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William Button Diary, 1923

January 1, Monday

Monday 1st The year opened with a bright clear day a little cold but not freezing to any
noticeable point. wind w. and considerable sea Intended to [keept?] today as a holiday so
avoided going to shop as much as possible Clarence with his horse & slide and ten others were
at H.Hr & brot. to us much of the flour etc which was landed of s.s. Kalikoff [sic] a week ago
January 2, Tuesday

Tuesday 2nd
A very unpleasant day raining & blowing a strong gale from the S. from 11 am. Had 10 men
with horse & slide to H.Hr again to day Clarence among the number and had a hard experience
getting very wet & tired & fatigued arrived at dinner hour.
January 3, Wednesday

Wed. 3rd
A very mild day with clouded atmosphere betokening weather wind light & Easterly. A quiet
day throughout. Business was attended to with some briskness many customers visiting us
meanwhile. Hy Pynn was to H.Hr. & altho the paths are bad and nearly all the snow gone he
brot along 2 Brls.
January 4, Thursday

Thursday 4th
very dull approaching weather which began at noon snowing & continued stormy with heavy
gale from Easterly dirrection Hy. P- was again to H.Hr & hauled [2?] Brls flour Business dull.
No stiring event of importance
January 5, Friday

Friday 5th
A fine clear day with strong gale N.W. wind toward evening it became colder. Geo.C.M.
Fred. M- & Hy. P- were to H.Hr. & brot. a load of flour to us so that only 3 Brls. is now left
there. Business was an improvement on yesterday.
January 6, Saturday

Saturday 6
Fair & clear wind & weather in every respect similar to yesterday. Hy Pynn was to H.Hr. for
us again to day & [slided?] down 3 Brls. flour which brot. to a finish the goods landed there on
26th Business attended to. No event of interest worth noting. Wm[MB? B?] brot to us from
[HHr.?] a load of goods.
January 8, Monday

Monday 8
A clear cold frosty day more intense than any other yet this season wind light & moderate
Easterly Attended to business as usual which was of a fair nature for winter time. At 8
pm the annual church meeting occurred The Rev. Mr. Anthony being with us The
meeting ended at 10 pm. Luther Mansfied Lloy [sic] W. & Arch Clark [ware?] to Old
Perlican and brot to us 1 Drum oil & 5 Brl. flour.
January 9, Tuesday

Tuesday 9
A very unpleasant day with a gale of S.E. wind with sleet & then rain frm noon on. Many
customers called in the afternoon & business was fairly good. The day passed uneventful
with all.
January 10, Wednesday

Wed. 10
A cloudy dull day with much rain & a gale of S.w. wind at night. The Rev Mr. & Mrs
Anthny visited us this evening the former on his way to Sibleys Cove to hold annual
Church meeting He retd. here at 11 pm & thro stress of weather remained all night.
Business attended to as usual with like results as past few days
January 11, Thursday

Thursday 11
A bright clear day with moderate westerly wind. Business attended to with fairly good
results. At night the Annual meeting of the L.O.A. was held and was of a very satisfactory
nature, characterized by a spirit of more determined interest and good will for the society.
A message recd. frm Sml. Woodland relative to his retrning again was the event in which
many minds was centered expressing sympathy for the disappointment which had come to
January 12, Friday

Friday 12
The weather to day was a like yesterday with N.W. to N. winds and a little colder Sml.
Woodland returned to day owing to his not being able to comply with imigration [sic]
regulations to us.a by not being able to "write." Few customers business not so brisk. The
news foreign respecting the entrance of France on German territory to collect reparations
payments attracts most attention.
January 13, Saturday

Saturday 13th A very stormy day with continuous high wind followed by snow all the
afternoon. wind S.E. a fierce gale. Most of the men were cutting & hauling wood in the
forenoon of today as were also Clarence & Carman. with me the day was spent like others
of this week. No passing event of interst save for cottage church meetings which is
arousing public interest.
January 15, Monday

Monday 15th
A fine clear day with moderately N.W. wind. Weather greatly commented as suited for a more
advanced season Mr. W. J. Button of Old Perlican came here at 10 am & brot to us a Brl.
Sugar. Nearly all the people to day buisly [sic] engaged cutting & hauling wood. Business
attended to but few customers.
January 16, Tuesday

Tuesday 16
A gale of S.E. wind blowed all day with some rain so that woods work was temporarily
suspended particularly in afternoon. No event of local importance but foreign news is of more
serious importance.
January 17, Wednesday

Wed 17
A very fine clear day [aside?] from high wind & frost. wind westerly. Bank manager at Old
Perlican visited us at 10 a.m & remained an hour. A deputation of L.O.L. left in the afternoon
for winterton to attend District Annual meetg of LO.L. [Opening?] of week night services
January 18, Thursday

Thursday 18th A fine day with fresh W & N.W winds and much colder than yesterday Mr
W.J. Button of O.P. visited us at breakfast hour & brot to shop from Geo. Barrett 1 Cask Mol.
3-22[?] & 1 Caddy Tbco. Business attended to with little better results than yesterday. At night
attended meeting of L.O.A. No local news of interest but world news grave as The [London
] "reports peace of Europe hanging by a thread"
January 19, Friday

Friday 19th
Fair & mild with light S. & s.w. wind the most pleasant day yet this season. sea had a glass
calmness all the morning. All the men were bussy [sic] cutting & hauling wood for most of day
and at night attended the prayer church service. Buisness [sic] was dull & few patrons did
shoping [sic] to day. The times or the hardness of them caused by depressing circumstance ar
[sic] now felt by upwards of a score families.
January 20, Saturday

Saturday 20th
Weather very much like yesterday a little cold with light frost Hy pynn was to Old.P. today &
got Mare shod retd at evening bring along a drum of oil he afterward went to N.C. & brot to
us 2 Buns. Twine Many customers patronized us in the afternoon and business was brisk
January 22, Monday

Monday 22nd The weathr to day was very mild raining last night with mist rain all through the
day. wind light S.w. Owing to the snow disappearing & the paths partially broken up, woods
work were suspended to day by all. Some business was done by us all through the day to
some more than trifling [extent?] The only event of importance was the serious accident to Mr
Geo short of H.Hr.
January 23, Tuesday

Tuesday 23
A very stormy day with strong N.E. wind & snow which followed the rain of last night & the
early morning as a consequence much water is all about our place woods work was again
suspended to day & no work done by any apart from the duties of home. with me business
was attended to as usual
January 24, Wednesday

Wednesday 24
A fine clear cold day freezing all the day with strong gale of N.E wind. owing to rain of last
night and the turng to freeze almost suddenly our place is flooded with water & frozen over with
ice as never before. Men are all idle to day owing to the condition of the woods & the country
paths. A holiday in the Tel. office and no mail so that there were no public despatches.
Business was very dull to day and not much done of a paying nature. Attended service at
January 25, Thursday

Thursday 25 A fine day inclined to mildness in fact the mildest & clearest day thus far this
season. The sea was quite smooth & boats from some places were out hunting. The men were
all busy in the woods to day as the paths & country was suited for the work. Business was a
bit brighter to day- At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. The foreign despatches was
again of a serious nature
January 26, Friday

Friday 26
Mild with a little rain and sleet Easterly wind shifting to S & S.w. Little work done to day
owing to the conditions of the weather. Wm J. Button came to see us at 10 am & brot. to us a
Drum of oil Hy. Pynn was also at old Perlican arriving at dinner hour with a drum of oil which
finishes the goods landed at Old Perlican some time ago. Business was very dull to day little
doing. At night attended a prayer service led by Mr. Joshua Goodwin. Foreign news more
serious Despatches say at any time "pot may boil over."
January 27, Saturday

Saturday 27
Weather similar to yesterday. very mild with light s.w. wind. wife & Clarence visited N.C. in
afternoon & retd. at night fall. At evening heard of the return to St. John's again of the 300 men
who left for [Pensylvime?] USa about the 10th inst. having failed to [conform?] to regulations
January 29, Monday

Mond. 29 A fine clear day with N.W. wind strong & cold toward evening it [bega?] to freeze
intensely. All the peopl were busy hauling wood. Lots of people from Grates Cove Old P- &
other place here intent on doing the same work. one man from the later place unfortunately cut
himself No other local event Foreign news still bristling with expected outbreak of
January 30, Tuesday

Tuesday 30 still another day clear & cold severe frost all the day wind N.W. Agreed by
many to be one of the coldest days this season The labour of all the same as yesterday
Business dull. Clarence with horse & sleigh drove his [m-?] Molly & Mrs P- to Brownsdale at
evening [spent?] a pleast. time & retd. in time for tea
January 31, Wednesday

Wednesday 31
A very wintry day with strong gale of N.W. wind snowing & drifting all day and freezing with all
[sic] but the night was beauifully fine and not nearly as cold. Not only the men of this place but
those who are here from Grates Cove & [O.P.?] could not work in the woods to day for
[stress?] of weather An almost suspension of business with us to day as very little was
February 1, Thursday

Thursday 1st
The first day of the month began with a fine bright clear day The sun shining brilliantly frost
seemed absent just moderately cold with W- wind. The night was also beautiful the moon
shone forth magnificently so that the night was also lovely. All the men who wanted to have
access to the woods were there but the snow storm of yesterday made the work in the green
woods somewhat unpleasant. Business was attended to as usual & at night attended a meeting
of the L.O.a. of much interest. Foreign news of Lausanne Conference still cloudy & grave.
February 2, Friday

Friday 2nd

Weather conditions to day was somewhat different from yesterday Mild with light snow flurries
in the afternoon with light S.E. wind. Business was fairly good to day. people employed as
yesterday. At 2 pm wife Molly & Nelson with Clarence driving them left for Hants Hr. & retd.
at midnight
February 3, Saturday

Saturday 3
Weather fine & clear & cold to a freezing point with fresh N. wind Nothing of importance to
write. people all well & attending to the usual work. Busines [sic] as usual. Foreign News vy
February 5, Monday

Monday 5th A fine day but with a gale of N.W. wind storm signal No 3 hoisted at St Johns
bitterly frosty far exceeding any other day in this respct thus far this season. Little or no
business done to day owing to weather conditio [sic] Few men hauling wood majority at home
attending to [requirements?] of [fire?] side. Foreign New [sic] serious
February 6, Tuesday

Tuesday 6th
A strong gale of N.W wind and frost more intense than yesterday so that it was hard for flesh to
withstand it without being afflicted thereby characterized the weather of to day Labour was
almost wholly suspended and most people spent the day by the fireside As to business with us
very little was done and we did not think it worth while to lift the blinds for to day Foreign
news of Lausann [sic] conference more hopeful.
February 7, Wednesday

Wednesday 7th
Wind moderate S.W. day clear frost subsided quite a lot. A big sea on which increased as the
evening advanced. people felt relieved of the prssure of the frost & cold of the last two days &
expressed themselve [sic] in a gladsom [sic] way. Busines [sic] again attended to. The event
of the day was the visit of 2 of a delegation of United [Fisherman?] to Brownsdale and a
preaching service by Rev Mr. A. and after service by some of our peopl who have experienced
greater gifts of Devine Power.
February 8, Thursday

Thursday 8 Weather conditions to day just like yesterday only perhaps it was less cold and at
night it was still with little or no wind & much milder. Before noon the United Fishermens
delegates came to see us in the shop and at 8 pm. held a meeting in the Orange Hall a fairly
good gathering meeting full of enthusiasm resolutions signed unaminously [sic] meeting closed
at 10 pm.
Men were all at work in woods to day finding the weather & paths congenial for their work.
Business dull
February 9, Friday

Friday 9
Weather fine & clear wind light & westerly. The Fishermans [sic] Delegates visited us after
breakfast and we accompanied them to the school which was visited by them & us. They were
afterward driven to Hant's Hr by Mess. John C.M. & Sml Woodland & their movements was
the comment by many for some time afterward. Business was attended to with fair results. The
work of hauling wood by the people was again taken advantage of
February 10, Saturday

Saturday 10
Still another fine day with strong N.W. wind and a little colder than yesterday. people still
engaged as other days a splendid week it has been for woods work. splendid reception of
Delegates at H.Hr. talked of. No other event of importance. Business not equal to
February 12, Monday

Monday 12th A splendid day but cold to freezing wind N.W. and moderate. People who are
engaged at woods work found the day again suited to their needs. Local [events? event-?
event?] the movement of the [W7?] still commented on the foreign news of the doings of the
Allies [&?] the Turks still of great interest
February 13, Tuesday

Tuesday 13 Very cold & frosty freezing all the day many complain of its intensity. wind
moderate N.W. weather clear & bright. Many people from Grates Cove Old Perlican & other
places taking advantage of the weather & the paths are now making good use of it by hauling
such things as they need from the country No event of importance save the foreign news which
again [appears?] grave.
February 14, Wednesday

Wednesday 14th
Another day of cold & frost with light N.W wind but splendidly clear & fine a continuation of
same coditions [sic] since the first day of the month. Many people attacked with colds caused
by the severe frost. people engaged at woods work every day. with us business as usual &
church at night. No stirring event office closed it being a holiday
February 15, Thursday

Thursday 15.
Wind light and variable weather bright & clear day beautiful throughout a little less frost than
yesterday. Many people country wards again to day [JP and Pat and?] as in the past days.
[Day?] void of event.
February 16, Friday

Friday 16th Another fine day similar to the many past of this month wind light & NW. frost
lessening considerably The storm forcasted in public despatch of yesterday did not reach us.
The day passed with us and all the people in like manner as the proceeding ones. wife visited
Noah Button at Brownsdale at evening & rem. for two or three hours.
February 17, Saturday

Saturday 17
Fine & clear with W. & N.W. wind a tendency to being milder in the am but soon the frost was
felt again & continued during the day & night Locally things went as every other day this week.
The public news contained the rather startling announcement of the House of Assembly being
dissolved & of a general election to be held at a date to be named later Two foreign messages
was again of a serious nature
February 19, Monday

Monday 19.
A continuation of the weather since the month began fine & clear with W & N.W. wind. The
Bay is now frozen over and has been for days so that no water is visible Men are all labouring
hauling wood as usual & this is the work of many from other places who resort to the country
No local event nor nothing further in Public despatch re the Govt
February 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20 Fine clear and cold with high frost wind W with snow flurries. Day passed as the
proceeding ones of the month men labouring the same. Business was like nature as every day.
Yesterday we bought of Abner Goodwin per Amb. Harris [8?] cwts. Hay @ $6.40
February 21, Wednesday

Wed. 21
A fine quiet day with light W. & N.W. wind similar to all others that have passed this month.
The day was spent by the people like every other of the month and with us in like manner. No
event of importan [sic] transpired. Attended church at night
February 22, Thursday

Thursday 22
Fresh W. & N.W. winds a little cloudy but very much like those that have passed since the first
day and the employment of the people is a continuation of the same evry day. Business
attended to but dull. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A.
February 23, Friday

Friday 23rd
wind & weather again like yesterday Day passed with the people hauling wood as usual &
with us a little business as usual. At night attended the church service soon after service Joseph
Coombs & Dr. Newhook the new doctor of Old Perlican called on us on his way from Hants
Hr & remained an hour & two with us.
February 24, Saturday

Saturday 24 Still another beautiful fine day wiht W. & N.W. wind a little cold. Day passed as
all others this week & all the this month a rather unusual happening fine every day. The
country frequented with men from evry place hauling timber evry day. on Thursday night 22
Mrs. Ed Austin an aged woman of Brownsdale passed away & was burried [sic] to day.
February 26, Monday

Monday 26
Snow flurries from morning until evening Wind fresh from N.W. & cold to freezing. Men from
every place Bay de Verd [sic] & RH Cove & along the shore in great numbers began the week
by again visiting the country principally for fire wood. The long delay of all the month without
Canadian or foreign mail due to the [conditions?] of ice along the SE Coast & cold has caused
suspense to many who had been waiting to hear from friends all the time & the suspense must
still continue as steamers with mail or [sic] still ice bound of [sic] Cape Ray The marriage of
Miss Elsie Rowe of Whales Brook to Mr. Fred. Brown of Brownsdale was the event of the
February 27, Tuesday

Tuesday 27 A very fine day but cold & frosty with strong gale N.W. wind causing the snow to
be blowing about all day. The woods is still engagin [sic] the time and attention of all. In the
afternoon recd. a message from Miss Winnie Parson of H. Grace apprising us of the death of
her father & to break the sad news to her sister our teacher, which was rather a hard & painful
duty. Mr. and Mrs J. M. Harris of New Chelsea who had been with us since Saturday went
home in the afternoon
February 28, Wednesday

Wed. 28
A fine day as usual with N.W. wind people all engaged as every day at woods work business
a little brisker to day Canadian mail recd. at evening after its detention of a month At night
attended divine service led by Alec Harris.
The month was a record one all through Fine weathr every day from beginning to end not one
day or any part of day with [falling? paltry?] weather. The winds was west & North west all
through & and [sic] very cold & frosty some days the frost was intense. Steamers with mail &
other freight frozen up all the time so that the route to Sydney was blocked all [time? there?]
and the ice on the s.w. coast of this country is such as has not been known for 50 years &
continues so at this writting [sic]
March 1, Thursday

Thursday March 1st 1923
The day opened beautifuly [sic] fine sun shining brilliantly and a little milder than usual. wind
light & westerly.
Wm J. Button of O.P. visited us at 8 pm. & brot. along 3-22[?] Butter & 30 [W?] Beans.
Joseph Coombs & Dr. Newhook visited us at dinner hour & remained until evening. At night
attended a meeting of the L.O.A. People for the most part doing woods work as usual, but all
are well supplied & careless about it. The going to the ice is of interest to several and the
present political situation is of interest to all.
March 2, Friday

Friday 2nd
The day began with strong N.E. wind and snow flurries but as the day advanced the weather
became more severe the wind increased to a storm the greatest this season snow drifts here &
there greatly surpassing anything this winter The howling storm kept up all night. The frost tho.
was not sever [sic] & the night was light with the [brez? of the mas? map?] woods work was
suspended after the morning except by people from distant place who were her [sic] on that
intent. Business was dull to day but the mail brot. us quite a lot. Mr. A.R. Martin of Hearts
Content visited the place at noon on Electioneering business and sworn in J.C. Driscoll and
Luther Mansfield to revise the voters list from here to Lead Cove & to have the work done to
forward by Monday.
March 3, Saturday

Sat. 3rd A very fine day storm entirely subsided and the angry elements seemed appeased.
wind West blowing moderate Ice from the heart to some distance in the bay jamed [sic] firmer
than ever. Men all at leisure to day woods work suspended by all. Herbert Woodland who
had been away for two years or more returned from Boston on Thursday night to visit his dying
father Owing to ice & weather conditions he had been on the route since Feb. 11th. Business
was the best today for many a day. The election now pending is on interest more & more evry
March 5, Monday

Monday 5th
A very dirty day snowing some from morning till evening with Easterly wind until even it veered
to West strong on each point. The ice is now all broken up & drifting of [sic] & the blue sea is
again to be seen after many [weeks?] Woods work was suspended by all owing to the
conditions of the paths etc. Noah Driscoll & Roy Reid left for st Johns to engage in the seal
fishery the only two from here thus far Elections & the Govt. generally is the talk most people
engage in, and more & more of excitement prevails.
March 6, Tuesday

Tuesday 6th Fine and a little milder Decreasing W. wind. Business fairly good. was taken ill
at evening. woods work again suspended. The talk of the day is the seal fishey [sic] and the
forth coming election
March 7, Wednesday

Wednesday 7 Wind Westerly brighter finer & milder than any day this season. At night high
wind & snow but mild. was very ill to day and had to remain in bed until evening People more
than for days visited the shop and did business. Geo. W. Mansfield having a birth [sic] in S.S
Sagona left for st Johns via H. Content to day. woods work again suspended by all our
March 8, Thursday

Thursday 8th
A very stormy day wintry in the extreme high wind a gale from Westrly [sic] dirrection
snowing & drifting all day so that it has impeded the H. Content train. I was sick and in doors
all day. Business attended to by Elisha little doing.
All the men at leisure again to day
March 9, Friday

Friday 9th A fine pleasant day storm entirely abated. Sun shone in spendour [sic] inclined to
mild. The effect of yesterday storm was felt by the train so that all to day & yesterday it was
delayed in going to st Johns. Clarence was to H.Hr on business this afternoon Business to day
was fairly good particularly so in the afternoon when one of the largest number of customers
this season visited us
March 10, Saturday

Saturday 10th Moderate to fresh N.W. wind cloudy & cold but not freezing. Delayed train got
through so that we recd. mail. Men all at leisure & talking politics freely. Business at evening
brisk. wife again very ill returning to bed early.
March 12, Monday

Monday 12th A fine day a little cold but not frosty the sun shon [sic] clearly all day with
moderately Westerly wind sea a little open & 3 Ducks killed by the Point Mansfield at evening.
Business attend to with some result. Men again at leisure as woods paths are closed & has 1
not been opened for days. Much interest was taken in talking politics and the forth coming
election in the afternoon The sealing steamer also [awaked? ?] some interest
March 13, Tuesday

Tuesday 13th Fresh N.W. wind cold with snow flurries freezing throughout. Ice again packed
tighly [sic] to land. Men again at leisur [sic] woods work at a stand still. Politics ice the doctor
condition of road to Old Perlican being discussed. Reports of sealing Steamers Jamed [sic] in
Public despatches Business attended with fair results.
March 14, Wednesday

Wednesday 14th
A very unpleasant and a wintry day snowing & blowing strong from N.E dirrection [sic]. The
public despatch gave warning of No. 3 storm signal hoisted indicating storm at first from E
directin so cold & wintry has the weather been for the last few days that the sealing steamers
are all Jamed [sic] EN.E of [Bonavista?] All the men again at leisure & right the opposite of the
doings of Feb. An infant of 3 mns of Naaman Reids died suddenly this morning Business
preceeded apace as in the past.
March 15, Thursday

Thursday 15 A fine clear day but cold & freezing throughout with strong N.W. wind & bay
covered with ice. Sealing fleet all Jamed [sic] and must remain so until swell or clearing wind
allies [sic] condition Men again all at leisure No event of interest Business fairly good.
March 16, Friday

Friday 16
Another fine clear day but cold & freezing with strong N.W. wind but toward evening the sky
became dull & clourdy [sic] at the S.W. & the wind veered in that dirrection [sic] indicating a
change of weather Nothing doing to day of any importance by any of our people. Business
very dull. Sealing fleet still Jamed [sic] & nothing to relate as they are all in the same position.
New developments in political situation arrising [sic] all the time and creates interest &
excitement all the while. owing to the condition of the weather the last two or three days the
trains have been delayed in making time and as a consequence no mails have been recd.
March 17, Saturday

Sat. 17
A fine day but much milder snowed & rain some last night and thought to be an approach of
spring wind S.w. until Evg. it veerd [Westy?] & froze a little. Recd. some [ ?] mail to day but
no foreign. No Public despatches to day as there were no office hours. Men all at leiisere [sic]
again Business a little brighter than yesterday.
March 19, Monday

Monday 19 A dull day some what cold but toward eveing it [becme?] milder & inclined to rain
wind S. W. & blowing moderate. Men all at leisure woods being forsaken ever since the
month began. The death of Simeon Button of Lead Cove after a few days illness suffering with
pneumonia occurred at 7:30 this am Business fairly good to day
March 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20th
A very stormy day with wind in the afternoon the highest this season blowing at a tremendous
rate until 9 am. when it abated some The wind was S.W. & W- & last night it rained
considerably as well as in the early morning so that during the day much snow disappeared but
at evening it frooze [sic] considerably & water [quared? quarred?] about. Most people did
little more than stay in doors to day. In our case we did the same as it was very little business
was done. At tea hour we heard of the death of Jesse Hopkins wife at Whales Brook. News
from sealing steamers reports poor progress & no seals
March 21, Wednesday

Wed 21st
Spring began with a fine clear day the sun shone brightly but it was chilly & cold with a storm
of N.W wind until evening it abated. The day was one of much discomfort to us owing to the
recent [ ?] rains & the melting of the snow causing an imense [sic] lot of water to flow &
having no out let spread all about the place & into our shop to a depth of the height of the
[counters?] spoiling some of our goods & causng several dollars loss to us The Road Boad
employed several men & they made an outlet of the water by opening the [leach?] and after a
time it [abated?] some. It was not until evening that the water was finally cleaned out of shop &
store. Several families on the s side of place was affected by it as well & Fred Mansfield by the
water rising in his cellar & damaged his potatoes to a great extent. It was a day of considerable
trouble here to many but particularly so to us Very little business was done & that was in the
afternoon. J.B.M- & Abel Armstrng of Brownsdale made an attempt to leave for HContent
with the intention of going to the U.S.A but had to give up again owing to conditin [sic] of the
roads. The mail service is also suspended on that account Mail man got as far as this place &
had to return home again. Public dispatches to day relative to s. steamers reports them still
Jamed [sic] in heavy ice & no seals.
March 22, Thursday

Thursday 22nd
A fine clear day bright & sunshiny a little milder than usual, wind light & westerly. A little
water found its way into the shop again this am. but was soon got out again but much was
flowing past shop door all day, to our discomfort A little business doing all day Mail was
carried along the shore to day & considerable recd. News of the success or the finding of the
seals by 5 of the S. Steamers and other news of interest contg. in public dispatches
March 23, Friday

Friday 23 Moderately S.E. wind with light snow falls almost all through the day. water by the
shop and all about the place subsided some
J.B.Mansfield & abel Armstng left at 7 am for Hearts Content to take train tomorrow for st
Johns & from there by S.s. silvia on Tuesdy for the U.S.A. Wm J.B. of O.P. brot to us 3-22[?]
Butter & 1 Cask 13 Galls Mols. & Stan Driscoll brot to us from Winterton ½ Brl [Oatmeal?]
Business dull. Men all at leisure
March 24, Saturday

Saturday 24
Weather cloudy with snow flurries wind Strong & Notherly [sic] Wm Barrett left for winterton
at 8 am & retd. at 5 pm. & Brot. to us 1 Brl. Sugar 2 Boxes Candy etc. 20 [W? lb?] Rice 30
[W? lb?] Beans 6 [W? lb?] Tbco. Business again dull. All the men at leisure again &
repeating their usual sealing experience & talking politics. News again from sealing fleet of a
discouraging nature.
March 26, Monday

Monday 26
Day clear & fine wind westerly & cold. Business attended to & more profitable than the last
few days. Men all at leisure again Nothing doing. Politics & the sealing voyage again freely
talked about J.M. Harris of N. Chelsea here and others from places near.
March 27, Tuesday

Tuesday 27th Day fine & like yesterday perhaps not quite as cold wind N.W. & moderate.
people at leisure again Many talking of going to Sidny soon & giving up the [fishing fishery?]
this season. No event of interest save that of politics & the seal fishery.
March 28, Wednesday

Wednesday 28
Day fine with light S.w. wind until evening it veered to South & snowed a little & during the
night blew a gale. Dr. Newhook & Joseph Coombs visited us at dinner hour, the former on a
sick call to Mr. Thomas Morris He did some other calls & left again at dusk. News from the
sealers the last days more encouraging. Business attended to. a little doing all day. At night I
attended divine service led by Alex Harris
March 29, Thursday

Thursday 29
A fine day but strong westerly wind and from 11 oclock on to close of day and night blew a
gale with frost as intense and biting as at any time this season. Many of the men were to the
country to day and hauled out a few wharf sticks being employed by the Road Board Fredk.
M- was to H.Hr. and with other help removed ice from Grilse Arch Clark was to Winterton
to day and hauled down a Cask Kero oil Wm Barrett at dusk left for New Chelsea to bring
home Pearl & arrived at midnight all well.
March 30, Friday

Friday 30 Wind Westerly blowing a gale with snow flurries all day. cold but not as frosty as
yesterday Attended church morning & night and keep the day as a Holy Day. Rev. Mr.
Anthony visited us in the afternoon & remained until after tea. He was on his way to
Brownsdale but his horse took fright when passing by our shop throwing him out & galloped on
to Browsdale Mr. A. slightly hurt his foot and narrowly escaped a bad misfortune.
March 31, Saturday

Saturday 31 A wintry day all through with snow after breakfast hour which turned to rain &
sleet at evening the wind blew a gale from Easterly dirrection [sic]. In the early morng Messrs
Fredk Mansfield Arch Clark Wm Barrett & Chesley Harris left for winterton & retd. at 2:30
bringing along to us 6 Brls. flour 1 Brl. Mols. [-3?-10[?]] Butter 30 [W?] & 10 [W?] Tea.
They came by way of the ponds & found it much better than the road. Business was brisk and
one of the busiest afternoons this season, owing to the condition of the weather their [sic] were
no public despatch. Thus endeth the month which was stormy throughout [charactering?] by
high winds & poor weather without a semblance of spring making it hard for cattle to get a
morsel and until the 21st hard to get water people spent the month practically at leisure as work
in a way was suspended
April 2, Monday

Monday April 2nd
A cold day but fine & clear with [ ] moderate westerly to Southerly winds. Everything has the
same wintry appearance with all the semblance of February. All cattle are finding the hardness
of the weather and suffering thereby. A scarcity of hay is felt by all in my place. The
prolongation of winter has caused the season to be a hard one. Business was fairly good again
to day. Govt. allowances by R.O. at HHr. are liberally given to all. Several of the men here
and along our shore are now making preparation to leave for sydney to seek employment. A
telegram was recd. from J.B.Mansfield who left here on Friday March 23rd acquainting of his
safe arrival at Toledo U.S.a. yesterday Easter Sunday morning all well with him.
April 3, Tuesday

Tuesday 3rd
A little milder than yesterday with S.W. wind blowing moderate “Wm Barrett & Arch Clark
went to Winterton in the early mornging [sic] & retd. at 2:30 brining [sic] along to us 5 Brls
flour & other goods. 'Fred Mansfield was also to HContent & retd. at 6 pm. he to [sic] brot.
1 Brl. Sugar 1 Brl. Beef and other items & John C Mansfld who had taken his son & Naaman
Reid as far as HC. but also Butter. Josiah Mansfied spent about 3 hrs. with us making
preparations for barking twine & Geo. C M- spent the day making [reading? ready?] the mill
for sawing The Election the coming of the Candidates & sealing was hotly under discussion in
shop to day. Skipper Ralph Short was with us for an hour.
April 4, Wednesday

Wednesday 4th
A S.S.W. wind blew softly all day so that much snow disappeared and water flowed freely. At
night it blew quite a gale and continued mild. The coast now seems free of ice and open water
is visible every where. Josiah Mansfield spent the day barking new [knitting?] & Geo. C.M
spent the whole of the day in the mill sawing fish cask staves & other board to be used by JC.
Driscoll. Rev. Mr. Anthny visited us at noon made [eights?] visits & preached at night from
Gospel of St. John 1st Chap. verse 29 "Behold The Lamb of God etc." a "Lovely sermon."
Several of the men along this shore left for sidney to day Louis Thorn brot. us some freight
from Winterton
April 5, Thursday

Thursday 5th
A little colder than yesterday with Easterly wind but it did not freeze. Josiah Mansfield spent
the most of to day spreading & gathering up the [Linnet?] barked yesterday. Geo. C. M spent
the forenoon in the mill sawing Fish Casks staves and other board. Afternoon he spent the time
helping J.C. Driscoll in the making of a coffin for Mr. stephen Woodland who passed away in
his 8 year at about 1 pm. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. Early in the morning
heard of the arrival of the S.S. Sagona from the icefields with 12000 seals.
April 6, Friday

Friday 6 Moderate S.W. wind weather dull in the forenoon and raining some toward evening
so that the paths are very much broken up & Pearl who had intended to leave again had to
remain with us. "The mending of the Traps" was begun this morning by Wm H. Goodwin &
Herbert Bursy. Reuben Goodwin & Wm Harris also spent the afternoon Geo. C. Mansfield
spent too the afternoon in the mill. Some business done. The mail brot. news of doings
politically respecting the election and interest more than ever seemed to be displayed.
April 7, Saturday

Saturday 7th
A fair day about midday it became quite mild snow melted freely & water flowed profusely.
wind light variable Wm H. & R. Goodwin Hbt. Bursy & Wm Harris spent the forenoon
mending traps & Geo. C. Mansfied spent the same time in the mill. After noon the burial of
Stephen Woodland occurred. The Rev. Mr. Anthony spent the night with us.
April 9, Monday

Monday 9th
A mild day with S.W. wind moderate, sea smooth. To day is realy [sic] the mildest day yet this
season snow melted & water flowed freely. Sml. woodland & Geo. C. Mansfield spent the
day in the mill & sawed 90 Logs in inch board. Wm H.- & R. Goodwin & Hbt. Bursey spent
the day mending [twine?]. Wm. Harris was to [sic] ill to be present. Business was fairly good
Politics & the Election is talked of with heated breath Heard now that Nomination Day is on
the 27th & Election Day May 3rd
April 10, Tuesday

Tuesday 10 Day fair but a little lower temperature wind light & Notherly Sml. Woodland &
Geo. C.M- again spent all day in the mill sawing logs for us & others in the forenoon & in the
afternoon sawed posts & other material for the use of improvement to be made to the stage
Wm H & R Goodwin Wm Harris & Herbert Bursey spent all day mendg twine. Business
April 11, Wednesday

Wed. 11th New Store & Stage Buildg Began A fine day but a little colder than yesterday with
Westerly wind for a time the snow melted a little & at evening began to Freeze again Had
several men at work to day viz Fredk Mansfied Arch Clark Simeon Bursy & Geo Driscoll
who took down the little store by Clarks & removed some shingles from the roof of stage John
C. Driscoll, Sml. Woodlnd Geo C Mansfield laid the foundati- & partially posted an additional
25 ft to stage. The four men engaged at mending twine were at that work all day. Geo W.
Mansfied retd from icefied to day having landed from of [sic] the S.S. Sagona at Old Perlican.
At evening heard of the death of Mr. Francis Single of New Chelsea at General Hospital which
occured yesterday.
April 12, Thursday

Thursday 12 Fine with S.W. & S. winds fresh. The four labourers at twine for the last days
were doing the same work again to day. Seven “men were also at work on Stage & store.
Covering was also removed from stage new pc posted & posts put in stage where ever
needed. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A.
S. short & Sons Schnr H.Hr returned from St. Johns yesterday the first for the season.
April 13, Friday

Friday 13th
Day similar to yesterday wind & weather being about the same not much change in
temperature. Three men were at work at twine. Wm Harris being to [sic] ill to attend. The
burial of Francis Single called away John C Driscoll John C. Mansfield & Sml. Woodland &
Simeon Bursey who worked at the store the forenoon only. Fredk. Mansfld spent half a day &
Geo Driscoll Caleb Reid & Geo. C. Mansfied the whole of the day. The building is now
nearly all boarded up. At noon heard of the sad accident by drowning of two men Sansoms of
winterton while returning from Bacalieu with a load of green fish. wife recd. first letter from
JB.M. since going away. Hy Pynn spent yesterday & the forenoon of to day at work for us
hauling manure.
April 14, Saturday

Saturday 14
Day fine but cold with strong N.W. wind, so that the men employed at store could not work
Geo C Mansfied & Sml woodland spent the day at work in the mill. The engine did not work
satisfactorily but they sawed quite a number of logs for others as well as for us ours to the
number of 40 odd in 2 in stands for flooring. The four men engaged at repair of Cod traps
spent the day at that work. The drowning of the two men of winterton and the burial of Francis
Single was talked of freely during the day. Business was attend to with fair results.
April 16, Monday

Monday 16th
A fine cold day with strong N.W. wind J.C. Driscoll Sml. Woodland S.J.W- Geo. C.M
John C.M- Wm Barrett & F. Pynn spent the day & Joshua Goodwin & Jas. Snelgrove ½ Day
at the New Building, about 2/3 of the rafters are now on 1/3 floored and the north side walled
today. altho about 7 ft of covering nailed on. The 4 men at work at twine last week were also
at work to day. A meeting of the Qtly. official Board of the Church was held in the afternoon
Mr. & Mrs M. short visited us and partook of tea.
April 17, Tuesday

Tuesday 17
wind very light & S in the morning & afterward veered to W. sea smooth. The weather was
unpleasant with light snow flurries in the morning which aftrwrd melted & caused it too
unpleasant for any of our workmen to labour at New building, but the four twine men were all
day at work. we were disappointed by the schnr Norman O. having freight for us & sailed on
from old P- to Hants Hr. without calling here altho a splendid time.
April 18, Wednesday

Wed. 18 A mild day more spring like than any that has proceeded it wind light & s.w. sea
smooth. At 9 am SShort & Sons sent two boats here with qntls which were landed at H.Hr
yesterday from schnr Norman O. of Winterton & had a pleasant time landing. John C & Qtn
Driscoll Geo C & John C. Mansfied Sml & sJ woodlnd Joshua Goodwin Wm Barrett & Jas
snelgrove Francis Pynn & Fredk Mansfd [men?] & all were at work on the New Building to
day The window Boxes were put in place & nearly all the covering nailed on. The 4 men
engaged at twine mending were at work again to day. At night I attended service in the
April 19, Thursday

Thursday 19th A very unpleasant day owing to the snow which fell during the night & melted
during the day making travellng very wet and particularly hard for cattle wind blew a strong
S.E gale until noon. Owing to the condition of the weather their [sic] were no men at work on
the New Building to day but Geo C.M. & Sml. w- spent the day sawing & the 4 men at twine
put in the day at that work
April 20, Friday

Friday 20 Strong westerly wind & cold almost to a freezing point all day The 4 men at twine
put in the day at that work. John C Driscoll Geo. C & John CM S.J & Sml. woodland
Francis Pynn Wm Barrett Jas. Snelgrove & Fredk M. spent the day at the New Build [sic]
shingling & doing other work Geo. C.M. & Sml W tho. spent much time sawing. The weather
retarded the work.
To day quite a few people left this place for other parts. Four going women Mary Eliz
Snelgrve sarah woodlnd Dina Reid & Flora Woodland the later for st Johns [sic] N.B & the 3
formr for st John Nfld [sic] for servants. Wm Mansfield & Harold & Beatrice Goodwin for
Boston & Mrs Faghner & her two children who had been staying with her father all winter also
left with them. Clarence & John Goodwin went to N.C at 4 pm with horse & cart & retd at 6
pm with case of goods Geo. M. of F. was to H.Hr for us & carted down cwt of Hay & a cask
of K. oil.
April 21, Saturday

Sat. 21 A fine day with light W. wind the sun shone bright all day. The 4 labourers at twine
ctd. at that work all day. Wm. Barrett Francis Pynn S.J. woodland & Ed. J. Warfield were
the only persons engaged at the N.B. & they finished the work of shingling the sides and the
flooring as well Geo C.M. & S.W. spent the day in the mill, owing to the machinery being out
of order for a while much of the day was spent before it was put in working order again & then
a number of logs were sawed for Wm Wheeler & flooring for us sufficient to finish New
April 23, Monday

Monday 23
A very unpleasant day with Easterly wind and a little rain cold and glitter like a day hard for
man & beast. To day Wm HG & R.G with Herbert Bursey were the only men at work at
twine. Elisha with two boys spent the forenoon clearing awy the shuks Hoops & other rubish
[sic] in the stage & New store Hy Pynn was with us from 11 am till close of day hauling wood
& [shing?] from their [sic] to wood yard he also carted 10 posts & 40 longers from yonder
part of place to mill. Geo C. M & Sml W. spent the afternoon at work sawn some Junks in
board & others in railings & made some preparation for improvement in a part of the flooring of
the stage that had fallen a few inches by weight The first herring for the seasn. about 30 was
netted by GCM & his bro F To day the nomination of Candidate for the forthcoming election
took place in evry districts.
April 24, Tuesday

Tuesday 24
There were no improvement in the weather conditions to day but if any difference worse than
yesterday with the ground all covered with glitter cold & chilly with E wind Geo. C. & Sml. W
put in position a length of the stage flooring & sawed 80 longers. owing to the stage not being
felted it was unpleasant to continue at the work there Nathaniel Goodwin spent his first day
mending twine with Wm H. Reuben & Hbt Bursy Mr. W. J. Button of OldP. visited us at
dinner hour & remained for a time. Politics & the elections is all agog now
April 25, Wednesday

Wednesday 25
Weather conditions to day was about the worse this season for man & beast cold E wind with
rain & Glitter in the afternoon & night making it miserable to get about. Wm. H. Goodwin
worked in the forenoon only but the other three worked all day & mended considerably
Geo C & Sml. woodland spent 2 hrs only in the mornng floorng stage too unpleasant for the
work afterward. At noon the Govt. trio Halfyard, Hibbs & Randall [sic] visited this settlement
& held a meeting in the Orange Hall at evening & proceeded afterward to New Chelsea. The
weather condition & the state of the road must have made the journey miserable for man &
April 26, Thursday

Thursday 26
Weather conditions similar to yesterday with light N.E. wind no appearance of a clear up. The
four men working at twine were on the job all day. Geo. C. [H.D.?] & [S.W.?] also spent the
day at work on the stage, having finished putting all the flooring in position & made & put in one
door box as well Arch Clark was to H.Hr in our interest & hauled down 4 rolls of felt [trim?]
& Nails. The meeting last night was the talk of to day The polling booth & D.R.O. comes in
for some [talk?] as well. At night attended a meeting of the LO.A. Business attended too [sic]
- many customers [?]
April 27, Friday

Friday 27 A rather pleasant day with light S.W. wind with a touch of spring The mending of
the traps was again the work of the 4 men employed at that work except Wm H Goodwin who
worked only half day owing to his service at home. At 11 am. the opposition Candidates
Messrs stone Bradley & Hodder came here & proceeded to Lead Cove Held a crowded
meeting in the Orange Hall at night. Great enthusiasm. Remained with us all night. Geo. C.M.
& Sml. woodland worked 9 hrs. each at Store.
The day was one of excitement and gladness with many.
April 28, Saturday

Saturday 28th
A dull day weather again unpleasant with Northerly wind. The men at twine were the only men
engaged to day & Reuben Goodwin was absent in the afternoon to H.Hr. Business was
brisker with us then [sic] for many day [sic] people all along shore doing business. Messr
stone Bradly [sic] & Hodder left us after breakfast hour amidst the rejoicings of the crowd.
The meeting of last night & these men are now the subject of conversation to day.
April 30, Monday

Monday 30th
A fine day with spring felt everywhere a beauty & freshness felt in all things wind s.w. sea
smooth. Ground now practically free of ice & snow.
W.H. Reuben & Nathnl. Goodwin & Wm. Barrett were the four men engaged at twine today
& Geo. C & Fred. M from 11 to 4 pm at store nailing on the same 4 Rolls Felt. John &
Raymond Goodwin & Arch Clark went to Chelsea at 7 & returned at 11 carting along to us 1
M Clapboard They with Joseph Clark & Harold Bursy spent afterward 2 hrs. removing rocks
by & leading past our wharf & made much improvemt in the short time
The election soon to be held is talked of with heated breath and much excitement is in evidence
in every place. Many of our men who are now ready and wishing to go to sidney is now
debarred through the election
The month closes now it having been a rather hard one owing to weather conditions it being
cold & winter like all the time with very few day with touches of spring such as we may expect.
Man & beast often felt the severity of it.
May 1, Tuesday

Tuesday May 1st 1923
The month began with a nice sunny morning and the best day all through yet this spring wind
light S. & S.W. sea smooth. The four men engaged at twine was at that work again today but
as the twine for the mending of traps was used up the mending of salmon nets occupied the day
with two of them. Joshua Goodwin & Alex. Harris were at work clapboarding the New
Building and did the North side & a few course on the end. Sml. woodlnd was also at work on
it putting on facings. Fred. & Geo. Mansfield put on 4 Rolls of Felt on covering & helped (5
hrs.) at slip nailing down lengths of ways. Many rocks were again removed from the 'run' & a
Ringbolt fastened in a rock & much improvement made. David Rogers our servant came in
service to day and was employed at work around the home. At night attended the Lodge
meeting which was brought about for the closing one for a season.
The elections The report of the S.S. Kyle being still reported ice bound The disappointment of
the men intending to leave for sydney all these things was talked of and criticised on all sides
May 2, Wednesday

Wednesday 2nd
Fine until noon then dull and at evening rained & continued lightly all through the night wind
light S.E. sea smooth. owing to want of twine we had no person mending the traps to day.
Joshua Goodwin Alex. Harris & Josiah Mansfield were at work clapboarding the store & that
work is now nearly done not quite half of the south side yet to be completed. Simeon Bursy
also spent from 9 am until evening replacing or putting in place again salt & fish pounds in stage
that was broken down by sea last fall. Fred & Geo C. Mansfied & Joseph Clark spent the
afternoon at the slip finishing the work save the nailing down of runners & rocks to Keep in in
[sic] place D.R. & Harold Bursey spent most of the day removing potatoes from cellar to
stable loft. Tel. messages to us respecting the Tactics of Govt. politicians recd. Excitement
runs high
May 3, Thursday

Thursday 3 A very unpleasat [sic] day with rain all day & Notherly [sic] wind. Geo C. M- &
Sml. woodland spent from 8 am to 6 pm sawing fish casks staves & other things. Simeon
Bursy spent the day on stage & Josiah M 2 hrs clpbding. The Election to day is all agog and
people did little else than go to the poll to vote. I was at the opening & closing and helped
Joseph Clark & S.J. Woodland spent 2 hrs each at work on slip & finished [?] work
May 4, Friday

Friday 4th
Another very unpleasant day with Notherly wind cold with heavy mist & fog very chilly all the
day David & Harold Bursey spent from 10 am until 3 pm taking potatoes from cellar until it
became to [sic] cold to do more. Having had 10 lbs Twine brot. from Old Perlican by M
Button work of mending traps began again. Reuben G. began work at 11 am. & Wm. H &
Nathnl G- spent the afternoon repairing the trap first fished by Aug. Sparks. The result of the
Election are being heard time & again during the day & night. Excitement was high but the
disappointment in the result is the greatest surprise to many.
May 5, Saturday

Sat. 5
Wind & weather conditions just the same as yesterday Wm H.R. & Nathnl. Goodwin was all
day at work at twine as was also Wm. Barrett. Josiah Mansfield finished clapboarding New
Store before noon & spent until 4 pm. helping David R. removing potatoes from cellar to
stable. The result of the Election is still the thing upersmost [sic] in peoples minds. Porte de
Grave H.G. F. Bay de V. C. St. Johns E. & W. are the districts heard from thus far at the end
of this week and the result thus far are 7 returned for Govt & 9 for opposition
May 7, Monday

Monday 7th
A very dull day damp & foggy with light N.E. wind and a heavy sea. Wm. H. Reuben & Nath.
Goodwin and Wm. Barrett were all day at work at twine. Geo. C. Mansfield spent the
afternoon ceiling the New store. Francis Pynn, Henry Pynn, & David Rogers spent the day
fencing. The result of the election in Bay st G Burin, Trinity & Bonavista District are being
heard with the greatest disappointment especially in this district by the supporters of Messrs
Stone Bradley & Hodder.
May 8, Tuesday

Tuesday 8th
wind Notherly [sic] dull & foggy until the afternoon it cleared wind veered to west & became
quite fine sea becoming smooth.
The work of mending twine was continued by the four men engaged at that work. Hy Pynn
was all day at work with [day?] who spent a few hours fencing and the continued & finished the
removing of the potatoes from cellar and attendng to that work in other ways. The result of the
election count is still going on but the interest is not quit [sic] so keen. Annoyance was caused
us to day by impudent insult in firing of guns by our place by a few over zealous ones
May 9, Wednesday

Wednesday 9th
The morning was a little dull & cold with westerly wind with inclination of it being fine and thus
it proved to be for from 10 am. right through until the day closed the day was the finist [sic] &
best this spring.
The four men engaged at twine were still at work to day. Arch. Clark & Geo Mansfied of F.
were twice to Lead Cove & carted up for us trap fished by Herbert Button. Several qtls. fish
was spread & dried Joseph Clark & Hbt Bursy helped an hour or more in the spreadg & takg
up again. Skippr Fred Geo C. & Jno Mansfield with Sml woodlnd went to H.Hr. this am. to
get ready the "Grilse" for loading.
Ed. J. warfield left home this am. en. route to the U.S.A. Heard of many leaving Bay de Verde
to go to same country.
May 10, Thursday

Thursday 10 Fine but not quite as drying a day as yesterday with S & S.E. wind blowing lightly
akin to calm for a while. Skippr Fred. & his crew came home last evening but went to H.Hr
again in the afternoon of to day in rowe [sic] boat to come here in schnr tomorrow if suitable.
Wm H & Reuben Goodwin & Wm Barrett worked at twine to day Nathnl having had to attend
court at HHr in a sheep case in which Judgement by default was given against him Magistrate
Vatcher & Constable Forsey visited us on their way to & from H.Hr. & stayed with us quite a
while our servant Rogers spent the day picking potatoes
May 11, Friday

Friday 11 Wind light & variable weather fine sea smooth Schnr. "Grilse"did not get to
Brownsdle ere noon where she took unboard upwards of 120 qtls fish came here at 2:30 pm
& we put unboard about 250 qtls. which was done by sun down. Wm H. & R. Goodwin &
Wm Barrett worked at the traps until 3 p.m. & finished the job and afterward assisted loading.
Nathnl. Goodwin spent the day putting windows in the New Building & ceiled part of same
Wm Barrett also assisted him at evening. Lots of help by men & boys & thus good work in
loading was done.
Mr. Eleazar Button brot us with horse & cart from train 3-42[?] Butter 2 Sacks pease [?] Cad
Tbco & 1 Cs. Raisins & he took along with him 2 salmon Nets to fish for us Mr John Pynn of
New Chelsea was also here & agreed on taking one of our traps there to fish for us.
May 12, Saturday

Saturday 12th
Day cloudy until noon and afterward scattered showers. wind Southerly & variable sea
smooth Began loading "Grilse" at 6 pm & finished by noon and she sailed at 2 pm the wind
veering Westerl [sic] at the time. she took along for us 5 qtls. fish 12 skins & hides 12
Casks Cod oil 500 Wheel spokes & 7 Boxes contgn 267 ½ Dz Eggs. The evening was an
exceptionally busy one in the shop.
May 14, Monday

Monday 14th
A cloudy day with a rainy appearance wind light & S. sea smooth.
Heard of the arrival of the Grilse at St John's.
Quite a number of our men left in the early morning for Old Perlican en route for Sidney viz
Henry Pynn Alfred & Wm. Harris Jas. Snelgrove Caleb Reid Quintn Driscoll Herbert &
Simeon Bursey Hayward & Arch Clark Lloyd woodland Geo Driscoll Arthur & Leonard
Mansfield John C. Driscoll left yesterday for Hearts Content & leaves from there on todays
train. We did not have any workmen employed today save our servant David who spent the
day raiking [sic] & otherwise cleaning the meadow land of rubbish after the winter. one of the
first salmon caught on our shore was brought to us to day by Levi Button of Lead Cove. Mr.
Lodge assistant inspector of Methodist Schools visited this place at evening.
May 15, Tuesday

Tuesday 15th
A fine day but a little cold with moderately Northrely [sic] wind Mr. Harvey of Ayre & Sons
visited us on business at 10 am and we were with him all day attending to business matters he
was with us all night. Wm Barrett was with us all day coverig the new building with felt and
Josiah Mansfield was also at work with David on the land owing to circumstances not much
business was done to day
May 16, Wednesday

Wednesday 16th
A fairly fine day. I spent it with Mr. Harvey forenoon in the office giving to him book debts and
also taking stock of goods in shop & store. Wm Barrett was at work for us doing several jobs
on the premises chiefly tarring the New Store & stage Angus Driscoll was digging ground for
Elisha the last two days David finished clearig the meadow land of rubbish and the afternoon
was spent by him digging ground by the house.
May 17, Thursday

Thursday 17th
The weather today was rather unpleasant after 11 am raining some all the day after but just
needed for the meadows wind light S. & S.w. sea smooth. Mr. Harvey finished his work in
the office after an hour & then took his books to the dining room & spent the day copping [sic]
& going over his work again. Wm. Barrett was at work all day making a walk to entrance of
new store helped men [sic] pc of leader which he afterward helped set for salmon Francis
Pynn was also with us built a wall on South side of new store & otherwise helped wm Barrett.
David digge ground by cellar & cleaned up the stable.
May 18, Friday

Friday 18
Another dull & cloudy day with light rain in the morning wind s & s.w. sea smooth. David &
Wm Barrett hauled the pc of leader put out yesterdy for salmon but was disappnted as they did
not get one. David afterward spent the day assorting potatoes & Wm. B. spent the time
making improvemnt about Elishas place. Mr. Harvey was with us until 5 pm when he set out
for old P. so as he may be in time for train tomorrw morng to return to st. John's Business so
far as he was concerned was settled satisfactorily & he left us pleased with his stay with us. A
little shopping was done each day of his stay but was slackend some. The summers supply
Merchants doings & Govt. is still the talk News was heard today of the arrival of the men who
left here on Monday for sidney on wednesday
May 19, Saturday

Saturday 19
Weather conditions today similar to yesterday misty all the time until evening the sky cleared
and the sun shone spendidly [sic] wind very light all day sea smooth. David & Wm. Barrett
again hauled net early in the a.m. but without success David afterward spent the day cutting
potatoes for seed. No labourers engaged to day. shop and office work engaged our time.
Francis Pynn left in the early morning for Old Perlican to take train for st Johns en route to
May 21, Monday

Monday 21st A fairly fine day with moderate wind Sthly. sea smooth. David & Wm. Barrett
hauled net in the early moring & took from it two salmon. The later with his son Allen & their
horse ploughed all our potato ground finishing it by 7 pm a good job for one day. David &
Josiah Mansfield spent the day making improvements to the ground about the celar [sic] &
afternoon planted it with potatoes. Joseph Clark went to Lead Cove at 11 [am?] & retd. at 3.
he carted along to us 1 Brl. Sugar 50 [lbs?] Oakum & a sack of Beans
May 22, Tuesday

Tuesday 22nd
A splendidly fine warm day particularly so after 11 am. winds light & variable sea smooth
David & Wm. B- set a trap frame at I. Rock & hauled net taking one salmon they spent the
day after planting potatoes by Elishas home & prepared the ground above the stable for the
planting of turnip seed. At eving 2 Drums of oil was landed for us being brot. by short's motor
boat from HHr freight of Norman O in April. All the people are now getting ready land for
potatoes & some planting The discharge of the Schnr. Grilse owing to the fish having to be
spread is causing considerable annoyance and much time is lost thereby
May 23, Wednesday

Wed. 23
Fairly fine but with Easterly wind and some fog all day. The air was very warm sea again
smooth. Net was hauled by D. & Allen Barrett result one salmon. D. spent the day planting
Potatoe in Elisha's garden alone. Elisha & myself spent much time assorting potatoes. people
all buisy [sic] now planting them The delay of the "Grilse"owing to the damp condition of the
fish is now worrying & annoying to us.
May 24, Thursday

Thursday 24
weather conditions like yesty wind W. & a little cold sea smooth D & Allen Barrett hauled net
in the am. but no salmon Allen spent the day with D- planting potatoes finishing the garden by
Elisha hous & about half of what we speak of as the new strip of pc. The cleaning up of the
stable loft by Elisa & myself & other things attended to along with business. It being It being
Empire day & a holiday school were closed & Clarence in the afternoon went to WB pond &
retned at dusk with a Dz trout
May 25, Friday

Friday 25th
Fine & clear with light W wind sea smooth Net hauled in the a.m. without a salmon. David &
Allen Barrett again spent the day planting potatoes finishing the new pc as well as the pc by it
with the exception of a few drills. At noon heard of the Grilse being discharged of her fish was
was quit [sic] a relief to us. Elisha & myself made some preparati for the Schnr Lucinda which
is intendg to come her [sic] for freigh [sic] oil 20 casks. People all busy planting potates [sic].
May 26, Saturday

The forenoon was bright & fine but the whole of the afternoon was wet betimes with showers
of rain like sleet & cold with Notherly wind all day David & Allen Barrett spent most of to day
planting potatoes (until forced by weather to stop workg) in garden by pasture land. Clarence
was to H.Hr with horse & cart & brot along from three [sic] two barrels flour & 30 lbs Beef,
but one brl he left at N.C. as load was considrd by him to heavy.
May 28, Monday

Monday 28
A fine day somewhat cold with strong Westerly wind sea not quite smooth. Schnr. Lucinda
came here at about 6 am. & we put unboard of her 20 Casks C oil 102 flour Brl. shuks 30
Bun. Hoops & 3 Boxes Eggs & she sailed for st John's at 10:30 am. after the Net was hauled
and one salmon taken from it David & Allen Barrett spent the rem. of the day planting potatoes.
Heard of large numbers of Salmon taken at Lead Cove. At evening recd let. from [AEH &
Co?] respecting out fit of Grilse Clarence was to H.Hr in the afternoon & brot along Brl. flour
tub Butter & 30 lbs Beef.
May 29, Tuesday

Tuesday 29
Fair in the forenoon but with local showers in the afternoon wind light & variable sea a little
disturbed. David & Allen Barrett was again all day planting potatoes finishing the garden in
pasture land & nearly 1/3 of "hill garden" At evening when launching punt to haul salmon net
stove her so that a pc of plank was needed & was put in place by Wm Barrett Clarence at
evening went to N. Chelsea for 4 Oars. The day was considerably busy with us. The return of
the Grilse is anxiously awaited.
May 30, Wednesday

Wed. 30
A cloudy day with strong N.E wind & cold throughout
The first "fish" for the season giged [sic] this am. Two or three boats were out and each giged
[sic] several of a nice size which were considerd a good sign. It was quite a treat to all. David
Allen Barrett and Jabez Clark were planting potatoes to day in the hill garden & finished at 6
p.m. Joseph Coombs was here from O.P. and reported the large catches of salmon there.
At dusk a Mr. Norman rep. the Royal Stores visited us and we gave him a [sic] order of about
May 31, Thursday

Thursday 31
A very cold day with a breeze or gale rather of N. wind again The forenoon was fair &
suitable for work but afternoon was very unpleasant with sleet & Snow & cold withall. The sea
is now very turbulent. David spent the forenoon on the farm spreading manure left over from
the potatoes, afterward sawing [wood?] etc. The Rev. Mr. Anthony visited us at dinner hour
with the sad news of the "death of Stephen Durdle at Sidney" and to inform his wife & mother
and relatives of this sorrowful occurrence which has evoked sympathy from all.
The Schnr Grilse and others are now detained at St John's owing to weather and other
circumstances The moth [sic] closes under hard conditions.
June 1, Friday

Friday 1st
A very unpleasnat day cold with rain at times. The ground was covered with the snow of last
night for a while. wind strong N.E. until evening it moderated quite a sea on all day. D- spent
the moring sawng wood & the rest of forenoon cleaning up wood house & removing rubish
[sic] to sprd on ground for the sowing of oats. afternoon was spent with Wm Barrett putting up
church gates & making repair to church fence. The passing of stephen Durdle was the talk of
to day & preparations are being made for his [coming?] Letters recd. to day from the men who
went to Sidney on 14 ult. tell of the hardship experienced in getting there and of the difficulty in
obtaining work
June 2, Saturday

Saturday 2nd
A fine clear day with light s.w. & w. wind sea smooth Our Schnr Grilse after 3 weeks
passage arived [sic] to day going to Lead Cove to discharge
June 4, Monday – June 6, Wednesday

Monday 4th
Arose early; morning fine & bright day contined so all through. Joseph Coombs was here by 6
am and soon after left with him & his conveyance for Old Perlican & then went by train to
Carbonear arriving there at about 2 pm. during the evening. we visited Messrs J & W Moore
& Jas Moore MH.A and had a chat with them after tea visited the R.C. Cthdrl & had a
pleasant chat with Mon. McCarthy who showed us through the building & treated us very
Kindly. When the Express came in at night the corpse of stephen Durdle (accompanied by his
bro Peter) was brot along on her. both him & us stayed with Mrs. Tucker all night and next
morning Tuesday 5th left for St John's on The train with us bound for Boston was Mrs John
Head & daughter Ada Mrs Ariel Rogers & Child & Miss Rogers Bertha sparks & Andrew
Button who left us at Brigus Junction here Dr. Newhook entered & we had his compny
arrived at St John's 3 pm was welcomed by Mr & Mrs Bryant with whom we stayed. after
dinner we visited GM Barrs office did some business & at night visited Movie Picture show.
The day was fine & pleasant as was also wed. 6th the forenoon we spent doing business with
Messrs Ayre & sons & Bowring Bro. & the afternoon being a half holiday we went to Govt.
house where the formal opening the swearing in of the Govt. occurred. afterward we were at
the house of Mr. Geo. Coombs for an hour visited the R.C. Cthdrl & the movies at night.
June 7, Thursday

Thursday 7. Again did busines with Messr Ayre & Bowring & also visited Mr. Hunt lawyer in
the forenoon & in the afternoon attended the opening of the H of A. by the Gov. & took in all
the proceedings. afterwrd went to the office of Colin Campbell & did some busines & wended
our way home to tea and afterwrd spent a while travelling about the city. Part of time talking to
T. Tucker
June 8, Friday

Friday 8 Another fine day. Visited Messrs Hickman, Barr, Ayre, Hunt, & Bowring in the
forenoon Aftern. Messrs Steel, Harvey & Co Job Bros Campbell (Butcher) and did some
business with them each. At night visited Mr W.H. Cave MH.A & Mr. McDougall (Druggist)
& had pleasnt chats with each. we also did a little shopping
June 9, Saturday

Sat. 9 Fine & pleast arose early & entrained for Old Perlican owing to considerable delay we
did not reach Carbonear until 3 pm. and after refresh at Mrs. Tuckers, took train for Old P.
arivg there at about 7 pm on the train was our Cousin Flossie (Bursy) Cull with whom we
chatted for a while. The eving trned out to be vry wet at O.P. we got a cup of tea & left for
home I was driven by Joseph Coombs & Elisha by Frank March it was very wet all the way
& we arrived home again after a very eventful week at 10 p.m.
During the week Joseph Clark left for Sidny on Wed. 6th on this day the burial of stephen
Durdle occurred. Geo C Mansfd set our I.R. trap on Thursdy 7th The Schnr. Grilse discarged
[sic] here on Monday 4th
June 11, Monday

Monday 11th
A fine sunny day with light S.W. wind some sea on but abating so that boats could push out
with little waiting Many were to see us today after our visit to St John's and business of
considerabl importance was done having been kept busy all day
Wm Barrett was at work putting two leaves or more of twine in the trap to be fished by Geo C.
Mansfield which was found defective. David was with the later all day making preparations for
the fishery. The trap set at Indian Rock was hauled in the am without result Geo. W.
Mansfield hauled his tho & took from it about a qtl of very fine fish.
The death of Walter Mansfield occurred at evening.
June 12, Tuesday

Tuesday 12th
Fair & fine in the forenoon but dull with showers of rain in the afternoon wind moderate s.w.
sea smooth. Business occupied our attention all day & was brisk throughout Wm. Barrett again
spent the forenoon at trap but the afternoon both he and David were nailing Felt on New store
to the extent of 4 Rolls. Preparation was made for burial of W Mansfld. First caplin this
season here landed at the sands.
June 13, Wednesday

Wed. 13
A fine bright warm day with wind veering from E. to SE & S. but almost a stilness [sic] in the
forenoon. Wm Barrett was at work all day The stage was finishd with the felt & he tarred the
fish part that is used for that purpose David assisted him in the forenoon. The burrial [sic] of
Walter Mansfield took place in the afternoon D- assisting. The service was conducted by Rev
Mr. A. who preaced [sic] from Philemon

Doctor Newhook & Jos. Coombs visited us at evening & were with us to tea.
June 14, Thursday

Thursday 14
Another nice day with summer weather wind moderate s.w. sea quite smooth D was with
G.C.M all day in the morning hauled I.R. trap & then sewed the bottom in the larger one & put
out its moorings Wm Barrett was not at work to day for want of Nls. Business was attended
to as usual Nothing very eventful came to notice. Fish or [sic] still very scarce perhaps never
more so at this season of the year
June 15, Friday

Friday 15
Fine & clear in the forenoon but showery afterward and continued into night wind moderate &
shifting sea smooth S.S. Malikoff [sic] made her first call this season and their were landed for
us 20 Brls & 20 Sacks flour & much goods besides & we shpped 3 Cases Eggs GCM. &
crew hauled & set out large trap and also brot from HHr 8 Hhds salt. Carman carted flour to
New Chelsea & Whales Brook The day was a busy one all throug
June 16, Saturday

Saturday 16 Still another fine day with light variable wind sea smooth GC.M. & crew built
split stage carried out & fastened leader to large trap & did other minor work in the
preparation of the fishery. A better sign of fish was found to day W.H. Goodwin the Point
Mansfield & Zech Reid each trappg one to two qtls. Clarence was at Old Perlican for Head
rope of trap in the meantime collecting freight brot on Grilse frm parties on shore. The
afternoon was particulry buisy [sic] in shop.
June 18, Monday

Monday 18th
Dull in the forenoon with light E wind some sea on afternoon it became fine clear & warm with
light S. wind G.C.M. & crew hauled trap in the morning result 1 Tub. They afterward spent
the day making further preparations for the fishery. Wm H. Goodwn trapped a qtls. [sic] &
GW.M 2 qtls. Wm. Barrett was with us all day putting facings around the new store or stage.
Business was attended to in the usual way.
June 19, Tuesday

Tuesday 19th
A beautiful day purely summer sun shone spendidly [sic] wind light SW. sea smooth Traps
hauled in the am by our men result two tubs fish the [sic] afterwrd spent the day getting trawls
ready painted punt & did other minor work Wm Barrett was again at work puttg [cve?]
boards around stage John Goodwin was whitewashig it & Norman Driscoll was from 11 am.
whitewashg pigs house A better sign of fish Alex Harris 7 tubs Z Reid a qtl others a qtl or
more Caplin at evenig reported plentiful in sands
June 20, Wednesday

Wed 20th
Today in evry respect was just like yesterday weather wind & sea with like conditions. Traps
were all hauled in the early morning but nothing taken from them and if the outlook for the
fishery had to be juged [sic] from to day it wouldn't appear a hopeful
prospect especialy [sic] as caplin were taken in every place from salvage cove along the shore.
G.C.M & crew were to HHr and brot. home 12 Hhds. salt this done from breakfast to dinner
hour Wm Barrett & John Goodwin were at work again to day being employed at same work
as yesterdy whilst Elisha spent much of the day painting. Mrs. Levi Diamond her son &
daughter left this place in motor boat for Hearts Content to entrain for Montreal to join her
husband (who is now working there) and to permanently reside. Peter Durdle who came home
with the remains of his brother went with them.
June 21, Thursday

Thursday 21st Fine and warm again with light S.W. wind and a smooth sea for a time it was
quite calm. The elements was quite disturbed tho for it thundered for a long time and lightened
but the full effect was not felt here as it seemed to be a long way off. Wm Barrett & John
Goodwn was with us again all day the store stage is now finished whitewashg & painting all
done & the scafolding [sic] removed. Trap were all hauled in the mornng but noting [sic] taken
from them worth noting GCM & crew now have trawls set but nothing doing with trawls or
traps altho caplin is found easily for bait. Dr. Newhook & Joseph Coombs visited us in the
June 22, Friday

Friday 22 Unsettled and cloudy with misty rain in the morning betokening storm which as the
day advanced increased in intensity to a storm of N.E. wind & rain with sea on & continued all
through the night Danger & loss to traps boats and other property is feared. Traps aagain [sic]
yielded practically nothing, ours 1 tub & 2 with trawls Jabez C- 1 tub others about the same.
It is felt tho that a better sign is now on the grounds to day as trawls on shore did better than
any proceeding time this season. Caplin struck to day in large schools Carman went to Lead
Cove in all the weather at evening on business for his mother Wm. Barrett was at work for us
again to day Taring to a finish the covering of the store or stage left unfinshed changed the front
door of the same & fastened it to open on the outside and put some finishing on four oars.
Elisha & myself with the help for a little time of two boys spent several hours in the store
removing traps from one side to the other and otherwise cleaning it up.
June 23, Saturday

Saturday 23 A very stormy day seldom during the year a worst is experienced The Notherly
[sic] wind blew with almost hurrican [sic] force and rained all through and the sea one of the
greatest ever known especially in summer time. It is feared that all the traps have suffered
severly [sic] and that much loss will therby [sic] follow The I.Point fishermen had the mottor
[sic] boats in safely but five on th [sic] S.S. moorings are filled all day with water and are in
danger of loosing them altogethr. Wm Barrett was again at work for us on the new store ceiling
the south side of same and facing 4 windows David R- with others spent the day in Cod Liver
Factory washing & cleaning utensils preparatory for the manufactring of Cod Liver oil Business
was dull to day. Clarence at evening went to Brownsdale to solicit signatu- [sic] to Petition for
Railway. People spent an anxious & troublesome day owing to property losses.
June 25, Monday

Monday 25
The storm has now abated the sea is now fairly smooth the wind is light & s. westerly and
these conditions will soon be normal again. The loss to traps & fishing property is great in
every place altho we saved more than expected of the IR. trap which broke from all its
moorings save one, two is unreported but the bottoms of all is wrecked to some extent and in
three or four cases will not be fished this season Joseph Coombs came here at 6 am. & took
wife Nelson & Miss Parsons to Old Perlican the later going to her home at H. Grace but wife
& Nelson going to st John's. To day the School Exams were on Miss. Le Grow supervisor &
myself Chairman spent much of the day there but attended to business in the meantime. Wm.
Barrett was again with us to day in the early moring, went to O)ld Perlican & retd. at noon
afterward spent the time ceiling new store. Geo CM & crew first bailed water loged motor
boat of its fullness then visited traps at I.R. brot. in what was left and set out one in same berth
again Clarence went to Brownsdal [sic] after Exams for pc of a wall of the I.R Trap. John
Goodwin was to H. Hr. for us in the afternoon & brot us a load of goods that were landed from
S.S. Malikoff [sic] yesterday. The day was an eventful one.
June 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26th
A fine day and warm with variable wind most of the time Easterly & then at evening strng
southerly sea somewhat disturbed. G.C.M & crew with Wm Barrett hauled the trap set last
evening at I.R & secured 8 ½ tubs or about 2 qtls. Tried to haul the large trap but owing to
strng tide none of the deep traps could be hauled or examined to know the extent of the
damage done to them in the recent storm. Wm Barrett went with them to make a second
attempt to get it up but could not. Geo. & [F?] proceeded to H.Hr & brot. down a load of
goods landed Sunday from S.S. Malikoff [sic] Wm. Barrett spent the time mending a leader
until the motor came to land the goods which owing to sea was three times brot in in small boats
by DW & W.B. David spent his time whitewashg the inside of new store. I again to day spent
much time in exam. room but meantime attended to business as well. Mr. Howell representing
H & Co call on us at dinner hour and obtained an order of us.
June 27, Wednesday

Wed. 27
Day cloudy betokening rain wind Southerly; in the afternoon, at evening & night blew quite a
storm with some thunder & lightnig & a little rain, sea smooth. All the deep traps was lifted for
the first time since the storm, & found in pretty good cond. contrary to expectation, ours was
almost wholly intact I.R. trap was hauled & a qtl. taken from it. Caplin were taken in the
beaches by many for the potato gardns. Fish very scarce. Wm Barrett was again all day with
us mending pc of leader I was again present at the exams, but I also attended to businss.
June 28, Thursday

Thursday 28th
A fine warm day with a storm of S.W wind. Traps hauled in the am and secured about 2 qtls
Woodland 2 or more others nill [sic] owing to condition of traps. Jabez Clark's was brot.
unshore to day with loss of leader bottom & much of walls & loss of grapnels as well Albert R
also brot. in his to be condemned as far as using it again this season. Trap are still engagin [sic]
the attention of all connected with them I again spent much time in the Exam room but gave
attention to business as well. Dr. Newhook & Joseph Coombs visited us at evening. Wm.
Barrett was with us as usual finished the pc. of leader which he had been workng at for the last
two days hinged the side door of store on the outside and & [sic] one to wood house as well
and a little repair to shop store door [above?]. A few drills by cellars was also trenched by him
& David.
June 29, Friday

Friday 29th
A fine warm day, in the afternoon it was inclined to be cloudy but sultry & very little or no wind
sea smooth. Traps hauled in the am. result 3 qtls. evening hauld yieled 14 fish only. Woodlnd
3 qts in the am. Others still getting traps ready S.S. Malikoff called at 6 p.m. & there were
landed from her for us 4 Brls Meat 1 Brl. Sugar 2 Sacks oats a tomb stone for our mother &
other goods. Reuben & Jno. Goodwi Josiah Mansfed & Wm. Barrett assisted in the landing.
Miss Isabella Goodwin who had been teachig at Trinity since last sept. was a passenger by her.
Wm B & J.M- spent until 4 pm errecting [sic] tomb stone and puttng others errect [sic]. Wm B
also spent 2 hrs in garden by pasture land John Goodwin & Clarence went to Brownsdle &
carted up a trap from there. I again supet a [exmin?] in school & ettended to business.
June 30, Saturday

Saturday 30
Another fine warm day with strong breeze of S.W. wind sea quite smooth. Point Mansfield
ours & woodlands Traps hauled in the morning with about like result viz. about three qtls each.
The putting of it away & other [mionr?] things engaged the attention of our crew until about 4
pm when Geo w.m. & some pleasure seekers left with him for Old Perlcan to take home wife
& Nelson & daughtrs Nellie & Pearl but the former got of [sic] to ramain [sic] over Sunday at
Broad Cove & the others arrived at night fall feeling quite well & glad to be home again.
Wm Barrett who had been engaged all the week was still with us and began the making of a cod
trap which we propose to make [18?] fthms deep & 80 fthms in circumference.
Clarence succeeded in getting & hauling several loads of caplin for the potato gardens. Those
about the house were finished trenched to day & David spread caplin on all by the pasture
The exams. closed to day at 11 a.m. & Miss Le Grow left us in the afternoon. Miss Hollett
also left, she having been taken to the train by Thos. Avery
Thus closes the month which was eventful for us in many respects, and particularl
eventful to all the people owing to the destruction which followed fishing operations by the
disastrous effect of the doings of the storm on the 22nd & 23 inst.
July 2, Monday

Monday A very fine and more than usually warm day with light S.W. wind and smooth sea.
our traps were hauled in the am., fish [scare?], three tubs taken, little traped [sic] by any one.
our crew went to the bay & spent some time getting trawl ready again. At 5 pm, G.C.M. with
other pleasure seekers left for Old Perlican to bring up wife and wifes mother, & returned
safely just at night. Patrick Doyle of Grates Cove was here to day for one of our traps and we
let him have it to fish on the usual terms. Wm Barrett spent his second day working on the trap
now in making. David at evening trenched few potatoes Clarence & Carmen spread Caplin
over all to day
Cecil Goodwin 12 yrs. old son of Geo C. & Mary Goodwin who died Sunday morning 5
oclock was burried [sic] to day by Joshua Goodwin the minister being away to conference
July 3, Tuesday

Tuesday 3rd
Weather, wind, & sea like yesterday in every respect. Traps hauled fish very scarce two or
three tubs being the amount taken. our men spent much of the day attending to their trawl and
retd at evening with 3 Tubs. people are now all busy looking after the potatoe gardens Martha
Harris was with us at evening & trenched the greater part of garden by pasture land. Clarence
& Carmen help in this way also Wm Barrett spent his third day James Pynn his first & R.
Goodwin about 3 or 4 hrs at work on the trap in making Public dispatch gives further account
of the serious strike at Sidney. At night spent much time writting [sic].
July 4, Wednesday

Wed. 4th A little cloudy in the forenoon and in the afternon or toward evening it rained a little
and became fine again. It was very warm but not quite as much as yesterday wind light S.W.
sea smooth. Traps hauled ours yielded about a qtl. for the day and about the same were taken
from of [sic] the trawl. Other traps gave a like amount [to?] ours. Marth [sic] Harris & Angus
Driscoll spent evening in the garden, the plot by pasture land and one plot on the hill is now
Wm Barrett spent his fourth day & Reuben Goodwin his first all day at work at trap and James
Pynn spent a day corking our punt.
The strike at Sidney is the talk of to day which according to this evenings dispatch has reached
a very troublesome period
July 5, Thursday

Thursday 5 Fine & bright & clear & warm with s.w. wind & smooth sea. Fish very scarce the
most discouraging day nothing doing with trawls or traps. ours got a tub only from trawls and
another from traps Wm. Barrett spent his fifth day and Reuben Goodwin his second day at
work on trap & Jas. Pynn his second day at punt & finished her she having been painted by
Martha Harris & Angus Driscoll spent the afternoon & Mrs. Simeon Bursy the evening in the
garden, the hill grounds are finished and two outer pieces being weeded by them. David helped
all evening as well. Some weeding was done also by Joyce & Molly. Clarence & Crm digged
trenches & Claren hauled load caplin & helped his mother in [plantng?] some to cabbage
July 6, Friday

Friday 6th
Cloudy & dull with rain for a little while at evening. wind variable sea not quite as smooth as of
late. Fish again very scarce; some hauled traps, and some did not, as there are no fish to
encourage the hauling of them. Trawl hauled about ½ qtls taken in this way.
Wm. Barrett spent his sixth day Reuben Goodwin his third [day] and Jas. Pynn [his?] second at
the trap toward evening when it rained they were at work at bottom.
Angus Driscoll & Nellie Cummin spent the forenoon spreadig caplin on potatoes and Angus
helped Mrs. S. Bursy & Martha Harris trenching the outer pc. by road in the farm. The rain
hindered them doing more. Clarence again spent some time hauling caplin. Mr. Sml. Short of
H.Hr visited us in the afternoon & remained for a short time. Cabbage garden was planted last
evenig & this by Pearl & her mother
July 7, Saturday

Saturday 7th
Dull & inclined to rain which began to fall at noon & ctd. Wind Easterly blowing strng sea very
loppy. Traps hauled, about a qtl. taken others about the same, fish at most a blank in every
place. David, & Angus Driscoll trenched in the forenoon the newst pc. of potatoes & those by
Elisha' [sic] house was partially trenched. Wm Barrett spent his seventh day R Goodwn his
fourth & Jas Pynn his third at trap today owing to weather was again spent making the bottom
in the store. S.S. Malikof [sic] did not call to day Sidney trouble cause concern to all.
July 9, Monday

Monday 9th A fine day with westerly wind sea fairly smooth GC.M & crew hauled traps in
the am got 4 tubs only & that from I.R. trap other traps nil. Fishing in every respect was
supended after the morning to allow the work on the roads of $3.60 per man Clarence for the
first time was at work having the Mare & David with him & good report of their labour were
heard. Wm Barrett began his eighth day on the trap but worked till breakfast hour only, and
spent the day at labour on roads Reuben Goodwin spent his fifth day & Jas. Pynn, his fouth
[sic] day at same work but had to suspend work in the early evening for want of twine. The
strike at Sidney. The evening despatch states the situation has changed for the worse. And our
men are expected home.
July 10, Tuesday

Tuesday 10th
The morning was beautiful & fine but the day was cloudy & overcast bespeaking of rain. The
wind blew a strng breeze from the W. all day and into the night it increased to a storm and blew
mightly. sea quite smooth Our traps hauled in the am. 4 Tubs taken from I.R. others nill &
some could not be haued for force of tide, and at evening at its strongest. Geo CM. & Fred
left for H.Hr after breakfast & retd at dinner hour with 4 Brl meal & other goods landed there
on Saturday the sea & wind having prevented again the S.S. Malicf [sic] calling here. We did
not engage any person at traps to day for want of Twine and beside that they were all at work
on road. This was the [work] of Clarence & David also. As the scarcity of fish gave the
opportunity to do this work now. Fish was never so scarce its a failure unprecedented & with
the closing down through the strike at Sidney makes the outlook appear very
Sister Sarah who had been with us for a fortnight went home today.
July 11, Wednesday

Wed. 11 A fine warm day but with the strong breeze of Westerly wind blowing so much that
no one ventured out to haul traps until evening. Our men got two tubs only very small.
woodland last evening & this about 2 qtls. each haul.
Wm Barrett spent his ninth day & Reuben Goodwin his sixth [day] at work making trap.
Clarence went to N.C. with sundries for his aunt. he, Crm. & others spent some time weeding
& finished the job.
The scarcity of the fish & the strike at Sidney is maters [sic] of much concern to many.
July 12, Thursday

Thursday 12th
A beautiful day fine all through and splendid for drying purposes wind blew strng from S.W.
sea smooth. Traps hauled twice by our men result 2 tubs tom cods. Others nill.
Wm Barrett spent his tenth day
Reuben Goodwin  " seventh    " and
Jas. Pynn                 " fourth        " at trap
Clarence & Carmen spent some time digging trenche [sic] and at evening Mrs. Simeon Bursy
spent an hour & healed those by the cellar. Day at busines was fairly good. The strike at
Sidney & the scarcity of fish is still aggitating [sic] the minds of many. Albert Reid set out one
of his traps to day which has been in ever since the breeze.
July 13, Friday

Friday 13th
A nice fine warm day with a pleasant breeze of s.w wind sea quite smooth S.S. Malikoff [sic]
called at 6 am & Geo CM with motter [sic] boat took unboard for shipment 3 Casks Cod oil –
4 steel Drums & 3 css Eggs and there were landed for us 1 Brl. sugar 2 Brls & 2 Bgs Bread 2
Boxes Raisins & a case goods
Traps hauled 2 tubs only being trapped others about the same Trawl was afterward attended
Wm Barrett spent his eleventh day & Reuben Goodwin [his] eighth [day] at the trap Jas Pynn
being absent Clarence was to Old Perlican to purchase twine but could not get any retd at
dinner hour. David Rogers & Mrs Sime Bursy spent about 2 hrs healing potatoes in pasture
Business was more brisk than usual being kept busy all day.
July 14, Saturday

Saturday 14th
A fine day & warm with strong Southerly wind, sea smooth. Tides not so strong to day as as
[sic] been complained of so often this season. Traps again hauled, result one tub. others
[hauled] with same result. Fish with traps appear to be scarcer than ever; but an improvement
on trawls. Herbert Mansfield secured 6 tubs Point M- trap over 1 qtls. Crew on our Room
located trawl lost yesterday and got a tub of fish.
Clarence left in seach of the purchase of twine at 8am. and rtd. at dinner hour, going as far as
Winterton & purchased 14 lbs. Reuben Goodwin spent his ninth day & Jas. pynn his fifth day
at trap Wm Barrett was absent to day. David R & Mrs. S. Bursy finished healing potatoes in
pasture garden & one strip on the "Hill" The sidney strike is still of interest to many.
July 16, Monday

Monday 16th A fairly fine day but at evening it became quite dull & rained some for the
evening & night. wind Southerly & moderate, sea smooth. Our men at first went to the trawls
& got a tub or two haued [sic] I.R. trap on the way in, & got a qtls. the other trap nill [sic]. A
better sign seemed [at?] be about the grounds & with traps. Alex Harris 2 qtls. Gregry ½
woodlands qtls or more others two or more tubs. Caplin are reported in abundance.
Wm. Barrett spent his 12th day Reuben Goodwin his tenth day & Jas. Pynn his sixth day at
work on trap, which apart from the corking and one or more minor things is now nearly
finished. Mrs Simeon Bursy spent about 2 hrs at work on hill garden. Clarence Carmen &
Robie B finished digging trenches for the second time for the healing of them Clarence was also
to Brownsdale with a barrel flour & carted board from store to shop. Sidney still aggitates [sic]
the minds of our people, as do also the able bodied allowances given out by R.O. at H.Hr.
July 17, Tuesday

Tuesday 17th A sultry day oppressive until evening the air became cooler. wind S.W. sea
quite smooth. Owing to the high wind all day & fish so very scarce practically there was
nothing doing on the sea. None was taken today by any means. Wm. Barrett spent his 13th day
Reuben Goodwin his 11th [day] & Jas. Pynn his 7th day on the trap it was finished to day with
the exception of putting a little more caulk around it & a corner rope in it. Geo C.M- & crew
spent most of the day making preparations for putting it out getting moorings [Guy?] ropes etc
in order. Clarence hauled from the Point the outfit belonging to the trap fished by Joshua
Goodwin & at evening recd. a fall from the mare which made him quite sick. At evening Mrs.
Simeon Bursy & David finished healing the potatoes.
The strike at Sidney is as unsettled as ever & the end of the settlement still out of sight. This
with the scarcity of fish make the outlook very disheartening for many.
July 18, Wednesday

Wednesday 18 To day was perhaps the loveliest day this summer. The sun shone in great
splendour all day with a nice cooling breeze of S.W. wind. Sea quite smooth but strong tide
complained of.
Traps hauled only in the morning because of an entire failure (except Noah Driscoll who
trapped two qtls) was not visited afterward
Wm. Barrett spent his 14th day Reuben Goodwin his 12th Day and Jas Pynn his 8th Day at the
trap and finished it The two latter spent the day wholly at a pc of leader making it deeper for
the same whilst W.B. completed the one or two things required to the walls and with our three
men sewed in the bottom & carted on the wharf to be in readiness if suitable conditions
tomorrow to put it out. This work was commenced on June 30th and the job has lasted until
now Fishery is reported even in the public dispatch as very discouraging. Sidney strikers are
July 19, Thursday

Thursday 19th Fine & warm said by many to be the warmest this season Sea quite smooth
with strong W. wind. Tide in the morning strong as ever at evening moderate. Traps haueld
[sic] in the a.m. our men 3 tubs. They were assisted by Wm. Barrett and Reuben Goodwin who
helped them to take up their largest trap in order to set the one recently made but the Wind &
tide prevented them doing anything for the day. at dusk Geo C.M. & crew went out & set out
the moorings. Result of the hauling of the traps in the morning Sml. woodlnd 3 tubs Noah D.
2 qtls Point Mansfd at evening 1 qtls. Fish is now scarcer than ever and every one concede
[sic] that its the worse season thus far ever know [sic] Wm Barrett was with us today & made
a hens & a rabbits [pend?]. Carmen made good use of the mare to day a load of wood was
hauled from Diamnds two loads of caplin for W.H.G. & much refuse from side of stable.
David healed potatoes by Elish An improvement in the settling of the Sidney strike seemed
imminnt according to the eving. despatch.
July 20, Friday

Friday 20th
Another fine warm day wind West blowing strong in fact it blew a storm all night and
decreased vry little during the day so that there were no traps hauled for the day except the
Point Mansfield at even but got none. The sea was smooth but devoid of any fishing along this
shore. D- was again at work in Elisha's garden & finished. Wm Barrett was with us all day
making platform of concrete by our house Dr. Newhook visited us at even & took tea with us.
Business was brisker than for many days.
Very little reference to Sydney strike but prospects of a settlement seems approaching Qtn
Driscoll returned from strike area last night
July 21, Saturday

Sat 21st A fine day but with a shower or more of rain soon after noon & sonic thunder. Sea
quite smooth. wind very light and Southerly.
Geo. C.M. & crew. Began the days work in the early morning by setting out the "Large Trap"
recently made they were assisted in the work by the Point Mansfield the morning being still &
free of wind & vry little tide the work was finishd & they were on shore again by breakfast
hour. They then spent some time taking up a trawl & bring it to land. Fish was a total failure to
day both with hook & trap. our people are now so discourged that they do not even try for
them. Clarence carted from Mill to wood house several loads slabs. The S.S Malikof [sic]
called at 6 pm & brot to us 20 brls & 20 sacks flour 1 Tc. mols & 2 Brl Sugar 2 Sacks pease
1 Cs. s.L. Soap 1 Box B. Powder & 1 Box Yeast. Acd. Gas Eng. Co. rep Mr. McCann
visite [sic] us
July 23, Monday

Monday 23rd
Weather fine & clear. Wind light & Westerly. A little sea on but only what is usual. Tides
very strong again so that traps were adrift & could not be reset in their right places. Geo. C. M
& crew hauled the larger trap for the first time with difficulty as it to [sic] had got out of its place
through the Grapnels not holding firmly. They got about ½ qtl of large fish at noon went to it
again & giged [sic] 4 fish but owing to the tide could not haul it nor put it in its place nor could
not do any thing more for the day. At evening heard of a little fish trapped at Lead Cove. Here
was about the worst day of any, and as the trap time is ending the voyage is despaired of.
Clarence spent the day carting slabs from Mill to wood Yard.
News in public despatch was of a very pleasing character respecting Sidney as it reported the
strike settled and the men having gone to work, and it also contained a surprise in that sir
Richard Squires had resigned from the Premier & Col. secy.ship which news comes as a bolt
from the blue.
July 24, Tuesday

Tuesday 24
A very disagreeable day with strong Notherly [sic] wind and a general down pour of rain nearly
all day. The sea was not affected very much by the wind so that there were no troubl
[experd?] in pushg out or landing. Tides still strng. Traps hauled in the am. 3 tubs from ours 1
½ qtls. by Point Mansfld & 2 qtls. by Wm. H.G. The evening haul gave no result save for dog
fish which yesterday & to day have inhabited the grounds in mirriads [sic]. David whitewased
pigs house inside. Ground the scythe and did minor things. Carman carted a brl. flour to
W.Brook to Mr. P. Thorn & one to Mrs. Jno Durdle. Clarence in the morning made
preparation for Old Perlican but was prevented by stress of weather
July 25, Wednesday

Wed. 25th
A beautiful day sun shone brilliantly wind light & westerly air cool & refreshing sea quite
smooth. Geo. C.M- hauled the large trap & the tide & wind being favourable he set it back in
its place again & securely moored it. I.R. trap was also hauled & three tubs taken from it.
They were visited again at evening but finding no fish did not haul. Point Mansfields got 1 ½
qtls. & W.H.G. 2 qtls. morning haul. others nill. Clarence & John Goodwin went to O.P. at 9
am. & returnd at 5 pm. with a load of goods each. “David cut a “little grass” about the cabbage
garden & Elisha spent some time cleaning up the mill. Business attended to as usual.
The strike at Sydney is now over and matters there or [sic] normal again. St Johns House of
Assembly is adjourned for a week to form a New Cabinet according to public despatch.
July 26, Thursday

Thursday 26th
A dull & a lowry day with light East wind sea smooth. Two traps hauled in the morning only
but only got a few fish other traps one & two tubs but at evenng W.H.G. trapped 2 qtls. Dog
fish [is?] now very plentiful & quite a lot of liver of them were brot. here from Sibley's Cove.
D- spent the day with Clarence cutting grass around the stable finishd it & trenchd up the
cabbage garden. Elisha & Carman with horse & cart finished cleaning up the mill. “William
” was to H.Hr. going there at 11 am. & retd. at 10 pm. partly pumped the water out of
Schnr. Mary E.
July 27, Friday

Friday 27th
Another fine day with bracing air & strong Westerly wind blowing so strng that no attempt was
made to haul or go to the traps after the morning sea quite smooth. Tides not [complind?] of
Traps hauled in the am ours scarcely a tub W.G.G. 8 tubs Point M- about 1 ½ qtls. Z. Reid
2 tubs others did not haul at all. Prospects of getting any "hauls" this season despaired of. S.S.
Malikoff [sic] called at 8 am GC.M & crew went out in small boat & we shipped 1 cs. Eggs.
no freight otherwise. D- finished cutting grass around the house helped about fish on the room
and did some service in Liver factry.
Elisha manufactured the first livers this season but it was a boiler of "dog fish livers" and while
boiling them an explosion in our engine did much hurt and came nigh doing serious injury but a
good Providence willed otherwise & Elisha & others escaped unhurt. Clarence with John
Goodwin was in the marshes Bake apple picking & ret'd at evening with a small quantity Dr.
Newhook visited us at evening & stayed but for a brief time
The political situation was of much interest to day as the papers brought accounts of the doings
to date
July 28, Saturday

Saturday 28th
A fairly fine day but cloudy at times as the rain was near which did not come. Wind moderate
& Westerl sea again quite smooth. Tides quieter & stiller than at most times. Trap the larger
one only was hauled & six tubs was taken from it at evening there were no result of any
advantge. The traps hauled to day gave no nett results not even a tub, so that hopes of a
betterment in this seasons fishery is becoming hopeless. Caplin is still plentiful & were in
schools on the beaches in many places. Bottom of one of our traps was stored for the season.
D.- beside attending to the fishery operations spent some time cutting grass about Elisha's
garden that recently cut all about our garden was stored in barn this evening.
July 30, Monday

Monday 30
A very dull day rained quite a lot during the night & morning. wind blowed moderately from
the Northward all day which caused the sea to become quite loppy. The large trap was visited
in the morning but owing to a strng tide could not be hauled but when tried with the Giger [sic]
several fish were giged [sic] from it which indicated fish into it. At noon it was visited again the
tide had stilled, so that it was then hauled with the very pleasing result of 10 qtls. or more were
taken from it. owing to the low water at the time it could not be landed at "The Room" so it
was taken to the Point landed & splited [sic] and carted back again. The Point M- got 2 or 3
qtls others nill. Caplin still plentiful. Clarence was to H.Hr. & carted down load bery brl. &
carted fish from Point.
The death of Mrs. Geo. Hopkins happened at [7?] 30 pm.
July 31, Tuesday

Tuesday 31st A fine day with light westerly wind. sea fairly smooth but with strong tide.
Traps hauled in the am result ours 2 qtls Point M. 2 qtls WHG 1 ½ & 3 tubs at eveng; Albert
Reid 3 qtls N.D. 1 ½ qtl. Evening some hauled & some did not but there were no fish. Last
evening 20 to 30 qtls were taken by traps at Lead Cove & at Brownsdale Mr. Wm Brown got
9 qtl Mr. Allen Tuck of Hants Hr. was here to day & Inspected weights & measures. Carman
was to N.C. for 4 Berry Brl. left there by Clarence yesterday. The first Cod liver manufacturd
this season was boiled to day. A little hay was cutted [sic] about the place. Business was
attend [sic] to with fairly good sales.
August 1, Wednesday

Wednesday 1st
A cloudy day unsettled and no warm sunshine for the curing of fish or hay. The air was very
cold all through and a reminder of a falls day. The wind blowed a strong westerly breeze. Sea
fairly smooth but with strong tide so that when our men with the help of others had the larger
trap half hauled had to cast it away again. The I.R. trap was trawled but did not get a tub from
it. Trap were all hauled Albert Reid traped [sic] a qtl or bettr the only bit got to day. David &
Elisha spent much time in the factory. Clarence was to H.Hr & carted down 15 Berry Brl.
Carman Nellie & Pearl accompanied Rev. Mr Anthony – who took dinner with us – to
Brownsdale to the burrial of Mrs. Geo Hopkins
August 2, Thursday

Thursday 2nd
Fresh Notherly wind cold & cloudy all day & unsuited for drying purposes sea a little disturbed
& loppy.
Owing to David being ill Wm Barrett assisted in the hauling of trap this morning when one tub
was taken from it. The I.R. trap wern't hauled at all. Most of the traps were hauled but it was
a failure with each. Noah Driscoll took onshore his to day with all its contents. A little fish was
caught or giged yesterdy by Jshua Goodwin & Point Mansfield & again by the former today..
[sic] The trap fishery for this season is now considerd to be a failur & the hope all along
[borne?] that it would [yet?] [may?] good is forlorne.
August 3, Friday

Friday 3
The condition of the weather to day was again such as to be of no service for drying fish or hay.
The sky was overcast all the while and at even tide it thundered & rained for a time. wind light
& W sea not quite smooth. Large trap hauled in the even & one tub was taken from it, others
nill [sic] I.R. trap & all its contents was brot in and landed with an additional grapnel hauled up
with it. This trap was set on June 26th and yielded poor results. Gregry & Alex Harris landed
theirs as well. Wm Barrett spent 6 hrs mowing hay for us D. spent the day with E- Business to
day was fairly brisk many customers doing some shopping Dr. Newhook & Joseph Coombs
visited us at evening The Govt. was the absorbing topic to day & at eving the public despatch
was of interest bearing the account of the death of President wilson of the USA. In the
afternoon Nellie & Miss Bell Goodwin left for Bay de Verde en route by S.S. Prospero for st.
August 4, Saturday

Sat. 4th The greaster [sic] part of the day was fine and just what was required for the drying of
fish & hay. At evening the wind veered from the Eastwrd & blew a strng breeze which tended
to increase the sea to a volumn greater than for a long time so that owing to wind & sea the
S.S. Malikoff [sic] did not call here and fearing she would not we sent John Goodwin with his
horse & cart for expected freight & sent by him for shipment 2 Cases Eggs. He retd at 10 pm
without any freight as the Malikof [sic] did not call
Clarence was to Old Perlican to day for a case good & retd. soon after dinner hour after a rest
he & Carman went with others to W.B. pond trouting and retd. at 10 pm with only 3 trout.
The Cod Trap was visited in the morning but when giged [sic] for a trial it was considered none
were in it so did not haul. David spent the day working at fish & grass. Heard at evening that
Nellie barely met the Steamer in time for her passage to St. John's. Stan. & Qtn. Driscoll left
today for Sidney
August 6, Monday

Monday 6 A fine day until noon then the white clouds began to rise which betokened rain
which came in light showers for a little while so that fish had to be quickly gathered up & hay
likewise. wind W. & veerd to NE light sea fairly smooth. Trap hauled in the am. & three tubs
taken from it. [?] [&?] G. one tub. People on the shore report a good sign on the grounds on
Saturday Geo. W. Mansfield took up one of his traps today & motored to H.Hr. & landed it
& brot to us thirty five Berry Brl. Clarence was also up with cart & carted down 16. Geo. C.
M. spent an hour or more in the mill making preparations for sawing a few logs
August 7, Tuesday

Tuesday 7th A cloudy day with the appearance of rain forenoon but cleared by 2 pm. &
became bright & clear wind variable but at eveng strong. Southerly wind prevailed. The sea
was quite disturbed particularly so at evening the "Indian Rock" would show its crest with every
sea. It was to [sic] stormy to launch out this moring & so D spent the day on the field cuttng a
little grass & what had been mown before was gathered into barn. Geo C.M spent the day in
the mill & sawed Logs for SJ woodln Sml. Woodland & self
Wm Barrett was with us in the afternoon & cut a ventilator in the roof of our cellar.
August 8, Wednesday

Wednesday 8th
The condition of the weather to day was not any improvement on yesterday but rather more
rainy, some falling all the day. wind blew a gale form S.w. Sea greatly disturbed So that with
wind & sea the boats could not push out consequently there were no fishing operations
attended to. D- spent the day on the meadow going over the grounds cutting the poorly
scattered growth of hay. Clarence carted from Diamonds 3 light loads wood & logs, flour to
Whales Brook & brot 3 Galls. Gasoline from Brownsdale. G.C.M spent two or three hours in
the mill trying to get the [engine?] at work but could not for want of gasoline & so had to give
up the job for the day Business was fairly brisk in the afternoon
August 9, Thursday

Thursday 9th
Another dull day so that hay & fish could not be dried to any extent. wind blew a storm from
s.w. sea still disturbed Trap hauled admidst adverse circumstances & secured 2 tubs D.
afterward helped wash 3 punches. fish & [?] some hay. Clarence was to Brownsdale for 2
loads Cillop [sic] & hauled from Ridge 1 [load] Black dirt. Luther J. Mansfd. who had been to
st Johns the last two or three days on business re the non-employed returned last night but with
no very beneficial result. The Rev Mr A was here to day & visited many of the people Jabz
Clark was at Bay De Verde in search of twine for repairs of trap & succeeded to some extent.
August 10, Friday

Friday 10th
Another dull & unusually cold day, the sun shone brightly in the morning but at 10 am it had the
appearance of rain so that hay that was spread for drying [was?] gathered up again. wind
N.W. & veered at evenig to N.E. strng. Sea a little disturbed again Trap was not hauled to
day owing to strng wind in the am & other causes as well. S.S. Malikoff [sic] called at 7:30
Geo. C.M. Geo. W. M- & David went unboard. we shipped 1 Case eggs & there were
landed for us 1 Brl. Jowls 2 Cases soap and a chest tea. Clarence was to Chelsea for a brl. &
2 Boxes goods & to Brownsdale for 2 loads cillop. Geo. C. M. was sawing in the Mill much
of the day. D- helped on the room at fish for a while & the mowing grass on field by shop.
Business was attended to as usual with satisfactory results.
August 11, Saturday

Saturday 11 To day was partially fair & fine with N.E. wind veering to E. a strong breeze sea
wild & very tempestous [sic]. so that no boat could make any attempt to go to sea. David
spent the day mowing hay and at fish. Geo C.M.- spent several hours at Mill work but for
want of gasoline had to give up work there Clarence with horse & cart and the help of Elisha
carted 10 loads wood from Jas. Woodland taken from his wife who is about to leave
for Boston. The [sic] afterwd put two or three load of hay in barn Carmn was also at Whales
Brook with 2 Sacks flour to Mrs. Noah Cummin. The afternoon particularly was busy both
with Joyce & mysl attending to business.
August 13, Monday

Monday 13th A very dull day with rain at evening and night wind strong & southerly sea fairly
smooth. Geo C.M-. & crew took up pc. of leader mooring & grapnel & brot. it unshore.
They afterward helped the Point Mansfield [men] to take up their large trap with all its contents
& helped in the landing of the same. D- at eveing mowed a little hay. Wm. H.G.- brot. unshore
part of his, so that the trappig season is now over and nothing more can be expected, & the
voyg is by far the lowest on record. Clarence went to Old Perlican in the morning & retd. at 3
pm he took pearl along to the train she having gone to Broad Cove where Nellie now is to
spend a few days with her friends. The day was a very fair one in the shop many sales were
August 14, Tuesday

Tuesday 14th A sultry day until noon with occasional showers following a general down pour
of last night & a storm of S. wind To Day the trap & its contents was brot in with the help of
the Point Mansfields as was also a net of W.H.G. The work took nearly all day to spread it &
care for its outfit. D. spent a few hrs. mowing hay. Clarence was to w.B & SCove with flour
& Carmen to W.B. also Business was attended to with some degree of pleasure.
The day was unsited [sic] for the curing of fish or hay.
August 15, Wednesday

Wednesday 15 The sun rose & shone brilliantly in the early moring but soon after breakfast
hour a few showers of light rain caused fish & hay that had been spread to be gather up again
but by 11 am. it was apparent that the rest of the day would be splendidly fine & thus is proved
to be. The wind was from S.W. to N.W. sea smooth Geo C.M.- & crew brot. in 6 or 7
Grapnls & mooring left over from yesterdy which finished the sea going worth of this business
this year. They also finished carrying out of stage to flake what fish were there. D- spent much
time on the Room but he also helped cut a littl grass & put 3 or 4 loads into barn. Clarence
with the help of his uncle spent well nigh the forenoon carting wood from Jos woodld to our
yard, they both helped about hay also. Josiah Mansfield spent the day for us at Hants Hr.
pumping the Schnr. Mary E.
Wm H. Goodwin & Crew finished the landing of their traps
Mrs. Jas Woodland her two children and Sarah Mansfield left for old Perlican to take train for
St. Johns & from there by steamer for Boston to meet her husband and to permanently
August 16, Thursday

Thursday 16 The weather condition again today was again not suitable for drying purposes the
forenoon it was dull betokening rain & in the afternoon it rained at times in prolific showers. A
strng S. wind blew all day & the sea was disturbed the I.R. foaming with every alternate sea.
one [are?] two boats were fishing but retd early with a tub or two – D. spent the forenoon at
work in the cabbage garden and afterwrd cutting grass near the shop. Clarence was to H.Hr.
and carted down 5 oil casks Geo C.M. spent the day in the Mill sawin [sic] chiefly for J.C.M
and some logs for G. Harris & us. Business was vry dull tody
August 17, Friday

Friday 17th
A splendid day but with a strong gale of westerly wind and quite a sea on all day & night. The
day was a buisy [sic] one with people who have any fish or hay in the making owing to such
frequent bad weather. Geo. C.M. & crew spent nearly all day on the room. D spent his spare
time cutting grass. Business was attended to and was a little better than the proceedg day. Dr.
& Mrs. Newhook visited us at 10 am the lattr remained over all day. A Mr. Bemister rep. I.
Tob. Co also called on us.
August 18, Saturday

Saturday 18th A beautiful day splendid for drying purposes. The air was nice & bracing with
a strong breeze of S.W. wind blowing all day but stronger in the forenoon than later the sea
had abated so much that it had become almost quite smooth. David spent much of the day
cuttg grass and other of our families Spent much time work at the same two load hay being put
into the barn. The S.S. Malikof [sic] called at 4 pm. Geo.W. Fred. & David went unboard &
we shipped by her 2 Css. Eggs 2 Steel Drums & 2 Sugar Brls. Fish and their were landed
from her 2 Brls Sugar 2 Brl. Bread 1 Tc. Mols. & other pkgs. including 6-10 & 2-42[?]
Butter. The evening was a busy one in the shop with Joyce & myself. Clarence left for Old
Perlican at 4 pm to bring home Nellie who has been away to st John's & Broad Cove since the
3rd inst they retd. at midnight having travelled the greater part of the way owing to a mishap to
the wheel which they had to leave behind
August 20, Monday

Monday 20 Another very fine & warm day like yesterday with S.w & w. wind but with quite a
sea on so that I.R. would show its crest D. spent much time cutting grass finishing the field
about the shop & some on hill garden he also helped on the Room when needed Geo. C. M.
build a pound for salt in New stage store & did other needful work. Elisha put in first press to
day, & did other work in factry. A load of hay was put in Barn. Rev Mr. [Pitcher?] visited us
for a while at evening The Large Trap was gathered up & put into store. Business was a little
brisk at times
August 21, Tuesday

Tuesday 21 Bright & clear until the afternoon when it darkened and at 3 pm rained a few
copious showers thundered a few times very [vehementy?] & lightning also. wind S.W. to
N.W. D- spent nearly all day mowing grass in on the hill and the pc. adjoining it. Geo. C.M-
spent the day in the mill sawing sticks for Geo. & L. Mansfie E- was casking oil. Clarence to
H.Hr & hauled home 3 oil casks. Business atttended to as usual
August 22, Wednesday

Wed. 22 A very unpleasant day with rain throughout particurly [sic] so all the afternoon when
it descended in great showers with thunder & lightnings. Wind S.E. and blowing a gale sea
practically smooth. David spent the forenoon (until compelled to give up by weather) cuttig
grass on the farm. Geo. C.M. spent the day sawing. Logs for Wm H. Goodwin & staves for
berry brls for us Elisha did minor things for a while A contemplated Motor Truck road along
this shore & labour is what engages mens mind from day to day
August 23, Thursday

Thursday 23rd
A fine day but the wind blew from the S.W. all day with hurrican [sic] force so that fish nor
grass could be spread for drying purposes. Sea smooth At evening it became quite cold and
many complained about the weather which was considered to be the worst Aug. day in
remembrance. David spent all the day mowing on the farm so that much of the meadow part is
now cut. Elisha was doing work at oil in factory. Clarence at noon went to O.P. to bring home
Pearl and arrived at 7 pm. all well. Most people is still cutting hay as the fishery is given up
entirely by all.
August 24, Friday

Friday 24
Moderately fine until toward evening it became quite dull & the wind which was light &
westerly veered to N.E a stiff breeze sea fairly smooth. The S.S. Malikoff [sic] did not call as
was expected it being her time for morning call but heard of her calling at H.Hr. David with his
helpers spent the most of today removing 20 hhds. salt from stage to new store and afterward
he helped in gathering hay a boat by the shop was put into barn Elisha & Clarence spent all
day in on [sic] the farm helping at hay.. [sic] Business in the shop was more brisk & profitable
than for the past two or three day. W.H.G. put his trap in store split stage was taken apart &
other things attended to which seems to close the fishing operations here
August 25, Saturday

Saturday 25 A fine day after 10 am. with strong S.E. wind and a big sea on all day with
breakers all about D- spent the morning on the farm cutting grass & the rem. of the day
working & gathering into barn the mown hay. about 4 load C. hauled from farm to barn C
afterward went to to [sic] Chelsea & brot home his mother who went there in the early morning
they retd at 9:30 pm. Schnr. Lucinda of that place returned from the "straits" with a load of fish
while she was there.
August 27, Monday

Monday 27
Dull & cloudy until noon when it cleared & became quite fine wind light & westerly sea a little
troubled David spent the day cutting grass on the farm & spreading fish Clarence hauled 2
loads of black dirt from the ridge & Elisha did some work in the factory & on the farm.
Sml. woodland Chesley Harris & John Harris left O.P. by train this a.m. en route for Montreal
to seek empymnt. Several others who had expected to be empoyed [sic] by our Govt. on
Motor Truck road now contemplates leaving soon.
August 28, Tuesday

Tuesday 28th
A fine sunny day the brightest & best for weeks wind s.w. & moderate sea practically smooth.
D. finished cutting grass on farm with the exception of any that may be about the trees & helped
in the sprading of fish. 7 ½ qtls. was taken in store to day the first to be taken their this season.
Mr. WJ Button of O.P. visited us at noon & brot us $33.16 the proceeds of salmon from our
nets. A Mr. [Clouter?] reprsnting P Templeton was here in the interest of [buying?] fish.
Clarence was to H. Hr & cartd down Brl. Pork & Brl Flour & carted to barn a wrack of
August 29, Wednesday

Wednesday 29 Fine & warm with s.w. wind blowing moderately. Sea smooth but with low
tide all day At about 11 am. the Schnr. _______ Capt. _____ owned by Hon. Philip
Templeton of Catalina with J.W. Clouter agent came here buying fish and bot. of us and others
here 87.1.14. which was put unboard in our two small boats this work was finished by 2 pm.
Other lots was brot. to the Schnr from Brownsdal [sic] and at evening she weighed anchor and
went in that dirrection to be ready (for the purchaing from the several offering) tomorrow. The
coming of this schnr. her [sic] and the price $6.30 is a matter that has satisfied & pleased our
people in this respect A meeting at Brownsdale to which our men were invited with the object
of approaching members of the Govt. to build a Motor Truck Road from Old Perlican to this
place was a matter which called for comment.
August 30, Thursday

Thursday 30
A dull cloudy & rainy day with Southerly & S.w. wind. sea smooth D- & Elisha spent the
forenoon in the factory pressing & doing other work in the putting up oil. whilst Joyce & myself
spent the day attending to business No event of interest came within hearing
August 31, Friday

Friday 31 A very sultry day with an oppressive atmosphere Sea smooth wind light & S.
Clarence went to HHr on businss about fish [buy?] with successful results retd after dinner hour
D spent much of the day digging drain on back of closet & wheelig manure on land. Two boats
and fishing poor results. Business dull not much doing.
September 1, Saturday

Saturday 1st A fair & pleasant day with smooth sea & light sw. wind until evening when it
suddenly veered to N.E a stiff breeze and changed the prospects of our hopes for the time
being. As the S.S. Malicoff [sic] had been hourly expected since noon and we had made
preparations in the launching of the skiff with the intentn of making a shipment of eggs & steel
drums & of landing flour & other goods our greatest hope was in having Nellie take passage by
her here for Port Rexton where she is now engaged at school Teaching but owing to the change
of wind at Dusk Clarence had to cart her trunks to H.Hr & Raymond Goodwin took her along
in his Gig so as to take passage by her from there. This was a great disappointment to us each
one but we made the best of it Clarence returned again at midnight. The Malikoff [sic]
remained at Winterton all night.
David spent the forenoon digging drain again commenced by him yesterday The afternoon was
spent at minor things, particularly in gathering up a load of hay. Moses Button of Old Perlican
was with us on business for a while The afternoon considerable business was done by Joyce &
myself. The Motor Truck Road refered to on 29th ult. has now reached big proportions so far
as talk goes
September 3, Monday

Monday 3rd A beautiful day with westerly wind light until eving it blew quite a breeze with
autumn sound & cold sea quite smooth Clarence left at 8 am for HHr & retd at noon with 3
sacks flour 1 sack Beans 5 Egg Cases & 3 other Boxes S.J. woodland also brot to us 5
sacks flour Geo C.M- & D.R. with Carman left at 9 am & retd at Dinner hour with 21 Brls
flour & W.H.G. who was also at H.Hr with qtl fish brot us 4 Brls. [?] 12 Sack flour all
landed at H.Hr yesterday morning from S.S. Malikoff [sic]. Considerable business was done
by us again to day. D. spent the time at his disposal digging drain. Miss susie Green visited us
on business today & remained for a few hours
The evening dispatch contains the news of a destruction in Japan by Earthquake tidal wave &
September 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4th
A very unpleant [sic] day particulry in the afternoon when it rained all the evening & much of
the night The wind that was S veered N.E. & the smooth sea became loppy.
Clarence left for Old Perlican at 9:30 am taking along with him 4 Cases Eggs to be shipped by
train to st John's he returned soon after dinner David spent forenoon digging drain, but the
afternoon, apart from storing a little hay not much was done by him Business was attended to
with some results.
The public despatch contained still more & worse news was the desolation in Japan and was
trouble with Italy & Greece
September 5, Wednesday

Wed. 5th A fine clear day but a little cold both at morning & evening wind westerly. A little
Clarence went to whales Brook & Brownsdale with flour in the am & carmen the same at
evening. The berry picking season is now open & the both of them spent nearly all day at that
work. David was at work digging closet drain & finished digging it and did other work in
connection with it. Business was dull to day most every person having been berry
Magistrate Vatcher & Mr. Frank March visited us at evening, as did also sister Sarah & Miss
Wright the teacher at New Chelsea who took tea with us and went home again. Owing to the
Govt monthly holiday there were no public dispatch to day.
September 6, Thursday

Thursday 6th
A fine day with S.W. & W. wind light and moderate sea smooth. Clarence [&?] Carmen spent
the day with a number of others berrie [sic] picking. D. spent the time hauling away rock &
spreading the earth on the field that which was taken from the drain recently digged. Elisha
spent the day in the factory News of the disaster to Japan is of more alarming proportion than
at first and the trouble with Italy & Greece is unchanged with Italys attitude at breaking
September 7, Friday

Friday 7th A spendidly [sic] fine day wind light & westerly sea quite smooth SS Malikoff
[sic] called in the early morg Geo CM. David & Clarn went unboard in small boat we
shipping 1 steel drum & 1 case eggs & there were landed 1 Brl. sugar & 2 css soap. Clarence
Carmen & David soon after left with horse & cart for Old P- barrens on a berry pickig excursin
& retd at dusk with several gallons Messrs Tessier & Holden of st. John's visited us soon after
dinner hour in an auto. Dr. Newhook also visited us at evening. Bery picking is now the craze
with men women & children.
September 8, Saturday

Saturday 8th
Another nice day altho the wind was southerly & strong at that yet it was splendidly fine all
through sea smooth. David spent all the day digging a drain by the side of stage & leading past
it to road. Clarence went to old P- at breakfast hour with trunk of Joyce' [sic] & Hedley
Harris' [sic] to ship to St John's & retd. at evening. Elisha spent some time at the measuring of
berries whilst Joyce & myself spent much time attending to business.
In the afternoon Pearl recd. two messages of congratulations on her success in the C.H.E.
exams, having it appears succeeded in gaining her Junior [A.A.?] The public dispatches
seemed to contain a lull in the worlds strife and more order in the Japanese disaster.
September 10, Monday

Monday 10th weather wind & sea like yesterday. smooth sea light S.W. wind weather warm
& sultry. David spent the day digging the drain commenced on Saturday & Clarence assisted
him & hauled the mud & Earth down on the field. Elisha spent the day measuring berries &
packing brls. & Joyce & myself were busy attending to customers and paying them for the
The men were all at work on the road leading to H.Hr. and according to reports will be some
time engaged at that work
September 11, Tuesday

Tuesday 11th
Very wet in the morning at it was a continuous down pour for a time when at last it cleared at
11 am. it became quite fine and continued. wind S.W. sea quite smooth. Clarence left for Old
P. at 11 a.m. & retd. at 7 bringing along 1 Case goods 1 Cheese Box sundries & a sack
pease. owing to the rain D. did not make much progress on the drain but did a little to it &
helped at minor things Berries & business in a general way occupied our time Repairs to roads
again occupied the time of our men The berrie picking people who left in the early morning for
the barrens had to return again having received quite a [wettining?]
September 12, Wednesday

Wed. 12th A fine & very warm day with moderate and at times no wind at all sea more
disturbed than for days in the afternoon. The Indian Rock would show the seething breakers
David went to look for his horse soon after rising & retd at dusk so that we did not have his
services to day Clarence took around some goods in the morning & then went a berry picking
and retd at evening Carman, Claud & Elisha left in the afternoon the later for N.C on business
& the former for HHr to bring home goods & retd. at 9 pm with a light load of Biscts Tbco.
Leather etc. Business was dull to day. All the women & children berry picking and the men all
at work on roads so that a quiet prevailed all round A motor boat from Grate's Cove was here
for several hours & owing to the conditin of the sea had a hazardous time in taking unboard one
hundred of wood a schnr. of O.P. Barnes Master owner loaded at Sibleys & Lead Cove and
a schnr. of winterton was at Brownsdale in the morning & discharged freight for Thos
September 13, Thursday

Thursday 13 Very rainy & unpleasant until noon when it cleared & became quite fine wind
moderate & w. until evening it veered N. Quite a sea is now on and toward evening it greatly
increased Clarence & John Goodwin were to HHr for freight ret. late at evening. Elisha & D
spent the day in cod liver factry putting up oil & melting the sedement [sic] or preparig it for
casking. The men were still at work on the roads and are making commendable
September 14, Friday

Friday 14 A lowry day warm not much brightness as the sun did not send forth much brilliancy
wind w. sea still disturbed Clarence was at H.Hr to day and hauled home 2 Sacks oats & 2
other sack beans & pease. David spread some loads of earth over field & hauled with J.C.
horse (from the drain he recently digged by stage) several loads of [?] to pit & dirt to field & a
barrel of flour to sibleys Cove. Elisha gave attention to berries & us to business. The mail to
day was of much import to us as it brought the payment of several a/c. Revolution in spain &
the earthquake etc in Japan is still the most imprtant news of the world.
September 15, Saturday

Saturday 15
A very unpleasant day raining a little unceasingly all day. wind light & variable sea fairly
smooth. The men engaged at repair to roads were at work again all day so that with few
exceptions they had had work every day since Monday & considerabl improvement have taken
place. Harold Bursey was to H.Hr & carted down for us 2 Brls. Bread and 2 chests Tea.
David spent much time spreading the earth over field hauled there yesterday. Elisha spent the
day as of late at the berries, whilst business of usual interest occupied my time & part of Joyce's
as well. The S.S. Malikoff [sic] did not call and its seldom she covers the ground on
September 17, Monday

Monday 17. A very dirty day with some rain all the while until evening. wind strong and
Easterly sea in a disturbed condition. Owing to the state of the weather it was with a controlled
feeling that we permitted Joyce to leave us for St. John's to attend the Methodist College for a
year but to be in time to entrain & to have the company of others going to the same instution we
let her go. Clarence taking her along with his mare & gig and pearl accompanying her to
Carbonear Clarence & pearl returned again at 10 pm. The weather being as unpleasant as
when they left in the morning. Francis Pynn who had been at Bermuda since May returned
yesterday. Owing to the condition of the weather none of our people were at work to day.
Business was better to day than for many days
September 18, Tuesday

Tuesday 18 A little fine but not sufficient for drying purposes at night it rained quite a lot. wind
light & N not much sea but not quite smooth David spent the day wheeling manure from sink
on field Business attended to as usual but greatly missed the services of Joyce. All the men
were road making again to day both here and along this shore. Heard of motor truck road to
be begun in earnest Berry picking at a stand still owing to condition of the weather.
September 19, Wednesday

Wed. 19th Raining a little in the morning afterward became quite fine until evening when it
rained again for a little while after which it was dull wind Westerly & strong sea quite smooth.
D. spent nearly all day at same work as yesterday. Clarence helped him for a few hours 100
tubs was wheeled on the ground yesterday & 80 today. Business was fair for a while again
today. Elisha was in doors all afternoon complaing of a bad head ache. All the men were at
work on Road again At evening recd message from R Hibbs MHA, say that Motor Truck
road woud be opened for work next week and that H. Duder had left to survey the same.
September 20, Thursday

Thursday 20th A beautiful day from sun rise till sunset the sun shon [sic] glorious the warmth
was not not [sic] very intense The wind was very light & westery sea quite smooth. David
spent until noon cutting grass in meadow by factory & finishd doing so at evening. After his
return from H.Hr where he had been with GC.M. & Harold Bursy in Motor board & punt
taking along with them 47 brl. berries which they shipped unboard schnr "Lucind" & retd. at 5
pm Clarence made two attempts to take 3 brls berris [sic] to N. Chelse but failed
September 21, Friday

Friday 21 Fine & bright until noon when it became suddenly dull & rained a little for the rest of
the day wind very light & variable sea fairly smooth. S.S. Malicoff [sic] called at 9 am & we
shipped by her 3 Cases Eggs and there were landed from her 20-(98) flour 1 Tc. Mols 1 Brl.
Beef & 3 Boxes goods & hardware. Geo. C. & John C. M- rendered us much assistance they
being the only men within call. The sea being at low tide & breaking at times by the wharfe
made it uncomfortable for landing & we could not have done it but for the assistance of them.
David mowed some hay in the garden by pastur land and did minor work. Carman at noon
went with Wallace Goodw to New Chelsea with 3 Brls. Berries & from thence to H.Hr. &
brot. down to G.W.M. an Agctl. Bull arive at 9 pm
September 22, Saturday

Saturday 22 Raining at intervals from morning to night wind light and westerly at evening
veered to N.E. Quite a sea on. David spent some time at the pit again & wheeled several tubs
on field but weather obstructed him very much. Clarence went to Torquay at evening & hauled
home 2 Brls. Berries he also helped kill & dress a sheep in the morning. Geo. C. M. spent
much of yesterdy and to day in the mill sawing timbers for bridges on Govt. a/c. Business fairly
good to day Nearly all the men still at work on roads and are now making prpatns for Monday
to begin work on Motor Truck Rd The burial of little John C. Driscoll 3 yrs. & 4 mos who
died at noon yesterday was cnducted by Joshua Goodwin
September 24, Monday

Monday 24th The weather today was very unsettled. At first bright & sunshining at 10 am
darkened with a shower of rain at noon suddenly veered to N.E. a strong breeze & continued.
David mowed the little grass in meadow by pastur land & finished for this season He also
helped put into barn with C. & Elisha the grass [at?] little garden by the factory & then spent
the day removing earth from pit. Business of considerable importance was done to day. The
much talked of Motor Truck Road was begun to day, starting at a place known as “Mount
Faghner” and leading cross countryward to Caplin Cove. only Fredk. Mansfield was at work
to day but many will be engaged when the other work are [sic] finished
September 25, Tuesday

Tuesday 25 A dull day inclined to rain with light showers at times wind N. sea troubled &
foaming afar as yesterday D. finished removing earth from pit & he with Clarence gathered into
barn the hay of the inner garden C.- was also at Sibleys Cove & brot up an oil cask with [?]
oil. other things were attended to. some men still at work on road. the motor Truck road
began at "Mount Faghner" yesterday was again given up & a survey is now being made from
Brownsdale to Island Cove with what result at this writting I have not heard
September 26, Wednesday

Wed. 26 A fairly bright day but with strng NE wind and a rough sea. David spent nearly all
the day sprad [sic] earth on field & [diging? dig?] hole for the [sink? sinking?] of a rock.
Carmen to N.C. with sundri [sic] for sister Businss attended to. The suspension of work on
Motor Truck road to day came [? virilation?] [and is annoying to many?].
September 27, Thursday

Thursday 27th A splendid day, clear & fine & warm with light W wind and it was thus from
early morning until the end of day The sea tho was greater than yesterdy D- spent the day on
the field diggn a hole for the sinkig of a rock The grass recently cut recd some attention Geo.
C. Mansfld spent part of day in mill on Govt. a/c. Business was a little better & yielded results
above most days The suspension of work on the Motor Truck road still annoys mens
September 28, Friday

Friday 28 Moderately fine and warm but inclined to dullness wind blew softly from S.w.
Heavy sea still on quite equal to the last days. David with S.J. woodland and Fredk. Mansfield
spent the day building a pc. of breastwork at the end of our fishing premises seperating [sic]
Clarkes from ours. Carman was to H.Hr. on business and afterw went past Lead Cove to
accompany home Clarence who had been all day on barrens berry picking. He also brot.
home a brl. of berris [sic] purchased from Mrs [Napman?] A bridge was built near shop [or
Rd 130? 138?] by Noah Driscoll & Jabez Clark at Govt dirrection [sic]. Geo. C. M. spent
some time again in mill sawing bridge timber.
The Motor Truck road that work was spent on for a day or more and suspended wil be re
commenced again to morrow by all the people and this time hear it's the intention to build it
from Old Perlican where the bone of contention has been.
September 29, Saturday

Sept. 29th A fair day with light westerly wind Sea greatly abated and much smoother than for
days. David alone finished the rock wrk required on the breast work on premises began
yesterday and afterward with F. Pynn digged a hole & sunk a huge rock in the field.
The days business was one of activity & of fairly good results. The S.S. Malikoff [sic] did not
call but landed for us at H.Hr. 30 Brls. Flour 2 Tcs. Mols. and a bed spring. Nearly all the
men of this & the neighbouring places were at work to day on the motor Truck Road leading to
O.P. station
October 1, Monday

Monday Oct. 1st 1923
The day began with rain & S.E. wind the both was severe until the afternoon when the wind &
rain increased in its severity to the worst storm of the season. The men of this and other places
who left to work on the motor truck road must have felt the effects terribly and all the friends
felt for them because of their exposure. The loss of our Schnr. Mary E. at H.Hr. she having
broken her chains & drifted ashore & wrecked beyond our repair and the dangerous position
of our Schnr. "Grilse" was reported to us soon after night was very dispiriting to us. owing to
the condition of the weather business recd. a set back and little or no work of any consequence
was done.
October 2, Tuesday

Tuesday 2nd
The weather in every respect was similar to yesterday. The rain at one time was quite as
severe and the wind blew with almost equal force sea again disturbed. Several of the men at
work on M.T. Road had to give up the work early owing to the condition of the weather &
retd. home. Elisha left in the arly [sic] morning with David for H Hr to investigate the damage
done to schners. D.- retd. at dinnr hour havg. hauled two brls. flour E- retd. at evening &
reported the damage not so extensive as we had heard which relieved the situation entirely.
Harold Bursy & Lyman Woodlnd also were there for flour & hauled 2 each.
October 3, Wednesday

Wed 3 A fine day the sun shone brightly all through with a nice Westerly wind sea not quite
smooth. David spent the most of the day digging potatoes by the cellar & finished them 4 ½
brls. being raised in that pc. of land. Elisha spent the most of the day in the wood yard. Geo.
& Llyw. Mansfied was at H.Hr. & carted down tc. Mols. & 2 Brls. flour.
All the men spent the day on M.T. road. Quite a number went there from H.Hr. & New
October 4, Thursday

Thurs. 4 Weather very dull threatening rain which came in a shower only, then the sun shone
clearly at times & darken again Wind S & S.W. light. Sea about the same as yesterdy D-
was to H. Hr & carted down 2 Brls flour & 2-22[?] Butter and afterward spent the evng
digging potatoes (1 Brl) in Elishas garden
Geo & LLewl. Mansfield & Harold Bursey was also to H. Hr & carted down flour & Mols.
Men again all at work on M.T. Road Business very dull to day Not much patronage. Most
people now at work digging potatoes
October 5, Friday

Friday 5 A fine day wind blew a strng gale from s.w. Sea again like yesterdy S.S. Malikoff
[sic] called at 11 am and for want of immediate help she went on again without our freight
berries etc. Four carts were at H.H again & brot. to us 10 Brls. flour D- spent the day diggig
potatos in garden by pastur land & turned out 2 ½ Brls. Elisha spent the day at oil Business
attended to but not much doing to yield a profit.
October 6, Saturday

Sat 6 A very beautiful day one of the finest this season wind light & s.w. sea smooth. a
splendid day for drying & all purposes.
D- again with the help of Clarence spent the day digging potatoes to the number of 5 Brls. so
that 13 Brls. are now in the cellar Carman was to H.Hr & carted down 2 Brls. flour Nelson
accompaned him to N.C. we had 4 other carts up which finished the goods there. Business
attended to and with fair results The men at work on M.T. Road all retd [at? after?] dusk to
rest over Sunday.
October 8, Monday

Monday 8 A fine day until noon when it suddently became cloudy & rained a little at evening
& night wind W. & moderate sea smooth. D- and Clarence finishd digging the garden by
pature [sic] land. six brls were digged by them today. Upwards of 5 qtls fish was spread &
then put in 3 Brls. & made ready for shipment
A Mr. Jameson representing Mr. Gerald Doyle of Chases & other Medicines visited us at
evening. people all busy digging potatoes. Men all left in the early morning for to work on
M.T. Road.
October 9, Tuesday

Tues. 9 A magnificant [sic] day wind W. & S. sea breaking at long distance.
D. & Clarence again digging potatoes to the number of 3 Brls in "little garden" Carman & will
Clark to Old Perlican retd. at dusk with sugar & other goods Business dull owing to all the
men away at work & women digging potatoes
October 10, Wednesday

Wed 10 wind light & Moderate S.w. for most of the day weather fine & clear Sea becoming
D. & C. digged 3 Brls. potatoes in the new pc. so that now we have the hill garden to depend
A little business was done time & again during the day.
At evening the rumbling of noise & friction was heard from the Motor Truck Road owing to the
threatened dismissal of some of the men soon by H. G. Avery.
October 11, Thursday

Thurs 11 Another fine day with light moderate W. wind & smooth sea Messrs s short & sons
Motor boat came here at 8 am & we put unboard of her to be transhipped by S.S. Malikoff
[sic] on saturdy 20 Brls Berries 2 Cases Eggs 3 Brls. Fish & 3 steel Drums The water being
high & smooth it was a quick dispatch
Rev. Mr Anthony visited us a [sic] noon but his visit was marred by his having a serious [fait?]
Clarence accmp him at eving to H.Hr.
D- & C. spent much of the day digging potatos on hill garden. 2 ½ Brl. 27 is now in Cellar.
Business dull
October 12, Friday

Friday 12 Weather wind & sea like yesterday. D- C. & Nellie Cummins were all day digging
potatoes & him and 7 Brls A sheep was also killed by John Goodwin & Clarence Sarah &
Miss Right visited us at evening & rem all night
October 15, Monday

Mon 15 Moderate S.W. wind weather warm & dull. sea smooth. David finished digging the
hill garden about 4 Brls. only part of Elisha garden remains to be digged.
Clarence attended school
Business fair.
Men all at work on MT Road & others engaged.
Jas. Driscoll who had been away to Boston for 17 or 18 mos retd. home yesterday
[Note: This entry is out of order in the original]
October 13, Saturday

Sat. 13 Moderate W. & S.W. wind weather fine & equal to any day proceeding it this week.
sea fairly smooth D. & C. spent the day digging potatoes on hill garden Brls. Carman was
to H.Hr. & brot to us a little order 1-22 [lbs?] F. Butter 6 lbs Candy & 2 Egg cases Business
was pretty good all through the day.
October 16, Tuesday

Tues. 16 A dull & a rainy day until noon and some time after wind light & Wester sea smooth
D.- digged a few potatoes in E.- garden until rain prevented him and then spent the time hauling
slabs from mill to wood house. Business worrying in some respects.
The motor truck road is still giving employment to many with prospects of greater
October 17, Wednesday

Wed. 17 A perfect day Indian Summer bright & cheerful all through wind light & w. sea
smooth. D.- spent the day in Elisha' [sic] garden diggig potatoes with poor result.
E- & self visited Mr. L. Morris and after attended to business which was with some degree of
satisfaction The Rev. Mr. Anthony & wife also visited us in the afternoon and did some visiting.
Clarence went to H.Hr. in the afternoon for a cart load of goods brot. by "Lucinda" & retd. at
tea hour without any thing having left the load at N.C. owing to the refusal of the mare to haul
October 18, Thursday

Thurs. 18 Another day like yesterday in every respect D- finished diggig potatoes to day as
well as helped in discharging & handlng freight from Mrs short & sons motor boat which brot
us quite a few things taken of [sic] of Lucinda. Noah Button of Old Perlican was also here for
a brl. cement for Dr. Newhook much of the day we were busily emply in shop. will Clark
hauled from N.C. the load left there by Clarence yesterday.
October 19, Friday

Friday 19 Still another fine warm day with moderate s.w. wind & smooth sea S.S. Malikoff
[sic] called in the mornig & we shipped by her 1 Case Eggs & Jno. Goodwin who went
unboard with David & Allen Barrett 1 Brl. Potatoes. D. spent the day hauling oil from factry
to store 26 cask & makng preparation for [cleaning? ?] factry. Albert smith & wife of H.Hr.
visited us in the afternoon The business of the day was of more importance than any other this
October 20, Saturday

Sat. 20 A very sultry day warm as at any time this season inclined to rain & was expected but
did not fall. wind strong S.W. More sea on than for several days.
D- spent the day picking rocks of [sic] of meadow & other rubish [sic] & hauling it away.
Business was fairly good all through the day. At evening the men at work on motor Truck
Road all returned home As the grant allocated for that purpose was all expended so it is
October 22, Monday

Mon. 22 Wind s.w. Moderate weather dull & not quite as warm as last days. Sea very
boisterous all the shallow ground heaving forth the breaking foam. Men who had been
employed the last three weeks was at leisure to day the most of them being idle for want of
employmnt Business was attended to by us and a fairly good days collection made
D- spent the day clearg rocks of [sic] meadows & hauling them away that had been spead [sic]
on it by the earth taken from drain & pit.
Pearl opened school & spent her first day teaching here
October 23, Tuesday

Tues. 23 A fine day suitable for drying pursposes [sic] wind W. a great sea on but abating D.
to HHr with E. over to get [?] afternoon reme rocks again from field. Business better than
usual as several collection were made
October 24, Wednesday

Wed. 24 A fine day a few qtls. fish taken yesterdy was spred & drid spendidy wind light & w.
sea still abating. D- again with Will Clark spent the day on field again with horse reming rock
& hauling beyond cemetery.
No event of importance. Men & [?] moving leisurely Business dull.
October 25, Thursday

Thur 25 A very unpleasant day raining most of the time with NE wind blowing strong sea
very angry.
D- spent the forenoon again on the field & finished the job also removed rubish [sic] from
wood yard. With the help of John C Mansfield & S J woodland
5 Brls fish containing 9 ¼ qtls fish were packed for st Johns Business was somewhat better
than yesterday
October 26, Friday

Frid. 26 A very dirty & stormy day rained continuously & blowed a strong gale from S.E. sea
greatly disturbed. D- spent the day washig press bags & board & otherwise cleaning up factry
Business dull until the eveng when it brightend
Miss George of New Hr. arrived at evening to take charge of postal & Tel. office during
Flossie Goodwin holiday trip.
October 27, Saturday

Sat 27 Day much finer than the last two wind N.W. strong & cold Sea increasing in force
David & Geo M- of Fred left at breakft hour for H.Hr takig with them in carts 5 Brls Contng 9
¼ qtls fish and 1 Brl Berries they retd soon after dinner hour bring [sic] along to us 3 Brls flour
and one drum K. oil. The S.S. Malikoff [sic] did not call owing to condition of the sea.
Clarence was at sibleys Cove & brt. up with Clarks hourse 1 Brl. Berries Business was better
to day than for the last two or three.
October 29, Monday

Mon 29 A fine day with light W. wind and a raging sea still on. D- after doing some light
works about the place removed from the cellar several brls. potatoes which were rotten John
woodld assisted him in this work in the afternoon Many customers patronized us to day &
business was fairly brisk
October 30, Tuesday

Tues 30 wind S.w. sea still very tempestous [sic] weather fair Schnr Victoria call her [sic] at
10:30 to discharge freight for us but owing to the condition of the sea had to return again to OP.
D- took up the Turnps 3 ½ Brls & finished pickig potatoes with the help of John woodland
wife very ill to day
Hbt & Fredk Mansfield left by way of Old Perlican for the Bay of Islands Herring Fishery
October 31, Wednesday

Wed. 31
       Strong S.w. wind
       weather bright & clear
       until toward evening when a real down pour of rain began & contd all through
the night with shiftng wind to E & NE sea becoming smoother as the day passed on. D-
helped about the place all day but his servitude being ended he went home at evening
John C. & Geo. C. Mansfield
left for Hearts Content en route to Bay of Islands to engage in the herring fishery Business dull
and for want of the goods unboard Schnr. Victoria at Old Perlican makes it all the more
November 1, Thursday

Thurs Nov 1st A very dirty day raining continuously since yesterday one of the greatest floods
at any time Drains flooded and the land covered in many places wind N Easterly blowing
strong but the sea is not nearly as rough as it has been the last few days. At dinner hour recd
message from Capt Jas Rodgers o.P. that he would have to land our freight there, which
disappointed and worried us some. Business was dull to day in some respects.
November 2, Friday

Fridy 2 Fine & clear storm over wind moderate & variable sea becomig smooth. Geo.
Mansfied of F. went to O.P. with horse & cart to day but the Victoria had not landed our
freight but purposes [sic] coming here to do so
first opportunity Mrs. Absalom Driscoll & family of two left this place this am to connect with
S.S. Malikoff [sic] en route for Harcourt to reside there Business a little brisker
November 3, Saturday

Sat. 3 A very fair day with very light S.w. wind sea fairly smooth
owing to the moderate wind the Schnr. Victoria which left OP. in the early mornig did not get
here until 10:30 am. The motor boat & punt were maned [sic] & by 1 oclock all was landed
and she had left again for another destination The evening was a busy one & business was
November 5, Monday

Mon. 5 A dull day raining a little at times with light Easterly wind sea quite smooth Business
was brisker to day and several larger sales was made than usual The buyig of the stock landed
on Saturday being the attraction. At night Mr. C.G. Rendell of Hearts Content & Mr. A.
Calpin M.H.A. of Bay Roberts visited us & remed with us all night
November 6, Tuesday

Tues. 6 The wind weather & sea was like yesterday. The Schnr. "Buster Brown" called here
at 9:30 am. and we shipped by her 27 Casks oil 113 flour Brl. shuks 3 Brls. Berries 1 Cs.
Eggs 1 Bed spring rtd. 1 Steel Drum 167 Bundles Birch Hoops & 77 Bundles flour Brl.
Hoops. She left again at noon for H.Hr again to take other freight. Our visitors of last night left
at 10 am. The day all through was one of the busiest in business and other respects this
November 7, Wednesday

Wed. 7
       A very sultry day
       all through last night
       it rained all the night long which had its effect upon today. wind light and s.w.
sea quite smooth.
spent the day in the store
busy all the time. John Goodwin was to Old Perlican & returned at dusk with a load of goods
which came by train He made other calls for us and did business as dirrected.
November 8, Thursday

Thurs 8 weather wind & sea like yesterday in every respect little or no variation in either
Herring nets which have been fished this week have taken considerable herring. Business
attended to with fair results No event of importance
November 9, Friday

Frid. 9 weather conditions again unchanged only perhaps a little more rain Nets hauled in the
morning herring scarce. Josiah Mansfd who had spent a few hrs. for the last days was again
with us to day making repairs to windows etc. Wm Barrett was also with us a few hours. Miss
George the assistant operator was with us to tea & spent a while with us afterward. Busines
fair. Mrs. Jas. Snelgrov & adoptd son left this place to day to join her husband at sidney and to
permanently reside there.
November 10, Saturday

Sat 10 A very quiet day with a stillnes on account of little or no wind weather soft & dull sea
smooth Having freight to ship by SS Malikoff [sic] & expecting some by her we looked for
her coming until even, but she did not call at all only at HHr at 8 pm. & then proceeded accross
[sic] the Bay Clarence was to H.Hr on busine got clamp fastened to circle of wheel & retd at
even. Business dull The rain in the afternoon accounted for it.
November 12, Monday

Mon. 12 Weather cleared and much better than the rain & unpleant one of yesterday. wind
light & w. sea smooth. Geo Mansfied of F. Lyman woodlnd & Wm. Clark were to HHr and
carted to us the goods landed there on saturdy evening After weeks in waiting the men
employed on Motor Truck Road recd payment yesterdy Those with herring nets out got very
few. No public news to day as it was proclaimed public holiday in rem. of armstice.
November 13, Tuesday

Tues 13 A brighter day fine all through with light W. wind sea smooth.
Clarence left at 9 am for Old P went so far as S Cove mare became stubborn had to return
Geo M of F whent [sic] instead & retd at dusk with Brl. apples & 3 other parcels. He took
down 2 s. Drums & 1 Brl. Berries. Motor Truck Road was repaired again to day at O.P. &
tomorow all will again be at work on it. Miss F.G. opr. returnd from her holidy last night &
Miss George went home to day Naaman Reid retd from sidny last night.
November 14, Wednesday

Wed 14 Strong N.E. wind quite a gale all day Colder than usual & cloudy betokening snow
or rain which did come. sea disturbed Crowds of men from H.Hr. and from every place along
this shore and on the North Shore as well were to day employed on M.T. Road and its now
engaging the attention of all
Today was a busy one with us in the shop and the proceeds of our business of [sic] one
of the best or second to none this season
Patrons from Chelsea to Lead Cove was among our customers
November 15, Thursday

Thurs. 15 A finer day all through sun shone brightly wind light W. sea abating. Nearly all the
men again whent [sic] to work on M.T. Road which again renewed actvity yesterdy after a
cessation since Sat. oct. 20th Fine weather is now earnestly desired to put the road through to
a finish Business just normal
November 16, Friday

Frid. 16 A fairly fine day with light S.E wind just a little sea S.S. Malikoff called in the am just
at breakfast hour altho the sea was low & breaking at a distance Jas Driscoll & Elisha boarded
her and brot unshor freight consiting of 4 Brl. Beef & 2 Brl. Mols. Meantime Clarence had
gone to H.Hr with 4 Cart wheels & Geo M- of F with a brl. berries to be shipped by her think
we would not be able to do so here. To day was again as yesterdy respectig business the
M.T. Road is still progressing and is freely commented on all the time.
November 17, Saturday

sat 17 A cloudy day with light mist and rain all through with moderate NE wind & a loppy sea.
No frost & not cold. A few men retd. from of [sic] the M.T Road in the am it being too
unpleant for them others retd at evening with reports of their doings
Carman was to N.C. on business which was one of the best this week No other event of
November 19, Monday

Mon. 19 Strong winds & gales shifting N.E. and West. owing to a great down pour of rain
last night & the early morning the ground was deluged again so that it took quite a time to clear
but since noon & particularly the evening was splend and fine sea fairl smooth.
The condition of the roads deferred [sic] many of the men from going to work as early as they
otherwise would but during the day all went to work or otherwis [sic] made preparations for
tomorrow No other event of importance Business was just normal.
November 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20th A fine day with strong Westerly wind and a little cooler sea smooth. All the men
and some boys were at work on M.T. Road and me thinks the work was in as much or more
progress than at any other time since commencement All is quite [sic] now no important
development in any respect Business dull very little doing.
November 21, Wednesday

Wed. 21
A nice fine day but a little cooler than usual Last night it was at freezig point wind light &
westerly sea smooth All the men on M.T. Road had a good day at work and again much
progress must have been made Business was just a little brighter and collection for the day
greater than yesterday Mr. Zech Reid left his home to day intent on labouring at Sidney for the
November 22, Thursday

Thursdy 22 A light breeze of S. & S.W. wind with weather conditions mild & pleasant and a
smooth sea so that it was a day enjoyed by all and all the men employed at road making mist
[sic] have found the day a delightful one for the time of season. No event of importance
business very dll and not nearly as good as yesterdy. A Mr. Hatch from R. Hd Cove was here
and we sold him 200 ft ½ in Board.
November 23, Friday

Frid 23 Another nice mild day free from frost & cold with moderate s.w. wind & smooth sea.
The men at work had another good day for labour Business a little better collection
improvement on yesterdy
Elisha & Clarence carted from road [partys?] on S.S. of place three loads of wood bought &
lodged there last winter. we also gave and carted to Mr. Thomas Morris an afflicted man one
November 24, Saturday

A dull day with light rain but to no account in the forenoon wind light & S. sea fairly
Business was attended to as usual but with out much activity Collection tho ahead of yesterdy.
Clarence left for H.Hr at noon taking along 1 Cs. eggs to be shipped by S.S. Malikoff [sic].
This ship landed for us 10 sacks flour oats meal Medicine etc & C. brot. along of this freight
1 Cad Tbco & C. brot. along of this freight 1 Cad Tbco 1 Bundle Leather & 2 Boxes
Medicine arrivng at tea hour. owing to the late hour of the ships arrival at HHr. she did not call
here altho we made preparation for her coming. All the men at work on the M.T. Road retd. at
evening & reports much work having be [sic] done during this week

November 26, Monday

Monday 26th
A very pleasant day mild & warm like sept. wind Southerly very light sea quite smooth.
Elisha with Jas Driscoll left at 8 am in motor bot fr H Hr & retd at noon bring 10 sacks flour 4
s. oats 2 S. Meal Boxes Medecin soap & other goods. A little business doing but not much
Joseph Clark & his 2 sons retd. from sidny where they had been at labor since June. The work
on the M.T. Road was finally closed down this evening to the disappointment of all concerned.
November 27, Tuesday

Tues. 27th A very warm day all through wind blew softly from s.w. sea smooth. All the men
at work on M.T.R. reluctantly returned to their homes with the excpetion of 10 or more who
are left to do some blasting. Wm Harris & R. I. Driscoll returned with the Clarkes last night
from sidny Business was better to day and some accounts were settled satisfactorily.
November 28, Wednesday

Wed. 28 Weather conditions about the same as the last few days wind and sea likewise.
Business was better than for some days past settlement of three a/c from dbtrs rectly. returned
from Sidny & others was squared with satisfaction. General talk was on M.T. Road.
November 29, Thursday

Thursdy 29th Scarcely any variation in condition of weather wind or sea but like the other days
of the week Business attended to with fair results. Josiah Mansfield was at work for 8 hrs. &
made some repairs with Felt to roof of house he also tarred part of the shop roofing the
weather being ideal for that work. Clarence at even visitd Whales Brook & brot along a sheep
recently purchased of Mrs. Noah Cummins Wm H. Goodwin was to Old Pelican & brot to us
a load of goods arriing soon after noon.
November 30, Friday

Friday 30 Weather wind & sea was nice & pleasant & equal to the best experienced this
week. About 8 oclock we made preparation to land freight of the S.S. Malikoff but was
disappointed to find she did not bring any along for us. At dinner hour Detective O'Neil came
to see us respecting Gasoline which was shipped to us in June and did not turn up. This visit
had the result of recoving half our loss. Business dull.
December 1, Saturday

Dec. 1 Weather wind & sea was again like yesterday & those that had proceeded it this week.
Remarks on the summer or autumn like weather was freely spoken of by many. The day was a
busy one with us all through and business was better than for the last days. Collection one of
the best. Clarence was to O.P. to the Bank on business. Mr. Wm Button was here from O.P.
with goods. Misses Wright & Clark school Teachers at New Chelsea visited us at evening. At
night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. the first meeting since last may.
December 3, Monday

Mon. 3 Moderately fine wind strg SE sea fairly smooth the air was a little cold but not at
freezing point
Geo. M. of F went to O.P. at 10:30 and retd. at 6 pm. bringg 4 cart wheels which we shipped
on Nov. 16 & 4 Rolls sheathing paper Half dozen or more men from H.Hr. N. Chelsea and
place below went to work again on M.T.R. but our men indgnant by not being engaged
Business dull nothing of any consequence doing.
December 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4
A very unpleasant day with rain from 11 am until well into the evening The wind blew a strng
breeze from the E. direction but toward evening it veered to N.E. strong & rained a little into
the night Clarence left at 9 am for Old. P. on business in connection with the Bank & retd.
soon after dinner hour.
Stanly Driscoll who had been away labourg at Sidney since August retd. to day. Quite a few
men still labourig on M.T.R. Business dull weather conditions tending to make it thus.
December 5, Wednesday

Wed 5 Moderate N.E wind weather brighter Sea disturbed. No frost or snow yet this
season which is making it easy for the support of the cattle which has not yet been stabled nor
fed from the barn. P. Hogan butcher of Carbonear called here at dinner hour and engaged my
cow @ $40.00 and had in view the purchase of others but they wern't at hand. Wm J. Button
of O.P. came at evening with freight from train also a brl. herring which he purchased for us at
$4.00. At noon heard of the death of Thos. Cull of Caplin Cove. At evening Pearl with Miss
Hollet visited Sibleys Cove and attended Missionary Meeting. retd. at midnight.
December 6, Thursday

Thur. 6 Weather dull & cloudy with rain during last night & in the early morning wind E. &
strong Sea abating Snow & frost seem to be far removed.
Business attended to with small collections. The Mgnr. of the Bank of N.S. at Old P. & Joseph
Coombs visited us in the afternoon for a brief stay. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A.
retd. & did business of more than usual importance.
December 7, Friday

Frid. 7 strong S.E. wind which blew a gale all day. weather a little clearer sea becoming quite
smooth Day passed quietly away no stirring event. Business a little better collections better
December 8, Saturday

Sat. 8 A beautiful day apart from the shortness of days the weather greatly resembled summer
as it was pleasant in every way soft s.w. wind & sea quite smooth The s.S. Malikoff [sic] was
expected to discharge freight but at evening heard she had not reached H. Ctn so that we had
to give up hope of her calling to day. Business was attended to with results similar to yesterdy
Wm. H. Goodwin & Eli woodlnd who had been away from home for more than a year retd.
yesterday. At night attendd a meeting of the L.O.A. stanley Driscoll was initiated & Arch.
Clark raised to RB Degree. Geo w Mansfd & Bro. set out a Samlon [sic] Net for us to day as
that fish is now known to be frequenting our waters again
December 10, Monday

Mon. 10 To day was bright & clear in the mrning but in the afternoon it became dull & toward
evenig the first snow came upon us and covered the ground for an inch or more Wind
Moderate & variable N & N.E. sea fairly smooth
Clarence was to H Hr left at 9 am & ret at 2 pm with a Cask oil after ward went to W. Brook
for a calf purchased of Abram manuel. Business fairly good today. Good collection made &
considerable business done.
December 11, Tuesday

Tues. 11 A clear & bright day with light W. wind a little cold & more winter light owing to the
snow that fell yesterday sea a little troubled
Josiah Mansfd was with us all day and killed the Calf referred to yesterday also a young cow
purchased of Mr. Eli Goodwn John Legge of HCtnt was on the shore to day & bot 2 Cows at
Sibley Cove an animal of G.C.G was also bot by Mitchell of HHr. Business was fairly good
with us again to day particularly in the forenoon
December 12, Wednesday

Wed. 12 A little cold & wintry with snow showers often in the forenoon wind Notherly sea
still disturbed Clarence left in the afternoon for OP to bring home Joyce who wired yesterdy
that she would be coming on to days train Business was attended with with [sic] much activity
in the forenoon and the collection was very good or equl with the two proceeding [sic] days of
the week. Peter Durdle who had been away at work at Sidney returned yesterday.
December 13, Thursday

Thurs 13 weather with w. wind sea smooth cold & frost still absent. Business attended with
good results equal to all the days of the week. At night attended the annual meeting of the
LO.A Wm Harris elected master another event of importance to us was the catching of a
salmon a lobster a rock cod a large cod fish & 2 birds taken from a net of ours recently set at
Green Cove by Geo W Mansfield & Bro.
December 14, Friday

Frid 14 Fair & mild with light showers of rain at eveing. wind s.w. blowing strng a gale all day.
sea quite smooth The ground is now quite clean & no trace of the little snow of a few evening's
ago. Business attended to with poor results & quite a reverse to the proceeding days of the
week. In the afternoon we were fortunate to have the SS. Malikoff [sic] call
Jas. Driscoll & Josiah M. boarded her & we shipped by her 1 Case eggs and she brot. freight
to us as follows viz 3 steel drums & 3 wood casks Kero & 1 tc Tar
December 15, Saturday

Sat. 15 A very wintry day with a gale of Easterly wind blowing all day so strong that our schnr.
Mary E. at H.Hr. went adrift with its force but was securely moored again.
Business was attended to as usual with fair results. Elisha & Pearl unwell
December 17, Monday

Mon 17 Cloudy with SE & E wind snow showers at night P. Hogan Butchr of Carbonr &
JM Harris of N.C. visited us. The former reported loss of a Nother. [sic] Schnr at Friday
Cove Tickle A very busy day in the shop so that I had to dispense with dinner collection one
of the best. Hy. Pynn & Simeon Bursey retd. from Sidny yesterday absent since last May.
The day was an exceptionabl busy one from Morning to night.
December 18, Tuesday

Tues 18 A fine day with very light wind. Sea smooth Ground still covered with light snow but
not enough for sleighing so that the carts are in use still Clarence with stanly Driscoll left for
OldP. at 9 am takng along cow with him with the help of the mare & cart & retd. at 3 pm bring
along a load of goods Wm J. Button of O.P. also brot. us a load as well The day was again a
busy one in the shop & store & many sales resulted.
December 19, Wednesday

Wed. 19 Fresh N.W. wind Mostly fair a little colder than usual sea practically smooth.
Business attended to many customers around especially in the forenoon No event of
importance to day. The concert in aid of school to be held D.V. tomorrow is a subject of
importance to all interested
December 20, Thursday

Thurs 20 Strong Notherly winds indeed it blew a fierece gale all day sea very loppy cold but
not freezing. The day was spent in the shop as usual and was a fairly good day in some
At night a concert was given in the Orange Hall presided over by Rev. Mr. Anthony which was
a decided success The performers did admirably It was patronized by people from Old P.
[&?] all the neighbouring places
The proceeds amounted to
December 21, Friday

Frid. 21 Moderate Notherly winds mostly cloudy with a little higher temperature. At night it
rained a real down pour. Business to day ws not nearly as good as the last days. In the
afternoon a message was recd. from J.B.M. who left home March 23rd last apprising us of his
home coming Stan D. left at 8 pm to bring him home but in this was disappointed
December 22, Saturday

Sat 22nd Very cloudy with scattered falls of light rain light N. wind sea becomming [sic]
smoother. To day was a fair one in business & proceeds of today sales much better than
yesterday also after tea sales amounted to $16.00 Carman was to HHr today with mare [&?]
cart taking there [3 brl?] three empty steel drums he retd. at 8 pm but did not [bring?]
December 24, Monday

Mon. 24 Areal [sic] down pour of rain from 4 till 8 am. so that the drain were filled & a real
overflo all about. wind blew a gale pm S.E. but moderated as the day adv and Wm H Button of
O. P came her [sic] at 8:30 when the storm was most sever & brot. us a barel apple 3 Coils
Rope & a Box [Grcs.?] The day in business of one of the busiest this season many customers

to be attended to all day collection pretty good
Alfred Harris John C. Durdle & Geo. Driscoll returned from Sidney yesterday & J.B.M retd.
from Toledo on Saturday night
December 25, Tuesday

Tues. 25 A fine day with strong N.W. wind and colder so that at evening it frooze [sic] quite a
little. Attended church in the morning cond. by Joshua Goodwin & then at leisure Nellie, Pearl
& J.B.M left with Stan D to attend concert at Sibleys Cove.
December 26, Wednesday

Wed. 26 A very pleasant day splendidly fine all through, almost like a spring or summer day.
Wind light & Sw. sea smooth Clarence left for HHr after breakfast & retd at 2 pm bring home
1 Brl. Beef 1-22 lb L. Butter
Day was a busy one in the shop and the collection was good owing to the distribution of MT.
Cheques. No event of importance happened.
December 27, Thursday

Thurs 27 A storm of NE wind with "Snow raged" all day so that winter is about every where
Still there is still the absence of frost. Sea is very much disturbed and breaking furiously as far
as the eye can try. Some business was done most in the forenoon The day was to [sic] stormy
for people to get about & the day was uneventful
December 28, Friday

Friday 28 A fine day a little cold with Notherly wind & a furious sea The S.S. Malikoff [sic]
could not call here but landed our freight at H.Hr. Clarence was there and brot along 1 Brl
Flour & 2 lengths piping Nellie, Pearl, & Joyce visited Sibly Cove on the invitations of friends
Orangemen Paraded at Brownsdale to day & Rev. Mr. Anthy preached to them. To day was
a fairly busy one in the shop. much business done collection much better than for several days
wife & self spent the night writting [sic] letters of business & other matters
December 29, Saturday

Sat. 29 A fair day wind strong & S. at night. Business attended to. Not much doing. At night
attended a meeting of the L.O.A. Angus Driscoll initiated and other business of a routine
character performed Clarence did much service about the place
December 31, Monday

Mon. 31 A nice clear day a little cold but not at freezing point. wind W. sea abating Business
was attended to with fair results Clarence was to H.Hr and carted home 1 Brl. flour in the
meantime did business with others
Wm H. Goodwin also carted to us 8-10 [?] 6-22[?] & 4-10 [?] Butter & Geo Goodwin 1
Chest Tea. owing to the condition of the road it is now difficult to get any thing in the way of a
load along either with cart or slide. Thus the ending of the month & of the year witnessed very
mild weather all thro unlike winter and exceptionally good for man & beast

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