mr.?] Broughton Pitcher & Rev. Dr.
February 17, Friday – February 18, Saturday

Friday 17 & Saturday 18 Stormy Trains & Tel. Lines held up.
February 19, Sunday

Sunday 19 church in am weather unpleasant [church] & school closed
February 20, Monday

Monday 20 Mild a little rain wind s.w. [wind?] Quite a few men to day & Sat. Flooring uper
[sic] department of school & made other important improvements
February 24, Friday

Friday 24 Road Board Elections conducted by Elisha 11 am. at Sibleys Cove 3 pm. at
Brownsdale and 8 pm here Exciting meetings.

The weather conditions during the month was high wind snow & sever [sic] frost throughout
with interruption of the mail [servic?] for the greater part of the time.
March 1, Wednesday

Wed March 1st A fine day with strg W. wind cold & very frosty afternoon & night. Several
men left for St Johns in the am to engage in the seal fish with others followg at eveing
news was recd of [Engineers?] refusing to go to seal fishig unless they are given increase of
wages & this matter has caused the cancelling of the [fishy?] Revd Mr. B preached at night to
a small attendance

March 6, Monday

Visited Uncle Abrm.Button at Lead Cove in the afternoon retd. at tea hr. Arch Clark drove us
their [sic] with horse & slide
March 7, Tuesday

Tuesday 7 A fine mild day throughout. Geo C.M. A. Clark & R. Goodwin were to HHr &
brot. along to us 3 pcs Plate iron for wharf.
Yesterday Jas. Driscoll was at Winterton & Brot along 1 Brl. Mols. 1 Brl. Flour etc. WJ &
[Geo?] B. of Old Perlican also brot to us a [brl?] Sugar & 2 Brls. Flour
March 8, Wednesday

Wed. 8th District L.OL. of TBay S. meet here to night Dist Master Jas Rowe & a Mr. Sooley
of Hearts Content [E.?] J. Samson Esq. J.P. and a Mr. Downy [sic] of winterton and a number
of other notables from other Lodges were present at this very interesting meeting.
March 15, Wednesday

Wed. 15 Fine day with light N. wind. Ocean or Bay frozen solidly. Men in every place being
at woods work paths good for hauling purposes. J.B.M. & wife and Elisha's as well went to
H.Hr. in the afternoon to attend a meeting of the [usual? uml? ums? wmS = Women's
Missionary Society?]. Dr. Templeton visited us at evening he being called to give medical
treatment to Wesley Goodwin's wife & child who had the painful misfortune this morning of
falling down their stairs doing them selves much harm but we hope not as serious as at first
March 23, Thursday

Thursday 23
Moderately warm but dull and a little rain. Snow & ice melted considerably J.B.. & GM
began at Mill work about 9 am & had the bench & all in [readmiss?] by 1 pm. Afternoon
began sawg 24 Logs of Wesley. Goodin ½ in board finished them by six oclock. Time spent
by each about 8 hrs.
Nathnl. Goodwin also was at work on Motor boat from 10 to 1 pm.
April 1, Saturday

Sat 1 A dull day with E wind The burial of Absalom Reid by Rev Mr. B. was the event of the
April 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4th Moses Button began the building of a small punt for us to day.
At evening a seal was killed by Wesley & other Goodwins in boat
May 1, Monday

May 1 A fairly fine day but cold The fencing of the cemetary [sic] was the work engaged in by
nearly all the men
May 2, Tuesday

Tuesday 2 A nice fine day with light W wind & smooth sea Geo C.M. John C.M- & Jas
Driscoll left in motor boat [?] at 7 am for Hearts Content & retd. at 5 pm took along 2 Box
Eggs & brot a load sundries. Hy Pynn our servant came with us to day & spent the day
labourng on little garden by factry
May 3, Wednesday

Wed 3 continued the same labor forenoon & finished & then spent some time [raking rubbish
of field?] until in the afternoon noon [sic] when snow & stormy weather prevented further
May 4, Thursday – May 5 Friday

Thursday 4 spent the day ceiling wood house and on Friday 5 was engaged all day at
same work. weather today & yesterdy fine [by? still cold?]
May 8, Monday

Monday 8th Fred. M- left for H.Hr. to outfit Schnr. Grilse. Rev. Dr. C- & Mr. B. here &
inspected Schools.
May 9, Tuesday

Tuesday 9th F.M- at Hr. Hr. [sic] at work on Grilse retd at evenig & last evenig as
well by [Mottr.?] boat conveyance
May 16, Tuesday

Tuesday 16 Fred. & 3 others again at work & ret'd at eveng First potatoes planted in the
afternoon by Hy & Josiah M [Sic?] up of the train service to day causing much annoyance
May 14, Monday

Mon. 14 First traps [barsted? bartered?]
May 18, Thursday

Thursday 18 First trap berths secured by the setting out of mooring this am
May 22, Monday

Monday 22 A splendid day with light variable wind & sea smooth Schnr Mary E came here in
the early mornig & we put unboard of her 5 Casks refined oil of Hy [strgg?] 8 Cakss Com
Cod oil
322 Flour Brl [shuks?]
323 Half Hds. Hoops
{[Herg. Brl-?] [Hoops]
8 Cow & Calf Hides
14 Cases Eggs also at Lead Cove casks refined oil The Schnr Grilse [alo? also? a/c?]
came [here?] at 10 am & we put unboard of her 54 Casks CL oil & 31 Casks cod oil the
former left for St Johns at evenig & the later for H. Grace
May 23, Tuesday

Tuesday 23 Geo. C. Mansfied & Reuben Goodwin left for H.Hr in Motor Boat & brot down
10 Brls Flour 1 Tc Mols 1 Brl. Pork 1 Cs. sL soap & a few other things. Quite a sea was on
when they retd. but landed without mishap. During the rest of the week the sea was very much
disturbed and weather unpleasant especially on saturday when a gale of N.E. wind was
accompanied by sleet & snow & brot. along many ice bergs the terror of crafts and making it
dangerous for the setting out of traps. The effect of the storm was felt at the Tel office [have?]
its electrical effect having spoiled the relay it having been set on fire
May 29, Monday

Monday 29 A fine day the most lovely this season "S.S. Malikoff" [sic] made her first call at 6
pm. Bay dotted with iceburgs
Simeon Bursy at work all day white washing factory Eli Woodland spent the afternoon with
Henry planting potatoes
May 31, Wednesday

Wed 31 A fine day with strong S.E. wind but some sea on Son John left at 7 am for O.P. en
route to St John's on business solely for us.
June 1, Thursday

Thursday June 1st
The planting of the potatoes was finished by breakfast hour Eli woodland was with [HP?] at
the work & spent hours. At 9:30 Geo. CM. with these two left for OP. in motor & retd.
at 3 pm with 9 Brls. flour 2 Brls. Sugar 2 Brl. Meat 1 Brl. R. oats 2 S. Beans 2 S. Oats 1
Roll Leather & 2 Cs. goods. Day beautiful & fine with sw. wind. The S.S. Neptune called at
H.Hr to day for fishing crews to take to the Straits.
June 3, Saturday

Sat. 3 Message recd. apprising us of the arrival of Schnr "Grilse" at st John's. At evening
heard of disastrous fire at Bonne Bay
June 6, Tuesday

Tuesday 6 Annual Qrtly. official Board meeting in church 24 present Banqueting time after
which all enjoyed immensely S.S. Malikof [sic] made her second call this season at 4 pm. &
we shipped by her 2 Cases Eggs
June 8, Thursday

Thursday 8th First Salmon taken in our net (4) taken this morning [net] was set on Tuesday and
four remaining ones were set out this eveing when in launching skiff accident happened to Eli
woodland in the crushing of his toe. Repair was made to the road today leading past the
June 9, Friday

Friday 9th A fine warm day with E wind at evening Netts [sic] hauled in the am
June 10, Saturday

Saturday 10 J[B?]M [&?] Co left at 7 am for Old Perlican with 22 Salmon & retd. at 11 am
Son J- retd. from st Johns at midnight having come by S.S. Prospero landing at B de V.
June 12, Monday

Monday 12 A dull day with strong S. wind blowing a fierce gale morning & night J.B.M. &
Co hauled netts [sic] in the morning & succeeded in getting 21 salmon which they took to HHr.
after their return or late at evening they set out one of their cod traps. Caplin made their
appearance to day a barrel or more being taken by Wm Barrett. The S.S. Malikof [sic] made
her third visit in the forenoon No freight
June 13, Tuesday

Tuesday 13th

Fairly fine quiet day with light wind Two Motor boats with 6 men another [from?] whales
Brook and a fourth from Brownsdale left for st Johns at 8 am and arrived safely at 5 pm. They
intend fishing there this summer
Josiah Mansfield secured 2 qtls fish to day on caplin bait and another boat did fairl [sic] well.
The Schnr. "Grilse" arrived soon after midnight having loaded here on May 22 so that the trip
covered three weeks
4 Salmon only [secerred?] to day
June 14, Wednesday

Wed. 14 A splendid day with smooth sea & light wind. The work of discharging the Schnr.
Grilse embraced the day until 5 pm. The same number of salmon as yesterday was the result
of the haul
June 15, Thursday – June 17, Saturday

Thursday 15 Friday 16 & Saturday 17 Not very eventful Fishermen on the grounds with
caplin bait but find fish very scarce with trawl & the usual method. None at all taken with traps.
A Dozen or more salmon were netted on saturdy by J.B.M.
June 18, Sunday

Sunday 18 A dull day & cold wind strg s.E. Rev. Mr. B. preached at evening A large
congregation present visitors from along the shore present
June 19, Monday

Monday A fairly fine day with smooth sea but strong [Southey?] wind Schnr Grilse was at
Lead Cove to day & discharged the bal. of her salt there & returned here at evening for a little
supply preparatory for leaving for st John's to fish there this summer. We shipped by her two
Motor Engines 2 Boxes old Rubbers [4? 14?] Cases Eggs 3 Steel Drums & 1 Pork Brl.
[Salmon?] Some fish taken in Traps today Here [Z?] Reid had 1 qtls & at Lead Cove Plemon
Button trapped 11 & others a few also. J.B.M set Leader out I.R. trap J. Clark set [out] his
also and considerable activity was manifested all round, Josh & Wm H Goodin & others set
their traps also At evening Mr Wm Butt of St Johns visited us on school matters.
June 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20 wind very light & s.w. sea smoth weather dull with light rain & some fog Schnr
Grilse left for St. John's at 8 a.m. S.S. Malikoff [sic] called at 7 pm. & Hy Py son J & John
Goodwin went unboard & landed from her 1 Brl Beef 1 Keg Sausages 1 Box washing soda
& 2 pcls. paper. Joseph Coombs & uncle Philip Button visited us to day Fish very scarce
none whatever with hand line trawl or traps and some ar [sic] casting doub [sic] on the fishery
already. No Salmon to day.
June 21, Wednesday

Wed. 21 The sun today entered its summer solstice and it was very sultry & warm with
showers of rain all through the day wind light & S.W.esterly. Caplin which had been here for a
fortnight disappered [sic] to day so that none was taken for bait purposes even by any person.
Fish is very scarce a kin to none and a depressing feeling is felt by many on that [account?],
several cod traps is not yet set altho berths are secured with moorings & Leaders. From now
on as time passes the effect will be felt the more Schnr. "Grilse" arrived at St. John's noon to
day. wife & Mrs Elisha visited Brownsdale in the afternoon. Several boats visited H.Hr for salt
& food supply to day but in some cases supply was curtailed.
June 22, Thursday – June 23, Friday

Weather fine & very warm & [sultry? salty?] sea smooth & light s.w. wind. Nothing doing
with traps or hook & line. Most people hoping that with the lifting tide on Sunday the caplin
will make appearance in large schools and that fish will come with them. JBM had a tub of split
fish yesterday N.D & S.w. 2 or 3 tubs from traps. Grate's Cove & OP. men here report a
scarcity of fish all round.
June 24, Saturday

Sat. 24 Another fine day with a gale of wind, so that fishing operations was suspended for the
day. Henry spent the day in the potato garden
June 25, Sunday

Sun 25 Another perfect summers day with a gale of w & [S..W?] wind service was
conducted regularly during the day by the usual leaders
June 26, Monday

Monday 26 Still another beautiful summers day but with strong s.w. wind sea smooth. Many
were eager to get caplin for gardening purposes to day but it was with some difficulty as they
did not appear in large schools any where. some were taken with the seine & Hy. got some in
that way & applied to the potatoes. Fish is very scarc [sic] all along the coast and to day is
akin to a blank as it is almost useless to attend to it at all. The School Exams being on to day
with six pupils sittg & Miss [Le Grow?] supervisor I spent the greater part of the day on
Committe [sic] in the school. The S.S. [Malikof?] made her fifth call at 11 am & brot. some
freight for us [?] 12 Sacks flour & other goods.
June 27, Tuesday

Tuesday 27th A little duller with light N.[Ws?] until evening when it again became beautifuly
[sic] fine. Most people gave some attention to traps & fishg but with out success save in a few
cases where a tub or two was taken. Woodland 1 qt. and at evenig N.D 4 qtls. very small.
Caplin scarce most people trying to get them for gardens. Exams still on to day. Indian Rock
Trap was set out in the early morning Salmon nets & trawls attended to afterward but with
[meagre? meage?] results.
June 28, Wednesday

June Wednesday 28th A fine day with light variable wind sea smooth. J.B.M. hauled I.R. Trap
in the morning and secured six tubs and again at evening with the same result. Some time was
spent by them attending to trawls, but secured only a tub Josiah M- & Wm Barrett secured a
qtl. each. others did little or nothing From O.P. and all along shore report the greatest scarcity.
Caplin difficult to obtain except with seine.
June 29, Thursday

Thursday 29[th?]
Fine & warm with little or no wind. Most people gardening and getting caplin for such. Trap &
line men doing little or nothing a scarcity prevails in every place next akin to a blank. Jabez
Clark's first haul since settig trap 3 tubs J.B.M. 6 in the am but none afterward J. [enamelled?]
part of front of shop with red & Elisha & arch. C. painted store & stage. Exams still
June 30, Friday

Friday 30[th?]
A very unpleasant day with rain almost unceasing during all the day and strong s.w. & Southerly
wind prevailed. All the trawl & trap men attended to their usual avocations. With trap Jabez
Clark was best having secured 12 tubs some others got 2 & 3 tubs trawls varying from a tub
to 4. A better sign of fish [seems to be?] in evidence about the outter [sic] grounds, but the day
was to [sic] stormy to attend to it. Caplin was plentiful to day and most people have now
enough secured for their potatoes The Schnr___ John Champion [Mastr? Mast?] was at
Brownsdale to day for the household effects of Mr. Chas. Brown who is leaving the place to
permanently reside in st Johns
Two loads of Caplin was secured by Elisha to day for the use of our potatoes which was
finished being trenched to day by Simeon Bursy in the morning from 5 to 8 am. and Hy P- in
the evening. Wife also finished planting cottage garden.
July 1, Saturday

Sat July 1st A beautiful summer day wind strong [w & Wind?] so much so that fishing
operations had to be suspended in the forenoon, only the trap of Joseph & Jabez [Clarks?
Clarke?] were hauled who secured a tub & JB.M [the? (I.R.)?] & took from it [2? a?] qnts of
large fish at evening hauled again but without result but trawled 3 tubs others trawled some as
well & reports fish on the grounds. At dusk heard of fish on the H.Hr. grounds & large
quantities still [being? lying?] at Heart Cove. C.H.E. Exams ended at 11:30 & Miss LeGrow
went away [agin?] in the afternoon. Miss peach also was taken to O.P. in motor boat by Geo
C & [Abner? Abmr?] Goodwin & Pearl returned with them soon after tea & brot to us as well
6 Bgs. Nails 1 Cs. Crnts. 1 Cs yeast.
July 3, Monday

Monday 3rd Another fine day & warm withall. wind blew a strong gale in the morning and until
noon from the Westerly direction. Trap hauled in the morning gave better results than at any
time since set
JBM 10 tubs am 3 qtls pm. Jbz. Clark 4 qtls in the evenig Albt R 3 in the am 6 in the pm
Joshua G. Reuben G. [& the Point Mansfield?] also traped [sic] 3 [&? -?] 4 & 5 qnts each
Trawlers also did fairly well. Josep Clark who was at Old P for goods & returnd soon after
dinner hour bring parcels for us reported fish in abundance about the Heart Cove on our
local grounds and all along our shore Fish of a large size seems to be inhabitating [sic] the
waters now and the hope of all is strengthened by it
July 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4th The weather conditions today all through was very unpleasant & disagreeable as it
was raining continuously with light East wind. The S.S. Malikoff [sic] made her sixth call at
about 6 pm Simeon & Harold Bursey & John W. went on board. we shipped by her four
cases Eggs & she brot. freight constituting 3 Brls. Beef 1 Box soap 1 Box [of cts?] & 1 Box
Clothes Pinns [sic]. Fish was fairly plentiful & greatly exceeded yesterday. Albert Reid had
the greatest catch for the day as he trapped 30 qtls. in the morg. Zech. Reid at evening also
trapped several qtls. Geow. Mansfied & W.H.G. at evening also had large catches averaging
from 15 to 25 qtls. JBM. Clarkes & R.G. also trapped several qnts. Trawlers all along the
shore doing splendid and report lots of fish all over the grounds of an exceptionally large
July 5, Wednesday

Wed 5th Still another wet day raining be times all through wind light & E Most of the trap men
were again fortunate in getting several qtls. fish today particularly in the morning. At evening
Joseph Reid & Noah Driscoll did best J.B.M. about 3 qnts. [Mr?] Wm. Brown Mrs &
sergeant March visited us at evening At 5 pm. Recd. message from Rev. M.B at Grand Bank
informing us that the Rev Mr. Anthony would be the minister for this shore
July 6, Thursday

Thursday 6th Dull but clearing with light s.w. wind sea smooth J.B.M trapped 6 qtls in the am
& 15 tubs at noon. Clarkes & others trapped several qtls Simeon Bursey trawled 6 tubs &
others with trawls did fairly well Lots of fish reported to be all along the shore & close by the
land. Parties here from Lead Cove report the prospects as seeming to be good as fish of a
large size are to be seen in shallow water.
July 7, Friday

Friday 7th Another rainy day about noon a few showers fell in torrents In the morig the wind
blew a gale from the S. direction lessened as the day advanced but at evening blew a gale from
the W. The only fish taken to day worth reporting was by JB.M. who trapped 9 qtls at noon
and N.D. who [trapped] a similar Catch. others did little or nothing & for the trawl men the
weather was too stormy altho some ventured out but with poor results.
July 8, Saturday

Saturday 8th Splendidly fine & very warm but with very high wind so that fishing operations
was suspended again for the day. J.B.M hauled IR. trap in the moring & took about 3 qtls fish.
The few who hauled trawls got nothing except S Bursy who trawled 4 Tubs. Elias Brookings
of Old Perlican came here at noon today requesting another of our traps to fish [to?] this we
consented and he left with it about 4 pm Nelley who had been teaching at waterville & White
Rock on North Side of Bay retd. at 11 pm. being brot. along in carriag from O.P. by Frank
March. Great catches of fish was reported as being trapped at O.P. to day
July 9, Sunday

8 Monday 9th A beautiful day but oppressively hot until evening the wind which blew strong all
day suddenly changed to N.E & blew strng. The usual services were conducted by the
appointed leaders
July 10, Monday

Monday 10th A little dull & somewhat colder with NE wind shifting to E & S. by Eveing sea
somewhat disturbed but not enough to cause trouble altho until evening it was difficult to push
out except at I. Point. The Mansfield made the first attempt & securred [sic] [10?] qnts.
afterward J.B.M. Wm H.G & R. got several qtls & the Woodland 9 At Lead Cove it was a
record day, and many more did well Had two carts to O.P. per goods etc S.S. Malikoff [sic]
called at 11 but could not land freight, but it was taken out at New Chelsea
July 11, Tuesday

Tuesday 11 wind light & S until eveing when it veered to s.w. sea smooth weather fine A
strong tide this am prevented the traps from being hauled J.B.M hauled I.P. & one or two
others result about 1 qtl. at eveing JBM again got 20 tubs & this was about the only taken
today. The fish which seemed to inhabit the grounds all about the coast seemed to have
secreted it self away from the reach of the traps or hook but this may have been occasioned by
the tide. Clarence & [Ray.?] Goodwin were at Chelsey this am. for the freight landed
July 12, Wednesday

Wed 12th A splendidly fine day but with a gale of West wind all through sea smooth Most of
the traps hauled in the am JB.M got 12 tubs others about a qtl some nill [sic] J.B.M in the
afternoon set out a trap at "Middle Head." The only traps hauled in the evening was one by
Gregory Harris & he got about 3 qtls. & JBM 6 Tubs No event of importance for the day.
July 13, Thursday

Thursday 13th A fine day & very warm said to be the warmest this summer. Wind stng s.w.
sea smooth Fish scarce J.B.M got about 3 qtls for the day. Thos Avry B- got 5 qnts at
evening at the Glam Bank Point Mansfd 1 ½ others nill [sic] trawls nill [sic].
Clarence & Raymond Goodwin were at Old P. to day left at 7 & retd. at 4 pm bring with them
1 Brl. Sugar Clarence also did a little business at the B of N.
July 14, Friday

Friday 14th weather wind & sea was like yesterday in every respect Fish again very scarce
both with trawls & traps. Mr. Jas Gulliford an old & respected resident a of Hants Hr.
died yesterday and Mr. Abram sparks an of Sibleys Cove died 3 am to day Hy. P. & Eli
Woodland spent a few hours "healing" potatoes
July 15, Saturday

Saturday 15th A fine day with light shifting wind Some traps hauled in the am. but with poor
result but at evening J.BM trapped 63 tubs Point M- many qtls W.H.G. about 9 & R.G. [?]
10 tubs prospects for traps getting a voyage looks well. In the afternoon we attended the
burial of Mr. Abram Sparks & heard Rev Broughton preach from Eclstics 11 Chapt. 8 verse.
Elisha three woman [sic] & 2 Clark bros. took us there in Motor boat & the drive was a very
pleasant one
July 16, Sunday

Sunday 16
A day in every respect as yesterday Attended morng. service cond. by Joshua Goodwin &
school in afternoon also evening services conducted by Revd. Mr. Broughton and intended as
his final service in closing his four yrs. pastorate so far as this this settlement is concerned. He
preached from Acts 20 Chap verses 25-26-& 27 A large congregation was present several
from along this shore being in attendance The service & the after service being very impressive
& Expressive of the feeling on a/c of Mr. B. departure
July 17, Monday

Monday 17 A dull day but warm until evening when the wind veered to N.E & it became
foggy. Every person engaged in the trap fishnig [sic] were disappointed this am. in not getting a
few qtls. but each haul was next a kin to a blank at evening [viz.?] Reid trapped 2 or 3. New
[sic] of fish from many quarters in the general topic A little grass was cut about the home to
day by Arch Clark & Clarence.
July 18, Tuesday

Tuesday 18 A fine day with light W wind The N wind & fog of last evening disappeared
durng. the night & early morng. Traps hauled in the a.m. with poor results with the Exception
of Joshua Goodwin who got a few qtls at morning & noon. At evening quite a change resulted
as nearly all the traps did well particularly Reuben Goodwin with 15 qnts. & Albert Reid 18
qnts. all others several qtls except Joseph Clark potatoes finished "healed" to day by Hy & Eli
W- Mr. Jas. Bursey after a long illness & full of years (83) passed away at 4 am
At evening heard of the probable loss of two fishermen of Grates Cove in yesterdays fog &
wind, probably swamped. At 4 pm. the S.S. Malikoff [sic] called and Johney arch &
Hayward Clark went unboard & shipped 4 cases Eggs Later Heard that the men reported lost
reached English Hr. TBay in safety.
July 19, Wednesday

Wednesday 19th Weather very warm & sultry. wind blew all day a strg. gale from S.w. sea
smooth. Prospects of large hauls of fish built on hopes of last evening buyoed [sic] up the spirit
of all only to be disappointed for when the traps were hauled this am it was next akin to blank in
evry case and none worth reporting were taken to day
The burial of Mr. Jas. Bursey occured in the afternoon Rev Mr. B [perfrmed?] the ceremony
& preached from Eclestc. 2 Chap A fairly good congregation attended the service
July 20, Thursday

Thursday 20th A fine day but only the afternoon was regarded as such for drying purposes
[wind?] S.W. blowing moderate but a fierce gale all through last night which it was conceded
had the effect of driving the fish & caplin from the shore for with the exception of a qnt. taken
by J.B.M none were trapped to day neither here nor along this shor [sic]. Hy spent some time
mowing grass on the hill garden & Arch Clark an hour by the cook room. John W. in the
afternoon travelled to Lead Cove on business of a successful character.
July 21, Friday

Friday 21 A dull day weather conditions adverse to drying for hay even & in the afternoon
had to be stacked as the wished for rain began to fall lightly & as the eveing advanced & the
night came on a general down pour followed so that quite a flood was the result. Fish very
scarce again today practically nothing here or along this shore.
July 22, Saturday

Saturday 22nd weather disagreeable strong N. wind & a big lop so that the men who
attempted to look after the traps did not haul them JB.M hauled the trap a [sic] Middle Hd but
with out result Simeon Bursey assisted him Hy. being sick. A great down pour of rain came
down last night & continued during the day so that the drain or [sic] filled and the ground that
was thirsty is now saturated. Wm Belben & Laurence Palmer of Chelsea here and reported
doings of fish & things in general
July 23, Sunday

Sunday 23 A fine day air light & breeze with moderate E & SE wind sea smooth Joshua
Goodwin led the service at 11 am and Naaman Reid at 7 pm wife Suptd. school at 2 pm
Nellie, Pearl, & Joyce and many of the teachers & schollars [sic] were at Brownsdale to hear
the Revd Mr. Broughton deliver his farewell sermon there.
July 24, Monday

Monday 24 A dull day so far as weather conditions. Lots of rain again last night so that drains
are again full. wind light & N. sea practically smooth Traps hauled in the am J.B.M. 10 qtls
at I.R. 3 Tubs at M.H. but the third or big trap nill [sic] JC. 7 tubs Jabez 1 qtl Traps on Point
about 4 qtls each The rest of the day their [sic] weren't [sic] any thing taken from them.
Reports of good catches by a few at Chelsea, Lead Cove, & Perlican S.S Malikof [sic] called
at 10 Johny [Simen?] Bursy & Raymnd Goodwin went unboard & brot. on shore 1 Brl. sugar
& 4 parcels freight. Clarrence [sic] & Ray. afterwrd went to Old P. with horse & cart & retrn
at [tea?] hours with Cad Tbco & box goods
July 25, Tuesday

Tuesday 25 Another dull day with N. wind but moderate and a little cold. sea quite a bit
loppy. J.B.M- hauled I.R. trap in the am and got 20 qtls also at eveing and got 10 [qtls] more
M.H. was also hauled & a qtl taken from it. Quite a little hardship was experienced in landing
the morning catch owing to the condition of the sea breaking at times on skiff. Few qtls were
taken by the Traps at I.P. and apart from our Room little was trapped. The drownng of Mr.
T.C [Charles R.] Duder & his companin [sic] a Mr Crocker at ocean Pond near Bauline St
Johns was greatly regretted
July 26, Wednesday

Wednesday 26th
The condition of the weather was of marked improvement on the last few day particularly in the
afternoon when the sun shone splendidly so that the fish & hay recd. the benefit Wind N.E.
veered to E. & S.E moderate sea smooth J.B.M. morning haul at I.R was 14 qtls at noon 3 qtl
and at evening ditto. Point Mansfd mrning 10 qtls Gregory H- moring 2 qtls evening 10 qtls
some other traps 1 & 2 qtls & still others none.
3 loads of hay were put in barn this evening. wife very ill result of gardening.
July 27, Thursday

Thursday 27 A magnificant [sic] summer day light W. wind warm air at evening bracing &
sweet sea smooth Disappoint [sic] dampened the spirit of all this am when the traps were
hauled & no fish J.B.M had about 3 qtls in the am & 4 ½ tubs at dusk. Greg H 2 qtls am all
others traps akin to none & so the day passed with any harvesting from the sea. caplin herring
& squid plentiful particularly the former. A little grass was again cut today & 1 Rack load put in
barn. The meadow by the factory being half cut at evening by A. Clark. wife a little better but
still vry ill.
July 28, Friday

Friday 28 A perfect day with nice light W. wind sea smooth. The day was splendidy [sic]
suited for drying purposes & fish & hay recd. full benefit. such days as this makes one feel the
glory of summer Some traps hauled this am but no fish taken by any and none are being taken
with hook or trap along the coast the last days The trap which was set at "Middle Hd." by
J.B.M. on the 12th was taken on shore again to day. In the afternoon heard of our Schnr.
"Grilse" at Grates Cove with freight. In the papers to day appeared a thrilling act of the
drowning at Ocean Pond of Mr T.C. [Charles R.] Duder & Mr. Crocker.
July 29, Saturday

Saturday 29 A fine day good for drying purposes Wind westy for a greater part of day. sea
disturb more than it has been for a long time In the launching out in the am JBM came near an
accident by it but escaped without Trap hauled 1 qtl in the am and a tub at evening Albert
Reid 2 qtls HF Avry 2 qtls all others nill [sic] and fears entertained that the vg with traps will
end [poor?]
July 30, Sunday

Sunday 30 A dull day with light Southerly wind & rain particularly so in the afternoon when it
rained until sundown Joshua Goodwin led the morning service & J.B.M at evening. wife as
usual supt'd. the school. Our schnr. Grilse arrived from Bay de Verde (where she had been
discharging freight) in the afternoon landed the skipper who wife is sick & had to have the
services of the doctor this evening. The "Grilse" proceeded to Hants Hr.
July 31, Monday

Monday 31.
Weather fine with W. wind in the early morng afterward blew strg from SW. sea smooth Traps
hauled as usual J.B.M 1 tub with one trap partially adrift Point M- 5 qtls. AR 3 qnt Z.R 1 qnt
others 1 & 2 tubs. a scarcity still prevails all along the coast. Caplin still plentiful. The "Grilse"
was brot. from H.Hr at 10 am and at dinner hour left for St Johns Mrs. F.M having gone by
her to enter hospital for a serious operation. we shipped by her two cases eggs & Steel
August 1, Tuesday

Tuesday August 1st
A fine day with light westerly wind sea smooth Traps hauled in the a.m. J.B.M. 3 Tubs Point
M. 4 qtls. A.R 3 qnt. at evening JBM. like result as in the morning & the others likewise Avry
of Brownsdale also had a like quantity & the prospects of the few deep traps seems more
hopeful of good results than in the past. Caplin still about in large schools. To day Joseph
Clark Noah Driscoll & Gregory Harris took up their traps with all their contents & brot. it on
shore again the trapping season considered by them to have passed. At 5 pm. the “S.S.
Malicoff” [sic] made her 10th call Johney & Hy. P. went unboard in motor boat. we shipped
as freight 2 Cases Eggs and she brot [freight] to us as follow [sic] 10 [Eggs] Cases 1 sack
pease & 7 small boxes groceries.
August 2, Wednesday

Wed. 2nd
Fine splendidly so and considered the warmest this summer wind light & variable sea smooth
Quite an improvement in the trap fishing today J.B.M 5 in the am 1 at evening S.R. 10 qtls in
the AM Point M- skiff load others two and three qtls & still others on the shore did quite as
well. Caplin still plentiful.
Hy mowed a little grass on the field in the afternoon.
The day was of great service to many in the curing of fish and hay and its privellige [sic] was
taken advantage of by not a few.
August 3, Thursday

Thursday 3rd Another very fine & warm day quite as much as yesterday wind light & changing
sea again smooth. The fish report was an improvement on yesterday J.B.M 18 Tubs in the am
and qtl at noon nill [sic] a [sic] eving A.R. 30 qtls WH.G. 25 qtls Joshua G. 10 [qtls] Point
M- 20 [qtls] others not quite as successful
Johney & Clarence with Lewis & Llewly Mansfield left at 7 am for the country several miles
distant to pick bakeapples & returnd again at 6 pm. & succeeded in picking a gallon or more
Joseph Clark & his two sons left in motor boat for Bay de Verde to do a little fishing
Dr. Templeton visited us for a little while having come here in Motor boat for fire wood.
After writting [sic] the foregoing heard of Joshua Goodwin trapping 15 qtls R.G- 2 qtls
August 4, Friday

Friday 4th The weather to day was not so bright & fine as of late. Light S. wind & a [sic]
overhanging fog in the distance prevailed all day sea again smooth. Fishery conditions again to
day almost exceeded yesterdy JBM's morning haul were 5 qtls. and at evg 6 other trap
around here did well & some exceptionally so. A few parties had to go to H. Hr. in search of
salt & succeeded.
August 5, Saturday

Sat 5 Weather unpleasant with strong gale E. wind until noon when it moderated & blew a
gentle breeze for rest of day sea smooth Nearly all through the day it rained particularly at
evening. The result of the traps to day was good & equal with if not exceeding previous days.
J.B.M. had 5 qtls in the am & 7 at dusk All the I. Point traps did well apart from the moring's
catch the evening caped the climax for the day. N.D. 7 qtls. in trap set last evening Reid in the
a.m. did well but none afterward Geo. M.- with Simeon Bursey left at 10 30 for Old Pelican &
retd. @ 4 pm bringing 160 ft Lumber 10 Brls. & 12 Sacks flour in all 43 sks. and
August 6, Sunday

Sunday 6th
A beautiful day clear and bright but very warm wind light & westerly sea smooth attended the
three services of the day. The evening service was conducted by the new Minster the Rev Mr.
Anothy [sic] who preached from [Philia?] Chap. verse Let this mind be in you which was
also in Christ Jesus etc. To day was his first visit on the shore and he favourably impressed all
with his delivery of his discourses Mrs Anthony his wife accompanied him here and she spent
the day entirely with us
August 7, Monday

Monday 7th Day in every respect as yesterday. Traps hauled morning & Evening as usual but
there were no fish taken by any person worth noting.
At evening two persons visited us enquiring about the buying of fish vz Messrs Simon Piercey of
winterton & Parsons of Port Union. At 10 am the "SS Malicoff" [sic] made her 11th visit
John & H.P. went unboard & she brot & they landed for us 1 Tc. Mols 1 Box Grcy & 1 Roll
counter paper
August 8, Tuesday

Tuesday 8th
A very sultry day heat extremely oppressive. wind S.W. & blew strong. sea smooth. Traps all
hauled in the morning no fish. J.B.M. hauled in the evening and succeeded in getting 2 qtls.
Point M- a qtls [sic]
Joseph Clark who had been at Bay de Verde since Thursday returned in the afternoon with 10
qnts.. [sic] Magistrate Vatcher & Sergeant March visited us at evening & remained for an
hour. Hy. P. in the afternoon finished mowing the "little garden" which was half mowed some
days ago and mowed some by the shop as well. The day was a buisy [sic] one in the
August 9, Wednesday

Wed 9th A wet day rained heavily in the morning & blew a strng breeze but moderated after
and the rain ceased as well but the day was dull & again very sultry all through. wind S.W. &
sea smooth J.B.M. hauled trap in the morning & got 1 qtl. from the deepest trap. I.R. trap the
walls & bottom was brot. unshore & at evenng the Leader & Moorings etc. No fish taken by
any person today. Reuben Goodwin & Eli Woodland spent 5 hrs. each mowing hay & Hy. P a
short time also. "The" schnr. Grilse returned from st John's soon after noon & discharged as
freight for us 13 Hhds. salt and a small box goods.
August 10, Thursday

Thursday 10th A fairly fine day with light moderate winds & smooth sea. Wm H. Goodwin
Jabez Clark Point M- & others brot. unshore traps to day, A better sign of fish to day Gregry
H. caught upwards of 2 qtls. & Noah D- the same. J.BM hauled trap at evening & traped [sic]
1 tub. Elisha with [Ray?] Goodwin & Clarence carted over 2 load junks wood from Mrs
Chas Harris & from Mrs Lucas Harris 3 Loads hay 1093 [W?] John Head of Brownsdale
also carted here one load hay 293 [M?] J.B. & GM & Hy P- spent some time building flake to
day accident happened on Indian Point today by a flake falling down to the ground and
precipitating Mrs. Geo M- & husband with it the former being hurt but not seriously. Arch
Clark spent from 4:30 pm to 6 pm cutting hay by the shop
August 11, Friday

Friday 11th Weather conditions was similar to yesterday. Hay & green or water horse fish
dried some but for curing of hard dried that was not spread. wind moderate N.E for most of
day veered to E & then to S with a glorious sunset. J.B.M. hauled trap in the am, result 1 qtls.
and at evening 1 ½ qtls. during the day the crew spent the time flake buildg. [T.?] Avry [sic] of
Browns 6 qtls. Point M 3 qtls for dy Elisha, Clarence, & R. Goodwin carted 5 loads of wood
in junks from Mrs Chas. Harris & carted to stable from field 4 loads of Hay.
August 12, Saturday

Sat. 12 To day splendidly fine but very warm all through until the going down of the sun when
the fresh Westerly wind caused it to become much cooler. J.B.M hauled trap in the morng &
got 5 ½ tubs but at evening a total failure. Joshua G- Point M- & Z. Reid each had several
qtls. Geo. C.M- went to O.P in motor boat at 8 am & took Nellie there to connect with train
for Brigus where she intend spending a week attending summer school. Reuben G- spent 5 ½
hrs. cutting hay on field to day. Elisha Clarence & Raymd G- again to day spent much of time
carting wood from Mrs. Chas Harris John Goodwin also carted over 4 loads. Some parties
are now begining to catch fish with hook & line all allong [sic] the coast
August 14, Monday

Monday 14th The wind veered notherly very early in the morning and baffled the attempt of
several who intended to go to the Tickle fishng. The weather was dull & raining for a time
during the forenoon sea loppy. J.B.M. hauled trap in the am & got 2 qtls fish Point M. a few
qtls. Hay one load was put in barn in the early mrning & [200 W] hauled from Mrs. John W
Raymond & John Goodwin spent the day carting wood from Mrs Chas. & John Harris from
the [?] there were hauled 24 Posts 28 Logs and sticks wood & from the latter wood
Reuben G- spent 7 hrs. cutting grass for us & Hy. Pynn spent some time as well & the field
surrnding shop etc. was finished cut to day. At Evening J.B.M. hauled trap & took from it 1 ½
qnts. fish
August 15, Tuesday

Tuesday 15 A very fine day with light W. wind but toward evening quite a sea came on so that
the I.R. broke frequently The "S.S. Malicoff" [sic] 12th call at evening but having no freight we
did not send boat to her. Trap hauled in the am & took from it a qtl or more others did as well
or better but none was taken at eveing. Hay on the field was finished gatherd into barn this pm
& Jno. Head hauled load from Brownsdal Raymnond G- & Carman spent the day carting
wood from south sid of place to yard it being a part of 300 purchased from Levi Diamnd last
winter. Wm. H.G took unshore his large trap to day torn much by tide.
August 16, Wednesday

Wed. 16th A fine day but the wind blew a fierce [sic] from the S.W. not for months has such
been felt. Fish & hay lied in abeyance & could not be spread for fear of blowing away. Trap
hauled in the moring & took again one qtl. but no boat ventured out afterward. A Mr. Davis of
the Royal stores st John's visited us at breakfast time. wife & Mrs. Elisha went to HHr at noon
and retd. at midnight Raymd G & Carman spent the day carting wood & finished the job
Trap fished by Reuben G. & one by J.B.M- was put in store for the season.
August 17, Thursday

Thursday 17th A nice fine warm day with little or no wind until about 2 pm when it sprang up
from N.E & blew a moderate gale. sea smooth. J.B.M hauled trap in the am result 7 fish. The
high wind & tide of yesterday had had bad effects on the few traps putting them all out of
commission for catchig fish. Elias Brookings one of our trap men at O.P. called on us after
breakfast hour for salt & we gave him 6 hhds. Two cart loads of fish was hauled from shop to
store & 306 ft of board from Mrs [jw?] Harris. Some hay was mowed in pasture land to day
by Hy. The two motor boat crews who left here on June 13 to fish at St Johns returned at
evening having given up the voyage there the fishery being practically a failure with them
August 18, Friday

Friday 18th A splendidly fine day with light W wind & smooth sea Traps as usual hauled in the
am JBM 1 ½ qtls Point M 2 qtls. Hook & line men doing nothing altho at siblys Cove
yesterday fine catches were taken by the several boats engaged. A load of hay on the pasture
land was put in barn at evening. Most people engaged makig fish.
The strike of the coal miners at Sidney is the chief event of discusn as serious times seems
ahead for these people.
August 19, Saturday

Sat. 19 A dull day with showers wind light S.W. sea smooth. Traps reported for better
results today J.B.M 1 ½ qtls am. Point M- 9 Tubs, Joshua G. 8 tubs. Albert Reid 16 qtls an
[sic] 12 at evening. Hook & line men did much better than usual. Sml. Woodld returned from
the Tickle at 10 am poorly fished with about qtls N.D retd. also being away since Tuesdy. At
evening heard of mishap to Joseph Clark's motor boat while steam into Bay de Verde. R.G
spent 3 ½ hrs. mowing grass in pasture land. Hy P. in the afternoon put in two presses the first
this season.
August 20, Sunday

Sunday 20 A very fine warm day with light W. wind. The Rev. M Anthony made his second
visit here & preached from Isaiah 40 chap part of verse he also read the pastoral adress
[sic] delivered at Conference School was supt by wife & service at night by J.BM.
August 21, Monday

Monday 21 A dull day with showers of rain & light S.W. wind sea smooth J.B.M. hauled
trap in the am & took from it 3 qnts fish. Flake building occupied their time afterward until
evening when they again left to haul trap but strong tide prevented. Geo W M- 8 Tubs in the
am others nill [sic]. S.S. Malicoff [sic] made her 13th visit at 10. a.m. John W. Douglas Reid
& Reuben Goodwin went unboard & shipped by her 4 Cases Eggs & she brot. freigh [sic] to
us as follows viz 1 Brl. Sugar 1 Case Book 1 Crate onioins. SJ & Sml. woodland left for the
Tickle to day on their secd. trip.
August 22, Tuesday

Tuesday 22 Another dull day with considerable rain toward evening wind moderate N.E. with
more sea than for a long time so that landing on our slip was dispensed with for safety and the
nearest availed of. J.B.M. hauled trap as usual in the am only but strong tides haveing [sic]
disaranged [sic] it only 3 fish was taken from it Joshua Goodwin found it necessary to take in
his owing to its misplaced condition others found traps out of fishing order & no fish. Those
fishing with hook & line all caught a two, four, & more tubs. Joseph Clark returned from Bay
de Vered [sic] at 11 am. his secnd return but without any direct result. The mishap that befel
[sic] his motor & the escape of their lives is cause for thankfulns
Reuben Goodwin was to Old P. with hose [sic] & cart & brot to us 4 sacks pease etc 1 Cad
Tbco & 1 Box Glass ware. Henry P. spent the greater part of today cuttg grass in on the farm
where a more than usual crop has grown.
August 23, Wednesday

Wed 23 Sun shone forth with much brilliancy in the moring and after the wet had dried of the
flakes all became busy spreadg fish but at noon the sky became over. cast & betokened rain &
so all were made unusually busy taking it up again, but the rain did not come & so the sky
cleared and the evening was the finest of the day with strng s.w. wind. Owing to quite a sea on
Traps were not hauled but the hook & line men fishing retd early without catching any. Hy
again to day mowed the grass on the hill garden. No event of importance happened with in our
August 24, Thursday

Thursday 24 A splendidly fine day with W. wind specially suited for drying purposes. Some of
the fishermen out on the grounds to day succeeded in getting a few tubs fish. we were busily
employed forenoon weighig fish for JB.M & Joseph Clark Four loads of hay were carted from
farm to barn. Day was a busy one with all the people. Mr. Jas. Strong of Brownsdale now of
St Johns visited us for a few hours. Pearl was down on the barrens to day with a berry picking
party. Albert Reid brot unshore his trap.
August 25, Friday

Friday 25 Weather fine like yesterday & spendid [sic] for the curing of fish & hay wind light &
Southerly a little sea on. JB.M. & his mates hauled trap & took from it a tub of fine fish the last
in this way this season. As they then took it up & brot. it on shore being set since June 12th
Point M- brot. in theirs also. All the hook & line men got a little fish to day. We spent much of
today spreading fish of a damp quality collected of Joseph Clark yesterday. Two rack loads of
hay were put in the barn. At evening Mr Sml. Short & wife visited us for a short time
August 26, Saturday

Saturday 26 Wind light & westerly sea practically smooth, weather fairly fine. J.B.M. brot.
onshore moorings & grapnels of trap this am. so that the whole thing is now finished for the
season. At 3 pm. Geo. with Reuben Goodwin Carman, Molly, Sarah & a number of others left
in motor boat for Old Perlican with the hope of bring home Nelly but was disappointed as she
remaind at Hr. Grace to spend Sunday. The boat returned at 9 am. & brot to us 1 Brl. Sugar
1 Box Glass & 1 Sack pease. Sml. & S.J. Woodlnd who had spent the week in the Tickle
ret'd. to day having met with much success in gettig 18 qtls. fish considerable fish is got on our
grounds every day. At night heard of the death at Whales Brook of widow Agnes Thorn.
August 28, Monday

Monday 28th A strong S.W. wind blew all day sea smooth. weather very sultry and warm
quite as much or more than yesterday. Hy spent the day on "The Room" washing fish and
handling in various ways. Flour [sic] or 5 Motor boat crews left for fishing in the tickle in the
early morning viz. Woodlands, Z. Reid, N. Driscoll, & Fred. M- Fish here very scarce to day
Rev Mr. Anthony visited us at dusk on his return from burial of Mrs. Thorn.
Nellie arrived at midnight.
August 29, Tuesday

Tuesday 29th
A comparitively [sic] fine day with moderate West wind & sea smooth as it possibl could be.
The heat again was very intense greater by far than at day time in so much that potatoes &
other vegetables has been affected greatly & its growth entirely impared [sic]
The three men on the Room spent the day washing & spreading fish we also spent much time
spreading fish & handling in other ways business was attended to with dilligence [sic]. At
dusk the S.S. Malicoff [sic] called here Geo C. Mansfied Hy Pynn & Reuben Goodwin went
unboard in motor boat & small boat we shipped by her two cases eggs and there were landed
12 Brls & 12 Sacks flour 2 Cases soap & 4 Boxes Biscts. Miss Isabella Goodwin took
passage by her per Trinty being engaged as teacher their [sic] for the 12 months, under
ammalgamated [sic] school board.
Mrs. Dorcas Harris Mrs. Chas Harris & two children & Mrs John Harris & six [children] also
took passage by her en route for Montreal to Join their husbands who are workng there & to
permanently reside
August 30, Wednesday

Wed 30th
A little fine in the forenoon but as the day advanced it became full and lowry & finally rained at
times and showers during the night wind s.w. light sea smooth. After the spreading of a
quantity of fish Hy spent the day cutting grass. At evening G.C.M went to O.P. for Mrs.
Fred. Mansfield who had just [?] from hospital & returnd again at 9 pm Dr. Templeton & son
& a Miss page visited us at evening for a few hours. Fishermen on our local grounds still doing
August 31, Thursday

Thursday 31
Weather damp & dull all the forenoon but became quite fine in the afternoon. otherwise the
day was quiet and still without wind & the sea was very placid. Hy. finished cutting grass for
this season about 500 now remains to be put in the barn. owing to the dullness of the weather
there were no fish spread to day. The Woodlands returned from their secnd trip in the Tickle
& brot. home 10 qtls. & reports fish fairly plentiful. Our grounds still [yield?] goods [sic] results
to those who frequent it. The month closes favourably to all with bright prospects of future
September 1, Friday

Friday 1st A nice fine day not quite as warm as of late. wind S.W. very light sea again smooth.
Weighed 10 ¾ qtls fish of Joseph Clark & nine qtls. trap of John BM & Co. and attended to
busin generally. The work at hay was finished for the season including a load hauled by Jno.
Head. Fredk. Mansfd. Levi Dimond & Wm Harris skipper of three motor boat crews retd.
from the Tickle at noon & Ev. with loads of fish each. Fish on local grounds scarce to day.
Reuben Goodwin went to O.P. in the afternoon with horse & cart for freight and retd. at 10
pm. Nellie & her mother left at 11:30 pm travelling to New Chelsea having F. Single engaged
their [sic] to take them to H. Content where Nellie will take the train for Greens Harbour where
she will teach school for a year.
September 2, Saturday

Saturday 2nd
A dull day with rain in the early morning & showers at noon wind variable, at evening light &
Easterly. Collected 8 qtls. fish of Francis Pynn. Fish scarce on local grounds to day. Noah D.
who had been fishing down in the Tickle since Monday retd. today with
Jabez Clark had his voyage of fish taken to Hants Hr in the afternoon & sold to S. Short &
Son. wife returned from her visit to Hearts Content at 11 pm.
September 4, Monday

Monday 4th A dull & sultry day particularly so in the afternoon. Wind blew a gale from S.S.W.
nearly all day Sea a little disturbed. Hy. went to the Tickle with Geo. C.M. & Simeon Bursy.
Three other motor boats went as well. S.S. Malicoff [sic] called at 3 pm. Gregory Harris
John & Chesley went unboard & landed for us 1 Tc. Mols. & 1 Brl. Sugar Joseph Clark & his
2 Sons & Joseph Reid & son left at 6 pm to take the train at O.P. for Deer Lake to labour at
road making.
September 5, Tuesday

Tuesday 5
Moderate East & N.E. wind weather dull and not at all suitable for drying purposes. more sea
on than usual. Fish scarcer than for some time. Our Schnr Grilse loaded to day at Hants Hr.
taking 90 casks fish unboard for Carbonear & left in the afternoon but the wind being light &
contrarywise dont think she got far. No other local event of interest.
September 6, Wednesday

Wed. 6
Moderate wind Easterly more sea on than usual weather dull in so much that fish nor hay was
not spread as the sun did not shine with any brilliancy. Business was attended to mostly by my
self as J- was doing some painting to ding room The berrie [sic] picking season is now on and
all the people is now busy in that industry. No other event of importance
September 7, Thursday

Thursday 7 A fine clear day with nice bracing air & light westerly wind sea smooth we spread
much fish today and the flake was also covered JBM being assisted by John Clarence &
Carman. A little grass 200 [cwt?] of second groth [sic] the final lot was put in barn. The
woodland who had been to the Tickle since Frida [sic] retd in the afternoon with 13 qnts fish
Joshua Goodwin hauled to the store 25 qnts Trap fish.
September 8, Friday

Friday 8 To day had the appearance until noon of being finer than yesterday but at that
time it became cloudy & threatning rain but it was only the sun shower which passed off again.
wind light & w. sea smooth Joshua Wm sr & Wm Jr Reuben Goodwin & Gregory Harris
hauled 132 qtls fish to the store which was weighed by us. The five motor boat which left for
Tickle on Monday retd at noon viz Geo- C- & Frd. M. Levi Diamond & Wm Harris & Noah
Driscoll altho the week was unpleasant fair catches was taken by them. Heard to day of the
return of our Schnr. Mary E. from Labrador.
September 9, Saturday

Saturday A fine day altho at times at noon it had the appearance of being lowry wind
light & w. sea a little troubled collected upwards of 70 qtls. fish from [R Good?] Woodland &
JBM – spent a busy evening in the shop. Office work was not all pleasure particuly settlement
with one [part N.D.?] Clarence went to OP at 10 am & retd. at 4 pm with a young pig
September 11, Monday

Monday 11 A beautiful fine warm day splendid for drying purposes. spent nearly all day at the
store weighing fish collected of Joshua & Reuben Goodwin, Thornes & others. About 100 qtls
was stored. Pearl left us at 8 a.m. Geo. C.M. took her to O.P. Carmen, Molly, & Nelson
went with them & retd. at noon bringing with them 4 pks. Goods.
Mrs. Wesley Goodwin & her two children left this place to join her husband at Boston u.s.a &
to permanently reside there, they were taken along to O.P. by Noah D & he retd. at dusk &
brot. along Mr. Lorenzen father of Mrs. (Rev) Anthny after refreshment and a little time with us
he was taken along to Hants Hr. by [stan?] Driscoll & Carman accompanied him. Woodlands
Diamonds & Harris'es [sic] left again to fish in the ” [sic] Tickle.
September 12, Tuesday

Tuesday 12 Very sultry , calm all the forenoon afternoon a fresh s wind. sea very smooth
prepared ourselves in the early morning for the coming of the Schnr. "Grilse" to load but was
disappointed as she did not come for the day our two motor boats left with the expectation of
meeting her but had to return as she had not left H.Hr. S.S. Malikoff [sic] called at 7 pm.
Mrs. Warfield and two children took passage by her. There were landed for us two drums of
oil & 2 Boxes Baking Powder Johney this evening was making preparations to leave us for
Mount Allison University
September 13, Wednesday

Wednesday 13 A fine day particularly so after 10 am when the weather became suited for
drying purposes Wind West & strong for a time sea beautiful & smooth Arose early as John
was about to leave us. Joshua G- called for his trunks at 6:30 am and at 7 am he with Arch
Goodwin accompanying him who also left for Boston, was taken some distance below Lead
Cove in motor boat by GC.M. & Carman they retd. again at 9 am The schnr Grilse came here
at 10 am & proceed on to Brownsdale where she took unboard 200 qtls fish & came here
again at 5 pm we put unboard of her 166 qtls. fish begining at 5 pm we finished work @ 8:20
Had the help of several men & boys & 2 Moter [sic] boats
September 14, Thursday

Thursday 14
wet & raining in the morning began to clear at 10 pm. & continued for the day fairly fine &
very warm. calm all the day with very smooth sea. Began loading "Grilse" at 11 am. &
finished putting fish unboard by 4:30 pm. & other goods by 6 pm. at 7 pm. she set sail for st
John's Carman left on here [sic] with two other boys.
we shipped by her 522 qtls. fish 24 Brls. Berries 3 Boxes (74) Dz. Eggs and 9 Steel Drums.
also 4 Casks oil for Mr. Joshua Goodwin [?] & 1 Cask for Greg Harris
September 15, Friday

Friday 15th Wind light & variable weather fairly fine sea still continue smooth Diamonds,
Harrises, and Z. Reid retd. from the Tickle the two former having meet [sic] with much success
Heard of our Schnr. Grilse being out in T. Bay owing to light wind tide & becalmed. such
news greatly disappointed us for two or three reasons, particularly on account of Carman who
is on her.
September 16, Saturday

Saturday 16 weather dull with light S. wind which veered toward evening to N.E. sea some
what disturbed. Recd. message from Pearl acquainting us of the arrival of Schnr. Grilse and a
message from Mr. Chafe re to her load of fish. Johny sailed at noon on the SS. Rosalind and
Carman was present to see him ere leaving. The afternoon Joyce & myself were busy at work
in shop
September 18, Monday

Monday 18 A fairly fine day but the sun did not shine with much heat or brilliancy. wind NE
and considerable sea more than for months past, so that there were none who attempted to
push out to day. Severa [sic] were engaged spreading fish water horse fish only. Clarence
went with horse & cart to O.P @ 10 & retd. at evening with a brl. Beef Brl. Crkywa & 2 Box
September 19, Tuesday

Tuesday 19th The morning had the appearance of it being a fine day and thus it proved to be
beautiful for drying purposes with nice breeze of Westerly wind sea becoming smoother.
Every one busy today at fish in some way. Reuben Goodwin was with us whitewashg Liver
factory, he also spent Fridy and saturdy whiting stable well house & cellar house. John
Goodwin went to H.Hr in the afternoon and hauled down a load of goods landed last night from
"Malikoff" [sic] [Mess.?] Gerald Doyle & a Mr. McGrath visited us at noon representatives of
medicine & cordage. Heard from our broker re the discharge of Grilse with satisfaction
Public news & newspapers recorded exciting news about war now imminent in the Near East.
September 20, Wednesday

Wednesday 20
The weather to day was similar to yesterday in every respect. Fine and clear for drying
purposes with a strong gale of S.w. wind sea has again become smooth. Every one with fish
was buisly [sic] engaged again to day curing it for market. Clarence was at H.Hr. to day for six
egg cases and retd. at noon. Business was attended to by Joyce & myself and considerably
[sic] business was transacted.
September 21, Thursday

Thursday 21
Inclined to rain in the early morning and had the appearance of a dull day but by 9 am. it had
cleared and became a fine day. [Hny.?] P. left at 8:10 for Old P- & retd. at 3 pm. having
carted along 1 Brl. Pork 1 Brl. Sugar and small Box goods. Berry picking & fish making
occupied the peoples time. Dr. T- wife & child made a short visit to us. Business was again a
little brisk to day. The pending war in the East is still the alarming news and the situation is very
September 22, Friday

Friday 22
A Southerly wind blowing all day sea toward evening more disturbed than for days weather
fairly fine so that much fish was spread for drying. Schnr. Grilse was expected all day but did
not arive [sic] and did not hear what delayed her coming. Hy. tared [sic] Roof of liver factry
put glass in windows & painted some of the facings in his leisure. R.G. who had been with us
all the week whitewashing was doing the same work again to day. Elisha with Raymond G- spent some time hauling timber from bank to wood yard.
September 23, Saturday

Saturday 23 Weather dull the forenoon was brightest the Schnr "Buster Brown" (shorts) of
Hants Hr. was her [sic] for fish belonging to Mansfield & others The wind in the afternoon
veered to N.E & blowed quite a breeze when the schnr leaved again.
The Schnr. Grilse arrived at Brownsdale & 3 am & came here at 8 am but owing to the rough
conditions of the sea we did not land anything Carman who was a passanger [sic] landed & the
schnr proceeded to H.Hr. R. Goodwin was with us whitewashing the fence leading past the
shop. Hy spent the time painting factory stable & well house.
September 25, Monday

Monday 25th
The day was quite dull with rain until the afternoon when it cleared and became quite fine wind
blew a strong gale from W. sea smooth.
Hy. left at 9 am. for O.P. on business to the Bank & retd. at 4 pm carting along a barrel Sugar
Result of the "Grilse's" cargo fish recd. to day by mail preparations made for her loading on
the shore again tomorrow D.V. Business was attended to more briskly than for some
September 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26 A fine day air cool & bracing one of the best days this season for drying fish
Schnr. Grilse came from H. Hr. to sibleys Cove at breakfast hour but owning to a strng W.
wind could not take fish there so proceeded to Lead Cove where she took unbord about 200
qtls. lost anchor & chain & left & came here at 4 pm & rem. for the night discharging 40 brls
& 10 sacks flour 25 oil Casks 1 P. Mols. 20 tubs butter & other goods. Elisha Hy. Geo C.
Mansfield was at Lead Cove during the time the schnr. was there in two motor boats but had
trouble in various ways.
September 27, Wednesday

Wed. 27 A very unpleasant day with occasional rain storms particularly afternoon with varied
high sw & w wind sea smooth. The Grilse left here for Lead Cove about 7:30 and we
suppose finished loading as she sailed past by here at 3:30 and meeting with storm of wind &
rain proceed to Trinity. The day was spent by me attending to business E and Hy in the factry
Casking oil & wash press boads & bags the work of the press being closed for the season
war is still the uppermost topic.
September 28, Thursday

Thursday 28 A nice fine day suitable for fish curing much being spread by "ours" a strong
breeze of NW. wind continued all day with quite a little sea on Split stage on the wharf was
removed to day and store on the wharfe [sic] protected in a measure from storm Hy spent
some time whitewashng fence around our home & Simen Bursey spent from 10 am to 6 pm
doing the like work. Rev. Mr. & Mrs Anthony visited us at evening & rem. a few hours. At
tea hour heard of the arrival of the Grilse at 3 pm at st Johns No improvement in the war
September 29, Friday

Friday 29 Fine until noon when it became dull & those who had fish spread hastened to take it
up again. wind light & w sea rough Hy. spent some time again whitewash yard & Simeon
Bursy spent the whole of the day Fish was weighed from sJ & Sml. woodland Wm H.
Goodwin & the Squires of Siblys Cove about 30 qtls in all Quite a bit of business was done in
shop & office
September 30, Saturday

Saturday Dull & raining in the morning but cleared afterward & was fairly fine for the
remainder of the day. wind blew strong from N.E. & a turbulent sea on. Business was
attended to as usual Hy & Simeon Bursy was again with us whitewashing finishing our yard &
a few lengths of Elisha's
S. spent 2 Day & 3 hrs
October 2, Monday

Monday 2nd A bright & beautiful warm day. wind light s.w. sea has again become quite
smooth. S.S. Malicof” “ [sic] called at 10 am & proceeded on to HHr. John C. Leonard &
Josiah Mansfield & Francis Pynn took passage by her there en route to Bay of Islands. wm
Mansfield brot. from H.Hr where he [?] had been with his relatives a bale of paper.
The work of diging [sic] potatoes was begun by most people to day. Hy. digged plot above
stable result 2 Brls. afternoon digged brl in Elishas garden. The crops anticipated will not be
realized by many as the drought of August had the effect on many of blighting the crop. The
war news to day shows a lighter vein the whole matter having been referred to a conference of
all the powers.
October 3, Tuesday

Tuesday 3 The weather to day was similar in every respect to that of yesterday wind a little
higher sea again quite smooth Clarence left for O.P. at 9 am hoping to bring back 2 Brls Beef
but was disappointed & retd. at 3 pm Weighed in store several qtls. fish and attended to
business generally. Hy again digging potatoes having finished digging about houses &
commenced in digg. garden in pasture land with good results.
October 4, Wednesday

Wed 4th wind light Northerly sea smooth. weather fine & drying for most of the day. spent
much time at the store to day where I weighed more than 60 qnts. fish for various persons. Hy
with the help of John Woodland digged 9 Brls potatoes. Most people complain of the shortage
in crop. No event of importance to relate.
October 5, Thursday

Thursday 5 A fairly fine day altho at noon all feared rain but it cleared & the evening was the
finest of the day wind light & s.w. until dusk when it suddenly veered to N.W. sea smooth.
Hy. & J [wland?] was again digging potatoes finished garden in pasture land & digged 1 ½ brl.
on hill garden. Geo. M-. was at work with us in the afternoon making some imprvment to
cellar. Business was attended to as usual
October 6, Friday

Friday 6 A fine day beautiful for drying purposes wind light N.W a little sea on Schnr Grilse
arrived at HHr about 9 am from st Johns where she had been since Thusday 28 inst. Several
qtls. fish collected to day (about 30) business attended to.
Dr. T visited us on the afternoon & proceeded to [Hs.?] Hr. [sic] Clarence going with him on
business with [R.G.?] rtd again at 9 pm Hy. with Eli woodlnd was again digging potatoes in hill
October 7, Saturday

Sat. 7 A fine day all through weather splendid for drying wind N.W. & light sea smooth
spent most of the day at the store weighing fish. Hy with Eli W. digging potatoes finished hill
garden & digged a few drills in small plot by the road. Business brisk at evening spent the night
with Hbt. Bursy attending to the matter of freight
News of the war cloud in the East looming bigger fear of the peace conference having little or
no effect
October 9, Monday

Monday 9th
A very dull day with rain in the morning & strong Northerly wind & some sea all day. Business
of office work occupied my time Hy was doing light work about the place The event of the
day was the marriage at night of Mr Caleb Reid to Mrs. Albert Durdle
October 10, Tuesday

Tuesday 10 Light Easterly wind which veered to S. weather moderate sea fairly smooth Hy
finished digging the Little pc by the road. other people engaged in like work both Elisha & self
were busy in the shop. self particulry in the office all day which was of much service in the
settlng of some of our largest a/c. satisfactorily. S.S. Malicof [sic] called only at Brownsdale at
dusk & then proceeded on accross [sic] the Bay.
October 11, Wednesday

Wed. 11th Another dull day with light wind & much calm before noon sea smooth Schnr.
Grilse owing to light wind did not get to L. Cove until noon altho she left HHr in the early
morning but was becalmed at times she discharged her freight and took unboard & left at 4 pm
for H.Hr. Hy. with Eli Woodlnd went to L. Cove at dinn hour in motor boat & brot. up a load
of goods for us & others. Hy. also digge [sic] nearly half of the potaotes in the new pc of
ground Business not quite as brisk as yesterday
October 12, Thursday

Thursday 12
wind S.W. blowing strong sea smooth weather sultry. Expected the Grilse to load at S. Cove
but was disapponted [sic] as skippr & crew returned at 11 thinking day not propitious Schnr
from New P. was at Brownsdale for freight of Chas. Brown
Hy. spent the morning searching for mooring but did not succeed. he afterwrd spent until noon
digging potatoes & finished crop upwards of 60 Brls Rec. freight from Arthur Janes of HHr for
"Grilses" trip to Carbonear $52.50 Business fairl [sic] brisk in afernoon
October 13, Friday

Friday 13 Wind same as yesterday but lighter sea the same weather not quite as sultry &
rained in the afternoon Schnr Grilse was at L. Cove again to day & took unboard the fish
there but weather prevent going to s.C so she again proceeded to H Hr. Hy. doing light work
about the place & assisted in killing sheep. No other event of importance.
October 14, Saturday

Sat. 14 A fine day splendid for drying purposes wind N.W. blowing strng with some sea on
which abated toward evening. The wind and sea conditions was not suitable for the Grilse to
come so Sibleys Cove to finish loading so the attempt was not made. Hy. was sick today and
did not put in an appearance. Business was fairly good some fish taken and customers to be
attended to all the while. At evening a little sensation was created by the seizure of the property
of J.G. Austin at Brownsdale by the sheriff Moses Bursey of Old Perlican which was the talk of
the evening.
October 16, Monday

Monday 16 Day dull & rained a little in the afternoon wind light & variable "Grilse" got to
Sibleys Cove about 9 am. & left again at 3 pm. rain prevented her filling up requiring about
150 qtls to finish the load she came her [sic] & remained for the night with intention of filling up
in the morning S.S. Malikoff [sic] called at 4 pm. Hy - Sim. B. & Reuben G. went unboard &
brot. to us one box [chelts?]. Hy. harnessed new horse with the intention of going to Old
Perlican but was prevented by her not being trained to cart work At evening she was put in
cart again and hauled a few loads of slabs from Mill to wood house
October 17, Tuesday

Tuesday 17 wind veered almost suddenly to N.E in the early moring so that the "Grilse" which
was here all night had to leave but when out in the bay the wind veered & she came again about
9 am to sibly Cove & finished loading & left again at dinner hour for H.Hr. the wind being
southerly. Hy. with E. spent the day cleaning up the mill & finished perhaps a dozen loads of
slabs & Rubbish was hauled to wood yard. Business was attended to all day by my self Abner
Goodwin & his wife left this place at evening for the U.S.A.
October 18, Wednesday

Wed. 18th Fresh to strng westerly winds clear in the afternoon. sea smooth Hy. went
to Old Perlican with the new mare at 8 pm rt'd at 3 pm & brot home brl. Beef. Mill house was
further cleaned to day & [smaft?] Grilse at H. Hr. waiting a time to st. John's.
October 19, Thursday

Thursday 19. wind light & S. in the morng with rain at noon veered to W. & at Evening
to N.W. a gale at first & continued strng & cold for the rest of the day. Hy spent the forenoon
in the mill assorting the diffrent qualities of the board ther In the afternoon helped sml. woodlnd
& Simeon Bursy fasten plate of iron on wharf & a pc to [wharf?] on ship he also went to WB.
for a sheep Schnr. G. left HHr in the am for Trinity to abide a time
October 20, Friday

Friday 20th A beautiful day & splendid for drying purposes particularly for fish which dried as
much or more than any day this season Wind light N.W. sea smooth Expected the Grilse
sailed for st Johns to day time all to be desired.

Hy. was at O.P. again to day with his horse & carted to us 1 Brl sugar & six 10 [?]
The return of the Austins at Browns dale from Southn Shore where they had been traping [sic]
muskrats for the past fortnight and other events there was talked of considerably our schnr.
Mary E loaded with fish at New Chelsea to day. Business was attended to as usual
October 21, Saturday

Sat. 21 Wind N.W. blowing strong so that the M.E. could not sail from N.C. At evening
heard of the Grilse arriving at St J 3 pm today. Hy. with Eli Woodlad removing fence &
enlarging garden in pasture land No other event of importance
October 23, Monday

Monday 23 A fine day wind blew a gale from N.W. & cold 2 mile a big sea on so that we
spent much time in the am hauling our boats in safety. Hy & Eli. W- spent the day improving
the new garden in pasture land Hy. also at evening went to Brownsdale on business Mr. Ralph
short also visited us on business shop & office work had my time and attention all day.
October 24, Tuesday

Tuesday 24 A fairly fine day with S. wind & some sea on The schnr. M.E left NC. at 9 for
Trinity to wait [time?] to st Johns. S.S Malicoff [sic] called at evening but to [sic] much sea on
to go unboard.
Hy. with E.W. was again at work on the garden removing rocks & makig other improvements.
Business attended to as usual.
October 25, Wednesday

Wednesday 25th
A very wet day until evening – it cleared & the wind which had been s. veered to N.W. but just
moderate the sea had also become moderately smooth. The qrtly. official board of the church
which was anounced [sic] to meet here this afternoon was postponed on a/c of weather
conditions No stirring event of importance to day
October 26, Thursday

Thursday 26
A very good day considerably fine soft & warm with Southerly wind Hy spent the day
whitewashing yard about Elisha' house A Mr. Crocker Telegrapher & line repairer visited the
office & made goodly improvemnt Business fairly good some debts paid.
October 27, Friday

Friday 27 A dull day with inclination to rain from the beginning of the day This it did at evening
& night a generous down pour wind S.w. & some sea on Hy spent the day whitewashg. E.
yard until prevent by weather. The talk of the day is the reforms wanted to be made by the
Nother [sic] fishermen Business dull little doing
October 28, Saturday

Saturday 28th very dull in the morning with showers of rain afterward it cleared but not
sufficient for drying purposes and S.E. Several men making preparations to leave for sidney
with the prospect of labouring there for the winter. much interest taken by many of the people
in the Effort of the United Fishermen & the general talk in shop. Business not very brisk
October 30, Monday

Monday 30 Fine to some degree but not for fish purposes wind N. moderate all day. Hy.
finished the whitewashng required for this season. Clarence to Old Perlican left at 8 30 retd. 4
pm & got mare shoed. S.S. Malikoff [sic] did not call to day owing to condition of wind &
sea but landed three coils rope at H.Hr which was taken along by Reuben Goodwin. Simeon
Reid left by way of Old P. for Sidney.
October 31, Tuesday

Tuesday 31 Weather dull & unpleasant wind light & N.E. sea very rough apparently
the greatest since a year ago. Hy. spent the day at work with the mare. At first he went to
Whales Brook for two promised sheep but returned without either one. Then he hauled from
near the mill to wood yard 3 loads old board and afterward hauled 22 wharf sticks from S. side
of place to mill Wm Barrett assisting him in the afternoon.
November 1, Wednesday

Wednesday 1st
A very dull day with light rain at evening The wind was light moderately so but North Easterly
increasing at evening with a heavy sea on. for the last 48 hours.
The Quarterly official board of the church met in the church & conducted business in
connection with the circuit at 3:30 [pm?] representatives from every place including Rev. Mr
Anthony were present. The meeting was said to be satisfactry and interesting.
Hy. was at work with us again to day having the use of the mare and carted from Durdles 175
Stick wood and from road end 53 posts and 14 sleeper pcs. Business was of brisker nature
than the last few days several a/c being satisfactorily settled
November 2, Thursday

Thursday 2nd Wind and weather & sea conditions were about the same as yesterday. only it
rained considerably more with sleet and the wind blew stronger so that the day was unsuited for
outdoor work and as a consequence nothing was done as people preferred to remain at home.
John Diamond Eli Woodland Wm H. GoodwinJr. & Wm. Hopkins went by way of Hearts
Content for sydney to day to labour for the winter Business dull little doing.
November 3, Friday

Friday 3rd A little clearer than yesterday but at times showers of rain with a storm of N.E. wind
& a great sea still runing [sic] so that their is as yet no abatement in the weather of the last days.
Joseph Clark & his two sons who had been away at work on the Deer Lake road since sept
4th returned at 4 pm Hy P. was with us again to day & carted several loads of wood from
Durdles finishng at dusk the lot that were there. At evening a Mr. Gillingham of the A.N.D. Co
came here in quest of men for employment. Business was fairly good to day settlement of
several a/c were settled satisfactorily. At noon recd. message of the safe arrival of our Schnr
Mary E. at st Johns last night, which was quite a relief to us
November 4, Saturday

Saturday 4th
The weather was a little improvement on yesterday wind strong and Notherly [sic] sea still
foaming furiously, but at sundown an apparent change was in evidence & seemed as tho. the
storm is about to subside. Hy P. was with us again all day at work on the garden in the pasture
land making improvement on the potato clearing. Business was brisk all day several accounts
again settled
November 6, Monday

Monday 6th
Weather becoming more moderate storm of last week past wind blew lightly from the South
sea abating Many Schnrs which had been detained by storm at st John's made there [sic]
appearance in the Bay to day. The "Grilse" among them it is said passed on to H Hr. in the
afternoon Hy. P. was with us all day spendg the forenoon in the newly made garden & the
afternoon hauled with the mare 30 Casks of oil from factory to mill.
John B. Mansfield spent a few hours in the mill cleaning the Engine and otherwise making
preparations for sawing.
Sml. & s.J. woodland Reuben Goodwi & Wm. Harris was at work on the breast-work of our
water side and made considerable improvement. Business attended to much being done.
Walter G. woodland with Ernest Thorn of Brownsdale left this morning en route to St John's
N.B. to seek employment. Miss Clarissa Parsons of Harbor Grace arrived here nearing
midnight to take charge of the Primary Department of our Day school. The crew of the Grilse
came from H.Hr. at evening.
November 7, Tuesday

Tuesday 7 A very stormy & unpleasant. A gale of Easterly wind blew all day accompanied by
showers of rain it was unusually cold. sea again greatly disturbed. Hy. was to H.Hr. and
carted home 1 Brl. Beef 2 Cads Tbco. 1 Cs. Mtchs & a bundle of Leather. J.B Mansfied was
at work for much of the day in the Mill specilly [sic] sawing posts. The four men mentioned in
yesterdays notes at work on breast work was at work again to day and completed the job.
November 8, Wednesday

Wednesday 8th
A little finer but not quite sufficient for drying purposes wind very moderate & Norherly but
toward evening veered more westerly sea abating some. Archbld Clark was toH.Hr. with his
horse & cart & brot. to us a brl. meat and one brl. sugar. J.B.M. was at work in the mill during
the afternoon only. About 6 qtls. fish was taken from Levi Sparks and business to engage our
attention all day was the order of events. The S.S. Malikoff [sic] left H.Hr. & proceeded on
the North side of Bay
November 9, Thursday

Thursday 9 Strong gale. E. wind and rain a general down pour in the afternoon & Evening sea
rough Reuben Goodwin went to H.Hr. & carted from S Short & sons 1 Drum Kero & 4-10
[?] Butter arrived at dinner hour. J.B.M- was sawing in the mill all day & sawed about 40
Logs Considerable business was done $100 recd from L. Belbin on a/co of sale of cod
November 10, Friday

Friday 10th A strong breeze of N.W. wind prevented the Grilse from coming here to day sea
practically smooth weather finer than for some days. several carts from the shore was to H.Hr.
today & took flour etc from Grilse. Nothing of particular was done on our premises to day as
no person were employed Business tho was [mor?] than today
November 11, Saturday

Saturday 11th
Armstice day beautiful and fine the finest since Oct. 20th wind N.W. blowing strong in the early
morning but moderated as the day advanced sea smooth. Skippr Fred. M- and his crew were
at H.Hr. in the early morning intendng to bring the Grilse down but the strng morning wind
baulked him doing so, altho the wind terminated in such a way that it would have been a good
day. Hy. P. Arch. C Reuben G & Will M. was each to H. Hr. with home & carts & came
back again at dinner hour with a load of goods. Moses Button & his brother Hy carted from
Old P. 7 3/8 qtls fish other lots was taken from Gregory & wm Harris Hayward sparks &
Josiah Head. A total of 41 ¼ qtls. was weighed & stored from these parties. The evening was
a busy one in shop & office. Sml. woodland was at work with us building a house for our pig
Hy. assisted him in the afternoon. The frame work was all put in place.
November 13, Monday

Monday 13 Clear after the morning wind light & w. a little sea on. Heard of the arrival of our
Schnr. M.E. on Sunday which loaded at New Chelsea about the 20th October but owing to
weather conditions the trip was prolonged
At night heard of a great earthquake at Chilie [sic] South America destruction and devastation
following. Mr. Wm J Button of Old P. was here to day re the buying of fish Business
particularly of office routine engaged almost the whole of to day.
November 14, Tuesday

Tuesday 14 weather Similar to yesterday wind blew a gale during the night with an inch of
snow so that the Grilse could not venture here Sml. & S. J. woodland was at work with us at
the pigs house. Reid & Driscoll had carts engaged carting fish to H. Hr. Settled trap fishng
with Elias Brookings & other a/cs attended to. News of our men lately gone to sidny for
employment recd. with the desired result.
November 15, Wednesday

Wed. 15 Wind S.W. moderately light sea on "Black Rock" & other ground breakig after the
morning. weather conditions fairly good. "Grilse" made the attempt to come here coming as
far as "Georges' Ground" but owing to sea had to return again. Crew returned home at
Capt. Wm Belben of the Schnr. “Mary E. came to see us in the forenoon, gave favourable
report of the conditions of the schooner but owing to circumstances would not be coming here
to discharge freight. (viz 100 Brls. flour 4 Brls mols etc) Magistrate Vatcher & the new
constable at Old Perlican viz [Constabl?] Forsey came to see us in the afternoon. The former
filling up adm. papers for Wesley Thorn.
Sml. & S.J. woodland & Hy. Pynn was at work for us on the little house in building again to
day Business fairly good
Mrs. Parkins Harris & family left this place to day to permanently reside in Sydney C.B.
November 16, Thursday

Thursday 16 very dull in the morning with light rain & ctd. but at 12 noon it rained freely. wind
s.w. strong sea smooth at night the wind increased to a gale & by midnight it went to N.W. &
blew still strnger and as an indication of this No. 4 storm signal was hoisted at St. Johns Hy
was at HHr with our Mare left at 8 arrved at 5 pm & carted down 1 Brl meal 3-10[?] & [2-
22? ?] Butter. Arch. Clark accomp him & carted 2 Brls Meat. Harold B & Thorns of Whales
Brook were also up for Flour. Sml. & S.J. woodlnd were at work on the little house in building
in the forenoon only. weather prevented the work in the afternoon. Wm Button of Old P. here
respecting 30 qnts of fish of his which we are shipping for him to Harvey & Co tomorrow
Business dull
November 17, Friday

Friday 17 Weather very dull with a little rain in the morning wind light SW. sea smooth Hy P.
Reuben G. & Arch Clark with L. Woodlnd takig passage with them left in motor boat for H.Hr
at 9 am retd. again at 1-pm with 20 Brls flour from schnr Mary E. altho the weather condition
was suitable the Engine not giving satisfaction forbade them going second time. other parties
were also for flour with horse & carts.
Recd. statement of the result of Grilses load of fish to BJ & Co in oct 31. Business brisker
than usual. Sml. woodland was the only person at work on the little house to day.
November 18, Saturday

Sat. 18 Weather again very dull and no apparent change wind strong and Easterly so
that the Grilse could not attempt to come here neither was it suitable to send to Grilse a motor
boat. Clarence was to Hants Hr with the mare & carted down 2 Sacks flour (98[lb?]) 1 Sack
meal & a bisct box of goods. The day was spent by myself mostly in the office where I did
business of a satisfactory nature
November 20, Monday

Monday 20 weather very unpleasant with strong Easterly wind and sleet or snow falling in
flakes all day, so that it is now very dirty underfeet. No chance of Grilse coming here. Archbd
Clark was to H.Hr. for us & carted down 1 Brl sugar & 9-10[?] & 3-22[?] Butter. Business
very fair so that ones time was taken up with it. Talk of the Rally service last night & the
movements of the UF at St Johns was freely discussed
November 21, Tuesday

Tuesday 21st weather conditions still bad with strong breeze of Easterly wind which durig the
evening & night increased to a storm the fiercest & wildest of this season. sea greatly disturbed
Archibald Clark was to H.Hr & brot with horse & cart 1 Brl. Mol & 2 packs (98) flour also
Lloyd woodland who carted down 1 Brl Beef 1 sack (98) flour and a bit of goods. Business
attended to with some success. some debts paid. Efforts of the United F of Bonavista Bay
freely talked of.
The loading of the Grilse is still a worry and anxiety
November 22, Wednesday

Wed. 22 A very unpleasant day with lighter Easterly wind and a big sea rolling in. The storm
of last night abated toward morning. The night was a continuous storm of wind and rain a down
pour unprecedented this season. Reuben Goodwin was to H.Hr for us & carted down 1 Drum
of Kero, oil & a Drum Contng. some Gasoline. Business was fairly good again today Some of
our men were at work on the road to day for 4 hrs. the sum of 80 cts. to be worked by each
The Rev. Mr Anthony was on the shore to day and married a daughter of John Thornes of
Brownsdale to a Mr. Milley of Burnt Point
November 23, Thursday

Thursday 23 Weather clearing & becoming little fineer [sic] wind sw fresh breeze sea
becoming smoother especially in the afternoon Mill was again in operation today J.B.M.
sawing logs for Jesse Hopkins of Whales Brook spent about 8 hours at the work. Business
attended to and at night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. the opening and first meeting this
season Less than a score were there but the meeting was of general interest Naaman Reid
acting W.M.
November 24, Friday

Friday 24th very much finer to day than usual. Wind blew lightly from the Westerly dirrection
[sic] but the sea was to [sic] rough for the coming of the Grilse Skipper & Crew all most [sic]
ventured in the early morning to go by motor boat and bring her down but the sea as the day
advanced became greater so that the desirable work of loading had to be suspended Sml.
woodland was all day at work at pig's house which is now finished except the felting of the
J.B.M was all day in the mill sawing logs for Jas. Snelgrove & Ed. Warfield.
Hy P. was again to H.Hr. & carted a load consiting of 1 Brl. & sax. flour 1 Sax. meal & 1
[Brl? Chmeys?].
Wm J. Button of O.P. & JM Harris of N.C. were here on business. more business was
transated [sic] than for the last days.
The effect of the storm at Sidney on Wed. called for much comment as well as various
happenings lately
November 25, Saturday

Saturday 25 A very unpleasat [sic] day with Westerly wind and light snow all day which had
the ground covered with two or three inches in the early morning. Quite a big sea was on all
day so that the chance of loading could not be attempted. Hy. P. was to H.Hr. with the Mare
& Slide, and took a tc. Mol. as far as new Chelsea and afterward with J. Clarks horse brot it
home which took his time until tea hour. Business was not very brisk to day. several parties
were to H.Hr. to get goods from "Grilse" Nothing of importance transpired
November 27, Monday

Monday 27th
Light S.E. wind which veered to E. as the day advanced sea practically smooth but the weather
was dull with light snow falls for a little while so that the Grilse was again prevented from
attempting to load altho the skippr & crew made preparations at an early hour but their better
judgement [sic] respecting the weather determined them on not going to H.Hr. which was
fortunate in saving trouble & labour. Not much doing to day by any person as weather conditin
[sic] & with snow covered ground made things unpleasant. Business dull but collections for the
day ahead of some. Three or 4 of our young men on the shore left to day for to labour in
Canada. Alpheus Thorn W.B. Herbert G. Button & Chas sparks of L.C.
November 28, Tuesday

Tuesday 28th Still another dull day with Easterly wind not much sea weather conditions again
unfavourable for loading At night a storm sprang up followed by sleet which made the night
fierce & wild. No event of importance today which passed away with business more
remunerative than yesterday. The current topics [?] was discussed all day.
November 29, Wednesday

Wednesday 29
wind increased to gale from E & N.E dirrection with torrents of rain so that the drains are filled
to overflowng and the ground is thoroughly saturated. It was one of the dirtiest days this year.
Business to a great degree was suspended. No events of passing interest saving the Grant for
Main Line repairs $150.00 Allocation. Amount per man $1.70 this thing was made known at
evening so as the work may be done tomorrow
November 30, Thursday

Thursday 30 A strong gale of N.W. wind blew all night and much of to day. Weather fairly
fine all day save for a snow squall or two. In the moring particularly bright. sea smooth. The
Skippr & crew of the Grilse went to H.Hr in the early morning to bring her down but owing to
rain & cold the sails were in such a condition that they could not come here altho much looking
out for them. Several qtls. of fish taken & much business transacted. Many of the men
working on the road. Clarence to HHr carted home 4 Sax (98)5 flour
December 1, Friday

Friday Dec. 1st
wind blew a strong gale from N.W. & cold withal to freezing. Skipper & crew of "Grilse["]
still at HHr waiting to come here but with such a stormy gale could not attempt it so had again
to return home. The weather was fine tho. and an Excellent day for drying fish sea was
practically smooth. several qtls. fish was again taken by us from Sibleys Cove and business
with Abner Button of N.C. was of a pleasant natur. considerable business was done to day.
At night recd. message from our broker Mr. Chafe advising us to hold over our fish until spring
as now it is not a paying price and market Glutted. Constable Forsey of Old Perlican took
dinner with us to day being here on business with Qtn Driscoll.
December 2, Saturday

Saturday 2nd wind west veering to N.W. weather dull ground covered with sleet for a time
clearing toward evening. sea continue fairly smooth. No chance for "Grilse" to come here
even if we had willed Some men at work on the road to day but nearly all again worked. No
local happening.
December 4, Monday

Monday 4th splendidly fine and drying until noon when it became dull with strng Eastly wind
with appearance of snow sea smooth. Had it not been that we had deferred having "Grilse"
come here she would have had a day suited for the loading Sml & S.J woodland was with us
to day the forenoon they finished the work of felting the covering of the pig's house and in the
afternoon killd & cleaned the old pig. Reuben Goodwin Lloyd Woodland & Hy Pynn was to
Hant Hr. to day the first carted from Mry E. 1 Cask Mols. & 1 Brl. Flour the second 1 Brl.
Beef and 1 Brl. Flour the third 1 Brl. sugar & 1 sack flour. Business was attended to
customers on all day Wm & Stephen Rowe was our best patrns.
December 5, Tuesday

Tuesday 5th Weather cold & stormy wind N.E blowing a storm [perhaphs?] the strongest wind
this season with one of the greatest seas at any time, so that there was a suspension of business
in many ways with us it was one of the dullest this season. The mission meeting at sibleys Cove
and again at Brownsdale tonight was among the current events, but particularly was cases of
court at Old Perlican That of Qtn Driscoll with his nephew in which the two families are
envolved. Wm Barrett with Old Perlican men who had trespassed on his land and of Flora
Woodland an assault case against her master the past summer
December 6, Wednesday

Wednesday 6 Cold & unpleasant particularly so at night with snow and a fierce storm of
Notherly [sic] wind Business dull for the day. Wm Barrett was at court again to day
[summing?] trespasser on his land and has to appear on same case tomorrow. Missionary
meeting was held at 7 pm. Deputatin [sic] Revs. C. Johnston of st John's Broughton of Hearts
Content & Anthony of Hants Hr. J.B.M. acted as chairman. Collection upward of $19.00.
The meeting was a decided success & thoroughly enjoyed by all.
December 7, Thursday

Thursday 7th A fine day but very wintry the ground being covered with snow cold & freezig all
day with strong N.W. wind & a big sea on which pressed so heavily against end of store on
wharf as to wrek [sic] half the end of it. The outer end of slip was also broken up, but no other
damage was done Business better than yesterday upwards of $100.00 collected. Owing to
the wintry condition of the weather work of any nature is at a standstill.
December 8, Friday

Friday 8 Weather similar to yesterday wind N.W. moderate sea becoming smoother. Sml &
S.J. woodland attempted to make repairs to store but sea prevented. John Goodwin & Fredk
Mansfield to HHr with horse & cart & carted to us 2 S. oats 2 Brls Meat 1 Brl. Four from
"Grilse" Business fair S. Short & Sons Schnr "Buster Brown" which has been on trip to St.
Johns for 4 weeks arrived to day at H.Hr.
December 9, Saturday

Saturday 9th A dull day with light snow at 11 am. wind strong N.W. cold & freezing purely
winter weather Clarence was to H.Hr & carted down slide & a brl flou to JB.M 4 ½ Brl. meat
to JH. NC W.J.B Old Perlican carted to us a brl. flour Sml. & S.J. woodland & J.B.M. made
repairs to our store that was damaged by the recent sea spent the day at the work. Business
dull. The trip to st. John's finally decided to be given up owing to the low price of fish and the
wintry weather
December 11, Monday

Monday 11th Another fine day with fresh N.W. wind cold & frosty with wintry aspect sea
fairly smooth purchased a small ox of Eli Goodwin which was killed by W.H.G & Steve J.W.
& weighed 145 lbs. Hy. Pynn & Sml. W- went to H.Hr at 2 pm & retd at 6 pm with goods
landed by Malikoff [sic]. Reuben Goodwin was to H.Hr. & carted down 1 Brl. Beef 1 Bale
flour & 1 Brl. Flour & Harold Bury [sic] 2 Brls. flour all from Grilse. W.J.B. also carted from
O.P. 1 Cask Mols. Skipper Fred. M. and crew were to H.Hr & dismantled the Grilse taking
sails of off [sic] her and mooring her in winter quarters
December 12, Tuesday

Tuesday 12 An exceptionally fine day the finest in evry way for the last five or six weeks. wind
light & North Westerly. In the morning or at 10 am began weighing trap fish of J.B.M. & C.
Wm & Plemen Thorn assisted us The total weighed was 128 qtls. The day in a business way
was much better than for days past. Wm Mansfied was to H.Hr in the afternoon and got home
again at 6 pm bring several boxes biscts. and other goods.
The Schnr. Buster Brown sailed for st John's to day.
December 13, Wednesday

Wednesday 13 A very unpleasant day with a storm of Southerly wind & rain moderating at
evening veering W. & still blowing. Hy. P. was to H.Hr. today & carted down 1 Brl. Beef 2
Bgs. Nails & a Keg shot & carted up 2 Drums Raymond Clark carted up the same & brot.
back 2 Brls meat & Lloyd Woodld the same going & [tub?] [meat] & 1 Brl. R. Oats. owing to
the state of the weather the day was leisurely spent by all.
December 14, Thursday

Thursday 14 A splendidly fine day throughout. The wind blew a storm from N.W. all day and
freezing withal. Hy Pynn was to H.Hr with his horse & cart carted up two Empty drums & brot
to us 1 Brl. Beef & 3 Bales flour. John Goodwin also took up 3 Drums & took back a Drum
of oil & 1 Brl. Beef. We spent much of the day taking in store fish 66 ½ qtls From SJ
Woodld & Co 54 from Eli W [7 ¾?] and from the Levi & Sime sparks 5 qtls. Quite a number
of qtls were packed over the day from the soft or damp seperated [sic]. The afternoon was a
busy one in the shop. Wm J.B. from Old P. in the moring brot. to us 1 Chest Tea 2 cs. soap &
10-10[?] Butter
December 15, Friday

Friday 15 Weather just like yesterday beautifuly fine wind moderat sea smooth perhaps the
best day all round for six weeks past.
Hayward Clark was to HHr for us & carted up 3 Empty Drums & brot to us 1 Case onions &
2 Sack oats Elisha Geo CM & S.J. Woodd was from 9:30 to 5 pm packng fish in store the
day was more than usually busy in the shop so that at night I was quite tired & greatly needed
December 16, Saturday

Saturday 16 Fairly fine after 9 am. with strng N.E. wind Snowed a little in the early morning
but not sufficent for sleighing purposes so that carts had to be put in service Hy Pynn carted to
H.Hr 2 steel drums & a mboil Cask. Wm Barrett also a Do. [mboil Cask] & 2 Brls. ctng 4 qtls
fish & Arch. Clark 3 [Brls. ctng] 5 ¼ [qtls fish] they got back again at night bringing with them
1 Brl. Lime & Sks. oats. Many customers favoured us with their patronage to day.
December 18, Monday

Monday 18 A very wintry day with N.E. wind strong with light snow quite a lot fell from 4 to 6
so that now the ground has it [sic] winter bed or covering. attended to business and did
household duties accustomed to be done by Clarence who is still very sick. No particular
occurence [sic]
December 19, Tuesday

Tuesday 19 A fine day clear & cold Geo CM & SJ woodlnd spent 4 hrs each in store packg
fish & finished the work.
WJ Button of O.P. hauled with horse & slide [1?] load of goods consisting of 2 Sacks pease 1
Brin Bale goods & Boxes of Biscts. At night Jas & Elisha Rowe of H Content & Aaron
Andrews of Wintertn visited us & held a District Lodge meeting going home again at
December 20, Wednesday

Wed 20th. A fine clear day but unusually frosty It was by far the frostiest day known in my
recollection for Dec. A high gale of N.W. wind with light Snow blowing about all day made the
day all the more severe several of our men with horse & slide made attempt to go to Old
Perlican for freight but had to return again At night a concert given by the children in the
Orange Hall was quite a success and gave pleasure to all The Rev Mr Anthony was Chairman
and the nett [sic] proceeds was $23.50
December 21, Thursday

Thursday 21st Another fine day but quite a chnge in the atmosphere not half as cold with lighter
w wind. Arch. Clark & R. Goodwin was to HHr and brot. to us 20 or more packages landed
of Malicoff [sic] Nellie & Pearl arrived to us at 11 pm. being fortunat [sic] in having a nice
sled path & in other respects. The afternoon was a very busy one in shop
December 22, Friday

Friday 22
A fine day but much milder than for several days wind light & S.W. To day was a busy one in
the shop many customers being around all the time until after night Fredk M-. was to Old
Perlican for us and brot to us a brl. sugar & 1 Brl flour & 4 Cases yeast. Jas S- also brot 1
Brl. flour for us and one of ours purchased by him for himself
December 23, Saturday

Sat. 23 Weather some what boisterous. The morning it rained and was very unpleasant with
strong S. wind very soft under feet so that the snow paths are unfit for travel All evening the
wind veered to W. and blew a gale. We spent the day in the shop Their weren't [sic] any
stiring [sic] event The mail carrier travelled the shore at noon to with the intention to wait &
bring along todays mail
December 25, Monday

Monday 25 Inclined to mild & weather with light E. wind sky betokening snow. attended
service in the morning cond. by Mr. Alx Harris spent the rem. of day in a socil [sic] way
Nellie, Pearl, Carman & Miss Parsons left at 3 pm for Hants Hr. and returned at 2 am. very
cold each one
December 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26 The weather to day was very cloudy with light N.E wind and at night it snowed a
little The shop was opened for business again to day the first time since saturday and several
patrons did business. Sml. & S.J woodland were to O.P. the former hauled 2 cases Bk
Powder & two other items & the later a brl. flour. path very poor so that a load could not be
taken along.
Sml woodland is to leave tomorrw with 2 others of Chelsea & a score of men of Winterton for
the U.S.a.
December 27, Wednesday

Wed. 27th A fine day quiet with light wind & seemingly more settled in weather conditions than
for some time. Business was more brisk to day than for some time. John CM & Jas sparks
settle with us many patron visited us To day W.H.G. & Geo. D. killed our Ox which weighed
[507 lbs Wm J. Button of O.P. who visited us on business only took along with him 2 Hind qrt
230 lbs & to Mrs [Stone?] 20 lbs. Fredk. M & Arch Clark was at H.Hr. for goods landed of
S.S. Malicoff [sic] & brot 12 pkgs or boxes Sml. Woodld who left at 8 am to take passage to
U.SA. returned again to stay until about Jan. 8th
December 28, Thursday

Thursday 28th Another fine day but cold particularly so in the forenoon with very high N.W.
wind. Business was attended to as usual with some success. Reuben Goodwin was to H.Hr
with slide for freight sleigh paths bad brot to us 10-10[?] and 5-22[?] Butter & two boxes soap.
At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. which was decidedly interesting.
December 29, Friday

Friday 29. A very wintry day and night snowing & blowing a gale frm N.E all the time
particularly so from noon. LLoyd woodland was to HHr for us hauled to N.C 2 [Bag?] & a
tub buttr & brot for H.H 1 Brl. each [Brd?] & flour 2 Bgs Nls & Geo M. who was there also
brot. to us 3 Boxes soap No other event. The recent storms & damages recorded in the
newspr was freely talked of
December 30, Saturday

Sat 30. A fair day respecting the weather Lots of snow down now sufficient to make paths
anywhere. wind Norherly and a bit sea on. A vesel [sic] was sighted of [sic] HHr at 10 am.
without any canvas on her she doubtless drifted in the Bay last night through the storm that was
News of the Lausanne conference depressing and deadlock apparently inevitable. Business
fairly brisk After tea did considerable in the way of closing a/cs for 1922

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