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William Button Diary, 1918

Events in connection with the buying of the Schnr. Grilse
purchase money paid to Messrs steer Bros. St Johns
March 20th      $100000
April 11th        900       $190000

Fredk. Mansfield took charge of her April 26th
May took unboard of her at Winterton
286 Herring Brls & seals, freight
to value $1300 came here
and we shipped by her 5 cs. Eggs 11 Casks oil 22 3/8 qnts Fish. Sailed Friday 3rd arrved 4th
Returned again Friday
May 10th
Sailed on Second Trip Wed. May 15 and took along 94 Casks Ref oil 105 Flour Brl. [Shuks?]
162 [B?] Hoops 2 Boxes Eggs. Elisha going by rail Thursday 16th
Returned again to H.Hr May 24th
Discharged here Tuesday May 28th
Sailed again for Harbor Grace Saturday June 1st but put unboard of her
1 Cask Corn Oil, 1 steel Drum 2 7/8 qtls Fish, 1 Brl. Rubbers 1 Box Leather, 639 [Shuks?]
24 [Bun?] Hoops, 1 ½ Sacks pease retd
Docked June 7th 11 am
Finished – 8th 7 pm
Sailed 10th & arrived at St Johns

Returned Late Friday night or Saturday morning
June 15th
Left here in Motor boat 7 am Wed. June 19 & sailed for the Straits about noon

Thursday 27 Recd. message of her arrival at St. Anthony all well.
July 22nd Reed tel. message of her being at Ha [Hr?] with 200 qtls.

Tuesday Evening Aug. 20th returned to Hants Hr. with about 600 qtls Heavily salted cod

Wed. 21 Skipper & Crew came here in Motor boat & dory bringing trap & other outfits with
them at 10 am
The rest of the week was spent in holidays & they did not begin discharging until the 28th
sept it was beginning to take unboard again & finished Friday 13th on Monday 16
she came here discharged 70 Berry brl & 2 puncheons containing blubber & took unboard 262
qtls fish 7 Brls. Turbot 12 Empty steel drums & other items beside her own voyage of 606 ¼
qtls fish and 6 Casks oil she sailed at 7 pm with light easterly wind for St John's. arriving on
the morning of the 18th all well

[Very big gap]

Tuesday Nov. 12 Came here at 8 am strong W wind day fine Discharged some goods
which had been unboard of her since trip to St. John's took unboard 754 qtls. fish & 53 brls.
berries sailed at 11-30 pm. & arrived at St John's on Wed. 13 at 7 am. with foresail torn so
that a new one was necessary at a cost of $24000. She in two successive days disposed of her
cargo but was delayed for freight having had to wait for flour. She left St Johns on Tuesday
26th but the wind was light until at dusk when N. [wind] & a snow storm follow at night, when
trying to harbour at Catalina a squall tore her mainsail to fragements [sic] so that she had to
return to St. Johns again and was there until when she again saild and harboured at H.Hr at
noon on Thursday Dec. 5th

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