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William Button Diary, 1925

January 1, Thursday

Thursday 1st The New Year was ushured [sic] in with fine weather but with a storm of North Westerly
wind and frost of the intensest that many degrees below zero was xeprienced [sic] all day. The orange
Society paraded at [New Chelsea?] but the condition of the weather was such that the parade was not
as great as it otherwise would have been.
To day was observed as a holiday so that we did not do any business but wife & self did much book
work during the afternoon
January 2, Friday

Friday 2nd A very fine day frost had passed of [sic] quite a lot so that today it was only at freezing
point. The wind to had slackned & blew only moderately from the Westward but the sea was furious
& breaking in all dirrections [sic].
Harold Bursy & Hayward Clark who had been away to the lumber woods since early in Nov. retd.
yesterday also Herbert Mansfield who had been away to the Bay of Islands herring fishery since late
October. wife with Stanley Driscoll driving left for H.Hr. at noon to attend the burial of Miss Isabel
Short daughtr of Mr & Mrs. Malcolm short she retd at 7 pm. I attended church at the same hour
service led by Mr. Naaman Reid. I also attended to business all day which was very satisfactory and
collected upwards of $140.00
January 3, Saturday

Sat. 3 Another fine day & much milder than usual wind S.w. sea abating. Arose early 6 am. so as to
get Nellie ready for her Journey to Old Perlican she being taken there with our mare by stanly Driscoll
& his carriage. They left at 8:30 am Joyce accompaning them. Nellie took train at 9 am en route for
Port Union. Joyce retd. again at dinner hour. The day particularly the afternoon was quite busy in a
business way. Most of the people now a days [either?] cutting or hauling a little fire wood but as it is a
holiday season not much work are being done by any one.
January 5, Monday

Mon. 5. A soft day dull throughout wind S.w. moderate sea quite smooth No sting of winter about to
Clarence & Hayward Clark left for O.P. at nine am & retd at 3 C. carted to us 2 Bun. Twine & 1
sack pease & H 1 Tc Mols. E & sef [sic] spent some time visiting friends at I.P. & looks though the
new homes of fire sufferrs'. Busins was attended to and at night attended church service the first of the
special services cond. by Alex Harris. Roy Reid who had been away for 2 mos or more to Lumber
woods retd to day
January 6, Tuesday

Tues. 6th A fine mild day with light S.W. wind & Smooth sea Business had my attention all day & did
much book work at night Pearl left for H.Hr at 8 pm. Joyce accompanied her being taken along by
Stanley Driscolls horse. Clarence killed his first bird a hound at evening. School reopened to day for
the first time since Xmas. Much talk of a sensational & immoral lawsuit in which several at Lead Cove
are involved
January 7, Wednesday

Wed. 7 A very stormy day with a storm of Easterly wind and blinding snow falling all the day. sea
very tempestuous. outdoor labour was at a stand still to day & most people enjoyed the comforts of
their homes & did not expose themselves to the tempests The store was open for busins until evening
and some business done.
January 8, Thursday

Thursday 8th The storm of yesterday & last night had entirely subsided so that today was rather mild &
pleasant After a storm the proverbial calm. wind light & S.w. A violent sea still raging The snow fall
of yesterday & the storm had caused the snow to become heaped in many places everywhere so that
paths are now blocked & few person did much travelling to day. The mail man hower travelled the
shore. Some business as usual was done by us & at night attended service cond. by Naaman
At evning heard of a disastrous fire S.S of st John's
January 9, Friday

Friday 9 Wind N.E blowing strong big sea on weather mild The snow fall of last night gives plenty all
round to make paths any where.
Clarence was in to the woods & brot home a load we also bot 100 from Josiah Mansfield. owing to
the falls of snow during Wed & Th. their [sic] is not much communication from place to place & none
from Old Perlican where we have much freight Business was slack to day not much doing
January 10, Saturday

Sat. 10 A fine day a little cold to freezing point wind light & westerly. some sea on. Intended
Clarence & othrs to go to Old. P. for freight but owing to the bad condition of the paths he & stanley
D. went to H.Hr. & brot. to us 3 Casks Kero. oil. Business as usual had my attention all day, and at
night much book business was done. Elisha attended an Orange meeting at night the first time for many
months owing to a week of prayer service the usual meeting was held to night JC. Mansfied who had
been away to the Bay of Island herrng fishr since Nov. 4th returned in the very early morning.
January 12, Monday

Monday 12th A very cold day freezing all the while & blowing a strong gale from the W & N.W. all
the time. A big sea is still on. Snow paths are still very poor and it is still difficult to get a path to Old
Perlic so that we are unable to get our freight along. Little doing in a business line the cold &
unpleasantness had well nigh tied things up
January 13, Tuesday

Tuesday 13 A fine day splendidly so as the sun shon with much brightness a little cold but without frost
wind light & westerly Sea abating.
Clarence with Arch Clark left for Old P- at 9 am. for freight but did not get back again until 8 pm.
owing to the bad path Arch's horse became stubborn & the day was spent in worry and the last hours
in anxiety by us They brot. along 2 Brls. Bread & some lumber but Clarks load was taken of [sic] &
left at Meades Brook. It was quite a relief to us all when the [sic] got back. Pearl & Miss Blanch
Smith also visited us at 7 pm & remained until 10 pm when they were taken back again by Stanly
Driscoll who retd. again at 2 am.
January 14, Wednesday

Wed. 14 The weather to day was fair & fine especially after the storm of last night when on or before
midnight a southerly storm arose followed by snow & rain & continued until morning owing to the
conditions of the paths their were nothing doing in the woods to day. Business was attended to with fair
results several customers being about all day. Joseph Clark went & hauled to us the load of lumber
left on the road by his son arch At night I attended service led by Naaman Reid
January 15, Thursday

Thursday 15 Fine but cold freezing all the day & harder still at night wind westerly blowing strong
Sea has again become quite smooth.
As usual attended to business but it was very slack to day & not many sales made. Clarence took flour
& Beef out on I.P. to home of J.C.M. Mr. Avalon Green Tel. repairer of O.P. visited us at noon &
reported to us the condition of Railway line in which we are much interested owing to much freight just
at the time when she's about to close down for a season. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A.
18 were in attendance the meeting was of much interest & enjoyed by all.
January 16, Friday

Friday 16 Weather cold & freezing dull with appearance of more snow falling wind blowing lightly
from W. & S.W. sea heavy & loppy. Clarence spent forenoon in the woods hauling some to main
path and takig home a load. Hbt Bursey was with us two or more hours fixing stable door & put
replacing facing blown of [sic] store end & mending stable door.
Wm Barretts wife very sick. Men here and all along shore doing woods work.
January 17, Saturday

Saturday 17th Chilling Cold in the morning with penetrating frost which slackened with the storm which
began at 11 am and continued all through the day and into the night snow falling all the time with a
storm of southerly wind, but it was not quite as frosty as at other days. A little sea on. Many people
from Old Perlican for wood who hastened home with the approaching storm. Geo C. Mansfied left for
Hearts Content at 10 am to bring home his daughter Lavenia who had been living at St. John's.
Clarence was to the woods & brot. along a load of wood. Business was attended to all day with a little
doing all the time At night or 9 am wife was called again to visit the wife of Wm Barrett who is still very
January 19, Monday

Monday 19 A fine but very frosty day the coldest yet this season even exceeding yesterday. Wind
N.W blowing a strng gale. sea quite still having become so congealed that it is well nigh frozen over.
owing to the intensity of the cold very little work was done by any person apart from attending to
household duties. Yet a few people from O.P. visited the country & took home load of wood. The
nurse at H.Hr. Miss Cleghorn was here in the afternoon having been brot. along by stanly Driscoll who
also took her back again. she attend the wife of Wm. Barrett and gave her treatment & spent an hour
with us. Business was attended to at intervals only at the call of customers.
January 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20 Another fine day. frost not as intense as the last days and toward evening it was greatly
subdued wind light & westerly A Big sea on again
To day all the people at work in the woods cutting & hauling wood lots from O.P. taking along with
them loads of wood. Dr Newhook visited us at evening having come to give special attendance to Mrs.
Wm Barrett who is now getting better The nurses treatment of her yesterday seemed to be exactly his
method of treating the case Business had attention to day & collection was $50.00
January 21, Wednesday

Wed. 21 A fine day but with light Easterly wind forecasting Snow. some sea on. Clarence was to the
woods & cut & hauled a load much woods work in the cutting & hauling [was?] done by all to day.
Business as usual was attended to by us & netted a very good day The public despatch this evening
contained the sad intelligence of the burning of the Methodist College with all its contents. At evening
Rev. Mr. M. visited us at an 7:30 pm. conducted the Annual pew holders meeting in the church when
considerable business was done in behalf of same.
January 22, Thursday

Thursday 22 A fine day & much milder than the last days. The sky had the appearance of weather all
the time wind W. & S.W. Not much sea on. Business attended with meagre results. Clarence was
again to the woods & cut & hauled a load of wood several loads were purchased from other parties
Afternoon Clarence and his mother drove to H. Hr & returned at 11 am. At tea hour heard of freight
at Old Perlican for us At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. 23 present Geo C G- reinstated I
there arranged with several horse for the bringing along of our freight tomorrow D.V. weather permittng
Wm. Barrett & Zech Reid retd at midnight from Lumber woods They having left home on Nov 17th
January 23, Friday

Friday 23 Weather dull rained considerably in the morning so that woods work was at a stand still and
the men idle at evening & into the night it snowed quite a batch Wind W & a troubled sea Business
was attended to the mail making good the days work was busy at night until after midng The mail to
day brot account of the burnig of the Meth College. Dr. Newhook visited us at evening having been called to Mrs John Cummins & Mrs. Jas Goodwin both very sick
January 24, Saturday

Sat. 24 A fine day but very frosty perhaps the coldest of any this season. Wind light & N.W. sea
smooth Clarence with 12 others went to Old P. for freight in the morning & returned at noon bringing
25 Brls. Flour 3 Brls Sugar 1 Cs. Soap 1 Box Milk & 1 Roll Leather & reported bal. of our freight
left at Northern Bay. Business was rather brisk to day and was constantly employed all the day.
January 26, Monday

Monday 26 Arose early as Clarence & 5 men with slides were to leave early for our freight left over at
Northern Bay. The sun arose in splendour with evidence of a fine day & save for two or three great
snow flurries in the forenoon thus it proved to be. They left ere the sun had risen to go [country
wards?] but after going to Brownsdale & proceeding in country were informed that their [sic] were no
open paths leading to their destination so after being gone for more than an hour had to return again
Clarence afterwrd went to the woods & brot home a load & spent the afternoon at leisure. Business
was dull to day & not much doing
A Westerly wind blowed strong all day. Some sea on.
January 27, Tuesday

Tuesday 27 A little snow & then light showers of rain fell all through the day but not enough to prevent
O.P people & those of other places as well coming here for wood in large numbers but not much done
by our people who spent much of the day at Leisure. The weather was mild with high S.W. wind & a
smooth sea. Clarence did not go to the woods today but most men got one load. spent the day in the
store not [much?] doing a rather eventful day.
January 28, Wednesday

Wed. 28. My birthday the 54th of my life recd. messages of cong. from Nellie & Pearl. Not much
business doing by us or the people altho some did a little woods work. owing to a little snow of last
night & the intense frost of to day which toward evening was as severe as at any time this season it was
not a very inviting time for out of doors work and the home & fire side was all the more enjoyed.
January 29, Thursday

Thursday 29 A beautiful day the sun shone as in spring time & remarks to that effect were made by
several wind light & westerly sea still the Bay is now a frozen street were in the store all day & many
customers attended to At night attended a meeting of much interest in the LO.L. 25 present much
business of importance dealt with. Clarence was to the country for a load of wood & all the men did
much woods work to day
January 30, Friday

Friday 30 Up betimes so as to get Clarence of [sic] for freight. he with Stanley Driscoll & Wm. Barrett
left at 7:30 am. [per? Parish?] Path Island Pond but the path between Lance Cove pond & Island Pond
not being beaten this winter gave them much labour so that they did not return until the afternoon in time
to escape a storm which was brewing & ready to burst all day but it was evening ere it began & cold
during the night. The sun at first rose with splendour but soon after darkened wind S & S. E weather
inclined to be milder. The woods men were all active in the forenoon Business as usual was attended
to by us.
January 31, Saturday

Sat. 31 Fine at times variable with blizzards of snow & wind particularly so as in the afternoon wind
Sw- & westerly & freezing at evening with sea smooth. After the storm of last night little work was
attempt & only a few went to the woods & these in the forenoon. Business attended to with some
satisfaction. many people about all day
February 2, Monday

Monday 2nd A fine bright day, sun shone brilliantly A sharp frost prevailed throughout day & night
wind light & westrly sea smooth. All the men doing woods work. A good number form Old P- here
for wood. Wm Barrett & Noah Driscoll were to Island Pond for oil but was disappointed as the two at
Burnt Point Mr. Tucker could not take along owing to bad paths until tommrw so the [sic] took the two
left at the pond on Friday & got here at 10 am. Geo W.M-. made a good shot to day. Killing 8 ducks
& got 6 of them. Business attended to all day with some fair result.
February 3, Tuesday

Tuesday 3rd A stormy day snowing some from morning till evening with high wind a gale in effect
variable from S. to N.E. very few went to the woods to day and them [sic] were in the early morning
altho some from Old P. were there for loads The day was uneventful. Re to business one of the best
for days
February 4, Wednesday

Wed. 4th A fine day a little cold but almost a total absence of frost. wind moderate & westerly.
There were indications of weather with a projecting heart point & moon circle but it did not come. sea
quite still. Clarence & Stanley Driscoll were to the woods in the forenoon & hauled a load to the
church in response to the call anounced on Sunday night but his was the only response to day. Altho all
the people were busy at woods work. Business had my attention all day. At dinner hour Mr. Peter
Dugan of Grates Cove brot to us half brl. herring for which we paid him $2.50 At night I attended
service conducted by Rev Mr. Mallileu he preached from 18 Chap. of Matthew verse “What think ye
of Christ.” It was a real nice service & the other one as well. The church was comfortably heated & a
fairly good congregation. Mr. Joshua Vey of Grates Cove was present and lent inspiration to the
February 5, Thursday

Thursday 5 The weather to day was quite different in that it was very mild. at first it glittered but at
evening the rain fell & continued into the night. wind Southerly & Strong. A little woods work was
done by many until noon. OldP. people was up here & took loads from the [I?] point to the number of
upward of four score. As usual we spent the day in the store but there were no briskness in trade.
Wm. Barrett was to Island Pond & took along for us the two remaining casks of oil left over at Burnt
Point which finishes our freight which was left at Nothern Bay. Herbert Mansfield shot nine ducks to
day but was unfortunate in that he did not get one of them.
February 6, Friday

Friday 6th A fine day mild even to its being warm all through just like a May day seldom if ever a day
like it in Feb. Almost a make believe that spring was near. Wind S.w. & moderate sea smooth.
Snow fast disappr brooks babling & making a merry sound air soft & plelasant Men were all at
leisure as woods work was suspended for the time being, and their interest now seems to be centered
in ice berths. The usual store work engaged our time & at night the making up a/c. for the Assessor St.
John's Letters recd. to day brot. remunerations for furs sent to u.s.a. early in Dec which gladdened our
minds as we had begun to fear the loss of them.
February 7, Saturday

Sat. 7 A Mild day free from frost & cold wind light & S.w. sea smooth. very much snow has gone
& the ridge & other places are quite bare of snow & the paths in some places are broken up. Woods
work is again at a stand still & will be unless it freezes Men are all at leisure Business during the day &
night employed all our time. W.J. Button of Old Perlican was with us for a while. A meeting of the
Lo.a. at night but I was not in attendance. No event of importance.
February 9, Monday

Monday 9th A quiet day light S.W. wind & mild cold and frost was not felt to day Business was
attended to with something doing all the time The mailman brot. us a box of drugs & other interesting
matter. Men at leisure with little or nothing to do.
February 10, Tuesday

Tuesday 10th A dull day just a little cold inclind to freeze still as evening approached the sky
betokened mildness. Wind light & westerly. Quite a sea is now on much greater than for days past.
The roads and paths is now dry & [clean?] & many of our people were engaged at woods work
Clarence was at Hants Hr. to day & brot. down Sack Beans Bg. 2 in Nls & 3 Rolls 3 ply Felt
Business had attendance all through.
February 11, Wednesday

Wed 11 A very mild day almost a kin to spring & almst making us feel as tho winter had past Ice &
now melted all day. A cessation of woods work by all again altho several from Grates Cove & other
places are now here for that work. A fairly busy day in the store & quite a bit of business done. At
night attended meeting led by Naaman Reid a Mr. Janes of Grates Cove present a pretty stirring
Christian. School suspended in Primary Dpt. owing to illnes of Miss Norman both yesterdy & to
February 12, Thursday

Thursday 12th The mildest day since the frost subsided & many thought of the day like April as though
we had skipped into spring wind soft SW blowling lightly. sea fairly smooth. Little woods work done
apart from some Grates Cove men who are here & labouring Business was attended & considerable
done when the time of season is thought of. At night attended a meeting of the L.O.A. which was of
more than usual interest
February 13, Friday

Friday 13th A fine day the sun shone brilliantly the warmest day since the change, and one of the
warmest ever experienced at this time of season wind s.w. & moderate until night when it blew a gale
sea smooth.
Woods work suspended no one doing any work there to day and people here from G. Cove all left for
their homes
February 14, Saturday

Saturday 14 A fine day again like yesterday with the exception of it being a little colder but the snow &
ice disapped with the exultrant rays of the sun to day. wind moderate S.W. sea quite smooth.
Business was attended to all day with customers sufficient to keep us going all the time. Clarence in the
afternoon went trouting with us & retd at dusk with thirteen. At evening heard of the death of Mr. Wm
Green at Hants Hr. The papers & the public despatch brings new of the Sidney trouble & of the
largest order of flour ever booked
February 16, Monday

Monday 16th An exceptionally mild day far exceeding all others in this respect even after sundown
there were no cold the sea was quite placid with the reminder of an August evening wind S.w. light but
in the early morning it blew a gale & rained until 9 am. Clarence went to L. Cove in the forenoon &
brot. along 2 Cads Tbco. & in the afternoon went trouting & brot. home 8. Business had my attention
all day.
There were no school in the Higher school to day owing to the refusal of Raymnd Goodwin to light the
fire & thereby disobeyed teacher instructn after noon this matter was done by Carman & school
followed. owing to the illness of Miss Norman the lower school is still closed
February 17, Tuesday

Tuesday 17 Another mild day a kin to yesterday in every respect. The morning was so quiet & the sea
so still that we almost wondered whether we would return to winter again. The wind was again very
light & s.w. Engaged in business all day which gave some satisfactory returns. Elias Brookings of Old
Perlican was here concerning repair to Cod Traps fished in the past by him. Wife visited friends on the
I Point at eveing Clarence again trouting with some result
February 18, Wednesday

Wed. 18th A fine day but the morning from 4 till 7 oclock was very unpleasant with rain & sleet, but
after it cleared the day was quite fine & at evening it was at freezing point, the weather having quite
changed in this respect. wind Westerly blowing strong sea smooth. Clarence with Stanley Driscoll left
for OldP- soon after breakfast hour & retd. soon after dinner bringing with them the wheel that was
broken & required for our mill a hole having been needed to be drilled in in [sic]. Our mare & cart
was the conveyance. At evening the Rev. Mr. M- visited us & at 4:40 pm held a meeting of “The Fire
sufferers Committee” to finalize matters & dismissed the Committe

At 8:30 he held service in the church wife Clarence & Carmen only were in attendance and the service
was a thoroughly enjoyable one
Elisha was very ill all of to day

Business as usual had my attention all day with some satisfactory results.
February 19, Thursday

Thursday 19th A fine day clear & cold freezing a little all day wind blowing moderately from the
West. sea quite smooth. Business as usual had my attention. At night I attended a meeting of the
L.O.A. 16 members were present but the meeting was one of more than usual interest. To day wife
recd. a very interesting & important letter from son John also from Joseph [Mills?] & J. B. Mansfield.
Nearly all men at leisure.
February 20, Friday

Friday 20th Still another fine day not very cold and toward evning inclined to mild again. Little or no
wind variable sea quite smooth. Clarence went to the woods today & dragged out two large sticks.
Geo. C. Mansfield was with us for a little while & nailed on the sheathng on end of wharfe [sic].
Jas. Driscoll with his brother brot in a load of pickets in our Comp boat & in the act of discharging them
had the misfortune to back his horse over our wharf but without injury to him.
To day the brethren of Brownsdale LO.L passed through this place with brass band recently purchased
for society use.
The mail brot. accounts of the opening of the house of Assembly on Wednesday and a lively and
important speech was the Governors address.
Business attended to with fairly good results.
Joyce left for H.Hr in the afternoon to spend week end with Pearl & the Smith family.
February 21, Saturday

Sat. 21st The ground is now covered with a light coat of snow which fell during the night, but the day
was beautiful as the sun shone magnificently & but for the sight of the snow winter would scarcely be
thought of. At breakfast hour Clarence went out & came in with a duck he afterward went to hunt for
partridge but was unsucessful. Malcolm short visited us at evening & audited book of Elishas re fire
Ice birth [sic] was given attention to again. Geo Driscoll having secd one yesterday from Capt Geo
Whitley & John C Mansfied to day in response to a messge & a position as Master of Watch.
Business was of fairly good results today.
February 23, Monday

Monday 23rd A fine day quite different from yesterday the wind & weather having changed & become
colder. Jack frost showed himself & had things his way, toward evening it became quite mild again & a
chage for mildness is in evidence again. wind light & W.- sea smooth. As usual spent the day in the
store and a little business was done all along until evening.
Joyce who had been to H.Hr. since Friday came home again at tea hour Carman taking her along from
New Chelsea. Men at leisure many making preparation for the Seal Fishery. At night wife & self
spent the night writting [sic] letters of much importance.
February 24, Tuesday

Tuesday 24 Another fine day but during last midnight and on into morning, it blew quite a storm from
S.W. with heavy sleet & rain, but the day turned out fine & with a strng Breez of S.W. wind. Tward
eveng it veered to N.W. & began to freeze. sea smooth until eving it becam quite loppy. To day was
altogether the busiest day in the store this season. Customers waiting to be served all the time. From
New Chelsea to Lead Cove waited on us. The men with berths for the ice are all making preparations
for the time of leaving Monday March 2nd In the afternoon Geo. C. Mansfied & Jas. Driscoll spent the
time in the mill making preparations for sawing. The wheel lately imported to replace the broken one
was put in place & such things done to the engines according to their understanding to make for its
February 25, Wednesday

Ash Wednesday 25 The weather was again fine to day but a little colder than yesterday. wind light &
westerly. Quite a big sea on greater than for a long time. Clarence was to H.Hr. to day & on business
& brot down 4 panes glass for new windows for [my?] home & box candy for shop. John C. & Jas.
Driscoll was at work on house tody & took out windows from Kitchen & one from dining room & put
in larger ones instead faced & finished them in side. Geo. C. Mansfield spent the day in the mill but
with little improvement on yesterday. At night attended service led by Naaman Reid. Business was not
very brisk to day.
February 26, Thursday

Thursday 26 The wind was S.E. & blew a gale all day The weather was very dull raining a little from
noon on into night. The sea is greatly disturbed unlike most seasons there is no ice on the coast
Northward as far as we hear. Clarence was at H.Hr. for glass and N.C for clapbord but did not
succeed in gettng the later. He returned ere dinner hour G.C.M. spent the day in the mill making repair
to the bench. The engine still refuses to work.
Business had usual attention all day and at night attended a meeting of the L.O.A 23 members
in attendance & several of them will be leaving for the icefields ere another meeting
February 27, Friday

Friday 27 The wind blew a storm all day from S.W. It was real fine all through & the night as well was
quite beautiful. Sea quite smooth.
Clarence & Geo. C Mansfield lef on Mare & Cart for H.Hr. at 8 am. to get bolt for mill engine. They
retd. ere dinner hour & the latter spnt the evening in the mill but no sawing done yet. John C. & Jas.
Driscoll was at work on house again put windows in front of dinng room faced & finishd it. Pearl
came to see us at dusk to spend the week end. This is her first visit since Jan. 13th At night attended
service led by N. Reid Business was attended to with small returns
February 28, Saturday

Sat. 28 Stormy with snow flurries constantly all day wind W. sea smooth. Geo. C. Mansfld spent
nearly all the forenoon at work in the mill but just when he thought he had the engine ready for sawing
one or two parts again gave out & became broken so that work had to be given up entirely for perhaps
always. Owing to it being somewhat cold to day the Driscolls did not finish clapboarding the house
wrecked in the puttng in the new windows. Clarence went o hunting in the afternoon & killed a rabit.
Births [sic] to the ice, the hauling of bags, & the leaving, was the talk of the men to day owing to Ed. J.
warfield being ill Stanley Driscoll takes his birth [sic].
Business attended to customers in attendance all day. The months closes now remarkable for its
mildness every day winter being apparently left behind since its beginnig a day of beauty owing to the
sun shing brilliantly
March 2, Monday

Monday 2nd Weather cold & dull but no frost wind Southl & blowing strng. Appearance of weather
all day which did not come until dusk when rain & glitter fell with wind still S. but blowing a storm on
into the night, sea quite smooth The work of cleaning the walls of the church was the work of the men
to day led by Sml. woodlnd with helpers as follow SJwoodld. Geo C. Mansfield Jas Driscoll Roy,
Albert & Naaman Reid John C Durdle, Jas Pynn Wm Harris Angus Driscoll, & Clarence
the Job was completed [by?] 4 pm. our ice hunting men left H Content for st John's this am Luther &
John C Mansfd Fredk. M- Eli woodlnd Wm H Goodw Jr Arch Clark R.Z. & Stanley Driscoll Geo
Driscoll Caleb Reid Henry Pynn Elisha was ill to day & confned to his bed. Business went on
March 3, Tuesday

Tuesday 3rd Weather mild and spring like wind S.W. & light sea quite smooth. Clarence went to
N.C. horseback to inquire of Belbins about the sawing of some logs. Elisha ill in bed again all day Dr.
Newhook visited him & Miss Norman at evening & with with us quite a little while Business had my
attention all day and was of an important nature Yesterday I omitted to write that Herbert Mansfield in
taking along to Hearts Content the sealers bags took along for us one case eggs the first this season &
brot to us 1 Brl. Sugar & one small case Sunlight Soap & Noah Driscoll who had been there on like
business brot 4-42[d?] Butter Driscolls finishe [?] windows?
March 4, Wednesday

Wednesday 4th A nice fine day the sun shone splendidly. wind light S.w. until evening it veered to
East & blew a fresh gale. The night tho. was a beautiful moon light with a stillness born of silence. sea
quite smooth. Clarence left for N.C with a load of logs, but having broken a wheel of the cart on the
"ridg" had to return again. He afterwards took it to Brownsdale for repairs & Carman also went there
with circle pcs. for its repair. Dr. Newhook visited the place in the afternoon to attend the confinement
of Mrs Geo. C. M-. Rev. Mr. M- & wife visited? visit us at night & conducted services preaching
from John Chap. & verses particularly on the Vine & Branches.
Business was attended to briskly all day.
Elisha still ill.
Wm. Barrett Naaman & Roy Reid left to day via Hearts Content to work in lumber woods.
March 5, Thursday

Thursday 5th Weather fine & bright with the sun giving some warmth. Wind changeable finally setting
down to blow a littl strng from N.E. Night was a moon light one I attedned a meetng of the LO.A
only nine members present; (since last Thurs [11?] had left for st John's re icefield & 2 for lumber
woods) the meeting tho was of much interst. I was busy to day in the store and was keept at work
constantly all day Elisha still confined to his house and had to get the help of wife for a little while. The
papers to day brought a/c of the earthquake shock on Saturday night at Quebec & Northern Continent
March 6, Friday

Friday 6 A very dull day cloudy & misty & at eveing some fog. wind light & W. sea smooth. owing
to no lay men the usual Friday night service did not take place. Clarence soon after dinner went to
[H.M?] & brot back [store?] [fishing?] & water pails. Business attended to little doing. Several of our
people very ill with colds, particulary Elisha Sml. woodld Ed. J warfie
March 7, Saturday

Sat 7th The condition of the weather again to day was like yesterday only very much warmer. wind
light and & [sic] Southerly. Sea smooth. At night it rained a little Spent the day in the store busy
particularly so at evening Clarence, Carmen the men of this place a few from New Chelsea all at
whales Brook & Brownsdale and a few from the other places spent the day hauling the house of
Malcolm Pynn from the place it was built to a more desirable place 100 yards or more away. Elisha
still indes. Joyce sick in bed all day. Many people unwell. The public despatch gives news of
continuous shocks of earthquake at Quebec and of the nervious [sic] strain on the people.
March 9, Monday

Monday 9th A very mild day perhaps more than any yet this season. A feeling that winter died on Jan
31st is the general belief. Wind light & Southerly. Sea quite smooth. Was in the store all day some
business doing all the time. Clarence helped put funneling in place in store painted a wheel & did other
minor things. The strike at Sidney, Earthquake Shock at Quebec Sailing of the Seal hunting Steamers
the talk of the day. John C & James Driscoll left H.Content this a.m. for St. John's en route to New
York U.S.A. Mail man Austin brot. to us 150 lbs Twine
March 10, Tuesday

Tuesday 10 A fine day colder than usual freezing all the day to some degree. wind fresh & westerly
sea quite smooth. was very busy in store particulry so in the forenoon & required the help of Clarence
all the time. Wm. J. Button of Old Perlican visited us in the forenoon & a Mr. Brazil representng the
Boot & Shoe factry of Harbour Grace in the afternoon. Elisha still ill as is also Ed J Warfied Geo. C.
Goodwin Sml. woodlnd & [?] Geo. W Mansfield Letter recd. from our J.w. to day describng
earthquake shock at Lynn. public despatch speaks of that being still felt at Quebec.
March 11, Wednesday

Wed 11 A dull day with fresh Southerly wind sea smooth. spent the [day] in the store not much
doing. John Bursy R.O. of Old.P. visited us in the a.m. & Jno. Champion of Lower I. Cove at evening.
Public despatch gives a/c of the position of sealing Fleet North & of Viking in the gulph [sic] she is
now among seals & waitng until Friday to kill
Miss Norman opened school again to day havng been ill & unable to teach for the past 3 weeks
Elisha still very ill.
March 12, Thursday

Thursday 12th The appearance of weather was visible since the afternoon of yesterday but did not fall
until 11 a.m. at first it rained quite a little and at 2 pm. it turned to snow flakes then it fell heavy &
continued into the eveng several inches fell so that the ground has quite a mantle of soft white covering
Wind S.W. & strong sea quite smooth. Soon after breakfast the loss of the S.S. stella Maris was
reported which it appears ocurred yesterday morning by her going down head first Crew all safe &
evening taken aboard other ships & given shares which was a relief to relatives. Clarence was to N.
Chelsea carted up 5 stakes & 2 sails & got them sawed retd. at dinnr hour with it again & 10 pailings
as well & not at all wet. Herbert Bury was at work in mill & made 3 Egg Boxes. Busines attended to
but very dull.
March 13, Friday

Friday 13th A fine day sun shining brilliantly all through Wind W. fresh. sea quite smooth.
Clarence left at 8 am. for N.C. with 12 Logs went part way & returned & left again with 7 more which
he took to mill Noah Driscoll also took along 9. Clarence & Carman in the afternoon went for Rabbit
Hunt but did not succeed in the capture of one. At evening recd. message about the selling of "Grilse"
from Monroe Export Co. was keept going in store all day No important news from sealers today.
Elisha was out for a hour or more which he spent in home of [?]
March 14, Saturday

Saturday 14th Weather just like yesterday as was also wind & sea. Clarence left at 8 am. for Old
Perlican to bring home a cart wheel which the blacksmith had put band on he got back again soon after
dinner hour Elisha was out for an hour yesterday & for much of to day was in shop where I was keept
unusually busy customers from Lead Cove to New Chelsea were our patrons. News of saling Fleet to
day reports them Jammed. The ground is still covered with snow. The cold making paths fairly good
Old Perlicn men particularly making good use of them
March 16, Monday

Monday 16 A fine day but cold freezing a little all the day & night. Wind westerly blowing strong sea
smooth. spent the day in the store kept busy for most of the day. Elisha was out again to day but still
very unwell. Clarence was to Hants Hr. left at 8 am & retd. 11 30 am. & brot. Sack pease 20 lbs
Apple. 30 lbs R. oats 2 Empty Egg Css. & other things He with Noah Driscoll made preparations to
leave for H.Ctnt. at midnight for freight
March 17, Tuesday

Tuesday 17th Weather quite like yesterday as was also the wind & sea. At 1 am. Clarence & Noah
Driscoll left for Hearts Content taking along with them 5 cases Eggs for shipment to st John's. They
returned again at 6 pm bringing to us Bundle Cork 1 Case Cutch 4 Bgs Nail & a Bale of paper. No
news from sealers to day office closed holiday being observed. was in the store all day some
business done At 2 pm. death visited the home of Mr. Alfred Harris & claimed his little (youngest) girl
a child of more than a year old.
March 18, Wednesday

Wed. 18th To day the weather was like the preceeding three or four but a little warmer. wind & sea
again the same. Spent the day as usual in the store but in the meantime attended the burial service of
Alfred Harris child Mildred, conducted by Rev. Mr. Malileu who gave a short but very sympathetic
address. He afterward took tea with us & left for Brownsdale for a special religious service.
March 19, Thursday

Thursday 19 A nice fine day more warmer than others & very spring like. Wind fresh & S. sea quite
smooth Business was brisk all day & claimed my constant attention Clarence was to H.Hr. & carted
down 1 Brl sugar 2 Eggs cases & sundry other things. News of the seal fishry was not very
encouraging other public news was of a servious nature fire in [?] tornado in US.A. & floods as well
all of a destructive nature
March 20, Friday

Friday 20th Weather dull betokening rain. Wind blew a strong gale from the S- sea again quite
Business attended to all day with customers all the time visiting us. Clarence made two visits to New
Chelsea &[ carted there to Belbens mill a load of logs each time. Noah Driscoll did a little in the way
of lightening Vate for the barking of twine etc. The sealing voyage is what interests people most evry
date & any new [sic] is eagerly sought after.
March 21, Saturday

Saturday 21 Raining lightly all the day very uppleasant with variable wind from S.E. to N.E. sea
becoming a little loppy. Clarence left at 8:30 for Belbens mill New C with 8 logs & retd. @ 11 a.m.
Carmen & Noah Driscoll spent some time boiling bark & using it in the tanning of new twine but owing
to the weather could not finish the work. work in the store went on a pace as at other times but not as
brisk as at other days this week. The health of our people all this week and for some time has been
poor many suffering with La Grippe At H.Hr there are now a few cases of scarlet Fever
March 23, Monday

Monday 23 Another very unpleasant day raining a little in the forenoon with fog all through. wind light
& sea fairly smooth. spent the day in the store some business doing all the time. Many looking for
Govt. Relief Clarence & Noah Driscoll spent some time boiling bark & taning twine & finished doing
so. At night service (the first of week night) was led by Joshua Goodwin
March 24, Tuesday

Tuesday 24 A dull day without rain & little or no fog The atmospher was light and no wind until the
afternoon when a fresh N.E. breeze sprang up. sea smooth. Clarence carted two loads (14 logs) to
mill New Chelsea. I attended to business all day & at night attended service led by Alex Harris. Dr.
Newhook visited this place to day to see Jas Pynns daughter & others who is very sick. Geo & Hrbt
M. was out bird hunting to day without success. News from sealers to day not so cheerful as
March 25, Wednesday

Wed. 25 Still another very dull day with light rain at times & some mist & fog at others. wind
moderate & Easterly sea smooth. Clarence left at 8:30 for Old. P- & returned soon after bringing
along Cad Tbco ½ Brl. R. oats & a few other sundries. Elias Brookings of Old.P. one of the men who
fish our traps called at the time C. left and I gave him 50 fthms. linnett & 6 lbs of mending twine.
Magistrate Vatchr called in the afternoon & we spent some time with him arranging the filling out of
Income tax a/c as required by the Assesor. Sealing News more encouraging to day. At night I
attended service conducted by Rev. Mr M- who discursed from Luke 50 Chap. .
March 26, Thursday

Thursday 26. Another dull day with fog & drizzling rain & variable wind sea smooth.
Clarence left at 8 am. for N.C. taking along on cart 400 staves & 3 Bundles Hoop Iron to John Pynn
for the making of berry brls. for us. Attended to business a little doing all day. at night service was led
by Joshua Goodwin I was present few there. Sml. Woodland left for Hearts Content en route for
Rochester U.S.A. having been taken along by Noah Driscoll. Sealing news of a hopeful nature
March 27, Friday

Friday 27 The condition of the weather to day was Just like those of the past week or more. With light
N.E. & E. wind sea just a little loppy. owing to a light rain Clarence did not leave for N. Chelsea until
10 a.m. when he again took along 400 Berry Brl. staves & proceeded to H.Hr. to confer with [?]
Pelley about the making of doors & sashes for proposed building; porch on house he carted back two
egg cases & box confectionry. Bussiness attended to but not much doing. wife very sick all through
last night, & to day confined to bed litttle improvement. This place for the last days has been visited
with an epidemic of colds and many of our people are sick. In the afternoon the work of repairing the
traps for another seasons fishery was begun by W.H. & Reuben Goodwin & Noah Driscoll.
March 28, Saturday

Sat 28 Another day like the proceeding ones of this week miserably damp & dirty with Notherly wind
but just a little lopy sea. Wm H & Reuben Goodwin & Noah Driscoll spent the day in the twine loft
making repairs to cod trap fished by W.H.G. & the one fished at I. Rock Business dull many families
complaining of being in need. Clarence very sick wife a little better many people afflicted with
March 30, Monday

Monday 30th A very dull day with thick fog at times and mist cloudy & thick. Light Easterly wind
very little sea A large majority of the people of this place are now very sick wife, Carman, Molly &
myself among them Clarence a little better.
The work of repairing the cod traps was continued today by Wm H & Reuben Goodwin Noah Driscoll
& Wm Harris in the afternoon only. At evening Clarence carted from the mill the frame of a porch to be
built on our home intending to begin the job tomorrow. Business attended to some people shopping
throughout the day. Sealing news not very encouraging and it is scarcely thought that it will be an average voyage.
March 31, Tuesday

Tuesday 31st At times during the day there was often the appearance of a clearing up but the damp
cold fog woud suddenly appear again so as yet there is no let up and weather conditions are the same
as it has been since the 20th. Wind Easterly quite a sea on greater than for weeks past. Clarence left
for Old Perlican at 8 am & took along 5 cases eggs returned at 3 pm. bringing with him 4-42[d?] & 2
crates (16-10[d?]) Butter. Geo. C. Mansfied & Nathaniel Goodwin was with us to day & commced the
building of a new porch on house. The four men engaged mending twine continued at that work to
April 1, Wednesday

April Wednesday 1st Weather dull with fog, & rained a little at noon. At evening it cleared and the
unpleasant weather of the last 11 days had passed away and the much desired change had come. The
wind was S.E until evening it veered to S.W. and at night it blew a strong breeze from that dirrection
[sic]. Sea somewhat disturbed. Clarence went to New Chelsea at 8 am & carted down a load of ¾
board for the porch in buildng Geo. C. & Nathnl Goodwin was at that work all day Stephen J
woodland was also at work with us to day & broke in pcs two large rocks in field near shop & one by
home. Four men was trap mendng again to day. Busines as usual had my attention & at night attended
services cond. by Joshua Goodwin. An improvment in our family illness was felt by each.
April 2, Thursday

Thursday 2nd Fine & bright until noon then it became dull & cloudy again. wind veered to N.E. & at
dusk a cold winter blast was felt and durig the night it frooze [sic] quite a bit Sea quite smooth
clarence went to New Chelsea & carted down a load of board he afterward hauled from Hy. Pynns
place 20 Flake longers S.J. Woodlnd & Simeon Bursey was at the work of building a new length of
Flake all day Geo. C M was the forenoon only & Nathnl. Goodwin all day at work on porch. The 4
men engaged mending twine was at the job all day. Did some business all day and at night wife & self
spent from 8 to 11 making up a/c of A.B. poor relief.
April 3, Friday

Friday 3 A very cold chilly day wind S.E. blowing strong sea smooth. At night it rained the real
down pour Clarence was to N.C. twice in the forenoon carted down the lumber from our logs & a
load (300 ft.) Clapboard. Geo C.M & Nathl. G- were at work on porch all day but the afternoon they
meet a set back in their work a little owing to having [to?] undo part of what they had done in the way
of raising the roof higher. S.J.w. & Simeon B- was again at work flake building & finishd the work of
putting up beams and shores. The four men Trap mending was at work to day and made good
April 4, Saturday

Saturday 4th Weather dull & dreary as ever wind blew fresh breez from S.E. sea smooth. At tea
hour it rained a little & thundered heavily two or three times with as many flashes of lightening which
light up the heavens during its passing.
Clarence left for H.Hr at 8 am for twine & brot home from New C- the balance of ½ M clapboard left
over from yesterday, afternoon he hauled from Geo C M-. 8 Flake shoes & helped Harold Bursey
mend the fences with pailings. Geo. C.M- & Nathnl. Goodwin was at work on porch putting eaves
around it. whilst S.J. woodlnd & Simeon Bursey were doing flake work. The four twine menders
were also all day at work. Allen Barrett went to Old. P.- at 11 am. for freight & retd at 6 pm brining
along 1 Bl. Sugar 2 Sacks Beans & 2 Boxes Biscts. News from sealers to day was to the effect that
they were picking up old seals.
April 6, Monday

Monday 6th A cold day with light snow fall at evening wind strong N.E. Some sea on
Clarence Allen B- & Hayward C- went to O.P at 8 am & each took along a steel Drum they retd. at
evening C- with a load of lumb the others with 10 Bales flour & 1 sack Beans John Goodwin was
also to H. Hr for us & brot along glass & little bale goods he chiefly went for was brot to us by Frank
Pelley For want of material Geo C.M & Nathnl. G- were not at work to day at porch but the later
spent 5 hrs. at work on shop door & I paid him. Noah Driscoll was ill to day & did not work in twine
loft but Wm H.G & Reuben G & Wm Harris spent the day at work there Dr Newhook visited the child
of Nath G- at evenig. public dispatch says the first sealer to arrive will be the S.S. Neptune this
evening Naaman Reid who has been away to lumber woods since March 4th returnd yesterday.
April 7, Tuesday

Tuesday 7th A very clear & bright sunshiny day the air was cold all day. It froze quite a lot during last
night & the early morning. Wind S.W. blowing strong Sea abating. Clarence was to Old P. a gain to
day & retd. soon after dinner hour with a brl. Sugar & a sack of pease. Hayward Clark went to H.Hr
after C- came back & brot. to us 3 W. sashes.
S.J. woodland & Simeon Bursy were at work this forenoon only finished the flake & sharpened &
rined 23 stakes. The three men engaged at twine yesterday was at work again to day. Noah Driscoll
was ill again to day. Business attended to with fair results.
April 8, Wednesday

Wed A little fine but cloudy in the afternoon with tokens of rain but only a shower fell wind blew a
strong gale all day from s.w. sea smooth. Geo C. M & Nathnl. G. spent forenoon at work at porch
put in three window boxes & end facings afternoon was continued to stormy to continue work so did
not do any thing only three workmen at twine mending again to day. Noah Driscoll went to O.P. with
Miss Norman who will entrain for her home at Cupids. Owing to ill health she resigned school teaching
here, & her place after Easter will be filled by Joyce. Business was attended to all day. In the
forenoon Mr. Patrick Doyle of Grates Cove came to see us in re to cod trap which he as belonging to
At night I attended service conducted by Rev Mr M-
April 9, Thursday

Thursday 9th A dull & a cloudy day cold to freezing at evening with strong N.E. wind sea loppy &
quite disturbed. Clarence was to Old. P. & retd. soon after dinner hour bringing along 1 Case drugs, ½
Chest tea, 4 Rolls [Japroid?] & some IGP. ceiling he afterward went to near H.Hr. with Noah D-
horse & carriage & brot. home pearl sister Sarah coming with them. Geo. C. & Nathnl. Goodwin
worked at porch until 4 pm. when owing to cold they ceased work. They spent the time clapboarding
the South end of porch. Noah Driscoll spent to day (the first one this week) with the other three men.
Many people sick here. (Caleb Reids wife a serious case) Lots [sick] at Brownsdale & in every
April 10, Friday

Friday 10th A gale of S.W. wind blowed all day the weather was fairly fine but the air was a little cold
& chilling. sea smooth. Atttended church in the morning led by Mr. Joshua Goodwin, owing to the
illness of so many people few were the congregation. on return froms church found at home Misses
Field & spracklin the two day school teachers of New Chelsea & Miss Malina sparks of sibleys Cove
the latter having invited the former to spend Easter holidays with her after a rest they went on the way
to S. Cove. Clarence & Carmen with more than a score of the youth spent the afternoon troutng. I
spent the eveing bookingkeeping & reading I did not have any labourers employed to day as we
always observe Good Friday as a Holy Day, and suspend working on that day.
April 11, Saturday

Saturday 11 Weather cold & chilly like other days of week. Wind Easterly sea smooth
Clarence went to O.P. at 8 am & returned while we were at dinnr bringing along 2 Boxes Biscts. 2
Bgs. Nls. 1 Box Paint & Pickle 1 chest Tea Four men were at work at twine to day & Geo C. M.-
and Nathnl. Goodwin spent the afternoon only at work coverng the porch with Japroid. The forenoon
was to [sic] damp & cold for work S.Jwoodland was also at work from 11 am to 6 pm putting up
fence leadg to church. At night Luther J Mansld returned from icefied having been engaged in the seal
fishry in SS. Neptune & made $91.85
April 13, Monday

Monday 13 Another cold cloudy day with a strong gale of N.E. wind and a loppy sea
Geo C.M. & Nathnl. Goodwin spent 2 hrs each cleaning & puttg school funnelling in place & then
spent the day at work on porch flooring it & put in door box & hanged the porch door. The four men
engaged at [twine?] Wm H & Reuben Goodwin Noah Driscoll & Wm Harris were at work all day.
Soon after dinner hour Misses Blanche & Annie Smith & Hubert Gulliford visited us & went home
again @ 8 pm. Many people still very sick
April 14, Tuesday

Tuesday 14 A real cold day one of the most chilly this season with high N.E. wind penetrating felt to
the very bone. sea smooth
Clarence was to Hants Hr. & returned ere dinner hour with two door & a mullin window. Geo C.M-
& Nathnl. G. spent the day at porch strippng it with board for plaster gon & making improvement to
door enterng hall
The four trap menders continued their work to day At evenig Noah Driscoll drove Sister Sarah to
New C.- & pearl to H.Hr. News of the return of two or three sealing steamers from ice
April 15, Wednesday

Wed. 15 The weather was very much milder to day with S.W. wind blowing moderately. sea quite
smooth. Clarence left at 8:20 am for New Chelsea & carted along to Belbens mill 6 Logs which he got
sawn in inch board & retd. with it at noon. Geo C M & Nathnl. G- was again at work on porch
wainscotted the porch faced porch window & did a littl wainscotting to the rest of the part intended for
scullery & milk room. The four twine men contd. at work all day and made considerabl mendg to
[small?] trap intended to be fished by Abel Armstng. Dr. Newhook at evenig visited the wife of Elisha
who is very ill.
April 16, Thursday

Thursday 16 A very unpleasant day with a strong gale of S.W. wind, and rain both in the fore & aftern.
sea quite smooth
Clarence left for O.P at 8 am. & retd. at 3 pm. he took along1 Case eggs & brot. to us 4 Sacks oats
1 Case s.L. soap 1 Box B. Powders. Geo.C.M & Nathnl Goodwin was at work on porch & nearly
clapboarded the side put on some wainscotting on Milk room & faced a door leading into kitchen
John Goodwin was also at Chelsea & H.Hr for us [cated?] 6 Logs to C- & brot back ½ in board
sawn frm same but nothing from Hants Hr. The four twine men were at work to day: John C.
Mansfield & Geo. Driscoll two of the crew of the illfated S.S. Marian arrived safely last night.
Business atted to many people about all day. Stephen J. woodland & wm Clark spent the forenoon
fencing farm & pasture land.
April 17, Friday

Friday 17 A bright sunshining day not very warm but pleasant with nice bracing air wind W
blowing [modest?] sea smooth Clarence, John Goodwin, Hayward Clark Allen Barrett & Edward
Thorn of Whales Brook left for O.P. at 8 am & retd. at 3 pm with freight cosisting of flour etc C. load
being plastergon for porch. Geo CM & Nathnl. G. were again at work on porch finished the clapbrd
on side & [big?] windows over roof Latch put on porch door & kitchen door hanged & Lock fastened
< to it. S. Jwoodland & Wm Clark spent the day fencing & finished the four trap twine menders were
still on the job. Business claimed my attention all the day and at night attended service led by Sml.
April 18, Saturday

Saturday 18th For the greater part of to day it was very unpleasant with sleet and rain. A strong gale
of s- wind blew all the time sea smooth. Clarence & Crmnan [sic] spent the time picking up rubbish
about the yard & removing it to the wood yard. Geo CM. & Nathnl. G spent the day again at porch
the former spent some time clapboard end of long porch & then helping N.G. put plaster gon on porch
sufficient to finish it The four men engaged at twine spent the day at that work. John woodland &
Allen Barrett were to Old Perlican & carted to us Tc mols 2 Brls & 1 sack flour & 1 sack Rice. The
public dispatches tell of ominous signs of trouble in Europe and discontent in several countries
April 20, Monday

Monday 20th A fine day but cold, the sun did not shed forth much warmth. The wind was strong and
westerly sea quite smooth. Clarence was to Old P- and brot. back brl. Beef & a crate paper.
Herbert M- was also to Old P. & brot up a brl. Flour. Hayward Clark was to H.Hr. for mouldings but
was disappoint, but brot from New C- 5 anchors & Grapnels & 1 Keg. Geo. C. M & Nathnl. G-.
were at work on porch hanged two doors the 1 for pantry & the other put in place of window. some
wainscoting was put on milk room. Wm H- & Reubn Goodwin & Wm Harris spent all day & Noah
Driscoll the forenoon only, having been called away to Whales Brook in the afternoon to treat a cow in
April 21, Tuesday

Tuesday 21st Another fine day, a little warmer than yesterdy especially in the forenoon. The wind was
light & variable and for much of the time perfect calmness reigned. At 2 pm. the wind sprang up from
N.E. & it became cold to freezing point. sea smooth.
Clarence went to H.Hr. at 9 am. & retd. at 3 pm. bring back some door mouldg & stops for
wainscottg per porch etc. Geo.C.M. & Nathnl. G- were again at work. A lttle clapboard by porch
door was done which finished that work. plastergon & wainscotting was fnished excpet scullery only.
Lock was mortised into milk room door & other little finishing work done.
The four twine menders were still at work & progressed more than some days. Business claimed my
attention all the time.
April 22, Wednesday

Wed 22 The weather to day was again very cold & chilly perhaps the worse this spring at night a cold
rain fell. wind N.E. blowing strong Sea very loppy.
Our two workmen building porch were with us again to day doing the finishing puttng moulding around
it, stops on doors & windows & nearly finished scullery. The four men at traps were also engaged at
that work but Noah Driscoll was absent in the afternoon having been engaged to drive Mrs. E- Miss
Collier & Joyce to sibley Cove to be present at the marriage of Miss Elsie Sparks to Hayward
Matthews. At night I attended service conducted by Rev. Mr. M- who gave a nice discourse based on
the 12th Chap of st Luke on the man who was Not Rich Toward God.
Simeon Bursey who set out a herring net a few days ago & fortunate every day in takg a nice haul took
it in this am having taken a tub of splendid herring Business as usual attended to customers about all
the time
April 23, Thursday

Thurday 23 A little cold & cloudy in the mornng but afterward it cleared & became finer & warmer
wind light & Easterly. Sea a little disturbed & loppy. Clarence is now suffering with a bad cough so
instead of sending him to Old P. as thought of doing at first, sent Hayward Clark in his stead. He retd.
at evening bringes along 1 Brl. Sugar 2 Egg Cases & other freight
Geo C. M- & Nathnl. G- were at work building milk cupbord & doing other finishing work &
completed the job entirely.
The four twine men were at work as usual.
Our Young cow calved in the afternoon of to day
April 24, Friday

Friday 24 The morning was the best this spring. The birds singing merrily air nice & warm but as the
day advanced this suddenly changed The wind sprang up from the East & veered to N.E. & blew a
storm with snow all the time so that it was by far the wose day since Janury nothing less than a stormy
winter day sea very much disturbed Clarence & Hayward Clark left for Old Perlican at 8 am & retd.
at 3 pm birnging along a load of freight each Two cases of Eggs were also taken along to station by
them both Hayward unfortunately broke one of the wheels of our cart before entering the place & had
to go back for it. The [four?] twine menders were again at work but W.H.G. did not put in an
appearance in the afternoon so Herbert Bursy worked in the afternoon in his place
The S.S. Terra Nova arrived in st John's at 8 oclock with a full load of seals 13 of the men of
this shore help comprise her crew who will all make a nice handsome bill.
April 25, Saturday

Saturday 25 The ground is again covered with snow with drifts here & there. The storm of N.E. wind
last night having blown & scattered it in all dirrections. The wind storm last night was perhaps the worst
this season, and many were the expressions of delight made because of the return of "Terra Nova" ere
the wind & storm cam [sic] on. The weather all day was very unpleasant with strong wind all day but
not much sea not nearly that to be expected from such strong wind. Wm. H. Goodwin was absent from
the twine loft to day so Herbert Bursey with Noah Driscoll, Wm Harris & Reuben Goodwin was
engaged at the work all day. Clarence spent the day varnishing the new porch & the other apart ments
and finished the work at evening. Business was attended to all day and many sales made
April 27, Monday

Monday 27 A fine day the sun shone brightly all day & much of the snow disappeared by its warmth
wind light & variable at first from s.w. but at evening the Eastrly [wind ] conquered & blew a strong
breeze from that dirrection sea smooth Clarence & Allen Barrett left at 7:30 am. for Old P- & took
along 4 Cases Eggs. C brot along Felt Tins Nls [?] etc. & Allen Tc. Tar & 1 Roll Felt. C got mare
shod to day Noah Driscoll was absent to Old P.- today & Herbert Bursy with the other three engaged
worked at the twine [?]. Joseph Green visited us at evening. Business had my attention all day & many
customers visited us.
April 28, Tuesday

Tuesday 28th A very unpleasant day, raining all the time & into the night Cold meanwhile. Wind NE
& blowing moderate sea quit smooth apart from the lop caused by the wind Clarence spent much of
the time painting the roof & side of New Porch The four men first engaged to mend the traps were
again at work all day and is now almost come to a finish with the Job.
At night a public service as well as last night was led by Alex Harris Business had attention all
April 29, Wednesday

Wed. 29th weather like yesterday apart from rain but a dense fog prevailed instead with light rain at
dusk. wind N.E. light with quite a sea on at evening, & much loose ice about, so that the day was very
unpleasant & dreary. Clarence with Geo. C. M. & S.J.woodland spent the forenoon bending
moorings to grapnels. The four twine menders were at work in twine loft all day as usual. At dinner
hour Mr Jasper Green of Winterton visited us & I shippd him for our servant for the next 6 mos.
Business as usual had my attention all day The Point M were out for a seal hunt & returned
April 30, Thursday

Thursday 30 Weather conditions the same with light N.E. wind with a little sea & ice enough to cause
damage to slips. Clarence did a little painting to N.E. end of facings of porch Reuben Goodwin & Wm
Harris spent the forenoon only and Noah Driscoll & Wm Goodwin all day in twine loft, but another
hour or more is yet required to finish the work. This afternoon much news of Govt works employment
& a prosperous season seems ahead of this country To day was a busy one in the shop particularly so
in the afternoon the busiest since the year began
May 1, Friday

Friday May 1st – 1925
The weather to day was much better than for several days it being much warmer & finer wind light &
variable but at evening it blowed from an Easterl or S.E. dirrection [sic]. sea smooth. Clarence spent
much of the day painting window facing newly put in house, & porch facings as well. Noah Driscoll
spent two hours or more at traps & thus finished the repairs needed. Nine men who had been to the
icefields in S.S. "Terra Nova" returned at 10 pm.
The marriage of Jas. Thorne to Hazel Goodwin was solemnized by Rev. M. Mallileu in our church at 6
pm. Much business was done throughout the day.
May 2, Saturday

Sat 2nd Weather just like yesterday wind and sea in like manner Clarence spent nearly all day painting
porch & cart dray which Geo. C. M. & finished to day for $4.00. Hayward Clark John Woodlnd and
Allen Barrett were to old Perlican to day & took along 2 Cs. Eggs & each brot back a load of flour &
May 4, Monday

Monday 4th To day was fine and warmer to some extent than in the past. spring was felt in many
ways. The wind was light & Easterly. Sea fairly smooth. Clarence left in the early morning for Old P.
taking along two hides for H.Grace John Goodwin John Woodlnd and Allen Barrett also went with
him they returned soon after dinner hour each bringing a load of freight. Clarence soon after went out
with Geo C M & Steph. J.w. & put out marks on several mooring so as to secure two trap berths
Much activity was contind in this business by all who have traps to fish here. Gaden Rendell of
HContent visited us to day. He also went to Whales Brook & divided lands for Louis & Wesley Thorn
& measurd a lot for Herbert Mansfield. Heard of some fish being Giged at H.Hr. Nathnl. G- was with
us for a while put lock on dining room door & Zinc in porch, Glass in shop door & other minor things.
Business had attention all day
May 5, Tuesday

Tuesday 5 A fine day the finest & best this spring wind light & Easterly some sea on. Clarence with
John Goodwin & Eli Woodland left for O.Perlican at 8:20 & returned soon after dinner each bringng
freight C. Tc. Motor oil J.G. 2 Brls Beef & E.W brl. flour & sundries. our servant for the ensuring 6
mons came at noon & spent the afternoon digging drain and cabbage garden & removing rubbish.
Magistrate Vatcher & Con. Forsey visited us on their way from H.Hr. & remained an hour. Business
again to day was regular throughout.
May 6, Wednesday

Wed. 6th A dull & Cloudy day with light showers of rain late at evening. wind light & Easterly. sea a
little rough & loppy. Servant spent until breakfast hour again clearng rubbish of [sic] of garden about
house & celar [sic], and afterward with Clarence & the other two workers spent the day on the Room
tanning trap moorings & otherwise making fishery preparations. Quarterly official Church meeting held
at evening, a meeting of special importance to the church throughout the circuit. At night Rev. Mr. M-
preached to a nice interesting congregation but I was absent through weariness & bronchial trouble.
Business had attention all day.
May 7, Thursday

Thursday 7th A nice fine clear day with moderate Westerly wind a little cold. The sea is not quite
smooth. The work of barking three Cod traps on the room occupied the day by our servant & the two
workers with him. Clarence being ill Reuben Goodwin was engaged in his place. The time spent was
from 7 am until 4 pm. owing to the smallness of the boiler used in the boiling of water much time was
lost on that a/c. John Goodwin was to O.P. for us to day & brot a cart load of freight arriving at 2 pm
His load consisted of a Crate of Butter 4 Sacks Sugar 4 Bgs Nls & 2 Egg Cases. Herbet Bursy was
with us from 10 am unti [sic] 6 pm painting & putting windows in loft of shop. Two [representates?]
men of St Johns & Sidny visited us at evenng the later selling German bonds & the former rep. a Mr.
O Learey. Our old cow calved at 10 am. At night attended the closing meeting of the L.O.A. 15 of
the brethren were present and a meeting of unusual interest it proved to be in many respects got home
at 11 pm
Business during the day was brisk
May 8, Friday

Friday 8th very dull day until noon and when it began to rain & continued until into the night wind light
& Easterly sea smooth. Clarence John Goodwin & Allen Barrett were to Old Perlican retd. at 2 pm
with a load of freight consisting of felt Egg Cases soap & 2 Brls Sugar. Servant with [R.?] Godwin &
GCM & S.J.W sewed the bottom in two of the traps intended to be fished on the room, rain prevented
further work in this dirrection [sic]. A length of the slip lately broken off with loose ice was repaired
today. other slip recd. like attention. Jas Lambert of Lead Cove to whom we have given wifes trap to
fish was here yesterday & today and taken it away. Nathnl. Goodwin and Herbert Bursey was at
work at home today took windows out of N.E. & [wester...?] part of dining room & fitted Twin
window boxes into the opening again & thus finished the work on outside of the house.
May 9, Saturday

Sat. 9th The bright sun this morning cleared away the dampning effects of the rain last night & the day
was fine throughout but a little cold with strong Westerly wind. sea quite smooth. Servant was with his
helpers nearly all the day painting & getting skiff ready for use apart from that he cleared gareden [sic]
by factory of rubbish & did other minor things. Nathaniel G- & Herbert B- was with us all day finishng
windows in parlour. They also stoped leak in store of shop & did similar thing to window of shop.
John Woodland was to Old P. for us & brot. along Rope soap butter & other things left over from
yesterday Also a large "Salmon" the gift of Mr. Ab. J. Button of Lead Cove. The first of these spendid
[sic] fish was caught there by Mr. Nathnl. Button yesterday and at O.Perlican on the 7th Pearl came to
see us in the forenoon of to day. Business was unceasing to day customers visiting us all the time. 47
enteries [mades?].
May 11, Monday

Monday 11th A Fine day with S.W. & W. winds blowing moderately sea smooth. Clarence with John
Goodwin left for O.P. in the morning & retd. at dinner hour bringing home 6 Brls flour 1 Sack [s.?]
Pease & 1 sack oats. Reuben Goodwin was with trap crew again to day sewing bottom in the largest
trap & finishd with the exception of taking it up owing to its not been [dry?].
To day we had salmon brot to us from Lead Cove & Brownsdale also the first cod fish (fresh) brot. to
us by Robert Barrett Several were giged this morning by those who were out and they were pleased
with the sign found on the grounds over which they Giged. John Harris giged one or more on Friday I
think which was the first giged here Wm Barrett was reported as giging a tub.
Business was attended and its attendant worries consequent upon the sale of Cod trap of wheeler &
Harris & a misundersting re hire of Grilse by Nath Piercy
Joyce, altho teaching school was very ill to day and Clarence also had to go to bed at dusk owing to
May 12, Tuesday

Tuesday 12th Anothr fine day a little airy & cold n Wind blowed moderately all day. sea again quite
smooth. Hayward Clark John Goodwin & Allen Barrett were to Old Perlicn for freight & carted along
to us Gas & Pine Tar, Cutch, Tea, & Nls. etc. Reuben Goodwin & Herbert Bursy spent the day in the
twine loft making a Leader for the trap that will be fished by Jas. Lambert Servant with G.C.M. spent
most of the day in the mill taking engine apart & putting in case for shipment to St John's the part
broken last winter. Dr. Newhook came to see us at evening and attended to Max & Clarence who is
May 13, Wednesday

Wed 13 Fine & clear again today, with a gale of West wind particularly so in the afternoon and until
dusk: sea again quite smooth. Hayward Clark was to O.P. for freight, took along to train a Case
cntng. part of Engine for shipment for repairs & brot. to us 3 Brls Flour R. Goodwin & Herbet Bursey
spent until 4 pm. in twine loft making leader & finished. Servant with his two helpers went along the
shore as far as "White Point" & brot. back a load of Slip Timber & buoys. S- spent the time afterwrd
removing seed potatoes from Cellar to stable loft. Clarence much better to day. At 4 pm. a meetng of
school Board was held in vestry of our church. present Revd. Mr. M.- Messrs Peter Tuck, Malcolm
Short Archbld. Austin Geo. W. Mansfield & myself The meetng was one of much importance.
Afterwrd a meetg of fire relief committe was held result at this writtng not known. Business attended

to all through Josep Clark & sons Giged a tub or more of fish good sign reported along this shore
Mr. Lodge Inspector of school cam to this place at evening & put up with Elisha
The working of getting ready our Schnr "Grilse" commenced at HHr to day she will be taken charge
of by Mr. Albert Smith
May 14, Thursday

Thursday 14 Still another fine day sun shone brightly all through. Wind light & W. until evening it
veered & blowed moderately from the E. sea quite smooth.
Allen Barrett & Stanly Driscoll went to O.P. for freight & retd. soon after dinner hour taking to us
Meat, Rope, (a lot) flour & a small case goods. Joseph Clark & Sons were the only persons here
giging this am owing to the high wind & gigd neary [sic] a tub James Bursey of old Perlican to whom
we have given one of our traps to fish called on us in the forenoon for it & he took it along. Elias
Brookings who also has two of our traps visited us to day. Business was brisk particularly in the
forenoon. Clarence & our man Green spent the day "seeding potatoes" above stable and a little of
ground by cellar. This being the first planted this season
May 15, Friday

Friday 15 A fine day but with light Easterly wind sea smooth. Joseph Clark & his boys were out
again Giging result one Tub The point Mansfied who set out a cod trap yesterday hauled it this am.
with poor results. Stanley Driscoll was with us to day with his horse & cart hauling manure to the
gardens he also brot. to us from Mrs. Eli Goodwin one brl. potatoes. Geo. Driscoll with Hayward
Clark & his horse ploughed our potatoe [sic] ground to day doing the work in 7 hours. A quarterly
official meetng of the Church was held in our church at evening The announcement was made over the
wires & was a surprise as only a few days ago the annual qrtly meetng was held still a greater surprise
was felt when the result of the meetng became known & it was learnd that the Rev Mr. Mallileu had
resignd his pastorate on this circuit & had accepted an invitation to Heart's Content Mr. Geo short of
H.Hr visited us for a little while
May 16, Saturday

Saturday 16 A very disagreeable & unpleasant day raining all through with a strong gale of N. & N.E.
wind & a turbulent sea. Servant spent until 2 pm. cutting potatoes for seeding and then went home.
The day was spent by [me?] attending to business. The week ended rather abruptly so far as doing
business on sea is concernd owing to weather condition. The scarcity of salmon & the need of seed
potatoes by many has evoked much comment all this week.
May 17, Monday

Monday 17th A fine day with a strong gale of Westerly wind. Sea a little rough. servant spent the
forenoon with others making small buoys afternoon cuttng potatoes for seed. Stanley Driscoll & John
Goodwin was to Old Perllican for freight & brot. to us Rope, Batteries, box drugs & other goods.
John woodland went to H.Hr in the afternoon & took along wire Jib stay & oakum for the use of the
Grilse. Point Mansfields hauled their trap & took frm it 4 tubs or 1 qtl. fish. Elisha & mysef made a
visit to the point for a short while. Salmon was reported a little more plentiful to day. Gardening is now
taking the time of many.
May 19, Tuesday

MAY 19 1925 Another very fine day the sun shone brilliantly but the wind blowed a storm from the
Westward all day & the air was very cold all through the morning it was near a kin to freezing Stanley
Driscoll was to Old Perlican for us today Carted down 5 Cases Eggs & brot to us 2 Brls Flour 8
boxes Biscts & other goods Allen Barrett was to O.P also & brot to us 2 Brls Four 4 Boxes soaps 4
Rolls Felt & other goods our servant spent the day again cutting seed potatoes At evening Albert
Smith & his daughter Annie visited us Albert's visit was primilarly [sic] to look up a crew for the
"Grilse" but did not succeed
May 20, Wednesday

Wed. 20 To day it was fine again and somewhat warmer than yesterday it was verily a beautiful May
day. Wind W blowing a Strong breeze sea smooth. The morning being quiet with little wind several
boats were out giging but returned without success. The point M hauled their trap but did not take any.
The high wind of yesterdy accounted for this scarcity. The church bell rang out in the early morng &
called to gether Geo. W. & John CM Simeon & Herbert Bursy Geo. C. Mansfield, Eli, S.J. & Sml.
and our servant who spent the forenon mending fence making repair to towers & mending roof. The
work of whitewashg was post poned for another day owing to lime not been soaked, but so much is
accomplished & such cleanig up is well done “Servant & Carman spent afternoon plantng & drillg
” in one of the plots of ground in the farm. Stanly Driscoll was to Old perlican retd. at dinner
hour & brot. to us Tc. Mols. 2 Brls Flour Box (35 lbs) Candy. He with Carman spent the afternoon
hauling manure. Clarence was to New Chelsea in the [forenoon?] & carted to John Pynn brl. flour &
10 lbs Butter & hauled down 8 Bery tubs & a water brl. Hayward Clark went to HHr at eveing taking
up paint for the Grilse & brot to us [7?] Berry Brls. Business to day was fairly brisk
May 21, Thursday

Thursday 21st A fine bright day but a storm of s.w. wind was blowing all day so that it made it very
uncomfortable in the plantng of potatoes at evening it died away. sea quite smooth "Eli woodlnd" was
with servant & Carman drillg potatoes finished the pc. of yesterdy & the plot nearst the wall as well as
a strip on the hill.
Clarence was to Hants Hr with supplies for schnr "Grilse" & carted from Chelsea 13 Berrie [sic] Brls.
Most people are now gardening & all it appears will have seeds sufficient nothwithstand [sic] the
scarcity seemed apparent some time ago. owing to the storm of wind there wr no fish taken to day.
Business as usual had attention all day.
May 22, Friday

Friday 22 It rained a real down pour from mid night until the early moring so that the drains r half filld
and the ground soaked as a result and so the work of planting potatoes was postpond today and our
servant with Mrs Eliz. Barrtt spent the time cutting potatoes for seed. Hayward Clark was to Old
Perlican & brot to us a brl of potatos which was purchased at Nothern Bay. Another meeting of the
Q.O.B was again suddenly sprung on it members & a meeting was held here in the church this pm. the
business it appears was principally for the purpose of selecting another pastor. Pearl came to stay the
week end at [4?] & Miss Blanche Smith came with her but her visit was only for a short time At
evening the air was very cold a kin to freezing and the wind since 2 pm. was in the nature of a storm
blowng at high velocity. The day was fine tho all the time & the sea smooth
May 23, Saturday

Sat. 23 To day the weather was raw & cold with light showers of rain in the afternoon freezing at night
wind s.w. blowing a strng gale sea smooth The weather prevented the planting of potatoes so our man
cleaned up the day spent some time on the room getting long ropes & other things ready for traps and
assisted Fredk. M in the launching of his motor boat & Enging [sic] & taking it unboard Schnr- Cap.
Geo Blackwood which called here at dinner hour & bought it of him. Business attended to & I was
keept [sic] going all the day.
May 25, Monday

MAY 25 1925
Monday A fairly fine day with moderate Westerly wind until evening it veered from the East for an
hour or more when it died away & became quite still. Sea practically smooth. our man with Eli
Woodland spent the day on the "hill garden" planting potatoes & finished that piece. Clarence helped
some & in the afternoon hauled a few loads of man at 11 am an half hour was spent in the school,
when the school children with their teachers & a few friends gatherd to celebrate "Empire Day" a short
programe was the order of procedure which was enjoyed as well as the givings out of candy to each
child. Cheers followed & all dispersed for an holiday. Owing to the condition of the weather this am
no one attempted trying for fish Noah Driscoll left this morng for train enroute for St. John's to be
operated on for Cancer of the Lip. Hayward Clark was part of the way to O.P for us but hearing there
[were?] no freight retd again.
May 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26 Weather dull & cold & toward evening rained a rain like sleet wind N.E. & stormy Sea
very boisterous increasing in its fury toward evening. J.G. with Eli Woodland spent much of the day in
the garden by pasture land planting [?] potatoes Clarence helped them in the hauling of manurre. The
condition of the weather hinders progress being made in any dirrection [sic]. Men without labour are
now becoming restless & concerned about earnig and the opportunity of getting employment on Govt
works is not so easy as was all along expected.
May 27, Wednesday

Wed. 27 Strong Westerly wind a big sea cold with light rain at times was the condition of the weather
today. The warmth of spring as may now be expected was absent entirely our man helped Clarence
saw wood, he also removed potatoes left over to the cellar & did minor things. In the afternoon he with
Eli woodland finished Potatoes in pasture garden and a pc of Elisha' garden. There weren't any
business done of the sea to day along this shore. Simeon Bursey left in the early morning for Old P-
entrain for St John's in search of employment & Miss Sarah Mansfield left for Hearts' Content via HHr
en route for Montreal.
May 28, Thursday

Thursday 28 A fine day save for a light shower of rain in the afternoon The air was cold tho. and very
little warmth was felt. The wind was Westerly or mostly variable & moderate. sea abating &
becoming smoother. Hayward Clark went to Old P- with horse & cart at 9 a.m. & took along 3 cases
eggs he returned late in the evenig bringing to us 100 ft bard 1 Box ctng. lamp chmys. & a parcel of oil
cloth. Some business was done on the sea to day & the salmon taken along the shore exceeded all
other days & the largest numbers yet this season. Geo. W. Mansfield hauled his trap at evening caught
lots of herring but only a few fish. Leader taken on shore. Publick [sic] dispatch contained the news of
600 men from out harbours at St John's without employment and the problem with many is now to find
A number of our men whom we may mention viz. Geo. W. [Manld?] Nathnl. Goodwin & Geo. C. G-
Albert & Zech Reid, Alex & Chesley Harris S.J. woodland Herbert Bursy John Woodland Angus
Driscoll spent most of the day whitewashng the church & cemetery yard painted the gates and gave the
surroundings of each a much better appearance, whilst Clarence spent like time raiking & cleaning up
church yard.
The work of planting potatoes was finished to day by servant & Eli W- who spent the day [planting]
them in beds in Elisha's garden.
May 29, Friday

Friday 29th A lovely day with a clear bright sky sun shone brilliantly The wind was westerly blowing
strong. The day throughout was considerd the best this season. Quite a sea on all the time but some of
our men (two boats) on the south side of place launched out in the early morning & giged a tub of fish
more or less. our man Green spent the day on the room doing with others several things considred
necessary for fishing purposes At evening began making some repairs to boat. Heard of Schnr
"Grilse" being ready for sea. Gardens so far as the planting of potatoes goes is about finished by all.
Employment for the unemployed is the talk of the day.
May 30, Saturday

Saturday 30 To day the weather was like yesterday but warmer & lovelier still. wind westerly blowing
strong. Sea as yet very boisterous and no cesation in its restlesness. Our servant J.G. spent until 5 pm.
at work at punt having nailed all over & corked one side of her. He then went to visit his home. Elisha
went to H. Hr. at 9 [am.?] & retd. late at evening his visit being principally to see Mr. Albert Smith of
the Schnr. "Grilse" and to talk over matters pertaining to her. Joseph Clark Herbert Bursy & Caleb
Reid spent the day by Rd Bd authority – repairing road & bridge leading past Elisha's. The men out of
employment here are now feeling much anxiety about getting work to do for the next few months.
Hayward Clark left for Old P- at 3 pm & retd. at
June 1, Monday

Monday June 1st 1925
To day the weather may be said to be a little fine and a litte wet for thus it was. The wind was westerly
blowing moderately. Sea not quite smooth the I.R. would break occasionally there The first work to
day was the setting of one of the "Cod traps" to be worked by crew on room. Fred Mansfied &
Archbld Clark helped Geo. C.M. & S.J.W. in this work which was done in four hours. Our Servnt
Green afterward spent the time putting two ventillators in milk Cupboard. Clarence with Hayward
Clark went to O.P. for freight at 8 am. & retd. at 2 pm bring alon 2 Brls sugar 1 Brl. Beef 2-42[d?] &
one Bundle buckets.
Fredk M. stanley Driscoll & Reuben Goodwin went to Winterton to day in our Motor boat & rtd. at
evening Fred brining along a little fishing boat & Stanly a Moter Boat.
Alfred Harris Herbert Bursey & Angus Driscoll left for st Johns or the Humber this a.m. and several
men along this shore for the same places in quest of work. "Grilse" left HHr for H.Grace to get
[clearig?] up
June 2, Tuesday

Tuesday 2nd The weather to day was similar to that of yesterday but at evening it rained & during the
night it was very cold & frooze [sic] considerable. Crew intended hauling trap in the early mornig but
just at the time a gale of W or N.W. wind sprang up & prevented them doing so but at evening they
pushed out hauled & succeeded in getting a tub. Sea fairly smooth. our servant spent the day in the
stage ceiling a punt except the time spent hauling trap. Business was attended to as usual the evening &
night wife & self spent filling orders on H& Co for Grilse & writing up May a/c of [?].
June 3, Wednesday

Wed. 3rd A fine day with a fresh breeze of Westerly wind blowing all day Quite a smart sea was on so
that when our men left to launch out to [haul?] the trap they did not further attempt it owing to the
constant sea. Geo.C.M- with his helpers took "motor" out of skiff & securely fastened it back again
which work occupied the greater part of day. Clarence with J.G- spent the same time making repairs
to boat. At 4 pm they left to haul trap but a strong tide running at the time prevented them doing so &
they had to return without any result. The annual cleaning of the church were done by the woman [sic]
to day all that possibly could took part in the work and now it has the clean wholesome appearance
that it should have. Elisha with Archibald Clark spent the time cleaning up cod liver factory & making
preparations for the manufacture of cod liver oil.
June 4, Thursday

Thursday 4th The weather was very dull in the forenoon with a rainy appearance which began to come
down at 2 pm. & continued for the ramaind of the day. The wind was Southerly & blowed unceasingly
from th [sic] morning all through with no let up even at dusk. The sea is not at all smooth with an
occasional breaker on "Indian Rock." Our trap men intended to haul the trap in the morning but their
purposes were frustrated by the condition of the wind & sea & so did not haul for the day. Clarence
and our servant man were again at work on punt & finshed the job apart from the painting. Lesser
work at evening was done in doors as the weather was bad with rain & cold. Business had my
attention & was attended to by me all day. Recd. message from H.G. from skippr of "Grilse"
saying he was ready to leave for St. Johns'
June 5, Friday

Friday 5th A strong breeze of N.E wind dull weather with light rain at times and a big sea on was the
chief features of the weather & sea today. Clarence left at 8 am for O.P. & retd. ere dinner hour
bringing along case pine apple Box of Apcts & Box of sundries as well as 30 lbs Pitch & paint got at
O.P. he afterward spent the day painting boat & doing minor things, whilst servant spent the day
making oars. Heard news today of the men gone to Corner Brook & st John's in search of
employment obtaining it.
June 6, Saturday

Saturdy JUN 6 1925 A strong gale of Notherly wind blew all day. A big sea is still on & the weather
is very unplesant dull & cold with rain at intrervals. our servant spent the most of the forenoon makig
an oar then he with Elisha & clarence spent several hours in the store loft removing traps from one
place to another & examaning [sic] a lot of netting, culling out any that may be of future service.
Business had my attention as usual all day. Mrs. Wm Durdle after a long suffering illness passed
peacefully away at 6 am., & preparations was made for her burial.
Four men left here at an early hour for Old Perlican en route for Corner Brook or "Mill Dam" in search
of employment, viz: Fredk. Mansfied, Eli Woodland, George Driscoll & Caleb Reid. Soon after
dinner hour recd. a message from the skipper of the Grilse that she had arrived at St John's
June 8, Monday

Monday 8 A little dull in the forenoon with showers of rain like snow afternoon bright & pleasant
wind moderate & variable sea very rough. The Point Mansfied pushed out & went to their trap but the
troubled conditions of the sea & tide prevented them hauling and our crew did not attempt it on that
account. our servant spent the day or nearly so making trap kegs from pork barrels Clarence being
with him all the while. In the Afternoon Mrs. Wm Durdle was laid to rest The service being performed
by Rev Mr. M who preached from Hebrews [10?] Chap 24 & 25 verses.
The evening was spent attending to business
June 9, Tuesday

Tuesday 9th A very fine day all through. The wind blew a gale all the time from the West and the air
was cold particularly so at evening. A big sea raged all day. our men went to the point in the early
morning to go to the trap with the Point M. but the sea was to [sic] great & so they returned & spent
the day on the Room painting skiff & boat partially built split stage & rined a score or more of rinds
our man also made two [sene?] trap kegs. Clarence left for Old Perlican at noon & took along 3
Cases Eggs & retd. at tea hour bringing to us 1 Brl. Sugar 1 Case Goods Sack onions and other
goods. Arthur Bursy & Wm Clark spent the day whitewashg the fence by factory & fence of field
fronting factory in all lengths
June 10, Wednesday

Wed 10 A heavy gale of Sw wind blew all day Sea much smoother so that a launching out could be
done with safety any where. The wather was practically fine but at evening it became very cloudy.
Elisha was driven by Stanley Driscoll with horse & wagon to Older Perlican leavg here at 7 am enroute
for st Johns. Stney retd. at 11 am. bring 160 lbs freight. Clarence was again to O.P. for freight retd. at
Dinner hour, bringing along brl. beef ½ chest tea two boxes paint & other goods. Our men on the
room left at noon to look at trap but had to put back again through defective batteries. Soon after
dinner they left again but owing to the [storm?] of wind at the time did not do more than take a look at
it, but at 6 pm. the wind having died away they went to it again hauled it takng only 2 fish & a few
herring & put the trap in proper position again.
Arthur Bury & Wm Clark continued at the work begun yesterdy.
June 11, Thursday

Thursday 11 The weather to day was very sultry & warm quite a noted change from any experienced
this season. wind again as yesterday blew a gale from S.W. Sea quite smooth. our crew did not go to
haul the trap before evening when they secured three tubs the first as yet this season. During the day
Skiffs mooring Killok was taken to the collar & minor things done on the room two trap kegs were
made by our man and he helped at other things I was busily engaged throughout attending to business.
At 10:30 am had a visit from Mr. Hayward of st Johns in the intrest of Sunlight Soap & Lye At 6 pm.
Dr. Newhook of Old Perlican visited us & took tea together
June 12, Friday

Friday 12th JUN 12 1925 A fine day & warm but toward evening the air was real cold. The wind
blew a gale from the S.W. especially in the afternoon & evening. sea quite smooth. The Schnr.
"Grilse" which arrived from St John's last evening and harboured at Brownsdale all night went to Lead
Cove in the early mornng & discharged 70 Hhds. Salt & other goods. Owing to the condition of the
wind she was quite a while in coming here & did not arrive until 4 pm. & then lost an anchor & chain
and much time ere she was securely anchored. The the [sic] work of discharging our goods took what
was left of the evening, but Sml. Woodlnd & Joseph Clark landed their supply of salt & 7 Hhds. on the
room. The Grilse did not leave & we hope in the early morning to finish the work. The trap was
hauled in the early mornig & 3 three [sic] tubs of fish were taken from it. Point M- had to be taken on
shore their Leader for repairs. Albert Reid who set his trap yesterday beyond the hills & night was
approaching ere we ceased work A few Caplin taken by Wm. Barrett
June 13, Saturday

Saturday 13th A fine day with light Easterly wind. Sea smooth. The wind veering so suddenly
hastened the Grilse to leave before finishing discharging salt but had she remained the work could have
been done as the weather wind no sea was not averse to us doing so. Clarence left at 2 pm. for H.Hr.
and took along her line which was left over & to do other business. He also helped to haul trap in the
morning but less than a tub was taken from it. I was kept busy in the store all day particularly in the
afternn At evening, we had a visit for a while from Miss Ida Moore sl. Teach at OP. also Miss Day
& Miss Annie spark and in the forenoon from Miss Field school Teacher at New Chelsea. A larger
school of Caplin to day and seems they have now come for their accustomed season
June 15, Monday

Monday 15 The morning was very still calm & quiet, afterward the wind was light & variable S.W. to
S.E.. The day was fine sea quite smooth. Trap was hauled in the morning & 3 large tubs taken from
it, and again at evening result ½ tub. During the interval they set out moorings of I.R. trap & did other
work in connection with the fishery. Clarence J.G. Stanley D. & Reub. G. spent some time searchng
for chain & anchor lost from Grilse on Friday but was unsuccessful. Several traps was set out today
[viz?] Sml. W- Zech. R. Abel Armstg & others What is now considered to be a good sign of fish was
found on the ground to day both by the fishermen of the neighboring places as well as here. Caplin was
cast on the sands again to day a small school and many were the seekers after them when it became
known Joseph Clark securd ½ tub of them Noah Driscoll retd. from hospital after 3 weeks
June 16, Tuesday

Tuesday 16th It rained in the early morning considerable after which it cleared & became quite warm
with S.w wind but toward evening it became dull & cloudy with Easterly wind. Sea quite smooth Trap
hauled in the early morning 1 ½ tubs was taken from it. Clarence & our man after their return from trap
[whent?] again to search for "Grilses" anchor & chain & suceeded in getting it & [buoyd?] it to the
schooner. Some moorings was set for the Largest trap but the strong tide hinderd their work in this
dirrection [sic]. A little coopering was done by our man servant.
No caplin her [sic] or along our shore today, a few scattered tubs of fish was taken but not to the extent
of yesterday. Salmon we hear is very scarce and it is thought this fishery is very nearly over.
June 17, Wednesday

A very stormy morning with a gale of Southerly wind & a regular down pour of rain when this abated it
became quite fine with a strong breeze of s.w. & Westerl wind this continued until 4 pm when a heavy
storm of N.W. wind began to blow & continued all through the evenig it also again became cold & fall
like. Sea smooth apart from the lop caused by the force of wind. An attempt was made to haul trap in
the morng but could not do so owing to the tide and no favourable chance offered for the day in doing
so. No sign of caplin & no fishing done by any person along our shore to day The force of the wind &
the condition of the weather reminds all of the change which generally happens at this time of
Elisha who went to St. John's on Wed. 10th was brot safely hom [sic] by stanly Driscoll at 9 pm.
"Very great storm in Straits and Labrador causing much destruction to craft & other property."
June 18, Thursday

Thursday 18 A fine day but very cold & the storm of N.W. wind which began yesterday continued all
through the day abating only at sun down. Sea still smooth, but all work suspended owing to the
condition of the wind.
Our man J.G. spent the day cleaning two unused motor engines which had been in the store for some
time. Clarence was with him, but he at evening took Flour & Bread to W. Brook and a load of board
on Indian Point. I was busy in the store all day. In the afternoon a representative of The Davis
Lawrence Co of Montreal visted us and spent much time with him & gave quite a large order for
medicine. Elisha was with us in the store and helped some His visit to st Johns was of much service to
this community.
June 19, Friday

Friday JUN 19 1925
very dull in the forenoon with rain in the afternoon and at evening & night it fell in torrents & blew a gale
At first it was light & westerly & then veered to N.E. when the sea became boisterous. Some of our
fishermen were out on the grounds to day & reported finding fish plentiful & the same was heard frm
New Perlican Winterton & all along the shore. Caplin also has struck in large schools at Island &
salvage Point Cove. our trap was hauled in the morning but owing to its being out of fishing order only
a few was taken from it. Noah Driscoll to day set out the leader of a trap at Island Point & work of
this nature were done by several. Our Man spent the day in the milling making hoops necessary for
coopering and at evenig helped in the making of a coffin for Mrs. Josiah Mansfield who passed away at
noon after months of suffering.
June 20, Saturday

Saturday 20th A fine sunny day, with a glorious sunset wind N.E. strong but abating & dyeing out out
[sic] with the going down of the sun. Sea very loppy but no breakers very far off. Wm H Goodwin
who caught 3 qtls fish yesterday was the only one who ventured out to sea to day. Most of the men
spent ½ Day at work on roads. Carman (for the first time) Clarence & our servant man was also at
work for the same time Carman at 4 pm left for H.Hr to take back Pearl's trunk & our man going to
visit his home went as far as H.Hr. with him The day was a busy one in the shop At evening heard of
the loss by the storm on Wed. of 15 Schnrs. & other property the storm the greatest ever known. this
happened near Cape Bauld A schooner of 100 tons are [sic] more became a total wreck at Bay de
Verde where she [harbord?] after striking an iceberg near Bacalieu.
June 22, Monday

Monday 22nd A fine day until evening when it rained some and blew a gale from the south. Sea not at
all smooth and to launch of [sic] from our place gives considerable trouble and anxiety.
At 3:30 am our crew left to push out after taking leader with them for I.R. trap this set out they hauled
trap & took from it a quantity afternon they set out I.R. Trap spent a little while fishing until the
"Grilse" came here to finish discharging salt. Owing to the condition of the sea two hhds. only was
brot. unshre & she left for H. Hr again. Our men at evenig hauled trap again & took from it 2 qtls.
Fishermen all did well to day & the outlook very encouraging but the weather conditin is evry day
advese to the work. Caplin is plentiful in large schools all about. School Exams on to day Miss Annie
spark supervisor 22 sits for Exams. spent the requird time in school. Chrm of Cmtte Carman at 5 pm
went to H.Hr on [bus?] & was home again ere tea time.
June 23, Tuesday

Tuesday 23 Rained some last night but the day was fine with S.W wind which at times blew a gale &
made it very uncomfortable for those about to set out traps. The wind & weather every day is akin to
fall. our Crew hauled I.R trap for the first time this season in the morning as well as the first [one?] set
& took from them 9 tubs of fish they also set out the moorings of the "big trap" but the wind hindred
them doing more in the way of settng it out. The two set was hauled again at evening but nothing was
taken from it. Albert Reid trapped 4 qtls in the morng & Abel Armstrg 10 qtls. Noah Driscoll set at
Islnd Point to day a trap of ours, Joseph Clark also set out his so that nearly all the traps to be fished
were set to day & yesterday. I spent to day on the School Examining Committee. Ralph Bursy was to
Old Perlican with our mare & cart for freight & retd soon after dinner hour.
June 24, Wednesday

Wednesday 24th A very fine day clear & beautiful. wind Westerly moderate at first then increased to
a gale and altho effort was made to set Big Trap & taken unboard skiff still owing to force of wind it
could not be done sea again quite smooth. Traps hauled in the am. 9 tubs taken from ours (in the
meantime Centre trap was brot unshore to give place to the largest one.) All others shared equal
about 1 qtl each except Albert Reid who trapd 2 qtls. weather is very boisterous for trawlers still
Josiah M. again to day as yesterday trawled 2 qtls. The first Cod Liver for the season was melted
today by Elisha & Ralph Bursy. I spent the time required in the Exam Room and attended to business
at intervals. Pearl & others went for an outing at evening.
June 25, Thursday

Thursday 25 A real summer day warmer than at any time this season. Wind S.W. & strong until 11
am. it died away and became quite still sea smooth. Our men hauled I.R. trap in the am. & took from
it 2 qtls. & set out the "Big Trap" as best they could & after the wind died away spent all the time
puttng it in the position they liked & mending & fasteng leaders to it. All other traps hauld in the am 1 & 2
qtls the result of each N.D. Greg H & Albt R 2 qtls others 1 qtls. Hook & line or traul men got
from 2 qtls to two tubs.
I again spent the most of the day in the Exam. room primry pupil are now finished with their work to
day a little disturbance occured for a few minutes only owing to information being imparted & the rules
not properly observed. Norman Driscoll was to Old Perlican with his horse & cart and brot along a
little freight.
June 26, Friday

Friday JUN 26 1925 The early morning was fine with a brillint sunrise which betokened rain which
began at 9 am. and continued lightly all day. Wind light and for a time it was still & calm but the latter
part of day it blew strg from the S. sea quit smooth. Traps of ours hauled in the morning only with
poor result only 1 ½ tubs. Noah Driscoll 2 qtls Alex Harris 7 qtls for the day others a qtls each.
Caplin plentiful and many are busy getting them for the gardens. I attended the C.H.E. exams, the only
session of the day & the fiinal one. Mr. Howell of Harvey & Co Ltd. visited us at 9 a.m. and I gave
him a small order.
June 27, Saturday

Saturday 27th A beautiful day all through save for the warmth of it which at times was a little
oppressive. wind light & S.W. sea quite smooth. Traps hauled in the morng only about ½ qtls. taken
from ours, others from ½ to a qtls. The prospects of getting any after was doubtful so none of them
were hauled again for to day. The Schnr. "Grilse" came here at 10 a.m. after being away on the North
side of Bay since Monday and was not succesful in getting a freight. We dischareged the 20 Hhds. salt
which she had unboard for us & put unboard upwards of 800 flour brl. shuks & few other items of
freight & then she left for H.Hr. @ 4 pm until the coming week. Carman was to O.P. for freight &
brot. along a large bale of paper. Stanley Driscoll also went there at evening in Motor Boat to bring
along Miss Bell Goodwin & freight for us we had hoped but after waiting long after midnight for his
return was disappointed in that he did not bring any thg for us.
June 29, Monday

Monday 29 A fine & a very warm day all through. The wind was S.W. & W. At first moderate but
increased to a strong gale. Sea again quite smooth. Traps hauled in the a.m. with very poor result
Scarcily] ½ qtls. all others about the same so that the expectations of getting goodly hauls fainted. At
10 a.m. our crew (4 of them) left for freight at Old Perlican & retd. again at 4 pm bring 2 Drums
Gasoline 1 Cask Kerosen & 3 Small Boxes. Owing to the storm of wind they experienced something
akin to a drubbing by the sea which passed over them. Fishery news from O.P. here is not of an
encouraging nature. Carman with Llewlyn Mansfield & Arthur Reid spent the day gardening
Threnchs digged in Elisha's garden two small pcs in farm & the garden by the Brook which were also
shovelled up as was also the small garden by the road.

The sermon of the Rev. Mr. M who preached here last night was favorably commented on to day &
recive enconiums [sic] from all.
June 30, Tuesday

Tuesday 30th Still another fine day with a storm of S.W. wind blowing nearly all day. sea still keeping
quite smooth I.R. trap was hauled in the early morning only 1 tub was taken from it & this discouraged
them from hauling the deep trap and so their [sic] were no more hauling of traps for to day but the time
was spent by the crew on the room at first doing some work to skiff which had become leaky & in the
afternon got ready one of our small traps which they intend to set out at ‘Green Cove’ the first
opportune time. As it is in this dirrection [sic] that fish seems most plentiful. Alex. Harris 7 qtls. Noah
Driscoll 5 qtls Greg. Harris 2 qtls. These were the best & only catches for the day. Carman with
Lewis Mansfied and Arthur Reid spent again to day in the potato gardens and finished them with the
exception of Elisha garden.
July 1, Wednesday

July Wednesday 1st The sun rose with great splendour but soon showers of rain & a cloudy sky
followed. wind at first light but as usual as the day advanced the wind increased so that at evening a
gale was blowing with showers of rain. The wind was S.W. all through. sea delightfully smooth. our
crew at first took the trap (got in readiness yesterday) unboard skiff & proceeded to Green Cove & set
it out, on their return hauled I.R. trap only & took from it two tubs. The day was spent by them on the
room. The bottom was cut out of the first trap set out on June first & landed again on 24th. This was
sprd for drying other minor things done and at evening proceeded to the trap set in the morng & hauled
it & the I.R. trap as well. two tubs was the result the most of this taken from trap set out in the
owing to the prospects of things the "Big Trap" was not hauled to day and others did not trouble hauling
either. Alex. Harris 4 qtls. Gregy H. 2 qtls. & Noah Driscoll 1 qtls. was the only catches worth
recrding. At eventide little Nellie Mansfield passed away being sick since April here [sic] mother
having predeceased her only 12 days ago.
July 2, Thursday

Thursday 2nd A splendid day but as usual with a storm of s.w & w wind all day at times it would
moderate a little only to rise again Sea quite undisturbed. Notwithstanding the storm of wind the crew
proceeded to ‘Green Cove’ & hauled the trap set there yesterday & succeeded in taking from it 4 qtls.
I.R. trap was also hauled on the way back but only a few tom cods were in it. Alex. Harris 4 qtls. &
G-H 1 ½ others nill and other not hauled at any time durng the day. our men spent the day on the
room [barrwed?] 10 qtls fish to flake & attended to it otherwise.
Carmen was to Old. P. for a little freight & got back soon after dinner hour. Little Nellie M-d. was
burried [sic] at evening by Rev. Mr M- who held a little service in the church. Sorrow by many was
felt in this community over the death of this girl. Wife spent some time last evening & this as well
planting plants in cabbage garden about half or more is now done.
July 3, Friday

Friday 3rd Wind light & S.W. until evening it suddenly veered from the N.E. Sea quite smooth The
weather was fine and very warm all day but not intensely so. Our crew hauled G.C. trap in the morng
I.R. trap as well. about 2 qtls was taken frm the later & 7 from the former. The same was hauled at
vening [sic] with like results viz. Abt 16 qtls for the day This was an encouraging catch for to day
considering the little that are taken by others.
Alex Harris traped about 8 qtls. G.H 2 qtls Noah Driscoll & Ze.R. about two each & Josehh [sic]
Clark 1 qtl. others nill. The Deepest trap was visited & partially hauled.
Carmen was to Torquay with flour afterward hauled caplin to garden & liver to factry. Lyman
Woodlnd Arthur Reid & Llewy. M- were spreading Caplin on potatoes all day & latter hauled 4 loads
caplin to ground.
July 4, Saturday

Saturday 4th A fine warm day summer to perfection. The wind was Easterl at first but at evening it
sprang up a moderate breeze from the S. sea quite smooth. G.C. & I.R. trap hauled in the early
morning & six qtls. taken from them at noon I.R. was hauled again with alike [sic] catch at evening
G.C. trap was hauled again & one & half qtls was the result. 64 tubs was the total catch for to day so
that with yesterdays hauls the week ended satisfactory
Alex. H 6 qts Gregry H 3 qts Noah Driscoll 6 qts Z. Reid 2 qtls A.R. 2 qtls reported as having lost a
large haul. Point M- 10 qtls. prospects much brighter & hopes are high for the coming week with
expectation of it being a prosperous one. Nellie returned home from Port Union at 11 pm. being brot
along from Old P. by Stanley Driscoll with his horse & wagon Carman was also to [Old P.] took
down 2 Cases Eggs & brot along Nellies trunk & valise.
July 6, Monday

Monday 6 Another splendid day altho at first it showed signs of rain. wind light S.W. sea
Traps hauled in the early morning 2 qtls taken from deep trap & 5 from the others At evening hauled
again I.R trap yielded 2 qtls others nills. Point M- 16 qtls Alex Harris 10 qtl GH. several qtls N.D.
6 qtls Reid abt 5 qtls each WH.G & JC. 1 qtl each. Francis Pynn was at work to day trenchg
potatoes on hill gardens. Arthur Bursy helping Elisha in the factory. people all busiley [sic] engaged at
fishng one way or another Carman was at O.P. for freight & brot. 4 sacK Beans & Peas & 4 ½ Bread
& other goods.
July 7, Tuesday

Tuesday 7th To day the weather was a continuation of the fine that has followed all the proceeding
ones for the past fortnight. wind blew a nice fresh breeze all day from S.w. sea still continues smooth.
Our crew hauled the traps at G.C. & I.R result 4 qtls at noon 2 tubs at evening others Alex. &
Gregory Harris & Noah Driscoll 5 & 6 qtls each Point M 4 qtls. W.H.G & J.C. 2 tubs Sml. W- 1 ½
qtls Reid similar quantity. Mr. Charles Brown and a Mr. White of st John's visited us in their Carr
[sic] at 11 am & remained quite a while. A Mrs. McConnell & children (3) who came her [sic] last
evening from Montreal was at the store this evening & did some patronage. Francis Pynn was with us
again to day & trenched two small plots of potatoes in farm
July 8, Wednesday

Wed. July 8th 1925
The weather to day was dull with some showers of rain wind light & shifting until evening it veered to
N.E. blowing only light & moderate. sea calm until evening but then smooth all the while. Traps 2
hauled in the a,m. only a few fish in it. leader mended and at evening I.R. trap hauled again result 1
tub only
Other traps got a little particularly Alex. Harris 3 qtls. Noah Driscoll 4 qtls. [Gregory?] Harris
others did not haul thinking it useless to do so. A.R. took up & re-set one of his traps. Francis Pynn
trenched the plot of potatoes in pasture land. wife finished planting cabbage garden.

Recd message from Grilse H. Grace & sent [message] for freight to come by her.
July 9, Thursday

Thursday 9th
A fine bright day but with a moderate breeze of Notherly wind blowing all day. sea a littl loppy.
our crew were the only ones who hauled this am. G.C. & IR. traps only & two qtls were taken from
them. after the securing it in salt they spent much of the day washing fish & at eveing hauled I.R. trap
again & succeeded [in?] gettng a qtl. Sml. woodland hauled at eveing & got a [qtl.] also & Joseph
Clark a tub. Owing to the condition of the wind & strong tide all other traps were not hauled to

Mr Howlett Oil Inspector visited us at 11 am & made an inspection of the oil & factory & left for
Winterton. He reports a scarcity of fish all about the places visited by him. At evening the death of a
Milch Cow belonging to W. H Godwin sr was brought about by the mischiveous action of some boy or
boys in the chasing of her & of her having struck a longer which penetrated entirely into her so that she
had to be killed.
The few potatoes about the stable were finished to day which completed the Job.
July 10, Friday

Friday July 10th
A beautiful day clear bright fine & just moderately warm. The wind was S.W & W. just a gentle
breeze. Sea smooth. The two small traps was hauled in the mornng and about the same quantity taken
from each Eight tubs the total. At noon I.R. was again hauled & G.C at evening but with nil returns
excpet 5 small salmons from the latter. Noah D AH & G.H hauled in the am. & trapped about 3 qtls
each other traps no returns, which is rather disheartening but hope still inspires all to look forward to
gathering in a saving voyage Ere the fishery is over. In the afternoon Pearl Molly & Nelson with several
others was taken in Motor Boat to H.Hr by stanley Driscoll & returned again at dusk.
July 11, Saturday

Saturday 11th Very dull with showers of rain in the forenoon and in the afternoon it was continuous
with thunder & lightening. Sea smooth. wind s.w. & westerly. moderate
Traping was a failure with our men this morning as they did not get quite a tub Alex Harris 6
tubs all others nill some did not haul for the day, as the prospects of getting any did not warrant them
doing doing [sic] so. Heard of 15 to 40 qtls. for a trap being taken at Red Hd. Cove & Daniels Cove
The first of any quantity this season and makes hope to arrise [sic] that a voyage will yet be secure.
Straits Fishry report of an encouraging nature Message recd. to day from Grilse says she is ready this
evening for Hickmans Hr T.B. with a load to & from. G.G. spent the day making berry Brls.
July 13, Monday

Monday 13 A dull day & thick with clouds betokening rain which began at night & contnued a real
down pour until morning so that drains are filled & ground well saturated wind moderate S.E. sea
smooth. The three traps were hauled in the am. seven tubs taken from them nearl all from [Deep?]
trap at evening they were visited again but not hauled. Joseph Clark had a tub in the morg & 3 at
evening Noah Driscoll Alex Harris Albert R & Point M 1 ½ qtls each. A disappointment in the
expected catch was experienced. Hook & line & trawls very poor to day. Jasper G. again spent his
spare time in the mill making berry brls. No event of importance save the public news dispatch of a riot
in Glasgow, of which we will doubtless hear more.
July 14, Tuesday

Tuesday July 14th 1924
The downpour of rain last night & in the early morning caused it to be dampening for a time but as the
day advanced it became fine & very warm wind light & S.W. sea smooth. The three traps were
hauled in the am. & 7 tubs taken from them again at noon IR. was hauled result 6 tubs and again it
evening 3 tubs. Others did better Albert Reid 6 or 7 qtls both mornig & Evening Zech Reid 5 mrnng
& some at evenng Point M- 36 tubs in the [evning?] WHG 2 qtls many others frm 1 tub to 4. Hook
& line nill But people fishing or trawling out in the Bay from neighbour places doing exceptionally well
with turbot

Mrs. Beatrice (Pynn) Croutcher and her sister Mrs [Mc Cencel?] here now the formr from st. John's &
the latter from Montreal. staing with their mother Mrs Julia Morris
Business attended to all the while Abner Button of N.C. here to day & sold him 20 Empty Pork brls &
a steel Drum of Gasoline.
July 15, Wednesday

Wed. 15
Another dull day cloudy all the time so that fish nor grass was not handled nor could it be benefited in
any way. wind light & variable sea a little troubled but to no consequence. I.R. & Big Trap hauled in
the am but only 3 tubs taken from them hauled agan at eveing got 2 fish only. To day was a point
blank failure with all the traps No fish along our shore. Our crew spent from 10 am. until 5 pm. at
work in the mill diggin & making preparation for a concrete bedding to rest our Bull Dog or saw mill
engine upon Carman went to O.P. at 8 am & took along to train 4 Cases Eggs & a cow hide &
returned @ 1:30 pm brining [along?] Chest tea & other goods
July 16, Thursday

Thursday 16 A very fine warm day with with [sic] light shifting wind SW most of the time sea
delightfully smooth traps hauled morng 1 ½ tubs eveg again 1 Tub. The interval between was spent
at fish spreadg it etc 5 hrs was also spent at work in the mill Fish scarce or none some traps hauled
some were not. Carman & Nelson to o.p. for freight. Mr. Rorque of Carboner & Messrs [Crown?]
& Wallace of st John's visited us in the forenoon.
July 17, Friday

July Friday 17th 1925
Another fine warm day just nice for the curing of fish & hay wind light & moderate sea quite placid
Traps hauled in the am. only, the result was nill from all. Albert Reid was the only one who hauled in
the evening, but got nothing. prospects of getting any in shoal traps beginning to be hopeless. Many
are now despairing of the Catch this season our Crew spent about 6 hours each again to day at work
at concrete foundation for engine in the Mill and other time at fish.
July 18, Saturday

Saturday 18th Another fine & very warm day lovely for drying purposes. In the early morning the
wind blew a strong gale from the south but soon veered to sw & blowed a stiff breeze all day so that
trawlers & none others did not attempt to launch out for the day altho the sea was quite smooth. owing
to the high wind in the morning none of the traps were hauled At evening the GC traps was hauled but
no fish was hauled but no fish was found in it. Three of the crew hauled it as our servant J.G. went
home soon after dinner hour to visit his family The job of making a cement stand for our mill Motor
Engine was finished at 10 am. & the work of fiting up trawls for the Bay engged the time remaing
July 20, Monday

Monday 20 A very sultry day with oppressive air. No fish spread for drying to day owing to condition
of weather. wind light & for the most part W- sea very smooth. Crew hauled Deep Trap in the a.m.
& took from it 12 qtls. fish it was hauled again at evening but without any whatever. Trap at Green
Cove with all its contents brot in in the afternoon, after being out since July 1st. Gregory & Alex. Harris
also took up one each. Point M- trapped 16 qtls moring & skiff load at evening from their moring hauls
they gave an even 4 qtls. liver 16 Galls. [Turbot?] liver 60 galls. Al.R. traped 15 qtls Z.R. 2 qtls.
[S.w.?] 3 tubs
wife with ND driving went to O.P. at evenig & brot along Mr. & Mrs. Grandy & their two boys from
sidny to stay a while with us Carman with Louis Mansfield was to O.P. for freight & took along 1 Case
Eggs & 1 Brl. Caplin for JCM & brot us egg cs. onions & lots of other goods
July 21, Tuesday

Tuesday 21st Fairly fine but some fog for a time. wind light s.w. sea quit smooth. Trap report to day
our morng 16 tubs. Point M- 16 qtls. W.H.G. 6 qtls. Albert R- 6 qtls Z. R. 10 [qtls] S.W. 2 [qtls]
N.D. nill others nill. Joseph C. took his on shore with all its contents & made preparation for leaving
for the Tickle. noon time ours hauled 6 fish only I.R. trap not hauled to day. Eveng. ours visited &
giged into but not hauld Point M- 20 qtls. W.H.G. 5 qtls [N.R.?] [6 qtl. Z.R. 10 qtls. others nill
Other traps from Browns- set off here did fairly well notably Thos Avry & AAustin. A. Armstg also
got some. To day a noted improvement took place and it is thought to be a new school of fish just
coming to land.
Magistrate Vatcher & Constable Forsey visited us at 9 & remaind until 11 am. & proceeded to
Francis Pynn was with us 5 ½ hrs. cuttng grass about the house & stable & finished doing so
Elisha put in 2 presses the first this season
Carman & Claud were to O.P. took along 2 Cases Eggs & brot some freigh notably Egg Cases
July 22, Wednesday

Wed 22 A fine day nice for the curing of fish & hay wind S.w. light sea smooth. Traps hauled in the
am. ours two tubs Point M- [2?] qtls N.D. 2 qtls Alex H 5 qtls WHG 1 [qtl?] At eving A.R. 1 qtls
Z.R 4 qtl
ND took up the trap at I Point & re-set it again at "Toms Rock." our crew spent some time mending
leader of B.T. At Evening C & J.G. spent a little time cutting grass by cook room. Mrs. Grandy with
the girls had an outing and was taken along shore in motor boat by stan D- Dr. Newhook visited us at
July 23, Thursday

Thrsdy 23 Weather fine but very warm. Wind S.W. a light breeze & blowing all day. Sea quite
Traps all hauled in the am. no fish taken by any worth reportng save for two tubs and a qtl by two or
three traps only. Joseph Clark who went to Grates Cove yestrday morng retd. again early to day &
reports no fish down there. Carman was at ol.P.- to day & got mare shod. No Freight In the
afternoon Nellie Pearl Joyce and Mr. Grandy was taken along to HHr by Stan Driscoll & retd. at.
July 24, Friday

Friday July 24th 1925
A very sultry day with oppressive heat. wind blowing all the day a strong S.w. breeze or quite a gale.
Sea quite smooth.
Traps was attended to by most people and some of them hauled in the am. only but there were no fish
taken from any of them. ours were visited at evening but a very strong tide was on at the time, so there
weren't any fish taken by any one to day neither by trap trawls nor hook & line Crew spent some time
at fish making intervals at cutting grass & the first this season was put in barn to day.
Mr. Grandy spent nearly all day cutting grass on the field and did good service.
July 25, Saturday

Sat. 25th
A splendid day with fresh breeze of westerly wind an ideal one for the curing of fish & hay sea again
quite smooth. Traps hauled as usual but in the morning only but their [sic] weren't any fish taken from
either one to mention our big trap 6 were taken from it. Crew at work at fish but J.G. & Geo. C.M.
spent about 2 hrs. in the mill & screwed the engine to concrete foundation & united the separated parts,
so that a few hours more work & it will be in readiness again. Mr. Grandy helped Joyce in spreading
& picking up hay cut yesterday. The principal event of the day was the marriage of our servant Jasper
Green to Dinah Reid which was performed in the afternoon or evening at HHr. parsonage by Rev. F D
Cotton. Nellie was present at the ceremny the bride & groom & her being taken along with horse &
wagon by stanley Driscoll.

Carman with Ralph Bursy accompanying him left at 6:30 with hose & cart for Hearts Content for four
cases medicine imported from Montreal on which duty was paid in the sum of $100.30 They returned
again at dusk feeling none the worse for the Journy

Joseph Clark & his two sons left in the early morning for Grates Cove to spend a while fishing there.

The house of Eli Woodland was flaged to day as a precaution against entering it scarlet fever having
attacked two or three members of the family.
July 27, Monday

July Monday 27th 1925
A fine day altho in the morng it had the appearance of rain which fell during & after midnight The
weather all through was suitable for the curing of fish & hay. wind light & moderate blowig from s.w.
sea quite smooth. BT. Hauled in the moring Just a few fish taken from it all others like result a failure
with all, and the chances of improving on the voyage is despaired of by all ‘The I.R. trap” with all its
contents was brot onshore & landed at evenng it being set out since June 22nd Three rack loads of hay
were put in barn by Clarence & J.G. Carmen went to O.P for freight Louis M- accompang him he
took along 2 Cases Eggs & retd soon after dinnr hour with Felt & Flour.
Mr. Grandy (my wife accompanng him) left at 7 am for Old Perlican entrain for Carbonear, & thence
to Sidney They were taken along with hors & wagon by Noah D- who also waited over for the return
of wife from Carbonear, & brot her to us again just when we were at tea.
July 28, Tuesday

Tuesday 28. The weather to day was very unpleasant owing to it raining all through the day wind light
& Southerly sea smooth. Trap hauled in the am. & two tubs taken from it it was visited again at
evening but not hauled. Point M-. 1 qtl. others none. Alex & Gregry Harris brot. onshore their
second trap & Noah D- the one owned by himself. Dog fish has now visited the fishing grounds & are
becoming to be an annoyance again.
Clarence & J.G. trenched cabbage garden & the latter spent with G.C.M. about 4 hrs in the mill getting
engine ready for sawing
July 29, Wednesday

After the torrent of rain which fell last night & the early morning it was still dull & misty all day with light
variable wind light Eastr & at Eving S.w. sea quite smooth.
Our trap & Point M- hauled in the am about a qtl was taken from each again at evening ours 5 tubs
Point M- 7 or 8 qtls. They were the only traps hauled to day. A better sign is now on the grounds
Wm H.G. caught a qtl & Josiah M & Joshua G- 1 ½ qtls. Jasper G. was to H.Hr. to get bolt headed
for saw mill engine & Clarence spent the time lookg for cow away since Sunday. At evening Raymond
Goodwin went to H.Hr to bring perishable goods from "Grilse" which arrived there from St. John's
July 30, Thursday

Thursday JUL 30 1925
A warm sultry day the weather not suitable for the curing of fish or hay. wind light & S.W. & for a
time it was still and calm. Late at evening it sprang up a fresh breeze from the South & rained for a

The trap was hauled in the am & 4 qtls of fish taken from it & again at evening result two qtls more.
Point M-. 2 in the moring & 2 at eveing AR 12 tubs at evng 3 in the moring Z.R. As fish is now on
the grounds & fishmen getting some daily it is hopeful for deep traps.

The Schnr. "Grilse" came here at breakfast hour & proceeded to Brownsdale & discharge 15 Hhds
salt, owing to light wind it was noon when she got here again then 30 Brls Flour sack flour 6 ½ Bred
4 [Brls] Meat 5 hhds salt meat tar Lumber & other goods was landed from her by our two boats &
stanley Driscoll with his Motor Boat. The schnr left again for H.Hr. at 5 pm & will then proceed to
Random to finishg discharge & fill up with freight again.

Francis Pynn sent [sic] a few hours cutting grass around each lot of potatoes
July 31, Friday

Friday 31st
A lovely day clear & fine & bright the sun shinging brilliantly all through. air a little cooling with light
W. wind. sea quite smooth. Trap hauled as usual & 16 tubs taken from it [?] 2 qtls. W.H.G. 1 qtls.
others none. owing to strong wind at evening the morning was the only time haued for the day. our
crew spent the time at the curing of fish and at evening Clarence & servant sowwed [sic] the little
garden by the factory.

Carman with his cousin Gideon?Grandy accompanying him went for freigh to Old.P. took along two
cases eggs & brot back 580 lbs Freight [compring?] of confecty Dry goods paints etc.
August 1, Saturday

Saturday Aug 1 — 1925

Still another magnificient day. Sun shining splendidly from its rise until its going down again. The wind
tho blew a gale from the west althrough [sic] so that traps could not be hauled after the morning and
then it was a blank with the exception of the Point M- who had one qtl. The curing of fish & hay
making claimed the attention of the people all the day but some are now making preprations for a trip to
The Bacalieu Tickl where it is claimed fish are now freely taking to the hook Joseph Clark who whent
[sic] their [sic] for a trip last saturday 25th ult retd. this am. with 5 qtls. and at evening we weighed his
trap voyage amounting to 8 ½ qtls.
James Driscoll returned to his home at evening from New York or (Long Isand [sic]) where he
has being doing carpentry & house building since last March he & his brother Charles leaving here on
Sunday 8th of the said month.
wifes sister Mrs. Grandy was very ill to day and no noted improvement since coming here on Monday
July 20th.
August 3, Monday

Monday 3rd
A dull & a foggy day until evening it cleared. Wind light & Easterl sea smooth. Traps hauled in the
mrng had 6 fish only taken in ours but at point [blank by all?]. Trap of ours fished by Noah Driscol was
brot onshore to day with all its [c?] Sml. woodlnd Zech Reid Albert Reid brot in one each also the
Point M- brot in the trap called the bar trap. The trap fishry is now conceded to be over and the
voyage a very poor one by all. Joseph Clark left for Grates Cove his third visit this season. Clarence
& servant spent the time shoe mending & mowing hay. Mrs Grandy still very unwell.
August 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4th A fine day for curing of fish & hay. wind light sw but a fresh breez for most of day At
Eveing it [veerg?] to Ne sea a little troubled Traps visited but none hauled except IR- who had 2 qtls.
Carmen to Old P- & Carted up 8 oil Casks Dr. N. visited Mrs Grandy. our servant J.G. called home
by wire to see his sick daughter At eveing 3 loads of hay were put in hay loft by Noah Driscoll
August 5, Wednesday

Wed. August 5th
A fine day & very warm After the sinking of the sun the sky thicked clouds gathered and it rained a
little for a while wind S.W. until evening it went to N.E. sea not quite smooth Traps hauled in the am
ours nill Point M- near a qtl. Albert Reid two qtls. Evening haul nill. Stanley & Qtn. Driscoll with
Samuel woodland left at evening in S.D. motor boat for Bacalieu Tickle to have a few days fishing
there. Stanley was at O.P. & took along Nellie & Pearl to train enroute to st John's Carman was also
at Old P. & took along 1 Case Eggs & brot to us 8 oil Barrels our servant J.G. returned at 11 am.
from winter where he went yesterday to visit his sick daughter He was brot down & landed at Salvage
point in motor by his townsmen. At dusk two racks filled with hay was put in hay loft.
August 6, Thursday

Thursday 6th Dull & cloudy with S.E. wind blowing lightly rain at night A little sea on. Trap hauled in
the am. with not a fish taken from it Point M. 3 tubs. others none A.R. brot in one of his traps.
Fishermen doing poor no squid bait. considerable grass was cut on the field. servant Jasper G- went
home at evening (wife acompaning) he was called home again to visit his daughter. Mrs Grandy very ill
to day.
August 7, Friday

A little clearer but no sun for the curing of fish or hay. wind light and Easterly. Quite a sea on.
No traps hauled to day Wm H. Goodwin brot. onshore the bottom & leader of the one fished by
The two motor boats fishing in Tickle Joseph Clark & stanley Driscoll returned at noon with very
discouraging reports of the fish there The former got only a qtls [sic] & the latter a tub or two.
Public dispatch gives account of the settling of Sidney strike which is hailed as good news. Servant still
at his home at Winterton his little daughter very sick. Mrs Grandy still ill one of her worse days &
nights Elisha mowed some hay on field A fairly busy day in shop particularly in forenoon
August 8, Saturday

Sat. 8th A fine day but the wind was light & S.E. all the day. Sea abating & becoming smoother
Clarence with Geo C.M. & S.J.W.- spent much time on the Room washing & spreading fish. Our
servant is still at Winterton owing to the sever illness of his little daughter. Elisha gave attention to the
hay now on the field Carman went to Old Perlican & took along 2 cases eggs & his aunts Mrs. Grandy
trunk as she intend to leave for her home on Monday Nellie who went to St. John's on Wednesday
returned today & got home at tea hour
August 10, Monday

Monday 10th The wind today was light & westerly At evening it sprang up suddenly from the North
but gently died away again sea quite smooth weather fine for curing hay until 4 pm it rained for quite a
Trap hauled in the am & 13 tubs were taken from it and again at even when 5 more tubs was the result
of the haul. Point M- 5 qtls mrning 1 qtl evening. Zech Reid 1 qtl AR 2 qtls mrning did not go for
evening haul. wife & Mrs Grandy left Old Perlican this am for Carbonear en route to sidney. one
Rack of hay was put in barn loft rain prevented other dried lot being gathered in to our disappointmnt
Sister Sarah visited us at evening servant who had been away since Thursday retd after night last night.
No squid for bait now handicaps the fishermen in their work. Schnr. Grilse lef H.Hr. this am for St
John's having a nice time for which she has been waiting at HHr since Thursday last. Nathaniel
Goodwin cast Caplin plentifully to day at a time when it was thought they had gone for this season
August 11, Tuesday

Tuesday 11th Wind light & S.W. sea quite smooth weather soft & sultry poor for the making of fish
& hay. We did not have any spread, but hay would have dried some. Trap hauled in the am and a qtl
taken from it visited it at evenng but was not hauled. time between spent washing fish Point M- 2 qtls
mornng none at evening this was the only lot taken. Carman to old.P. took alng 1 Case egg & a cart
wheel for N.D. & brot 2 cads Tbco & sack Beans. Fishermen out to day but did not get any fish.
Josep Reid going the round of the shore getng names for [requisitn?] for employment
August 12, Wednesday

Wednesday August 12th 1925
Another sultry day with some rain at noon clearing after wind light & variable quite calm at evening.
Sea very still
Trap hauld in the morning & eving regular two & ½ tubs. Point M- qtl. Hook & line men better results
than the last few days.
Two loads of hay were put in barn & quite a lot was mown Mr Bertie Parkins & son & the young
ladies accompanying him from st Johns visited us at 11 am & remained a little while. wife returned at 9
pm & Molly who went to Old.P in the morng returned with her. Joyce & Gidon Grandy going to
Broad Cove
August 13, Thursday

Thursday 13th
A very warm & sultry day as warm or warmer than any this season. The wind was light & S.w. but at
evening it sprang up from the East & became very thick with fog sea quite smooth trap hauled in the
am only a very few fish taken from it after their return a little while was spent in the mill trying to get
engine to work but a bolt & [spring?] is still required. This work was then set aside for the time being
& then they left & brot trap & leader unshore which work called for the whole time Wm H Goodwin
brot in the walls & all other fixtures of his as did Zech Reid also. At evening Mr. Ralf Roach of st
John's visited us a college chum of Jacks while at St. John's. Trawlers did better today Wm Barrett a
qtl others 3 tubs
August 14, Friday

Friday 14 Fine to an extent for the making of hay but not vry good for fish as it was sultry & cloudy
wind light & S.W. sea quit [sic] smooth. Crew spent the day bringing in the trap fixture & spreading
for drying & doing all the necessary work in this particular. [Point?] M-. had a qtl. in the eveing haul
Travelers all got a qtl & more good sign all around with trawls.
Nellie with stan D- went to H.Hr. at 7 pm & did not return until after midnight
August 15, Saturday

Saturday August 15 1925
A very unpleasant day raining for the greater part with strong Southery wind sea again quite smooth.
About half of "wall" of trap was hauled & spread on Field. Servant after breakfast left with horse &
cart for Winterton and returned at evening bringing to us a young pig.
Point M- hauled trap in the mornng & [received?] 3 qtls. of very fine fish.
Trawlers doing fairly well.
John C. Driscoll who has been away to New York since March 8th last returned at evening & his niece
who went away at the same time to live at Bauline retd. with him.
August 17, Monday

Monday 17 Another magnificent day the sun shone beautiful all throug air nice & bracing. wind light
& modrate until eveng it veered light from the East. sea again quite smooth. The curing of fish and hay
had the attention of the people all day and the day was one of great service to all. The Point M- hauled
their trap in the morning & got 1 Tub only. Trawlers all did well from every place on shore some
reported havng loaded their boats. Pearl & Joyce returnd from their visit to Broad Cove at tea
August 18, Tuesday

Tuesdy 18 Weather just like yesterday truly beautiful wind & clear from s.w. & sea conditions the
same. Clarence & Servant spent the morning working at fish. The latter spent the day on the room
with the other two men preparing a trawl & doing other work in the preparation for fishing &
at eveing spent some time squiding. Carman with Claud accompanying him went to O.P. in the morng
& took along 2 Cases Eggs & Mrs. McConnells trunk to station returng, he brot. Brl. sugar Rolled
Oats 2 [Css?] Baking Powder & two Sacks Meal & 3 Boxes Yeast Cake Owing to high condition of
wind their [sic] were no boats out today except W.H & Geo CG & they succeed in gettg nearly a
[qtls.?] Point M- trapped two tubs.
August 19, Wednesday

Wed 19 Fine but threatnng owing to Easterly wind blowing strg just a little sea [?] Hay was attend to
some cut by E & about 2 cwts put in Barn C & Servat spent some time on room washig & spread fish.
about 3 hrs in afternoon was spent by GC.M & JG. in mill at work on Engine which is now complete.
Big trap lead & bottom with except of pc of wall was put in store also Wm H. Goodwin. Squiding but
got none took the rest of time. our Cousin Miss Edith Buttn visitd us to day Sml woodland & Mrs
McConnell left for Canada this mring
August 20, Thursday

Thursday August 20th 1925
A very unpleasant day raining all the time both fore & afternoon wind blew a strong gale from the
Geo. C. M. s.J.w. & J.G. spent the moring trying for squid bait & failed to get any. also the evening the
same result, during the interval they gathered up moorings and all the fitings of Big Trap & stored it &
then spent the time in the Mill putting the bench in position with the help of J.C & Jas. Driscoll but when
all was in readiness & just about to beging sawing the pc. of machin which was broken last winter
became broken suddenly again which greatly disappointed us & discouraged us in our work.
The point M- brot in their Big Trap this am. & landed it on our wharf so that only one of AReids
remains out
August 21, Friday

Friday 21st A very cloudy & sultry day until evening weather not at all suitable for either the curing of
fish or hay so that none of it was spread for drying during the day. wind at times blew a strng gale from
S.W. sea quite smooth.
Carman was to H.Hr. to day with horse & cart & brot. to us a load from our schnr Grilse which schnr.
arrived their [sic] yesterday. Jas. & John C. Driscoll also made two visits there in motor boat & brot.
home two loads of lumber & other material beside taking along a cask of oil Brl. Beef 3 Sacks oats 2
Meal & Box of sunlight soap. servant was very unwell to day. He was trying for squid both morning &
evenig & succeeded at evening in getting what they required for present use.
August 22, Saturday

Aug 22 1925 Moderately fine for a while but rained lightly for nearly all day wind light & S.w. sea
was more disturbed than for days. Having procured dquid last evening our room crew baited up their
trawl & left in the morning for the fishing grounds returning in the afternoon with two or more tubs.
Carman went to old P. at 9 am. taking along a steel Drum & 2 cases eggs with letters of importance for
to mail He returned again at dinner time. Capt. A. & Mrs. Smith visited us at evening for a few hours
& we talked & sttled business pertaining to "Grilse."
20 men belong here & along this shore making preparation to leave on Monday for to work on Colinet
Road Today R.I. Driscoll brot home his daughtr from Grates Cove dangerously ill. Eldon M more
seriously sick. Dr. Newhook made a short call on his way from New Chelsea.
August 24, Monday

Monday AUG 24 19[25]
A beautiful fine day lovely for the curing of fish & hay whcih received full benefit by all. The wind blew
a gale all the forenoon but moderated at at [sic] noon so that the fishermen attended to their trawls with
good results. our room crew spent the forenoon washing & spread a flake of fish & then visited their
trawl & took more from it more than a qtls [sic] of fish of a very large size. Squid bait is now plentiful.
Carman was to H.Hr. for a brl. sugar left over on Friday from Grilse he afterward put in barn two Hay
Rack loads of Hay Mr. Jas Melvin rep. Boot & shoe Mfg. Co. visted us at 11 am & we gave him an
order for boots. In the early morng Joseph & Douglas Reid Allen Barrett Simeon Snelgrove Bertram
Durdle Stanley Driscoll John Diamnd & Arch Clark with 11 others along the shore left for O.P. to
entrain for Withburne [sic] & thence to Colinett to work on road there. our cousin Edith Button who
had been with us for a few days went home at evening. A Mrs. Rockwood is now here from Hearts
Content relieving our operator who has gone to HGrace on a holiday.
August 25, Tuesday

Tuesday 25 A very sultry day not much good for drying purposes & so fish and hay did not receive
much benefit in a curative way. Wind S.S.W. blowing a gale at times. Sea again quite smooth. The 3
men of the room whent [sic] to their trawl early & retd. at noon with one & half qtls. of very large fish.
servant cut bad twine from trap now on field & then went squiding. some boats did fairly well to day
others very little. Carman was to Old.P. & took along a case Eggs & brot to us a cart load of freight &
Clarence after his return went to siblys Cove with brrel of flour for their [sic] & Brownsdale.
August 26, Wednesday

Wed. 26 Dull in the forenoon but fine & very warm in the afternoon with a gale of S.w. wind all day
sea smooth. Trawlers all out for a time our crew in by noon with a qtl or more of very large fish.
Clarence & F. Pynn spent some time cuting grass on the farm. Nellie at evening went to Old P being
taken along by Noah Driscoll and returned at 10 am [Mrs.?] Cecil Rendells of Bay de Verde coming
with them.
August 27, Thursday

Thursday August 27th 1925
very dull all the forenon with strong N.E. wind & a loppy sea. At eving it veered from the East &
became quite fine. The room crew was on the fishing grounds until after noon when they returnd having
only two fish & unfortunately lost a trawl. Fish not very plentiful to day.
Clarence spent the forenoon taking Mr. R about the place. Afternoon he & servant spent the evening
cutting grass on the farm.
August 28, Friday

Friday 28 A very stormy & unpleast day raining & blowing a gale from N.E. quite a sea on &
meantime very loppy. Motor Boat in the morning was taken of [sic] collar & sailed to the slip at Indian
Point & hauled in safety as well as others about the place servant Stowed hay with Clarence mended
Chairs & boots during the day. Clarence killed his [goat?] & did other useful things News came today
of Joy of Joyce having won her Jr.A.A. in the last C.H.E Exams.
August 29, Saturday

Sat 29 Fine bright morning & continued thus until noon when it became [stark?] & cloudy with
showers of rain & several who were engaged in the curing of fish & hay had taken advantage of the fine
morning by spreading much fish was put to extra labour when the showers came by having to speedily
gather it up again our crew having our large flake covered. apart from an hour in the morng cuttng
grass was all the work they did. I mean Clarence & J.G. the later went to his home at 3 pm. Carmen
was to Old Perlican & took along a case eggs & brot along box goods & carton brushes.
Heard to day of the appointment of Miss Ethel Benson of Grates Cove the teacher of superior Dpart of
school here.
August 31, Monday

Monday 31 A fine day altho at times it showed signs of weather which never came. wind light & s.
sea smooth. Joyce left in the early morng for O.P. entraing for Carbonear & thence for Bay Bulls Arm
to engage in teaching for a year. pearl accompanied her as far as O.P. being taken along by Noah
Driscoll who returned at 11 am bring along our teacher Miss Benson of Grates Cove for superir school
here. Carman Nelson & [Malcolm?] Thorn also went to old Perlican C. took along Joyces trunk &
returned at dinner hour bringing along 7 Sacks flour & Miss Benson's trunk. Carman aftnn put hay
rack of hay in Barn.
At night Miss Milly sup. Teacher at New Chelsea also visited us for a littl while on her way there.
Our men spent some time trawling & got two tubs only they spent some time squiding & in stopping
leaks in Motor boat.
September 1, Tuesday

Tuesday sept. 1st
Fine until the afternoon when the wind veered from a N. direction with light rain. sea fairly smooth
Carman left at 7:30 for O.P. and took along 1 case Eggs & brot. back 1 Brl. Sugar & 3 Sacks flour.
Wm Barrett went also with his horse & cart & [?] 6 Sacks flour they got back just at dinner hour. Dr.
& Mrs. Newhook & child visited us at same time (he being called to Elisha's wife who is ill) owing to
the poor condition of the weather their stay was not as long as they wished. Servant & the two room
men were out trawling & got 3 tubs A good sign of fish to day but the scarcity of bait lessened the
catch. Our rack of hay was put in barn by Carman.
September 2, Wednesday

Wed 2 A very fine day with moderate westly wind and a smooth sea Servant fishing or trawlg &
succeeded in gettng more than a qtls fish & at evening some squid. Clarence mowed some grass with
[T.?] Pynn & did other things in general. Carman was to HHr. to order funnelling for school and to do
other business. At evening Sarah with Misses Milly & Luther the two day school teachers of New
Chelsea visited us and remained until 11 pm.
At 9:30 pm Mr. Malcolm Short with his cousin Mr. Nicholas [Short] a resident of Everet u.S.a. paid us
a visit for a short time.
September 3, Thursday

A dull day so that fish and hay was not spread and did not recive [sic] any benefit from the sun to day.
wind light & S.w. sea quite smooth. Fishermen all out on the grounds and all got some fish. Our
"Room Crew" trawled 3 qtls. or more of a very large size & at evening again gigged squid to satisfy
their requirements. Carmen was to HHr aagain [sic] & took a supply of groceries & food stuff to his
Aunt Sarah. & brot from H.Hr. funnellng for school. Wm Barrett was also to Old Perlican & brot to us
case books/school supply, 2 Brls apples Bag Nuts & Box Junk. To day was a fairly busy one in shop
Heard from Schnr. "Grilse" yesterday she having reached st John's on the 1st Inst
September 4, Friday

Friday 4 A bright day fine throughout with light W. wind and a smooth sea. Room crew fishing came
back at noon time with more than a qtl. After disposing of the same in the usual way went squid &
giged lots of them without much waitg & then went to trawl again & secured 2 Tubs of unusual
Clarence with Ralph Bursy & Noah Driscoll spent about 4 hrs cutting grass on farm. Carmn
put a Rack full in barn.
A Schnr. from Old Perlican was loading fish here to day for W & J Moores of Carbonear their agent

Jas. March of Old Perlican being the purchaser & paid $8.20 per qtl. for it.
September 5, Saturday

Sat 5th A fine day but inclined to dull & sultry so that it was not altogether a good one for fish drying
purposes wind again light & varabl w. at first then S. sea smooth. Room cured fish & success
crowned their efforts again in that the [sic] got 12 tubs of very large fish. All others fishing to day did
well or fairly so. The weather all this week was ideal for fishing and each succeeding when bait was to
be got fish in some quantity was taken by all Clarence & Reuben Goodwin spent two hours each
mowing grass on farm & finish it. C & Crm also put a Rack full in the barn and Clarence at evening
went to New Chelsea & brot home a marine engine which we had hired to a party there for 5 mos @
9.00 per month the said party having come and settled hire satisfactory to day.
Mr. Cecil Rendells who had been here for a few day left for home early this mornig he being taken
along to train by Noah Driscoll
At dusk just when the sun was setting Eldon Mansfild went west to meet his creator, Saviour, &
September 7, Monday

Mon. 7th Fine at times at others very cloudy with light Showers of rain be times wind light & westerly
sea smooth. Crew fishing & trawled a qtls. of very large fish others got a little Gregry Harris was the
most fortunate in that he Caught 2 qtls. Squid bait scarc none giged this am. or pm. At 7:20 Noah
Driscoll with his horse & wagon took wife & Nellie to Old P- entrain for St. John's & from thence
Nellie on Thursday will leave again for Boston U.S.A. Clarenc & Carm spent the forenoon gatherng
up grass on the farm & hauled it to a place for drng. Reuben Goodwin spent about 6 hrs morning
which finished harvesting for this season At 3 pm. attended the funeral of Eldon Mansfield. service
conducted by Rev. Mr. Cotton who preached from 36 psalm 1 verse "God is our refuge & strength["]
etc His wife was with him & they visited the school after the service.
September 8, Tuesday

Tues 8 A fine day but inclined to be soft & cloudy so that for partially dried fish it was useless to sprad
it. hay dried tho The wind was S.w. blowing strong at times sea smooth. Carmen left for O.P. at 8
a.m. & took along a case eggs & brot to us at 3 pm a case dry goods & sundry other things he
afterward put two Rack loads of hay in barn. Clarence gathered up two loads of boughs in anticipation
of the schnors loading & did other work The room Crew were fishing owing to scarcity & condition of
bait secured 3 tubs At evening the [sic] gigged a large supply of Squid which were very plentiful
September 9, Wednesday

Wednesday sept. 9th 1925
A dull & a cloudy day with some rain both in the fore & afternoon. The wind was S.w. until evening it
veered to N.E. & blowed quite a gale. sea smooth. Men were all fishing to day and all got some fish.
Our room crew succeeded in getting 2 qtls. owing to the condition of the weather Fish nor hay were
not spread for drying. Reuben Goodwin spent 2 hrs. cutting grass on F. Pynn land for us some late
grass in growing which he kindly gave to us. Stanley Driscoll who had been at work for the past 12
Days on Colinet Road was brot home by his father from H Content to night he have come for his horse
to work upon the said road instead of misfortune as at first feared when the wire was recd of his
September 10, Thursday

Thursday 10th A very fine day so that much fish & hay was cured thereby. The sun shone splendidly.
The N.E. wind died away at noon & veered from s.w. sea a little rough. Our servant stowed hay &
did a little work to Cabbage garden and at 11 am with the other two men went fishing they trawled 3
Tubs retd. at 3 pm. & spent the evening squiding.
To day we weighed fish & stored it a total of 26 ¼ qtls.
Carman attended to the hay & put one rack full in barn
September 11, Friday

Frid. 11 A very cloudy day with overclouded sky all the time akin to rain so threatnig was it
throughout. Wind light & S.w. sea again quite smooth. Our men were [again] fishing & trawled a qtl
or more & at evening gigd dquid sufficient for us Jas. Driscoll was with us from breakfast till noon.
made weight & repairs to fish barrows & strapped & made two tubs for weights and the afternoon with
Geo. C.M. in the mill making fixtures again to engine and otherwise getting her ready for sawing if good
luck will again follow their work They each spent about 3 hrs.
September 12, Saturday

Sat 12 The weather was like yesterday perhaps a little more like rain with the sky heavily clouded &
quite sultry wind S.S.W. sea smooth with scarcely a ripple.
Our men were again fishng & trawled 5 tubs or what was Judgd to be 2 qtls our servant went to visit
his home soon after his coming ashore Point fishermen & others here and all along the shore all getting
fish & doing prtty well at this season of the year.
Clarence went to Sibleys Cove & Torq. In the moring & took along 6 Berry Brls carted home a load
of wood from the old Road at 3 pm he left with the mare & wagon for Old Perlican to bring home his
mother who has been away since Monday last They got back at 10:30 pm feeling O.K.

At 11 am. heard of the arrival of the Schnr. "Grilse" at HHr last evening

In the mornig while getting ready the saw mill for sawing Jas Driscoll unfortunately had his foot injured
by having it pressed open with a Screw.
September 14, Monday

Mon 14 A very unpleasant day raining almost continually during [d?] & night as well with a gale of
Easterly wind at evening & night particullary Sea smooth. Arose 4 am. & called Clarence who got
ready for Old Perlican who with his mare & SD carriage took Mr & Mrs shaw & their child to train at
Old Perlican to entrain for their home at St John's C retd ere noon. Our crew were fishng & trawled 2
Tubs owing to scarcity of bait little were taken. At noon Constable Forsey of O.P. came here &
served summons on several boys includng Nelson & Carmen Button who were prsnt at the time in July
when wH.Goodwin's cow was injurd follow by death
G.C.M & J.G. spent about 2 hrs at Mill
September 15, Tuesday

Tues 15 The weather was very dull until about 2 pm. it cleared & became quite fine & cleared away
the effect of the heavy downpour of rain last night & the gale of East wind which moderated to N.E.
with token of it veerig to w or s.w. sea quite loppy.
No person fishing owing to condition of weath G.CM & J.G. spent from 9 am to 5 pm in the mill &
made some progress but for want of compressin with engine could not do any sawing. Clarence was to
H.Hr to day & brot. home a cart load of soap, brooms etc. Carman & Wm Clark went to Sibleys
Cove with berry brl. Berries came along more freely to day now that we are giving 20¢
September 16, Wednesday

Wed. sept. 16th
A perfect day perhaps no better day in twelve months The sun shon brilliantly all through the air was
warm & the wind moderate W. & S.W. The Schnr. Grilse came here at 9 am. and we landed from
her 30 Brls Flour Sugar Meal Oats & sundry other goods & at 11 am began the loading of her with
fish. Elisha weighed at Indian Point 189 3/8 qtls and I weighed at the store [?262] a total of 457 qtls.
finishing at dusk when was an excellent days work considering the little help available The conditions of
the weather the light wind & the smooth Sea were the chief factors in helping us in doing so much work.
If tomorrw is fine & suitabl as the day has been we hope for her to go to Lead Cove to finish filling up.
At 11 am. Court was held in the primary Dpmnt of our school for to settle a cow case the plantif being
WH.Goodwin Sr. and the defendants Max & Norman Goodwin Carman & Nelson Button George
Reid Bertram Durdle & Simeon Snelgrove who were each fined $5.42 cts. The Chief [only?] witness
for the Plantiff being Raymond Goodwin whos knowledge apart from one or more significants parts did
not show forth much intelligence
September 17, Thursday

Thursday 17 The weather & wind & see [sic] was like yesterday if anythng the more perfect a rather
unexpected occurrence at this time of season especially when so near the [appern?] of the New Moon
tomorrw and a day or so the Equinoxes. The Capt of the Grilse was on the alert ere sunrise & soon
was on his way to Lead Cove Elisha going with him. there he finished filling the sch. taking unbord 145
qtls a total of 600 being unboard of her. He left agin soon after dinner hour for HHr. to await a
suitable time.
Clarence went to Lead Cove with horse & wagon & brot his uncle home again he also gathered up a
rack load of hay & put in barn which finishs our harvest of hay for this season. He also carted aboard
some flour to parties requring it J.G. spent the day fishing & squid got only a tub of fish tho other here
did fairly well.
September 18, Friday

Friday 18th sept 1925
A very dirty day raining some all the time with with [sic] strong East & N.E. wind and some sea.
Altogether it was one of the most unpleasant days this season. our room crew were fishing & hauled
two qtls fish & at evening gigged all the squid required for present use. Other fishermn did well. one of
their best days. Clarance carted about 2 cwts of hay from of [sic] F. Pynns land to barn & a load of
wood from the Old Road to yard & several brls. flour to homes of people. Considerabl amount of
business was done by myself in shop
September 19, Saturday

Sat 19 A very unpleasant day with light rain and mist all the time. The apparrent [sic] storm of
yesterdy had subsided the wind was still N.E. but very modrate with little or no sea so that our room
crew and nearly all the fishermen were out & met in most cases with their usual success, ours got 3
Tubs or about 1 qtl. of very large fish. Clarence left at 9 am. for Old P- & cated there 3 Cases Eggs &
2 Empty steel [Cases? Cartn?] & got back again just when we were taking dinner. To day was a busy
one in the shop particularly so in the afternoon when several barrels of berries were traded.
will Clark with Carman accompanying him went to sibley Cove and distributed 5 Berry Brl. Saml.
Woodland rtd. from the u.s.a late at night after being away from his home since Aug 19th
September 21, Monday

Mon. 21 Another very dirty and unplest day with rain & cold S.E wind, and at night the rain poured
down and the wind increased to a gale. our men tried for squid in the early morning but without
success consequently did not go fishing. sea disturbed quite a bit but the Point M. were out and did
fairly well. Clarence was to Old Perlican with letters of imptce. to mail & retd. at noon bring home 4
Brls Berries from Sibleys Cove.
J.G. & Jas. Driscoll spent the afternoon in the mill but the engine is not yet giving the satisfaction
required so that sawing is as yet at a stand still.
September 22, Tuesday

Tuesday sept. 22nd 1925
Dull in the forenoon afterward it became clear & fine. Owing to the storm of wind & rain last night its
effect was felt all forenoon. wind S & S.W. for a time & then veered to W. sea practically smooth
our men left to go squiding in the morning & at noon to go fishing but retd. again without accmplishng
anythng At eveing they went squid but did not gig any. Servant at intervals stowed hay & with Jas.
Driscoll some time in the mill but their efforts there was all to no service. Clarence was to Sibleys Cove
with berry Brl & brot home 4 Brls Berries and afterward set out [snares?] for Rabbits. Business was
more brisk than for days. In the afternon session of school a disturbance was caused by the
disobedience of Max, which caused [talk?] for a while
September 23, Wednesday

Wed. 23 A beautiful day with fresh Westerly wind splendid for drying purposes sea quite smooth our
men fishing & caught two tubs tide & wind to [sic] strng for trawling purposes Evening squiding &
gigd a large quantity. Fish that was in the stage & caught this fall was all put on flake assisted by Elisha.
Clarence was to O.P. with letters of importance & to get mares shoes fastened on & brot. home 3 Brls
Berries Grilse left H.Hr at 8 am for Carbonear Mr. Groutchey representing Parker & Monroe and a
Mr. Rowe [representing] Lawrence & Co all of st John's called on us at 11 am & I gave them each a
little order. Business engaged attention all day.
September 24, Thursday

Thursday 24 Another fine day but not quite as beautiful as yesterday wind S.W. strong. sea
crew fishing & trawled three tubs or one qtls. owing to strng wind & tide could not haul more than
once, but fish was seemingly as good as any time. The fishing & bait took all the servants time.
Business claimed attention all day. Clarence with his mare was at work on Road by the shop all day.
Llewlyn Mansfield with his horse Francis Pynn & Reuben Goodwin were at work also. The day
school teacher and Max. still still [sic] continues to call for comment.
September 25, Friday

Friday Sept. 25th 1925
A dull & a cloudy day with light showers of rain wind S & SW. strong sea smooth.
Crew again fishing and was successful in trawling 1 ½ qtls of of [sic] good large fish afterward going
squiding and was successful again in this respect.
Business again attended to Clarence again at work on Road with Reuben Goodwin & Francis Pynn
Wm Clark with his horse & cart work about 4 hrs. & then went to Old Perlican with supplies to send
to Corner Brook to his father.
September 26, Saturday

Saturday 26th
A very unpleasant day at intervals raining lightly all through. A strong gale of N.E. wind blew all day,
which toward evenig increased to a storm & continued fiercely all through the night, driving the sea
before it & causing it to become quite furious greater than at any time for months. None of the men of
this place fishing to day altho attempts was made our servant spent some time washing fish and then
assisted Elisha at work at oil & berries. In the afternoon he again made a visit to his home. Clarence
was a [sic] Lead Cove with berry brl & Carted 2 Brls from Torquay afterwrd visted his rabbit snares
& got a Rabbit
Business was attended to and of special importance many customers served sales made & some
accounts settled.
September 28, Monday

Mon. 28 A very stormy day Wind blew a storm from S.W. & W. the fiercest storm for months &
rained some much of the time particularly so in the afternoon. Quite a sea is still on. so that our man
could not launch out & no fishing was done by any person along our coast. Clarence was to Old
Perlican & carted home Butter Leather oatml etc & Miss Millys organ & got home in time for dinner
& did other necessry work afterwrd Servant did minor things all day. Sml. Woodlnd Nathnl Goodwin
& Wm Clark with horse & cart work again clearing the drains of growth & rubbis all the forenoon &
about 2 hrs in the afternoon when the rain prevented them working longer.
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[September 29, Tuesday]

fishermen did as well as usual [?] boat brot in a qtl or more. our servant spent the day at fish making,
spreading earth, hauled from drain over meadow and gathering rocks to build wall under new porch.
Ralph Bursy was to OP. for us & carted up a drum of oil only. Clarence left in the morning with him
but owing to the mare being crippled in her hoof had to return again. He afterward went to Chelsea
with an organ for Miss Milly & berries for his Aunt Sarah. Sml. woodland Nathnl. Goodwin & will
Clark with his horse & cart were again at work on Road leading past the shop
September 30, Wednesday

Wed. 30 Rained & blowed a gale in the very early moring from the Eastwrd but was fine & clear
during the hours of 7 & 8 am. when servant Clarence & Carmen & a number of other men & boys left
for the upermost section of our road to labour on it for the day but ere reachig the place to work on
returned again being forced to do so by the rain. It cleared about 10 pm & remained fine for the rest of
the day. Sea still quite disturbed Clarence & J.G. with the help of Jas D- for 2 or 3 hours built a wall
around the new porch J.G. did some walling to the house & to the wood house as well. Miss Benson
took up her new boarding house with Mr. Gw Mansfied on the point. Ere leaving Elishas she was
visited in the school by Mr. & Mrs Cotton who talked to her on the matter of the school trouble
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[October 1, Thursday]

light & westerly all through & the sea was practically smooth just a little at times owing to the lifting of
the tide on the eve of the Full Moon. Clarence & Carmen with servant left to do some road work but
after two hours at work returned again as the Schnr "Lucinda" had left New Chelsea to take freight for
us. Begining at 11 am. with the assistance of SJ & Sml Woodld Nathnl & Reuben Goodwn & Jas.
Driscoll & our help we put unboard 40 Brl. Berries 18 Tin lined Brls Cod Liver oil 11 Kero oil Cask
Com [Cod Liver] oil. 4 Empty Steel Drums 3 ¾ qtls Cod Fish 2 Cases Eggs & 1 small Box goods
and landed 8 hhds. Salt. she left again for her home port at 4:30 pm. Considerable business was done
in shop by the help of wife
Miss Maidment the teacher of the primary dept. of our school was brot along by Jas Driscoll from HHr
at 11 am & opened with a session in the afternoon
October 2, Friday

Friday 2nd
A strong gale of N.E. wind caused the weather to be cold & cloudy with a rain appearance dropping
[?] at times. The sea is quite disturbed breakers all about. Clarence & Ralph Bursy left for old
Perlican at 8 am & retd. at 2:30 from bring along 2 Brls Beef 1 Brl. apples and a few small boxes
Carmen with servant was all day at work on road leading by our gardens while Wm H Goodwin Geo
C Goodwi & S.J. Woodland were all day at work on drain & road leading past Elisha to the Bridge.

There was considerable being done in shop & office to day.
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[October 3, Saturday]

had [abated?] so much that it was well nigh smooth again. The Point M. went fishing & caught two
Our servant with Carman was all day at work on the road leading past our gardens they also
built two bridges by Elisha's place & leading to pasture land. Geo C. & Wm H Goodwin were all day
at work diggs trench by the side of this road.
Sml. Woodland Geo. C. & Fred. Mansfied & Zech. Reid spent the day wharfing up the road leading
past the cemetary [sic] Clarence went to old Perlican & carted up Drum of oil & some wire fencing
arriving ere dinner hour. Sister sarah and the two teachers who are boarding with her visited us at noon
& remained until 11 pm. A Miss George & a [Mrs.?] warren visited us at 11 pm. on their way to old
Stanley Driscoll Archbd Clark & Bertram Durdle retd from working on Colinet Road the former to
return again on Monday the two later to remain at home
John Goodwin who had been in service at st John's since May returned also
October 5, Monday

Monday 5 A very unpleasant day with showers of rain at times all through wind blew a Southerly g. all
day & night (last). Some sea on Clarence with mare & Cart Jasper Green & Carmen spent the whole
day with 13 others building or walling up the road beyond the Cemetery.
Liman Woodland went to O.P. for us at 11 am carted down 3 brls Berries & brot to us 6 Rolls Felt 2
Cases goods 1 Case oranges & brl. sundries
Ralph Bursy was to H.Hr. and carted down 3 brls Flour.
Business attended to all the day Mollie very sick yesterday & today.
October 6, Tuesday

Tues 6 A very unpleasant day again like yesterday but the afternoon & night it rained heavily & blew a
gale from the S. A number of men again on Rod [sic] by cemetery Clarence & servant finished at 3
pm. Skipper S Smith visited us in the afternoon & settled freight busines his wife was with him.
Business was pretty brisk all day.
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[October 7, Wednesday?]

fairly [? ?]
Clarence left for O.P. at am. & took with him for shipment to St. John's 3 Brls Berries He retd. at 3
pm. & brot along Brl. Crkywre Bundle Buckets Box Bk. Powder & yeast In the afternoon Quite a
number of men were at work again beyond the cemetary [sic].
Rev. Mr. Cotton & wife called on us in the afternoon and visited several families.
October 8, Thursday

Wed. [sic] 8 Very dull & cloudy all the forenoon The afternoon & night were very dirty with a regular
down pour of rain & a storm of N.E. wind causing quite a sea. Scarcily a worse evening of weather at
any time in the year Clarence went to OldP-. at 8 am taking along frm here a steel Drum & from
Torquay 3 Brls. Berries he returned at 3 pm & brot. to us 3 Brls. Flour ½ [?] tar & 2-22[d?] Butter
Norman Reid was also there for a load arriving at the same time for Clarence with 3 Brls Flour Ralph
Bursy Wm. Clark & Lyman Woodland was also to HHr for us and brot from Grilse 7 Brls Flour &
Tc. Mols. Quite a few men spent the forenoon again at work beynd the Cemetery Servant spent the
day at Elisha's house renailing the clapboard Mollie very sick & has been thus since Saturday.
October 9, Friday

Thur [sic] 9 The storm of wind & rain (one of the several this season) subsided as the day passed on
altho it rained some & blowed strng from the N.E. all day sea very much disturbed but not to the
extent expected Drains are now filled to overflowing & lots of washouts. Clarrence [sic] was to
Brownsdle in the afternoon with flour servant spent the day caring for Marine Engine in fish store &
lining horse collar. Dr. Newhook visited Nellie [Mollie?] in the afternoon & pronounced her suffers
Tonsilitis. Business attended to and at night busy doing a/c work To day recd from J Rourk &
Sons proceeds of fish Cargo shipped sep. 16 & 17
October 10, Saturday

Saturday OCT 10 1925
A cloudy & very dull day the effect of so much rain of the past days. wind light & N. quite a sea on.
Servant digged the potatoes beyond the stable and went home in the afternoon Clarence did minor
things about the place and made preparations to drive pearl & Miss Benson to the train at Old P- on a
visit to her parents at Grates Cove, but at the time of leaving heard of the train not going up to
Carbonear owing to the recent washout on the line so the contemplated visit was deferred. John C.
Mansfd with his horse & cart were hauling rock of [sic] road recently thrown from the drain leading
past the shop others were at work on road leading past cemetery which work is almost finished. To
day was the busiest one yet this season in the store. At midnight Noah & Stanley Driscoll Joseph Reid
& yesterday all who had been at work on Colinet road returned work owing to the weather having
permanently closed for this season
October 12, Monday

Monday OCT 12 1925
A fine day marred by showers of rain at intervals wind Westerly & moderate sea rough. servant & his
helpers finished washing & put on flake their hook fish & took down split stage & stored it he servant
with Clarence also digged potatoes in pc known as New strip about 3 Brls. All the people doing like
work. The night was a busy one with self & wife writting letters etc.
October 13, Tuesday

Tuesday OCT 13 1925
Fine at times then showers the heaviest at 11 am. wind W. some sea on The weather condition to
day impeded the people digging potatoes spending the time they wood servant & Carmen were diggin
on hill garden & digged about 3 Brls. Clarence was to Old Perlican & took along Brl. Berries & brot
to us two brls meat returnng at 2 pm & just at the time wifes Bro Rev s Baggs & his wife arrived to us
on a visit from Western Bay
October 14, Wednesday

Wed. OCT 14 1925
A very fine day the sun shon clear & bright from its rising until its going down again. Wind fresh &
Westerly sea not quite smooth servant digged a few drills potatoes in the morning & Evening assisted
by Carmen during the interval he without our two room men spent the day puttng 33 qtls. fish unboard
schnr. ________ from old Perlican which fish was sold to W. & J. Moore of Carbonear to their agent
Jas. March of Old Perlican All the fishermn here sold all they had ready for shipmt.
people all digging potatoes and raising good crops
our visitors with us all day.
Rev Mr & Mrs. Cotton also visited us at evening
October 15, Thursday

Thursday 15th
Fine but more cloudy than yesterday particularly in the afternoon and at night when it rained wind light
& s.w sea smooth. Servant [(ill)?] but he with Clarence spent the day on hill garden digging potatoes
and found much "canker" as have other people as well which is very injurious to the crop. In the
afternoon Rev. Mr Baggs wife Nelson & his mother drove to H.Hr. & thence retd. to New Chelsea &
visited Sarah spent a pleasant time with her & then returned home reaching here at tea time. This
morning Eli Woodland came home from Corner Brook where he had been labouring since June &
Simeon Bursey from St John's where he also has been since June
October 16, Friday

Friday OCT 16 1925
A cloudy day with threatning rain & Southerly wind and some sea on Servant sick to day and could
not work. Francis Pynn & Clarence digging potatoes until evening. Rv Mr. B & wife with us again
& at night spent a very pleasant on [sic] with pearl singing. wife & self doing book work
October 17, Saturday

Saturday OCT 17 1925
To day the sky was clear & bright with a brilliant sun rising it continued thus until toward evening when
it became very cloudy and rained into the night. wind westerly some sea on. Revd Mr. & Mrs. Baggs
rose early & left for their home Western Bay at 8 am. Clarence also left at the same time for Old P-
taking along an empty drum. He retd. at 2 pm. & brot. along Brl. Sugar crate & two tubs butter &
Box of Hardware. Servant a little better to day & spent the day digging potatoes alone. finding much
canker which has greatly lessened our crop of potatoes this season, as well as others who have this
growth amng them. Simeon Bursey was at work on road by shop all day fixing the bridg here & the
one at turn of road. Sml. Woodland with & his bro. & G CMansfd yestrdy & today have been at
work putting engine in his skiff & otherwise getting ready to do some fishing whenever wind & weather
favourable. People along the shore who still fish find it as plentiful as at any time this season.
October 19, Monday

Monday OCT 19 1925
A nice fine day but a storm of N.W. wind blew all the day which made it rather uncomfortable one of
the bigest [sic] seas this season is now raging with breakers as far as the eye can try. At evening it
became cold almost to freezing point.
Servant Clarence Francis Pynn & Jabez Clark spent the day digging potatoes and finished [digging]
with the exception of a few beds in Elishas garden At Evening we had a visit from Mr. Alex. March
station Agent at Old Perlican Mr. Jos. Coombs & his daughter. At evening our servant went home to
bring down here some of his household effects as he means to reside here for a while
October 20, Tuesday

Tuesday OCT 20 1925
Fine until noon when clouds darkend & threatend rain which fell at evening wind light & W A
tremendous sea on one of the greatest of any time of the season. Clarence went to O.P. & carted
home Brl. Sugar 2 Brls apples & other goods servant finished digging potatoes & removed from
stable to cellar some that were there for drying A busy day & Evening in the store several sales made.
Crops are now all gathered in & the season in gathering of harvest is very good.
October 21, Wednesday

Wednesday OCT 21 1925
Another fine day but with a gale of Westerly wind & a little cold which made it rather uncomfortable.
The sea is still raging mountaneously abating a little as the evening advances servant sent the forenoon
removing potatoes from carriage house to cellar & finished this work for the season in the afternoon
whitewashing hens house. At evening his family came here from Winterton to reside Clarence was to
Whales Brook twice with provisions & carted from South Side of place to pile 3 loads wood. In the
afternoon the quarterly official board meet here for the first time under the Chrm. ship of Rev. Mr.
Cotton representatives of each place present. During the day was keept busy in store.
October 22, Thursday

Thursday OCT 22 1925
Another nice fine day with fresh west wind sea abating so much so that G.C.M. & S.J. & Sml.
Woodland launched out in the afternoon & hauled their herring nets which they had set just previous to
the sea & found them intact with quite a large take of herring.
Clarence was to Old Perlican & carted down a steel Drum & brot to us 6 Sacks sugar & other goods
Ralph Bury went also with him & carted to us 350 ft. clapboard and a door. Servant spent the day
whitewashng hens house (inside) taking up vegetables and doing other minor things. To day was a
busy one in store several a/c settled & sales made. Men from Chelsea here collected 6 qtls fish of
Wm Barrett
October 23, Friday

Friday OCT 23 1925
A very stormy day & night with one of the greatest storms this season of E.& S. with particularly so at
night when it also rained from the afternoon & well into the night sea still greatly disturbed Clarence
carted to [wood?] pile a load of wood and then to Whales Brook & carted from there 3 Brls. potatoes
purchased from Mrs Jno Cummins and a sheep from Mrs. Caleb Thorn servant with Noah Driscoll
spent the day in the stage assorting twine belong to two traps lying there for the last two years. Nathnl
Goodwin was at work in Cod liver factry yesterday & tody washing up the press & otherwise cleaning
up things
October 24, Saturday

Saturday, OCT 24 1925
A fine day but very windy & cold. The severe storm of last night had lessened a little but still it blew a
heavy gale all day. A heavy sea is still on & is not by any means smooth. Clarence and servant spent
the day hauling wood from South side of place to the wood yard & one load from Whales Brook ten
load in all. They were also to [Whales Brook] with goods.
At evening Sarah & the two teachers of New Chelsea visited us & remained until late at night.
Considerable business was done in store. The talk of the day was the storm of last night many being
fearful of their homes with thoughts of the worse happening.
October 26, Monday

Monday, OCT 26 1925
wet raining into the night and until 8 am. Afterward it became fine It blowed a storm of western wind
all day without any let up sea still very wild & furious Clarence & servant spent the day hauling wood
from South side of place to wood yard & finished the lot we had hauled ther 9 loads to day, 10 on
saturday & two on Frd a total of 21 loads. Lawrence Howard was here to day & brot along our
share of the value of the fish caught in trap fished by him for us. Ralph Bursy was to Chelsea with a
box of goods for sarah & proceed on to HH to take goods [from?] Lucinda but was disappointed.
The day was a busy in [sic] all through At evening two representatives from st John's Smith & Hussy
October 27, Tuesday

Tuesday OCT 28 1925 [sic] OCT 27 1925
A fine day but a hurricane of wind blew all day. Clarence got ready to leave for Old P- for freight but
had to give up the idea as the wind was to [sic] strng he went to Whales Brook twice & gathered some
Cillop at the sands servant with stanley Driscoll was to H. Hr. at evening & brot to us from Grilse Tc.
Mols & from Lucinda Brl [pease?] Bundle Leather & 6-10d[?] Butter arriving soon after tea hour.
Some business was done in shop all day and at night wife & self spent the time at a/c & writtng
October 28, Wednesday

Wednesday OCT 28 1925
A splendid day the sun shon clear & bright all through and not at all cold just nice for drying purposes
any small lots of fish now in process if any received full benefit of the bright sun to day. Wind was
Westerly & for a time blew a strong gale sea smooth Simeon Bursy & The room mates who had herring
nets set picked from them a tub of herring each and the former a large fish
Clarence & Ralph Bursy was to Old Perlican for freight & brot. to us six barrels flour & other goods.
LLewlyn M- also brought from H Hr 3 brls & Wm Barrett & Stanley Driscoll also brot a load each from
H. Hr. oats, meal, & Sugar. Noah Driscoll & Wm Coopr left [for?] [early?] [Old P?] [entrain?] for St
John in search of employment & John Diamnd Peter Durdle Allen Barrett & Caleb Reid [entrain?] for
Hearts Content & hence to Terra Nova lumbr woods
October 29, Thursday

Thursday OCT 29 1925
A stormy day with rain from noon on and another gale of E & S.E wind Clarence & Ralph Bursey was
at O.P. for freight & brot. to us at dinner hour 7 Brls flour & 2 Small Boxes goods Stanley Driscoll
Llyln Mansfld John & Raymnd Goodwin were also at H Hr. for freight & brt. to us 13 Brls Flour Wm
Clark was there also & brot to us 12 Boxes Biscts & 4 other Boxes Jasper G. spent much of the day
in the fish store & put in 10 Sugar Brls 20 qtls fish and otherwise made it ready for shipment Some
business was done all through the day.
October 30, Friday

Friday OCT 30 1925
A fine day from dawn till finish but the wind blew with hurricane force all day from the Westward sea
still very tempestous
Clarrence made prepaation [sic] for Old P. but the force of wind prevented his going so he & servant
spent the forenoon carting 3 loads of wood from whales Brook. Servant in the afternoon when [sic] to
H.Hr & carted down 1 Drum K. oil
Ralph Bursy & Raymnd Goodwin a drum each wilfd Clark Llewly M. John Goodwin & & [sic]
stanly Driscoll also carted a load ech [sic] consistng of sugar oats & flour.
Considerable business was done in shop & some accounts settled.
October 31, 1925

Saturday OCT 31 1925
Another fine day with strong N.W. & N.E wind and a big sea which increased all the more in fury as
the day passed away. Clarence with Ralph Bursey were to Old P carted there 3 steel Drums
(empties) & 1 Crate of axe handles which we returned because of a mis fit for our axes they retd.
again at dinner hour bringing 3 brls Flour felt & crockerywar & Goods.
Wm. Clark, Llewlyn Mansfield & Lyman woodlnd each were to H.Hr. & carted to us a drum of oil
This finished the freight brot. to us by Lucinda & landed at H. Hr. Much business was done in store to
day and several accounts settled.
James Driscoll left for Clarkes Beach this morning to be present at the marriag of his brother John Chas
who has found a wife there

The month is now ended and a very boisterous one it has been with much rain & bad weather almost
continually very few days fine High winds & storms such has seldom if ever blew so strong before
making it very unsafe for craft to do freighting and endangering life & property all the time such were
the characteristic of the month
November 2, 1925

Monday NOV. 2 1925
A cloudy day sky overcast at time betokening snow, which many thought would fall during the day.
Wind fresh & A raging sea with scarcely any abatement. Clarence was at Old P. for freight &
retd. at dinner hour bringing along 1 Brl. Beef sack spease [sic] Felt paint & Dry goods. Arthur
Bursy left in the afternoon for H.Hr with pearls trunk she having gone there last night to teach school
again. he returned at nigh bringing to us 150 Brick
Wm Barrett who had been at Bay de Verde brot to us at tea hour 2 Chests & 1 Box Tea 1 Roll Canvs 2
Rolls Felt 1 c/s soap 1 Brl. Meat. Several sales were made in store [Several] a/cs settled and the day all
through was one of the busiest this season
John C Driscoll arrived at 10 pm bringing wife which he wedded on Sunday [?] much comment was
made [? ?] on the very successful [? ? ?] [servnt?] [? ? ?]
November 3, 1925

Tuesday NOV 3 1925
Another fine day clear & bright a little cold with fresh N.W. wind a big sea is still raging but toward
evening had abated [considrbl?] Clarence left at 8:20 am for Old P- & carted there 1 C/S Eggs & 1
Brl. Berries Ralph Bursy carted to Brownsdale ½ Brl Meat for Wm Pike & Llwly M. to Whals Brok
for Abr Manuel 2 Brls Flour & half Brl Meal they then proceed along to Old P- for freight & retd. at
dinner hour bring along 5 Brls Meat & 2 Brls. Flour. They [sic] day was unusually busy particularly so
in the afternoon when many sales were made and much business done.
Again to day much favourable commt was made on the successful Rally service Sunday night and
likewise on JC Driscoll his having wedded a wife called forth remarks from many of a befittng
November 4, Wednesday

Wed. NOV. 4 1925 The sky was overcast as tho weather was near & it was also very cold near
freezing point all the time The wind blew from early morning with well night hurrican force from N.W.
and the sea was as raging and foaming as the last days with no aparent uplift. At first this morng we
thought of making [prepaartins?] for building chimny in shop but not having all things ready Jasper
Green when [sic] to HHr. to get irons made to strengthn Chimny. The time spent in the store was busy
as usual and the time was well engaged. The first of the week nights services was opened by Rev Mr.
Cotton & I attended the service Lady Allerdice wife of Governor Allerdice & party visited Hants Hr to
November 5, Thusday

Thursday NOV 5 1925
A strong gale of N.W. wind A raging sea and an overclouded sky with a wintry appearance was
descreptive [sic] of the day.
Clarence left for Old P. at 8:30 & took along 1 Empty steel Drum and got back at dinner hour bringng
to us a Tierce Mols & 2 Bgs. Wire Nls order of J. Rorque & Sons Carbonear. Mr. Arnold King of
Hants Hr. came to see us at 9:30 to set right & [?] Saw Mill Engine which he did very satisfactorily &
returned to his home ere night fall. Constable Forsey was here to day & collecting of Geo. Reid &
Bertram Durdle the $5.00 each due Wm H.G according to Judgment of magistrate passed upon them a
while ago
November 6, Friday

Friday NOV 6 1925
A beautiful day the sun shone bright & clear & with some warmth all the day Its well nigh a month
since the weather was so pleasant and that we had so nice a day. The wind blew softly from the S.w.
but the sea is still very furious breaking at a good distance. To day Geo C. M. & Jasper Green began
the building of a chimney in the shop to to meet the part allready [sic] there. spent 7 hours each & built
two thirds of what is required. Clarence spent most of the time hauling hay from Mrs. Thos. Morris'
place & hauled around other goods. Considerable business was done by us all the day in the store and
at night did book & letter work.
November 7, Saturday

Saturday NOV 7 1925
Today was another like yesterday in every respect and many remarks were made concerning it to have
such a nice change from a month of bad weather is a relief to all. The wind & sea to [sic] was like
Clarence left 20 to 8 am for Hants Hr to get 100 brick to finish chimny & retd 11:20 and did other
necessry work in a business way afterward. Geo. CM & Jasper G. began at work casking fish at 8 am
about 5 qtls & then spent the day at Chimney finishing the [building?] of it at dusk having spent 8 hrs. at
work. Business was attended to all day with fair results. James & Harold D. spent the day doing road
work just beyond shop & near brook end beyond cemetary.
November 9, Monday

Monday NOV 9 1925
The sky was overclouded dark & lowry all day wind S.W. very moderate sea becoming smoother
than it has been for days A nice day for fishing as many remarkd Clarence left at 7:30 for Old Perlican
taking along for shipment 1 Empty drum & retd. at dinner hour bringing to us Matches, Nails, onions 2
Brls sundries & other goods Jasper Green & Geo. CM spent an hour or more & completed Chimny &
other fitns in connection with it in shop & then repaired to the mill where the [sic] spent the day beginng
sawing at [=11 am they for a time sawed Junks for Luther M and the afternoon sawed part of house
frame for John C. Driscoll. Time spent by each 9 hrs.
work in shop claimed our attention and much business was done.
November 10, 1925

Tuesday NOV 10 1925
A fine day nice for the handling of fish nine qtls were bot. of WH & G.C. Goodwin & 1 [qtl] of
[Zechar?] Reid.
The weather was suited for this work a little cold just at freezing point. Wind westerly & moderate.
Sea fairly smooth Geo C.M. & Jasper G. spent the day or from 8 am to 5 pm. at work in the mill
sawing house frame began at in the afternoon of yesterday. The mill to day gave almost perfect
satisfaction & worked with speed & care. The frame of the house began yesterdy for J.C. Driscoll was
nearly all sawn to day. Clarence was at Old. P. took along a brl. for Mrs. John Diamond & brot. to us
3 Rolls dry sheeting, 1 Box Glass, and small box sundries. Some business were done by us all day At
evening the marriage of Thomas Eaddy of Sibleys Cove & Mrs. Simeon Buttons of Lead Cove was
solemnized by Rev Mr. Cotton in the house of Mr Noah Driscoll
November 11, Wednesday

Wednesday NOV. 11 1925 NOV. 11 1925 [sic]
A fine clear day but colder than usual A fresh Westerly breeze blew all day sea again quite smooth.
Mill was in full swing again to day & worked very satisfactorily Frame for JCD finish & Logs sawn for
Francis Pynn Mrs Abt. Bursy & Luther Mansfield. Clarence was to H.Hr. & did business settled a/cs
with John Rendell blacksmith & Arch. Target tin smith brot. funnelling for shop & cement for mill.
Spent day in store the afternoon was busy & important business done.
November 12, Thursday

Thursday NOV 12 1925
A nice day quiet just a fine day for fishing altho no person out very light South Westerly wind and a
smooth sea Clarence Alex. Bursey Will. Clark & Llewlyn Mansfield was at Old P- for freight &
Carted up 30 sacks four and a Dayton Scale Later Ralph Bursey who had been at O.P with his father
to Doctor brot. 3 Brls. & Raymd Goodwin 3 Brls & 4 Boxes The two Mill Men spent until 10 am.
sawing when the piston rings gave out & sawing ceases again until we get them. the [sic] then packed a
few casks of fish & afternoon spent two our [sic] three hours in mill using concrete to finish unfinish
work on the foundation on which engine rests. The afternoon was perhaps the businest in store this
season At night James Driscoll very kindly put Dayton scale in position for us.
The L.O.L. held its first meeting this season 13 were in attendance including self much business of
importance transacted
November 13, Friday

Friday NOV 13 1925
A fine day mild & still with very slight s.w wind and a smooth sea so that on land & water it was
perhaps one of the best days for a month. The weather for the last few days has been quite the
opposite of October, Clarrence Alex Bursey & John Goodw left for Old P. at 8 am. Clarn taking
along 2 steel Barrels. they retd. at dinnr hour bring with 10 Barrels of flour The Thorns of Whales
Brook was also there and brot along flour for themselves The 25 Brls & 30 sack flour & other goods
landed at O.P. on saturday is now at home Mr. Wm Button of O.P. was here to day & brot to me
$35.00 for [salmon?] caught in our nets. To day was another satisfactory one in store. At night I
attended a meeting led by Mr. Alex. Harris in our church.
November 14, Saturday

Saturday NOV 14 1925
A very unpleasant day raining from early morning into the night without any cesation but no great
rainfall wind SE. blowing a fresh breeze sea a little loppy.
Owing to the condition of the weather very little were done by any person work in the store claimed
my attention all the time & considerable business was done
November 16, Monday

Monday NOV 16 1925
Fine but a little cloudy wind light & westerly some sea on which increased until at evening it became
very tempestous breaking at a great distance The temperature was normal without frost or cold.
Clarence was to Old P- to day & hauled from there Tc Mols Sax salt 4-22[d?] butter 2 mattrasses
[sic] crate axes & handles 1080 lbs weight in all To day was a busy one in the store customers
visiting all the time Miss Clara Harris who had been at Montreal since July 1924 returned on Saturday
night seriously ill
Mr Wilson Avery of Grates Cove & his family came here to day to reside for the winter.
Elias Brookings one of our trap men at Old Perlican was here to day with 33 Muskrat pelts and on
other business as well.
November 17, Tuesday

Tuesday NOV 17 1925
A cloudy day with a gale of S.W. wind blowing through the night and all day, storm signal at st. John's
up all the time. Quite a sea on. Business was attended to as usual and one of our best days at that.
Clarence carted two loads of wood from Whales Brook and did other jobs. Ralph Bursey who was at
Old Perlican to day for medicine for his sick father brot us a little freight Our mail to day was of more
than usual interest in that it brot letters of import from G. M Barr & others.
November 18, Wednesday

Wednesday NOV 18 1925
The morning was a little cloudy but soon the sun shon clear & bright and the day was quite beautiful
and warm. Business claimed my attention all day some people around for most of the time.
preparations were made for the carting of fish and oil to Old P. on tomorrow D.V. Clarence spent
much of the time with the gun & was successful in killing hound and getting the same. Several men from
Red Hd. Grates Cove & other places now here in our country cutting boat (Motor) frames At night or
7 pm attended a preaching & prayer service cond. by Rev. Mr. Cotton who preached from 30 Chap
Deutrmy verse.
November 19, Thursday

Thursday NOV 19 1925
Another fine mild day wind light & N.W. sea a little rough.
At 8:20 am. Clarence stanley Driscol Wm H. Sr. & Jno. Goodwin Sml. woodlnd & Angus Driscoll &
Llewly Mansfld left for Old Perlican and took along 20 Casks conting 40 qtls fish 1 Cask Com. Cod
oil & one Case Eggs. The [sic] retd. at 3 pm. & brot to us quit a bit of freight including Butter meal
[Oats?] Board & Apples.
Jasper Green began making preparation for coopering. work in the store claimed my time & attention
all day. At night I attended a meeting of the L.O.A. 17 members present, fine spirit prevailing
To day heard of condition of the foundation of the church & seen the necessity of its immediate

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