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William Button Diary, 1920

Diary of Services of servants Robert Barrett &
David Rogers 1920.

May 3, Monday

May Monday 3rd Day very unpleasant with wind & storm & furious sea. Spent the day
picking up timber belonging to wharf destroyed by storm.
May 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4 Making repairs to fence around & about the pasture land.
May 5, Wednesday

what fencing was required to pailing fence by shop. & raked & cleaned of rubish [sic] about
half of meadow.
May 6, Thursday

Thursday 6 A splendid fine day assisted in spreading & taking up again the flake with fish & the
interval between removed nearly half of potatoes from cellar to stable loft. opened drain by
house as well.
May 7, Friday

Friday 7 Robert spent the day & finished raking & removing debre from field by shop & cod
liver factory & David was engaged all day in helping Mansfield bark two Cod traps
May 8, Saturday

Saturday 8 Robert & David spent forenoon raking & removing rubish [sic] from grounds
surrounding both homes the former also spent afternoon & the latter helped M– in putting
bottom in one of the traps.
N.B. Each day during the week they also provided wood for both homes
May 10, Monday

Monday May 10th An unpleasant day with strong S wind sleet & rain R. & David spent the
morning picking up timber strewn along the beach belonging to wharf & then began bringing
potatoes from cellar to stable loft the greatest part of one pound being brot [sic] out
May 11, Tuesday

Tuesday 11 A continuation of the work of yesterday ensued throughout the day.
Schnr. Mary E. called here at 10 am & owing to strong gale W. wind remained all day. Ice
conditions along the shore & other causes led to our not landing anything until evening when
JCM & Bros. land a boat load of butter & [other?] goods
May 12, Wednesday

Wed. 12 Servants spent the greatest part of the day at work at fish having much spread and at
evening brot. again from cellar to stable a few tubs potatoes.
Schnr. Mary E. left at 7 am and discharged all her load comprising 100 Hhd salt & other goods
at New Chelsea
May 13, Thursday

Thursday 13 A fairly fine day which was spent wholly spreading and handling fish
May 14, Friday

Friday 14 Morning fine & calm D– assisted in putting out Trap frames at IR and R.
digging up [pot?] beds & ground in front of house afterward he was picking & assorting
potatoes & helped in bring goods from wharf walk to Mill brot in [Motor by?] J.M- from
Chelsea. David spent nearly all of the day with the M- as after the morning he assisted them in
netting bottom in second trap
May 15, Saturday

Saturday 15 The morning was spent in making a finish of the removal of potatoes from cellar to
stable loft. Afterward the digging of ground occupied their time above the stable and nearly all
by the cellar was digged
N.B. Each day during week minor things was attended to.
May 17, Monday

Mon. 17 The both of them were at work until Breakfast hour and finished digging garden by
the cellar the rest of the day was spent with 5 others helping to clear the slip of rock and as well
in the rebuilding of a block of wharf about two or three tare laid & filled with rock
May 18, Tuesday

Tuesday 18 The two of them again spent the day with seven others at the same work as
yesterday. Nearly all the rock was picked up from the launching place the water being at the
lowest tide and the day splendidly fine. A large pc. of concrete was dynamited [sic] &
removed & much wood & rock work accomplished.
May 19, Wednesday

Wednesday 19th The day was again spent in like manner as yesterday with nine others building
wharfe. The wood work is now built up and another day or two will have enough rock in it.
The work of rebuilding the Slip is now ready
The Schnr "Grilse" arrived at Lead Cove 5 am discharged much of her freight and came here
at 2 am landed two skiff loads of boxes and then left for Hants Hr.
May 20, Thursday

Thursday 20 A very unpleasant day cold rain & Northerly wind. Only Noah Driscoll & Wm
Barrett with our two servants laboured all day and 5 for 4 hrs. only. Putting the flooring beams
in place was the work of the two former whilst the later again put in rock. 4 hrs each was
spent on slip by John B.M. Joseph Clark and Geo C [M.] weather prevent further work
May 21, Friday

Friday 21 Robert spent all the day at work on wharf but David having to go with us to look
after the safety of Trap mooring etc owing to ice conditions spent only a part of the day on
wharf. others were also at work. The rock work of this block is now almost wholy [sic]
[comple?] some piles were also fastened around it and some flooring Nailed down on it.
May 22, Saturday

Saturday 22 spent another day at the wharfe with the other workmen who had been engaged
all week A length of the Slip was also laid and one block of wharfe for protection of same built
May 24, Monday

Monday 24th 4th week
A splendidly fine day our two servants with 5 others building wharfs for protection of slip In
the early morning they spent an hour digging ground in Elishas' yard
May 25, Tuesday

Tuesday 25 Spent another hour digging ground as yesterday & then spent the day with 4
others at wharf & Slip & finished the wharf work in this respect. The work of piling the North
side & of putting x pcs to hoist sticks was also completed.
May 26, Wednesday

Wed. 26 Fine & warm The garden surrounding Elishas house was finished digging. The
Ground above stable planted & several bades prepared for seed in Elishas garden. Chesly D.
ploughed much of other ground.
May 27, Thursday

Thursday 27 A little time was spent by them preparing Elisha's garden for seed potatoes but
the day was mostly spent in helping to load the Schnr Mary E. on which was put unboard 15
Casks Cod oil 236 F.B. [Shucks?] 343 [Bun.?] Hoops 6 Cow Hides 27 Steel Drums 3
Boxes & 1 Cask old Rubber. Also at new Chelsea for us 130 Fish Drums
May 28, Friday

Friday 28 Spent the day planting potatoes in Elisa's Garden & finished doing so.
May 29, Saturday

Saturday 29 Hauled the manure prepared the ground & planted the nearest piece with
potatoes in the farm
May 31, Monday

Monday 31 Robert digged the piece of new ground and prepared it for seeding & planted
about half of it. David carted manure in the forenoon but in the afternoon he spent the time with
others out looking after trap mooring which had been set at some time ago.
June 1, Tuesday

Tuesday 1st Spent until breakfast hour planting potatoes in new ground which strip was during
the day finished by wife [of?] Leonard Mansfield, whilst the servants were engaged discharging
& partially loading schnr. Grilse the work of doing so is being greatly impeded by the low tide
the full moon being at its change. Work continued until dusk and the [sic] ceased with the hope
of filling up tomorrow.
S.S. Petrel made her first call this evening at 6 pm.
June 2, Wednesday

Wed. 2. Spent an hour or more in the Earley [sic] morning in the store filled number of [barrel
s?] but the wind being N. & sea disturbed time for loading was considerd unsuitable & schnr
left for HHr The day was spent in the inner garden & about half of it was planted.
June 3, Thursday

Thursday 3 Fine day with light E wind & sea from noon on “Grilse left & got farther than N.
Chelsea but had to put back again to H.Hr. Robert, David, & Leonard Mansd planting
potatoes 11 bades on hill remain to be seeded L. also prepared a little ground by stable for
turnip seed.
June 4, Friday

Friday 4 Weather like yesterday with sea on. Hill garden finished and the garden in the pasture
land levelled marked out in bades & about 2/3 manured. Leonard Mansfield assisted again to
day he with David hauling manure the greater part of to day. wife with Mrs. El. Barrett also
planted with turnip & beet seed the half of garden by our dwelling
June 5, Saturday

Sat 5th Another fine warm day. The two servants spent until about 4 pm in a continuation of
yesterdays work & finished the planting of potatoes at that hour. The first of this work began
on Wed. May 26th
June 7, Monday

Monday 7th The whole of today was spent in the wood yard which was cleaned up of rubish
[sic] and the wood for firing & other purposes was also put compactly together.
June 8, Tuesday

Tuesday 8th The work of finishing the loading of the schnr. Grilse which came here last evening
engaged our services until 4 pm. Last evening we put unboard of her 4 Casks oil & to day 7
Casks 3 Boxes Eggs 1 Box old Rubber 1 Fish Cask 1 Tc Mols. Fish Drums 11
[Bun.?] Hoops 167 qtls Fish a total of 345 qtls.
The S.S. Petrel called at 2 pm first call and and [sic] our motor boat & punt brot a load of
good [sic] from her.
June 9, Wednesday

Wednesday 9 Spent the whole day hauling from waterside premises wood, pcs. of wharf
sticks result of sea & ice last fall and this spring
June 10, Thursday

Thursday 10 Both R & D. spent nearly all day caulking & doing other needful work to motor
boat & skiff. Two or three loads of wharf pcs. was also carted to wood yard.
June 11, Friday

Friday 11 Schnr. Mary E. came here at 10 pm. & much of the day was spent discharging her
and in work in connection with her good [sic]
June 12, Saturday

Sat 12 stormy with Northerly wind & rain the later badly needed on a/count [sic] of forest fires
so near. David spent some time forenoon assisting Geo M— at work on premises. afternoon
assisting Robert who spent nearly all day in stable loft packing & assorting potatoes. In the
early morning they both went unboard of S.S. Petrel but no freight.
June 14, Monday

Monday 14 Carted load of wharf pcs. from near I. Point and also carted 16 posts to Willis
March at Brownsdale & brought back from Durdle 30 longers. Robert spent nearly all the day
removing the Cellar house in order to make way for a concrete roof for cellar He was assisted
by David for a time.
June 15, Tuesday

Tuesday 15 Robert spent all day at work on cellar the house & [debrie?] being all removed &
2/3 of the earth taken of [sic] the roof. David spent all day on the "room" helping M— put in
place the Split Stage & finished that Job. The S.S. Petrel called at 2 pm. Wesley Goodwin &
Caleb Reid took passage by her. The Reids landed for us 2 Casks Tbco 1 Box Ev. apple &
1 Box P & Beans. Tides low & a little sea on at our landing place.
June 16, Wednesday

Wed 16 Robert finished removing the earth and took away to wood yard about 2/3 of the roof
thereof & had it not been for illness this work would have all been cleared away.
David again spent the day on the Room fitting & making preparations for the fishery.
June 17, Thursday

Thursday 17 Robert in the forenoon finished removing debre from cellar & otherwise cleaning
it up. Afternoon he spent looking for cow which came during his absence. David again spent
the day with the M-. getting out Trap mooring & making other preparations for the fishery
June 18, Friday

Friday 18 Robert spent the day at work in the Cod Liver Factory and David spent the
afternoon assisting him but the forenoon he spent on the Room. He also in the early morig
carted brl. flour on I. Point & R removed some wood by the fence to wood gallows &
[stowed?] those.
June 19, Saturday

Saturday 19 Robert spent the time similar to yesterday but D. was engaged hauling slabs (8
cart loads) from Mill to wood yard. Noah Cummins in his schnr. st. Bernard came here at
breakfastime [sic] to take unboard oil but owing to a sea did not make any attempt to do.
June 21, Monday

Monday 21. Day fine sea smooth with high tide. Expecting the schnr. St. Bernard Noah
Cummins to load oil the two servants began about 6 am rolling on the wharfe at 8 am she came
here & with some help we put unboard 65 Casks Ref. oil 1 Cask Com. oil 148 Flour Brl.
[Shuks?]. 3 steel Drums. 1 Brl. Empt Bottle 1 Box 100 lb old [Rubber?] 1 Box 35 Dz Eggs
& finished at 2 pm Afterward part of the oil in the factory was taken on trolly & stored in
June 22, Tuesday

Tuesday 22 Strong wind s.w & rain in the early morning. R. Haued [sic] a load or more slabs
from mill & 14 Casks oil from facty to stage & 3 loads of bedding for block of wharf intended
to be built. D spent forenoon with M— setting out Mooring & leader at Indian Rock
Afternoon assisted R. hauling slabs from mill a total of 8 loads was put in yard to day The S.S.
Petrel called at 2 pm or soon after dinner hour Geo C M. Chesly & Wesly D. & Ar Clark
board her in our motor boat & brot in 1 Bg. Nls
1 Bdle Rope (3 Coils) 3 Coils 2 in Rope 1 Box Paint
1 Tin Ochre & 3 other Boxes
The st. Bernard sailed at 8 am.
June 23, Wednesday

Wed. 23 Both R. & D. were at work on road digging trench by factory until 11 am when the
schnr. Grilse arrived & the remainder of the day was spent discharging much of her freight The
day was rather unpleasant as it rained considerably from noon on Elisha went to O.P. at 7 and
leaving from thence for St. John's son J. driving him there with J Clarks conveyance
June 24, Thursday

Thursday 24 Fine & warm light S.W. wind Grilse took her stores unboard & left at 9 for
H.Hr. D. helped put out trap at I.R in the am R. hauled load of posts to Brownsd & with the
help of D hauled 3 loads of slabs from mill to wood yard Flour was also carted around by him
in the morning and other minor things attended to The day was a long one in the shop
Some caplin obtained by a few persons taken in castnets in sands to day.
June 25, Friday

Friday 25 Fine & warm R. spent the day digging & preparing the cabbage garden for plants &
finished the work and digged trenches in potatoes ground beyond the stable. D. was with the
M.— all day the largest trap was set today.
June 26, Saturday

Saturday 26 R. spent the day digging potato trenches in the two outermost pcs planted in the
farm & Elisha' [sic] garden as well David spent the day with M.— at work on sea. Ches. &
stan D & Rbt B boarded S.S. Petrel no Freight
June 28, Monday

Monday 28 A fine day but a gale of W wind blowing all day so that the schnr. Grilse altho
ready did not sail. Both R & D spent the time in the garden digging trenches & finish [sic] that
work. At evening they were sent to New Chelsea thinking their service may be needed to help
in puting [sic] out a very bad fire which started at H.Hr in the afternoon & by night had done
much damage Caplin landed in large schools on our shore particularly back of Point
June 29, Tuesday

Tuesday 29 Wind & weather same as yesterday D. & R got sufficient caplin to spread on
outer plot of potatoe in farm & 4 beds in new pc & the trenching of the first plot was also done.
At evening & night they spent some time protecting – by salt & water – our place from
suspecting fire now raging and also helping others in removal of goods from homes to places of
safety. This fire spread from New Chelsea & has laid waist [sic] the ridge & other ground &
has caused a lot of trouble & worry but not much loss.
June 30, Wednesday

Wed. 30 Fine & High wind same as every day since saturday. R & D. got part of a load of
caplin in the morning sufficient for to do the pto. plot above the stable & one pc. & several bed
in the seed division of the inner pc. potatoes above the stable trenched for secd time. The rest
of the day was spent by them both in protecting the school from fire & helping others in a
similar way. The fire to day started burning a fresh at noon & with difficulty Hbt Woodland
house was saved owing to W. wind it burned most in that direction and down the old main line
of Road
July 1, Thursday

Thursday July 1st
Fine strong s.w. wind blowing until noon & sultry. Forest fires seems [sic] extinguished as there
are little or no sign today. Exams which I have attended since Monday ended at noon
Clarence Hayward Clark & Janie Armstrg candidates Miss Mullet supervisor. Skippr F
Mansfd & his crew left in the afternoon for H.Hr & we hope to hear of them sailing soon for
straits fishery. R. & D spent the forenoon trenchg potatos on hill garden in the afternoon hauled
3 loads of slabs from Mill house to wood yard. Went beyond I. Point in search of caplin &
was disappointed R. afternoon got wood for homes D help haul IR. Trap & secured [2?] tubs
good fish. J. Clark left in the evening with horse & wagon for Elisha but only got beyond Lead
Cove & had come home again owing to smoke.
July 2, Friday

Friday 2 D & R. Secured about a Dz tubs caplin in the morning near woodland hauling place
taken by cast net. & hauled them to the gardens & many of them were spread by R. whos [sic]
time was thus spent D was afterwa the morning attending to traps & trawls but got no fish altho
a better sign yesterday & today is now on the grounds. Elisha returned last night at midnight he
being away since Wed. 23rd. “The Schnr. Grilse left H.Hr for the Straits at 4 pm [last?]
July 3, Saturday

R spent the day trinching [sic] potatoes in Elisha's garden. Caplin sufficient for the gardens was
hauled & spread so that work is now done. D. spent the day practically with the M.
Noah Driscoll & his son was given to fish one of our traps & the moorings & all was gotten in
readiness by him. The day was fine but sultry. S.S. Petrel called Motor Engine landed by
G.CM & DR.
July 5, Monday

Monday 5 Fine at times dull at intervals with showers at evening and strong wind. Traps &
trawls hauled but fish scarce very little taken by any one
      R. trenched the new pc. of potatoes and about 2/3 of hill garden so that this plot of
ground is also finished the garden by the road only remaining to be done Caplin is now visiting
their favourites [sic] resorts in large schools but fish is very scarce both on the grounds &
nearer the shore.
July 6, Tuesday

Tuesday 6 Weather unpleasant with rain at intervals all through the day until evening. R. spent
the day & trenched the garden planted with potatoes in pasture land which finish the work of
second trenching of potatoes.
D. was with M. attending to the fishing 3 Tubs of fish taken in I.R. trap. Fish very scarce. He
also helped in building a stage connecting with wharf and at evening with Geo. Mansfield Wesly
D. & R. landed from S.S. Petrel 20 Oil Cask & 17 pcs. of railway iron intended for roof for
July 7, Wednesday

Wed. 7 Day fine & pleasant R. spread some caplin over grass in the am. and from morning till
5 pm. he was at work washing the floor of cod liver facty. at 6 pm he was sent to New
Chelsea with a brl. Flour D. was at work attending to the hauling of traps & trawls and some
time was also spent by him helping to build out a stage two beams in length & this work was
finished today.
Heard of our Schnr. Mary E. which sailed from Hants Hr. on June 21st for straits had reached
Bradore on Sunday July 4
July 8, Thursday

Thursday 8th Day fine & warm not much wind sea continuously smooth for days. R. washed
& cleaned the press room of factory Hauled 3 loads of slabs from mill to wood yard & with
the assistance of D. hauled railways irons from wharf to cellar – spent his time engaged at the
fishing but without result.
Noah Driscoll today set one of our traps near Island Point. He from his trap had taken 8 qtls.
at evening.
July 9, Friday

Friday 9 Weather similar to yesterday but from noon on a storm of westerly wind blew, so
that traps & trawls could not be attended to. A better sign of fish in the morning both from
trawls & traps. R. spent nearly all day in hill garden weeding but he also “assisted Elisha in
melting a few galls. Cod liver the first this season.” D. was all day with M. engaged in fishery
July 10, Saturday

Saturday 10th Weather fine clear & warm with light wind S.S. Petrel called at 6:30
Joseph & arch.Clark with Robert B. boarded her in J. motor boat & brought on shore our
Engine or Boiler [belonging? belay?], to factory & 32 other packages of merchandise R. spent
forenoon hauling wood by mill to yard and afternoon collecting liver & doing factory work. D.
was engaged at fishing all day & trapped about 15 qtls.. [sic] Joseph Clark hauled I.R. trap at
dusk & succeeded in getting A considerable improvement was in evidence again
to day. Jas Goodwin in the afternoon set a trap belonging to us near the bar
July 12, Monday

Monday 12 Day fine & warm with light W. wind & sea smooth. D. helped haul I.R Trap in the
morning & took from it 5 qtls. which he split while his cohelpers went & hauled trap & trawl
returning at dinner hr. with one qtl from the former & 7 from the latter at evening 4 qtls was
again the result. R. spent the day in the factory with the exception of 2 hrs. painting shop [?]
John was engaged at this work for 8 hrs & Walter Reid 7 hrs. Nine cours of capboard [sic] on
North end of shop end & side of store & shop above the roof of store was painted with oak
Leaf col. the windows & door in store was also painted with red.
Jas. Goodwin hauled Trap for first time secured 3 or more qtls fish and at noon one qtl. Joshua
Goodwin at evening trapped 8 qtls.
July 13, Tuesday

Tuesday 13th
Day five with light cooling breeze W. wind. R. spent the day in [CL.F?] and assisting in work
there except for the time spent when Petrel called he then with A. Clark & Stan Driscoll
boarded her & brought on shore 12 Brls. flour 2 Boxes s.L soap Box Cutch & three other
Boxes merchandise & we shipped one box eggs. Nelly & Pearl went to HHr by her. Jos.
Coombs & 2 ladys [sic] visited us for an hour Fish scarce D. assisted his helpers all day. I.R.
Trap hauled 3 times about 20 tubs fish taken for the day. At evening recd. message from
"Grilse" she arrived at her destination on Tuesday July 6th all well no fish.
Johney spent about 6 hrs painting shop.
July 14, Wednesday

Wednesday 14
Light rain in the am fine afterward light wind and a little sea with rising tide
R. spent until noon in factry and afterwrd paintg shop at this work he spent 7 hrs Walter Reid
also work 6 hrs & painted the sw side the whole length frm office window down or about half
of side J. also spent about 8 hrs & paint the front with oak leaf & used some crimson as well so
that the front with the exception of the white paint is nearl [sic] finished. D. spent the time
attending to the fishing about 2 qtls was taken to day. Traps [not hauled?] by them at evening
but the many who hauled found a better sign as the fish more than usual was in outer & inner
traps. Abel [Armstrong?] Wm H Goodwin sml. Woodland Geo M. & others all had 2 & 3
July 15, Thursday

Thurs. 15th Day fine & very sultry with light wind s.w. Z. Reid N. Driscoll [AA?] and the
Goodwin all had 2 to 4 qtls. fish in the a.m. little or none afterward J.B.M. trapped 25 Tubs
for the day R doing factory work in the forenoon and spent abot 4 hrs. painting shop Walter 6
[hrs.] & John 8. D.R. attends to the fishing only. Mr Gerald Doyle agent for Dr. Chases
Remedy visited us. Fishing to day a disappointment to many
July 16, Friday

Friday 16 Day dull with showers of rain at intervals Walter Reid spent 4 hrs painting Johney
about 7 hrs & Robert 6 very unpleasant for the work as it blew a strong breeze from s.W as
well so that trap could not be hauled a strong tide was on all day and little or no fish taken by
any one. The scarcity of fish is now beginning to make most people think seriously of it fearing
the voyage may be a bad one David put in two presses today the first of this seasons work.
July 17, Saturday

Saturday 17 Fine & warm light wind. S.S. Petrel called at 7 am and R. Johny & Stan D [? ?]
board her & land 2 Brls Glassware 1 [Brl?] Drinks 1 Brl. R. oats 1 Bundle Buckets and other
goods. R. afterward put in 2 presses & spent the rem. of day painting spending about 6 hrs.
Johney 8 and Walter Reid 8 hrs. The work of painting began on Monday and during the week
[Johne?] spent 45 hrs W.R. 31 & RB. 25 Total 101 hrs. The shop is now painted with Oak
Leaf with the exception of about 3 hrs work on N. end. col. with white & Red is req. from
shop window up the s.w. side & N. end. Jas Driscoll & others at Bay de V. visited their
homes this eving & reported doing well with fish being now abot 500 qtls. & Levi D. 200 qtl.
Fish at G. [&] R. Hd Cove very scarce
July 19, Monday

Monday 19 Fine & very warm with little or no wind & sea smooth as glass David spent the
day with his cohelpers attending to fishing & traped [sic] during the day 5 qtls. R. spent the day
in the factory, hauled the fish liver from Whales Brook 23 galls. Johney spent about 8 hrs
painting & Walter Reid 5 hrs the work of painting the clapboard was finishd by him. So that
part of eves remain to be done At evening Joe Clark traped [sic] 5 qtls. The foremost
July 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20 Day dull with rain a little from morning til noon & for a time strng S. wind. during
the night it blew a heavy gale from SW. & rained nearly all throug [sic] night & early mornig of
Wed. David / was again employ as yesterday Fish very scarce traped [sic] about 2 qtls & ½
of off trawls Albert Reid 10 qtls 3 or 4 other trap men 3 [to?] & 5 qtls. At evenig strng wind
& tide. R. spent at work in facty until the call of the Petrel. Joseph & Arch Clark R. & Johny
went unbord with J.C motor & JB.M small boat took of [sic] freight 1 Case eggs & a
propeller & brot on shore 2 Casks K oil 2 Brls Meal & 1 Brl. [Greys?] 10 [s.?] Sugar 3 [s.?]
pease 3 Roll [s.?] paper and a few Boxes yeast cake & BK Powder. Johney finished
{spending about 1 hr) the blocks with crimson & Walter Reid tarred ½ of cook room spending
½ hr. Rain prevented doing more
July 21, Wednesday

Wed. 21st A fine day with a strong gale of westerly wind unceasing so that fishing operations
was greatly retarded and only a few hauled traps Joseph Clark 3 tubs Jas Goodwin one qtl.
others nill strong tides also prevailed. David spent the day at his usual work. first fish washed
& spread by him & his helpers He also with R. in the early morning helped put up two presses
& did other work in factory R. after breakfast hour spent the day trenching or doing gardenig
around our house. & Johny spent the day painting loft & windows of dining room.
July 22, Thursday

Thursday 22nd still another fine day with a clear sky but strong s.w. wind blowing all day.
David attended to the fishing operations and his time was spent in this way except for a short
time cutting a little grass above the stable. Robert spent a while in the factory the two
[presses?] being attended to by him, he also with Walter Reid (who spent 8 hrs. at work)
tarred & put some felt on stable tarred Elisha's, House & spent an hour or two weeding in
garden in [pasture?] Land. Walter finished tarring the half of cook room left over from Tuesday
& did a little finish to wing of shop Johney spent an hour or two painting the eves of the North
end of shop but the wind was to [sic?] strong for him to continue. Fishing a blank to day. Mr
s. short & wife & dr. visited us.
July 23, Friday

Friday 23
Another fine day with strong s.w. wind & warm for most of day. R. spent morning weeding,
afternoon & he rem. hay in stable loft from one position to another & otherwise prepared the
loft for hay, he also cut a little grass by stable & at dusk went unboard the S.S. Petrel with D.
Waltr R. & J. & brot. unshore a skiff double laiden with goods. D. spent the time with his other
helpers little or no fish taken by them in the meantime had to take on shore Leader of this
largest trap. A better sign of fish along shore, & here at even prospects looked brighter. WR.
spent 5 hrs. at work painted E. chmys & two ends of cook room Johney spent about 4 hrs at
eveng N. end of shop. At even Reuben Goodwin's little girl [Mystic?] 11 yrs. old was buried
by Rev Mr. Gosse she having died of spinal menegitis [sic] after 4 days illness with her sister at
Caplin Cove remains brot here in motor boat
July 24, Saturday

Saturday 24 Rain at night & morning fine after wind s.w. quite a breeze blowing all day.
David was again with his helpers attendig to fishing operation [sic]. One pc. of leader taken in
yesterday was mended and made ready to go out again, but when attempted the tide hindered
them from doing so. Joshua G. also who had trap taken in yesterday also persistently tried to
re-set it again but could not. No fish of any quantity taken by any person. But Mrs. B. wife
when she returned from O.P. where she had gone in the afternoon with the Driscolls reported
large hauls suddenly taken their by lots of trap men. Robert spent some time in the morning
hauling goods from store to shop landed last night from Petrel & afterward spent most of day
in factory. Johney painted with white & red S. end of cook room & W. Reid spent 8 hrs.
painting the same house finishing the [painting] of the clapboardg.
July 26, Monday

Monday 26 A dull day with rain at times all through & showers at night. Light s.w. wind.
Caplin scarce difficult to obtain for bait. Fish scarcer than ever although at Lead Cove all the
traps there secured several qtls. Strong tide was running again to day so that J.B.M. could not
fasten his leader on the second pc. when it was finished. D again spent the day with them. R.
did some weeding & trenching to turnips in cabbage garden and afterward spent some time
cutting grass around the said garden Wesly Driscoll also spent 5 hrs. with scythe cutting grass
around about dwelling house & garden
July 27, Tuesday

Tuesday 27th
A dull day until 3 pm. when it began to rain & continued until dusk wind light from s.w. R.
spent forenoon cutting grass around about the house afternoon hauled & melted a small
quantity. 91 Galls of Grey fish liver was bot. of sibley Cove fishermen. This fish having struck
the grounds today in abundance. Cod fish very scarce at evening I. Point Mansfields traped
[sic] a few qtls D & his helper two tubs. The S.S. Petrel called at even & Johney David
Wesly Driscoll & Walter R boarded her & brot onshore 4 Large plates iron Brl. Motor
Batteries two cases Dry Goods 2 Chests Tea & several boxes [?] Albert Reid also Landed
fo [sic] us 4 plates iron. We shipped one case eggs The circumstances in landing owing to the
large & cumberous plates iron caused our boat to fill with water so that all the goods were
water soaked. Nelly & pearl visited Old Perlican with Ches. Driscoll in the afternoon & retd.
home at dusk. Johney spent about 3 hrs paint eves sw side of shop & Wes D. 2 ½ hrs cutting
grass Elisa' [sic] garden.
July 28, Wednesday

Wed 28 A fine day with light breeze S.W. wind sea smooth R. spent the day in the factory at
even he carted frm W. Brook upwards of 70 galls. liver from Rowes who trappd about 30 qtls.
[Point?] Mansfield trappd 12 qtl morg & noon but at even the [sic] had the large catch of 18 or
20 qtls. W.H. Goodwin also had. . J.B.M. trappd only about a qtl for the day At evening
he caught a [qtl] on the grounds retd. at 10 pm. Caplin appeared again this evening in large
quantities. Dog fish again on the grounds melted 90 Galls of D fish liver purchasd of sibly
Cove people yesterday. Johny with walter Reid & Rev. Mr. Gosse in the curnty [sic]
Bakeapple pick retd at even with about ½ Gall. Miss Maddock arrived.
July 29, Thursday

Thursday 29 a fine day bright & Clear but very warm light s.w. sind & smooth sea.
Traps hauld. J.B.M. traped [sic] scarcely [5?] qtls. for the day W.H.G several Joshua G.
about 14 Albrt Reid 18 Chas Harris at even 2 From L. Cove to I. Point in each place some
traps men secured a few qtls. Fish almost a failure now other wise Caplin plentiful. D. helped
at the fishery nearly all day but helped R. in the afternoon carry in to stabl the hay around house
& cbge. garden R. spent most of day at factory work
John spent about 6 hrs. paint eves under front of shop
July 30, Friday

Friday 30 Day similar in every respect to yesterday. Fish scarce JB.M. about the same as
yesterday Point traps 1 ½ to 4 qtls. Albt Reid at evening 7 qtls others nill Joseph Clark brot.
his onshore caplin scarce Litte or no fish to be trawled. R. spent the day attending
to factory work & David with the M— Johny spent 2 hrs. painting west end facing of the
shop & finished the Job. Johny spent 70 hrs. Walter Reid 36 & Robert B. 25 a total of 131
hrs. painting shop Walter Reid spent 9 hrs painting cook room doing the white only & finishd
& Johny spent 4 hrs painted 3 window shashes [sic] and one door with red.
July 31, Saturday

Saturday 31
Another fine but very warm day with light S.W. wind. Johny Robert & stan Driscoll after some
effort in trying to get out our motor boat failed but went unboard steamer with N. Driscoll only
2 small boxes freight landed by Boats mail boat. Joe Clark took of [sic] box eggs. R. spent
until even at facty work and afterward cut a little grass & finishd it about the cellar. D spent
from 11 am to 6 pm with Geo M. put frame around our cellar for the receiving of concrete.
John began work on home puttying glass in windows. Fish scarce Albert Reid & [Point?] M.
trapped a few qtls.

August 2, Monday

Monday 2nd A dull day with some showers of rain at intervals during the afternoon wind light
s.w. sea smooth. Robert left in the early morning for liver at W.B. retd. disappoint parties
having held it over to rot the day was spent by him at factory work David after helping haul the
traps as [usual?] and got nothing left in the afternoon accompanied by sJ & [S.?] Woodland in
their motors for Caplin Cove C.B. hoping to get a load of fish. Jas Goodwin took on shore the
trap fished by him which was set on the 10 inst and traped [sic] qtls fish only Johney spent
some time puttying glass in windows & Walter Reid spent 5 hrs painting the W. end of our
home which end would have been finished but for the rain. Many traps are now taken up & all
despair of getting a [saving?] voyage. Avg 6 qtls Rowes 3 or 4 [Manfld?] 1 qtl only catches to
day. Lots of men from Grates & all along this shore contemplate soon to leave for lumber
August 3, Tuesday

Tuesday, 3rd Light rain all through the day with strong W. wind quite a gale. only one or two
traps hauled M on Point 1 qtl. S.R. & eveng 1 ½ qtls. Rowes am 4 qtls. No boats on the
grounds to day Squids first Giged [sic] for the season last evening. Robert spent some time
cutting grass with Elisha the garden by the factry being mowed today. R. at evening also went
unboard Petrel with Johney, Stan. Driscoll, & Walter Reid. 15 Brls flour 11-10 [?] Butter 2
Coils Rope & other goods was landed as well. Joseph & Arch Clark took passage by her
going to lumber woods for employment. Other passengers went by her. No painting done to
August 4, Wednesday

Wednsday 4th
A nice pleasant day fine & clear with light S.w. wind J.B.M. retd in the evening but without any
fish whatsoever. Hauld traps afternoon without success. Joshua Goodwin brot unshore one of
the two fished by him & Jabz Clark brot in his likewise. Robert spent some time doing facty
work and then work in general Nathnl. Goodwin was with us today & put down some flooring
or otherwise made some repair to the floor to entrance of shop & also spent some time helping
Johney [puttng?] in glass in home Walter Reid spent 9 hrs painting finishing the North end front
porch & almost two thirds of the front side of house
August 5, Thursday

Thursday 5
Day like yesterday in every respect except perhaps the afternoon was the warmest experienced
this season Robert spent some time cutting gras. with hook around E. gardens he also
gathered into barn the crop of garden by facty and with D. mowed some on hill garden around
potatoes. JB.M [brought?] onshore I.R. Trap. Joshua Goodwin the secd. one fished by him &
N. Driscoll also landed the one fished by him since July 8th when it was set & only secured
A better sign with trawls to day and at evening G.M AR & W. HG traped [sic] from ½ to 1 ½
qtls. & heard of [Grey?] having traped 13 qtls. Walter Reid spent 7 ½ hrs painting
house about 2/3 of S. end remains to be done Johny again at work at windows
August 6, Friday

Friday 6th
Fine & warm like preceding days & little or no wind. The few traps now out all got fish today
J.BM. 25 tubs for the three hauls Wm HG. few qtl.
Point M- did well A Reid 7 qtls am and about 25 qtls. pm. Jas Goodwin with line got 6 tubs
& others got a few tub prospects looks the brightest this season when hope was given up. R.
spent the day in the factory was twice with [horse?] & cart to W. B. Johney spent another day
at the windows. No painting done to day.
August 7, Saturday

Saturday 7 Fine & very warm again today most people agreed as to it being the
warmest. wind w. fresh & light. sea smooth. S.S. Petrel called at 6 am R. D. & Johney went
unboard in small boat no freight except a small box cntg. Jar of Cough Mixture. R. spent the
day in the factory & doing the work belonging thereto assisted for a while in afternoon by D.
Elisha being ill all day. Traps all got some s.R. abt. 17 Point M. several. W.H. G 6 or more
J.B.M. 2. S. & other traps on shore did well Hook & line & trawls doing much better than in
the past. Walter Reid spent from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. painting S. end of house laboured 3 hrs.
& finished Time spent 24 ½ hrs. Johney spent some time at windows & did other work in
August 8, Sunday

Sun. 8 A fine day light W wind a little colder.
Service cond. at evening by Rev. Mr. G. Text Romans 2 [sic] Chap. “For I am not
ashamed.” Dr. Templeton & wife & chid [sic] this [?] a Miss Thorn & a M. & Mrs. M. visited
us. Wife went to N. Chelsea after school & retd @ 11 pm
August 9, Monday

Monday 9 A very hot day calm all through with smooth sea. R. spent until 3 pm doing factory
work and then he left with horse & cart for N.C & hauled down from F. Trimm
fish David after hauling trap in the morning spent all the day with others taking up Trap and
resetting it again A strong tide running in the morning & did some dammage. A little fish taken
in the morg Point Ms 2 qtls WH.G. 3 qtls AR 1 qtl. A & Rowe a larger quantity. Dr. &
Mrs. T went home at noon. John again spent much time at windows.
August 10, Tuesday

Tuesday 10 Fine & very very warm gardens suffering as a consequence Robert spent
much of the day cutting grass on field by shop except the time spent when S.S. Petrel called.
David helped haul trap twice taking 3 tubs fish each time he also spent most of day with his
helpers except the time spent by call of Petrel John R. D. G.M. & Jas D. went unboard of her
taking of [sic] 2 cases eggs for a. & son & 3 Mol. te. 7 Beef Brl. & 15 Mol. Brls for Abda
.short HHR & brot. unshore 1 Brl. Pork 3 Sacks Peas & Rice & other goods. Sml. Woodland
John Chas. & Alec. Harris took passage by her & a number of other bound for the lumber
woods. We weighed & stored 931+ qtls of trap fish caught by F Trimm. John finishd window
to day
August 11, Wednesday

Wednesday 11
Day similar to yesterday – but as a strong breeze was on all day the heat was not felt so severe
Robert spent all the day cutting & working on the field except for the time he spent going to
Whales Brook for a score gallons Cod Liver David also spent some time mowing grass he
helped haul Trap in the am & got 2 tubs and at eving 1 ½ tubs Wesly Driscoll was also cutting
grass for 1.5/+ hrs. John & Clarence went to H.Hr for Kero Oil Casks & retd at Dusk & then
gathered in & stored some hay. several traps was taken up & stored today
August 12, Thursday

Thursday 12th
A dull day with rain from 6 am. until nearly miday [sic] and at intervals showers until night.
Wind light Easterly. sea smooth Fish very scarce the few traps now out got none to report and
at evening were not hauled. David spent the usual time mornig & Evening with the other men &
then with R. spent the time mowing. [R.] also spent some few hours in the factory at work at
August 13, Friday

Fri 13
A fine day with a strong gale W. wind blowing all day. D helped haul trap in the morig result 1
½ tubs afterward he spent nearly all the day on the field mowing & this work was performed by
N. all through the day. Wesly Driscoll also spent 2 hrs. from 4 pm. to 6 pm. doing the same.
To day we had a visit from Mr. orr & Mr. Goldsmith and we gave them an order for meat soap
& other goods
August 14, Saturday

Saturday 14th A dull day with rain in the afternoon Light E. wind S.S. Petrel called in the early
morig G.M—J D. & R. went unbord in two skiffs & brot unshore 20 Brls Flour 2 Chests Tea
and a few small boxes. John after breakfast took 3 Brls to New Chelsea returned in the
afternoon & spent a little time painting cornice mouldings & windows in show room R. spent
practically all of the day as usual with his helpers but did not get a tub of fish for the day.
August 16, Monday

Monday 16
A dull day inclined to rain with light E. wind and a little sea on. R. spent the day hauling wood
from room to yard he also hauled 2 loads from Hy. Pynns. D spent the day at fishing & with his
helpers got 1 ½ qtls. J. finished the little show room & did some [painting?] to home
August 17, Tuesday

Tuesday 17
Dull until afternoon when it became fine & warm R. hauled Brl. Flour etc to W Brook and
brot. back from H.P. the balance of [?] wood he also brot a few loads from Abslom Reids
having purchased 200 of him last winter. at noon preparations was made in the launching of the
skiff & puttig her on the collar awaiting the arrival of S.S. Petrel at 3 pm. she arrived John &
Ches in one boat & R. & Stan in another boarded her & took from her 20 Brl. Flour chest
tea 3 Boxes Biscts. [Bund.? Leathr?] & other good it was put on collar until dusk when the
tide was high & landed with littl difficulty. Geo CM— J Wood Caleb Button & our men
assisted us D. spent the day with his helpers & got one or more qtls. Noah & Wesly Driscoll
Jabz Clark Arch Goodwin Ed. Wheeler Hbt Woodland and other along this shore left on
Petrel for lumber woods
August 18, Wednesday

Wed. 18 Another dull day with showers of rain at noon & E wind veerig to N.E. &
inclined to fine. R. & J in the early morning brot onshore 4 Brl. flour left in motor boat on
Collar all night. J. carted 2 of them to W.B. R. hauld the rem (one load of wood) from A.
Reids put in two presses & spent the rest of the day mowing grass on field. D. was all day
attending to fishing operation. Two qtls of fish was trawled by them to day & was in at noon.
The price is now annoying & the new regulations is disturbing the minds of many.
August 19, Thursday

Thursday 19
Fine but a few local showers in the afternoon cleared again & became quite fine sea smooth
with light W. wind. D spent the day fishing & with the other two men trawled 5 tubs. R. spent
most of the day on the field he mowed considerably helped J. gather and put into barn 4 or 5
loads [the?] both of them also spent some time spreading fish which was taken from shop
and store. The enforcement of the New Rules & Regulations is denounced by all.
August 20, Friday

Friday 20 A dull day with appearance of rain until noon when it cleared became fine & the
wind freshened & blew a gale from S.W. David attended to trawl & retd at noon with 5 Tubs
& then went out for trap & brot. onshore trap only as wind prevented [them?] bringing Leader
the work of spreading & giging [sic] engaged the day Robert with Ches Driscoll finished the
field in the mowing of grass by shop & in the afternoon mowed around the yards by pasture
land & stowed hay in the barn.
August 21, Saturday

Saturday 21st
A fine clear day good for drying purposes wind strng S.W. R. & J. spent the afternoon putting
into barn all the hay now on the field In the early moring they two also boared [sic] the ss
Petrel in boat belonging to Albert Reid & brot. unshore 2 Boxes Biscts 1 Box hardware &
box Goods. R. also cutted with reaphook a littl grass outside of fence by brook. D spent the
day taking in leader spreading trap & contents & caring for it as needed. He also spent some
time Gigig [sic].
August 23, Monday

Monday 23rd
A nice fine day with light s.w. wind smooth sea. D engaged at fishing for a while and got about
one qtl. afterward washing and curing fish. R spent some time in the factory put in two presses
which occupied his time during the forenoon Afternoon he cut with reaphook some grass in
wood Yard & stowed the hay lately put in barn. J helped all day in shop.
August 24, Tuesday

Tuesday 24 A dull day with a few showers at evening wind light sw. sea smooth. R.
spent the day cutting or mowing grass in on the hill & D spent the day with his mates attending
to fishing operations. They trawled about two tubs fish. The s.s. Petrel called at evening.
Boared [sic] her in Co. motor boat Elisha Johney Robert Ches. D. & Geo. M and a number
of little ones went of [sic] Shipped 2 Boxes old Rubber one brl. empty bottles 1 Cs. Eggs no
freight returning. We had a pleasant chat to Captain & Engineer. S. J. Woodland Z & N. Reid
John & Ches Harris and a number of men on the shore left by her seeking work in lumber
sergeant March of O.P. visited us in quest of two sinners & Rev Mr Broughton also paid us a
August 25, Wednesday

Wednesday 25th A very dull day with a gale of N.E. wind and a turbulent sea so that no one
could venture out on it. Robert spent all of the day mowing grass; Ches Driscoll assisted him in
the forenoon & Stan. 2 hrs. in the afternoon. David spent all of the day helping Geo. Mansfied
who also spent the day at work on the cellar making frame around sides for concrete this work
he finished and laid irons on about half of the roof. Johney spent some time putting glass in Mill.
August 26, Thursday

Thursday 26 Dull again to day with a gale of N.E wind and sea. The schnr. M.E. arrived at
HHr last evening at 6 pm from straits [fishery?] havig secured upwards of 400 qtls.
Both servants spent all of to day with Geo Mansfield at work at cellar the concreting of the
frame work was finished around it with the exception of the [wanting?] of one batch & all of the
irons for the roof was put in place.
August 27, Friday

Friday 27th
Wind of yesterdays abated during the night & was light & variable to day. sea had also abated
some Robert & D with Geo. M spent 2 hrs at cellar & finished the framing round. D. was all
the time during the forenoon with M. washing fish & afternoon with R. mowing grass & putting
other in stack Johney at 5:30 pm. & Clarence went to HHr. for goods expected to come by
Petrel & returned at midnight bringing packages of freight
Messers Fraser & Hannum representative of Job Bros & Co & the Whit C Co visited us
August 28, Saturday

Saturday 28
Sea abated weather dull & lowry unfitted [sic] for drying fish & hay David with his helpers
launched of [sic] from I.P. in the morning were away until noon when they returned with a tub
of fish and a number of large turbot then for a time he helped R. who had spent most of day on
farm mowing.
Capt. R. short visited us to day having recently returned from straits with upwards of
load of fish
August 29, Sunday

Sunday 29 Finer light s.w. wind until evig it sprg up frm N. F.M. with more sea on. Rev Mr.
Gosse preached his farewell sermon although not referring [sic] to his going in any way. wife &
Mrs. D. went to Brownsdale at evening & heard Rev. Richards preach very acceptably.
August 30, Monday

Monday 30 Dull until afternoon when it cleared a little so that the hay was spread & some fish
as well wind light quite a sea on all day. R. spent the forenoon at cellar afterward at hay D. &
G.M were all day at cellar except for a couple hours at fish. Some plasterig was done to cellar
inside, the covering all laid & one batch of cement laid on the covering
August 31, Tuesday

Tuesday 31
A nice fine day suitable for all drying purposes wind light s.w. sea abating especially toward
evening Until breakfast hour D.& R. spent the time with horse hauling gravel to cellar.
afterward D. spent the time sprading [sic] fish etc. & storing trap etc. R. spent the time Hay
making & putting it into barn so that all that is mowed is now stowed. R also with Ches. D. &
Albert Reid went unboard the SS Petrel in the laters [sic] boat & brot in for us 4 Brls Beef & a
box of hdware. J.C. Mansfield also land a brl. drinks. The tide low with little sea prevented us
launching out. Geo. C & Nathnl. Goodwin Josiah Mansfield & John C Durdle with others
took passage by her intending to go to lumber woods for work for a while.
Walter Reid spent 5 hrs. painting facings of this house
September 1, Wednesday

Wed. 1 A dull sultry day with a few showers of rain forenoon & a considerable down pour all
afternoon. Moderate W. wind. No fishing done now for want of bait. R. spent the forenoon
mowing a little he also stowed hay & D. spent the time washig fish afternoon was spent by
them both except for sawing a little wood at [?] Rev. Mr. Gosse finally leaved [sic] us this am
Chesley D. driving him to train Old Perlican Walter Reid spent about 1 hr. painting.
September 2, Thursday

Thursday 2nd Rained during the later part of night & early morning fairly fine but sultry
during forenoon afternoon quite fine with light breez [sic] & s.w. wind R & David spent about
an hour mowing gras & then was called upon by G.M. to assist him at cellar about an hour was
spent and then G.M with D. spent until noon spreading fish, & then another hour at cellar, in the
afternoon. G.M. spent about 4 hrs as D & him was again engaged at fish. R with D also
hauled some gravel for use of cement. R. also took around some flour to W.B. J.P. & to
others. W.R. spent about 6 hrs. painting fcngs.
September 3, Friday

Friday 3rd Rain thunder & lightening poured heavily for a time late last night & this am. So that
the ground is now freely saturated all the day was afterward dull. R. & D spent an hour
mowing & finished the grass for this season. R. D & G.M. afterward spent the day at cellar
finishing the concreting of the roof R. spent from 3 pm on doing labour with our horse for his
own service. W. Reid finishd the painting of the facings of the house with brown & I paid him
for 17 hrs labour doing the job.
September 4, Saturday

Sat.4th A spendidly [sic] fine day with W. wind. D spent the day washng fish & otherwise
attending to it with his helpers. Robert visited Torquay taking down brl. flour carted borrowed
trap buoys to Diamonds helped in the spreading of hay & did minor jobs. Clarence & Carmen
visited Chelsea with horse & cart on business. S.S. Petrel called in the early morning but sea
prevented us boarding her. Geo. Austin & John Thorn, Brownsdale went unboard & landed &
carted here 1 sack Bran, 1 Dz. Brooms 2 Boxes Candy. 1 Small Case Good. A score brls.
flour meat & other goods was left unboard
September 5, Sunday

Sunday 5 A fine day Rev Mr B. preached in forenoon & Clarence accompanied him down
the shore Dr. Templeton also paid us a short visit
September 6, Monday

Monday 6th
Another fine sunny day with light W. wind. some sea on. No fishing doing, bait hard to secure.
very few fishermen left on shore to engage at it. D. again spent the day on the Room, washing
and spreading fish with others. Robert with david before breakfast brot. two loads of saw dust
from mill & spread over concrete on cellar. R. uncovered enteries [sic] leading to cellar
placed or shovelled considerable earth on cellar and helped in the hauling & storing with Johny
2 Loads hay which finished the labour at hay for this season W. Reid tarred the mill today
doing the work form 11 am unt 2 30 pm/3 ½ hrs.
September 7, Tuesday

Tuesday 7 A fine day from early dawn till sun down Light s.w. wind sea fairly smooth The ss.
Petrel called at evening Geo M. Johny Robert David & Walter W- went unbord in our Motor
& Co punt freight sent to Messrs C & M. 2 Cs's & 1 Box Eggs, but freight landed amounted
to 20 Brls. flour. 10 Brl. Meat 2 s. Meal. 2 Brls Crky & Greys. & a box cnting glass for
church. Mr. Esau Harris landed one load for us Ches & Stan D. JBM & some boys helped
us. JC Mansfield & [Abram?] Goodwin & 4 Men of sibleys Cove took passage by her for
Labour in Lumb woods. David during the day was engaged washig & spreading fish as
yesterday & R. whitewash cellar. W Reid began & spent the day painting E. house
September 8, Wednesday

Wed. 8 A dull day with threaning [sic] rain & E wind forenoon afternoon it veered to
N.E & rained nearly all evening D. & R. spent the forenoon with G.M. making form to
concrete outer entrance to cellar afternoon GM & D. owing to rain spent the time ceiling the
cellar so far as we require it to be done for potatoes R. spent the time whitewashng loft of
September 9, Thursday

Thursday 9th
The rain and storm of yesterday was all passed at morning the sea was also fairly smooth so
that the day began fine & continued thus save for a dull hr. or two in afternoon wind light s.w
R. spent the day whitewashing interior of stable except for the time spent hauling 2 loads gravel
or sand. David & G.m spent an hour perhaps at two building form for concrete at outer
enterance [sic] to cellar but when it became fine for spreadg fish they left workig & engaged in
the work of spreadg & washig the later work as to this season voyage being finished.
Magistrate Vatcher visited us and engaged in free chat for an hour or more
September 10, Friday

Friday 10th A day of splendour, as the weather was exciptionally fine [sic] for the curing of
fish. A strong N.W. wind blew all day sea very much disturbed R. spent until 9 am
whitewashing entr. of the stable D. assisted G.M. for an hour at cellar D. & R. went to W. B.
at 10:30 and came back at 2 pm, with 8 qtls. fish caught in our trap fished by Wm Hopkins &
D. afterward helped M. in taking fish of [sic] flake. R. again went to W.B. & brot. up cask cod
oil & part of brl of blubber from Wm. Rowe & sons G.M spent about ½ day at cellar floored
part intended for potatoes partitioned across the cellar & put in one division in same so that
only another is now requird
Johny with stan D. left for H.Hr at 10 am in search of a heifer we have astray and did not return
until midnight bringing with him fright [sic] from Petrel 1 Brl. Sugar 1 Case. Boots & 2 Boxes
Biscts by Walter Woodland who accpnd him
September 11, Saturday

Saturday 11th
A dull day with strong N.E wind blowing all day and the bigest [sic] sea raging since May
Breaking furiously as far as the eye can try The effect of it was first seen at 3. am
R. D. & G.M spent from After breakfast hour until 6 pm at the cellar entrance & concreted the
both sides to within a foot of completion Each of them also spent an hour removing split stage
from wharf to store. J. spent most of the day writting [sic] up a/c.
September 13, Monday

Monday 13 A dull day with light SE wind sea abated considerably [sic] wife Johny & Nelly left
for Hearts Content 1 am to proceed from there by train to St Johns Johny en route to sackvill
University and & [sic] Nelly to Methodist College. Chesly Driscoll drove them with his horse
& wagon & Robert took their trunks & luggage with our hired horse they returnd again soon
after dinner. R. spent the rest of the day at work at cellar assisting David & Geo & L. M.
whom I had engaged the side of the entrance was finised [sic] to day as was also the roof of the
whole entrance and drain opened leading to entrance.
September 14, Tuesday

Tuesday 14th
Another dull day with E. wind inclined to rain. R. & D. spent forenoon in the woods where
they chopped 14 posts & hauled out with horse & cart these being intended for cellar house.
Afternoon D. Geo M- Abel Reid went unboard "s.s. Petrel" & brot. unshore – 2 – [box?] 1
crate [&? 10 ? ?] Butter & 6 egg cases. the evening was spent by them in doing minor things
about the cellar & around the place. G.M spent afternoon about repairs to Elisha's house.
September 15, Wednesday

Wed. 15 Rained during Early mornig and at intervals during forenoon Clearing a little in the
afternoon but still contd. dull with light E wind. R. & D. spent the forenoon at work
whitewashg the interior of stable & henry [sic]. this work was finished completely Afternoon
they did some whitewashing to cellar pounds & inner door they also laid a walk to cellar G.M.
was at work from 9 am till 6 p.m. fitted & hinged the three door having made [in? ?]
September 16, Thursday

Thursday 16 Easterly wind very light, stillness, fog & rain for a time was conspicuous
of to day Geo. M. was at work at El- house all forenoon afternoon rain prevented him
continuing at his job, so he hinged two doors to stable & made repairs to our well. David was
sick today so that he did not do any work forenoon. Afternoon he helped R. make a walk to
well & removed rubbish from about stable to wood yard.
September 17, Friday

Friday 17th Dull but in the afternoon clearing & became fine so that people with soft fish
had it spread but it dried littel [sic] or none some sea again came in so that I. Rock broke at
times. Wind S.W. R. & D spent forenoon with horse & cart hauling cillop [sic] to the number
of 3 loads afternoon hauled 4 loads 135 sticks from Albert Durdle's which we purchased of
him last spring. G.M. spent the day at E- house Mr. Sml. short visited us & remained for
sometime Rev. Mr. B visited us particularly to see me about the appointment of another or
second day school teacher.
September 18, Saturday

Saturday 18 Westerly wind strong sea on S.S. Petrel did not call this am and we did not see
or hear of her for the day David spent some time with his mates spreading fish he also helped
Robert who spent the day hauling with horse & cart 6 loads of the wood which Albert Durdle
cutted for us last spring. A few other minor things was done by them.
September 19, Sunday

Sunday 19
Usual services conducted Mornig Joshua Goodwin school Jas G. Evening Rev Mr.
Broughton from I Book of King's Chap. Verse Day dull with strng S.W. wind
September 20, Monday

Monday 20
Day fine but with occasional showers. Wind W. strong sea smooth.
Fish spread by all who have any and dried fairly well. R left in the early morning for Old
Perlican to get horse shoed & returned at 3 p.m. afterward he did a little whitewashing to
callar. D. spent until 9 a.m. shovelling dirt on cellar afterward the day was spent on the room
either spreading fish or helping Geo. M- clean up our Engine several hours was spent by them
in this work Miss Emily Clark began teaching to day having been given charge of the primary
department upward was 40 were under her tuition to day.
September 21, Tuesday

Tuesday 21st A splendid day, light W. wind sea smooth.
R. & D. each spent some time shovelling earth on cellar and finished this work, the work of
whitewashing entrance to cellar was also completed. D. spent some time at work at fish as
well. The s.s. Petrel called early in the afternoon & we shipped 2 Cases of eggs to Messrs.
Bowring Bros. Ltd. several trunks & other luggage was also taken of [sic] in our motor
belonging to Mrs. John Driscoll Mrs. Sml. Harris & her daughter & grandchildre [sic] who had
been here from Montreal for the past 6 or 7 weeks The former two ladies also took passage
by her the former going to reside with her son at Niagra Fall and the latter with her daughter at
Montreal. The Petrel brot [sic] freight for us consisting of 20 Brls. Flour 1 Brl. sugar 3 Brls
Pork 3 Boxes Biscts. & 3 small Boxes. Geo C. M. Leonard M- & David manned the Motor
boat & W.H. Goodwin sr & R. the little boat of J.B.Ms This is now the second time that
[L.M?] has helped us.
September 22, Wednesday

Wed. 22nd was similar in every respect to yesterday except that the wind blew strong
breeze all day. R. & D. Began the day by carting from s side of place bal of wood due us by
Albert Durdl 6 Loads was brot along which finished the lot [500?] minus 16 sticks D. carted brl
flour to Hbt M- hauled a stick from Joshua G- to Mill & hauled load of press refuse in on field
& did minor things
September 23, Thursday

Thursday 23rd
A dull day with light N. wind soon afternoon and some showers D & R spent until rain forbade
them hauling refuse from Factory to field. Afternoon a press was put in place by them and
other minor thing done
J.B.M. spent afternoon in the mill sharpening saw and trying to to [sic] get Motor to work but
could not thus the Evening passed away without any sawing done
September 24, Friday

Friday 24
Weather unpleasant raining a veritable downpour during [most?] of the day & night wind S.
until evening when it suddenly changed to N.E increasing meanwhile until it became quite a
R & D. sawed wood until 9 am then carted with hore [sic] a load of press refuse (the only one
left) from factory to farm. Went to s side of place in search of logs but ret'd without getting any
proceeded to [I Pnt?] & got four. after noon after cleaning cart box continued sawing
J.B.M spent from 9 to 5 pm. and G.C.M. from 10 to 5 pm helping in the mill but owing to the
looseness of one screw in Ignitor only a few post was sawn and the day passed without
anything done in the way of sawing.
September 25, Saturday

Sat. 25 Temperature changed entirely since last night so that the afternoon was quite fine wind
light W. sea becoming smooth still break fiercly [sic]. R spent all day & D. the forenoon
whitewashing yard from cook room to a length or more beyond the shop. Also the yard across
from Clarks fence to road. David afternoon went to the wood with GM & cut & halued [sic]
with horse & cart 4 sticks intended for Cells [sic] for cellar house. J.BM. spent some time in
Mill sawed a few sticks but the engine for want of Ignitor screw to secure Ignitor & packing
firmly gave poor satisfaction so that he had to give up the work for the time being.
The local event of the day was the hearing of the total loss at Cooks Hr. straits of Belle Isle of
the Schnr. Portia of Hants Hr. particulars not at hand.
September 26, Sunday

Sun 26 services morning cond. by Joshua Goodwi [sic] sunday school closed for want of
Leader meeting at night led by J.BM
September 27, Monday

Monday 27 Dull in the forenoon fine and bright the rest of the day wind sw. heavy sea on. R.
spent the day whitewash and D. assisted him until 10 am the yard around about the house
except the front was whitewashed and 3 length inside only leading out the road. D. spent some
time with Geo C.M. who was at work from 10 am until 6 pm. He sawed the cells [sic] for
cellar house & 5 other sticks put them in place posted out the sides and part of N. end. Wife
arrived at 10 pm. after an absence of a fortnight feeling the better for her visit
September 28, Tuesday

Tuesday 28 A fine bright day although it became lowry at noon or soon after but it
cleared at pm & became lovely & fine all through wind W & SW. sea on so that the ss. Petrel
called only at Brownsdale & proceeded on to HHr. R. proceeded there with horse & cart &
retd at dusk bringing 11 [casks?] of freight. he spent the forenoon whitewash yard leading to
facty & D was engaged in same work afternoon. In the forenoon David assisted Geo C.M.
abt. 2 hrs at cellar house & then at fish G.CM did not work in afternoon being away to the
woods. At evenig a tel message was recd from schnr. Grilse reporting her arrival at
September 29, Wednesday

Wed. 29 Fine with strong s.w. wind sea smooth. Schnr. Grilse arrived at about 9
am. being away since July 2nd she was fortunate in securing about 500 qtls fish. Geo. C.M.
was at work at cellar house for a while & then was helping in the landing of Traps etc. from
[Grilse?] and at evening was called away to make coffin for Gladys little girl of Reuben
Goodwin who died this eving. D. was helping at cellar house he also in the morning did some
whitewashing to fence & R. spent all day, finishing the fence leading out the road & past the oil
September 30, Thursday

Thursday 30th Wind S.W. strong, weather very warm & sultry both day & night. R.
spent the day whitewashing the yd. by church road from crossing of fence to stable in & out.
D. assisted G.C.M. all day at cellar house the work of clapboardg being nearly finished & one
third of covering nailed on. The burial of R. Goodwins little girl Gladys by Rev Mr. Broughton
was committed to earth this afternoon and sermon preachd by him.
October 1, Friday

Friday 1st
A fine day but not altogether such for fish drying purposes as it was intensely sultry wind sw.
and considerable sea on so that I.R. broke betimes R. spent another day whitewashg yard and
is now got to a finish one length on Bursy side by well house he also w.w. that as well. D spent
the day again with G.CM at cellar house which is now covered ready for the felt and all
clapboarded except a littl of s. end and 1/3 of eves yet to be done. John Stone Esq Ex.
M.H.A. & his wife visited us at evening on their way to H.Hr and remained for more than an
hour. The disposing of fish is still troubling the minds of all interested
October 2, Saturday

Saturday 2nd
A dull lowry day wind s.w. some sea on R. & D. spent most of the day cutting sods and
placing them in position around cellar house which was neatly & conveniently done they
afterward did other minor thing such as putting Lime soaking & getting wood for homes etc.
The Petrel did not call owing to strength of wind & sea. The Petrel did not call owing to
strength of wind & sea.
October 3, Sunday

Sunday 3rd A fairly fine day with W. wind Rev. Mr. B. preached here in the morning from 2nd
[Timot?] 2 Ch Verse 2&3. a very acceptable [discourse?] school & other services followed.
Dr. & Mrs. Templeton visited us at eving he having come to visit F. Mansfd boy Geo suffing
from Rhmtism.
October 4, Monday

Monday 4th A dull day raining a little in the early morning wind light & variable sea practically
smoothe [sic]. R. cleaned the stable & sawed wood until breakfast hour & afterward spent the
day whitewashig yd. on inside from well house to length in front of front porch. D. assisted Geo
M. from 8 am. at Cellar house the eves & clapboardig unfinished work of Friday was finished
and also the Felting & tarring of the same. The locks was fastened to the doors so that the
work is now entirely finished. [Skippr?] F. Mansfield & crew came from H.Hr in Motor Boat
with load of fish to be washed & crew at dusk and we each one assisted him in temporary
[storing?] it. This is the beginning of the discharging of the schnr. Grilse
October 5, Tuesday

Tuesday 5
Dull in the forenoon bright and fine afterward wind light & variable some sea on R & D finished
whitewashing our yard Hens yd & Cellar House forenoon immediatel [sic] after dinner the ss.
Petrel called & them with GC.M. boarded her in JBM's punt & brot unshore 1 Brl. sugar 1
Brl. [s bsct?] 3 Bgs [Nls?] 2 Crates Butter & other goods they afterward began the digging of
the potatoes and [raised one brl?]. G.C.M was with us all day making repairs to porch door,
etc. Grilse fish was began to be taken out to day at H. Hr. eighty drafts being landed.
October 6, Wednesday

Wed. 6 Strong N. wind & sea & dullness throughout the day. R & D. spent the day digging
potatoes. The newest pc. was finished & 3 or 4 beds in pc opposite which is giving a plentiful
yield as well as all others who had them planted. The weather prevented the Grilses crew from
proceeding to H.Hr. so they also were digging potatoes
October 7, Thursday

Thursday 7th Appearance of fine day & fish was spread but had to be taken up early
as it did not dry any at eveng rained some. wind strg & sea on so that Grilse men could not
push out to go to H Hr in Motor boat R. & D. spent the greater part of day digging potatoes.
out [?] was finished & lower pc. on hill a few beds digged. about 12 Brls. now in cellar.
October 8, Friday

Friday 8 wind N.W. & strong; forenoon of to day fine so that fish dried well, afternoon
dull. R. left in the morning with horse & cart for H.Hr. & retd. at 2 pm with 1 Brl. Mols. & 2
Brls. flour he afterward spent the time digging potatoes D. spent the day at work at fish and
October 9, Saturday

Saturday 9th A fine day throughout & the most drying for a long time A Notherly wind
prevented the schnr. St. Bernard (Noah Cummins Master) who have been at H.Hr for several
day waiting time to come on shor to land goods for us & load at Sibly Cove with fish from callig
here The s.s. Petrel did not call either R. spent the day & D. likewise in every way as
yesterday. Owing to its being fine, we were kept exceptionally busy, & the day was profitable
to us.
October 10, Sunday

Sunday 10 Morning service by Joshua Goodwin School supd by Jas. [Goodwin] & meetig at
night by J.B.M Day fine & warm but wind blew a gale from s.w.
October 11, Monday

Monday 11th
Rained all through last night and until 9 am. to day at dusk it began again & thundrd & lighten
some the interval between was fairly fine but sultry wind s.w. sea smooth. F.M. began washig
Grilses fish motored down last Monday & washed it nearly all. Our servants from breakfast
hour until evening spent the time digging potatoes & digged about 370 [lb?]
October 12, Tuesday

Tuesday 12 Fine enough for the spreading of fish but at 1 pm. we had showers & the rest of the
day dull wind N.W strong & shifting to W. a little sea on. The schn St. Bernd
waiting for a fornight to come on this shore has not been able to do so yet. Except for the time
D. spent at fish both him & R. spent in the garden by the pasture land digging about
half of it & raising about 4 Brls. potatoes
October 13, Wednesday

Wed. 13 Dull until 11 am cleared & became fine for a few hrs. then dull again with showers of
rain wind N. brisk breeze
Servants two spent the day as yesterday garden finished with except. of 2 beds about 4 brls
digged again today.
October 14, Thursday

Thursday 14 Day dull with very light W. wind eveg. veered E & NE light sea smooth
Schnr. st B. came here soon after beakfast [sic] hour and landed 30 Brls. Flour 2 Te & 2 Brls
Mols 4 sack oats 4 sack meal 6 Rolls Felt & Butter D.R & G.C.M. Joshua Goodwin Luther
Mansfield JBM. Joseph Thomas & Albert Reid assisted us some. R. & D. spent & [sic] rest
of day digging potatoes in E. garden our turnip 2 Brls was also take up by them
F.M of Grilse finished discharing is [sic] fish to day & came here in motter [sic] in afternoon
with punch cntg. blubber twin lines etc. Having experiencd a difficulty in getting some person to
cure it has kept him since sept. 29th his return until now to finish it.
October 15, Friday

Friday 15th
A wet stormy day with strong N. wind & sea R & D. carted from mill to store 6 Brls. [meal?]
& 2 Loads slabs to wood house & after spent the time sawing [wood Jabz Clark redt to day
the first of the men who went to the lumber woods in august.
October 16, Saturday

Saturday 16 Another stormy & rainy day similar in every respect to yesterday servants spent
all the day sawing wood. No event locally transpired
October 17, Sunday

Sunday 17 Unpleasant weather but wind lighter & not so rainy church service was
dispensed in the morning for want of fire school in the afternoon & service at night by Rev. Mr.
B. who preach from Job 17 Chap. & part of verse .
October 18, Monday

Monday 18 wind N. & very dull big sea on. R & D spent the day hauling slabs from
mill to wood house & stowing them there. The day was a busy one throughout in business
Joyce with me all day
October 19, Tuesday

Tuesday 19 A fine day wind light s.w. sea on heavy. considerable fish spread, but the
condition of the weather was not altogether for drying. R. & D spent the day cleaning up the
mill of rubbish but he also spent some time at fish.
October 20, Wednesday

Wed. 20 A very unpleasant day raining with a storm of N.E wind & a furious sea raging D &
R. finished cleaning up the mill in the morning & then spent the day in the factory washing &
cleaning up the presses. owing to the condition of the weather work by many is at a stand still
October 21, Thursday

Thursday 21st Fine but not equal to drying purposes wind N. furious sea still raging
R. & D spent the day in cod liver factory and finished the cleaning up of work there. No local
event of interest selling or disposing of fish in some way still the burden of the people.
October 22, Friday

Friday 22 Appearance of fine in the morning but by noon it was dull & rainy & continued so
that all through the night rain & sleet with severe storm of E wind prevailed D & R. removed
some brl tar from mill to factory whitewashed the North side of mill and in the afternoon sawed
wood. To day a cart load of goods was brot to us from HHr by Joshua Goodwin & Newton
Short & a cask of oil by Mr W.H. Button of L.
October 23, Saturday

Sat 23. A very stormy day unuasuly [sic] as storm of E Wind sleet & rain nearly all day.
Servants spent the day in wood house sawing wood all the day. J & myself busy in shop. as
quite a few customers visited us all the day. J & myself busy in shop as quite a few customers
visited us all the day.
October 24, Sunday

Sunday 24 Much finer than usual a little cold wind W until evening the [sic] s.w. & strong sea
abating. The usual services & school was conducted by the respective laymen.
October 25, Monday

Monday 25
Fairly fine & fish spread but to no purpose as it was not suited for drying in this respect wind
s.w. light sea fairl [sic] smooth. D & R. spent some time at fish also cutting & placing more
sods around cellar house & did other minor things. [Evenig busy?] in shop.
October 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26
Fine day but not fine enough for the dryig of fish sea smooth wind variable but at noon it
veered to N.E & became loppy for a time toward evening it became still & quiet with a fine still
night D. & R whitewashed South side of mill & in the afternoon when the SS. Petrel called
brot two punt loads of freight from her skippr F.M. assisting them 9 Brls Flour 1 Brl sugar 2
sacks [Feathers?] 1 M. [?] 1 Bedstead 1 Bolt Leather 1 [Cask?] Tbco was lands [sic] but
other freight was taken away again. Joshua Goodwin Jabez Clark & Eli Woodland helped us
in the work.
October 27, Wednesday

Wednesday 27
A moderately fine day atho [sic] the wind was light & S. the sun shone throughout so that any
who ventured & spread fish it dried fairly well sea smooth Skippr F.M. & crew left at 2 am.
for H.Hr to come down in Grilse to load fish on shore but was detained owing to work
required to be done [ere?] loading. Servants spent some time & finished ww. mill D at fish as
well they also helped in putting new engine in M. boat and at dusk GCM D & [Joshua?] G left
for B. to bring freight from st. B but had to return again as engine did not pump water. Today I
weighed 29 qtls fish of [A. Armstrng?] & it was entirely busy throughout.
October 28, Thursday

Thursday 28th
Owing to expecting Grilse was up early, with others, spent the morning on room in expectancy
but owing to dullness of day she did not come but her motor boat came down at noon & brot.
4 puncheons conting blubber This engaged the attention of servants & with other minor work
the day was spent by them.
October 29, Friday

Friday 29. Moderately fine but very sultry with light S. wind all day & night. The schnr Grilse
came on the shore to load at 10 am & the St Bernard at same time she came here and
discharged for us 20 Brls flour 4 Brls Mols & 3 Brls Meal and 1 Box cube sugar Geo. C. M.
Joshua G. D. & R. landed it and then proceeded to Siblys Cove & brot up 11 Brls flour & 1
Brl meal which was put unbord her from petrel on Tuesday. Spent 3 hrs at this work R & D
spent some time in the factry dipping oil from of puncheons of Grilse blubber. A shchnr [sic]
from Broad Cove was loading fish at Lead Cove to day so that the shore is now cleaned
October 30, Saturday

Saturday 30 Day dull in the morning & inclined to rain wind light at first but at 10 it began to
blow from sw. and for two or more hours was quite a gale afternoon fine & light again. Grilse
was at Brownsdale all night having taken unboard about 500 yesterday & hoping to fill up to
day but by 9 am it looked to [sic] threatening for her to stay so left for H.Hr. but having met
mishap by sudden squll [sic] of wind and havng jib torn had to put in at New Chelsea for a time
Servants boarded Ethie with R.G. no freight hauled brl. flour to Levi Diamnd R. proceeded to
Brownsdale on business during the day they killed & dressed one of our pigs provided woods
& thus ended their six months servitude with us.
October 31, Sunday

Sunday 31
Rev Mr. Broughton preached in the morning from Amos Chap verse the service was a very
fine one. wife conducted the sabbath school no service at night for want of wood
November 1, Monday

Monday, November 1st
Day fairly fine but with local showers wind light s.w. until midnight when it went to E a gale &
rained Grilse went to Brownsdale about 9:30 & fish left over from Friday was put unboard of
her. at 5 pm she came here and we put unbord 50 qtls fish 9 steel Drums & 3 caseses [sic]
eggs. which completed filling her up Chesley & stan Driscoll, Walter woodland & John Harris
of G. Reuben & Wallace Goodwin John B & Geo & Leonard Mansfield stephen woodlnd
& Simeon Bursy assisted us began work at 5 finished at 7:15 so that the work was done in 2 ¼ hrs.
by 12 persons including self.
November 2, Tuesday

Tuesday 2nd
A very dull day with strong gale of N.E wind & rain for a time with turbulent sea so that s.s
Petrel only called at New Perlican. Wind changed about 2 pm & by 8 pm quite a storm but by
evening it had almost died away. Schnr. Grilse left at 10:30 last night & at evening recd.
message that she had arrived at Trinity. A busy evening in shop
November 3, Wednesday

Wed. 3rd Appearance of being fine but not sufficnet [sic] for fish drying purposes. sea smooth
wind light s.w. No local event
November 4, Thursday

Thursday 4 weather & sea. conditions same as yesterday Nothing of importance
November 5, Friday

Nov. Friday 5th A fairl fine day light E wind sea smooth spent some time to day at fish 6
different lots weighted about 25 qnts in all. Busy time in shop as well Joseph Coombs here
from O.P. & coll of us $116.00 for mill work. at night recd message from schnr Grilse she
having arrived at st John 6 pm left her [sic] Monday 10 pm for Trinity & detained by head
wind since. Noah Driscoll & 3 or 4 other [sic] who left in August for the lumber woods retrnd
by S.S Petrel
November 6, Saturday

Sat. 6 S.S Petrel called in the early morng. Geo. C. Mansfield & Herbert Bursey
went unboard in small boat & brot unshore 1 Brl. sugar 1 C K Oil 150 ft lumber & a few other
items JB.M. – Simeon Bursy Abslam [sic] Reid & Stan & Ches Driscoll help us. Day fairl fine
& a busy one in shop.
November 7, Sunday

Sunday 7. A fine clear day a little cold Usual services conducted by the lay men
November 8, Monday

Monday 8th An unusual fine day the best for weeks wind & weather excellent for
drying fish sea fairly smooth.
The day was a very busy one in shop & store weighed several lots of fish & did considerable
business in office & store assisted greatly by Joyce & pearl at evening.
November 9, Tuesday

Tuesday 9th
Weather dull. No event of importance. spent a busy day again in shop
November 10, Wednesday

Wed 10 A very stormy day with storm of s. wind sleet & rain which continued during the day.
My time was spent at business as usual.
November 11, Thursday

Thursday 11
A fine day suitable for the curing of fish much requiring drying being handled. The wind was
strong tho blowing a fierce gale from the N. W. nearly all day. Geo. C.M & CD & a Boy
spent some time ([?] 5 – 1 ½ & 3 hrs. [respect?] C.D. by now pd.) at fish of ours. Both
myself & J. attended to business.
Con. Peter Tuck of H. Hr. visited every place on shore to day & pd. men who assisted in any
way in putting out the fires of July last.
November 12, Friday

Friday 12
Another fine day with light W. wind & smooth sea. An unusualy [sic] busy day in shop & office
was helped again by Joyce
Elisha was out to day his foot after 5 weeks in doors being some better Joseph Clark & son
& others who had been away since early August & sept. returned at evening
November 13, Saturday

Saturday 13
A stormy morning with strong S. wind & a little rain S.S. Petrel passed us by & called at
Brownsdale only. wind veered to w as the day proceeded & blew fiercely The day was as
usual spent at business & a fairly buisy [sic] one it was all through. Several of the men who had
spent 2 or more months in lumber wood & returned visited us
November 14, Sunday

Sunday 14 A fine day but a little cold. Mornig service & school conducted by the appointed
leaders. Rev. Mr. B.- preached at night on the Little Foxes from solomon songs.
November 15, Monday

Monday 15th weather fine wind W. & light sea abating Elisha rode to New Chelsea
with courrier [sic] & retd. with him business in connection with land of s.a. Joyce & myself
spent a busy day in ship & office. Sml. Loder & Ralph Short of Hants Hr. visited us on
November 16, Tuesday

Tuesday 16 A fine cold day with N.W. wind blowing strong & some sea on The S.S.
Petrel did not call on the shore today but at HHr only at noon. Harvey & Co rep. called on us
in the afternoon. Business a little slack not so much doing as of late.
November 17, Wednesday

Wed. 17 Fine until the afternoon when it became dull wind changed from W. to s. & at
night blew strng & rained considerably To day I weighed & stored 4 3/8 qtls fish of Gregry
Harris 9 qtls of Jas Goodwin & 7 ¾ of John CM. or a total of 21 qnts. & did other business of
much importance
November 18, Thursday

Thursday 18 Dull with S. wind until late in the mornig it veered to N.W blew strong.
some sea on spent the day in shop & office. Hayward Rowe & others who went to St. John's
on our Schn. Grilse & retd. last night Having gone about the 1st Buttons from Chelsea & Arch
strong from Brownsdale brot along oil.
November 19, Friday

Friday 19th
Sea stormy breaking fiercely from I.R ashore wind strng.[N.w.?] weather fair No local event
day passed as yesterday
November 20, Saturday

Saturday 20 A fine clear day wind w. & moderate sea abated considerably S.S. Petrel did
not call on the shore to day, but landed at H.Hr last evening 1 Cask K oil 1 Box [Jop?] 1
Box assorted soaps, which G. C. Mansfield carted from thence here to day pd. him $2.50
stanly Driscoll also brot. along our young cow astry [sic] all summer. Doctor Templeton visited
us at noon for a short time he having been over night at H.Hr attendng to S. Short Esq who had
been strickn with parlys [sic] & other illness. A busy day in shop [particulal?] in the
November 21, Sunday

Sunday 21
Fine day but a little cold with [moderated?] W. wind & considerable sea
The usual services were conducted by the duly appointed laymen. Church warm &
The Schnr. Grilse, which loaded on the shore & finished here on the evening of Monday Nov.
1st arrived at H. Hr. at 6 am. having left st Johns yesterday morning.
November 22, Monday

Monday 22nd
Day fine heavy sea on bar & other grounds breaking wind N.W.
spent the day in office several important a/c settled unsatisfactorily No local event of
November 23, Tuesday

Tuesday 23
A splendid day with W. wind but a sea on so that the Grilse could not come to discharge nor
the schnr. "Bull Bird" to load. The s.s. Petrel did not call here going out of her usual route to
collect delegates for Union Convention. Business as usual claimed my attention most time in
November 25, Thursday

Thursday 25 Fine & a little cold wind E. with sea so that no business could be done on it.
Many men who had freight on Grilse were to HHr to day for it by horse & cart. Two load
were hauled to us. The usual work in shop & office was attended to by me
November 26, Friday

Friday 26
A little dull with S. wind and a light sea. Schnr. Grilse's crew took unboard some of her
voyage to day at H.Hr. Day uneventful apart from [items?] mentioned. First of week night
services began about a score in attendance.
November 27, Saturday

Saturday 27 Day passed as yesterday with similar conditions of wind & weather.
November 28, Sunday

Sunday 28 A fine day but a little cold Service in the am Cond by Rev. Mr Broughton who
preached from Zech. 3 Chap verse school cond. by Jas G. & service at night by JB.M.
November 29, Monday

Monday 29th weather fine but to [sic] much sea for crafts to come here although every
preparation is made. skipper & crew of Grilse at H.Hr taking unboard them fish. some lots at
Brownsdale intended for st Johns were hauled to H Hr & sold to [shorts & men?] Irish
question received more than usual attention by letter of Rev Mr. Darby.
November 30, Tuesday

Tuesday 30th a fine day with W. wind & sea on so that the loading & discharge of schnrs is
delayed on that a/c. S.S. Petrel called but we did not send unboard havig no freight but two
other parties boarded her. She also called on Saturday but sea prevented anyone going

December 1, Wednesday

Wed 1[1st] Day fine sea abating some as day advanced but IR & Black R. was foaming much
of the time
G.CM. was at Hr. Hr. [sic] for us to day & carted down a drum of oil chest tea & coil rope.
Business attended to but some a/c settled very discouragingly
December 2, Thursday

Thursday 2[nd]
A dull day with S. wind, in the afternoon & night it blew a fierce gale & rained for hours. No
local happenings day passed quietly. Considerably [sic] business done & fair collection
December 3, Friday

Friday 3 A fine clear day but with strong N.W. wind sea quite smooth at evening &
night it frooze [sic] quite a lot. Had it not been for the strong wind the crafts now waiting to
load could have easily done so but the risk was to [sic] great and thus another day has passed
without any thing been done in this way. one lot of fish at W.B. intended to be shipped by G-
carted to HHr & sold there.
December 4, Saturday

Saturday 4th A fine day but cold & freezing with gale N.W. wind & considrable [sic] sea. S.S.
Petrel did not call here owing to condition of sea & wind. To day was a fairly busy one in
shop. In the afternoon N.D. hauled 3 loads of fish to H.Hr. & put unboard "Grilse" During
the gale of wind Thursday night she went a drift & the removing of her again cost us
December 5, Sunday

Sunday 5. A fine clear day with W. wind & a little cold. services conducted by the usual
December 6, Monday

Monday 6th A very unpleasant day raining nearly all the time with a gale of S.E. wind in
the morning it was sleet & snow which fell first. sea has abated considerably since last week it
is now fairly smooth. The day was spent in the shop but without any local happenings
December 7, Tuesday

Tuesday 7 Rained in the very early morning a real down pour so that the ground is saturated
with pools of water the day was dull & fogy throughout with light variable wind. About 9 am.
Fred M Geo. Mansfield Hbt. Bursy & Wm H Goodwin in his skiff & Chesley Driscoll Simeon
Bursy & C. J. Woodnd in ours left for H.Hr & retd. at dinnr hour bring to us 20 Brls Flour 18
Brls Meat & Mols 1 Drum Oil 2 Sacks oats 1 sack pease 2 smaller coils Rope & 3 small
Boxes owing to sea & low water at first the goods had to be landed from skiff in small boat
which was readily done by voluntary help. This took much of our time but special business to
good a/c in some cases & failure in others was done in ship & office. The Petrel did not call
on shore today
December 8, Wednesday

Wed. 8th Fairly fine in the early morning with light W. wind & thus it continued until 3 pm.
when it suddenly veered from N.E. with snow flurries at first it was feared a storm was on but it
continued only a light sail breeze. Just a [sic] break dawn Skippr Fred M- & others of his
crew left in Moter boat for H.Hr the moter returned again at 9 am & brot 23 brls flour soon
after the schnr. arrived & the work of dischargg & loadig continued until 3 pm. when the veerng
of the wind caused her speedy leaving. about 200 qtls fish were put unboard of her.
[Damping?] & Cloudy all the while.
December 9, Thursday

Thursday 9th A fine day with sea on W.H.G. & others hauled fish to H.Hr to day &
put unboard schon. Grilse. The Reids & others hauled fish to N Chelsea & put unbord “Bull
Bird” To day was a busy one in office & shop & at night [herself?] employed
December 10, Friday

Friday 10th A splendidly fine day with light wind but a tremendous sea on so that plans
of taking fish to H. Hr was futile. In the early mornig a load 6 qtls. fish was taken from our
store carted to H.Hr & put unboard Grilse others hauled to Chelsea & put unbord "Bull Brd"
N.D. was engaged for a time killing pig etc. The restrictions on people emigrating to U.S.A. &
Canada is now the subject freely talked of There was much activity in shop & office to
December 11, Saturday

Saturday 11th Dull and raining some throughout the day. wind N. The day was a busy one
again in shop & office much discussion on restriction of people going to Canada & U.S.A. also
A.N.D. Co Notices respecting men for Lumber camps.
December 12, Sunday

Sunday 12 Fairly fine forenoon but at evening night very stormy with N.E wind blowing
hurrican [sic] strng with tempestous [sic] sea. Mornig service cond. by Mr. J. Goodwin school
by wife & evening service by Rev Mr. B. who preached from verse 24 Ch. Matthew verse
abomition [sic] of desolation in the high place sermon very edifying
December 13, Monday

Monday 13 A dull day with strg gale N. wind & furious sea. Uneasy to high degree
about "Grilse" skipper & one of crew travelled to H.Hr. & found all well. The schnr Bull Bird
achored [sic] at N.C. with about 60 qnts fish unboard for parties here broke from her
moorings & went on shore at noon fish saved, schnr. became a wreck General [conn.?] on
these matters
December 14, Tuesday

Tuesday 14 Strong N.E. wind & sea still prevailing with dull weather inclined to sleet & rain
Schnr Bull Bird did not become a wreck but is nearly intact & will be repd. again Fairly busy
attending to business no local event. S.S. Petrel did not call at ports this side of Bay that I
know of
December 15, Wednesday

Wed. 15 Another dull day with E. wind sea abating Busy day in shop & office Wm H
Button & son [Abner?] & others settled a/c. Mr. Boutillier of Acadia Co Ltd. here on
December 16, Thursday

Thursday 16 A dull day with light E. wind & some sea on at evening & night it snowed
a little arose early in the morning with the hope of dispatching two motor boats with fish to HHr
to put unboard of Grilse but weather conditions prevented us. Day spent as usual attending to
December 17, Friday

Friday 17 Wind strong N & then N.E. with light snow and not cold. The night was also very
The day passed away without any local event. Time by us spent in the shop & office some
business pleasant and more very disappointing Condition of weather & Fish situation is the
main topic of conversation.
December 18, Saturday

Sat. 18 Somewhat dull in the morning at about 11 am it began to snow and continued
until night fall wind NE. & sea of great force breaking at great length. owing to little snow fall of
last night a nice path is now on so at 9 am I considered the advisability of hauling fish to H.Hr.
but it was not convenient to arrange it being done when thought of. S.S. Petrel called at H.Hr
only at 9 am & Arch Clark went their [sic] for us & brot home 1 Brl. sugar 1 Box Candy 1
Box Cgs. 1 Bundle sheet Iron. Joshua Goodwin also brot down 1 Brl. sugar. Time spent by us
in the usual way.
December 20, Monday

Monday 20th
Day fine but the wind blew a gale all day from W. & a heavy sea on. Skipper F. Mansfield &
crew were at H.Hr. all day making preparations for the voyage to st. John's Geo. C. Mansfield
Stephen Rowe & John B Mansfield hauled 16 qtls. fish to be shipped by her. At evening
Reuben Goodwin Geo. C. M- [?] D & Chesly D brot to us 2 steel D oil & 4 Brls. Meat which
was landed from Grilse. Fairly good snow paths apart from drifts by high wind
December 21st, Tuesday

Tuesday 21st A fine day with light W. wind which blew strong all night & considerable sea still on.
The "Grilse" on which our thoughts was centered left H.Hr for st John's about 8:30 and
was lost sight of at B. H. Point at 11 am recd. message just when office was closing that she
arrived safely at 6 am. which relieved us greatly. Considerable business done in shop & office.
Bal. of our oil meat & mol. landed from Grilse yesterday hauled home to day. SS Petrel
called only at H.Hr. No freight landed for us Miss B. Goodwin who had been teachng at
Trinity since sept came passenger by her to spend Xmas.
December 22, Wednesday

Wed. 22nd A fairly fine day with N. wind light some sea on Nelly who had been away
for M. College since sept & Miss Wellman friend of hers arrived at midnight.
Day passed uneventful otherwise
Day school closed Miss Geffers [sic] also going home for Xmas
December 23, Thursday

Thursday 23rd
Weather milder a little dull with wind & sea as yesterday. A fairly busy day in shop & office.
Concert at Sibleys Cove at night Nelly, Pearl, & Miss Welman was in attendance going at
evening & returning at midnight.
December 24, Friday

Friday 24
Weather in every respect similar to yesterday No local event Day passed in business activity
Petrel called only at HHr at night.
December 25, Saturday

Saturday 25
Weather a continuation of yesterday with wind the same Attended divine service in the morning
and afterward spent the day at Leisure
December 26, Sunday

Sunday 26
Rev. Mr. B- preached in the am from Matt 2nd chap. verse snow drifts prevented from
proceed. down shore so he retd home again Sunday school. & usual meeting at night led by
the appointed lay men
December 27, Monday

Monday 27 Snowing & drifting some with high wind & sea. Spent day in store several
customers visited us no local happenig
December 28, Tuesday

Tuesday 28. A very stormy day. Storm of wind snowing nearly all the time and one
of the most violent seas raging.
Day spent in store three or more men debtors to us, settled a/cs satisfactorily.
December 29, Wednesday

Wed. 29 Fine day wind & sea moderating "ss Petrel" called at H.Hr only but could
not get to wharf to discharge freight. mail delayed owing to storm of yesterday so that mail man
Lambert retd. at evenig without any mail matter. Fairly good day of business with a little doing
all day
December 30, Thursday

Thurday 30 Another fine day but cold & wintry with a tremendous sea still rging & playing
destruction to our wharf Boring day in shop & at night attended Annual meeting of L.O.A
which resulted in J.C Driscolls election as W.M.
December 31, Friday

Friday 31
A fine day with N. wind big sea on but apparrently [sic] abating weather wintry & cold Lots
of snow about. S.S. Petrel did not call at H.Hr today altho Miss Bell Goodwin left to take
passage by her to again resume teaching. At midnight I attended the watch night service led by
J.B.M. At midday recd. message from Rev Mr Darby to the effect that M.C would not again
open until Jan. 10th Grilses crew on train & expected this evening.

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