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William Button Diary, 1924

January 1, Tuesday

Tuesday Jan. 1st A very mild day with light showers of rain and at night a down pour for a little while
so that the snow path is again broken up & only a little ice here & there remains The wind was s.w. &
the sea is fairly smooth owing to the First day of the year we did not do any business but stanley
Driscoll was to H.Hr. & brot to us a cask oil & Geo M- as well & brot along a Brl sugar & some slide
shoes. Constable Forsey was here in the forenoon & served summons on Quintn D- for assault on his
aunt Mrs. Noah D- & on John Woodland for larceny of wood from Nathnl. Goodwin. Dr. Newhook
& Joseph Coombs also visited us in the afternoon the former having been called to attend Miss Flora
January 2, Wednesday

Wed. 2nd A firece storm of N.W. wind raged all day & night & Nellie who had intended to leave for
Port Union could not make the attempt. The frost was more intense than at any time this season. The
sea is rough. Conditions of the roads is such that cart & slide is of little service. Nothwithstandng [sic]
the conditins of the weather considerable business was done. Many was about waiting for court cases
referred to yesterday but weather prevented proceedings
January 3, Thursday

Thurs 3rd Weather fair. Wind N.W. but light storm abated & became quite civil as the day advanced,
cold but little or no frost.
Business attended to. No event of importance save for the meetng of Dist L.O.A. at Brownsdale. Mr.
Jas Rowe & Legge visited us on way there. Mrs. Elisha & Max & Miss Hollet retd. home from
Hgrace after an absence of a fortnight
January 4, Friday

Friday 4th Day bright & clear with strong W. & N. W. winds but an absence of frost. As usual spent
the day in the shop with fairly good success Magistrate Vatcher held Court here today Two cases
came before him settled one & postponed the other Constable Forsey took dinner with us
Sister Sarah & husband also visited us At night reunion of girl here ever of Nellie going away again
Wifes [mother? brother?] taken very ill
Attended a prayer meeting in the church of more than passing interest
January 5, Saturday

Saturday 5th A strong breeze of N.W. wind. fair & cold Jas. Driscoll & Wm Barrett killed a cow for
us in the forenoon & Stanly Driscoll having to go to Hearts Content for Chas. who was coming home
from Boston took along 90 lbs of [this?] beef for the LO.L. Stanly in the morng also sleighed Nellie to
Old Perlicn where she took the train en route to Port Union. Elisha also had a calf killed by Nathnl.
Goodwin Clarence was laid aside to day with sore throat. Business was attended to with fair
January 7, Monday

Monday 7th Fresh changeable winds S. to S.w. & N & N.W. Cloudy and Moderately cold, with
snow flurries at times Stan. Driscoll at 8 am left for Old P. taking along Joyce & her mother the former
to entrain for St John's & the later for Broad Cove. Stan retd. at 3 pm with [borrowed?] sleigh broken
considerably. J.C. Driscoll who had been away since May visited us at evening. At tea hour recd.
message from Nellie acquanting us of her safe arrival.
Public despatch contained news of Public enquiry in Legislature st Johns befor [sic] Mr. Walker of
Business was attended to with results equal to the days past of this season. Jas. Driscoll did us the
kindness of puting [sic] sewer pipe for convenience in breakfast room
January 8, Tuesday

Tuesday 8 A fine clear cold day freezing throughout with strong N.W. wind. Business was attended to
with like results or better than yesterday. Mr. W.J. Button of O.P was her [sic] with a slide load of
goods viz 1 sack Rice 1 S. Meal 1 S. oats Backs of stove & sheet tin Joseph Hopkins of O.P. was
also here & [settles? settled? ?] a/c. John Goodwin Arch Clark & stan Driscoll were to HHr & brot
along 2 Brls. Flour each & Geo M- 1 Brl. & 1 Cask K. oil. All went well. Public despatch very
interesting re inquiry of Govt. a/c.
January 9, Wednesday

Wed. 9th To day wind & weather was like yesterday in every respect. Business to was again similar to
other days Stan D. John G & Ll.M were to H.Hr & brot along 7 Brls. flour. Allen Tuck came to see
us and made settlements of yrs. business. stan D. left for O.P. in the afternoon & brot home wife again
at 11 pm. [Qr.? OB?] meet at HH some of our men attended but did not hear the results. Elisha[?]
had his cow killed at evenig
January 10, Thursday

Thursday 10th Another fine clear day High N.W. wind freezing all the day. Reuben Goodwin left for
O.P. at 8 am. with Beef for Elisha cow killed yesterdy & retd. at 4 pm. bringing home 1 Brl. Sugar.
Stan D-. was also there & brot. to us 1 Brl. Beef 1 Brl. Mols. Business was attended to but with less
results. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. and after coming home did book work until
January 11, Friday

Friday 11th weather similar to yesterday. wind likewise Business inactive and not much doing Noah
Driscoll was to Old. P. for us & brot. along 1 Brl. Mols & 1 Brl. Beef
January 12, Saturday

Sat. 12
A very mild day lots of rain [with?] high wind last night & to day its effect was felt by the snow & ice
disappearig greatly so that the snow paths are again broken up.
Business was more active and gave good results the collection being a good [averyage?] at this season
of the year. At night the annual Trustee Meeting was held conducted by Joshua G- in the absence of
the minister who is ill. The church [accunts?] showed the church to be in a better financial condition
than last year or 1922. Joseph Reid was elected sexton This evenings public dispatch brot. the sad
intelligence of the burning of the House of Mr. Herman Bryant at St. John's and the brning to death of
his niece a Miss shano 11 yrs old.
January 14, Monday

Monday 14th A fine day moderately cold. Light Westerly wind Business attended to collection $[70?
60? 670??].00. At night attended church meeting cond. by Mr. Alex. Harris
Caleb Reid who had been away since last spring retd. yesterday owing to want of snow little are being
done in the country yet still some are daily employed cuttig wood
January 15, Tuesday

Tuesday 15 A very stormy day with a gale of N.E wind and snowing & blowing all through the day &
night. The week of prayer night services which began last night was suspended to night owing to the
storm. A little business was done which almost equalled yesterday. No other event.
January 16, Wednesday

Wed. 16 A fine day with moderate W. wind The strong wind of yesterday had blown the snow in
drifts so that their [sic] is now no paths. Stanly Driscoll & Carmen [end? in?] the afternoon drove sister
sarah who had been with us for a fortnight to her home. At night I attend the prayer meeting led by
Naam Reid. Business attended to but not with the same results as the past day. A big sea was on to
day the greatest since last June. The evening despatch brot. news again of earth quake in Japan adding
to the destruction of the occurence of sept. last.
January 17, Thursday

Thursday 17th A fair day inclined to be milder with weather approaching. wind light & w sea abating.
Stanley Driscoll was to Old P. for us to day and brot along 1 Brl. flour 4 Boxes Bisct & 2 Bgs. Nls.
the path being almost bare of snow hindered him haulg more. Ther [sic] were [sic] no public dispatch
to day the wires being out of order. The regular prayer meeting was on to night Business was attended
to with fairly good results.
January 18, Friday

Friday 18th A fine clear day with Moderate W. wind. air was warm & free of frost and was a
[delight? deligtf?] day all through. Business was attend to with meagre results. Stanly Drscoll was to
Brownsdale for us taking there two brls flour for Mr. Jno. Thorn. At night attended the regular service
led by Mr. Alex Harris. The services for the week has been well attended and much interst manifested
in each. The Public despatch contnd. interstg message on Publick Enquiry and of the Crisis in Mines at
January 19, Saturday

Sat. 19 Clear & cold freezing all day perhaps the coldest day of the season yet Wind N.W.
blowing moderately. Fred. George & John C. Mansfield retd from Bay of I. where they had been
engaged in the herring fishry since Oct 31st 1923 L.O.L. meeting at night but wife & self doing book
work and could not attnd Business quite an improvement on yesterdays collection. Sidney & The
Enquiry the general topic of discussin.
January 21, Monday

Mon. 21 Mild with a little rain clearing meanwhile so that the afternoon was quite fine wind S.W.
blowing moderately. Stanley Driscoll Archbld Clark & John Goodwin were to Old P. but owing to
poor paths could only bring along light loads, arriving at noon. Wm Harris & three others of a delegatin
visited Winterton at evening to attend annual Dist. Lodge Meeting. Business was attended to with poor
January 22, Tuesday

Tuesday 22nd A very frosty day with a storm of N.W wind in the afternoon & night both frost & wind
was intense. Nothing compared to it thus far this season Wm H. Goodwin Sr. and Luther M- were to
Old Perlican for us & brot. along 5 Brls. Flour & 2 Bags Nls. Wm. J. Button also brot. to us at
breakfast hour 6 sacks flour & 1-42 [W? lb.?] Tub Butter. The day was to [sic] severe for people to
leave their homes consequently business was almost at a standstill.
January 23, Wednesday

Wed. 23rd The storm of yesterday & last night abated with the coming of today so that after the
morning it was quite a moderate wind W. the weather was fair & cold with little or no frost. Business
was better today & the collection fair At night attended service condctd by Naaman Reid. Their [sic]
were no news to day owing to opr. being ill. People are now buisy [sic] doing woods work
January 24, Thursday

Thursday 24th
A fine day clear & cold very frosty at evening & night with strong Westerly wind. Spent the day in the
shop as usual & the business was with fair results. Stanly Driscoll was to O.P. & got the mare shoed &
brot to us a brl. beef. Dr. Newhook visited us at evening and attended to several very ill persons &
retd. again at 6 pm. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. several members in attendance for first
time [the? this?] season. Wm J. Button brot to us 4 sacks [flr?] & 4-22[?] Butter
January 25, Friday

Friday 25 A fine day & cold but at night it snowed a little and after midnight blew a storm from a sw.
dirrection [sic] Stanley Driscoll was to OP. & brot to us 2 Brls. Mols. & a [32 Butter?] which finished
the freight we had there. Business was attended with results of about the same as yesterday. At night
attended service led by J.B.M a fairly good congregation was present & the service was a highly
spirited one.
January 26, Saturday

Sat. 26 Mild throughout much of the snow has again disappeared & the nice snow paths of the last
days is again broken up wind W. & blew a gale all day. spent all day attending to business with the
best results of any day this week. All the men at leisure to day owing to the mild No public
[dispratch?]. No event of importance.
January 28, Monday

Monday 28th Fresh W. winds fine & very cold freezing all day intensely so, so, that all are complaining
of the severe frost. Most of the men are now at work in the woods but the paths are very bad and little
hauling are [sic] done. Business attended to but little was done owing to the severity of the weather.
No event of importance. Public despatch Tells of the London Newly formed Ministry, Sidney trouble
& the Public Enquiry.
January 29, Tuesday

Tuesday 29 A fine day clear & cold but not nearly as cold as yesterday. Wind W. blowing
moderately & by dusk their [sic] was very little but inclined to milder weather. Men all at work in the
woods cutting & hauling fire wood. A [Master? Mister? Charles?] Curtis was here in the afternoon &
installed a new telephone. No other events of importance. Business was very poor today [was?] the
worse yet [there?].
January 30, Wednesday

Wed. 30 A little milder than usual with an absence of frost wind moderate and s.w.
All the men were again at work in the woods providing fire wood the most of them. No event of
importance No public news as it was a holiday in the offices. Business was a little better than for the
last few days. At night attended a nice spirited service led by Joshua Goodwin
January 31, Thursday

Thursday 31
A very mild day without cold or frost the air was quite warm a kin to spring. The little rain in the early
morning and the scattered showers after had caused the snow & ice to disappear so that only a little
here & there remains The poor snow paths are again broken up and the men are now at leisure as
none of them were in the woods today Many of them were in the shop in the afternoon listening to the
reading of the Enquiry
The day was spent in the shop A cleaning up of the office in a general way took the forenoon At
evening pearl Miss H and others left for Brownsdale to attend a school concert.
February 1, Friday

Friday February 1st 1924
Another mild day with S.W wind until evening the wind veered [?] Westerly & it became colder, but all
through the day it was so mild that fire could be dispensed with The concert at Brownsdale last night
was the talk of today and favorably enjoyed by all who were there. In business business [sic] of a
profitable nature by far more than others this week was the result of our attention thereto to day At
night attended a prayer & testmony service led by J.B.M. No stirring event was brot to our ken.
February 2, Saturday

Saturday 2nd A fair day not very cold with no tendency to frost wind light S.W. Clarence went to
H.Hr at 10 am. & retd. at 2:30 pm & took along with horse & cart [oven to be lined?] J.C. Driscoll
making repairs to stove meantime. Public News despatch contained the sad loss of Vesel. President
at shoe Cove near Cape Ballard in one of the storms recently the said vesel. was homeward
bound from Pernambuco to Catalina.
Business was very inactive until evening when our sales was better than all the day & the collection the
better thereby
February 4, Monday

Monday 4 A very stormy day perhaps the worst this winter thus far. The wind blew a storm from
N.E. all day as well as yesterday & last night & snowed the greatest part of the day at times The roads
are well covered every where now so that their [sic] will be no difficulty in making paths so far as snow
is required. To day it was to [sic] stormy for the men to do any woods work. No Public Despatch to
day so did not get any local news Business very dull. No Local event.
February 5, Tuesday

Tuesday 5 A clear cold day freezing all through with a storm of North West wind blowing all through
the day. owing to the high wind the snow which had fallen so level has now become blown in heaps in
lots of places and will not give the satisfaction expected. Owing to the condition of the weather few
gave attention to the woods to day but some spent the time collecting Killop in the sands the first that
has washed there for some time. The public despatch gave further details of the loss of the President
. The sentencing of Anthony [Hacow?] for 5 yrs. Death of President Wilson & reference to
the procedure of the Public Enquiry
February 6, Wednesday

Wednesday 6th A fine day sun shone brightly weather not as cold & frosty as recently wind w. &
blowed a strng gale all day
All the men were cutting & hauling wood to day. Business attended to but not much doing. Public
despatch contained the sad news of the death of Rev. W.R. Mercer of seldom Come By on his way to
Fogo in Mondays storm.
February 7, Thursday

Thursday 7th wind very moderate almost to a stillness weather just a little cold with a little snow falling
all day so that it was to [sic] unpleasant for our men to go to the woods to work any and it was a day of
leisure with not a few Business was dull & of a dreary sort No Public despatch and no important
February 8, Friday

Friday 8 Wind Notherly weather cold & freezing all day but fine & clear. Men all busy cutting &
haulng wood. Service at night fairly well attended led by Naamn Reid Mail to day very interesting
conting a/c of death of Rev Mr. Mercer Public Enquiry & other matters
February 9, Saturday

Saturday 9th Fresh westerly wind fair & cold but not freezing very much. Clarence & Carmen were to
the woods in the fore & afternoon & hauled a load each time. other people doing the same work.
Rev. Mr A was at Brownsdale in the afternoon the first time for a month or more & married wm austin
to sussie [sic] Manuel of L.I. Cove & [Jesse? Hopkins?] to Maud Manuel of Whales Brook. Busins a
little brighter to day
February 11, Monday

Monday 11th A splendid day calm & clear & warm all the forenoon very moderate W. wind after.
Seldom a nicer day in winter. All the people again to the woods cutting & haulng fire wood. Clarence
was in in the afternoon & cut a load JB.M. had the use of the mare so did not haul it. I was very ill all
day with what appred to us a stroke of Rheumatism in my side. However I did little busines in the
afternoon worth while.
February 12, Tuesday

Tuesday 12 A very mild day. The wind blew a storm in the morng from the S. & snowed some but at
10 am it cleared and became fine but it was warm throughout the day Not much doing in the woods to
day owing to the condition of the weather Men for most of the time at leisure Business attended to
with much better results than other days of late.
February 13, Wednesday

Wednesday 13 A dull day wind variable but at evening N.E. & foggy like a day at end of march & the
night was the same most of the men was country ward to day but owing to the mild condition of the
weather it was very unpleasant. Business was attended to and at night wife & self attended a very
spirrited [sic] meeting conducted by Alex. Harris. [Messers Veys 2?] & a Mr. Cooper of Grates Cove
were present & took part in the service to the joy of the many present
February 14, Thursday

Thursday 14th A fine day fairly mild. toward evening it became a little cold but not frosty, wind light &
westerly Spent the day in the shop a little business doing all the day. Owing to the poor condition of
the paths not much doing in the woods. At evening several of our men left for H.Hr to attend meeting
of District L.O.L. Stanley Driscoll was to H.Hr. for us to day & brot along 2 Brls. & 2 sacks flour & 1
Sack oats.
Birds were fairly plentiful at our distant points yesterdy & today & Geo C.G. were successful in one or
two shots in killing several [ducks? duecks?]
February 15, Friday

Friday 15 A beautiful day warm & sunny the sun shon [sic] with such warmpth [sic] that it seemed
quit [sic] sumerlike & little or no wind withal this state of weather continued until the afternoon when a
strong breeze [sprng?] up from the S. and it became cooler. At 12:30 wife & Mrs. Eli Goodwin Jas.
Driscoll drving them left for O.P. & returned again 9:15 pm Having spent a nice few hours [their?
there?] and enjoyed the visit vry much. After the business of the day I attended service conducted by
Naama Reid. Public despatch contained the news of Sidney strike still unsettled but after heard men
gon [sic] to work.
February 16, Saturday

Sat. 16 Fine but a little cold with light W. wind. Men all busy hauling wood. Clarence hauled two
loads Business was brisk in the afternoon particularly and the collection to day was almost equal to the
proceeding days Rev Mr. Anthy was on the shore to day visited us at evenig remained all night with
Elisha. Had a few hrs. with us.
February 18, Monday

Mondy 18 A fair day with light westerly wind. The appearance of weather seemed forecasted but
apart from a few showers of snow was all the weather & so the evening cleared The day was free
from frost but a little cold. All the men cutting and hauling wood today and many in our country from
O.P. G. Cove & Bay de Verde for wood & timber for use. Clarence was absent from school in the
forenoon & cut & [hauld?] one load. Business in the afternoon fair. Arrival of the mail was awated
[sic] with interest owing to the Enquiry Strike at Sidny [sic] etc.
February 19, Tuesday

Tuesday 19 A very unpleasant day as a little snow was falling all the time moreover the wind was a
little high from N.W. & somewhat cold. A few were at work hauling wood but for cutting it was not
very inviting, & some did not attempt doing so. Business was very dull all day. Afternoon Stanley
Driscoll went with our Mare to HHr & returnd at tea time bringing along 1 Brl. Sugar Sack oats & a
Sack Meal Simeon Bursey also brot. to us a sax oats.
February 20, Wednesday

Wed. 20 A beautiful day the sun shone splendidly & at midday was quite warm. wind N.W. &
moderate A little frost toward evening Men all buisy [sic] cutting & hauling wood. People from several
places doing like work. The Qtl. off. Board meeting proposed to be held at 2:30 postponed owng to
illnes of ministr attended meetng at night led by Alex Harris. Business was of poor result to day
Clarence cut & hauled load of wood in forenoon.
February 21, Thursday

Thursday 21 A fine day splendid bright & clear until the afternn when the wind sprang up strng from
SE and at night it snowed & blew a gale Men all at work in the woods Clarence was there also & cut
& [haed?] a load. Lawrence [Howard? Hawco?] of [Diamond?] Cove was here on business & we
recd from him [$7.67?] for John Lamberths a/c. Business a little better than yesterday
The case of Nathnl. Goodwin versus John woodlnd was again heard at Old Perlican The former lost
the case. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.L. and was much interested
February 22, Friday

Friday 22 Another fine day S.W. wind, woods men complaind of it being very warm. Toward evenin
it frooze [sic] a little. Men all busy again as in the days past cuttg & hauling wood. Jas Driscoll had the
use of our mare to day at this work. Busins was attended to as usual and at night attended service led
by Naaman Reid.
February 23, Saturday

Sat. 23 Moderate S.W. winds fine and clear a little cold but no frost.
Clalrence & Carman cut & hauled two loads of wood. others were doing the same work. Dr. N &
Joseph Coombs passed thro. to day on the way to H.Hr. Several men with [mill? build? built?] getting
ready for Seal fishery preparatory to leavng within a week.
February 25, Monday

Monday 25
A very unpleasant day high S.E. wind cold with sharp bitting [sic] frost. at dusk it began to snow &
continued a little during the night. Men all at work again cutting & hauling wood. Clarence spent the
forenoon cutting & hauling a load & afternoon to school. Elisha was down the shore to day conducting
the Road Board Elections. The first for Lead Cove which has now a sperate [sic] Board from Sibleys
Cove Likewise here at night when Whales Brook elected a board sperate [sic] from this place with
Louis Thorn [Chrm.?] Luther Rowe & Jesse Hopkin members of same Here Luthyer & Geo
Mansfield was re-elected with Nathnel Goodwin elected.
February 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26 Weather dull the gale of wind subsided at morning & blew moderate from the W. all day.
owing to the condition of the woods on account of the weather last night few went to the woods at all
so that all were at leisure and where congregated discussed the "Road Board Election" “The coming
seal Fishry” & "The Public Enquiry" Not much doing pertaining to business.
February 27, Wednesday

Wed. 27 Wind light & S.w. Weather mild & without frost. Men again cutting & hauling wood except
a few who are going to the ice soon & have ceased work for the time being. Business attended to a
little doing all day. At night attended service led by Alex Harris
February 28, Thursday

Thursday 28th A dull day betokening weather which fell at night rain & glitter. The wind increased to a
gale from an Easterly dirrection [sic] with No I. storm signal hoisted. Men again buisy [sic] in the
woods several loads hauled in our yard. The men who are leaving to engage in the Gulf seal fishry
tomorrw had taken the day at leisure. At night although it was intensely stormy attended a meeting of
the L.O.A & farewelled to the Bro. sealers who will be leaving ere another meeting. A little doing in a
business way all day.
February 29, Friday

Friday 29 A splendid day with S.W. wind sun shone brightly all day so that the men who left to go to
the ice had a nice day travelling to station viz. Geo. C Josiah & John C. Mansfield & Geo Driscoll.
Clarence was to the woods & cut & hauled a load. several loads hauled to the yard Fredk Mansf &
Wm Barrett was to N. Chelsea & brot. to us a cod trap which had been fished there by Wm Belben.
At evening Allen Tuck [H.M.C.?] came to see us on business
March 1, Saturday

Saturday 1st A beautiful day very spring like The air soft & warm. wind S.W. with an absence of
frost & cold. Business was attended to as usual & the afternoon was specially busy as many custmers
patronized us. In the afternoon the Qrtly. official Board held a meeting in the Church which was well
represented by church officials from every place on the circuit. Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony visited us
meanwhile [per? teas?] & took of tea before leaving for home.
March 3, Monday

Monday 3rd A mild day but with weather all the day snow & sleet with Easterly wind blowing strong.
Stanley Driscoll who went with his father to H. Content to connect with train bound for icefields brot. to
us from Winterton 1 Brl. Beef 1 sack Oats 1 sack Meal & a few other items. The day was to [sic]
unpleasant for any of our men to do woods work. Four or 5 of our men left to day to engage in the
seal hunt this spring. Business going a pace
March 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4th wind and weather like yesterday the exception being perhaps a little more fog. woods
unsuited for work consequently men idle Little doing in a business like way. At evening heard of
daughter Joyce being stricken with Scarlet Fever & removed to hospital
March 5, Wednesday

Wed. 5th A very unpleasant day wind N.E blowing moderately weather chilly with rain falling all day,
so that it was to [sic] disagreeabl after 11 am to do out of doors work. Stanley Driscoll was to H.Hr
for us & hauled 1 Drum oil & 1 Brl Mols. very little doing in business and the day passed away very
March 6, Thursday

Thursday 6th Another dull & dreary day with light N.E. wind some water about snow becoming very
soft a little sun would now cause it to melt away as by magic A little business doing but the day was
idly spent by all, as no out door work could be done with any comfort.
March 7, Friday

Friday 7th Wind & weather similar in every respect to yesterday which made condition for working the
same. No event of any importance. at night attended service led by Naaman Reid.
Business [hardily?] normal. The Sailing of the Sealing Steamers & The Enquiry was the [topices?] most
talked of. Heard from Rev. Dr Darby to day a little of consolation respecting Joyce.
March 8, Saturday

Sat. 8th Wind N.E. Sea on Bay full of slob ice No. III storm signal [birshed?] at eving. weather dull,
inclined to rain & fog. sealing [steams? steamr?] detained from sailing owing to condition of ice.
Business attended to with better results than either day this week At night meeting of the L.O.A. Elisha
present but I was absent owing to pressure of work.
March 10, Monday

Monday 10th A lowry day with strong Easterly wind Bay still filling with ice very little water about but
what lakes there are many birds are reported in them. S. steamers left the narrows at 11 am and
repoted to be about 1 ½ miles of [sic] shore. owing to the condition of the paths woods work is given
up & little doing. The Humber, Sealing, Sidney & other [works?] occupy mens minds Business – A
little doing in the afternoon.
March 11, Tuesday

Tuesday 11 Day beautifully fine & clear sun shone in its beauty & with some warmth. Wind light
N.E. Bay covered with ice. News despatch reports steamers a mile or two of [sic] st John's & gave
the sad news of the drowing of three of the crew of the SS. Terra Nova & the finding by a diver of the
body of Denis Hyde of Red Hd Cove. Men practically at leisure. Stanley Driscoll hauled a little
[cillop?] [abundantly? instantly?] given by him and in the afternoon hauled from H.Hr 3 Brls Four & a
parcel. The forenoon was a time of business profitably spent the best for a long time.
March 12, Wednesday

Wednesday 12 Strong Southerly wind toward evening & night cloudy & blew a gale Steamers all got
clear to day & steamed away North Gulf steamer [Janet? Jewel? Jacinth?]
Men getting interested in the Humber works & some intend to leave for there soon More interest than
ever is being given in this dirrection [sic] as time passes. Business was of some importance in the
afternoon At night attended service led by Alex Harris
March 13, Thursday

Thusday 13 A very unplsant day Damp & foggy with strong Easterly wind. A feeling of
[unhealthness?] all around. Public despatch reported Neptune [19? 17?] miles N.E. of [Trinity?]
others unreported Gulf streamer [Jacinth? Janet? Jewel?] Two or three [men?] intending to leave for
Humber tomorrow week also discourged by the news advising men to stay at home for at least a month
Business very dull very little doing. Men all at leisure.
March 14, Friday

Friday 14 Scattered showers rain wind variable until Evening it Veered to W. & got cold to freezing
point. Wm. Barrett was with us from 8 pm. to 11 pm, removing [N.? frm? pm?] Big Trap.” Business
was better to day particularly at evening. Public News gave brief a/c. of the Sealing steamers & of the
closing of the Public Enquiry yesterday which occupied 10 weeks At night attended prayer service
cond. by J.B.M.
March 15, Saturday

Saturday 15th Mild with light Shifting winds The big sea of the last few days has again abated ice has
moved of [sic] a little After doing damage to our [slip? ship?]. To day heard of much damage done on
North shore through loss of fishing property. Stanly Driscoll & Clarence was to H.Hr with cart & slide
& took along a case of Eggs & found for shipment & Brot to us Brl. suger [sic] Brl flour sack Beans
etc. Business [nearly? scarcely?] normal.
March 17, Monday

Monday 17 Mild, weather kept at a distance altho at first seemed near & the night was clear and still
The wind was light S.E & S.W.. [sic] The Bay is full of ice but a stream of water lies all along our sea
board into which are numerous birds. Business was quiet not much doing collection poor. owing to to
day being st [Patrick Patrick's?] Day The Govt ordered a public holiday so that we did not get any
public despatch.
March 18, Tuesday

Tuesday 18th Snow flakes falling all day the weather was such as to cause it to melt as fast as it fell.
wind variable from s.e. to N.E. Ice all about [first? just?] a narrow open of water about half of the size
of the place in which are numerous birds. Men all at leisure. Discouragement in the wake of those who
had [intended? intentin?] leaving for Humber & Sidney [sic].
March 19, Wednesday

Wed. 19 A dull dreary day with very thick fog at evening. light N.E. wind and no water to be seen
any where. Sealing steamers in the same position as when last [reported? reputed?] Men still at leisure
nothing doing. Time spent in talking of the events of the day. Four men proposed [leving? leaing?] for
Sidney [sic] but through the design of one None were permitted to go.
March 20, Thursday

Thursday 20 Weather still unchanged with North East wind raw & cold with rain & sleet so that it was
very uncmfortable on this a/c. A Mr. Brazil of Harbour Grace travellng in the interest of the [Harbour
Grace] Boot & Shoe Co. visited us to day. News from the [sealrs?] report them still Jammed & no
change in their condition A little doing in Business but on the whole every thing is very dull with no
bright aspect in any thing worth noting
March 21, Friday

Friday 21 Condition of wind & weather the same as the days with no apparent change Steamers again
reported in same position all Jammed. The afternoon of to day Wm Barrett & John C. Driscoll drilled 7
holes in [views? irons?] about wharf & in otherways [sic] fastened it all the more securely. Mail brot
[is? us?] much matter [Lots?] in shop for new & more business done than for the last days.
March 22, Saturday

Saturday 22nd The weather was a continuation of the days of the week past with Easterly wind and not
much brightness of spring. Clarence & Stanly Driscoll were to H.Hr with carts & took along 1 Case
Eggs & Brot. to us 5 Brls flour. Business dull. Sealing news still discouraging steamers Jamed [sic]
ever since sailing and no seals taken by them. The steamers in the Gulf & to the North [@? is? a?] in
the same condition.
March 24, Monday

Monday 24. A beautiful day clear & warmer than usual with light S.W. wind. Sea on but having no
effect owing to the ice. Stanley Driscoll was to Winterton to day for us Leaing here at 8 am. & arring
at 4 pm bring to us 1 Brl. Sugar & 1 Cask Kero oil. Wm. Barrett was with us in the forenoon Barkig
twine. News from sealers to day. S.S. Terra Nova reporting here [sic] self down of [sic] Canada Hd.
in vicinity of Seals. others in the same neighbourhood Business about the same as usual.
March 25, Tuesday

Tuesday 25 A light S.W. wind blew all day but the air was cold & scarcely any melt in the snow that is
in heaps where any is about. The ice was driven of [sic] the Coast some & seemed made a way for the
sealers to get about altho the Public despatch reports their position still unchanged Twine barked
yesterday was spread for drying to day. Business attended to and at night attended a meeting of the
L.O.A. which was spirited and interestng. The report of the Comm. of Enquiry which appeared in print
yesterdy & to day is thorough, searching & [convicting? connecting?]
March 26, Wednesday

Wed. 26 Notherly [sic] wind with weather conditions same as yesterday Ice has again filled up all the
Bight. Jas Driscoll left enroute for Boston to day & Joseph Clark Caleb Reid Malcolm Pynn & John
Diamond for sidney [sic]. Wm Barrett went to H.C. with luggage & we shipped by him Cs. Eggs.
Position of sealers still unchanged. At night attended meetg in church led by Alex Harris
March 27, Thursday

Thursday 27 Raw and cold with strong gale of Easterly wind which incrased [sic] toward evening so
that No 3 storm signal was hoisted Elisha was to H.Hr. to day to see parties respecting repairs to our
Schnr. Mary E. & retd. at evening. was driven there in carriage by Stanley Driscoll. Business was
more brisk to day many around from neighbouring places Public despatch gives sealing steamers in
same position.
March 28, Friday

Friday 28 Wind variable N.E. for a while at evening veered to W & at night blew a strng gale to
advantage of sealers. steamer news this eveing that SS. Terra Nova had 5,500 panned & other ships
in vicinity of seals. House of Assembl did not open on 26 but is furthr prorogued until April 9th News
of 4 men driven of [sic] from Greenspond a day or two ago is awaited with anxiety No Local News of
March 29, Saturday

Saturday 29th one of the most pleasant days as yet this spring with S.w. wind blowng moderately
snow melting consider Ice going out of bay all day. Clarence went to H.H at 7:30 & retd. again ere
noon. brot along 4-10[d?] Butter & did business intended he afterwrd with Fred M. & Sim Bursy went
to W.B per [trinity?] but with no success Dr. Newhook & [Joseh?] Coombs also visited us. Public
News gave a/c of the saving of 4 men driven across from Greenspd picked up at Deer Island Terra
repot 1200 [hoods?] Pearl & Miss Hollet to Birthday Party at sibleys Cove
March 31, Monday

March Monday 31st
The saying was verified to day that March "came in like a lamb & went out like a Lion" For such was
the beginning and such was its ending. In the early morning it began to snow & continued until 8 am
and at intervals Thunder & lightening accompanied it an event seldom known. The ground is now
completely covered with snow & one of the best snow paths this season is the result. The wind was
Easterly & veered to N.E blowing strong. The public news gave account of all the steamers to day &
stating S.S. Terra Nova as having killed 17 000 Message from sidny [sic] indicate absence of labour
for surface men & The Enquiry conducted quite recntly still command the attention of all every day.
Fredk. Mansfield with a few men of New Chelsea left for the Humber yesterday. Several of our men
who intended going to Sidney [sic] soon is baulked on a/c of to days news.

The weather of the month was charasteristic [sic] of Easterly winds which has had a rather disatrous
effect on the sealing voyage to date and lessen its future prospects for the season.
April 1, Tuesday

Tuesday April 1st 1924
A very wintry day with not a touch of spring The wind was strong & N sea disturbed. The ground is
now completely covered with snow & the first [?] paths of the whole season is now on so that there is
nothing to hinder one driving any where on the roads. Men are all at leisure tho and little or nothing
doing by any person. Clarence began this morning hauling manure to the hill potato ground (3 loads).
Business was attended to as usual. News of sealing steamers their position and condition recd. at
evening a little more encourging than formerly.
April 2, Wednesday

A fine but cold day wind light & moderate in the morning afterward veered to Easterly & continued.
Bay nearly covered with ice.
Wm H. & Reuben Goodwin began the work of repairing traps to day & spent all day at the work. J.B.
Mansfd also began to make prepartion for sawing & spent from 9 1m to dusk in the mill Stanly Driscoll
was to Old Perlican & brot to us 3 Sack Sugar and one of meal News from sealers give very good
results of 4 ships but bal of fleet nill The men who left for sidny last wed. heard from to day All well
with them.
April 3, Thursday

Thursday 3rd Another fine day but the wind blew a gale from the S.E. dirrection [sic] & snowed in the
early morg but the sun durng the day made much of it to disappear again and the roads and the grounds
all about was very wet & unpleasant to travel.
Wm H. & Reuben & Qtn. Driscoll spent the whole of the day & Wm. Harris the afternoon only mending
traps. J.B.M spent the day in the mill but it was not until noon that he did any sawing owing to the
Condition of the Engine. The news of the Sealing fleet did not record much improvement since
April 4, Friday

Friday 4 Wind light and westerly sea fairly smooth weather fine but not very warm snow melted
some but still very unpleasant underfoot. Stan Driscoll went to winterton in the early moring & took
along 3 Cases Eggs & Brot to us 1 Brl. [Beef?] Brl. flour Sack oats & other things but owing to the
condition of roads Clarence had to go with cart to bring [to relieve him of] part of his load arriving at
Clarence did not go to school to day having spent much time hauling Manure. Wm. H & Reuben
Goodwin Qtn. Driscoll Wm Harris & Wm Barrett spent the day in the twine loft the latter tho. helped
John B.M in the sawing of a few planks sticks for Mr. Peter Avry. Business kept me employed all the
day. News from sealers brot nothing new to day
April 5, Saturday

Saturday 5th Another fine day In the morning it was a kin to calm until 9 am then light & variable until
evening it finally settled & blew lightly from the Eastward. Sea quite smooth. Little or no ice about
now. At 8 am C. with Stan D. accompanying him with horse & cart left for Old Perlican & retd at 4
pm bringing along 2-22[d?] butter and 25 lbs Tea. J.B.M. spent from 10 am. until 6 pm. at Mill Work.

Wm. H.G. R.G. Wm. Barrett Qtn. Driscoll & Wm Harris spent the day mending traps. Hy Pynn
Peter Durdle & Arch Clark went huntig for birds & seals having the use of our boats leaing here at 9
am & retd. @ 3 pm their efforts futile. News from sealing steamers very Glowing for all the Nothern
[sic] fleet
April 7, Monday

Monday 7 A cold day the air very chilling with a strong N.E. wind blowing all day a heavy sea on
bight filled with ice and soon the Bay will be filled again.
J.B.M. was in the mill sawing all day, as was also five men mending twine. Stanly D. was to Winterton
and returned soon after noon & Joseph Green of W. came along with him being engaged by us to do
some coopering in the way of making berry Brls. etc. The work was begun by him soon after his
coming here News from nothrn [sic] sealng fleet most encouraging
April 8, Tuesday

Tuesday 8th Weather conditions the same with N.E. wind and scarcely any warmth or brightness
whatever. The five men employed at twine were again at work as was also J.BM sawing Joseph
Green spent his first day with us making berry brls & put four to a finish. Nothing new to relate of
sealing Fleet
April 9, Wednesday

Wed. 9th A very unpleasant day dreary & rainy with Notherly [sic] wind & no sign of a change or
betterment in the weather. The men engaged mending twine were all at work again also J.B.M. who
spent the day sawing posts & other framing for porch railings & frame of Barking Vate [sic] was sawn
as well Arch Clark assisted the forenoon of yesterday & all of today. Joseph Green contined making
brls the work for which he was engaged. Business attended to but various conditions tends to stultify it.
Henry Pynn & three others men of Whales Brook sibly & Lead Cove left at noon for Hearts Content
en route for Sidney [sic] seeking employment for the next six mos.
April 10, Thursday

Thursday 10 Wind NE & light weather still very unpleasant but more of a change at evening. All the
twine men were at work today except Wm Harris who spent only a half through illness. Qtn. Driscoll
with Clarence spent the evening puttg up fence by the shop. J.B.M finished mill work at noon. J.
Goodwin was to H.Hr for us & carted down 2 Brls flour.
April 11, Friday

Friday 11th A better & a finer day with light Westerly wind The heaps of snow about melted much to
day The ice about the shore all moved away today. Wm HG & R.G. Qtn D- & Wm Barret worked at
the traps today. Joseph Green worked until evening at Brls & then went home. John C. D. & Nathel.
G- spent the day putting the Liver factory in shape which had been dislodged a few yrs. ago by a big
Attended to business as usual and at night attended service cnd by JB.M.
April 12, Saturday

Saturday 12th A fine day and a little warmer than yesterday with light W. wind. John C. Driscoll and
Nathnl Goodwin spent the day putting the factory wing into position again & finished. The men at work
mendng traps were all at work to day 5 in all. Business attended to as usual.
April 14, Monday

Monday 14 A very disagreeable day owing to the condition of the weather. wind strong S.E. some
sea on. Wm. H. & Rebuen Goodwin Wm Barrett Simeon Bursy & Wm Harris spent the day mendng
Trap. Nathnl. Goodwin all the day making vate [sic] in Cod liver factry Joseph Green arived again at
noon & spent the eveing coopering. First news recd from Josep Clark & others since going to sidny
[sic] Public despatch gave account of arrival of S.S Eagle yestery with 2200
April 15, Tuesday

Tuesday April 15th 1924
Weather still unpleasant the forenoon was about the worst this spring raining all the time in the
afternoon it cleared & the sun shone clearly wind W. with heavy sea on Five men were at work at
twine Joseph Green cooperg JB.M sawing & Nathnl. Goodwin making 2nd Vate [sic] in cod liver
factory. Stanly Driscoll left in the afternoon for Old Perlican enroute for sidny [sic] where he will labour
for the next six month. Sealing & Gulf news of seals more encouraging.
April 16, Wednesday

Wed 16th The weather to day was similar to yesterday Snow flakes falling at times all day a little chilly
with strong Easterly wind and a big sea which was greater than the proceeding days. Wm H & Reuben
goodwin Simeon Bursey & Wm Barrett was again at traps RG. & S.B. repairing the large trap made
last summer. Joseph Green coopering & J.B.M. sawing Berry Brl. staves all day The number of
[Berry Brl. staves] having been sawn by him, which finishes the sawing by him. At night attended a
prayer meetng led by JB.M. The S.S.
Neptune arrived at St. John's today from the seal fishery.
April 17, Thursday

Thursday 17 A little mild & quite [sic] in the morning but as the day advanced sleet & snow fell and the
wind rose to hurican force & veered from East to N.E. so that we experienced one of the worst days
this season The sea raged violently one of the bigest [sic] at any season of the year & seldom if ever
before was so big a sea in April. Four men were at work in the twine loft all day & Joseph Green
spent forenoon only coopring & then went home. Clarence with Naaman Reid accomping him left for
New Chelsea at dusk to make arrangements with the mail man there for bringing along daughtr Joyce.
To day we heard of The Bay de Verde railway having reached Old Perlican to take up the usual
April 18, Friday

Good Friday 18th
wind N.E. abating the storm of last night lessened somewhat but a very turbulent sea still on showing its
crest as far as the eye can try. weather very unpleasnt the ground covered with snow making it very
hard for man and beast. Clarence left at 11 am for Chelsea to bring home Joyce arriving at dusk with
her & sister sarah. Rev. Mr Anthny visited us at 4 pm & preached at the usual hour from st John's
Gospel 12 Chap 35th & 36th verse owing to it being Good Friday we did not have any one to labour to
day neither did we any work.
April 19, Saturday

Sat 19 Wind again N.E. with a furious sea still raging snow of yesterday disappearing. John Goodwin
was to Old P for oil but was disapped & brot to us only 10 lbs Tea and 2 Bush Oats Arch Clark was
to H.Hr. & Brot. to us 1 Brl. Sugar & 10 lbs Candy Wm. H & R. Goodwin Simeon Bursy & Wm
Barrett were again in the twine loft. Repairs was made to big trap & the one that had been fished by
Joshu Goodwin work is now nearly finished.
April 21, Monday

Mon. 21st Still another of those unpleasant days which has been a continuation of all the days of the
month. Wind Easterl with sea on as usual The weather makes it very hard for cattle particularly and
they suffer greatly on that account. Wm HG. & R. with Wm Barrett was the only ones at work at twine
to day Reuben making a Salmon Net. Joseph Green retd at noon & began the makng of brls again.
Gregory Harris picked up a very fine seal to day the pelt weighing 70 lbs Haywrd Clark was to Old P.
to day with mare & cart took along 2 Cases Eggs & brot to us one brl. flour.
April 22, Tuesday

Tuesday 22nd The weather was a little more moderate to day wind & sea the same. Wm H. G. & Wm
Barrett finished the traps at evening R.G. finished one of the nets to day except the corking. Joseph
Green finished the brls makg to day for a time Steamers report appeard in the papers to day or at least
the returned ones. The preparatin for leavng of several of our men is the talk of today
April 23, Wednesday

Wed. 23 A fine day and warm withal in fact the only warm day of spring thus far. The wind was very
moderate but the sea is still very rough.
Wm. H. Goodwin & Wm Barrett spent the day making salmon nets. Reuben Goodwin spent only the
afternon doing like work. Allen Barrett was to Wintertn with hrse & cart for Kerosene etc but retd. at
dusk empty. A general scarcity of many things now abounds in every place. Mr. Thomas Morris aged
75 a good & highly respected man died at 10 pm last night.
John C. Durdle, Simeon Snelgrove Wm Harris, John B. Mansfied Simeon & Harold Bursey Arch
Clark & John Goodwin left at 6 am for Old Perlican to take train en route all for Sidney [sic] except
J.B.M. who goes to Toledo U.S.A. Joseph Green went home at noon to day after making 32 Berry
Brls. & will return again on May 1st shipped to seve [sic] us until Oct 31st
April 24, Thursday

Thursday 24 again one of the most unpleasant days with cold sleet & rain & strng East. wind
considerable sea on still. The three men engaged at net makig spent the forenoon only. In the after
noon the burial of the respected Thomas Morris took place Rev Mr. A peach [sic] from the Timoth
part of verse I have fought a good fight. Three Lower Isnd Cove men were in attendance. In the
early morng 5 of our sealers arrived Geo W & Luther Mansfd Geo G & WH Goodwin Jr & Noah
April 25, Friday

Friday 25 Another day with sea, wind and weather like yesterday a continuation of it in every respect
if any difference at all the weather was more dirty & colder so that it make it particularly hard for cattle
to live as hay is all eaten up by every one & it is so hard for them to graze any. The nets were finished
except the work of corking in the forenoon by the three men working at them so that R. Goodwin did
not come to work in the afternoon. But Wm H. Goodwin & Wm Barrett began the makg of a pc of
leader for "Big Trap" & must needs spend another day ere finished.
In the early morng Geo. C. John C & Josiah Mansfield who had been away to the Seal fishry
in the Gulph [sic] in the S.S Sable Island returned all well but were unfortunat in not making a
The public dispatch brot. news of the defeat of the Govt. by a motion of a want of confidence
vote when the House of Assembly opened yesterday when five or more of the Govt. members crossed
the floor of the House & went with the opposition. This with the newspaper account of the arrest of the
Ex. premier Squirs & five or six othrs mentioned in the Walkers report guilty of graft caused the
greatest sensation in Govt circles Ever experienced in the country.
April 26, Saturday

Saturday 26 wind, sea & weather conditions the same as yesterday and all that have proceeded it durg
the month with no let up to it whatever. At 8:30 am. Clarence left for [Old?] P- & returned at 2 pm.
our freight not having come to O.P he returnd disappointed. several other men with horse & carts were
there for Seal Boxes & Bags in connection with the seal hunt. Wm. H.G. & Wm Barrett finished work
in the twin loft today having completed the makig of a pc of Leader (10 fthms.) for "Big Trap" Mr.
Martin Belben an old and respected resident of New Chelsea died there last evening. The public
despatch contained news of the Govenor having dissolved the House and of a Proclamation announing
that a Genderal Election will be held at an early date.
April 28, Monday

Monday 28th Wind moderate N.E. a little cold all through Jack Frost displayed himself last night
more than at any time for a long while Weather still very dull with an absence of heat sea still very
rough breakr at long distance all about
Clarence left for O.P. at 7 pm. taking Joyce along with him to take train for s.J. to finish up her season
at College C- returnd at 2:30 pm Mr. W. J. Button of O.P. visited us at 11 am & remained a few hrs.
Mr. Abram Button of Lead Cove an octogenarian passed away at 10 pm last night. The work of
revising the voters list was begun by [JOD?] to day preparatory to an election soon to be held.
April 29, Tuesday

Tuesday 29 A dull & a cloudy day with occasional showers of sleet wind strong N.E. sea still very
angry. Attended to business in the forenoon At 1:30 pm Left for Lead Cove Elisha going with me
having been driven there by Noah Driscoll with horse & wagon. Our visit was to attend the funeral of
Uncle Abram Button who was burried [sic] by Rev Mr. Anthony who preached from Philemon Chap.
verse. A large number was in attendance so that the church was well filled After the burial we
hastened home Mrs Rev Anthny being here meanwhil. The talk of every place is the forth coming
April 30, Wednesday

Wednesday 30
A fine day and somewhat warm with very light wind from N. dirrectin [sic] sea abating At 7 pm
Clarence Wilfred Clark, Eli Woodland & Geo. W. & Luther Mansfield left for freight at Old Perlican
& returned soon after dinner with a load each.
John C & Harold Driscoll left for Hearts Content to day enroute for Sidney [sic] where they will labour
for the season.
No new developments in the political situation and people are held in suspense awaiting the result
May 1, Thursday

Thursday 1st A bright sunny day the best this spring wind light S.E. sea abating A nice touch of spring

was felt by all Wm H. Goodwin was employed today making vate [sic] for barking traps. Joshua &
Reuben Goodwin was to Old Perlican for freight & carted there six cases eggs. Joseph Green came in
our service at evening Rev. Mr. Morris of Lower Islnd Cove visited us at eveing & with the Rev. Mr.
Anthny held the Missiony Meetng Mr. M. being the chief speaker who gave an address full of
May 2, Friday

Friday 2nd Weather very dull with appearance of rain which came on at 4 pm & with showers at
intervals until midnight wind Strong Southerly. Clarence, Ralph Bursy Eli Woodland & Luther Mansfd
were at Old Perlican for freight Eli carted down a Seal pelt they all retd at 2:30 & 3 pm. Joseph
Green spent the day removing potatoes from cellar to stable Loft. Wm HG- spent another day at Trap
Vate [sic] Jabz Clark & Haywrd with Geo. C. Mansf spent from 10 am to 4 pm at work at Slip the
two former with Wilf. C spent 4 hrs each yesterday at same work or removing rock cast on it by the
winter seas. Rev. Mr. Morris was with us until 4 pm when Rev Mr. A. called for him to visit
Brownsdale to hold the missionry meeting.
May 3, Saturday

Saturday 3rd A very fine day truly a may day with sunshine & lighter wind very light & Southerly The
sea in the morning was not al all smooth but as the day advanced it became moderately tranquil Geo C
Mansfield Eli Woodland & Joseph Green left in moter boat at 7:30 am for Old Perlican & returnd
again at dinner hour bring along freight comprisng of Brl. sugar 6 Brls Flour & Box Contng Paint
Joseph G. spent the afternoon with Clarence fencing.
Jabez & Hayward Clark spent about 5 or 6 hrs. working on the slip.
The day was more than usually busy in business.
No public despatch was given out this evening which looks ominous of ill boding politically.
May 5, Monday

Monday 5th Weather dull & sultry with an inclination to rain altho a real down pour saturated the earth
last night & the early morning. Wind light S.W. sea quite smooth.
The news of to day of interest to all contained in public dispatch was the formation of a new govt. with
Wm Warren Premier & Aty General and of a general election on June 1st This no doubt creates a
sensatin throughout this Dominion and will be cause for the greatest excitement until the thing is past.
Business was attended to as usual J. Green made a gate & did some mending to the fence Geo C.M.
spent an hour in mill sawing longers for slip
May 6, Tuesday

Tuesday 6th A nice fine day save for a few showers of rain at about 3 pm. and then it became quite fine
again. The air was a little cold all day The sea was again quite smooth & the wind was light and
westerly. To day was set apart for "cleaning up" day about church & cemetery yards. In the early
morning the church bell rang and 18 responded to the call vz. Alex. Harris Wm. Wheeler Jas. Pynn,
Wm Barrett, Bertram Durdle, Naaman Reid Joseph Reid Eli Woodland, Angus Driscoll, Hayward
Clark Peter Durdle Reuben Goodwin Joshua & Wm H. G., Sr. Geo W. John C, Josiah & Luther
Mansfd. These men whitewashd the church yard made the needed repairs to the same as well as
some to the roofing of the church, painted the gates cleaned up the yard & this work having been done
early in the afternoon the cemetary [sic] yard next had their attention. This too was whitewased [sic] &
gate painted and all done by 6 pm. Thus a very deserving work was done in the day which brings
credit to our church and commmunity. 3 ½ lbs Nls 1 Brl Lime 1 ½ pts L. oil 6-1[d?] Paint was the
material used. Joseph Green spent the day rainking [sic] & cleaning up the garden by the factry & the
field in and about the shop wife went to H.Hr. at 10 am was taken along their [sic] in wagon by Noah
Driscoll & rtd. again at 10 pm. spending a pleasant day.
May 7, Wednesday

Wed. 7th Another fine day but the air was somewhat cold all day. wind light & westerly sea smooth.
Joseph Green was at work all day again raiking [sic] & clearing the field of the rubish lodged upon it
during the winter Wm Barrett & Jas Pynn spent 4 hrs each in the after noon at work on Slip wharfe &
corking skiff Wm HG. also spent like time corking Vate [sic]. At night I attended a lively prayer meetig
but few in attendance led by Naaman Reid. Bertram Durdle whitewed a few lengths of pailng of fence
by factory.
May 8, Thursday

Thursday 8th Still another fine day with variable wind sea quite smooth Motor Boat with Geo. C.
Mansfield Joseph Green & Clarence went to Old Perlican at 11 am & retd. at 4 pm. with 2 Brls Tar
and one Drum oil. J.G. spent some time raiking [sic] field & helped in selecting & getting ready
moorings to set out for trap berths. Wm H. Goodwin again spent day caulking vate [sic] & finished the
job. Wm Barrett Noah Driscoll & Joseph Green went giging [sic] in the early morning & giged [sic] 8
- 10 + 13 (nice cod fish) respectively. These were the first gigged here this season & caused quite a
stir in fishing circles.
The Public News despatch brot. the very greatest surprise of all of the warren ministry having to resign
through the resignation of Minister of Posts Hawco & of Warren having asked the Government to call
on Hon A.E. Hickman to form a ministry.
May 9, Friday

Friday 9th A very unpleasant day with mist rain & thick fog all through. A heavy sea was raging all day
so that the "bar" and all the Shoals caused a seething foam about them. The wind was light & Notherly
Joseph Green spent about an hour on the field & then with Geo. C.M & Noah Driscoll spent the day
on the room putting trap moorings in readiness & barking the same Business was fairly brisk to day
The public despatch brot news of the Governor having asked Sir Wm Coaker to form a minstry but he
having declined then called upon the Hon A.E. Hickman & it is said he & a Cabinet will be sworn in
May 10, Saturday

Saturday 10th Another pleaant day with nice bright sunshine & a clear sky with light W. wind but a
great sea on but abating to what it was yesterday. At 7 am Clarence & Noah Driscoll with horses &
carts left for Old P. taking along with them two barrels containing 13 calf & cow hides to be shipped by
train to Hr. Grace & a steel Drum for St John's. They returned again at 4 pm. bring with them
considerable freigh viz Cork, [Nls?] hoop Iron, Felt, etc. Joseph Green, Geo C Mansfield, & Josiah
Mansfd spent the day barking two traps with all its contents. Joseph G. went home at eveing having
gone along with Carmen & Ralph Bursy as far as New Chelsea [Carmen] having gone there for a little
freight which was brot. there by mail man He got home again at dusk. Angus Driscoll spent from
10:30 am to 6 pm whitewashg Cod Liver factry & Ralph Bursy & John Driscoll spent the day
whitewasg yard leading past the shop to factory. Dr. Curtis visited us in the afternoon & suptd. schools
& proceeded up shore again. The New Govt. was sworn in at 11 am. to day the Hon. A.E. Hickman
May 12, Monday

Monday 12th A fine sunny day but with light N & E wind sea fairly smooth Joseph Green spent most
of the day on field & finsh at eveing & then digged the pc of ground above stable. Jabez Clark & Noah
Driscol spent the day making [cork?] for [slm?] nets & Wm H & Reuben spent the day (corking nets 2)
except the time spent at burial. Angus Driscoll [spent] forenoon whitewashg C.L. factry & John
Woodlnd Jacob Barrett, John Driscoll & Allen Bursey whitewhg yard leadng past the cook room they
too spent the forenoon only at this work. The burial of Geo [Gorden?] Mansfied son of Fred who died
soon after noon yesterday aged 14 yrs took place at 2 pm Rev Mr. A preaching from Amos 6 Chap.
the event of his death was[sad owing to the circumstance of his father being away at the Humber. To
day we heard of the Hon Mr. Monre [sic] leading the opposition party & at evng rcd. tel. message from
our lawyer A.G. [sic] King that he would be a candidate for this Distrct.
May 13, Tuesday

Tuesday 13th Another fine day with strong East wind sea practically smooth Servant spent an hour
digging ground above the stable and then was called to the "Room" where he spent the day Sewing
bottom in trap spreadg others & making other preparation for the fishng season Jabez Clark &
Reuben Goodwin spent the day in twine loft & finished corking the Nets [newly?] nets Wm Button of
OP. came here in the after noon & took three of them to O.P. to fish for us. Magistrate Vatcher &
constable Forsey visited us at breakfast hour & remaind a short while. The church received its usual
spring cleaning to day.
May 14, Wednesday

Wednesday 14th
A fine day & warm with S.W wind very moderate in the afternoon sea at evening quite smooth The
morning was a little wet with showers of rain & so our servant Joseph spent the morng in the hay loft
assorting potatoes. During the day he helped in buildig the outermost length to the slip sewed bottom
in the trap we are selling to a Mr. Devereaux of Trepassey & helped in setting and the fram of two
traps Clarence was to New Chelsea in the afternon on matters pertaining to freight & on his return
went to W.B. Pond with others troutng Zecharias Reid who had been away since last fall laborng at
sidny returned last evening & brot discouring reports of our men being without employ ment since going
there. Wm H Goodwin Jr Left at 7 pm for travel to HContent to entrain en route for Sidny.
May 15, Thursday

Thursday 15th A fine war day the heat of the sun was felt in a general way The wind was moderate
W. & S.W. with smooth sea. Our three men who fish on the room at first sent out in the Bight The
frame of a trap & Leader & soon after dinner hour set out the trap The bottom was also fastened in
I.R. trap the slip completed & other thing for fishing attended to. A few fish were giged [sic] by Alex
Harris & Jas Pynn this am.
May 16, Friday

Friday 16 Wind S.S.W. blowing strng at times with sea quite smooth. Trap was hauled for the first
time this season in the early morning result a tub or more of cod fish and some herring to which a
numbr was [helped?]. The S.S. Malikoff [sic] called soon afer breakfast hour & we shipped to a Mr
Gillard 2 Brls potatoes & there were landed for us 2 punt loads of goods. It rained considerable drng
the time the ship was here This was her first call this season since taking up this business.
Josiah Mansfield was with us all day cutting potatoes & prepared the ground above the stable for the
seeding of Turnips At evening Geo. Driscoll & Norman Reid spent 1 ¼ hours ploughing the cabbage
& potatoes ground by the cellar. The day was a busy one all through.
May 17, Saturday

Saturday 17th
A rather unpleasant day raining be times and very dull all through wind light and Easterly sea. Smooth.
Trap hauled in the early morning two tubs of Cod fish & many herring were taken from it after the
disposal of the fish. Geo CM. & Joseph G- spent the day on motter boat engine took it from its
bedding straightend main shaft & put it all in position a gain Noah D helped at other things as well.
John C M was to HHr with our horse & cart mostly in our interest re Mary E & while day we recd a
message of enqui. from Mr. Devereaus [sic] the intended purchaser. Clarence finishd cuttg & storing
his wood lodged by the door & cleard the yard up a little. The day was another busy one.
May 19, Monday

Monday 19th Another fine warm day with light S.W. wind quite a little sea on all day supposedly brot
about by the lfting of the tide. Trap hauled in the am. & from it 4 Tubs of cod fish 1 Tub herring & 2
Salmon was taken. The fornon was spent by the men on the rooms puting [sic] it away J.G. spent the
afternoon planting potatoes by the cellar to the extent of about half the plot of ground. wife & Mrs.
Barrett planted with Turnip seed the pc. above the stable. Geo & Angus Driscoll spent a couple of hrs
ploughing hill garden & the pc knwn as little garden. Ralph Bursey was to H.Hr. on business for us to
day & Clarence went up there at eveng with paint for the "Mary E." & returnd soon after tea.
May 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20th Winds shifting sea disturbed weather dull Trap hauled in the am two tubs & some
herring taken frm it. At 9 oclock a trap with all its contents was taken unboard Moter boat and [John?]
CM Noah D- Joseph G- & Eli Woodland went with it to H.Hr. & put it unboard of Schnr. M.E.
from thence they went straightway to Old Perlican & retd again at 3:30 briging 20 Sacks flour & other
freight owing to low water sea & Eastrly wind they had much difficult in landing & finally proceeded to
[Indin?] Point & landed there with ease. Clarence went to O.P with horse & cart at 10 am & retd at 4
pm having helped our men considerably. Wm H & Geo. Goodwin barked their trap to day John
Goodwin & others retd. home last night from Sidney, sadly disappointed because of no
May 21, Wednesday

Wed. 21st Wind West & blew a strong gale all day. The air was cold but the weather was fine &
clear. The sea is still very troubled. Trap hauled in the am. & 4 Tubs of fish of good quality taken from
it. The Monroe candidates Messrs Mitchel Tait & King with Dan Pelley of st. John's visited us at 11
am. proceeded to Lead Cove held a meeting at Brownsdal and on retrning here held a meeting at 2 pm
in our Hall of a very pleasing nature & then went on to Hants Hr. Joseph Green planted a few drills
with potatoes and in the afternoon went to H.Hr. with 8 cases eggs & some necessaries for the crew of
the Mary E. which schooner with Capt. John C. Mansfield Eli Woodland & Geo. Driscoll probably
sails to night or in the early mornng for St John's. much time was spent after tea in gettng letter ready to
forward re: her At Evening a Mr. Jno McGrath of st John's visited us representing two or three firms
and soliciting orders for his firms
May 22, Thursday

Thursday 22nd A fine day with light variable wind at evening it sprang up a fresh breeze from S.E &
continued. Some sea still on. Trap hauled at 7:30 (low water prevented pushing out sooner) & two
tubs were taken from it Josep. G. planted a few drills by the cellar after but spent the most of the day
with N.D & Geo C.M. getting ready a pc. of leader for the trap now out. At dusk N.D. & J.G.
ploughed the garden by Elishas house Mr. Malcolm short visited us for a little while at evening. The
schnr Mary E. sailed for St Johns in the early morning but owing to the light condition of the wind she
did not have a quick run so that we did not hear of her arrival.
May 23, Friday

Friday 23 A very unpleasant day with rain and a strong gale of S.- wind with a heavy sea on. toward
evening the wind began to act more W.- & sea abated some. Trap could not be hauled to day so J.G.
spent a little time cutting potatoes & finished drillng the spot by the cellear [sic] in the morng & then the
day was spent with the other gettng ready the pc. of leader began yesterdy & finished At noon we
heard of the arrival of the Mary E. at Carbonear and of her requiring a "Jib stay"
May 24, Saturday

Saturday 24 A fairly fine day with strng W wind and a sea on so that our men coud [sic] not push out
to haul the trap durng the day Joseph G with Clarence spent the forenoon hauling manure from stable
to potato lands afternoon Joseph planted a few drills in "New plot" and at 7 pm went home having the
convey of our mare & cart Clarence with Hayward Clark spent 3 hrs haulng manure & then went to
W.B pond visiting where pearl and others had previously gone.
The S.S. Malikoff [sic] called at 5 pm. having considerable freight to land for us but altho making a
persistent effort did not launch out, as owing to the condition of the sea it was considered to [sic] unsafe
to do so so she proceeded on to Trinity. We did not hear from Schnr. Mary E. to day which put us in
At night two Automobils or Motor Cars passed through here part- way on to point having taken the
wrong road.
May 26, Monday

Monday 26 A fine day or mostly so with Westerly wind blowing strng altho in the morg it was S. for a
while sea still very troublesome so much so that when our men pushed out to haul the trap in the small
row boat it was with difficulty and in landing had to do so at "Indian Point" having taken from the trap
just a few fish & herring Joseph G. & Carman spent the day drilling or planting potatoes & finished the
"new Plot" Clarence & Allen Barrett spent the day at Old Perlican having carted down a barrel of
herring to be shipped to Messrs Hay & Co. They retd. at 4 pm bring along Barrel Sugar, Beef, Paint
Brooms & other freight The Govt. candidates visited us at 4 pm. & spoke in the orange hall & then
proceedd to H.Hr. At evening recd. a message from JC.M. to the effect That Mary E arrived Mr.
Devereaux here everything O.K.
May 27, Tuesday

Tuesday 27 A beautiful day with a beautiful sun shining all day wind moderate W & S.W some sea
still on and as yet far from smooth Trap hauled in the early morning a score of fish about 2 Score of
herring & 2 large salmon was taken from it Joseph G. with Clarence spent the day plantng potatoes in
smal [sic] pc by the road & planted 3 Drill in hill garden. Rev Mr. Anthy visited us at 9 am was with us
all day & retd @ 7 pm.
May 28, Wed

Wed 28 Still another beautiful day a continuation of the weather of the last few days. wind W. & very
strng at evening sea more placid than for several days Josep & Carm was all day planting potatoe in
hill garden finishe [sic] one strip & part of the second. From 11 am. until 2 pm they were away at L.
Cove for frigt brot. by schnr Lucinda she being there discharge 40 Hhd for us.
May 29, Thursday

Thursday 29th
A dull day inclined to rain & foggy especially so at evening wind strng & S.E. & somewhat Cold. sea
fairly smooth. Trap was hauled as usual in the early am with poor result not getting a tub. Joseph G.
with the help of Clarence spent the day on the hill garden planting potatoes. John C M Eli W & Geo
D arrived at 1:30 am from st John's at 9 am. had a visit from John & heard account of the trip and of
the taking over of the Schnr. & cod trap. At evening the Ballot Boxes was [distrubted?] along the
May 30, Friday

Friday 30
Fine the forenoon afternoon it became very dull and at 5 pm. began to rain & a general down pour
came down & thoroughly saturated the ground. wind light & Easterly quite a ‘smart’ sea on. Trap
hauled in the am. one tub or a little more was taken from it. J.G. & Carman spent the forenoon
planting potatoes, the ‘hill’ plot was finished & four drills planted in pasture land plot. The S.S
Malikoff [sic] called at 2 pm. & with the use of the two small boats and a number of men & boys took
the freight from her which was landed on the slip. The evening. [sic] was a busy one in shop. Clarence
was to H.Hr. in afternoon to make settlement in paying men for labour done to Schnr. Mary E. &
Ralph Bursy was to Old Perlican for freight which came by train
May 31, Saturday

Saturday 31st A fine day but with strong Westerly wind and some sea on so that the Trap was not
hauled to day.
Joseph & Clarence spent the day planting potatoes in the pastur land garden doing a little more than
half of it.
To day was a busy one with us in the shop customers visiting us all the day
The planting of potatoes is about finished by most people as the week was a most favourable one for
that work
The election on Monday is now causing excitement by many when a verdict will be pronounced as to
who shell [sic] again rule this country.
At night had the pleasure of a visit from a man of Grates Cove informing us of the finding or pickup of
two new salmon Nets lost at sibley Cove being fished there by Simeon [?]
June 2, Monday

Monday 2nd A very fine day sun shone gloriously but the air was very cold in the morning and not at
all warm during the day The wind blew a fresh breeze from the West all the time and the sea is quite
disturbed The Indian Rock breaking almost continuously. our men pushed out in small boat & hauled
trap in the am. result one tub fish and a few herring Joseph with the help of Clarence (& Carman
hauling manure) were again plantng potatoe [sic] & would have finished the pasture land [sty?] but for
want of seeds to plant a few drills To day being polling day the school was closed so as the rooms may
be used for the booth. I spent much time at the opening & closing of the same The general talk all day
is the anticipated result of the countrys verdict on this electin. The Q.O.B. meet in our church at 4 pm.
The Rev. Mr. A. Mr. Malcolm short & others being in attendance. This is probably the last meeting of
Rev M. A pastorate The [sic] all went home at tea hour.
June 3, Tuesday

Tuesday 3rd Another fine day with light W. wind for a while & then variable. sea abating Trap hauled
early in the am & a tub or more were taken from it. Joseph finished the few drills left oer yesterday &
then spent the time in Elisha's garden. Clarence in the afternoon went to HHr on business & wife went
to N Chels to visit M. Button lately retd. from U.S.A. The counting of the ballots was of great interest
tody & results of Conceptin Bay Dist were much [?]
June 4, Wednesday

Wed. 4th A fine and pleasant day with bright sun & very light W. wind sea becoming smoother Trap
hauled in the am. and three tubs were taken from it. Joseph G. afterward spent the day planting
potatoes in Elisha's garden & finished the work. Geo C.M. & N.D. spent the day on the Room
painting skiff and doing other light work. Reuben Goodwin Barked a trap today which he intends to
fish for us. The result of the election caused interest all day The Monroe party taking a great advance
lead but Trinity Dist is evidently with the Govt. The day was a busy one in the store
June 5, Thursday

Thursday 5 Wind light & variable sea practically smooth weather fine in forenoon but with showers of
rain in the afternoon
Trap hauled in the early morning result 4 Tubs after the saltng etc. the day was spent by the crew on
the room making prepration in the fitting up moorings etc for the Indian Rock & the Big "Trap" &
Reuben G- netted the bottom in the trap to be fished by him. Clarence was to Old Per & rtd. at evening
with 10 empty egg cases and other freight. The result of Bonavista Trinity & st. Georges election was
made know to day Mr. Monroe being elected with his colleagues.
June 6, Friday

Friday 6th
A fairly fine day but with variable wind for the most of the day blowing moderately from an Easterly
dirrection [sic]. a big sea was on so that the Indian Rock broke the sea continuously and none of our
men launched out to day so that the trap was not hauled Joseph G. spent the day on the "Room"
coopering Trap Kegs & puncheons. The day was a busy one again in the shop many customers visiting
The result of the Election returns now gives Monroe 25 & Hickm 9 with St. Barbe & Burgeo yet to
hear from
June 7, Saturday

Saturday 7th A nice fine day with moderate Westerly wind quite a sea on but abating some toward
evening. Owing to the sea and not safe to launch out from the ‘Room’ the Trap was not hauled until 11
am and then they pushed out from I Point but did not get anything the Point Mansfied previously hauled
& got a qtls. [sic] At 4 pm. the "S.S. Malakoff" called Josep Green Herbert & Josiah M. went
unboard from the Point & we shipped by her 10 Cases Eggs & two small boxes were landed from her.
Joseph spent the intervals in the cabbage garden and around about it cleaning up the rubish & rmovng
rock from it at 7 pm he went home. At 9 am. heard of the death at Torquay of Mrs. Geo Bearns First
Caplin this season was cast by Herbert Mansfield not far to the S.W. of their Slip at evening when a
small school of excellent quality landed there.
June 9, Monday

Monday 9th A very unpleasant day raining in the morning and very damp & and [sic] cloudy afterward
wind strong & Easterly with much sea on so that no person pushed out and as a consequence the Trap
was not hauled. No caplin to day. school at the sands was seen in Joseph Green spent the day in the
mill making lobster cases Business attended to as usual. Constable Forsey of Old perlican visited this
place at noon & served summons on Quinton Driscoll at the instigation of his sister in law Case to be
settled here tomorrow. Noah Driscoll left for Bonavista on a horse mission.
June 10, Tuesday

Tuesday 10th To day the condition of the weather was a continutation [sic] of yesterday with wind and
sea the same in every respect. The trap could not be hauled because again of these conditions.
Neither were their [sic] any atempt to push out to sea by any person. Joseph again spent nearly all the
day at work as yesterday. Court was suspended because of illness of magistrate.
June 11, Wednesday

Wed. 11th Another day of very unpleasant weather just like the proceeding days of this week with
wind & sea about the same. The trap was hauled at 11 pm. Geo C.M. J.G. & Geo Driscoll with the
Point Mansfields pushed out from there with motor & small boat & hauled both their trap & our two
tubs was taken from the latter but the former was a blank haul. Joseph spent the evening with Geo. in
the woods rinding rinds for fish use he also made two egg [cases?]. With us the day was spent as
others doing work in the store.
June 12, Thursday

Thursday 12th
A fine day sun shone brightly all through. The wind was Easterly tho with a big sea on in so much that
no person attmpted to push out. Joseph spent the day first at egg cases then hauling timber from Geo.
CM to mill [& next?] raiking [sic] & reming rock from the land by the stage & during the afternoon
helping in the mill to saw timber hauled for Slip. Magistrate Vatcher with constable Forsey visited this
place to day & held court in school room Annie Driscoll haing summoned her brother in law R.Q.D-
for entering her home during her absence last winter & other charges. The cases proved to be beyond
the powers of the magistrate to decide & so he dismissed it. Unless they wished it to be settled in S.
Court at their request at any time.
June 13, Friday

Friday 13th A lovely day fairly warm with a nice sun shining brightly all the while wind s.w until evening
then light & Easterl. Quite a sea was on all day so that no business was done on the sea The S.S.
Malikoff [sic] called at 7 went to Brownsdale & then passed on meanwhile we had sent JGreen to
land our freigh at H.Hr and after him Ralph Bursey & John Goodwin went there with horse & cart as
well so that three load was brot along by dinner hour or soon after. at 2:30 Joseph & Clarence went
thre again & retd. at 9 pm. so that their remains 2 Brls. Sugar 1 Brl. Pork & 2 Brls flour.
Uncle Philip Button of Old P. was with us for a greater part of the day.
Lymn Woodlnd was with us whiteashng yrd. & Geo. CM was sawing in the mill & with the help of
Geo. Driscoll washed & [cured?] a few qtls fish on flake the first for the season Francis Pynn left on
S.S M. to day for Humber
June 14, Saturday

Satuday 14 Still another lovely day similar in every way to Yesterday Quite a sea is still on in
as much as no business was attempted to be done on it Geo C.M. & Joseph G. spent the day at work
put down 20 or 30 ft. of sawn timber on the upprmost part of slip they also fastened some piles to
breast work by the flake built a small bridge by stage as well. while N.D spent the day mending rat-
eaten places of "Big Trap" Clarence Ralph Bursy and Allen Barrett were to H.Hr & finishd hauling
home goods loaded from "Malicoff" [sic]
June 16, Monday

Monday 16th A very unplsnt day beginning to rain a little in the early morning it continued & in the
afternoon it increasd to copious showers & quite a lot fell The wind blew a a [sic] gale from S.E. The
sea is now quite [moody?]
Trap crew left in the early morng in Motor Boat with small boat to haul & see condition of trap
& found two mooring broken & trap torn considrably but no fish The trap fished by Point M- did not
yield any thing either. The work of putting some large netting in wall of Big Trap was begun &
continued until pevented [sic] by the rain. Clarence was to Old Perlican going their [sic] at 8:30 & retd
at 3 pm he took along 4 Cases eggs & brot. back a load of freight. Caplin struck plentifully in every
place today Fishermen along the shore debared from tring the fishing ground owing to the condition of
the weather.
June 17, Tuesday

Tuesday 17th A fine day until evening when it b ecame a little cloudy wind varible but for the most part
a strng Westerly breze was in action Sea quite smooth Trap hauled in the moring but none were taken
frm it afterward the day was spent by the crew barking ‘Big Trap [sic] and otherwise getting it ready
for setting out. Hook & line & trawlers were on the grounds to day found a sign & got a little from
now on will give some idea as to the prospect of the voyage
Clarence went to O.P. station in the afternoon for bale of paper and retd disappointed becasue
of incorrect [address?] Mrs. WH Button & her daughtr in law of New Chelsea now of the u.s.a visited
us at dinner hour and latter did some business of advantage to us.
June 18, Wednesday

Wed. 18th Another fine day with strong S.w. wind. sea again quite smooth. appearance of summer in
evidence everywhere. Trap hauled in the am. & two tubs were taken from it The crew afterward
spent the day at work on "Big Trap" barkng part of it spreading more netting bottom in it & doing
other things. The fishermen were all on the grounds & all got a little Caplin is now in abundance.
Clarence was to Old Perlican again in the forenoon for the bale of paper & retd with it at dinner
Geo. Driscoll & his son Angus left for the Humber to day
June 19, Thursday

Thursday 19 Weather like yesterdy wind blew a gale all day from s.w. & w so that fishermen had to
return early from the grounds sea again quite smooth. Trap hauled in the morning. 5 Tubs was taken
frm. it The day was afterward spent in building split stage washing fish and in gettng ready to put out
Indian Rock trap outfit but although having it put unbord skiff the day was to [sic] stormy to attempt the
work. Llewlyn Mansfd spent the day whitewashing stage or store. Carmen was to H Hr on business.

A good sign of fish reported by the fishermen of sibly Cove & the public news gives a/c of good fishing
at St. Johns.
June 20, Friday

Friday 20th Fine but changeable inclined to dullness at times wind variable but for the most time s.w.
Sea again quite smooth. Trap hauled in the am result 2 Tubs afterward the Indian Rock trap outfit
was set out all except trap itself 20 fthms of Leader was also fastened on the trap now fish. Wm. H. &
Reuben Goodwin & others set out their traps to day which was a very nice day in every respect for that
work. The point Mansfield brot a trap from H.Hr to day. The fishermen got a little fish to day [Hbt?]
& Josiah M- 6 Tubs
June 21, Saturday

Sat 21 A little dull today not suitable for drying purposes. wind N.W. and sea not quite as smooth.
our men pushed out in the moring but on going to the trap thought it best not to haul (owing to it being
so loppy) & retd again at noon Geo & Josep only hauled but got only a few fish Men fishing give
encouraging [accounts?] of the fish on the grounds but particularly so in the deep. Caplin in abundance.
The S.S. "Malikoff" [sic] called at 4 pm GCM. J.G. and Elisha went unbrd & shipped by her 2 Empty
steel drums & 2 c/s eggs & we recd. 16 pkgs of freigt The eveing was a very busy buying one in the
shop Crmn. & Lymn Woodland spent ¾ of the day whitewashing stable and Arthur Bursey & Jacob
Barrett stage with store.
June 23, Monday

Monday 23 A fairly fine day but with inclination to rain a scattered shower in the morning and also at
evening was about the extent of the wet. The wind was light & S.w. & the sea had become much
smoother than yesterday so that business could again be done upon it by noon. The crew barked the
trap that had formerly been fished by Joshua Goodwin Gathered up the Big one & put in the store &
made preparations for the setting of the trap at I. Rock tomorrow moring. In the afternoon they also
went out & hauled the trap that is now fished & found all intact but no fish. no fish Point Mansfd 2
Tubs. J & Hbt hauled 5 tubs. The C.H.E. Exams. being now on with Miss Malina sparks supervisor I
spent much of the day up in the school 17 pupils registered and a Commte of 4 were in attendance.
Lyman woodld & Arthur Brsy was with us whitewash in the afternoon finishng the stable.
June 24, Tuesday

Tuesday 24 A fine warm day with light variable wind sea fairly smooth Trap hauled mornng &
Evening about 5 ½ Tubs taken each time. owing to strng tide the IR. trap was not hauled. other traps
were set to day Those who set them on Saturdy hauled to day & found them almost intact & free from
any damage being done by sundays storm. Trap referred to as barked yesterday was got ready to day
to be set out in the place of the one that has be [sic] fished since day it was set out. Wm H Goodwin
trapd two tubs his first haul this season Josiah & Hbt M hauld 5 tubs others very little. Four boys
were again whitewashng & [finish?] mill & store so that this week is now complete for the season. The

day was largely spent by by [sic] slf [sic] in the school, doing the work requred of a Chairman of the
C.HE. Exams.
June 25, Wednesday

Wednesday 25 A dull & sultry day with somewhat oppressive air wind moderate & westerly sea
smooth. traps haued [sic] in the morng one tub was taken from the first trap set and nine from I.R
Trap first haul since setting At evening the both were hauled again but nothing was taken from them or
the others hauled. our men took out a leader & brot. in the one first set. The day was spent by them at
fishery doings. Alex. Harris trapped 7 tubs and Reuben Goodwin [trapped] 6 [tubs] in the am. J &
Hbt M- trawld 6 Tubs, but fish is not very plentiful and caplin this week has been vry scarce. wife this
afternoon planted all the cabbage garden & Clarrence after Exams trenchd ½ of the potato plot by
cellar The Exams claimed much of my attention during the day The fish store was whitewashed on
inside by Alex Bursey & Lelly Mans
June 26, Thursday

Thursday 26 A very rainy day continuing from moring until eveing & whist [sic] it was a heavy
downpour still a lot fell. wind strng & westerly sea quite smooth. Traps were hauled in the mornng
only and about 3 or 4 qtls were taken from them Gregory Harris had a like amount Alex [Harris] 3
tubs Reuben G- 2 Tubs the rest nill. J & H.M. again 6 Tubs from trawl. After putting awy the fish our
men spent the time setting trap instead of the one brot in in the moring which had been out since May
15th Rep. of Gillet & Co visited us at evening & reported fish plentiful at Bay de Verde & other places
but little from Old Perlican along our shore. wife finished plantg cabbage garden at evening Caplin that
was difficult to get all week more in abundance to day.
Lonsel Barrett little boy of Wm Barret seriously ill. Primry Exams were over at noon. Potatoes by
cellar all trenched.
June 27, Friday

Friday 27 A very beautiful day with a nice gentle breeze of S.W. wind very exhiliterating [sic] sea
quite smooth. Traps were hauled in the am and as a result 6 qtls of fish of excellent size particularly so
from one were taken from them At evening they were hauled again but the harvest yielded 1 Tub At
dinner hour the SS Malikoff [sic] called & we shipped by her 504 Flour Brl. Shooks. Joseph G. spent
the day on the room doing trapping or some job serviceable to the fishery. Clarence helped haul at
evening in the absence of Noah D- who was making preparation for the burial of Wm Barretts son
Lonzel who died at 7 pm. aged 6 yrs.
The traps of Point M. also did above other days in the moring 15 Tubs and at eving 3 qtls. Reuben
Goodwin also traped 6 tubs in the am. He with Wm HG- then went to H.Hr & brot. from thence 6
Hhds. salt. The Bros. M- fishing with trawl got 6 tubs agin to day. Wm Barrett & Jas Pynn who had
been away since Tuesday to G. Cove fishing retd. to day. The C.H.E. exams. which had been on all
week ended at 11:30 am. Clarence & Carman spent from 6 to 8 am. & also the late evening in the
garden who with the help of J trenched the little plot of ground by the barn. Fishery report along the
Shore the best yet this season. M Short & Son visited us
June 28, Saturday

Saturday 28 A fine warm day The heat of the sun was more intense than any day this season The
wind was S.W. & blew a gale sea again quite smooth. Trap hauled in the early am. ours 6. Tubs
hauled again at eveing but got none. Reuben Goodwin [&? Reu?] G & alex Harris each got a few tubs
Joshua & N.G. 1 ½ qtls from trawls Heard of three traps at H.Hr taking 15 & 20 qtls each Joseph G
& Clarence trenched new pc of grnd and a few drills in pastur land Wm Barretts little boy buried at
June 30, Monday

Monday 30 Fine as regards weather but not very bright with fog lying over the high land all day and
appearance of rain at times but it was the lightest shower fell wind S.E. & moderate. Sea smooth
Traps hauled in the am. upwards of four qtls taken from them Afterwrd preperations [sic] was made in
the way of collecting mooring for the big trap Clarence was to NChelsea twice and carted down the
mooring of two traps. At eveing the crew went to deepest trap & made repairs there to leader & retd.
at dusk. Points Mansfields & Albert Reid traped [sic] 20 qtls each Wm [H woods?] 2 qtls R.G 2
tubs. Abel amt 6 [qtls] His is now the beginning others got just a little The fish is of an exceptionally
large size and it is thought that a good voyage is now in store for many. The month now ends and its
ending is propitious of what is thought to be the begining of better times
Events of the mon

Monday June 2nd Polling day.
Q.O. Board held meetng in church

Wed. 4th Potatoes finishd by [plantrs?]
R.G. barked trap which he will fish.

Friday 6th sea on no busins doing.
Sat 7th Caplin made their appearance in a nice school and their visit is to be prolonged.
Monday 9th Constable Forsey served summons on Qtn Driscoll
Mondy 12th Sea on
Magistrate Vatchr held court her [sic] to day.
Fridy 13 SS Malikoff could not call here for sea landed our goods at HHr & had to cart it all
F Pynn left for Humber Valley.
Sat 14 sea on no business doing on sea Big Trap attended to 20 ft built on upper end of
Mond 16th Caplin struck plntifull [sic]
Tues 17 Big Trap Barked
Mrs. Button of us.a visited us
Wed 18 Geo Driscoll & son left for the Humber
Mon 23 Further preparations made for the Fishery C.H.E Exams. began
Tues. 24 I.R. trap set
wed 25 nearly all the traps trapped some fish this am.
Friday 27 Death of Lonsel Barrett aged 6 years Shipped 504 Flour Brl. shooks to Port Union C.H.E.
Exams over. WH.G. to H.Hr [per? for?] salt for R. Goodwin.
Sat 28 Burial of Lonsel Barrtt by Joshua Goodwin. A good sign of fish of a large quality on the grnd &
some taken from traps

Monday 30th A score of qtls fish Trapped by Point Mansfd & Albert Reid and several qtls by
July 1, Tuesday

A fine and a very warm day the sun shone with great splendour from its rising until its going The wind
blew moderately from S.w. sea smooth. Traps hauled in the am over 3 qtls [A?] Rid [sic] 15 qtls
Point M 4 [qtls] WmH & RG. one each Z Reid [2?] Harris upwards of a qtl each our crew spent the
day Gettng mooring ready for for the Big Trap & at evening set out some of them. Elisha melted the
second batch of liver this season. Dr. & Mrs. Newhook & baby visited us at dinnr hour & remaind
until 5 pm. Carman went to H.Hr on business at 4 pm & retd at 8 pm Nelson & [Claud? Clard?] went
with him
July 2, Wednesday

Wed 2 Weather wind and sea like yesterday a continuation of the same in every respect Crew hauled
traps in the morning as usual & took from them 2 qtls very large fish After putting it away they left with
the mooring & out fit [of?] big trap Clarenc & Hayw Clark going with them. This being set out the
retd. at dinnr hour, and after makg leadr ready they took trap unboard and left at 4 pm to set it out this
they did with the help of others & ret'd again at dusk. The Point M at evening trappd 3 qtls but the
oncly catches for the day was Albert Reid 30 qtls Zech Reid 6 qtls & Greg. Haris 4 qtls All others nill.
Trawlers also found it very scarce. Clarence & Mrs. S Bursy spent some time on hill garden trenchng
potatoes & she likewise in the evening
July 3, Thursday

Thursday 3rd Another fine day like yesterday light S.W. wind a little sea. The heat was intense and
caused it hard to labour. Traps hauled in the a.m. 3 Tubs of a very small quality was taken from one
and that was all for the day. The "Big Trap" was hauled for the first time at noon but without any result
and it was thus by all except Gregory Harris who got a few qtls. Reuben Goodwin spent from 9 am
until dusk mending a Leader as did also the other three when the time was opportune. The trenching of
the potatoes was finished in the early morning by Clarence & Mrs. S. Bursey. News was recd. to day
of some of our men who were labouring at Sidney had returned to the Humber & was workng.
July 4, Friday

Friday 4th Another fine bright day but intensely warm with very light or no wind until evening it blew a
fresh S.w. breeze sea quite smooth. Traps hauled in the am. (but not the Big one) and three qtls. taken
from them. about 100 oclock they went out and fastened another leader to BT. and retd. @ 2pm. at
evening two traps were hauled and 26 Tubs fish taken from them but the B.T. was not hauled for the
day Result of others AR 5 qts. am 15 pm Z. Reid nill Alex & G. Harris trap 3 [o 4?] Point M. 13
qtls RG 2 buts am W.H.G. nill R.G 1 qt at evening Trawlers all along the shore got vry little in some
cases none. The result of the Bye [sic] Electin in G. Grace Dist which took place yestrdy again resultd
in Messr. Bennett & Russel reelection.
July 5, Saturday

Sat. 5th Another day like yesterday & those that proceeded it all the week. sea quit [sic] smooth.
wind blew a strong gale from the west for the most of the day. The three traps was hauled in the am.&
a total of 2 qtls. was taken from them. Point traps a few fish each Greg H. 9 tubs Alex 3 tubs A.R.
few tubs other s nill. None of the traps were hauled during the day, save the morning so that their [sic]
wern't any thing taken afterward. Trawls doing little or nothing S.S. Malikoff [sic] called at 4 pm. we
shipped by her one case eggs and a Motor Boat load of freight was landed from her. The evening was
a very busy one in a business line. At 5 pm Moter [sic] Boat went to Old Perlican retd. at 9 pm bring
home Nellie & Joyce and some freight. Warren Goodwin came from the u.s.a. on a visit to his grand
July 7, Monday

Monday 7th A fine day respecting fallen weather, but a showr or two of rain fell at 5 am. and after it
was fine throughout until Eveing owing to N. & and N.E. & E. winds it [became?] cloudy. The wind
was variable but light all the time sea smooth until the veering of the wind it became loppy. "Big Trap"
hauled at the usual hour and 10 Taken from it other two hauled after breakfast hour & 6 qtls
taken from them At eveing IR & [Big? ?] trap hauled & 15 tubs taken again so that a score or more of
qtls. was the result of to day Clarence helped all the while. Reuben Goodwin six tubs Wm HG. 3 Zek
Reid 1 ½ qtls. & others from 1 to 3 qtls Some other traps on the shore got good catches To day I
was constantly employed in the shop & was helped by Joyce & [Clarnd?]
July 8, Tuesday

Tuesday 8th A fine day with clear cold air a strong gale of Notherly [sic] wind all day. Showers of
rain and a quick & sudden change of wind arose in the early morning. Sea quite distred and very
loppy, so that no persns attempted to launch out and as a consequence no business was done on the
sea. Joseph Green after sweep] chimny spent all the day in the garden trenching for the second time the
two small pcs. and the garden in pasture land & a pc. of the hill garden Mrs. s. [Brsy?] Carman &
Ralph [Brsy?] spent the day pick rocks of [sic] of hill garden & Clarence was to Old Perlican for three
Brls Flour.
July 9, Wednesday

Wed. 9th Another fine bright day with light Notherly & Westrly wind sea disturbed quite a bit and as
our crew could not launch out in the morning they spent the time until breakfast hour washing fish at
9:30 am. they pushed out at Driscoll place going to the traps took three qtls from the ‘Big one.“ The
I.R. trap was not hauled owing to sea & tide. At evenig Joseph G. & Clarence finished trenching the
potatoes on hill which finish this work for the secnd time of late
Elisha was very unwell to day owing to injuries recd. when he [fell?] from wharf to skiff on
Traps at Lead Cove & A. Austin Browsdal trapped several qtls At this place Z. Reid was best with six
qtls others one to three. Nathnl. Button called on us to get the liberty to fish one of our traps now in
charge of Elias Brookgs at Old Perlican This we consented to do.
July 10, Thursday

Thursday 10 The weather was like yesterday. The wind was light & westerly but the sea was very
rough so that none of the boats could do any business today toward evening it had the appearance of
abating. Joseph & Clarence finish the potatoes by the cellar and [afterwd?] Nailed some Felt on stable
& tarrd it also tarred Cellar & Toilet House. J. also helped at fish when required. Caplin was very
plentiful but the sea hinderd their landing. Business was of an active nature all through the day HG
Avery & wife visited us.
July 11, Friday

Friday 11th weather a continuation of the fine of the past days & very warm wind westery & a heavy
sea on much greater than yesterday so that their [sic] were no pushing out by any person. The S.S.
Malikoff called at 9 am. but could not land our Freight owing to the sea, and proceeded on to H.Hr.
meanwhile Claren. had left with 6 cases eggs to ship by her. Ralph Bursey Llwly. Mansfed also went
& retd. at 2 pm each with a load of fright [sic]. Carmen at evening went to N.C. to gather in hay for his
aunt S. and proceed to H.H. retrng at 11:30 pm. with Brl. Flour ½ Brl. R oats and Brl SBread. Mrs.
Joseph March of Old Perlican & Mr. Sml. short & wife of HH visited us and remained quite a while
Miss Clara Harris left by s.s. Malikoff [sic] en route for Montreal to go in service.
July 12, Saturday

Sat 12 Wind light & Westerly sea becoming smoother Weather fine for the most of the day but
nearing noon it had the appearance of a storm and this was in evidence at times during the day. our
crew spent from early morn until after dinner hour at work at the traps setting them in position again.
The sea had not wrought the trouble that was expected which greatly relieved us in the meantime the
[sic] had the good fortune to get 4 or 5 tubs fish. Albert Reid & Alex. Harris had to take theirs
unshore. Carman was to Chelsea helping his aunt store Hay Joseph Green went home at eveing
July 14, Monday

Monday 14th A dull day with Showers of rain in the forenoon wind very strong and Westerly, blowing
all day, sea smooth in the am. but at evening it was not so smooth. Trap "central" was the only one of
ours hauled to day one tub was taken from it and much mending done so that they did not return until
noon. The "Big Trap" was out of order for fishing and tide prevented the hauling of the I.R. trap.
During the afternoon and evening two mooring & Kegs were put in order to more substantially moor
the B.T. Reuben & Wm Goodwin & Zech. Reid each had to have their Leaders taken on shore being
broken quite a lot. The Point M- & Albert Reid trapped about 3 qtls. each Traps all around from
Grates Cove to this place torn more or less. A little grass was cut after tea hour about the cabbage
July 15, Tuesday

Tuesday 15 A very fine day a one of summer in its beauty. The wind blew a fresh breeze all the time
from the W The sea is fairly smooth The crew with clarence left in the early morng set the B.T. in
position & fastened two other mooring to it & then did some mending to Centre Trap they both were
hauled and three tubs taken from them. The I.R. trap was not hauled for the day as the wind was to
stop at evenig. RG. & Wm G. fastened leaders to traps again to day Traps with fish to report was nill
save Albert Reid who reported 8 Tubs. Carman went to O.P. at 9 am & retd at 4 pm bring along 5
Eggs cases 2 Sacks pease & Rice & box [hardware?] The grass round about dwelling & stable & the
garden by the factry was cut to day largely to Raymnd Good but Ralph Bursy Clarence & myself
played a part in the cuttng as well Joseph G. spent an hour [cutting] in pasture land.
July 16, Wednesday

Wed. 16 Another day like Yesterday but some degrees warmer. All felt the heat more or less The
wind was Westerly & moderate and a smooth sea Trap hauled in the morning the Big one only a skiff
& punt load of fish of a very large size was brot onshore & a few qtls given away so that the haul was a
score or more of qtls central trap hauled soon after noon & 6 Tubs taken from it At evenng I.R. trap
was attended to and the leader being in a wreckd conditin was brot. unshore. The point M-. had a big
hauld [sic] which broke their trap & lost it all with the exception of a few qtls.. [A.H.?] 8 or 10 qtls.
others nill Caplin reported in large schools Raymnd Goodwin spent several hours cuttng grass around
potatoes in the different plots. Carmen Nellson [sic] Mothr Robie & Nellie left at 10 am the two
former for H.H. the later three for New Chelsea. the [sic] returned nearing midnight
July 17, Thursday

Thursday 17th Another fine & very warm day with S. [Wind?] blowing moderately sea quite smooth.
B.T. hauled only in the morning 6 qtls. taken from it. Central trap hauled at 2 pm. result of the haul
was three tubs. The Leader of I.R. trap was taken in yesterdy [&?] that it was considrd useless to haul
it as the first opportunity it will be brot onshre Joseph G & Clarence spent part of the evening tarrig
cook room. Raymd Goodn spent 5 ½ hrs on field by shop cuttg grass & at eveng he with John G &
other helped in puttng in barn a few loads. Result of traps tody AR 3 qtls Point M- 6 tubs WHG 1
Tub others nill. The vry warm & dry weather is now disastrous to all plant life
July 18, Friday

Friday 18 Very warm again today another sweltering hot day more so than Yesterday. wind very
light S.w & S. sea smooth B.T. hauled in the a.m. & about 4 qtls taken from it C.T. was not hauled
for the day bottom cut out of I.R. trap and brot in & landed Noah D- spent the forenoon mendig the
leadr of the sam [sic] and nigh finished it. At eveing B.T. was hauled again & 15 tubs taken from it
[N.R.?] at evening also traped [sic] 6 Qtls.
4 Haywracks of hay from of [sic] the field was put in Barn after tea hour. Afternoon Elisha and myself
was driven to Lead Cove by Noah Driscoll and the Will of the late Abraham Button was read to the
immediate relatives by Elisha and then we hastened home again to find that the evening had been a busy
July 19, Saturday

Satur day 19 Wind, weather & sea was like the proceeding ones of this week Light sw very warm &
sultry weather & smooth sea Last night & well into the morn it raind quite a lot which the gardens
sorely [neede? need.?] The B.T. was hauled in the early moring & six qtls taken from it Afternoon
was spent by the crew [it?] picking DogFish from the Centre trap these pests is now about the grounds
every where in great quantity. Apart from the Point M which traped a few qtls. & A Reid 4 qtls. the
rest of the traps here or set out here is a failure In the afternoon the S.S. Malikof [sic] called here &
we shipped by her 3 Cases Eggs and flour Brl. Shooks in this business Jas. Pynn & Wm Barrett with
their Motor Boat greatly helped us. A Brl. Pork 2-42[d?] Butter Biscts. Tea & other goods was
landed from her Pearl went on her to visit friends at Bonavesta [sic] & Mrs. Ed. J. Warfied and two
children also went to visit friends at Wesley vill
Lawrence Mansfield 9 years old son of Josiah & Constance M passed away at [4?] am He had been
sick for a month or more
July 21, Monday

Monday 21st A fine day & warm with moderate S.W. wind and smooth sea. Trap B.T. hauled in the
morning & 6 qtls. Taken from it. The walls & one mooring of I.R. trap was brot in the bottom was
brot onshore on Friday and the Leader previous both being torn & no prospect of traping [sic] any fish
it was decided to take it up for the season B.T. was hauled at evening & one tub of large fish taken
from it A.R. 3 qtls in the am none at even- Point M- 4 qtls am & 6 at even Zech R 1 qtl in the am all
others nill. Carman was to O.P. for sugar & beans and was disappointed & retd. soon after dinnr. At
even John G- spent from 8 to 10 pm. cuttng hay. Harold Bursy & Douglas Reid left for Hearts Content
en route to the Humber in search of employment.
July 22, Tuesday

Tuesday 22nd Weather a little misty & some fog with light Easterly wind until evening it cleared and the
wind died out entirely. B.T. hauled at the usual time & (36 Tubs) or 9 qtls. taken from it. C.T. trap
hauled in the afternoon two tubs was taken from that also At evening BT. was hauled again and (30
tubs) or 7 qtls was the result an Improvement all about to day Zech. Reid 6 qtls in the am 6 qtls at
eveng. Albert R- 4 qtls am none [aftern?] Alex Harris 4 qtls. Point M- 4 qtls am none aftr Wm.H.G.
2 qtls a.m. R.G. none did not haul per the day. Carmen went to O.P. at 8 am. retd. at 3pm. with Brl.
sugar & 1 sack Beans. John Goodwn spent 3 or 4 hrs. cuttg Grass Elisha cut some also. Miss Mabel
Goodwin cam [sic] home from H.G. at 6 am. New Ministr Rev. Mr. Mallilieu came to H.Hr. in the
early morning.
July 23, Wednesday

Wed. 23 A fine day with moderate S.w. wind and a Smooth sea. B.T. hauled in the morng.
30 tubs taken from it C. Trap hauled at noon & 23 tubs was the result of the haul at eveing they were
visited but tide prevented them being hauled Zech & Albt. R each traped 6 qtls in the [mng?] Alex
Harris 4 [qtls] Point M- 6 qtls W.H.G 2 Tubs R.G. nill.
Carmen was to Old P. again to day will Clark going with him he retd. soon after dinner with Brl. Sugar
& a sack of Beans. John & Raymd G. at even spent 2 hrs. & 40 minutes each cutting grass on the
July 24, Thursday

Thursday 24 Rained considrabl during the night & early moring and accounted for dullness until 11 am
then it became quite fine wind light & S.W sea quite smooth. Trap hauled at the usual hour strong
tide and no fish. The room crew spent the day washing fish owing to magots [sic] having infested it.
Hbt. Mansfed spent 3 hrs. cutting grass & John & R- Goodwin 3 hrs. & 40 minits each. E. & J.G. &
C each cut a little.
Carman was to H.Hr. & carted home 2 Brls. Flour. New Ministr made his first visit with out [makng?]
any calls J.C. Mansfed was to OP to see Dr re Eldon & reports fish fairly good there. Here Albert R.
trapped a qtls at evenig the only lot got for the day
July 25, Friday

Friday 25 A very fine warm day with high Westerly wind blowing all day. Sea continus quite smooth
Trap hauled in the am as were other but a failure in every case except Point M-. who trappd 2 qtls.
Reuben Goodwin brot his with all its contents in and landed it & Gregry Harris took up part of his. The
S.S. Malikoff [sic] called at 8 a.m. & landed 1 Brl. Pork & a cheese & we shipped by her two cases
eggs. Carman was to N.C. storeing hay for his aunt J.G. spent the day on the Room doing work as
yesterdy Much hay was put in barn at night fall.
July 26, Saturday

Saturday 26 Moderatly fine but the most sultry day this summer every one complaining of the
opperessive [sic] heat. wind light & Westerly. Sea not quite as smooth Trap hauled in the morning &
44 tubs taken from it which had to be landed in small boat at evening it was hauled again & 9 ½ tubs
was the result. other traps in the morning resulted as follows Point M-. 5 qtls. A.R. 10 qtl Zech Reid
6 qtls Alex Harris 2 qtl At evening Albt Reid 3 qtls

Clarence Joyce & Elisha spent from breakfast to noon & from 3 pm. till 7 pm. putting hay into the barn
so that all the hay cut so far is now stored. Dr. Newhook was here to day and operated on Eldon the
son of J.C. Mansfied & took a pint or more of fluid frm his [side?].
July 28, Monday

Monday 28th A fine warm day afternoon heat was again oppressive. Wind strong & S.W. sea again
quite smooth Crew left at 5 am to haul trap but owing to a strng tide did not attempt to do so until noon
when they again left to haul it & succeeded in doing so the tide havng lessend greatly. They secured
two tubs only. The day save for those intervals was spent washing fish being greatly troubled again by
magots [sic]. The report of other traps are as [following?] Point Mansfield 4 or 5 qtls. Wm H.
Goodwin 1 ½ qtls Zech. Reid 5 or 6 qtls Albert R. two hauls 5 qts.
Much trouble was brot. about begining at noon & continuing into night by a fire started at Green Cove
& continued right on to Indian Point The fire it is alleged was started by a man of Old Perlican who at
the startng point was there for wood and in boiling his kittle [sic] was doubtles careless in extinguishing
it. The trouble and loss in its trail is apparently well nigh unbearable to several families who will be
called upon to bear the trial To day I was very ill with Bronchitis
July 29, Tuesday

Tuesday 29th Another fine day with a gale of S.w & w. wind blowing all the time sea quite smooth
Trap hauled only in the am. & 5 qtls. taken from it; apart from the time spent at fish in various ways the
time was spent at the scen [sic] of the fire fighting it some way as best they could. The dwellings barns
& outhouses of Eli, Hayward, Wesley & Joshua Goodwin & Luther Mansfied was all destroyed & the
community life of this part of the place entirely wipped [sic] out. Constable Forsey of Old Perlican
came here at evening to investigate & do duty otherwiss [sic] and at night Sergant [sic] Vardy of
Carbonear motored here to do like service.
Clarence was to Old Perlican & brot along 3 Brls. Flour & 1 Box Biscts. Result of other traps
reported Alex Harris 4 qtls. Zech Reid 6 qtls Albrt Reid 6 qtls. Point M- WH.G none Wm Brown
Brownsdale 11.
July 30, Wednesday

Wed. 30 Another day like yesterday with moderate S.w. wind & smooth sea The Central Trap was
the only one hauled in the early morng & 5 qtls of very large fish was taken from it. it appears more
than twice this amount was in it but a bad leaf of twine having given away it was lost. at evening hauled
again & two tubs only was the result. All other traps hauled in the am but to no service

Carman with Jacob Barrett was to O.P. & retd at even with 3 Brl. flour & 1 Sack pease Three loads
of hay was put into barn. Sargant [sic] Fardy and Constable Forsey was with us all day doing duty
resptc fire several men of H.Hr. was also down here to render any service possible. The Rev Mr.
Mallileu was here on same business for a little time. The fire was not so serious to day and seems to be
burning itself out. At noon heard of a very disastrous fire at Caplin Cove to a greater extent than ours
in that more home [sic] were destroyed and greater property damage. Soon after breakfast Elisha recd
a message from Jas & Caleb Thorn of Whales Brook now of the U.S.A. informing him of the sudden
death by the unfortunate Killing of their brothr Alpheus and to break the news to their father which he
did Mrs. Julia Morris also recd letter acqting her of the death of her son Archibald
July 31, Thursday

Monday 31 Another fine day & warm with all almost [unbeable?]. wind strong and Westerly sea
quite smooth.
Noah Driscoll being away to Old Perlican with his little girl Geo & Joseph hauled the Ctr. Trap only &
secured 7 tubs At evening the B.T. was hauled & 4 ½ [tubs] taken from it. The day was spent by
them on the room attending to fish handling it in various ways Wm. H. Goodwin secured the best haul
today upwards of eight qtls. of very large fish. Albt. Reid 4 qtls. others nill Nothing doing with hook
& line or trawl on our grounds for a long time so that the fishery apart from a few traps is next a kin to a
failure The fire to day is a great trouble still covering a large space of ground and with change of wind
would be apparently more dangerous. The fire sufferers feel their uncomfortable position immensely.
News of the Caplin Cove fire too is sad indeed Constable Forsey was taken home in our motor boat
in the early morning but Acting sergeant Fardy remained with us. Clarence was to Old Perlican &
hauled from there 3 Brls. Flour & afterwrd put in Barn 1 Wrack [sic] of Hay. Nellie at night had a
birthday party invited & quite a nice time they enjoyed
August 1, Friday

Friday 1st
A fine & very warm day with light S.W wind & smooth sea Traps hauled in the am. and 15 qtls. were
taken from them Wm H Goodwin 5 qtls Point M- 10 qtls A.R 6 qtls ZR. 1 qtl. at evening their [sic]
were none taken by any person.
Fire is still burning and causing anxiety all around and until rain falls will be a trouble Seargat [sic]
Fardy still with us.
J.W. Clouter of Catalina Hon. P. Templemans representative called on us at evening in the interest of
fish buying.
Raymond & John Goodwin spent 1 ¾ hours each on our field mowing hay & finished it they also spent
some time cutting on the hill
August 2, Saturday

Saturday 2nd Fine but inclined to be lowry with an hopefulness of rain which fell at night to some
extentent [sic] but not the downpour wished for. The wind was S.E. which caused the sea to be loppy.
The traps were visited in the am but a strong tide was running so that none were hauled. Soon after
dinnr hour the C.T. was hauled the only one for the day & 3 ½ tubs was taken from it. Soon after or
about 5 pm the S.S. Malikoff [sic] called and we shippd by her 3 Cases Eggs and landed from her 12
Brls & 12 Sacks Flour. owing to the very low tide and the loppy sea at the time it was with
considerable unpleasantness & inconvenienc it was accomplished Geo W.M- of the Point greatly
assisted us in landing for his Kindness we were grateful. Sargeant Farday left for his station again at
Carbonear soon after dinner hour. The danger from the fire being now over Noah Driscoll drove him
there John & Raymond Goodwin spent mowing grass in the farm The fires The strike at The
Humbr the unemployment situation at Sidney & the U.S.A. has been the topic for conversation all the
week. Jacob Warfield at one time a resident of this place but now of the U.S.A. came to this place on
a visit yesterday morning.
August 4, Monday

Monday 4 A nice fine day particularly so for fish curing & hay making purposes as the fresh breeze all
day of West wind tended to help in this way. sea again quite smooth Traps were hauled only in the am
but owing to strng tide their [sic] were no fish taken by any person a tub was the most taken by our
crew. Carman with Warren G- was to O.P. to cash a Bank Cheque Clarence & J.G. spent nearly all
day at I.P. helping fire sufferers put up their fences again. Nearly all the men of the place were helping
in the same work. Rev. Mr. M- visited us for a little time on his way to Brownsdale to perform a
marriage ceremony.
August 5, Tuesday

Tuesday 5 Not quite so fine inclined to be dull and lowry with light S.W. wind sea smooth. No one
hauled their traps to day thinking it would be of no avail governing themselves by the result of yesterday
Joseph & Clarence spent the afternoon mowing hay in on the field & Jno. [Goodwin?] was with them
as well. Elisha & Carman gathred up a load of hay on the field which finished this [field] for the season
two load was hauled from the farm as well. The putting up the firesuffers [sic] fences engaged the
attention of some again to day Dr. Newhook again visited Eldon M- and was with us quite a time The
corpse of Alpheus Thorn was brot to his home this morning.
August 6, Wednesday

Wed 6 Moderately fine but very warm & sultry with light S.W. wind & smooth sea Traps hauled in
the am ours 5 Tubs W.H.G- 6 Tubs Zech Reid a qtls. [sic] others nill Alex. Harris took up & brot
unshor his trap finishing with it for the season. Joseph & Clarence spent most of the day on the farm
cutting grass. The [sic] also barreled out about 10 qtls waterhors fish & spread it. Many of our people
in the afternoon went to Brownsdale to attend the funeral of Alpheus Thorne.
August 7, Thursday

Thursday 7th A rather dull day unsuited for either the curing of fish or hay and neither was benefited in
a curative way the wind was light & S.W. The morning was quite calm. Sea quite smoothe [sic]. late
at night it rained consideraby more than it has for weeks so that the ground was releived [sic] of its
thirstyness. Traps hauled in the am our 2 qtls. Wm. H.G. 2 qtls. Z.R. 3 or 4 [qtls.] At evening ours 3
Tubs W.H.G. 2 qtls. From all I hear this was the result here to day. Joseph & Clarence again spent
the day mowing on the farm.
The Rev. Mr. M-. was with us in the afternoon & held public meeting in the School in the interest of the
fire sufferers. A committee was appointed for collecting and other purposes and much routine work
was done The going in pairs to each of the large settlements from HContent to this place the sending
out of books to reliable parties for collecting was some of the things done. Nathnl. & John Goodwin
left for HContent en route to the Humber in search of employment
August 8, Friday

Friday 8th wind S.W. blowing a strong breeze throughout the day, and at times in the forenoon rained
heavily. sea quite smooth. owing to the might of the wind none of the trap men attempted to haul in
the morning nor for the day so that the wind & weather prevented operations in any way. The S.S.
Malikoff [sic] called soon after breakfast hour Joseph G- Noah D-. & Herbert Bursy went unboard
& we shipped by her one case eggs and there were landed for us 2 Brls. Sugar and 3 Casks Kero.
Pearl who had been at Bonavista and Mrs. Ed. Warfield & 2 children at Wesleyville since July 19
returned by her. Joseph & Clarence spent the day mending Boots & Carman in the afternoon took 2
Brls. flour with horse & cart to Brownsdale & Sibleys Cove.
August 9, Saturday

Saturday 9th A fine day with S.W. wind blowing moderately Sea again quite smooth. Traps now out
were hauled again in the am. but there were not any fish taken from any of them, nor from any on the
shore and it appears as tho. the trapping season is over. Joseph G & Geo. C.M. spent the day packing
fish in the stage for fear of mgots but found it o.k. Elisha spent most of the day raking the farm but
owing to Carman being at Chelsea helping his aunt getting in her hay & late when he [retd?] ours [had?]
to remain on the field. Albert & Naaman Reid went to HCont & John CM- & Alex Harris to New P-
& Turks Cove collecting in aid of Fire sufferer Qtn. Driscoll & W.H.G. did the same work beginning
at LC & along this shore. J.G. went home to visit his famil at eve.
7 1/8 qtls. was collected of Messrs. [Bentt?] & Pynn & stored
August 11, Monday

Monday 11 The weather to day was very unpleasant warm and more sultry than ever so that many
thought it the warmest of all that we have had this summer It also rained some at times all day but
particularly so at eveing & night this of it self was welcome for the crops badly require it as well as in
many other ways.
Big T. hauled in the am & two tubs taken from it. After the morning the Central Trap with all its
contents was taken up & landed. Clarence hauled frm I.P. to store 3 Hhds & ½ tubs salt that had been
in store of R. Goodwin collectors report of Saturday was heard to day. The return at Sibleys Cove of
4 or 5 of its men who had been labouring in the U.S.A. was heard about to day
August 12, Tuesday

Tuesday 12th A dull & sultry day so that fish & hay could not be benefited in any way wind S.W. sea
again quite smooth Trap hauled in the am ours 1 Tub Point M- [qtls?] or more & the same at eveing
A. Reid 1 ½ qtls. at morning. our crew spread for drying, trap taken up last eving. J. did some work in
store at eving & visited trap again. Wm H.G. took up & brot. onshore his trap with all its contents.
Wm. J. Button of Old Perlican visited us to day and brot. proceeds of salmon caught in our nets
Elisha left for O.P. at 6 am (being driven there by Noah Driscoll) en route to Carbonear Harbour
Grace and St John's.
August 13, Wednesday

Wed. 13 Another day with weather conditions same as yesterday and like other proceeding ones of
this month. Wind S.w blowing moderatly sea smooth. Rain fell almost continuously until noon so that
fish & hay is suffering for want of fine weather. Trap hauled in the am. but only a few fish were taken
from it. [S.R-?] 2 qtls. the only lots taken to day. Clarence went to O.P. retd at 2 pm carted to us 1
Brl. Sugar & 1 Cs Ev. apple & brot. the news of the sudden death last night at O.P. of Simeon Jolliffe
his passing away seems tragic owing to the circumstance of the fire here & his connection there with.
Several of the friends who had been away to the US.A from Sibly Cove for some times visited the shop
this afternoon.
August 14, Thursday

Thursday 14th During the early morning and until 11 am. rain fell in torrents so that brook, and drains,
are filled to overflow & the ground is well delluged [sic]; it was sultry with all, so that the weather was
like so many of the past. The wind was S.w. & a fresh gale at thats sea again quite smooth. Owing to
the strength of the wind and rain none of the traps out now were not hauled for the day. And no fish or
hay could be handled in any way, and are suffering for want of sun & fine weather. Joseph & Clarence
spent the day in the cod L. Factory filled 3 Casks with [C.C.?] oil put up a press & cleaned the
Engine which was in the worse dirty-state immaginable [sic]. The floor was also cleaned so that much
important work was done. The fire and its results was the talk of the men at leisure.
August 15, Friday

Friday 15 Still another dull sultry & rainy day all through followed one by another wind blew a strong
gale from S.w. sea smooth Traps could not be hauled for wind & tide but were visited in the
afternoon. Joseph & Clarence put up two presses in the morning at at 11:20 C. left for O.P. & retd at
evening bring Brl Beef 4 T Butter ½ Chests tea & other goods. J. did a little work to Cabbage garden
& helped in othr ways. Thos Strng of O.P. visited us at even Jacob Warfied spent a few [hrrs?] at
night with us
August 16, Saturday

Sat 16th Still very dull & sultry but clearing a little and no rain fell to day wind light & S.E. sea smooth
Trap hauled in the am but no fish and we would rather that it was in again. J. & Cl. spent the forenoon
in the factory two presses were put up & other work done of a pleasing nature in a general clean up.
Clarence spent the afternoon with R.G. out in boat hunting small birds. Much time was spent waiting
for S.S. Malikoff to call her [sic] but did not call & put in an excuse because of fog on Noth side of
August 18, Monday

Monday 18th Their [sic] was a continuous down pour of rain all through last night so that every drain &
brook is filled again to overflowing and on the meadows & roads pools are everywhere. At times the
weather would appear to clear some when soon showers would appear and it was allthrough [sic] the
most sultry day of summer. Wind S.W. & moderate. Sea becoming smoother. Joseph & Clarence
spent much of the day in C.L.F. attending to presses & casking oil. Rev. Mr. M- was here until
evening and in the afternoon burried [sic] the child of Mrs. Napman. Recd. message from Elisha stating
that this evening he was taking train for St John's. Simeon Snelgrove who had been away to Sidny
[sic] since May retd. yesdterday out of employment.
August 19, Tuesday

Tuesday 19th This morning a change seemed apparent and had the semblance of being fine and as the
day advance [sic] thus it proved especially so in the afternoon when it became quite fine. Wind light &
W. sea smooth. Crew whent [sic] to trap in the usual early morning & brot. on shore Leader, bottom,
and one mooring. The day was spent washing [slimy?] fish and spreading as much as could possibly be
handled. Joseph late at evning put some hay that had long been cut in heaps again. several qtls. in
store that had become damp was attended to by me. At evening recd. message from Elisha acquaintg
me that fish was now $8.70 Talqual Nellie & a pleasure party spent the evening at yonder end of place
by the sea shore at a pleasure resort & Clarence spent the who [sic] eving boatng & sporting.
August 20, Wednesday

Wed. 20 The morning was dull and fearful of a fine day but fear was dismissed after 9 oclock when the
sun shone out in full splndour and it became one of the most beautiful days of summer. wind light &
Westerly sea smooth.
Our crew left in the early mornng & brot onshore the walls of the Big Trap & hauled it on the meadow
Clarence went to Brownsdale & carted there 3 Brls. Flour and one empty oil Cask & retd at 1 p.m.
bring back a cask of oil At 1 pm The Schnr with JW Clouther buying fish for P Templetn Esq
The eveing was spent in puttg fish unboard of her 60 ½ qtls Trap fish 13 slop fish and 6 or 7 lots was
sold beside amountg to 104 qtls. He is staying here to night with the hope of getting other lots
tomorrow. Hbt Bursey left for H.C en route for Humber Tuesdy 19th
August 21, Thursday

Thursday 21st Dull in the mornng clearng at 10 pm & then became quite fine & was a very good day
agan for the drying of fish & hay. Wind light until noon & then a strng breez of S wind. sea not so
smooth as yesterday. Crew spread the trap on meadw left over from yesterday & then spent the day
on the room attending to fish in various ways.
The schnr that was here yestrdy remaind all night & brot. several small lots of fish from party's [sic]
here, & at 1 pm went to Brownsdale but disappointment awaited them there, & they proceeded to
HHr. Carman was to O.P. & brot along Brl. Beef & R Oats Box peaches & raisins going at 11 am &
ret. at 7 pm. Clarence was ill to day. Nelly & Pearl with others was away all day down shore a berry
Grass that was cut on 5th & 6th inst but owing to bad weather had been lying on field was put in barn
this evening Two Casks Cod oil was shipped by us on board schnr.
August 22, Friday

Friday 22 The sun arose with much brilliancy but its brightnes waned and the day was dull with
scarcely any time fit for drying Wind light & Southerly. The S.S. Malikoff [sic] called at 9 am & we
shipped by her 20 Brls (154) shuks & 4 cases Eggs. Joseph G. spent some time washng fish & in the
afternoon with Clarence put up two presses & did other minor things coopeing casks & cutting Linnett
from walls of B.T. Barrett & Pynn who had been at the G Cove fishing retd. & since they [? ?] caught
10 Punchen Fish Josiah & Hbt M. caught 5 tubs out [here?] yesterday.
August 23, Saturday

Saturday 23 Wind Easterly blowing a fresh breeze all day sea smooth weather dull. Crew went out
to where B.T. was set & brot. in 8 Grapnels & moorings that the Leader was fastened with Some fish
was attended to by them Central Trap & its moorings was taken up & stored Wm. H.G- also stored
the one fished by him Joseph did a little work in the factory and at 6 pm. went home News of the
coming of the new teacher Miss Collier was recd. and Albert Reid was engaged to go to HContent for
her. He returned at after midnight or nearing 3 am with her
August 25, Monday

Monday 25 A dull & a very sultry day. So that fish was not spread for drying, at the close of day the
mist & fog lifted and betokend a fine one on tomorrow... wind light and variable. Noah Driscoll being
ill Geo CM. Joseph G- & Clarence went out at 7 am. & brot in the 11 rem. mooring & anchrs of B.T.
The forenoon was spent in attendng to this work. After noon the fish on the flake recd. lookg after and
J- put up two presses. He retd. from Winterton at 6 am & brot. to us 3 chests tea Box S.L. soap 2
Boxes yeast & a side of Leather. At 6 pm. N.D. with my four girls went to H.Hr to perform his
promise in giving them a drive and retd. at
August 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26 Another dull day and not at all suitable for the curing of fish or hay. Joseph G. with others
spent some time washng fish and then spent some time cutting grass by tel office
Elisha after being away for just a fortnight returned this am. being driven here by Joseph Coombs the
Rev Mr. Anthony coming along with him and remaining the day & night. At 10 pm Mr. Howell Messrs
Harvey & Co's repstve. visited us with his wife & little son who after a short stay durng which we
chatterd on various things left for H.Hr. Clarence was to O.P. & brot to us 3 Brls Flour.
August 27, Wednesday

Wednesday 27th Another dull day rained a little and blowed a storm from the Southward particularly
so in the afternoon when it was at its height & blew with hurrican force. Sea quite smooth Clarence
left for O.P. at 9 am and retd at 3 pm with 3 Brls flr Rev. Mr. A- bid us good by at 10 am & left for
O.P. Joseph G. spent some time in factry did a little coopering & cut some hay. wife to day very sick
and in bed Soon after tea Nellie recd. message from Miss Annie Jones of Catalina informing her of the
sad news of the sudden death yesterdy of her boarding master Mr Willshire
August 28, Thursday

Thursday 28th A beautiful day splendid for drying purposes until evening it became quite dull with the
appearance of rain which did not fall. The wind was S.W. and in the afternoon blew almost like
yesterday but at dusk it lessened again. Clarence was to O.P again to day & carted home 10 Egg
Cases case onions sack pease Roll Leather Box soap & small box Gcs. Josep G. was at work at
fish all day but at evening cut some grass. Jacob Warfield who had been here from U.S.A. since Aug
1st left agan for that country in the am. Carman was to N.C. with Brl. flour at eveing. Busines attend to .
several people to see Elisha on Road matters etc. Wife still very sick but a little better toward evening
August 29, Friday

Friday 29th A beautiful day from dawn till setting sun all that could be desired for the curing of fish &
hay. wind light & westerly sea smooth until evening when it became quite disturbed doubtless caused
by the high tide with the beging of the New Moon tomorrw morning. Joseph G.- with the room crew
spent the day washing & spreading fish & many were engaged in like work. Clarence was to Old. P.
again & rtd. soon after dinner with 2 Brls Flour & 1 S oats Miss Smiths (2) Mrs. (Rev) Mallileu of
Hants Hr & a Miss Hopkins of Carbonear visited us at evening as did also Jas Sheehan of Hants Hr. on
August 30, Saturday

Saturday 30 Fine betimes at others showerng particularl so in the mornig & at evening. Fish was
spread during the interval and dried fairly well. Wind light & W. Sea is quite disturbd and breaking for
a long way off Clarence left for O.P. at 9 am. & carted down 3 Cses. Eggs & brot to us 3 Brls. Flour
N. Driscoll went to H.Hr at 6 pm for freight landed from of [sic] the S.S. Malikoff [sic] he retd. at 10
pm carting to us 10 Bgs Nails & other goods The S.S Malikoff [sic] terminates her duties by order of
the Govt. in this Bay now & will not call again The crew washed several qtls fish to day & Joseph put
up two presses & this finishes this work in this respect. Jas. Driscoll who had been away since March
26 retd. @ 3 am.
September 1, Monday

Mondy 1 A dull day with light Notherly wind. Sea abating The weather seemed to have the
appearance of clearing but the sun would withdraw its brightness soon after sending it forth so that fish
& hay derived no benefit to day. Joseph G. spent most of today washing fish and at eveing helped
Clarence gather up grass [cut rolled?] & hauled on dry ground. Rev Mr. M. Malcolm Mr Short & the
fire Commit meet in the afternoon to make plans for the rebuildg of homes for the fire suffrers. Little
progress was made.
September 2, Tuesday

Tuesy 2 Another dull day all through. The sun shed forth little or no brighness but the heavy sky
betokened rain at times Wind light & S.W. Sea becoming smoother. Joseph with GCM & N.D.
spent very much of the day washing fish. At evening he also helped in putting into barn a load of hay
and did some factory work. Clarence was to OP. & carted home 1 Tc. Tar & 2-22[d?] Butter The day
school opened to day under the tuition of Miss Collier. Wm H. Goodwin Jr & Harold Bursey who had
been labouring at the Humber retd. in the early morning.
September 3, Wednesday

Wed. 3 Weather still dull with little or no inclination for dryng purposes At even & night it rained a
little wind blew a fresh breez frm S.w. sea abating some. Joseph G. with his helpers spent nearl all
day washing fish at eveing he spent a little while in factry [boiling?] up oil. Clarnece spent forenoon
gathrng wood. Business was attended to with good results some a/cs settled. N.R. took in his trap the
only one remnig out now
No event of importance to relate Talk of the people is the weather, curing of fish and the moter truck
September 4, Thursday

Thursday 4 Weather again the worst of this week very dull and in the afternoon it rained a regular
down pour with strng S.W. wind quite a sea still on. Clarence was again to O.P. & carted home [4?]
S. Flour 1 Box Book & case goods & 1-42- Buttr & carted down a steel drum. Harold Bursy carted
down a steel Drum & brot. 5 Sacks Flour John Woodlnd also brot. to us 3 S. Flour & 1-42 Butt[er]
Joseph G. spent the day in the factory washing press Bag. & Boards people at leisure to day owing to
the weather As. neither fish nor hay could be handled Business attended to all day
September 5, Friday

Fridy. 5 Dull and lowry until noon when it began to clear & became quite fine so that the evening was
splendid for drying fish and the time was certainly availed of by the few who have this commodity to
cure. Clarence & Llwly. Mansfield went to O.P. at 8 a.m. & retd. soon after dinner hour Carting along
3 brls. flour each J.G. spent forenoon in the Factry caskig oil the afternoon working at fish. At
evening Messrs Kenneth & Roland Goodyear visited us after travelling the shore with a view of
contracting for the Motor Truck road intended by the Govt. to be built all along our Shore. Busines
fairly good.
September 6, Saturday

Sat 6 Still another dull day with light showers of rain at noon betokening more which did not fall Wind
light & Easterly sea again becoming a little disturbed. Owing to Nellie leaving was up at 4 am, but
Nellie did not leave until 6 am Pearl [leaving] with her going as far as Broad Cove Elisha also went
with them on business to Old P. Noah Driscoll drove them with his [hose?] & wagon to O.P. station
he & Elisha returned again at 5 pm. J.G. spread some fish in the am which had to be taken up again
quickly & then spent until eveing doing minor things about the place until evening he went home going
with mare & cart. Clarence also went to OP. took along Nellies Trunk & brot back 3 Brls. Flour
The evening was more than a usually busy one in the shop.
September 8, Monday

Mon 8 Dull as usual with much rain last night. Fish nor hay could not be handled to day as the sun
concealed its brightness. [Mg?] Wind S.w. blowing moderate sea smooth. J.G. made a storm door
for the fish store & did some [she?] mending. Clarence left for O.P. at 9 am & retd at 5 pm brot home
3 Brls flour the time spent in getting mare shod delayed him. Business attended to & much writting
done at night G.S Doyles representative Jameson visited us at evening & we gave him an order for his
firm. The berry picking season opened to day but owing to the low price 15¢ the usual interest in
picking is lacking
September 9, Tuesday

Tues 9 A very fine day welcome to all the sun shone brightly throughout & save for a cloudy hour in
the afternoon when the wind veered lightly from the East it was desirable for drying purposes wind light
& variable but at evening it blew light from the S. J.G. helped in removg 11 Casks oil from factry to
wharfe & then helped spread a quantity of fish. The Schnr. "Daryl" with J.W. Clouter again
called here bring fish & we shipped 50 qtls Trap 6 qtls [shop?] & 6 of Trap of W.H.G. The oil was
also shipped unboard of her Several other parties also sold to him. The Schnr. stayed her [sic]
all night
September 10, Wednesday

Wed 10 Another fine day with light Southerly wind sea quite smooth Clarence & Ralph Bursey left
for Old P. at 9 am. & took along 1 Brl. Flour to Brownsdale & 3 Berry Brls to Torquay & Brot. to us
Brl. Sugar 2 Brls. Beef & Sack Oats. J.G. & the others spent the morning spreading fish & then 40
qtls fish was shipped unboard of schnr. "Darrel" & at evening [?] 207 flour Brl. shuks. The Big Trap
which has been on the fence Aug. 20th was taken up at evening & stored. At 8 pm. A meeting was
called in aid of fire sufferers
September 11, Thursday

Thurs 11 A dull day with fog & mist rain wind S.E. & moderate sea quite smooth Clarence was
again at O.P. and carted home 1 Brl Sugar 1 Brl. apples 1 Brl. Bread & 1 Bundle Buckets J.G.
helped wash abot 7 qtls fish the last to be washed of the Trap voyage he afterward spent the time
cutting grass. The first berries (patridge) was bot this evening 27 Galls each from Messrs Jonah Head
& Mrs. Plemon Matthews
The Schnr Daryl left at 11 am for as the weather was unsuitable for loading with fish
Number of men were at work on roads today at various parts of this place The sum of is being
paid to each
September 12, Friday

Frid 12 Another dull day with a rain like appearance all [day?] wind light & S. sea smooth.
Clarence with the mare & Joseph G- & Noah D. was at work all day repairing the road leadng past the
Cod Liver Factory.
Geo C.M.- spent the most of the day in the mill sawing Beams for the new home of Luther Mansfd to
replace the one destroyed by the July fire. Jas. Driscoll & Zech. Reid laid the foundation to day & did
other work Elisha with W.H.G sr. assisting him spent the day [?] a frame & hauling it to the mill for
sawing for Eli Goodwin for like purpose. Josiah & H. Mansfied were fishing to day & caught upwards
of 9 qtls.
September 13, Saturday

Sat. 13 A fairly fine day for drying purposes. wind moderate and variable from west to S.w. Sea
Clarence was to Old P. & to day & took alng 2 c/s Eggs & brot. along Box Candy, cs. Beans and a
sack of rice. Joseph Coombs in the meantime brot. to us a case of goods. J.G. cut second growth of
grass in yard helped at fish for a while & then partially tarred the house & painted chmnys. Business
attended to all through with some briskness G.C.M. spent some time in mill & finished sawing Beams
& other pcs of timber for L Mansfield
September 15, Monday

Mon 15 A fine day similar to Sat. so that fish and hay dried considerable. wind S.w. sea a little
disturbed. Joseph G. mowed the grass in the garden by factory helped at fish finished tarring home
and part of shop. Business attended to many customers around. Wm. J. Button here from Old
Perlican. The talk of the day was The Motor Truck Road which it is reported will not be opened for a
while yet to the disappointment of many who had expected to get employment soon upon it. Elisha
received his appointment to day Releiving officer from here to Lead Cove both included
September 16, Tuesday

Tues 16 A lovely fine day with a nice fresh breeze of W. wind blowing [all the while?] [Just?] an ideal
day for the curing of fish & hay. Joseph G. spent a little time spreading grass then at fish & tarring
shop. Clarence was to Old Perlican but no freight being there for us he carted home 3 Brls. Berries
from [?] Elisha was to H. Hr. & took over the office of R.O.
Messrs Goodyear contractor & Hall Govt. Enginar visited us for a little while
At noon heard of a terrible Motor Tragedy at or near Topsail resulting in the death of six persons two
Lieut. of HMS Constance and four notables of St John's
At evening wifes brother Rev. s Bagges of Western Bay arrived bring along Pearl who has been away
sinc the 6th inst.
The little hay left over from the summer was gathered into barn to day.
September 17, Wednesday

Wed. 17 The conditions of weather wind & sea was like yesterdy Fish was spread & attended to.
Some berries was purchased. Moorings spread & dried.
Qrtly. official Board meet under the Chmnshp. of Mr. [Mallilie?] rep. from Hants Hr. & New Chelsea
present. Rev. Sml. Bagges with us all day. Business satisfactorily attended to Geo. C- John C &
Luther Mansfield to Old. P. for lumber orderd by us for them at Carbonear.
September 18, Thursday

Thrs 18 Raining all the forenoon which made the time very unpleasant afternoon it cleared some wind
s.E. strong sea smooth.
Clarence went to Old. P. & retd at noon without any freight. J.G. was with Geo CM- in the mill
helping saw house frame for Mr. Eli Goodwi[n] but the machine gave out at noon and the work had to
be suspended F. Pynn & Roy Reid retd from Humber last night. At evening Rev Mr Bages [sic] wife
& Joyce went to Hants Hr. & returned at 8 pm
September 19, Friday

Frid. 19 Another day just like yesterday sea a little disturbed wind N.E. J.G. spent some day time
mending shoes & then C. & him went & [picked?] up a load of [?] and did other light work. Rev. Mr
B was with us all day. No event of importance Business attended to with good results.
September 20, Saturday

Sat. 20 Still another fine day splendid for the curing of fish Clarence & Joseph went to the wood for a
load of stumps in the morning J. spent some time at fish filled a cask with oil did other light work &
went home at 6 pm. The day was a fairly busy one in the shop. At night the search light display of
H.M.S. Hood was quite visible here. The visiting squadron which has been in Conception Bay Since
leaves tommorw afternoon.
September 22, Monday

Mondy 22 Another perfect day beautiful for curing of fish etc. wind very light & w. sea quite smooth
Clarence left for O.P. at 8 am & with 2 more horse carted out from station to sea shore our freight. He
returned at 2 pm. Motor Boat with Geo. C.M-. Joseph G. & Jas. Driscoll left at 8:30 takng along 20
Brls. Berries 2 c/s Eggs & 1 steel Drum. They retd. at 2 am with 12 Brl. Flour 3 sack oats 3 sacks
meal & other goods, had a splendid time. [SS & sons?] Schnr was at Lead Cove collecting fish Mr.
Gosse & son of spaniard Bay C.B. visited us in the afternoon & remained a short time The later was a
college chum of John.
September 23, Tuesday

Tues 23 A fine day all through wind light and S.W. sea a little disturbed. Hbt. Mansfied & Bro.
fishing to day caught fish from which 7 Galls. Liver were taken. Elisha recd. message that M.T. Road
would open coming week Geo. C. M- & Joseph G- spent a few hours building wood gallows &
Joseph was similarly engaged all day 255 Sticks were placed by it.
September 24, Wednesday

Wed 24 Another fine day a continuation of the fine weather of the last days wind s.w. sea smooth
Clarence & Joseph. G. left at 8 am for O.P. & took with them 2 Brls. Berries the [sic] retd at dinner
hour bring along a load of freight each. The [sic] afterward spent the time hauling wood from s.s. of
place thee [sic] loads 204 sticks Business was fairly good to day
September 25, Thursday

Thurs. 25 Yet another fine day wind blowing a strong gale from sw. so that the few boats fishing
returned early on that a/c. Fish can be caught on all our grounds all this month but bait has been scarce.
Sea is now quite smooth
Clarence carted Brl. Flour to Brownsdale in the morning & Joseph G. coopered a Cask for Com. Cod
oil They afterward spent the day carting wood from SS of place to the number of 446
September 26, Friday

Friday 26 A little dull with strong N.E. wind and a big sea on. Clarence & J.G. hauled two load of
wood from same place as yesterday they sawed wood & did other needful work. Letter recd. from
Prime Minister re. Truck Road. which was interesting to many
September 27, Saturday

Sat 27 A fine day splendidly so wind S.W. & moderate sea becoming smoother Clarence left for
O.P. at 6:30 am taking along Joyces trunk & from Torquay 3 Brls Berries to train He retd. again at
dinner hour bringing along Brl Flour Brl. apples 2-42[d?] Butter & 2 Boxes Goods. Wife Joyce &
Carman was also taken along to train by Noah Driscoll, Joyce having gone to st Johns to attend
Normal Schoo[l] & wife & Carman to Western Bay & Broad Cove. Joseph G. spent a little while
digging potatoes & then took Motor Engine from old skiff broke her up & carted her to wood yard
September 29, Monday

Mon. 29 A lovely day beautiful & bright wind light W. & S.W. sea fairly smooth Joseph G. spent the
day digging ground about Elisha' [sic] hom [sic]. At evening filled a cask with oil Clarence, John
Goodwin, John Woodlnd & Lly. Mansfied was at Old Perlican for freight. C. carted down an Empty
drum Mr. Turner of C.L. office & Mr. Mitchell a helper passed through this place in the afternoon &
made a survey of road.
September 30, Tuesday

Tues 30 Another lovely day quite like a day of summer warm all through. wind light & S.W. sea
quite smooth, scarcely a ripple. From early morning until evening we looked & waited for Hon. P.
Templetons Schnr. which we were informd by wire had left Catalina for here yesterday but did not
reach here to day, perhaps through wind or some other cause. Joseph G. spent the day digging
potatoes by the cellar. Clarence, Bertram Durdle LLewly Mansfied & Jno. woodland were at Old
Perlican to day & carted to us 9 Brls. Flour & 1 Tc Mols. At 4 pm. Elisha & mysef – Noah Driscoll
driving us – went to Lead Cove where we finalized the distribution of the estate of the late Abraham
Button. on our return we stopped a while at Brownsdale when Elisha administd oats for the carrying of
the mail to Henry strong & Archbld Austin.
October 1, Wednesday

Wed. 1 A dull day with an appearance of rain wind light & S. & S.E. sea smooth. No tidings of
schnr. to day & in doubt as to her whereabouts.
Joseph G. finished digging the potato ground in Elisha' [sic] yard and afternoon digging potatoes by the
cellar. Clarence was to H.Hr. on business retd. at noon & spent the whole of afternoon setting snares
for rabbits. Magistrate Vatcher & Constable Forsey visited us at evening on their way from Hats [sic]
Hr and remained quite a while. Wife & Carman who had been away to Broad Cove & western Bay
retd. at 10 pm. Albert Button brot. to us 1 Drum oil & 1 Brl Beef & carted back 1 steel drum.
October 2, Thursday

Thurs 2 Weather moderately fine & warm wind s.w. blowing a strng gale sea smooth J.G finished
digging potatoes by cellar & then spent some time in wood yard Clarence & John Woodland were to
Old. P- for freight C- carted from Torquay 1 Brl. berries & Brot. home 12 Sacks flour 1 Cs.
medicine & 1 Brl. Grcys. Schnr of Templeman & Motor [Rd?] talk of people or mainly so.
October 3, Friday

Friday 3 A bright sunshining day with light S.W. wind until 10 a.m. when it veered to East & NE. &
blew just moderately sea smooth. at 10 a.m. Geo.C.M Joseph G. & N.D left in motor boat in search
of Schnr of Templemans that was to come here for fish & found her near the vicinity of H.Hr & towed
her here arriving at dinner hour we put unboard 83 qtls fish & cask oil & landed 20 Brls Flour 3
Drums oil 2 Brls Mols 3 Empty Casks & 5 Brls Meat. Mr. Clouter stayed with us until 9:30 when he
was taken to H.Hr. to meet schnr. by Noah Driscoll pearl accompanying him
October 4, Saturday

Sat 4 The weather was again like yesterday beautiful in every respect wind moderate s.w. sea quite
smooth Clarence after visiting his slips & snaring a rabbit spent the day with Carman & Joseph G.
digging potatoes in "New pc" & finishd it potatoes very scarce [Joseph] went home at evening. The
day was a busy one in the shop & the night was spent at book work in connection with business. At
evening Mr. Hall Govt. Engineer visited us having been down on the road & gave to us a report of what
is intended to be done regard the Motor Truck Road.
October 6, Monday

Mon 6 Another perfect day weather delightfully fine with a nice fresh breeze of West wind sea quite
Clarence left for Old Perlican @ 8:30 took 2 Brls flour to parties and Carted brl. Berries from
Torquay to station & brot to us 2 Brls apples 1 Cs. Onions 3 Bgs. Nls retning soon after dinner &
then helped J.G. who spent the day digging potatoes in "little Garden." Business was attended to as
usual & the night was similarly employed The U.T. Cos. Motor Boat was here to day bot. Albert
Reids fish & then proceeded to Brownsdale where she filled up.
October 7, Tuesday

Tues 7 To day the weather was not quite as fine as the past days & showed signs of rain particularly so
in the forenoon but in the afternoon it cleared & became quite fine. The wind blew a strng gale from
S.S.W. for a while & then modrated. sea again quite smooth. Joseph G. spent the day digging
potatoes as did Clarence also after coming from his slips where he caught a rabit. John G. who went to
O.P. with vegetables to ship for his sister brot. to us a load of goods. Business fair. The motor truck
road is the talk of the people. It being so long deferred and talk of it being longer still fills those eager
to work on it with unrest which is more & more in evidence every day.
October 8, Wednesday

Wed 8 Quite a change in the weather to day owing to a strong gale of N.E wind the air had become
colder and the bright sun shine of the last days was not nearly as much in [evidence?] The sea was not
quite as smooth still not very turbulent Joseph & Clarence spent the day digging potatoes on the "Hill"
finishng one strip The potatoes larger & more plentiful than has been digged. The Rev Mr. [Malliu's?]
wife & 2 Children visited us at evening & went home at dusk.
October 9, Thursday

Thrsdy 9 Fine & clear & bright wind very moderate & W. sea abating & by evening was fairly
smooth Clarence & Joseph G. spent all of the day diggig potatoes on hill garden but not very plentiful
& small withal.
Hbt Mansfield who went to O.P. on busines for his brother L brot to us 1 Brl. Beef 1 Brl Grcys 1 Can
Putty 1 Cs. Axe Handles & 2 Bgs Nls Business attended to U.T. Co Motor boat was at Brownsdale
& Sibly Cove collecting fish again to day.
October 10, Friday

Frid 10 A fine clear day like summer warm with sun shing brightly light W. wind sea becoming quite
smooth agn U.T. Co's Motor steamed in at 8 pm & cleand up the fish left over at Brownsdale &
sibleys Cove.
Mgstr. Vatchr & Constable Forsey arrived here at 9 am held a session of court at noon & another at 3
pm in each case plantif & defendant was from New Chelsea and was of a disgraceful nature. Jas Pynn
& 3 others who had been fishing at Grates Cove retd. to day having given up the fishery for the season.
The much talked of Motor Truck Road will be commenced on Monday. The builders or contractr
having arrived by train last night
Luther Mansfield who lost his home in the fire of July removed to his new home to day.
Clarence & J.G. spent the day digging potatoes on the "hill" with very poor results. Business was fair
again today
October 11, Saturday

Sat 11 The weather was like yesterday fine & warm & summerlike with light East wind sea a little
disturbed Clarence & Joseph G.- spent the day again diggng potatos finishing the hill garden & digged
several drills in pastor [sic] land Clarence also visited his rabbit slips & brot us from them a patridg he
also took to three houses flour. Joseph at evening went home. Henry Pynn who had been away to
Sidny & Deer Lake since last spring returned by last nights train. This train also brot horses & material
for the recommencemt of work on Truck Road which has been the talk of the day and it seems as tho
Monday men will be engaged and at work on it. Business was brisk to day all through and perhaps the
busiest day this season.
October 13, Monday

Mon. 13 wind strong and N.E with quite a sea on weather rainy & very unpleasant Clarence &
Josep. G. carted from Whales Brook 4 loads 200 wood finishng in the forenoon J. did minor things
[afterno?] whilst C carted flour etc around here & to Torquay. All the excitement to day was aroused
by men in every place from O.P to H.Hr enlisting for work on Truck Road which work begins in
earnest tomorrow
October 14, Tuesday

Tues 14 A very unpleasant day owing to the strng gale of N. Easterly wind which made the weather
cold & disagreeable sea very turbulent
J.G. spent the day digging potatoes in the pasture land with poor success owing to the smallness of
Clarence left for O.P. at [8?] am & took along 3 steel Drums 1 Brl. Berries 2 Cs. Eggs & 1 Cs.
Lobsters & retd at 4 pm with 3-42 - & 8-10[d?] Butter & 1 Cs. Goods. Business was attended to all
through the day. The Truck Road on which men began to labour to day is the talk of the day Men &
boys were going & comng all day some from every place from Turks Cove to Gull Island.
October 15, Wednesday

Wed 15 Weather not so unpleasant as the last days & becoming more fine as the day advanced wind
light & N. sea loppy, but not as great as expected.
Clarence & Joseph carted two loads 150 sticks wood from Whales Brook & planted some berrie trees
in yard this done in the forenoon spent afternoon digging potatoes
Lots of men at work today on truck road far afield lots applied for work and after travelling a great
distance had to return again dissappointed [sic] the number required havng been taken on. Business
attended to with fair results
October 17, Friday

Fridy 17 A nice pleasant day for labour fairly warm wind light & s.w. sea becoming smooth almost
quite so. Men & boys spent all of to day on Truck Road with much progress it is said Many who had
applied for work was rejected through enough being previously engaged. Josep G. spent the day in the
garden diggng potatoes Clarence assisted him all the afternoon having retd. from O.P. at dinner hour
Leaving at 7:15 am. with a steel drum and a case of eggs he retd. at the time stated with a Brl. sugar &
a brl. flour. Business to day was slow and not much doing.
October 18, Saturday

Saturday 18 A cloudy day with showers of rain at intervals last night it rained considerably & well into
the morning so much so that some of the laboures on "Truck Road" who had returned home did not go
to work on it to day. wind Moderate & westerly sea smooth. Clarence & Ralph Bursy were both at
O.P for freight the former carted 3 Brls. Flour & a bundle of sashes & the [last?] Brl. of Flour &
Sugar. Joseph G. spent the day doing light Jobs about the place & at night went home with Noah
Driscoll who went to H.Ctnt for his son stanley who was returning from Sidney. The Truck Road is the
talk of the day The first week work having made much improvement. 356 men are employed at the
end Business was attended to with better result than the last day or two
October 20, Monday

Mondy 20 A fine day with light westerly wind and smooth sea Clarence left at 8 am. for Old. P. and
brot. to us 3 Brls flour or rathr left 2 at L.Cove for S.J. Buttn & 1 to Mrs Hy. Pynn he also brot 1
Bundle [?] Joseph Green & Carman spent the day digging potatoes with better results. Many men
were at the Truck Rd. Camp for Hearts Content & other places seekg work, but the number now
engaged is all required. This work went ahead with vigour to day. Jas. Driscoll began the work of
making preparations for the hauling of Geo Durdles house purchasd by Eli Goodwin.
October 21, Tuesday

Tuesday 21 Another fine day but colder than any proceeding day this fall. The wind blew a strong gale
all day from N.W. sea quite smooth Clarence & Stanley Driscoll left at 9 am. for Old P. & retd. at 3
pm. C. bring to us 1 Bl Meat 1 Cs. Goods 1 Sack Beans & Stnly. 2 Brls Meat 1 Box Paints & 1
Brl. Crkryware. Joseph G- finished digging potatoes early in the evening & with the help of Carman in
the afternoon got through with the work in quicker time than thought of Rd. Contractor Goodyear &
Mr. visited Elisha at dusk & remaind until. Much talk this evening about his dismissal of several men
& youth who had not been workng satisfactorily on the road. Business was attended to with better
results than most days.
October 22, Wednesday

Wed 22 A dull day with light rain at times but no hard showers so that work went along as usual on
Truck Road & in other ways [wind?] strng N.E. quite a sea on all day.
Clarence stanley Driscoll & Llewly. Mansfield left for O.P. at 9:30 & retd. at evenng C brot to us
today 1 Brl. sugar 2 Sacks Rice a small box cntig wool cards & a Brl. [contng?]
Stanley 2 Brls. Beef 1 Brl. Apples & Ll- 2 Brls. apples 1 Brl. Beef J.G. spent the day doing like
work on the place mostly [cleaning?] [windows?] in well house in stable. At evening a Mr. squires of
the Humber called on us He is looking up men to engage for lumber work for the Co. operating
October 23, Thursday

Thrs 23 A fine clear day throughout a little colder than usual but not at freezing point wind Westerly
& moderate. Quite a smart sea on. Clarence & Joseph G. spent the morning & forenoon carting
wood from Whales Brook (3 loads ) 150 sticks Afternoon Josep tarred the store on shop & part of
Elisha' [sic] house Ralph Bursy was to O.P. for freight & carted to us 1 Brl. Sugar & 2 Sacks Oats.
Soon after dinner hour Stanley Driscoll with his horse & carriag drove wife & Mrs Elisha to H.Hr to be
present at the reception of Lady Alardice [sic] the governors wife who is visiting there this evening.
Much progress was made with the truck road to day & crews we hear will be working from Lead
Cove up tomorrow.
October 24, Friday

Frid 24 The weather the forenoon of to day was quite fine with light W- wind but at noon it suddenly
veered to N.E. blew a strong gale and at times showers of rain & sleet fell which made the evening very
unpleasant Sea still troubled showing foam & white crests for a long way of [sic] Clarence, stanley
Driscoll, Ralph Bursey, Llewlyn Mansfied, and Henry Woodland were at O.P. for freight & retd soon
after dinner hour bringing along 24 [98d?] Flour 3 sack Meal 3 Sack oats 2 Boxes Rasin 2 Box Crnts
3 Rolls Felt 3 Rolls sh. paper and another small box or two Joseph G- finished tarrng Elisa' [sic]
house & did other light work The Truck Road is forged ahead to day & crews have now reach within
sight of Brownsdale
October 25, Saturday

Sat 25. A cloudy day but the moring was quite fine but cold in fact it was cold all through The wind
was N.W blowing moderately Sea very restless.
Clarence with stanley Driscoll was to Old. P. again for freight & brot along 1 Tc. Mols 2 Brls Meat 4-
22[d?] Butter 1 Cs. Currants & a mattrass. after resting for a while Clarence went to Whales Brook &
brot. home a lamb which I purchased of Mrs. Calb Thorn The Truck Road is again the talk of the day
the crew worked farthest upward toward this place is now as far as John Brown's or as far as the mill.
Joseph G. spent the day at his home
October 27, Monday

Monday 27 A fine day but cold almost to freezing point all the time wind strong N.W. sea disturbed.
Clarence & Joseph G.- spent the day fencing by the brook all the forenoon & in the afternoon nailed up
3 or 4 lengths on the farm. Men were all at work to day on Truck Road & at evening reported better
results than the days of last week the work is now within a short distance of Whales Brook
October 28, Tuesday

Tues. 28 A cloudy day fine at times but some rain in the morning wind N.E. with troubled sea.
Clarence, Joseph G- Ralph Bursey Llyln. Mansfield & Henry Woodland left for Old P at 9 am. &
retd. at 3 pm. bringing each a cart load of freight. Mr. Goodyear visited us at evening his crew
farthest toward this place is now at Middle Head.
October 29, Wednesday

Wed. 29 A cold day with N.W. wind blowing strong some sea on Clarence Ralph Bursey Llyln
Mansfield & Hy. woodlad left again for O.P. at 8 am. & retd. at evening having come for the first time
by way of the new road & brot to us 12 Brls. Flour & other freight. Joseph G. spent much of the day
The almost sudden closing down of the work on the Truck Road at noon today was a great
disappointment to all and is not at all in keeping with what was expected.
Rev. Mr. Mallileu visited us at evening and led the first of the week night services
October 30, Thursday

Thu 30 A very cloudy day cold with strong N.E. wind & a big sea on J. Green did light work about
the place in the forenoon after noon took up about half of our turnips & put them in cellar. Nearly all
the men were at Great Brook to day and were paid by Mr. Goodyear for the time spent on the Truck
Road. The day was a busy one with us in the shop
October 31, Friday

Frid 31 A fine day with moderate [N.E.?] wind sea abating. Joseph Green having finished his
servitude with us went home at 8 am Clarence Ralph Bursey & Eli woodland left for O.P. at the same
time retd. at evening & brot. to us 1 Br. Flour 2 Brls. Sugar 2 Brl Meat & 3 Brls Bred. Elisha &
myself with stan Driscoll drving us left at 8:30 am. for [Great?] Brook travelling over the new Truck
Road & going as far as the Bridge visited Mr. Goodyear spent a pleasant half hour with him & retd.
again much pleased with the finished work & our visit The day was our busiest this season many
people purchasing & settling a/c all the while
November 1, Saturday

Sat. 1 A nice fine day pleasant all the time. wind light & S.W. Sea smooth, so that in every respect
the day was an ideal one for time of season. The day was an unusually busy one in the store many
purchases made and a/c settled Carman took goods along the shore once & clarence twice and at
evening took pearls trunk to H.Hr returng at tea hour.
Ed. J. Warfield who had been residing in the U.S.A for the last 19 months returned this afternoon and
Archibald Clark who had been away to the "Humber" for a few [monts?] returned at midnight
November 3, Monday

Mondy 3 The morning was dull & forecasted rain but after a shower it cleared & became quite fine
with a moderate S.W. wind sea smooth. Clarence left for O.P. at 9 am taking along 1 Cask Oil &
brot a cheese ret. at dinner hour. The day was a very busy one all through so that I spent the day in
the office settling a/c with parties Lawrence Howard of Daniels Cove who fished one of our traps
called to day to settle his a/c with trap & brot to us for traps share the sum of
November 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4 A dull day with showers of sleet like rain at intervals wind high & stormy blowing from
Westerly dirrection sea fairly smooth. Clarrence [sic] & Llewly. Mansfield left at 8 am. for O.P. taking
along each a cask of refined oil They retd at evening & brot. back 13 Pkgs of freight grcs. all for shop.
Geo. C. Mansfield spent an hour with us re-nailing iron plates on head of wharf The day was fairly
good at business being actively employed almost all the time. Many men from every place from New
Chelsea to Lead Cove assembled in the morning to haul the house of Geo Durdle's for Eli Goodwin but
after pulling it a short distance gave up the attempt. In the afternoon five men began the work of takig it
down. Joshua Goodwin to day finished the takig down of the house purchased by him of J.R. Harris.
J.C. Mansfield left for the Bay of Islands herrig fishery this am. S.J woodland who had been away to
St. John's [sic] NB for a year returned to day.
November 5, Wednesday

Wed 5 A clear cold day with a little frost the first as yet this season. wind blew a strong breeze or
gale from N.W. sea smooth.
Clarence & Lln. Mansfield left for O.P. at 9 am each taking along a cask of oil & returned soon after
dinner hour. Constable Forsey of Old P. was with us from 10 to 2:30 having come here to investigat
the stealing of a dog from us the offenders was speedily rounded up by him & made to return her
again. Francis Pynn Roy Reid & Simeon Snelgrove left for the Lumber woods to day with a number
of others from New Chelsea having gone their [sic] with free passes by the Co. given them by Elisha.
To day we heard of Mr. Goodyear about to return again to complete the building of the Truck Road
which is regarded by many as welcome news. Geo C Mansfied & S.J. Woodlnd each set out herring
nets this evening with the hope of getting some herring The foundation & frame of Joshua Goodwins
house was hauled on the Point this eveng & several loads for Eli Goodwin At 9 am a meeting of the
fire Relief committee was held to dispose of funds for fire [sufferers?]
November 6, Thursday

Thrs 6 A dull day the dullness developing into sleet & snow in the of time [sic] with appearances like
winter but toward evening & night it rained. The wind was cold but S.w. sea disturbed some.
Clarence hauled a load of board on point for Joshua Goodwin and carted goods to parties in
place The day was an unusually busy one so that we did not take any dinner and it was tea time when I came
to the home. Upwards of eight qtls fish was purchased from stephen Squires of sibleys Cove. About
50 herring was the result of the hndnets of GCM & S.J.w. Many people all along shore are now
providing for winter & the laying in store is more provident by many than for the past seasons
November 7, Friday

Frid. 7 Weather again dull but not cold tending to mildness wind W some sea on Geo. CM- after
hauling herrig nets & takig from them two seine or more of herring procced to O.P. with pc of our mill
machiny to get tooth [attated?] Clarence carted load of [board?] on point for Eli G- & finishd putting in
cellar his mother turnips Joshua Goodwin laid foundation of his new home today Business attended to
with fair results Fredk. M. returnd from Humber canal after being away for [seven?] months
November 8, Saturday

Sat. 8 A very cloudy day with strong gale of Easterly wind sea disturbed a little but not so much as to
hinder the pushing out to haul herring nets with like results of the proceding two mornings. owing to the
condition of the weather not much out door work were done to day but business with us was real brisk
particularly so in the afternoon & right on to tea time. Simeon Bursey who had been away to sidny
[sic] since May retd. last night
November 10, Monday

Mon 10 A fine day but cold well night to freezing point wind S.E. sea practically smooth. Clarence
got ready for OldP. but owing to some road work [@?] $1.00 a man he stayed & did it with others so
that through the place some improvement was made. We El & self Casked 7 qtls fish and attended to
business. A young man Doyle was here to day about the sale of a cod trap which his uncle Patrick
Doyle of Grates Cove fished belong to us for two years but with no success whatever. Was assured to
day that no more work would be done on truck road this season
November 11, Tuesday

Tues. 11 The weather to day was similar to yesterday with high N.W. wind & cold Clarence John
woodland Lln. Mansfd [Lewis?] Mansfield left for OldP- at 8 am. 4 Brls. Contg. 7 qtls. fish was
taken along by the former three as was also a brl. vegetable [for? Ct.?] for G.W. Mansfd to be shipped
to St. Johns. They each brot along a load of freight as did also Geo M who retd. from O.P. just at
night where he had been with his wife. Pearl, Misses Smiths (3) and a Mr. Rockwood visited us at
evening & rem. for a few hrs. A letter from [Premier?] informed us that work on Truck Road was
finished for this season
November 12, Wednesday

Wed 12 Weather mild with S.W. wind & smooth sea. Clarence John Woodland; Harold Bursey &
Lln. Mansfield left for O.P. at 8 am. & retd. at 3 pm. with a load of freight each the bal. of our last
shipment Business was attended to in the usual way. Rev. Mr. M- was with us visiting all day and at
night held a service and after ward a final meeting of the fire relief committee
November 13, Thursday

Th 13 A very dull day with light showers of rain at evening wind S.W. & light sea smooth
Magistrate Vatcher & Con Forsey visited us at 10 am on business in connection with the youths who
stole our dory etc. this case to be heard at his next visit. Business attended all day, the usual routine
being gone through with
November 14, Friday

Frid 14 A fine mild day with moderate W. wind sea fairly smooth Clarence left for H.Hr. at 10 am.
on business only & retd. @ dinner hour. Mr. Mc Grath representing Mr. H. Mitchell of st. John's
visited us at evening. Business was satisfactory to day
November 15, Saturday

Sat 15 A cloudy day with appearance of snow wind N.E. modrate sea smooth or practically so.
Business was kept going all day customers visting the store all the time. A young man Wallace of st
John's a rep. of Meehan & Co visited us to day (he was last here five yrs ago) & we gave him an order
for two chests tea.
Clarence was in cutting wood forenoon with his friends.
The parties who have herring nets out all week have done poor getting only a score or two in each net
every morning.
The work of building houses for fire sufferers have been going on a pace all week. The foundation of
Joshua Goodwins was laid on Friday the 7th & today it is all rough boarded roof on & half covered &
floor laid. The house of Geo Durdles bought by Eli Goodwin was finished taken down this week &
carted on the point & if weather suitable next week will be in course of building. Luther M- altho living
in his for a month finishd the clapboard of it to day.
Carman carted a load of board to place of building for Joshua G.
November 17, Monday

Mon 17 A dull day with strong S. wind sea smooth. Last night the wind blew a storm from S.E. with
a general down pour of rain. wife & Mrs. D. with Miss Collier were to H.Hr to attend Rally Day
service & retd. at midnight. Elisha left at 7 am for Old Perlican en route for st John's Wm Barrtt Zech
Reid Hayward Clark & Harod Bursy left for lumber woods. To day the foundation of a new home
was laid by John C. Driscoll for Eli Goodwin Clarence hauled two loads 100 wood purchased of Hy
Allen Barrett carted from Old Perlican 3 Brl. Flour and 1 Box stationary
November 18, Tuesday

Tues. 18 To day the weather was fine clear & cold but the wind blew a storm from the West. sea still
Clarence Ralph Bursey Llyln Mansfied & will Clark left for O.P. at 9 am & retd. at evening each bring
a load of freight C also took along one case eggs. I was kept busy all day busines to some extent
November 19, Wednesday

Wed. 19 A dull day cloudy a little chilly but not to freezing Point wind light & w. some sea on.
Business as usual was attended to but with some falling of [sic] compared with other days Rev. Mr.
M- dropped in on his way down the shore for the usual week night service & to perform The marriage
rite to three or four coupls The work of building Eli & Joshua G- houses is going on every day Most
men have now begun working in the woods cutting fire wood etc
November 20, Thursday

Thursday 20 A fine clear day a little cold with light N.W. wind sea a little disturbed. Clarence left for
O.P. at 9 am. & red at 3 pm with a Tc. Tar and a brl. apples. Business was attended to by me and at
night attended the opening meeting of the L.O.A 14 members present usual interest with routine business.
November 21, Friday

Friday 21 A very nice day fine & mild with S.W. wind sea beautifully smooth. Clarence went to O.P.
again to day and returned soon after dinner hour bringing with him a stove ordered for Mr. Eli Goodwin
& some stove fittings & brl. apples for [ourselves?] Business was attended to by me a good many
customers being about all the time At dusk pearl visited us being brot along
November 22, Saturday

Sat 22 A very mild day fairly warm all through a soft S.W wind blew during the whole time, sea again
smooth. To day was a busy one particulry so in the afternoon To day I recd a message as well as one
last night from Miss Norman of Cupids (The Primary teacher engaged for here) aranging [sic] to come
her [sic] on Wed next. Clarence spent the afternoon guning his first experience with that weapon &
retd at dusk with a Duck. work all week has been going on by several men every day on Eli & Joshua
Goodwins houses. The [former?] was laid on [Mondy? Wendy?] & this evenig it is now all boarded
up 2/3 of roof on & covered & partialy floored & ceiled Joshua G is now covered & Felted.
windows in & front door box in position chimney built all ceiled with matchd board from beams
upward & much ceiling with mill board from beams down ward. nearly all the facings & eve boards in
position so that it is now ready for Clapboard all this done within a fortnight. L.M. also laid the
foundation of a liny porch p osted & raftered it out yestrday & today.
November 24, Monday

Mon 24 A cloudy day with strong southerly wind sea smooth at night it blew a gale and rained
Clarence stanley Driscoll & Llyn Mansfield who took along his father en route for st. John's left at 8:30
& retd at diner hour each bringing along a load of freight particulary oats, meal, Felt, tea, Beef & line.
Many customers about so that I was keept going without my dinner.
Mrs. Geo W M- who had been at St. John's for a holiday retd on sat night Mrs. Jesse Driscoll who
went to hospital some time ago was heard from today & will likely return without an operation
Chas Legge, Butcher of Hearts Content was here this morning & bought cattle work on Mr. Eli
Goodwins house was suspend today just for time being.
November 25, Tuesday

Tues 25 A very dull day with light E. wind with a little rain at noon and evening Sea smooth. Business
was attended to with some satisfaction Reuben Goodwin who had been visiting his daughter at Caplin
Cove brot to us 9 Rolls Felt & a parcel rope
Heard of a railway accident happened @ 4 am in which engineer Tipple was killed Recd letter form
John & Joyce to day.
November 26, Wednesday

Wed 26 Chilly with some cold rain in the forenoon wind variable but for the evening & night W &
N.W. sea quite disturbed & showing its crest for quite a distance. Store had my attention all day
considerable business done Clarence did some cleaning up to the loft of shop
Rev Mr. M-. was with us & took dinner he did some visiting and at night held a preaching service
which all enjoyed Elisha arrived from St John's at 11 pm & Miss Norman from Cupids came along
with him to take charge of the primary Dptmt of our school.
November 27, Thursday

Thurs. 27. The weather today was not all all bright altho the wind was W. & N.W. all the time sea still
disturbed Attended to business all the day which was quite satisfactory Clarence; stanley Driscoll,
John Woodland & Arch Clark left at 8:30 am for Old Perlican for freight but returned at noon
disappointed & brot. to us only 6 empty eggs cases & 2 Cs. M B [Ponds?] & 3 Boxes yeast. Elisha
was in the store for a time & related his opperation [sic]. At night I attended a meeting of the L.O.A.
16 members present & the meeting was of much interest
November 28, Friday

Friday 28 The weather to day was again very mild Nov. cold & frost is absent evry day wind light &
w. a big sea on breakers every where visible. As usual spent the day in the store some business
doing & made some sales through the [buying?] of muskrats etc At night Elisha was with us & went
over the routine of his business while away to st John's
Clarence was with us in the store in the forenoon afternoon carted 100 wood from Hy Pynn
November 29, Saturday

Sat 29 A fine mild day with soft S.W. wind very light a big sea still rages. Business of a Stisfactory
nature was proceeded with all day in which Elisha & Clarence helped.
Doctor Newhook & W.J Button of Old Perlican visited us at noon hour & remained until evening.
Mrs. Jessie Driscoll who had been at hospital St John's for some weeks returned at 11 pm unimproved
& incurable. The roof of Mr. Eli Goodwin's house was Felted to day by volunteer help.
December 1, Monday

Mon. 1 A fair day of settled quiet after the storm of yesterday & last night. wind W. & N.W. light.
sea heavy & breaking at a long distance. Clarence left for Old P. at 8:30 am. & retd. at 3 pm taking
along a Cask of Kero. oil other freight left over. Business was a little dull but still with fair results. Mrs
Jesse Driscol who retd from St. John's Saturday night was very unwell to day.
December 2, Tuesday

Tuesday 2 A fine day just a little cold wind W. sea abating
Clarence, John Woodland, Will Clark & Allen Barrett left for Old P. at 8 am & returned soon after
dinner hour each bringing along cask Kerosene and some boxes grcys. Magistrate Vatcher Constable
Forsey & Frank March visited us at 10 am. At 11 am school was dismissed with view of holding court
but owing to the absence of important parties the court could not be proceeded with until 3 pm Then
the case of the seven youths who did thieving on Nov. 5th was heard for disorderly conduct & each
fined $2.70 The case of Albert Reid versus Mrs R. I. Driscoll for debt was heard but a counter claim
by her for fish making was decided in her favour & settlement with costs ended the case. During the
trials considerable excitement was in evidence. Business was attended to with fair results
December 3, Wednesday

Wed. 3 Wind N.E. strong all day. Weather very unpleasant at one time during an hour in the
forenoon quite a snow storm was on and the ground is now covered & a wintry [appearn? appeam?]
all about. Clarence left at 8 am. for Old Perlican & retd at 2 pm brining along a tc. Mols. For a while
during his absence we were troubled about him owing to the weather. Business was attended to with
good results Fred Mansfield was to O.P. for a tomb stone & brot to us 100 ft. Board Will Clark was
also at Lead Cove & brot to us for [repair?] 2 Slmon Nets.
December 4, Thursday

Thursdy 4 A very mild day quite free of cold or frost wind ligth [sic] S.W. a big sea on. most of the
snow which fell yesterdy has disapprd Business was attended to all day with even better results than
any this week Clarence left for H.Hr. in the after noon for funnelling & paper Bags. At night I attended
a meeting of the L.O.A. 19 members present. After my return did some business with Mr. Peter
Avery of Grates Cove
December 5, Friday

Fri 5 A very unpleasant day especially until noon, as it was snowing until that time yet mild all the time
but with Notherly wind blowing strng and a big sea on. Clarence got ready to go to Old P. at 8 am but
did not leave until noon Stanly Driscoll accompanying him conveyance mare & slide. He returned
again at 6 pm taking back three brls. Apples having got the mare shod meantime Mrs. Jessie Driscoll
died at noon or soon after. on Mon Nov. 3rd she left OP. enroute for st Johns for hospital treatment.
she returned on sat 29 Nov. incurable & lingered until today. Business had attention all day.
December 6, Saturday

Sat 6 A fine day but cold to freezing point. Clarence left with cart for Old Perlican at 8 am & returned
ere we had taken dinner with 3 Brls. Apples 2 Brls. Crkryware & a crate of axes. The day was a
busy one with us in the store particularly so in the afternoon. The preparing of the burial of Mrs. Jessie
Driscoll occupied the time of some to day The ground is now lightly covered with snow and the whole
landscape presents a wintry appearance which the new mantle has put on
December 8, Monday

Mon. 8 The weather to day was just like yesterday in every particulr both as to cold & wind sea was
also about the same
Clarence was to the woods to day in the forenoon he cut & hauled a load for us & in the afternon
hauled a load for Stanley Driscoll. Joseph Clark who had been at Old Perlican to get his horse shod
brot freight to us vz 2 Crates of butter & a small bale of goods. A little was done in the way of business
all day. Lots of people from many places availed themselves of the fine snow paths & were beyond our
ridge for fire wood at an early hour.
December 9, Tuesday

Tues. 9 A very unpleasant day. The morning had every appearance of weather & by 10 am. the snow
began to fall & continued during the rest of the day. High S.E wind prevailed all the time. sea quite
disturbed Clarence & Stanly D- went to the woods @ 8 am & retd. at noon taking alon a load.
Owing to the stormy weather they did not go in afterward. Lots of people were country ward to day &
those from a far Island Cove Jobs Cove etc must have fared badly with their loads getting home The
weather falling on them all the time Simeon Bursey brot to us a load of freight from old Perlican he
having being there to get his mare shoed.
December 10, Wednesday

Wed 10 A fine clear day & night not very cold & no frost wind light & westerly a big sea on all the
time. Owing to the little rain of last night & the condition of the weather yesterday the snow path was
broken up somewhat so that all had a rest from the woods and there were nothing done by any person
in this way. Business was attended to but not as brisk as other days.
At night the missionary meeting was held here. Church warm & comfortable a fair congregation
present Delegation Rev Mr. Pitcher of Old Perlican & Mr. & Mrs Mallileu. Mr. M. acted as chairmn
& Mrs M. gave a lengthy address on the founding of Misson which was very instructive & well
delivered. As it was the first time a woman spoke here on an occasion like this much interest was taken
in what she said. The Rev Mr P. spoke on the triumph of mission & was heartily enjoyed. The result
of the collection was deferred for future date.
December 11, Thursday

Thursay 11 Another fine day & night with light W. wind sea still raging with greater force than the last
days. Clarence spent the forenoon in the woods cutting wood. Carman Nelson & Mollie went to
H.Hr. at 9:30 Mollie remained & C & N retd. at evening. At night I attended the Annual Meeting of
the L.O.A and it was midnight when I got back again Rev Mr M- came along in the afternoon &
[buried?] the 2 yr old child of Caleb Reid
December 12, Friday

Friday 12 Fine & clear a little cold all through wind W & modrat sea still raging Clarence went to
Old Perlican accompaned by Stanley Driscoll with horse & slide took along some letters & parcels &
retd at 3 pm bringing with them 1 Cs. Salmon Business attended to but dull. No unusual event.
December 13, Saturday

Sat 13 Weather dull & a little cold wind light & E. sea abating some Clarence spent the forenoon in
the woods cutting wood. Carman left for H.Hr. at 9:30 & retd. at 4 pm. bring along Pearl & Mollie
Business was attended to with some briskness and profits all the day preparation for the festive season
was made to day.
December 15, Monday

Mon. 15 A cloudy day. at noon and after snow fell for quite a while but at evening it finally cleared.
wind Westerly & strong. sea fairly smooth. Business was attended to in the usual way. Work on Mr.
Eli Goodwin' house is still going on Woods work is suspended owing to mild ness of weather
December 16, Tuesday

Tues 16 A fine but very unpleasant day owing to a storm of Westerly wind which blowed at a high
veolcity all last night & today. It was cold & freezing a little all the time sea quite smooth. Allen
Barrett who left last eveing to bring Mrs Elisha & Marge home did not get back until 1 am & then only
with their trunks at 9 am he left for them again & uncomfortable as the day was brot them safely at
evening. very little business was done by us to day but toward evening it brightened. owing to the
condition of the weather most of the men leisurely spent the day.
December 17, Wednesday

Wed 17 Wind Westerly blowing strong all day sea a little rough weather fine & not quite as
cold as the last two days Clarence John Woodland & Archbld Clark left for Old Perlican at 8:30 for freight &
returned at dinner hour disappointed as the expected Flour etc. had not reached O.P. They brot. along
however 1 Box Paint 1 Box soap 1 Can Tptine & a little Bale paper Bags. Clarence at evening took
[along?] to Whales Brook 2 ½ Brls Flour. John Goodwin went to old P. with the others & brot back
400 ft ½ in Board ordered for Mr. Eli Goodwin Business was transacted with some satisfaction. at
night recd. message from Mess. Ayre & sons that they had been offered $300.00 for our Schnr. Mary
E. which we willingly accepted. After tea Clarence, Carmen & myself attended service conducted by
Naaman Reid.
December 18, Thursday

Thrs. 18 A fine day but cold & freezing all the time Wind westerly & strong. A furious sea raging
surpassing any during the year flowing over the meadow by our stage & removing trap vats vate from
the bank side of meadow to the centre of same At New Chelsea & other places its height was
remarkable. Clarence Arch Clark & Allen Barrett went to Old Perlcn at 8:30 and they with Albert
Button brot to us a load of freght with carts. Albert on his return took home a quarter (128 lbs) beef
which we sold to Mr. Joseph March. Noah & stanley Driscoll killed an ox for us today which weighed
350 lbs they also killed a lamb purchased of Mrs. Wm Barrett weighing only 18 lbs Business as usual attended to.
At night I attended a meeting of the L.O.A. 18 present Bros Eli Head &
Louis Thorn present for
the first time this season. The return of some men who went two mos ago to Lumber wood from here &,
New Chelsea was the talk of the day.
December 19, Friday

Fridy 20 [sic] A fine day but cold & frosty with strong westerly wind & a great sea on breaking on the
"bar" most every sea. Clarence Arch Clark & John Goodwin were to Old Perlicn again for freight &
Albert Button also brot. us along 4 Brls Flour & took along when returning quarter (90 lbs) Beef for
Constable Forsey Not much doing in business to day
The important event was in Govt. circles Roberys in connection with post office st. John's
December 20, Saturday

Sat. 21 [sic] Another fine but cold day & freezing some. wind light & moderate sea abating To day
Noah Driscoll killed our second Ox which weighed 320 lbs Fresh beef is scarce along this shore as
nearly all of a saleable nature was bot by people afar. Samuel Woodland who had been away to
Rochester U.S.A. since August 1922 retd. also last night. This evening Clarence & Stan Driscoll was
about to leave for Winterton for Nellie but [found?] in the nick of time she would not be here before
tomorrw Joyce who had been away to Normal School returned & was brot along by Albert Button at
11 pm.
Business was of a satisfactory nature to day preparatins by some being made for Xmas.
December 21, Sunday

Sunday 21. A cold & wintry day with a storm of N.W wind Clarence & Stan Driscoll left at 11 am for
Winterton hoping to find Nellie there but was disappointed & had to go on to to Hearts Content the
train that was bring her did not get along until midnight & they did not arrive here until 22 at 5 pm [sic?]
Rev Mr M- preached here at 7 pm preaching from Johns Gospel Chap. 1 vers a Xmas sermon
December 22, Monday

Mon 22 A dull day but not as cold as yesterday & they wind was just moderate & Westerly sea
we arose at 5 pm [sic] to welcome Nellie brother her [sic] & Clarence was greatly in need of rest &
after going to bed rem until midday. This was the chief event of the day. Business was attended to with
some degree of satisfaction & at night wife & self spent until 11 pm doing business cor. etc.
A concert at Brownsdale to night had interest for many of our young people who attended the same
December 23, Tuesday

Tues 23 A fine clear day but cold & freezing some all day at evening & it was said by some to be the
coldest time yet this season. Wind moderate & westerly, a big sea still raging. Clarence with Arch
Clark & John Goodwin left for Old Perlican at 9 am Clarence took along to station Qrt Beef for
station agent & John Goodwin a Brl. conting 2 ox hides [for Boot & station?] Hr. Grace. they retd. at
3 pm. Albert Button coming along with them they each brot. a cart load of Beef & Flour. Business
was of a satisfactry nature to day. The xmas. season making it so.
Mr. Eli Goodwin one of the fire sufferers removed to his new home to day.
December 24, Wednesday

Wed. 24 A milder day with a much lower temperature than for days past wind S.w. sea becoming
To day was an unusually busy one in business. owing to Xmas. being at hand all were providing in
some way for the festive season. Mr. Chas. & Wm Brown visited us in the afternoon & remained for a
while. wife & Carman left for H.Hr. in the afternoon & retd. at mid night bringing along Pearl with
Eli Woodland was at Old Perlican to day & brot. to us a brl. beef. The mail at noon brot. to us letters
of interest particularly from our lawyer Rowe at Sidney and at night or 11 pm. The Xmas mail was
landed & was of much interest
December 25, Thursday

Thursdy 25 A milder day then for a long time. It rained considerable after midnight so that the snow
path is entirely broken up. Wind S.W. until night veered to west & became colder This being Xmas
day the usual holiday was observed by all. The morning service was conducted by Mr. Joshua
Goodwin which we all attended except wife. Afternoon I spent at home but at night attended a meeting
of the L.O.A. 21 members were present & the meetng was one of more than ordinary interest. At 3
pm. Stanley Driscoll with our mare & his carriage took Nellie, Pearl & Joyce along to Hants Hr. to
attended [sic] the teahcers (Pearl & Miss Smith) concert & retd. at 3 am. Having enjoyed themselves
December 26, Friday

Friday 26. A fine day but intensely cold with N.W. wind blowing a storm & freezing all the time sea
To day was celebrated by the Society Orange) [sic] parading at brownsdal & Hants Hr several of the
Brethern patronized by going to each place & parading with them. A little business perhaps more than
expected was done by us. Mr. Lang of winterton & Mr. [?] Rendell of Hearts Content visited us on
their way to Grates Cove.
December 27, Saturday

Sat. 27 Another fine day & cold but not frosty in fact there was almost an absence of frost. wind light
& S.W. sea quite disturbed. Clarence who was at Brownsdale all night to the Orange Concert retd. at
7am. at 11 he left for Old Perlicn & ret at 3 pm. bringing along as freight 5 Boxes Biscts 1 Box
Raisins & 1 Box Dry Goods. The day was fairly good in business made one good sale which
agregated $100.00
At night had quite an at home. The girls with Miss Bell Goodwin spent quite a time in singing many
sweet melodies which caused the night to speed quickly
December 29, Monday

Mon 29 Another fine but very cold day freezing all the time wind strong N.W. sea practically
spent the day in the store not much business doing a slacking up at this holiday season. Raymond
Goodwin who had been at Old Perlican brot. us along a brl. Goods. Dr. Newhook & W. Buttn visited
us at tea hour & remained quite a while The former was called by Elisha to visited [sic] his little M- &
also to visit J.C. Durdle
December 30, Tuesday

Tues. 30 Still another fine day just a little cold with an absence of frost & not much sea. Business was
attended to as usual. Mail brot. presents from Johney to us each one. John Durdle very ill. Heard of
the death of Mr. William Burseys wife at st John's which called forth our sympathy. At night the girls
had an at home with a few other girls of the place invited for this occasion.
December 31, Wednesday

Wed. 31st The last day of the year ended very peacefully viz: respecting the weather which was fine &
moderately mild considering the time of season and not at all as cold as for some time past. The wind
was light & S.W. some sea on.
It was after 10 am. when we opened the store for business to day and then the time was spent by the
visit of many from along the shore to our store. At night Nellie pearl Joyce Mollie, Clarrence [sic],
Carmen & Nelson with others did some mumering & was afterwrd entertained by their aunt Minni [sic].
They with myself attended the watch Night service conducted by Mr. Joshua Goodwin The year with
all its history & events innumberable now ends its record would fill many volumns like all that went
before it to many it was a year of prosperity & blessing but to others adversity sorrows disasters &
misfortune To science many discoveries & in this realm many new things have been brot to light.


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