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William Button Diary, 1921

January 1, Saturday

Sat 1 A fine day but colder than usual. The day was spent at leisure or as an holiday. At
evening Capt. sml. Eady [sic] of H.Hr. came here with a load of goods which he with much
more landed yesterday from s.s. Petrel.
At evening the crew of the schnr. Grilse returned having been away since Dec 21st
January 2, Sunday

Sunday 2nd a fine day the usual services held and credibatly attended
January 3, Monday

Monday 3rd Milder than usual sea fairly smooth light W. wind an unusually busy day in shop
and office. Eli woodland was at H.Hr [and?] hauled down 1 Brl. Sugar [1-60 ? T.? S?]
Butter. [poor path?]. Elias Brookings of Old Perlican visited us respecting the fishing of cod
January 4, Tuesday – January 5, Wednesday

Tuesday 4 & Wed. 5 weather about the same & uneventful so far as local events are
January 6, Thursday – Januray 7, Friday

Thursday 6. A very stormy day especially as evening came on & during the night it blew
fiercely and on Friday 7th their [sic] was no abatement to the strng E wind with snow flurries all
day many drifts are thought to be about now & the O.P. train did not make connection
January 8, Saturday

Sat 8th A fairly fine day. R. Goodwin & [MrWHB? MWHB?] each hauled home load of
goods from HHr. the S.S. Petrel made her last call for the season their [sic] at noon &
[moved?] to St Johns
January 9, Sunday

Sunday 9th A very unpleasant day with strng S. wind & some snow falling betimes church in
the morning & school in the afternoon was closed owing to weather conditions but at night Rev
Mr B. preached to a fair congregation from Proverbs 2 Chap. verses and afterward went
January 10, Monday

Monday 10th A fine day clear & not very cold the high W. wind and light drifting snow made it
a [littl? littel?] unpleasant until noon when it abated some. At 10 am Nelley & Miss Wellman
her friend who had been with us spending Xmas holidays since the night of Dec. Wed. 22nd left
us for Old Perlican to entrain for st Johns skipper F.M-- taking them there with his horse &
slide. At noon A. Targett M.H.A. & [Rev?] P. Tuck visited us & the former the shore looking
up men in extreme need to proceed to Bonavista Bay to cut [pit propts?] but not kindly taken
hold of or accepted by any. wife very sick day spent rather leisurely in shop.
January 11, Tuesday

Tuesday 11 A fine day just a little cold but not frosty wind very light s.w. Capt Sml. Eaddy
[sic] visited us & brot Cask K oil the only thing rem. over at H.Hr. settled with him for landing
etc. skippr F M- retd. from O.P. Nelly & her friend still there train blocked with snow effort
made to get her [along?]
Cap. A reported to us the death of Capt R. Shorts eldest son & at even recd message of the
death of our [frind?] John snelgrove sr of Grate's Cove we sincerely regret the [demise?] of
January 12, Wednesday

Wed. 12 Moderately mild with light E. wind. Spent the day in shop and did fairly good
business for time of season. At dusk Nelly & Miss Wellman returned again, being driven here
by Mr. Geo Button of O.P. The train at O.P. is still snow bound and it would still be a matter
of waiting for several days befor the possibility of connecting with Carbonear so they returned
and we engaged Jas Driscoll to take them to H Content to connect with train tomorrow
morning accordingly he left with them at midnight for H Content
January 13, Thursday

Thursday 13 Fine day with rather strg N or N.W. wind. In the afternoon it became very cold
freeing [sic] & continued so day night. Jas D. retd. at noon. made good connection with train
& at night recd. message from Nelly that they reach st J. at 2 pm well. Day fairl [sic] busy in
store 2 visitors from O.P. at night attende [sic] L.O.A. meetig
January 14, Friday – January 16, Sunday

Friday 14 & Sat. 15
Nothing of local importance at noon of s. it rained & continued until S. 16 when it was mild
throughout the day & much snow taken away the usual services was held but small
January 17, Monday

Monday 17 A fine clear day with strong W. wind & at night blew [fiercer?]. Day was spent as
usual in the shop & considerable business of importance was transacted. Luther M- who had
been away to the herring fishery at Bay of I returned yesterday
January 18, Tuesday

Tuesday 18 weather similar to yesterday a little cold wind w. Business attended to. Several
attended Dist meeting at H Hr.
January 19, Wednesday

Wed. 19th Fine day but cold N.W w Business a little stagnant
Most all the men at I. Point assisting LM. hauling his stable to his new surrounding. At night the
public pew holders meeting was held in the church & was a meeting of much interest
January 20, Thursday

Thursdy 20. Fine & clear but frosty the coldest day so far this season. At night the frost
lessened considerably Men all busily enged in the woods. Business dull. At evening heard of
the sudden passing of Benjamin Moores of L.I. Cove a prominent schooner owner of the place
much sympathy expressed & s of [E?] Lodge are attending his funeral en masse.
January 21, Friday – January 31, Monday

The rest of the month passed uneventful locally. Weather fine nearly every day The woods
men in every place making good use of the hauling paths in securing lots of wood

February 1, Tuesday - February 2, Wednesday

Tuesday Feb 1st & wed 2nd two fine days in succession but cold business attended to as
February 3, Thursday

Thursday 3rd Fine but cold The passing away of the wife of John Bearns of Torquay under
pathetic circumstances occurred to day
February 4, Friday

She was burried [sic] to day but bitterly cold & stormy so that few was in attendance at the
burrial [sic]
February 5, Saturday - February 6, Sunday

Saturday 5th Finer weather becoming clearer & Sunday 6th was a fairly pleasant day the usual
services conducted in regular way.
February 7, Monday – February 8, Tuesday

Monday 7th A fierce storm of N.E wind & snow drifting furiously all day with out any cessation
even at night the storm seemed greatest and continued all through Tuesday 8th very little
business done during these days household duties seems to be enough for all woods work
suspended Railways stampeded and no mail service on this shore since saturday
February 9, Wednesday

Wednesday 9 wind lighter weather conditions considerably improved still a general tie up in
everything Mail man Lambert travelled the shore but no mail through no connection. Lots of
heaping drifts of snow. Business better.
February 10, Thursday – February 11, Friday

Thursday 10th Friday 11th Fine days in succession very little labour done apart from some
who have been shovelling [sic] in woods making paths to such. on Thursday the courier
travelled the shore brot. a few letters only but on Friday returned empty through no connection
with New Chelsea & Winterton. Unshovelled snow drifts from HHr to W. interferes with
travellng so that no papers have been recd. this week
February 12, Saturday

Saturday 12 A fine day. absence of frost but very wet under foot caused by rain last night. At
evening Reuben G. went to N.C. for our [mail?] & brot a few papers & letters the first this
February 13, Sunday

Sunday 13 Fine & uneventful services led in the usual routine by Laymen as through the illness
of the Rev Mr. B. he has been unable to visit this shore
February 14, Monday

Monday 14 Fine & fairly mild but suspicious of weather signs again betokening such.
February 15, Tuesday

Tuesday 15th Snow high wind & frost was felt severely in the afternoon so that work was at a
standstill a storm prevailed at night the most severe yet so that heavier drifts of snow than in the
last storm is down again & trains will again be held up. The mail to day brot a few foreign
papers only
February 16, Wednesday

Wed. 16 Fine but very high N.W wind and cold The most severe frost so far this season felt
at evening & night. The mail was suspende again to day & other things as well.
February 17, Thursday

Thursday 17th A little milder strong S. wind at night. Mail taken to N.C. but no connection
beyond that place
February 18, Friday

Friday 18th Fine N.W. wind uneventful locally no mail
February 19, Saturday

Sat. 19 Fine & bright, sun shone with some brilliancy but a stinging frost all day. mail man
travelled to N.C again to day but no connection beyond it as trains are still slowly moving to
destination. Some of the snow was shoveled to day on road leading to N.C.
February 20, Sunday

Sunday 20 Fine day Services conducted by Mssrs Joshua Goodwin & JB Mansfield & school
supt by wife supt. sick.
February 21, Monday to February 26, Saturday

Monday 21 to sat. 26th Had its fine & stormy days making travelling very difficult and a
suspesion [sic] of the mail service which has been the case nearly every day this month. On
saturday we got the first letters & papers from st John's for weeks Rev. Mr. B. visited us to
day the first time durng the month. Isaac Cumming
of Whales Brook died this evening & Mrs. MG. squire on Monday 1 am.
February 27, Sunday

Sunday 27th A nice fine day Rev. Mr B. preached in the moring from Rev. 20 Chap. verse
In the afternoon he preached at Brownsdale & buried I. Cummins and at night he again
preached at sibley memorial service for Mrs. Squirs & the late Mrs. John Bearns In the after
meeting which was quite a revival service 10 [?] persons professed conversion
February 28, Monday

Monday 28 A splendidly fine day all things light W. wind. mail man made connection to day &
brot. along much mail in which general interest manifested by all. The road is now open to
Hearts Content again. Much snow has disappeared owing to the down pour of rain on Friday

March 1, Tuesday

Tuesday 1 Wind strng s. in the early morning but a nice ideal day afterward pleasant in every
respect. Roads becoming dryer after the storm of last week. Mails made connections several
ice berths recd. Excitement in this matter. Business attended to as usual.
March 2, Wednesday

Wed. 2nd an unpleasant day with rain & sleet nearly all the time. More ice berths recd. paths
broken up. Roads bare of snow in some places. Revival at Brownsdale & converts last night
Busy in shop nearly all day
March 3, Thursday

Thursday 3. Mild but dull snow melted considerably so that much of the roads is now bare
Most of the men at leisure. More ice berths recd. along the shore & preparation in this respect
exciting the minds of all interested At night attended orange meeting The revival meetings at
sibleys & Brownsdale now of general interest
March 4, Friday

Friday 4th Day similar to yesterday with light rain & light W wind which in the afternoon died
away to a calm. Skippr F.M- and other sealers left at 9.30 am in his Motor boat for HContent
Simeon Bursy Jas Driscoll & sJ woodland went with them to bring boat back again returing at 7
pm. & brot. to us 7 Brls. flour 2 Brls. Sugar 2 Casks tbco. 1 Tub Butter [?] 1 Cheese 2
Boxes & Goods & 1 Box Druggs This trip was quite a success for all interested & one of
service to many.
March 5, Saturday

Sat 5 North wind strong all day with sleet & snow, much water around our place & leading to
post office The N. wind forced the sea somewhat & broke ice from rocks so that in the
morning the Motor boat claimed our first service to get her on banks again she being in danger
during night & moring of injury. Goods brot by her was all kindly hauled to shop by Geo.
Driscoll & the day was spent busily engaged at shop work.
March 6, Sunday

Sunday 6th A fine day with W. & SW. wind much water about our place. Joshua Goodwin
led the service in the morning Rev. Mr. B. at 2 am preach frm 6 Cap St. Johns' Gospel verse
6- Avery [sic] impressive service in which Chas Harris stephen Durdle & others were
converted At 7 pm. Alex. Harris led the service & one was converted In the other churches
on the shore a revival in which many has been converted is the result
March 7, Monday – March 10, Thursday

Monday 7th Tuesday 8th Wed. 9th
weather milder much snow & ice melted & gone. Services regularly conducted at night, of
great interest & large congregations. people greatly moved Rev. Mr. Broughton was with us
on Tuesday. and on Thursday 10th He & Mr. Malcom [sic] Short visited us & led the service
again with perhaps great spiritual power than ever going home at midnight Day was fine &
mild with strg sw wind The sailing of the sealing steamers Govt Electn at H Main & the refusal
of Germans to [sign?] reparation demands Topics of interest
March 11, Friday

Friday 11th A fine bright day with a strong gale of W. wind blowing all day The day was very
spring like & but for the strong wind was not very cold. we had Herbert Bursy engaged a few
hrs. yesterday & all of today taking up the flooring of wharf which was wreck [sic] last fall
Josiah Mansfield & his son a few hrs in forenoon pick up wharf pcs along the beach washed
there by sea last fall & whole was hauled by Arch Clark to stage & I pd. him 50 ¢ts?]
for doing so. Most comment today on sealers. Meeting in church again to night & some converts.
March 12, Saturday

Saturday 12 mild. Rev. Mr. Broughton visited us in the afternoon accompanied by Joseph G.
Jr. with horse & sleigh
March 13, Sunday

Sunday 13 Colder and at night blew a gale from the Northerly direction service was
conducted in the am by Joshua Goodwin in the afternoon school suptd. By wife at night Rev
Mr. B preached vy acceptable frm Rev 3. Chap verse Behold I stand at door
Services all through the week led with much spiritual enthusiasm
March 14, Monday – March 20, Sunday

Monday 14 & during the week including Sunday 20 passed away quietly services were led in
the church except Thursday & sat night & well attended. The weather was fairly fine all
through. Interest in the sealing voyage manifested but no encouraging report
March 21, Monday

Monday 21 To day the sun entered his spring quarters & the weather was mild & spring like
until evening it veered to N & became colder. No stiring [sic] news heard from sealing fleet to
day or any other source. Business attended to with little briskness Jas Driscoll was to Hearts
Content for us with horse & slide & brot along to us from Cable stores 1 Brl. sugar 10-[10? ?]
Butter & one box soap.
March 22, Tuesday

Tuesday 22nd A fine day but cold & freezing with strong N.E. wind. Cold has
prevailed during all this month so that warmer weather is most desired. The news of the seal
hunt is sought after but apart from the Viking in Gulf news is very meagre. No local event
except the visit of Rev Mr. B. who led a service again after tea and gave a sermonette from 22
Chap of Acts. The service was very enjoyable all through.
March 23, Wednesday

Wed. 23 Another fine day with strong W & N.W. winds & cold freezing throughout No local
March 24, Thursday

Thursday 24
W. wind fine with clear sun strong all day not quite so cold. Business attended to at breakfast
hour had two load of goods brot here from Nothern Bay by Milleys of Burnt Point which had
been at former station since Jan. at night attended Lodge meeting. First news of air plane recd
also sealing news
March 25, Friday

Good Friday 25th
Fine day throughout with wind a little s.w. light inclined to be milder. Attended service in the
am led by Joshua Goodwin a prayer meeting was held in the house of Jas Goodwin in the
afternoon led by J.B.M who also had the service in the church at night when several young
persons were converted. Wife visited New. C. in the afternoon & retd. at midnight Mr. Gaden
Rendell of H Content & Mr. Campbell of the [G.P.O.?] st John's visited the place in the
afternoon Mr. sml short was also a visitor & called on us & remain for an hour
March 26, Saturday

Sat. 26 Mild wind light business attended to. No local event Nolan case & seal hunting talk
of day.
March 27, Sunday

sun. 27 Anice fine day inclined to be mild with W. wind Rev. Mr. B. preached in the morning.
This being Easter Sunday his subject was commerative [sic] of the day & the school & after
service as well
March 28, Monday

Mon. 28 Mild a bright day with light S.W. wind. Jas. Driscoll left for H.Hr to get Butter &
Sugar for us retd. at 9 am with Buttr only. Simon Butler brot cask [M of?] from Old Perlican
for us. Business in shop a little more brisk.
March 29, Tuesday

Tuesday 29 Another mild day with light S. wind the best day of spring yet this season. Snow
& ice [disapprd?] before its warmth every where. Little preparation made for sawing in mill.
Continuation of business throughout the day. Week night services continue regularly three
converts to night. Albert Reid with 3 men went in his motor boat to H Content to day for good
for Short & Sons Left at 9 [am? retd.? at 6 pm?]
March 30, Wednesday

Wed 30th A very stormy day with blinding snow & a gale of N.E wind & considerable frost
throughout one of the stormiest & wintriest days this season. No local event nor happening of
importance heard.
March 31, Thursday

Thursday 31
Weather moderated & much finer & more worthy of spring. Arch Clark left for H Content for
us on business at 9 am with slide but owing to the condition of road rtd again at 3 pm going only
part way. At night the District Lodge LOA. meet her [sic] & held a meeting of much interest to
the fraternity Business a little brisk to day Sealing steamers heard from with better results than
formerly and with expectation of [loads?]
April 1, Friday

Friday April 1st

A nice spring day with strong S.W. wind until afternoon or 3 pm when it rained & [?] ctd. for
the evening. snow & ice disappeared and left the roads almost bare. Business was attended to
all day. Elisha removed considerabl [chattel?] from mill to stage. J.B.M. & L. Diamond spent
the day in mill making improvemnt to bench & otherwise making preparation for sawing.
Heard of the death at noon of Wm Hopkins a prominent man of Old Perlican
April 2, Saturday

Sat 2nd Fairly mild but not much [warmpth?] wind S.E. sea smooth a little ice about. No
encouraging news heard of stmrs. since the storm of the 30 ult and it is again feared the fishery
will be a poor one. Levi Diamond & J.B.M. completed repairs to Mill Bench in the early
morning & sawed about 30 Logs during the day. Capt. R. Short called to see us in the
forenoon preparatory to fiting [sic] up schnr Mary E. & talking of matters pertainng to supply
& summer etc.
April 3, Sunday

Sunday 3. A fine day church service led by Joshua G- in the am school led [by] wife
in the afternoon & meeting at night by Alec. Harris largely attended
April 4, Monday

Monday 4th Ground again covered with an inch or two of snow but it nearly all melted away as
the day advanced a light w wind tended to do so but at evening it [veered?] to N. & became a
little cooler. Arch Clark left for HContent & 7 am & did not return. The Mill was operated by
J.B.M only in forenoon by him & LD. in the afternoon
April 5, Tuesday

Tuesday 5 A very fine day but cold & frosty with N. wind. Mill was again operated by JB.M
& LD & satisfactorily work performed. A Clark retd at 2 am without any goods left again at 2
pm for New Perlican where it was it was [lodged?] to [bring?] it home. Several converts at
[B-?] last night. General comment on this & sealers
April 6, Wednesday

Wed 6 Fine but again very cold with Notherly wind Mill was at work only in the forenoon
J.BM. held service in the house of Jas Goodwin in the afternoon & LD was not at work. Sml.
Woodland was at H.Hr for sugar & oil expected to get of [Short?] & son but ret'd.
April 7, Thursday

Thursday 7 Still another fine day with strng N. wind & one of the coldest this season freezing
all day. Mill was at work all day.
April 8, Friday

Friday 8 In the early morning it was quite fine & we intended spreading fish but the [Heart pt?]
whowed the appearance of E wind & we did not do so as the day advanced it became dull
with a few showers of snow work in mill was continued all day by D. & M. Sml Woodlnd left
with [F.?M] horse & cart at 6 am for H Content & retd. again at 6 pm. with a cask oil & [Tc.?]
April 9, Saturday

Saturday 9th A mild day. In the afternoon it became warm & inclined for rain. Mill work was
continued all day 24 pcs. of sills for wharf purchased of the Diamonds was slabbed & other
work done Arch Clark with his horse & [carted?] hauled from S. Side of place 24 pcs sills 3
pcs sleepers & 40 Logs to mill Business was attended to as usual
April 10, Sunday

Sunday 10 A dull day with a little rain at intervals & copious showers at night. Light wind Mr
Joshua G led the morning service. In the afternoon Revd Mr B- preached & burried [sic] Elias
D- who died last Saturday in L.A. where he had spent 21 yrs. At night J.BM. led a [pay?
prayer? & praise service]
April 11, Monday

Monday 11 Another dull day still & quiet with light variable wind & a little fog sea calm. At
noon preparation was made for the building of a block of wharf by Wm Barrett Sml. Woodland
S.J woodland & Hbt. Bursey and at 2 pm. the work was begun in laying the first pcs. by them
& Simeon Bursey & Josiah Mansfield as well. Two [tare?] was laid & partially ballasted.
Arch Clark Journeyed to HHr for us at noon for bolts & retd at 6 pm with the number ordered.
Work in the mill was again continued by J.B.M. & L. Dimond. Business attended to Religious
enthusiasm in all the churches on this shore still in evidence
April 12, Tuesday

A strong s. wind dull & mild but more of a spring day than any other yet this season. Mill was
kept going all day by Messrs M.& D. work at wharf with 8 labourers progressed favourably
Half or more of wood work is now done [Half] of the block filled with [ballast?] & a sheet of
iron fastened securely on either side Missionary meeting held at night. [Departure?
Deputation?] Rev. Broughton & Philipson & Mr Abbot soper of St Johns
April 13, Wednesday

Wed. 13 A fairly fine day with SW. & [S?] wind all times blowing strong sea smooth. Work
at work was continued to day by eight men. one sheet of Iron was fastened on south side of
wharf and anothr on end and considerabl wood & rock work done. J.B.M & LD continued at
work in Mill forenoon was spent at a loss owing to [firing pin?] becoming worn out. Arch.
Clark was to H.Hr forenoon & hauled down Brl. sugar & [?] 1 tub Butter. arrived at Dinr hr.
Magistrate V. visted us at evening on his return from magisterial duties at H.Hr. Evangelistic
services [contind?] in the school & [more?] converts
April 14, Thursday

Thursday 14th A fine day thoroughout [sic] with S.w. wind people remarked about it being the
first day of spring
Work at wharf by eight men were in performance all day and a satisfactory lot of work were
done. work in mill by messrs [M.& D?] were continued during the forenoon in the afternoon
JB.M. were ingaged [sic] in religious service at Albert Durdles & Levi hauling lumber to his
home service all night in school room one convert in the person of Mrs. [Simeon?] Bursey
[Only?] local happening was the return of 5 sealers who had been to the icefield in the s.s.
April 15, Friday

Friday 15 Work in mill continued all day but work now suspended. Eleven men was at work
at wharf and considerable [improvemt?] made.
April 16, Saturday

Sat. 16 A dull day but mild with light s. wind Joshua Goodwin S.J.W. & Jas. Driscoll went in
motor boat to Old Perlican for goods and brot up 1 Pun. Mols 6 Brl. Flour 1 Brl. [Baf?] 1
Brl. sweet Bread & 1 [Cask?] Tbco. Got back about 3 pm. Joseph Clark was at H.Hr for as
& brot down 1 Drum K. oil & 20 [to?] Rls. 13 work men engaged at wharf.
April 17, Sunday

Sunday 17 A nice day with W wind rain at night Morning service by Joshua G school cond.
by wife service at night by Alex Harris Interest in meetings continue
April 18, Monday

Monday 18 A fairly fine day but not suitable for drying of fish. Wind light & E. at evening
became still & quiet Mill was again operated by L.D only in afternoon sawing timber for
wharfe only Jas D. Wm B. [S &?] Hbt Bursy & Geo D at wharf Hbt. spent much of day
hauling timber from [rainy parts?] of place Jas D & Wm B spent much of the day drilling holes
in plate of iron. Two plates were fastened to wharf & other improvement made. Grand Lodge
session at Old Perlican which opens to night of general interest
April 19, Tuesday

Tuesday 19 Wind S & light sea smooth weather fine but not so as for drying fish Elisha left at
7 am for Old Perlican to attend session of G.O. Lodge. Ches [Drisc?] taking him there in horse
& wagon
JB.M. & L.D. was doing mill work the forenoon & about an hour & two after sawing flooring
for wharf Sml. Woodland, Wm Barrett, Jas Driscoll Geo Driscoll Hbt Bursy & Arch Clark
was at work at wharf the later two finished the rock & gravel work The span was put accrss
hoist but not compltd. some flooring was nailed down and the one & only sheet of iron was
drilled and made ready to be put in place

Wm H. Goodwin began the work of mending the cod traps in the afternoon. This is now his
fourth day at work for us painting cook room.
April 20, Wednesday

Wed 20 wind light & [Easterly?] sea again smooth weather dull, during the night & early
morning considerable rain & glitter fell, and again at night it rained quite a long time. owing to
the condition of the weather in the early morning work on wharfe was deferred all day. The
Mill was also closed but the mending of Twine was the work of W.H. Goodwin all day. Gaden
Rendell of H. Ctnt. visited us at breakfast time on his way to G. Lodge at Old Perlican.
Evangelistic services still continuing with unabating interest
April 21, Thursday

Thursday 21 Wind W. strong breeze weather fine & [spendid?] for drying purposes, so that
about 11 am began the spreading of fish Stephen Durdle, Hbt. Bursey, Jas Woodlnd, stanley
Driscoll and John BM. assisted 45 [qtls? qtl.?] was spread but a total of was weighed.
W.H.G. was again mending Twine all day Sml. woodland Wm. Barrett & Jas. Driscoll were
again all day at wharf The span accross [sic] hoist was [scrwed?] on them and finished The
only unused sheet of iron was fastened to s. side of wharf and a [sim.?] pc. cut & fastened to
[bed?] of Wharf considrabl flooring was also put in place.
Another splendid evangelastic [sic] service was held in church cond. By Rev Mr. B. in which
Mr Elijah Benson of Grates Cove a prominent lay reader in church there took part very
acceptabl to all.
April 22, Friday

Friday 22 Southerly wind light in the forenoon afternoon blew a fierce gale and at evening
rained for a while At 8 am Josiah Mansfied Wm HG. Jr. & Jas Driscoll left in [forenoon?
former?] motor boat for Old Perlican & took along for us four cases containing 114 Dz Eggs &
a Motor Engiine for repairs they retd. at 1 pm, bring to us 1 sack pease, Rice, 1 Brl [Wle?]
Meal 1 Brl [Tble meal?] 4 Bgs Nls. 4 Brls. flour. JB.M & LD. spent the day in the Mill Sml.
Woodland spent the day laying track on walk to wharf & finish. WHG Sr. spend the day
mendng twine
April 23, Saturday

Saturday 23 Wind Northerly and strong weather fine until 2 pm when it veered more Easterly
and became a little dull. with the assistance of Joshua G. [sm.B.? smB.?] Sml. W Stan D &
sJ.w all the needed for drying was spread and all was weighed and stowed away again. about
half was spent at this work s.J.w spent the rest of the day making repair to fence but the rest of
the men went home J.B.M & L.D spent another day in Mill Elisha retd. from G.L. at evening.
C. G. Rendell & John sansom visited us on their return last night. Mr. Sml Short visited us for a
little while at evening.
April 24, Sunday

Sunday 24 A nice fine day with W. wind services in the am cond by Joshua G. school led by
wife eveng services by Rev Mr. B. text from Job Large cong. present many strangers in
Archbld. G. arrived this am from st John NB where he had been at labour since Aug. last Jas.
G. from hospital & two sealers from ss Terra Nova.
April 25, Monday

Monday 25 Another fine day sea smooth wind light. Sml. Woodland & Wm Barrett
were at work on wharfe & laying track. JBM & L.D all day in Mill finishing the work of Sim.
G. Wm H.G. & Wm Harris all day at Twine
April 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26 Wind light & westerly weather fine & clear Saw-Mill operated again today by
M& L. who sawed 72 logs for the use of school Hall logs given gratitously [sic] by the men
through the request of Rev Mr B. who asked from the pulpit on sunday night that this be done
Work mending twine continued by the same parties as yesterday The work of building the slip
was begun at 10 am by Geo CM. Sml. W. John C. M. & Archbd Clark who laid & partily
completed one beam length Fred M with [us? bringing?] in logs from Green Cove in Motor
Boat had the [misfortune?] through accidnt at wharf to lose nearly all of them He with three
others went in search for them [& “?] returned again at midnight Engine trouble was the cause
of [delay?]
Pearl who went in the afternoon to Old Perlican retd. at 3 am she heard Governor Harris
speak and give a short address & was introduced to him.
April 27, Wednesday

Wed. 27th A dull day with light w wind which at evening veered Easterly sea smooth The 4
men employed at slip was again at work to day & built a wharfe on length to secure it. The mill
again to day was used for the service of the school. & the mending of twine was the work of
the same two men. Business attended to but not with the zest of former years owing to the
strenuousness of the times
April 28, Thursday

Thursday 28 Fairly fine light E. wind Fred. & Geo. M & Jas. Driscoll left at 11 am. for Old P.
retd. at 6:30 & brot. up Nails meat & Mols. Mill was again operated for the service of school
230 logs collected few rem. unsawn Mending twine continued by Wm H.G. & Wm Harris.
Simeon Bursey S.Jw & Arch Clark all day at work on slip Josiah M. in the afternoon &
G.C.M until 11 am when he went to Old P. in motor boat for his [seal?] etc.
Qrtly official Brd.M- held in church in afternoon a large representation from all places present
service at night led by Rev. Mr. B. good congregation present.
Text from 7 Chp. Rev 2 & 3 verses [sic] "Mark in Forehead"
April 29, Friday

Friday 29 Still another dull day with strong N.E. wind since 11 am. J.B.M. & L.D.
continued work in Mill all day: the logs for school hall purposes was finished early today long
shingles were sawn for Jane Hopkins & several logs in inch board for Fredk. Mansfield.
Mending of Traps continued by WHG. & W.H. Further work at slip was done by G.C.M.
S.Bursey & s.J.W. Business engaged my time all day The strenuousness of the times is
continually dillated [sic] upon. The work of ceiling the school hall with the board recently sawn
was began [sic] at 10 am by Jas. Snelgrove J.C Driscoll, Roy Reid & Chesley Driscoll the west
end & nearly all the south side was ceiled Archbld. Clark was engaged forenoon hauling
Goods of yesterday to store & trap moorings etc. from W Brook of trap fished last Year by
April 30, Saturday

Saturday 30 Strong N. wind weather very cold & unpleasant The mill was again working all
day. Pailings sawn for Philip Button Logs for Fredk. M. & ourselves
The work of mending traps was also continued all day by the same parties Volunteers were
also working all day at school hall
May 1, Sunday

Sunday 1 wind & weather similar to yesterday considerably unpleasant. Joshua G., wife, &
J.B.M., conducted the services for the day. Good numbers attended each particularly at night.
The affliction & suffering of Jas. Goodwin is the [concome? concourse?] of many.
May 2, Monday

Monday 2 Wind light & variable most time s.w. sea smooth W.H.G & Wm. H. were again all
day mending twine & John B.M & L.D. spent the day in the mill. Business was briskly
attended to by us. several men were again at work arching with mill board the school hall. The
hardness of times the strike at st John's and other things are matters of general [interests?]
May 3, Tuesday

Tuesday 3 A dull day raining a little nearly all day with southerly & E. wind at evening still
[more?] N. Mill was again keept [sic] going all day sawing logs for Jas Driscoll and the
mending of traps was the work of W.H.G & W.H. Business attended to all day. At night a
service of much spirit & power was led by Rev Mr. B. who prached on simon the [cyrenian?]
Hbt M- was a convert at the [meeting?]
May 4, Wednesday

Wed. 4 Strong N. wind & cold weather dull & kind of wintry with sleet at times making it hard
for cattle W.H.G. W.H. mending traps all day R. Goodwin also assisted them begin at work
school time. J.B.M & L.D. finished all work in mill at about 3 pm. Business a little brighter
letters in mail brot. some relief Hbt. M. & others left for B de V. to engage in summer pursuits
Revival service in school.
May 5, Thursday

Thursday 5 Weather dull & cold with N. wind until evening it veered lightly to sw. WHG
W.H. & R.G. still at work mending traps
Had Archbld Clark last evening & today employed picking rubbish of meadow land. Business
attended to all day [Philip? Phillip? Philiip?] Buttons son of O.P. hauled a load of goods to us
last evening. The hardness of times is freely commented on. likewise the illness & nearing
death of Jas Goodwin
May 6, Friday

Friday 6th A fine quiet day with light s.w. wind. Wm. H.G. & R.G. worked all day mending
twine Wm. Barrett also began at 10.30 am Wm Harris absent. Alex. Button brot. a motter [sic]
boat of goods from O.P. at 11 am. Geo C.M. Stephen J.W. & S. Bursey worked again all
day on slip
May 7, Saturday

Saturday 7th A fine day and warm with light S.w. wind Fred M. WH Goodwin Jr & Geo
CM- left in motor boat at 9 am to take goods from schnr Victoria retd at evening with 3
[Drums?] Kero 12 Brls. flour 1 Tc. Sugar & other goods owing to the New moon the tide
was low and they had to wait a considerabl time before beging to unload owing to the low
water and when they did a serious mishap occurred by the turning over of the boat & throwing
the occupants in the water & [breaking?] of the [forward? borrowed?] boat considerably.
Quite a sea was now on which caused the mishap.
Wm HG[?] [st.?] Wm H- Reuben Goodwin & Wm. Barrett were again at work at traps
mending. SJ Woodland [simon?] Bursey sent a few hours finishing the building of a little wharf
on slip About breakfast hour, Con. March arrived here and arrested a traveling peddler
Stephen Fitzpatrick on a charge of indecent assault committed on Miss Grace Harris
May 8, Sunday

Sunday 8th A fine day but cold with strong gale of E. wind all day. Rev. Mr. B. preached in
the am from 3 Chap. Rev. verse To him that overcometh. The wife supt. school & J.B.M. led
the meeting at night. Miss Diamond of [Brownsdale?] teacher here was with us much of the
May 9, Monday

Monday 9 A fine day but a little cold with moderately E wind sea not so rough.
Four men were at work for us mending traps all day and Henry Pynn was at work digging
ground. on Saturday he was with us also and digged the pc. above stable and opened a drain
partially around cabbage gardens to day he finished it manured the ground digged by him on
saturday and nearly [digged] all of the newest cultivated pc. in farm. Business was fairly brisk
but the hardness of the times are being felt by many To day quite a number of men were
engaged painting the vestry of church outside whitewashng the yard and doing other
necessary work
Clarence taken with a severe pain while at school in the afternoon & from the symptoms we
fear it is [appendicittis?]
May 10, Tuesday

Tuesday 10th wind and weather quite similar to yesterday The four men employed mending
traps was again doing the same work to day. Levi Diamond and Geo. C. Mansfield was at
work all day [corking?] and making improvemnt to motor boat. Hy. Pynn was again with us at
work at ground. Magistrate Vatcher & Sergeant March visited us at breakfast hour & held
court in the school room at 10 am & tried the man for the offence reported saturday and fined
him $25.00 Clarence was very unwell all the day.
May 11, Wednesday

Wed. 11 A fine clear day with strong N. wind sea smooth Had the same four men employed
mending twine, Geo C Mansfied finished repairs to skiff being at work fixing [enging?] & engine
house. Henry Pynn work with Arch Clark who with his horse & cart were hauling manure all
day. At night the Rev. Mr. B. preached from 17 Chap. Job part of verse on purposes fine
congregation [quited?] him & the service was very enjoyable. Clarence a little better
May 12, Thursday

Thursday 12th A lovely fine day & warm wind light & variable but in the evening blew strong
from s.w. sea smooth
At breakfast hour the schnr Mary E came here to take freight for [us?] and we put unbord of
her 142 qtls fish 30 Empty steel Drum and a few cow hides she left again at 4 pm. Wm
Barrett was with us all day helping & then at work mending twine Other men employed at this
work finished yesterday.
Schnr. Bull Bird was here also loading fish. The day throughout was a [busy?] one for us.
Quite a few men now at work on road working out able bodied poor relief so as to ward of
[sic] destitution
May 13, Friday – May 14, Saturday

Friday 13. Weather in like [condition?] to yesterday in every respect. Business particularl in
the afternoon brisk. A great number of men engaged at work on roads all along this shore
Doctor Templeton visited us at evening & remained quite a while. wife visited Sibleys Cove at
evening and did not return until
Saturday 14 A fine day with light West wind. Wm Barrett finished work at traps yesterday
having work [sic] 6 Days 9 hrs. Today he with others [was? were?] at work on roads work
out A.B. relief Hy Pynn was with us again to day he being with us all the week for the most
part digging ground all of the potato land is now digged except a little in garden in pasture land.
Business was fairly brisk to day
May 15, Sunday

Sunday 15 A dull day with light rain wind w. service cond. by wife in the a.m. school by wife
& service at night by Alec. Harris congregations fair
May 16, Monday

Monday 16th Dull in the forenoon showers after and during evening & night wind s.w. Fred.
M Geo M- Josiah M- & Wm. H. Goodwin left today to take passage by schnr. Mary E at
H.Hr to go to st John's & bring over our schr. Grilse. Hy Pynn with us again to day & finished
digging potato ground and also cabbage garden Business attended to as usual.
May 17, Wednesday

Tuesday 17 Very dull & [raining? rainy?] all day & much of the night wind light sea smooth.
J.B.M. J.C.M. & Simeon Bursy left in motor boat for Old Perlican at 8 p.m. & returned again
at noon bring 12 Brls. Flour & one small case goods. Business fairly Brisk. General topic the
times. Many men still out of employment.
May 18, Wednesday

Wed. 18th A nice fine day with light s.w. wind & smooth sea. At noon JB.M- Geo. C.
Goodwin & Simeon Bursy with Levi Diamond taking passage left in motor boat for Old
Perlican but [after?] going part way met Mr. Wm J. B of [Old Perlican] coming with goods so
returned again the latter bringing 12 Brls. Flour 1 Tc. Mols & 3 sacks oats. Hy Pynn is today
our servant he spent forenoon cutting seed potatoes and after[noon] planted the piece potato
land above stable
May 19, Thursday

Thursday 19 A fine clear day with moderate W. wind air quite bracing all day sea smooth
Schnr. M.E. which left HHr. Monday arrived St. John's to day being at Trinity since reported
in [leaky? leaking?] condition. Hy. Pynn finished potatoes near our dwelling & prepared some
ground for turnips. He also spent the afternoon in Elisha garden preparing that for potatoes also
Bot [sic] to day 5 ½ Brls. from Mr Eli Goodwin @ [$2.30?] At evening visited [M.?] Jas.
Goodwin who is slowly passing away Heard to day of the first salmon netted along this shore
at Lead Cove by [Mr?] W.H.B.
May 20, Friday

Friday 20 Still another fine day with strong gale s.w. wind at night all through blew a storm sea
continues smooth. Hy Pynn was at work all day planting potatoes in Elisha' [sic] garden
Simeon Bursey & Arch Clark spent afternoon at work on slip removed several rocks from or
near wharf partially drilled hole in rock & [collected longers?] Recd. two messages the schnr.
Business brisk.
May 21, Saturday

Saturday 21 wind blowing gale in the morning moderated & at noon veered to N.E. strong
[moderated] again at evening & veered to S.E. weather fine sea smooth. Hy Pyn finished
setting E garden & partially spread manure on new pc in farm.
Business briskly attended to. Govt relief general topic of conversation
No local happening of importance
May 22, Sunday

Sunday 22nd A dull day with light rain & light E. wind
Rev. M. B. preached in the morning text "And we came to Kadish Barnea [sic]" wife supt
school. & J.BM. – led the evening service. The parties who went to St. John's at the beginning
of the week with fish retd. last evening and reports their product as next akin to valueless.
May 23, Monday

Monday 23 Day dull with E wind & cold so that people cannot engage planting potatoes with
any satisfaction Hy. spent forenoon cutting them for seed afternoon manuring a pc of potatoe
[sic] land. Business attended. Most interesting event is the survey by two men sent from Govt.
st Johns of a road leading from Caplin Cove across barrens near Lead Cove which is
disapproved by us as Island Cove connection considered more feasible. _______________________________________________________________________
May 24, Tuesday

Tuesday 24 A strong N.E wind prevailing with light rain at evening snow fell wet and profusely
which made the evening very unpleasant. sea not very turbulent feared ice near. Hy. partially
planted the new pc of potatoe [sic] land but the weather greatly interfered with his work. To
day being Empire Day the schools were closed and the children had a holiday. The road
mentioned yesterday is again the topic [?] the Govt. & the times
The event of the day was the passing of Jas. Goodwin after a long illness of cancer of bowels a
man greatly beloved by all. [This?] death occurred at about 3 pm. and he had a glorious
enterance [sic] into the Kingdom of his Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. He will be greatly
missed by his family & the community.
May 25, Wednesday

Wed. 25 The day was fairly fine but cold with strong S. wind and some sea on. Wm. Barrett
spent nearly all day at work making a bottom for trap intended to be worked this summer by
John Thorne Henry Pynn alloted [sic] in beds all the hill garden as well as the one in pasture
land. preparation for the burial of Bro Jas Goodwin proceeded apace & a meeting of the
L.O.A. at night to finalize arrangent [sic] of his burial
May 26, Thursday

Thursday 26 A fine day but some local showers wind strong or gale of s. & sw & w. wind all
day sea smooth Henry spent until noon spreading manure on pasture pc of land after noon he
attended the funeral of our Bro. Jas Goodwin Revs. Broughton & Saint performed the
ceremony the former preaching the sermon The Orangemen paraded their numbers being
enlarged by brethren [sic] from Clark Wallace & Star of East Lodges. The Sunday School
also paid their respects by parading also. The congregation was a large one & the service
At night Missionary Meeting was held at Sibleys Cove
May 27, Friday

Friday May 27 1921
Day dull & raining a little all through wind light & variable
Schnr. "Grilse" arrived at 8 am and the work of discharging began soon after & continued until
noon when all except salt was landed. owing to the rain this work was deferred but later in the
evening what was intended for this place was taken by several parties but 40 Hhd. remain
unboard to be landed if convenient at Lead Cove to morrow. Wm. Button & sons of O.P. brot.
to us from that place 12 Brls. flour 1 Tc. Mols & 2 Brls Meat Business briskly attended
Wm. Barrett after work at schnr. spent some time at bottom of trap
May 28, Saturday

Sat. 28 A dull day with light rain for a little while but with fog & light E wind for nearly all the
day. The Grilse left here at 8 am. for Lead Cove to discharge salt & having done so left for
H.Hr. at noon where she is likely to remain for the summer. Alec Button at even came in motor
boat with Brl sugar Business was attended to with lots of work caused by yesterday
May 29, Sunday

Sunday 29th
A nice fine day with light SE wind sea smooth. Bay steamer "Malacoff" [sic] made her first
call here at 11 am & Noah Driscoll took passage by her.
The usual services was led by Joshua Goodwin in the mornig. school supt. by wife & the
evening service by J.B.M.
Miss Diamond teacher at Brownsdale & JM. Harris of New Chelsea were our visitors
May 30, Monday

A fairly fine day with light wind. sea smooth Hy. P. planted 30 bed in pasture land assisted in
afternoon by Mrs. Sim R First trap here set out at noon by Geo. W. Mansfield. At night recd.
message from John apprise us of his coming
May 31, Tuesday

Tuesday A dull day with light s. wind sea smooth J.B.M with stan. D. Carman & [Clarence?]
left at 3 pm in motor boat to bring home Johney & ret'd. at 11 pm. train having been delayed.
Hy Pynn was absent to day planting his potatoes we were busy in shop to day particularly in
afternoon when many were here from Lead Cove & did considerable business with them.
June 1, Wednesday

Wed. June 1st A fairly fine day with light s.w. wind & smooth sea. Hy spent the forenoon
planting potatoes. In the afternoon he and Arch. C- left in motor boat for Old Perlican & ret'd.
at 4 pm bringing 2 Brls sugar 10 – [10c?] butter 1 [Cask?] Tbco 1 [Brl] s. Bread & 2 Chests
Tea Business attended to & church at night Salmon at various places reported plentiful & a
sign of fish Geo W.M. in his cod trap reported 2 tubs
June 2, Thursday

Thursday 2nd Fine with W. Wind until Evening it veered N. & rained Hy. was engaged with
J.B.M. barking the two cod traps intended to be fished by them. He afterward planted a few
beds potatoes in hill garden. At evening the sum of $350.00 was sent to Chmn. of Rd. Bd. by
Govt. to be spent by the needy on Rd.
June 3, Friday

Friday 3 Weather similar to yesterday Hy. with Arch C. hauled 2 loads manure to his garden
& spread it to complete the work in this respect He also planted a few bed & for want of
potatoes had to cease work. No local events save the money above referred to the distribution
of same & the critism [sic] there on.
June 4, Saturday

Sat. 4 A dull day with a gale of W. wind & some rain in afternoon Hy with W.H.G. Jr. went
to B. in motor boat in morng and brot from thence 1 Brl. potatoes which he afterward spent
day cutting. Business was brisk & all the day was spent in shop at eventide recd a message
from Sir RA. Squires thanking us for our message of congratulations on his rec. the K.C.M.G.
also another from Hon. W.W. Halfyard inviting us to st Johns respecting fishery supplies
June 5, Sunday

Sunday 5 A fine day beautifully so sea smooth W. wind. Joshua G- led the morning service.
wife suptd. the school & at evening the Rev M. B. & his wife visited us & he preached text 2
Sml. 18 Chap 18 verse also from 26 Matth. 13 verse he also led a prayer meeting a large
number being present
June 6, Monday

Another fine day with light s.w. wind until evening it veered to E. strong sea again smooth.
Elisha left for St Johns at 7 p.m. Going by way of O.P. Geo C Mansfield & Arch C- took him
down in motor boat Hy. finished planting potatoes in the farm to day and afternoon was spent
on the room with J.B. & [Geo CM?] getting ready to trap mooring etc. At 5 pm the Steamship
made the second call here & landed 10 Empty Egg Cases. The day was a very
busy one in shop. Johny was of great assistance to me
June 7, Tuesday

Tuesday 7th A dull day with S.E wind & showers of rain at intervals. Hy. P. spent nearly all
day on Room, fastening moorings to Grapnels etc. & pickig up wood around place & puttng in
Mill. which was working to day for hrs. by J.B.M & Wm Barrett sawing beams & flooring,
for bridge by [?] L. Factory. Shipped 4 cases eggs to day by train via. Lead Cove by Joseph
Button. Recd. message at evening from Elisha respect Govt. supply. Qrtly official meeting held
here at evening rep. from all places in dist. here. Death of Gilbert son of Alex Harris 10 pm last
night aged 2 ½ yrs
June 8, Wednesday

Wed. 8th Fine warm & pleasant nice clear & strong s.w. wind sea smooth surely a summer
day Hy. spent the day on Room netting bottoms in trap other people doing same Bridge re
built by factory. Burial of little boy Harris referred to yesterday. Business fairly brisk at
June 9, Thursday

Thursday 9th Weather conditions similar to yesterday Sea the same. Parties on the grounds
today reported a sign of fish Nath B- of Lead Cove Yesterday reported with 9 qtls. Business
was attended to in a general way but their [sic] is no [?] in doing anything. Govt. & Govt relief
is the topic of interest no startling event of moment.
June 10, Friday

Friday 10th Fine and warm & pleasant with gale sw. wind smooth sea truly a summer
day. Hy. P. was at work on Room with M- painting Motor boat & getting other things in order
for fishery until 5 pm when he with Arch C. left for Old Perlican to bring home Elisha who had
been away to st Johns since Monday They retd at 11 pm and brot. with them as well 1 Brl
Beef 2 Bg Nls. 1 [Cask?] Tbco 1 sack pease
June 11, Saturday

Saturday 11 Weather wind & sea similar in every respect to yesterday Hy P. was with M. all
day or nearly so putting out [frame?] for trap. we were each one busy in shop many callers on
Elisha enquiring about Govt. supply. At even Capt Ralph short came to see us & settled
respecting fish and other things taken along to St John's in Mary E some time ago. At noon
their [sic] was another outbreak of "forest fire" similar to last year which alarmed the people
greatly. At even heard of several men soon to leave for sydney as work was in sight.
June 12, Sunday

Sunday 12th A fine day but blew a storm throughout from s.w. Attended church in the a.m. led
by Joshua G. small congregation owing to the "forest fire" which was claiming the attention of
all, and school & meeting at even was dispensed with on account of same. In the afternoon the
fire was at its worse & through great effort Wm Wheeler narrowly saved his dwelling house
and barn, others suffer loss in fences & still others troubled immensely in removing household effects
to places of safety.
June 13, Monday

Monday 13th Another fine warm day with w. & s.w. wind & smooth sea Hy P & his helpers
spent the day or the most of it setting out their largest trap. we were each one busily engaged at
business The fire was the topic of discussion which had been extinguished to some degree but
at evening it was displayig itself some distance away or near L Cove pond.
June 14, Tuesday

Tuesday 14 Wind S.E. all day light with some rain which was truly a blessing in the
extinguishing we hope of the forest fire sea smooth. At 7:30 Geo C Mansfied Hy Pynn wife &
left in motor boat for Old Perlican – the latter two Going by rail to St John's where
Clarence enters general hospital to undergo operation for appendicitis the [former?] two retd.
again at noon. none of the traps were hauled to day nor any fishing done
June 15, Wednesday

Wed. 15th A fine day sea smooth wind strong s.w. for a while Trap hauled in the moring result
"two large tubs of fish" After doing the needful to it Geo C M- & Hy. P left in motor boat for
Old Pelican & took along with them 2 steel Drums & 1 Empty Mt oil Cask for Imp. Oil Co. &
20 Longers & some stakes for Thos. Strong they retd. soon after dinner hr. & brot with them
6 ½ Bgs Bred Nails, Rope, Leather, & other goods. The rest of eveng spent by them clearg
debre from stage or store for reception of fish. Heard of the sailing from H Hr. at evening of
our schnr. M.E. Clarence entered hospital today.
June 16, Thursday

Thursday 16 weather fine sea smooth wind light & E. at evening JB.M & his helpers
hauled trap in a.m. & took from it 1 qtl fish. They afterward put out a trawl. We were each
one buisly [sic] engaged in shop & attended to many customers. Last evening a storm was
feared & many of the boats on each moorig or collar was brot on shore again similar thoughts
agitated the minds of all this evening but the storm is not in evidence yet, & the weather
continues favourable & sea & wind is gentle.
June 17, Friday

Friday 17th Day fine & clear Light s.w. wind until noon afterwrd blew a strong gale throughout
sea again smooth J.B.M. hauled trap in the morning and took from it about 3 qtls. Hy spent
the day with them, after cleaning up the fish they spent much time building split stage. Joshua &
Wm. H. Goodwin set two of our traps to day and others did similar work. Business was fairly
brisk At evening we had a visit from Mr. Fred. Brazil rep. J Barr Co.
June 18, Saturday

Saturday 18 Weather dull with light E. wind a real down pour of rain last night so that the
ground is now saturated & all smouldering [sic] fires extinguished Traping [sic] and setting of
traps was the work of many to day J.B.M traped 7 tubs in the am & 3 & 4 qtls in the pm.
Geo [? W?] M.- secured about 11 qtls in two hauls other got a few tubs. at Lead Cove many
qtls were taken. Rev Mr. B- visited us for a little while buried the child of Abslom Reid &
proceeded to Brownsdale & married John Brown to Miss Lake of Fortune Fortune Bay she
had been a teacher at Sibleys Cove for the past 2 yrs.
June 19, Sunday

Sunday 19 Another dull day with rain in the forenoon & E wind in the [afternoon?] the wind
was more inclined to W. & drier Rev Mr. B. preached to a small cong. in the am. from 2
Chron 17 Ch 1 2 & part of 3 verse School closed in the afternoon owing to absence of wife at
St. John's. A good congregation attended the evening service led by J.B.M. which was helpful
& inspiring.
June 20, Monday

Monday 20th Wind N.E & dull with light rain in the am. The sea was greatly disturbed so that
their [sic] were not any boat launched out from our slip. J.B.M hauled in the early morning
landed at D. place about 3 qtls fish. J.C. 2 or 3 qtls Joshua G about 4. point M did well.
They also hauled in the evening & obtained 5 qtls. Sign of fish all along the shore far more
encourg than last year.
"S.S. Malicoff" [sic] called about 9 a.m. 2 Drum of Gasoline was landed from her and she
proceeded on to N.C. here our goods was landed by Mr W.H. Buttons sons & he brot it along
to us with the exception of 6 Drum gasoline The Govt. Sydney & other matters topic of
Recd message of Dr. Keggan as to Clarence which read condition greatly improved but not yet
operated on.
June 21, Tuesday

Tuesday 21st
The first day of summer began with a nice fine day air cooling & bracing wind strg & westerly
a little sea owig to lifting tide. Traps all hauled in the am only. JBM 3 tubs Joseph Clark 3 qtls.
Joshua G- 1 qtl. & the rest very little AA. of B. 5 qtls. First cod liver for the season melted
today about ½ of a boiler proceeds good Hy. P. did the work and also digged a little of the
cabbage garden
At evening heard of the arrival at her destination in the straits of our schnr. Mary E. which left
her home port of HHr on Wed 15th & got safely to her former port on sat. 19th
June 22, Wednesday

Wed. 22nd Splendid Day with moderate W. wind quite a little sea on so that our men did not
Launch out from our slip but did business with the central one They hauled trap in the am but
got nothing in the afternoon they set the "second trap to be fished by them at Indian Rock" No
fish worth noting taken to day but heard of large qnts salmon take an [sic] Lead Cove.
Business attended to but a general holiday was noted. I was ill for most of today. Hy finished
redigging cbge garden beside helpng in the usual way. G.C.M. spent 2 or more hours at work
for us, nailing flooring unfinish work on wharf.
June 23, Thursday

Thursday 23rd Weather conditions similar in every respect to yesterday Sea not abated any.
Traps hauled little or no fish either with hook or traps. Day schools closed to day & Miss
Jeffers left for home. First caplin for season reported at evenig landed at “Sibleys & Lead
.” A general outcry for flour is now heard in every place scarcity prevails all round,
owing to so little or no large quantity at st John's. Govt. & labour & Sidney conditions talked
of all the time At evening recd tel of Clarence' [sic] operation to take place tomorrow.
June 24, Friday

Friday 24 Still another splendidly fine day Sea has become quite smooth again but the wind
blew a gale all day from W & SW. At times it was greater than at others. Traps hauled in the
am. J.B.M. 17 tubs others of ours one qtl. each GWM. point 13 qnts. for the day. To [sic]
stormy for line men to give much trial. Caplin in nice schools made their visit to day so that
most people requiring them for bait secured them. G.CM & Hy. P. left in "Motor" at about 11
am. for O.P. & took with them 2 Empty steel Drums 1 mboil Casks 2 Brls. & 1 Box old
Rubber & 2 Empt Mol Cask, they rturned at evening with 12 Brls. flour 1 Bale goods & 1
Coil 2 ½ Manilla. Flour was quickly distributed. Nathnl Simen & John Goodwin took one our
traps to fish to day.
At evening heard through kindness of Mr. Rooney st John's of Clarences operation at
June 25, Saturday

Saturday 25 To day it rained for a while from about 11 am to 2 pm but not a real downpour
wind veered to N. blew strong with some sea. No apparent gale on tho. Traps of J.B.M
hauled in the am only and about 1 qtl. taken from them others a tub or two or none whatever.
Hook & trawl men retd. early with the exception of F.M. who retd in afternoon with 7 tubs & a
number of birds & reported the latter in great numbers
Heard from Mr. Rooney re: state of Clarence that he was out of [?] and was resting well.
June 26, Sunday

Sunday 26 A fine day with yesterdays wind abating & at evening looking westerly again
attended church in the a.m. cond. by Joshua Goodwin and at evening prayer meeting led by
Alex Harris School was again closed for want of [teacher?]
June 27, Monday

Monday 27
A splendid day with strong West wind all day at evening it veered to N.W. strong gale in bay.
sea becoming smoother at morning J.B.M hauled traps & [suceed?] in taking 8 qtls and again
2 at evning Joseph Clark 4 WH.G. J.G. a like catch others 1 qtls. A good sign reported on
hauls fish in more shallow water caplin can now be obtained easily.
C.H.E. exams. began to day & I spent nearly all the time in school Chm of Committe. six are
now sitting for the examination. Heard from Mr. R. at evening respecting Clarences cond. that
he is doing nicely.
June 28, Tuesday

Tuesday 28 A fine clear day & warm wind W. for a while but at evenig a strong S. wind
prevailed. The sea is still far from smooth which makes it uncomfortable particularly so at
evening when the s.s Makirof [sic] called here the water was low & with difficulty Hy Johny &
A. Clark landed in J.B.M. small boat 6 Drums Gasoline 1 Cs [Batteries?] 2 Brls sugar [10-10
& 3-42?] Butter 5 Brls Beef & other goods Five times the little boat called & it was night ere
finished. Nathnl. Goodwin having the use of our Motor Boat Setting out a trap of ours at
"Brandies" inconvenienced us somewhat under the circumstances Traps hauled to day but their
[sic] were no fish to be accounted for. but some were taken on trawls. I spent much of the day
as yesterday in Exam. Room.
June 29, Wednesday

Wed. 29
Cloudy & dull inclined to rain A southerly wind prevailed all day. sea a little smoother.
Traps hauled in the am. only J.B.M. 8 Tubs. others a qtls. each except [GWM?] 4 qtls.
Trawlers all did fairly well 1 & 2 & 4 qtls. per boat. Geo. C.M. & Hy P. Left in motor for
O.P. at 11 am. for fright [sic] & retd. at 3 pm. with Flour, Bread, Sugar, L. oil 1 c/s each
pickles Disfcts. & oil Clothes. Many people here from all along shore requesting help so that
the day was unusually busy. The need for flour is general in every place & a scarcity prevails in
the city as elsewhere all the time. spent much of the day again in Exam. Room. Recd Tel. from
wife respecti [sic] shipment of goods by H & Co & of Clarences improved condition
June 30, Thursday

Thursday 30th
Fairly fine but early in the morning it rained for a short while. The wind was light & variable and
the sea was smoother than for days J.B.M. & Co. hauled traps in the am. got about 6 tubs 2
& 3 tubs was the average except W.H.G. who trapped about 2 qtls. The trawl men did not do
as well to day and all along this shore reported a scarcity Hy. trenched 1 pc. potatoes by
Elisha house all others require to be wheeded [sic?] & trenched. spent day in school doing the
usual thing required in this capacity. At evening got word from Rev Mr B. that he seen
Clarence last night and that he was doing well.
July 1, Friday

July 1st Friday
A nice fine warm perfectly a summers day wind light & airy from s.w. sea smooth The usual
work occupied the time of all traping [sic] & trawling JB.M trapped 8 Tubs. in the am when all
others hauled the only time for the day Wm Barrett 12 Tubs Nath. G 2 qtls. Esau H 6 qtl
others 1 & 2 qtls Trawl men did not fine [sic] fish as plentiful as other days it having moved
from the grounds & to day traps at N.C reported from 3 to 5 qtls. Govt. matters & times of
distress prevailing is freely commented on. I spent forenoon in Exam. room the only session on
to day.
At evening Geo. C.M & Hy. P with Carman Pearl Mrs. Elisha, Isabella & Flossie Goodin &
Miss March left for Old P. to bring home wife & retd. at dusk or dark [wife] having come with
Thos spark in motor to sibleys Cove & brot here in carriage by Mr WH Button Lead Cove
Miss Isabella Cox accompand her
July 2, Saturday

Saturday 2nd Sea & weather similar in every respect to yesterday wind strong s.w. I spent
until 11 a.m. in the Exam. Room & with this session the business was finished & Miss March
the supervisor soon after went home. Trapping & trawl fishing was attended to J.B.M. got 8
tubs in th [sic] am did not haul after others a qtls & others still 2 & 3 tubs At evening Chas
Harris trapped 6 qtls. & Wm. Barrett & Esau Harris a [qtls.] each the only parties that hauled
Geo C.M. & Hy Pynn went to O.P. again in the afternoon with ½ Dz pleasure seekers
accompanying them & retd. early bring along Nelley for whom they went and as freight 2 steel
Drums Gasoline.
July 3, Sunday

Sunday 3rd A fine day with light East wind & smooth sea. The usual services was led by J.G.
& J.B.M. wife conducted the school all of which I attended.
July 4, Monday

Monday 4 A dull day with some rain in the forenoon and quite a lot since last midnight wind
veered to N.E. & the sea became greatly disturbed. In the afternoon the wind became very
strng so that no one attempted to go out. Traps were again hauled in the morning J.B.M 8
Tubs other traps 1 to 4 qtls. Fish was thought to be a little more plentiful on the grounds if
weather had permitted them to stay out
s.s. Malikoff [sic] called at breakfast hour, and in the absence of our boat Albert Reid went out
and brot on shore Brl. Pork sack oats & a number of packages of freight, but no flour which
was very disappointing At evening the Rev. M. Broughton visited us & held a school Bd
meetig in our church vesty [sic] Miss Eva Peach was selected as our Day school Teacher
July 5, Tuesday

Tuesday 5 A very unpleasant day with light rain nearly all day & a strong N.E wind with
considerable after 11 am & many fears still more wind are anxious for fear of traps being torn
No one ventured on the sea to day as wind & sea made conditions altogether unfavourable.
Hy spent the day in the gardens. we were awakened in the early morning & rode to Lead
Cove to visit Uncle A. Button who is nearing death we ret'd again at breakfast hr. & spent the
day in the shop.
July 6, Wednesday

Wed 6th Another dull day light rain at times wind W. strong sea abating as the day advanced
Most of the trap men launched out toward evening & some secured fine hauls particularly Noah
Driscoll 14 qtls Chas Harris 9 J.B.M. 11 Geo WM 6 others one to three qtls & others 3
tubs. All along shore traps in good condition had fish in them & prospects looks brighter.
wife visited [Mr.?] Abrm Button to-day
work at business was attended to with fair results.
July 7, Thursday

Thursday 7th Weather conditions similar to yesterday apart from rain there being none. wind
light s.w. [during?] the forenoon toward evening it again veered to N.E. sea much smoother
than yesterday [so?] that business of the fishery could again be engaged at our water front.
JB.M hauled Trap. I.R. only secured 3 qtls. All other two & three tubs and a qtl much to the
disappointment of all as expectations were high regarding hauls as conditions in every respect
pointed that way But all along the shore the catches were alike here. Caplin [sic] plentiful
every day. John Goodwin & Angus Driscoll spent a while digging trenches & Nelly Cummi
[sic] weeding in garden in pasture land. Turnips weeded to day mostly by sister [?] wife
cleaned cook room & otherwise prepared it for Hy. Pynn
Business attended to. Elisha melted pan of liver
July 8, Friday

Friday 8th Weather again with light south E. wind nearing evening when it became dull & salty
sea fairly smooth Traps of J.B.M hauled morning & Evening [nearly?] 5 qtls others from one
to three qtls & two or three could not be hauled on a/c. of tide which continues almost every
day in great force Trawlers av. about 1 qtl. No local event. Business as usual claimed
July 9, Saturday

Sat. 9th Weather not quite so dull but yet cloudy & sultry Strong W wind prevailed
sea quite smooth J.B.M hauled trap in the am & took from it 8 tubs & 1 at evening Poor
results to day from traps & hook or trawl likewise Heard of fine catches at Caplin Cove &
around that shore. Pearl & Joyce wheeded [sic] small parcel potatoes in the farm & Nelly C.
the upper [?] on hill at even Hy P and A. Clark trenched the garden in the pasture land and the
small pc. by the road.
Wm. Barrett & [?] Driscoll brot. to us from Old Perlican in their motor boat to day 28 pkgs.
comprising of 12 Brls Flour 3 sacks oats 3 saks meal 10-[10?] Butter
July 10, Sunday

Sunday 10 Beautifully fine & clear & warm with s.w. wind & smooth sea.
Joshua Goodwin led the morning service wife supt. school and [Revd?] Mr. B. led the evening
service and the after meeting a large congregation present Text 23 C of Luke 48 verse, “Ye
are my witnesses” [sic]
July 11, Monday

Monday 11 A nice fine warm day with strong breeze [Wind? W? ?] nearly all day. sea a little
disturbed again. J.B.M. hauled traps morning & Evening result about 4 qtls. Traps averaged to
day from 1 to [4 qtls.] At evening a better sign of fish in evidence. Men [?] trawls about traps
hauled considerabl at eving, but fish on outer grounds very scarce & some are making prep. for
the [tickl?]
Several men left in Motor Boat for [H. Ctnt?] to connect with train en route for [Batgers?
Badgers?] to work in Govt employ on Road making Reed message at even respectig Clarence
& of his intending to come home [Wednesday?] Joyce & two others at work all day weeding
hill garden & [finished?].
July 12, Tuesday

Tuesday 12th A dull day with light E. wind from noon to end of day with a little "lop sea" Traps
all hauled in the am only best catch by Wm Barrett 3 qtls others a qtl and 2 & 3 tubs Nearly all
expected a few qtls. this morning but was disappointed strong tides prevails nearly all the time.
At 11 am. G.C.M- & Hy. [Pym?] left in motor boat for Old Perlican taking with them Elisha's
wife & 2 children who are gone to H. Grace on holiday. They took with them as freight two
cases eggs & brot back 6 Boxes Biscts & 3 Brls. Bread arriving here again at 4 pm Much of
the time afterward was spent by Hy & Arch [Clak?] in hill garden trenching potatoes.
July 13, Wednesday

Wed. 13th A fine day with strong W. wind but intensely warm Sea fairly smooth. J.B.M
hauled trap in the am taking tub only none taken from any apart from a tub & 2 & a qtl. The
men who left for the tickle on Tuesday retd. again with poor catches the fish reported there
have been very scarce until Monday.
The "Malikoff" [sic] called here at about 7 am & J.B.M GCM & Hy P. brot a load of flour
from her and Nathnl & [Sime?] Goodwin did likewise. In all 20 Brls Flour 6 ½ Bread 2 Brl.
Meat Butter & other goods was landed from her. In the afternoon GCM & son J left in motor
boat for O.P. to bring back "Clarence" who is now returing from hospital. they arrived at 8.30
This evening Hy. & Arch Clark finished trenching potatoes in hill garden & concluded this
July 14, Thursday

Thursday 14th A rather dull day with much rain in the early morning wind S. all day all day
fairly strng sea smooth
Fishery prospects poor all along the shore and the [fisherman?] are now beginning to think
seriously of it fearing the season may be a repetition of last year in this respect J.B.M. and
others hauled their traps in the am only but a tub at best was the result. J.B.M. Geo. & Hy.
spent the day on the room fitting up trawl. The day was spent rather leisurely in shop as owing
to the dullness of the times there are no briskness in trade.
July 15, Friday

Friday 15 Day fine & very warm wind again blew strong from the west sea smooth. None of
the traps with two or three exceptions were hauled to day as appearances counted it futile to do
so. Both trawl & trap men or [sic] now faring badly & hope in this voyage or [sic] beginning to
be of the sinking kind Geo. CM. & Hy. P. left at 7 am taking Mr. Garnett Cox a visitor here
for the past 10 days to meet the train at O.P. they retd again at 11 am & brot as freight 6 half
[Bgs? Bread?] & 1 Cs. Medicine. They spent some time after [tiding?] up trawl & Hy also
secured a few caplin [sic] for gardens. Business was attended to & with more payable sales
than some days.
July 16, Saturday

Saturday 16 weather wind & sea similar to yesterday. Traps a failure nothing taken
from them of consequence save a tub Nearly all [the?] men tried their luck with trawls out in
the bay with poor results no fish save a few turbot, & prospects seem more & more
discouraging as the days come & go and is felt by many
July 17, Sunday

Sunday 17 Day fine & very warm with light s.w. wind Attended the three services of the day
which was fairly well attended conducted by the usual leaders J.G. wife & J.B.M
July 18, Monday

Monday 18 A splendidly fine summers day with light s.w. wind but durig the night blew a gale
sea smooth. Traps hauled as usual in the am. only. G. Harris Wm. Barrett & Jabez Clark had a
qtl. each the rest nill. Diamond to day took up theirs & proceeds to Tickle where it is reported
for [vz? vy? certain?] that fish is fairly plentiful. Most of our men were out in the Bay trawling
but cod fish & turbot appears to be as scarce there as on the local ground.
The "S.S. Malicof" [sic] called at noon Nathnl. & Simeon Goodwin went unboard in their
small boat & brot. freight comprising of 6 Empty Eggs Cases 4 Sacks [comprising] Beans,
pease, & Rice 1 small case cocoa 1 cs. [mtchs?], 2 Boxes 50 [?] Cube sugar, & [3?] Boxes
100 [to?] [Gl.?] sugar.
July 19, Tuesday

Tuesday 19
Wind west & sea smooth weather very warm. The wind was high for the most of the day and
the men did not go [?] in the bay but one or two crews left for B. Tickle but reports from there
heard at evening fish very scarce. A few traps hauled here in the a.m. but but [sic] no fish and
the time expected for the [str?] traps set in shallow water is passing so that expectancy is
waning & the hope of getting even a few qtls is neagre. Elisha & Hy P. spent some time
mowing grass around & about the stable and cabbage garden and finished. Business was very
dull to day except in little while in afternoon.
July 20, Wednesday

Wed. 20 Dull inclined to rain until noon when it brightend and became quite fine wind strng
gale from s.w. until 3 pm when it becam [sic] quite still sea smooth J.B.M hauled traps result 1
tub very few traps hauled believing it to be a useless Job. at evening Geo W.M. who retnd
from Tickle traped [sic] 2 qtls he with W.H.G brot. 1 & 2 qtls frm. [Ticke?] fish scarce there.
At evening J.B.M hauled trawl in the Bay & got 2 Tubs Turbot. Hy finished cutting grass
around house & a little in the gardens in pastur [sic] land Business a little better than
July 21, Thursday

Thursday 21st
A Dull day with very light N. wind The full moon of 19th is now causing a lift in the tide so that
the sea is not quite as smooth. Traps hauled or some of them in the am result about a tub each.
no one on the grounds as it was considered useless Fredk M. Noah D & [C.J & M?] WoodL
retnd from Tickle at noon bring with them 2 & 3 qtls. At evening Albert Reid trapped 6 Tubs
& Thos [Avery?] 4 qnts. J.BM. & GW.M. 2 tubs each It was considered this to be a better
[signs?] & hopes is [sic] brightened for tomorrow Geo C. M. & Hy P. left at breakfast hour
for Old P. & retd. at dinner hour & brot as freight 20 packages comprisg 3 Brls Flour 2 sweet
Biscts [1?] Potatoes [c/s? c/o?-goods?] scythes stones & Rakes & [pangs?] & other goods
[Fishing? fishery?] report from there nill.
July 22, Friday

Friday 22nd
Fine a summer day in its beauty sea smooth wind light sw. Traps as expected last eveng gave
better results to day J.B.M 14 Tubs in the am & 2 at even WHG & Joshua G. Geo WM a
few qtls Albert Reid 9 qnts morg 4 at even other trap 1 & 2 qtls for the day. Levi D ret'd
from Tickle where he had been since Tuesdy with 5 qnts. Several traps from Lead Cove to this
place got a few qnts fish. Hy in the afternoon cut the grass in garden attached to pasture land
Business attended to with some activeness.
July 23, Saturday

Saturday 23
A very warm day & sultry with light s wind Traps all hauled in the am. All the deep one
secured a few qtls but the [shoaler?] one got one two & three tubs Nathnl. G. removed his
from Brandies to day & [reseted? reset? ?] it in Bight. Traps at sibleys Cove & Brownsdale
also did better than in the past Trawl men [get? got?] nothing the last days a blank with them
caplin [sic] beginning to be scarce Business attended in the afternoon brisk
July 24, Sunday

Sunday 24 A nice fine day with light S. wind. Rev Mr B. preached in the am from [I?
1?] Kings 17 chap. verses wife supt school & Alex Harris led the meeting at evening. all of
the services I attended
July 25, Monday

Monday 25
A fine day but very warm conceded to be the warmest this season wind light s.w. sea smoothe
John B.M. Geo WM & WHG. got the best hauls today the former 7 qtls Gwm. 15 & the lattr
7 qnts in the am and at eveng others two & three tubs & frm 1 to Three qtl. No one on the
[grounds?] today their [sic] is no fish to be taken by any means
Wm. Barrett & [?] Driscoll took unshore trap to day with all its contents

The day was busy one with us El mowed about half of garden by factory Arch Clark spent
some time mowed around potatoes hill garden. [Johnny?] put in barn the hay about the house
& also [?] around potatoes [In?] pasture land. As usual considerable business was done by
July 26, Tuesday

Tuesday 26
Weather conditions akin to yesterday in every respect with heat quite as intense. Traps hauled
as usual but to the disappointment of many it was quite a failure none taken by any person
worth noting J.B.M. brot. on shore leader & botoms [sic] & mooring of I.R trap. The day
was spent by them on room in connection with fish. Elisha finished cutting grass in little
meadow & melted some cod liver Business very inactive little doing. Geo. Barrett one of Old.
P. foremost business men visited us today for an hour or more "S S. Malicof" [sic] called at 8
pm. John, Arch. C & stan. D went unboard taking with them for shipment 2 Cases Eggs. &
brot. unshor one parcel only for us.
July 27, Wednesday

Weather still warm or warmer than usual wind very light at evening it veered to N.E. [tacking?
strong?] for a time but it became quite stil [sic] by dusk sea fairly smooth Traps hauled no fish
taken by any one. Joseph Clark Chas. & Esau Harris [Brought?] theirs on shore thinking the
trapping season was over by them. Geo. CM & Hy P- was at O.P. in motor boat & brot to us
6 Sack flour and as many barrels. Hy spent the time afterward cutting grass around and about
Elishas house. J. with the help of others put into barn the hay of the little meadow by factry & a
quantity [frnn?] the hill garden.
July 28, Thursday

Thursday 28
To day was again fine & very warm so that all complained of the heat. The wind was high
blowing a strong gale after 11 am so that business with the sea was suspended. JB.M hauled
trap in the am, result 3 tubs Point M- [?] 2 qnts. A. Reid 3 qtls [Ches?] B. 4 qnts – this is the
only lots to be accounted for. The Diamond crew the only person from here in the Tickle this
[weed? week?] return at near noon with 6 qtls & reports fish vry scarce. A score of men here
& neighboring place are now again giving up the fishing having obtained Govt. employmt road
makng at Badgers, & intend leaving on Monday, Aug 1st This was the topic of interest this
Clarence left in the [afternoon] for H.Hr. with Raymnd Broughton who came here for him with
horse & wagon. He will likely spend a few days with them. Some grass about the shop &
cook room was cut to day by Elisha Hy P & A Clark. Business to the usual extent was done
with cash & [Co.? Cr.?] and with a little less [?] than some days-
July 29, Friday

Friday 29
A perfect summer day strong w. wind for a while [afterward?] light & airy. No traps hauled to
day and so no fish taken by any person J.B.M took unshor the I.R. trap walls etc. and so
finished the work Nathnl & S. Goodwin also at even brought in the one fished by them with all
its contents they having taken it on June 24th A. strong tide is now [runing? running?] and made
the job hard for them.
The forenoon we weighed & [stored?] 23 qtls fish taken from Joseph Clark and business
throughout the day was worth while. A little grass was cut but Hy. spent most of day on the
July 30, Saturday

Saturday 30th
Another nice pleasant day fine for curing fish & hay. The first of the field was put in barn to day
in the afternoon J.B.M. hauled trap in the am got one tub nothing doing with traps or fishing in
any way and men all along the shore are now getting Govt. employment at Deer Lake & quite a
crowd intend to leave on Monday. owing to so much drought Gardens are thirsty for rain.
July 31, Sunday

Sunday 31 A dull day with strong E. Wind & sea the latter the greatest since sprng,
and it is feared damage to traps etc will be the result of it Alek. Harris cond. the am. service
wife supt. school & J.B. led the [service?] at evening. All fairly well attended.
August 1, Monday

Monday 1st
A Dull day but in the afternoon it cleared & was suited for drying purposes wind light s.w.
considerable sea on I.R. breaking almost continually.
Malicof [sic] called at breakfast hour but we could not launch out apparently she had no
freight J.BM. went on the Point & from there launched out hauled trap & had [– tub?]
G.W.M 2 qtls SR. 7 tubs. Heard of some being gotten at L Cove & catches at O.P. Hy. P.
cut some grass & attended to fishing operations Elisha began the taking of the censuss [sic]
today considerable business done by us. outfits for Deer Lake road men supplied to them.
Clarence returned from H.Hr. to day where he had been since Thursday spending time with
Rev. Mr. Broughton
August 2, Tuesday

Tuesday 2nd
A beautiful fine day one of the best this season. The wind blew a gale from S.w. & W at
evening and the air was cool & bracing. Traps hauled in the am J.B.M 1 Tub W.H.G. 1 qtls
J.G. 7 Tubs others nill and owing to the strong wind their [sic] were no business done with the
sea after the morning. The hay now on the field was stored & quit [sic] a lot cut to day
business was attended to but save the taking of 12 qtls. fish was not very brisk. Elisha spent
much of the day taking. The men who had contemplated leaving for the Govt works road
[work?] at Deer Lake were disappointed to find they cannot leave until Friday.
August 3, Wednesday

Wed. 3rd Fine in the morning but showers at noon Evening splendidly fine & clear. wind
strong gale again all day mostly from W until late at dusk it veered more Notherly sea not quite
smooth. There were no traps hauled to day nor fishing done in any way owing to the high wind
and no prospects of securing any. Hy. spent nearly all day cutting grass Elisha taking census &
J & myself doing what little business required to be attended to. There were [sic] no other local
August 4, Thursday

Thursday 4th
A dull day but grass was spread & dried a little wind strong N. considerable sea on a few
visited their traps in the am but did not haul Joshua G- brot his and all its contents onshore
other along the shore were landed. J.B.M made an attempt to launch out but did not do so.
Hy spent the day on field cutting grass a few hours of another day will have the field [in?] about
the shop all cut. Elisha again doing work same as yesterday & J & [myself?] attended to shop
Business to day active about $100.00 collected. Twelve men belonging here and Five down
shore left for H. Content to take train for Deer Lake to be engaged by Govt. Rd. making
August 5, Friday

Friday 5th
Another dull day and not at all suited for drying purposes not even for grass. Wind light
Northerly & quite a sea on so that no one ventured out on the sea to day altho many anxious to
do so as to take in the traps now out. Hy. P. spent the day cutting grass in the field by shop &
finished at evening. Elisha finished taking census of this place population 364 an increase of 61
during the last decade. Business not so brisk to day.
August 6, Saturday

Sat. 6th
A very fine day & warm with a storm of exceeding strength of s.w. wind all day with
considerable sea so that no business was attempted on the sea. Grass recently cut was blown
away so that we lost much and others as well owing to so much drought all vegetables are
suffering & waisting [sic] away. Johney & Hy put some hay into barn and attended to other
minor things. Elisha spent the time at Whales Brook taking the census there [sic] population 8
an increase of over the last decade.
August 7, Sunday

Sunday 7
Still another fine day and altho. the wind was not as high as yesterday still a strng gale blew all
day. Rev. Mr. B. preached in the am. Jas. 2nd chap. verse 20 wife supt. school, & Alek.
Harris led the evening service.
August 8, Monday

Monday 8
Day fine & clear throughout wind light sw. sea fairly smooth JB.M & crew left in early mornig
to take up trap but a strong tide at the time prevented them doing so Jabez Clark & others on
shore meanwhile were taken in. All the hay on field by shop was put into barn & what was cut
[in?] farm. Business not very active to day
Albert Durdle a man 37 yrs. with wife a family died at 1 am He was a consumptive and
suffering since last August.
August 9, Tuesday

Tuesday 9th A dull day with rain in the afternoon and evening which tended to do the crops
immense good wind light s.w. sea smooth.
very little business was done to day
The event was the burial of Albert Durdle in the afternoon by the Rev Mr. B. a short service
was held in the church but the illne [sic] of Pastor prevented his preaching
At dusk J.B.M & Co took up leader and brot that & other belongings of trap on shore.
August 10, Wednesday

Wed. 10th
A fine day the sun shone in splendour, and the warmth for a time was intense wind light s.w.
sea smooth.
"S.S. Malicof" [sic] called at 7 am. and landed freight 1 Brl. spare Rib 4 small coils Rope & a
few small Boxes Hy.P. & J. did the work in motor boat. JB.M & crew took up trap afterward
& W.H.G. & crew brot in the two fished by him. After the spreading of it was done Hy spent
some time cuttig grass Elisha spent the day on the shore Lead Cove taking census.
August 11, Thursday

Thursday 11
Today was like yesterday in respect to its brightness & warmpth wind & sea Elisha was at
sibleys Cove & Torquay taking census J & self attended to business being busily engaged
nearly all day. About 30 qtls fish collected. some hay was put into barn from [inne?] field &
Hy cut considerably. For the last days men on shore fish & get a little evry day. Misses March
& Pitcher of O.P. visited us at even.
August 12, Friday

Friday 12th Somewhat fine but inclined to dullness & suspicious for rain. wind light s.w. and
during the afternoon still & calm until evig, it veered & blew light from E. Hy. P. was at his
home all day cutting grass. J.B. & Geo M- left at 1 pm for O.P. in [Mottr?] boat & retd at 7
pm bringing to us 13 brls. flour 1 Brl. meal 1 Brl. sugar & 3 Boxes sugar 1 Box [Apcts.?]
Elisha spent the day at Brownsdale taking the census about ½ the place was got through by him
At dusk I had oil tank put in position again through a leak we had been deprived of its service
for quite a while. Mottor [sic] Boat took along 2 Cases Eggs consigned to Soper & Moore st
John s
August 13, Saturday

Sat. 13th
A Dull day with considerable rain during last night & the early morning or until 7 pm. wind light
or little or none until evening it veered to N.E a breeze sea smooth. Fishermen on the shore
get little fish out this week Traps to day got nothing but durng the last days a little has been
gotten by them. Hy. P. was all the day cuttg grass on farm & mowed nearly all the pc. along
road to Tel. office. The day was a busy one of business people here from all along the shore in
the afternoon, so that their [sic] was much activity by us in this pursuit. our oil tank installed
again leaked so that we lost 20 gall. or more of oil and this rather unfortunate thing caused us
much annoyance.
August 14, Sunday

Sunday 14th A very fine day with light S.w. wind sea smooth. The usual services were
conducted in the am by Joshua G. School supt. by wife and meeting at even by J.B.M. No
local event
August 15, Monday

Monday 15.
The early morning showed signs of a stormy day and by 8 am strong wind began to blow from
the S. & then rain which continued until evening. At 8 am. Geo. C.M. & Hy P. left in Motor
boat for Old Perlican but owing to the condition of the weather did not return until 4 pm. They
took with them in going 1 c/s. Eggs & returing brot. back 6 Brls. & 12 Sacks. Flour 1 Tc.
Mols. 1 Brl. & boxes Crky. & c/s dry goods.
"S.S. Malicof" [sic] called at 9 am. Wm. H. Goodwin Jr. John Harris & Arch. Clark went
unboard in small boat & brot. to us one c/s Matches. The wind was at its highest at the time.
"our oil tank" was again taken out of its case & tightening effected & leak mended by Nathnl
Goodwin & Wm Barrett. Letters recd. from last contingent of men who recently went to Deer
Lake & report all well with them. The day was a very busy one with us particularly in the
August 16, Tuesday

Tuesday 16th
Until 11 am. the tendency of the day was inclined to dullness but afterward it was splendidly
fine the air was bracing with strong west wind and the invigorating influence of it was felt in a
healthful way by every one. Elisha left at breakfast hour for Brownsdale to finish taking census
there Hy finished in the am cutting grass on the farm so that only the pasture land remains to be
cut. He spent some time helping at fish on the room and at evening went squiding; from high
noon until 4 pm. he spent the time with Reuben Goodwin who also spent ½ Day digging a well
at back of stable. John with myself attended to business I weighed upwards of 20 qtls fish &
stored it. Arch. Clark was to Siblys Cove with horse & cart for us & hauled [home?] 2 ½ qtls.
fish he also hauled from farm 2 loads hay & from shop to store 5 qtls fish & from store to Mrs.
Alfd. Harris 2 sack flour Nurse Ruffle visited us at dusk.
August 17, Wednesday

Wed. 17
A very rainy day. prolific showers at times all through the day particularly at evening when a
general down pour was let down so that the gardens now are well watered. The wind was light
& westerly sea smooth. The night was splendidly fine the moon shon forth in grandeur. Elisha
& myself visited Uncle Stephen Woodland at 9 [pm?] who is now apparently approachig his
end & by his wish wrote his last will & testament. Hy. P. & Arch Clark spent the forenoon
sawing wood in the wood house and the afternoon in the mill who with the help of J.B.M.
sawed up of quite a lot of wood refuse lying there or the wreck stuff gathered up from the
breaking up of the wharf in the past. J. spent most of the day revising the census books &
otherwise helpig his uncle in that work. Business was fairly good to day considering the
weather conditions.
August 18, Thursday

Thursday 18th A splendid day calm in the morning afterward a light sw. wind with nice sweet
refreshing air. The day was perfect for curing fish & hay. After breakfast I was driven by
Archb. Clark with horse & wagon to Lead Cove having gone their [sic] to visit Uncle Abram
Button. We returned again at dinner hour. Afternoon weighed fish for Abel Armstng Jabez &
[Lilly?] Clark & JBM. abt. 35 qtls & attended to business generally Hy. spent time speading
hay & some time before going squidg help. to clean up mill Arch Clark assisted us at work in
the afternoon.
August 19, Friday

Friday 19th
A dull day with a few light showers of rain in the afternoon & night wind light & Southerly.
The three mottor [sic] boats fishing in [Bclue.?] Tickl since Tuesday returned to day well fished
& reports fish fairly plentiful Arch Clark was with us to day & assisted Hy. in again cleaning up
mill 4 loads rubbish was hauled from mill to yard, & 2 Loads hay from farm to barn so that 3
heaps still reman [sic] there to be dried. Hy. spent the later part of evening squiding but giged
[sic] none. Geo C.M. was employed by me since Wed. building platform in school.
August 20, Saturday

Saturday 20th
A fairly fine day particularly so in the afternoon when at times the sun would shine spendidly
[sic] through the cloud and thus to brighten the day Sea smooth wind light & Southerly The
mill was finished in the cleaning up to day. Hy. brought to wood yard 1 Load Rubbish & 3
Loads of junk wood that was sawn off there on wednesday. John helped Hy in the [morg?] in
the removing of saw dust etc. The mill recd. a general brushing & cleaning up afterward.
J.B.M spent an hour or more sawing a fram [sic] for a well house for stable use. After which
the 3 went giging [sic] squid and succeeded in [giging] [sic] a quantity sufficient for their
preparation is now being made by all here & many on the shore for fishing in the Tickle next
week as fish is reputed to be fairly plentiful thre.
GC.M finished making the platform in the school early afternoon today.
August 21, Sunday

Sun. 21st
A fine day but not so full of sunshine as some nor [quiet?] as warm. Light variable wind
& smooth sea prevailed. Joshua Goodwin led the morning service wife supt. school & Rev.
Mr. B. preached at night to a very large congregation the memorial service for the late Albert
Durdle. He afterward led an after service.
August 22, Monday

Monday 22nd
A dull day with appearance of rain wind light sw. at times none. sea smooth. In the early
morning several of our Motor boat crews left for fishig in Bacl. Tickle where fish last week was
reported plentiful. The few men left and went fishing on our local grounds found a scarcity
almost unprecedented and discoraged [sic?] from going out again. We spent some time
brushing up & otherwise cleaning mill Two loads of hay the only lot remang to be stored was
hauled from pasture land & put in barn at evening. only the pasture land remains now to be cut.
Hy. accompanied JBM & Geo CM. in M boat to Tickl Business was fairly good to day
considering circumstance. John Harris one of our leading & active men in church community &
social life left for Montreal seeking employment going by way of H. Content at 10 am
August 23, Tuesday

Tuesday 23rd
A very wet day & night raining freely in very copious showers continually The wind was light E
& SE & the weather was warm. we all spent the day in the shop but business was not very
brisk as weather conditions were against us.
Some of our men or [sic] another motor boat left for the Tickle two on point retd. at night but
the others remained down there. At this writting [sic] had not heard any report.
The event on the shore at Sibleys Cove was the death of Plemon George sparks 9 yrs old son
of John sparks who died at 3 pm being sick for a fortnight
August 24, Wednesday

Wed. 24
Very dull all day with scarely a ray of sunshine sea smooth wind light & Norherly [sic]. “S.S.
” [sic] called at 8 am. John & Arch Clark & Elisha & Jabz. Clark boarded here [sic] the later bringing onshore 1 steel Drum Kero oil 10 Empty Egg. c/s. & 1 Box cont. 6 Galls
Mtoil During the day Elisha & myself [vistted?] friends at Indian Point & Abslm Reid who is
sick & at evening we assisted J.BM who retd from Bclue. Tkle with about 9 qtls fish. Some
who left on Monday is still down there, with prospect of getting load of fish.
August 25, Thursday

Thursday 25th
Weather very dull until the afternoon when the sun shone with a little spendour [sic]. The wind
blew strong from N.E but the sea was not very boisterous. The men fishing at Blclue. Tickle
had to remain there as they could not attempt to come home to day owing to the condition of
wind & sea.
To day Hy. stowed the hay recently put in the barn and after breakfast he with Ach Clark did
some work to well being dug for use of barn. G.C. Mansfield was also with them from noon till
even. The digging of it was finished & puncheon sunk into it & cemented. The afternoon was a
fairly busy one with us along business lines.
August 26, Friday

Friday 26th
Finer so that the late grass could be dried wind E & moderate very little sea on. The Five
Motor Boats that had been away fishing in B. Tickl returned this afternoon fairly well fished, all
well No person fishing from here on our grounds to day At evening J.B. & G.C.M. & Hy.
went in search of squid but got none. G.C.M. was at work on stable well house until 3 pm.
Hy. & Arch C. asisted [sic] him. In the forenoon the concrete floor was put in & the house
framed. Hy. in the afternoon put in two presses of blubber & Arch spent the evening with his
horse hauling Com. oil to stage. “Yesterday heard of the death of Rev. Mr. Noftal – a young
minister who laboured here with much acceptance during 17 & 18”
August 27, Saturday

Saturday 27
A fine day more particularly the afternoon sea smooth wind light s.w. Business was attended
to with some activity. weighed 13 qtls. fish hauled from Brownsdale by Abel Armstng and
carted 4 qtls. from shop to store. Hry & his co-workers spent the day making preparations for
another trip to the Tickle. Mr. Coyle Govt. Cod Liver oil Inspector visited us in the afternoon
& at night Mr. Joshua Tucker of Burnt Point came to see us & brot. with him for us 2 young pigs
August 28, Sunday

Sunday 28th
A fine pleasant day with light W. wind & moderate temperature Attended the three regular
services for the day. The morning was led by Joshua Goodwin School supt. by wife & the
evening by JB.M. no event of more than passing interest
August 29, Monday

Monday 29th
A very sultry day one of the most oppressive in this way this season inclined for rain in the
moring but later it was fine to some extent. wind light s.w. for a time then calm until eving it
veered to Easty light sea smooth. At 8 am GCM & Simen Goodwin left in motor boat for Old
Pelican retd at noon bring with them 1 Brl. each Pork Bread & Sugar & 1 Case school
1 sack beans & 1 Rice & 1 [Cask?] Tbco at the same time the "S.S. Malicof" [sic]
called & we shipped by her 4 cases Eggs & landed as freight 1 case school requisites 4 Brls
Flour, 1 Box Glass & 2 Boxes Biscts Hy. P. Arch. C. & John boarded her in our old motor.
Hy. put in two presses in the am. & cut some grass in pasture land & then went squiding giging
[sic] lots. sufficient was giged [sic] by all who had tried for them. No fishing to day for want of
bait. J.B.M & Nathnl. Goodwin spent much of the day in school fiting [sic] stove piping &
otherwise making comfort for the school in this way.
August 30, Tuesday

Tuesday 30th
Dull & lowry in the forenoon fine & bright all the afternoon wind s.w. & light sea smooth.
Three or four motor boat crews left again for fishing during the week in Bckleu Tickle while
three or four more fished on our grounds & out in the bay. Fish very scarce after J.B.M.
returned, he stowed the trap fished by him & Wm. H.G. did the same. The event at evening
was the news of work being found for 4 men here & 5 down shore by our Local M.H.A. and
they will be leaving home in the morning to entrain at O.P. for the Job. Nathnl Goodwin from
10 am spent the day at work on school.
August 31, Wednesday

Wed 31
A very rainy morning with thunder & lightening until 8 am when it cleared. The wind blew a
strong gale all night but it died away so that our men went to the Bay fishig at noon it veered to
N.E quite a breeze at first but as the evening advanced it died away & became quite civil
Joshua & Wm H Goodwin & Wm Mansfield left in motter [sic] boat for Old Perlic to connect
with Railway to do Railway work Josiah M & Arch Goodw & son John went with them they
retd. at 2 pm bring along 4 Cases & Boxes [medium? medies?] & 4 Brls. Flour ½ Brl. Oatml.
& owing to wind & lop, had a perilous time at times. wife visited friends at New Chelsea in the
am. & retd. at tea hour. Hy. removed presses in the am. & partly put in one when called for to
attend to fishig they retd. at evening with 68 turbot & 1 tub fish others met with similar
success. The day was spent by us in the usual way & business was fairly active Nathnl. G-
was again employed by us at school, reparing windows & [framing?] blackboards. Reub.
Goodwin & arch Clark each spent a couple hour [sic] cutting grass in pastre land.
September 1, Thursday

Thursday Sept. 1st 1921
A day of splendour throughout the sun shone magnificently the air was very exhilarating the
wind was light & bracing from the west & the sea was quite smooth. sept began its dawn with
weather [constantly?] pleasing & satisfactory; in evry sense for drying purposes it was ideal.
JB. & GC.M with Hy spent until noon in the Day & succeeded in gettg 58 turbot & a little fish
other skiffs did equally as well, the evig was spent [searchg?] for squid & failed. We each
spent the day attending to business 36 qtls was weighd & stored the Trap voyage of Joshua G
several other qtl was spead [sic] for drying and other work in this way attended to No local
event of more than ordinary interest.
September 2, Friday

Friday 2nd
A dull day sultry inclined to rain with soft S.W. wind light sea smooth G.C.M. & Hy. left for
Old Perlican at 9 am. & returned at 1 pm. & brot. with them 7 Brls. Flour. Hy. attended to the
hay in the "pasture land" and spent the evening "Gigging." Business attended to as usual
weighed 9 qtls fish of Gregory Harris and at tea hour bartered 3 [qtls fish] Mr. Malcolm short
took tea with us his schooner was here to day and loaded with fish for several parties here.
owing to strong wind during the night & morning none of the motor boats attempted the ground
or bay to day. There were [sic] also a scarcity of bait & none gotten this evening.
September 3, Saturday

Saturday 3rd
During the night it rained considerably & blew a heavy gale & during the whole of the day it
blowed more strongly than any time this season wind S.S.W. until evng it veered to N.E. The
day was fine but not a good day for drying as it was very sultry. The two or more motor boats
fishing in B. Tickl returnd early this am No fishig done to day owing to strength of wind. We
weighed & stored 80 qtls. fish. business was brisk with us in every [dprmnt.?] Miss Peach the
new day school teacher arrived at evening.
Employment for 7 men here and quite a few all along the shore was sent here to day.
September 4, Sunday

Sunday 4
A Dull day with light N.E. wind and a little sea Attended service in am cond by Alx Harris
school supt by wife & services at night by J.B.M. Mr. Joshua Goodwin is now away since
Tuesday employed at Railway work & Rev Mr. B. was unavoidably absent.
September 5, Monday

Monday 5 A fairly fine day with very light wind and at evening practically calm. sea smooth
JB.M & Crew were out in the Bay until noon & retd. with two or three score of turbot & a few
fish. G.C.M & Fred. left at 2 pm. for O.P. & retd. at dusk with 12 Sacks flour. we weighed
several qtls. fish and attended to business otherwise.
September 6, Tuesday

Tuesday 6th
Fine to a degree but not suitable for fish drying purposes wind strong s.s.w. sea fairly smooth
until evening when it became a little rough & threatening
JB.M & Archbd Goodwin were out in the Bay to day & returned at noon, with 48 Turbot
G.C.M having gone to H.Hr with skipper Fred. Josiah M & Archbld Clark to get ready the
"Grilse" with the intention of coming here to load tomorrow. Seven of our men left for O.P. in
the early moring to connect with train & thus obtain Employment at railway work we spent
much of the day weighing fish for Harris At night the S.S. Malicof [sic] called here Chas.
Haris [sic] & Hy. Pynn went unboard from S.S. of place & brot onshore 1 Brl. sugar 1 pc
Leather & 10 other packages & was carted to shop by F.M. horse & cart.
September 7, Wednesday

Wed. 7th
A wet rainy day all through wind light. S.w. sea smooth. J.B.M. a crew fished again in the
Bay got fifty-odd turbot & some fish others did equally well. Chas Harris & Wm Barrett went
to O.P. at noon for provisions etc for us retd. at 5 pm disappointed owing to general holiday
station closed. Business dull owing to conditions of weather. Mr. Abram Button visited us
today he was an unexpected visitor owing to his age & ill health. skippr F.M. & crew came
home at evening as the weather was against their coming here & not very inviting for
September 8, Thursday

Thursday 8th
Day fine throughout but the forenoon was not very drying the rain of yesterday had its effect but
the latter part was just grand wind light s.w. a little sea on all day, owing to the condition of the
weather the skippr & crew of the Grilse did not go to H.Hr. before noon.
Chas Harris & Wm Barett was at O.P. again to day & retd. at dinner hour & brot with them 6
Brls. flour and 1 Brl sugar & apples & [? ?]. Jas Tuck, [C.I?] of H.Hr was here & inspected
weights & measures 33 qnts. fish was taken from three or more parties & stored. several
barrels of partridge berries were also purchased by us Nathnl Goodwin spent 2 or 3 hrs
splicing wire cable for us
September 9, Friday

Friday 9th
A splendidly fine day Especially from Noon to sun down wind light & westerly until eveing then
light & variable sea smooth Left in the early moring for Lead Cove expecting the Schnr. Grilse
to load there but owing to some defect with winch she did not get there until 11 am. I weighed
and put unboard at Lead Cove 208 ¼ qtls Cod & Haddock and Elisha at Sibley [Cove]
it was dusk when this much was done and when we reached home again it was 10 pm. owing
to the fine appearance of the night it was decided the Grilse remain over all night so as to be
able to begin at work again in the early morning Reuben, Nathnl., & Jno. Goodwin were
engaged from here. During absence John & Joyce attended to [busine?] about 13 qtls. fish &
scores of Galls berris [sic] were weighed & measurd by him.
Mr. Bindon rep. Cleveland [B.?] Co visited us during the time we were away
The first contingent of men who left here on the 11th July & worked on the Badger Halls Bay
Line retd. this moring all of them. our schn. Mary E arrived in the forenoon at H.Hr. from the
straits or Labrador with a load [of?]
September 10, Saturday

Saturday 10th
Still another fine day but about 10 am. the wind veered to N.E light but prevented us from
loading "Grilse" she remained at Lead Cove all night & we proceeded theirs [sic] in the early
moring and finished taking the several lots of fish remainng over from yesterday both at Sibleys
& Lead Cove. The schnr. left at dinner hour for H. Hr. After our return we were busy
attendng to customers
September 11, Sunday

Sunday 11 A dull day with light N.E wind all through sea continues smooth. Rev. Mr. B.
preached in the mrg. text Job 1 Ch. 13 to 20 [vesers?] It was a sermon for the times. I
[afterwd?] attende [sic] [SSun?] supt by wife & meeting at night led by J.B.M. a small
congregati [sic] [?] owing to the absence of so many men.
September 12, Monday

Monday 12
A fine day suitable for drying purposes wind light & E a little sea on but toward evening it
began to get smooth with inclination of sw. or w wind About 8 am Nelley & Pearl left for O.P.
being taken along their [sic] by Albert Reid she will take train their [sic] for Carbonear via st John's where they both will attend school at the Methodist College. Raymond Goodwin took
along their trunks & retnd again at 4 pm bring two boxes crky war for us and Albert 10-[10s?]
Butter "The SS. Malicoff" [sic] called soon after breakfast Chas Harris Wm Barrett & Johney
went unboard & brot onshore [sic] ½ [Brl?] oats & several other boxes goods. I spent the
forenoon with J. in the shop & Elisha in the mill measuring berries. In the afternoon I weighed
11 qtls fish for Zech Reid mother and did other miner [sic] things
September 13, Tuesday

Tuesday 13th
A dull day raining some from noon on wind strong. Sea quite smooth wind strong SS.W.
Schnr. Grilse came here at 9 am & with a few men & boys finished filling her up. put unboard
104 qtls. fish 16 steel Drums, & 43 Brls. Berries. She left again for H.Hr at 1 pm. to await a
time for st. John's The afternoon was spent in shop. Raymond Goodwin went to New
Chelsea at 3 pm & carted down 8 Berry Brls.
September 14, Wednesday

Wed. 14 The morning was clear and the day was nice and fine with light West wind & smooth
sea. our schnr. Grilse which we thought went to H.Hr. yesterday proceeded to Trinity & we
suppose left for st John's to day, as every [conditn?] was favourable. No boats out in the bay
fishing & turboting owing to want of bait. Hry. attended to his presses and went with horse &
cart to New Chelsea and hauled down "8 berry brls." and during the day assisted us otherwise.
Elisha spent nearly all day in the mill measuring berries & business was a little rushing all
September 15, Thursday

Thursday 15th
Another fine day, the sun shone with much brilliancy all through the air was nice & bracing with
fresh W wind sea smooth with high water or tide all day Arose early as Johney intended
going to st John's He left at 7 pm on foot for Old Perlican I [afterward?] spent the day in
shop. Elisha spent much of the day in the [bery.?] businss – Hy spent some time on I.P.
attending to fishing operations In the afternoon he left for N Chelsea again with horse & cart &
hauled down 8 [berry?] Brl. Mr. s. short & wife visited us for a short time at even.
September 16, Friday

Friday 16
Wind very light Westerly local showers in the early moring rained considerably & also at noon
sea smooth spent the mornng getting berries ready to ship to Old Perlican by Chas. Harrs who
took [them?] along in his motor boat to the number of 17 Barrels Consigned to [A?].E.-
Hickman & Co. He retd. again at dinner time & brot along a chest of tea disappointed in not
getting flour & other goods expected today. The day was a very busy one much activity in
business [liing?] in that sale of berries being brisk. Hy was all day at work in connecti- with the
fishery Eighty odd turbot & a few fish was secured by them. The Schnr. "Lucinda" of New
Chelsea retd. today.
Reuben Goodwin was at N.C. with his horse & cart in our service & took along berry brl.
September 17, Saturday

Satdy 17
The day dawned with all the appearance of a fine one but afternoon & before it became quite
dull The wind was N.W. & blew a storm with all he sound of autumn in its rising & betokening
a change of season. The sea was quite disturbed and no boat was out in the bay today. we
had intended motor boat to go to O.P. but weather conditions in every way was unfavorable.
The day was a busy one again in the shop the purchasing of berries creating business. Joseph
Clark & his boy Hayward and others returned from the Deer Lake road where they had been
since Aug 4th. we had Jabez Clark & Reuben Goodwin & his son John employed removing
rubish [sic] and opening drain leading past the shop & Nathnl Goodwn [facing door?] all day in
September 18, Sunday

Sunday 18 A very rainy day and very unpleasant wind s.E. John B.M- led the service morning
& night & wife supt the school some songs for Rally Day service next sunday was also
practiced by the help of Day school teachr Miss Peach
September 19, Monday

Monday 19th
A very unpleasant day a kin to rain all day with strong Easterly wind and a [contemptuous?] sea
so that we could not venture to send Motor boat to O.P. again nor could our fishermen venture
out in the Bay. Hy. attended to his presses, and did other minor things I spent the day
particularly attending to business & Elisha assisted in some ways the berries being attended to
by him. A family Fowke by name of Grand Bank 4 in number came here yesterday to
permanetly [sic] reside
September 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20th
Still another unpleasant day rather more cold than usual raining at times particularly in the
morning. Wind strong and Notherly. big sea on, all day. No unusual happening things just
transpired in the usual way. Hy. with John Goodwin spent the day sawing wood R. Goodwin
was to New Chelsea for us & carted down 12 Berry. Brls. Recd letter from pearl to day the
first since she left home & a Tel. message at night from J Elisha & myself spent the day in the
shop Business in the afternoon was much more brisk than usual people all along shore doing
September 21, Wednesday

Wed. 21 The day began with every appearance of a splendid one but at 11 am it became
showery and at noon for a time there were again showers of snow & sleet but the afternoon it
became fine again and continued so until dusk wind w & a sea on. Hy & S.G. spent much of
today as well as yesterday sawing up wood lying around yard. Joseph Clark was to H.Hr. with
horse & cart & brot to us 1 Drum oil 1 Chest Tea [?] Bun. Leather & Box hrdware landed of
s.s. "Malicof" [sic] Yesterday The freight [amnounting?] to 6 Brls. Flour 1 Tc Mols. 2 steel
D. oil 1 [Brls?] Beef 1 Chest Tea 2 Bun. Leather. The fishermen could not get out to day
owing to condition of sea & weather. Uncle Abrm. Button & Wm [Buttons?] visited us to day
which was again a busy one for us.
September 22, Thursday

Thursday 22nd
A fairly fine day until evening but not much for drying purposes particularly so in the afternoon
when it became cloudy and betokened rain but toward night it cleared [&?] blew strong from
s.w. the point [from?] which it blew all day The sea altho a little troublesome in the morning
became quite smooth The day was spent by myself in the store attending to business as usual
but the morning was spent attending to correspondence. Hy. spent the day in the factory
washing bags & board and otherwise cleaning up things. The Driscolls & Will Barretts boys
who had been at road work Deer Lake retd. in the early morning. S. Short & son schnr
"Buster Brown" was at Lead Cove & here at evening [takn?] fish.
September 23, Friday

Friday 23 A very dull day inclined to rain, sultry and [dampen? dampening?] all day with
strong "south west" wind but a smooth sea & high tide all the time. abt 8 am Chas. Harris (with
Geo Driscoll assisting him) left in his motor boat for Old Perlican & returned at noon bring
along 10 Brls. Flour 1 Brl. Beef & 1 Drum K Oil after refreshmnt he left again for Old P. &
retd at 4 pm & brot to us 12 Brls. Flour. partaking of lunch they left for Hants Hr. & retrnd. at
8 pm & brought along 6 Brls Flour 1 Tc Mols. 1 Brl. Beef & one Drum K. oil landed there
from Malicof [sic] on Wednesday. These three trips was record [“?]ones never being
unsurpassed” Hy spent the day again cleaning up factory In the early morng with J.B.M &
others spent some time on I.P. attempting to [go?] fishing or [trawl? trade? travel?] out in Bay,
but the day was so much betokening storm that it was given up. Business was attended to and
fairly brisk
September 24, Saturday

Saturday 24 Dull forenoon afternoon fairly fine wind light S.W. sea very smooth Mrs. (Rv)
Blount of Freshwater visited us to day & is staying with Elisha for a while. The day passed
uneventful our usual work was attended to by us each one as customary.
September 25, Sunday

Sunday 25
A dull day a little cold with [Nothr?] wind & some sea. J.B.M led the morning service wife
supt school & Rev Mr. B. conducted the Rally service which was quite a success. A large
cong. present from all along shore. The offering was $6.82
September 26, Monday

Monday 26 A fairly fine day but [sarcely?] bright & warm enough for the curing of fish wind
light S. some sea on. The day was spent by myself in shop whilst Elisha spent much time in the
mill measuring berries. Hy. spent nearly all day cleaning up factory & finishd that Job. Mr.
Frank March of old Perlican visited us at noon intending to take Dr. Diamond whom he had
expected to land from of SS Malicof [sic] to Old Perlican but was disappoint & had to
[return?] with out him. owing to sea the Malicof [sic] did not call nearer than H Hr.
September 27, Tuesday

Tuesday 27th
A brighter day than yesterday fish was spread by the few who now has any but it dried little.
wind soft s.w. sea smooth are practically [?]. Upwards of 20 qtls. fish was collected by [us?]
to day. Many customers called on us & considerable business was done J.B.M spent the day
boarding up the end of store on wharf as a preventive & to make strong against sea. Hy. made
a little repair to roof of stable to Elisha's house & to our porch in tarrng etc.
September 28, Wednesday

Wed. 28th
A spendid [sic] day not surpassed this season the evening was beautiful to the end wind light
s.w. sea smooth with high tide all day. In the morning Chas Harris with Geo Driscoll left in
Mottor [sic] boat for H Hr & took along to schnr ME 26 Brl. Berries & 3 Cs. Eggs & brot. to
us 5 Bery Brls after ward he went to Ochre Gulch Hy & Jabez Clark going in our motor &
brot in from there a load each of Logs & wood after discharging the same the four of them
went to sibley Cove in Chas H [moter?] & brot to us 9 1/8 qnts fish & a cask cod oil. Hy &
Jabez Clark until there [sic] going for wood spent an hour or [more? nine?] [clearing? clog?] in
church road we spent the day attending to busnes The need of employment and the
expectation of getting it was the talk of the day as the Rev Mr. B & Targett M.H.A. had been
on the shore for this purpose it is thought
September 29, Thursday

Thursday 29th
Quiet & still in the am. little or no wind inclined to rain but keept clearing and by noon it was
quite fine and during the remainder of the day it was just as nice & beautiful as yesterday. In
the early morning Hy with Hbt Brsy went in motor boat to the spot where the wood & logs was
brot from yesterday & brot to us again the bal of what was left there [(?]8 logs & 1 wharf stick
the rest of the forenoon was spent by them [trolling?] the same from wharf to mill a total of 170
Sticks wood & 50 Logs Hy. spent the afternoon helping Jabez Clark remove rubbish from
drain leading past the house.
14 qtls fish was weighed & stored taken from sparks (Aug. & John) The day was spent with
much activity in shop. Johney returned from St. John's at 10.30 pm having travelled alone from
Old Perlican
He had been away just a fortnight he having left us on Thursday 15th The Schnr. "Grilse" also
got back to Hants Hr. at 8 pm having been away for more than a fortnight with a load of dry
September 30, Friday

Friday Sept. 30th
A fairly fine day with some sea on & strong w. wind Hy spent the day with Jabez Clark
clearing drain again leading to church & finished They also opened drain leading round Well
House. The day was spent by us each attending to business as usual. The return of Johney
was a let up to me
no local event.
October 1, Saturday

Saturday Oct 1st A fine day with strong W. wind a light sea on & low tide owing to the New
Moon on this day. At 8 pm our Motor Boat with Geo C Mansfiel Hy Pynn & Arch Clark left
for H.Hr & returned at dinner hour. [Unfortunately?] for want of oil the trip was prolonged
owing to oil having to be taken to them at Gardners rocks. The water being low the goods was
not discharged until evening, apart from [Geo. M. B?] 3 or 4 Brls. ours consisted of 1 Brl.
sugar 1 Brl sweet Bread & 3 Brls. meat The evening was a [buisy?] one as many customers
visited us. Mrs. John Brown & the new teacher Miss Le Grow of Brownsdale also visited us
for the first time.
October 2, Sunday

Sunday 2nd
A nice fine day spendidly [sic] fine with strg W. wind & some sea on service morning & night
was conducted by JB.M. school was suptd. by wife again 100 being in attendance. The day
was spent in an enjoyable manner services pleasant & well attended
October 3, Monday

Monday 3 A fine day all through suitable for handling fish or for drying purposes Wind strng
W. for a while sea smooth with high tide for much of the time. At breakfast hour Geo C.M.
Herbert [B-?] & Hy P. left for Hants Hr in our Motor & returned at noon & brot. along from
"Grilse" 11 Brls. flour 1 Brl. [Boy? Soy?] & 1 Brl. Sugar, and imported goods from Malicof
[sic] 5 Boxes [sic] [Paints?] 1 Can Putty ½ Brl. [Dry? Dz?] Paint Hy in the afternoon spent
the time digging potatoes by the cellar & digged about 1 Brl. We weighed 21 qtls. fish &
stored for W.H.G. and attended to business generally.
Messers. Caleb Janes & sml. short visited us in the afternoon.
October 4, Tuesday

Tuesday 4th
A very dull day with rain from 10 am. all through & the night as well with a gale of s.w. wind
during the night but the day the wind was light with smooth sea. Hy. began digging potatoes
above stable but had to discontinue owing to the weather. during the day he spent much time at
home selecting sticks for the walk to wharf. R. Goodwin was at Chelsea & carted down 5
Berry Brls. WH. Button of Lead Cove was here & we made payment to him of fish shipped
by Grilse considerable business was done during the day. Wm Barrett & Geo Driscoll put up
new [panelling?] in shop. The night was spent by J. & myself fixing up [ape? a/c?] in
connection with Govt supply.
October 5, Wednesday

Wed. 5th A dull day at evening it rained considerably wind strong in the am afterward light or
none At night rained in torrents & blew a fierce storm In the early morning the S.S. Malicof
[sic] called here Geo. C. Mansfield Hy. Pynn & Hbt. Bursy went unbord in our [mote?] H
brot. onshore 2 [Tcs.? Linseed?] oil imported by us from Halifax.
Hy. spent some time carting [timbr? trunks?] for walk from his home to mill and in the afternoon
he with Hbt Bursy went in our motor to [Abrms? Hd? Hr? and?] brot in 60 pcs wharf bedding.
Considerabl business was done by us each. The Rev. Mr B. visited us for a while
October 6, Thursday

Thursday 6 Rained ceased in the early morning but the wind blew a storm all day from the W-
sea smooth The torrents of [rain?] last night filled the drains and covered the ground in many
places. Hy. spent forenoon clearing wood in the afternoon carted from wharf to mill the timber
landed yesterday and finished digging potatoes above stable No local happening Business as
usual Mrs. (Rev) Blount was with us to tea.
October 7, Friday

Friday 7th A fine day but blew a strong breeze from the W all forenoon sea smooth.
Hy spent the day digging potatoes from what we speak of as the new spot & finished it digging
3 Brls. Day was spent by us in shop J- is now engaged write out book 1 for any [officer?
official?] at Chelsea of the Census returns and during the last 4 nights writting [sic] up a/c of
people who are to be Cr. with Govt Guarantee In the afternoon Mr. Hayward Bank Manager
at old Perlican visited us & remained for some time. Also Mgste Vatcher
October 8, Saturday

Saturday 8th
Inclined to fine but not with much strength of brightness & sunshine. The wind was light from
S.W. with very little sea on. Hy. spent the day digging potatoes & digged the piece which we
speak of as the "little pc by the barn" the growth was poor & resulted in a poor yielding 3 Brls.
only. J. spent the day at census returns spoken of yesterday and finished. Elisha spent most of
the day storing oil taking it from factory to mill, whilst myself attended to shop all the day.
October 9, Sunday

Sunday 9th A very sultry day with much rain all the afternoon wind blew very strong from
South, and some sea on.
Rev. Mr. Broughton preached in the moring text St John 10 – 4 verse a fair congregation
present wife supt school in the afternoon attending 75 The night service was led by J.B.M only
a few in attendance owing to a continual down pour of rain
October 10, Monday

Monday 10th
The day dawned fine & clear and was one of the finest this season wind light s.w. sea
splendidly smooth with high tide all day. The day was spent by us in loading schnr Grilse which
came here at 8 am 400 qtls was put unboard from store and 50 that was carted by others from
along the shore as was also 19 Casks Cod oil & 3 Brls Turbot. The day was a busy one 13
sacks Coal 1 P. mols 2 Brls Meat 6 Drums Kers. & 5 Brl Flour was also landed from her
"SS Malicof" [sic] called but their [sic] were no freight
October 11, Tuesday

Tuesday 11th A dull day with appearance of rain but none fell wind s. & s.w. The "Grilse"
remained all night and early in the morning began the loading [?] & put unboard from store 60
qtls fish 1 Cask Cod Oil & 13 Brls. Berries & from Chas Harrs 8 3/8 qtls The motor boat
was also at Lead & Sibley Cove & brot from there [33?] qtls. we finished the work & she
sailed at noon for H.Hr. as the wind was contrary for her sailing for st John's. In the afternoon
Hy. Hbt B & Geo Driscoll went to Islnd point & brot. in the remainder of the pcs. timber left
there a few days ago. Business in the shop claimed our attention afterward
October 12, Wednesday

Wed. 12th Day similar to yesterday in every respect so far as weather wind & sea is
At 7 pm John left again for st John's going by way of Old Perlican Hy P & Jos Clark taking
him as far as Lead Cove in our Motor boat. Hy from thence proceeded on to H.Hr. & brot
from thence a load of goods which was brot from st Johns on schnr. "Buster Brown" Through
mishap they break a little spring in engine, they did not get back until dinner hr. They afterward
spent the evening removing salt from store to little house under wharfe [sic]. The qrtly. official
board was held in vestry of church at eveing representatives of the church all along shore being
October 13, Thursday

Thursday 13th
A fine day but sultry & warm with a strng breez of s.w wind blowing all day sea quite smooth.
Hy. with Joseph Clark began digging potatoes at 8 am. & continued all day [digging] a few
barrels mostly on hill garden. Day passed uneventful. People nearly all digging potatoes.
October 14, Friday

Friday 14th A fine day with light W. wind sea smooth The Schnr. Grilse left HHr. for St
John's in the Early morning and was lost sight of at [Heart End?] by 8:30 am message from son
J. apprising us of her safe arrival at 4 pm. Hy & J Clark spent the day again digging potatoes
on hill garden dig 7 brls. Hbt Bursey was emplyed by us also paintg inside & out motor boat.
Business attend to by El. & self.
October 15, Saturday

Saturday 15th
A very fine day but the wind blew a heavy gale from s.w. Hy P. & Hb. B- left am 10 am for
New Chlsea taking with them in our Moter boat 10 steel Drums & 5 Brls Tbt. to ship by schnr.
Lucinda to St. J- after going abt 2 thirds of the way the [sic] had to return again owing to stren
[sic] of wind getting back again at noon. Hbt. afterward spent 2 hrs. painting skiff & Hy spent
the time with Geo. & Joseph Clark diggig potatoes The rest of the day passed uneventful.
October 16, Sunday

Sunday 16th
A very unpleasant day with rain like sleet wind strong N.E sea disturbed. John B. Mansfield
[led?] the services mornig & night and wife suptd. school each service I attended
October 17, Monday

Monday 17
A fine day with light N.W. wind sea quiet. Hy. left with 5 steel drums & two boxes eggs again
for N.C. but went [sic] he had gone part way seen the Schnr. had sailed so retd again & spent
the day with J. Clark diggin [sic] potatoes all is now digged except those by Elisha house
Business attended to but not as brisk as most days.
October 18, Tuesday

Tuesday 18 Another very fine & pleasant day with a clear bright sun light West wind & a
smooth sea. Hy. was at work in Elishas garden. digged one [bed?] potatoes & gathered up all
the turnips [about?] 5 Brls. there & put them into cellar. Joseph Button of Old Perlican visited
us to day and settled about trap & brot. the proceeds of our part of voyage along with him.
The day with business was a better one than many of late. The S.S. Malicof [sic] called at
night or soon after tea or about 8 pm but not having any freight we did not send of [sic] boat.
October 19, Wednesday

Wed. 19 A day in every respect similar to yesterday weather wind & sea being about the
same. Hy. finished digging potatoes & taking up turnips as well. Of potatoes we have about
32 Brls. and of Turnips 8 Brls. Two boats were out fishing today the first for weeks & got 3
tubs or more each one man Alec. Harris retd. from Railway work last night.
October 20, Thursday

Thursday 20 A little duller than usual with showers of rain at evening wind S sea smooth. Hy.
spent the morning in the field and during the day attended to light useful work. Reports of fish
on the grounds is freely talked of and the possibility of what might have been caught. Business
dull and little doing.
October 21, Friday

Friday 21 A very sultry day with strong Southerly wind & a smooth sea Hy. spent the day
making repairs to roof of store on wharfe [sic]. Elisha was at H.Hr all day where a court of
revision was held by magistrate Vatchr in census matters. El. retd. at dusk. During the day a
Mrs. Murray of st. Johns representing Edwin Murray visited us. I was actively engaged
attending to business.
October 22, Saturday

Saturday 22
A dull day with light Westerly wind and a little sea. Hy with Herbert B- & J Clark left in our
Motor boat at 8 am for Lead Cove retd. at 11 am with nearly 4 qtls. fish. Hy. afterward spent
the time doing useful Jobs in store & in general about the place whilest we spent the time rather
busily engaged in store. No events of importance.
October 23, Sunday

Sunday 23 A little brighter than yesterday wind N. & some sea Alex Harrris cond. service in
the am wife supt school & JB.M led the services at night I was present each time Two visitors
Miss Norman school teacher at N Chels & a Miss Addy HHr present.
October 24, Monday

Monday 24. A fairly fine day with strg N.W. wind some sea on & scattered snow
showers in the am SS. Malicoff [sic] called at 9 & Miss Rose G took passage by her. Hy.
spent the day with horse & cart hauling wood from south side of place about 400 being carted
over. Mr. Philip Button of Old P visited us in the forenoon & remained all night. The day was
a fairly busy one in the shop
October 25, Tuesday

Tuesday 25th A dull day with light N.N.W. wind & some sea on, so that the work of
discharging the Schnr. "Grilse" which arrived at 11 pm. last night was made difficult thereby.
At 8 am. this work began & finished at about 3 pm but many brls. flour & other goods was
taken away by her. 49 Sacks flour & other things were landed on south side of place we were
assisted in this work by Sixteen men. The evening was busily spent in shop.
October 26, Wednesday

Wed 26 A dull day akin to rain some fell at night. A strong N wind blew fiercely all
day and at night. A turbulent sea is now on as a result. The day was a busy one with us all
through as much patronage resulted after the landing of the cargo yesterday. Hy. again spent
the day hauling wood carting during the two days while at the work 700 sticks
J.B.M was at work in mill nearly all day several logs slabbed for Philip Button and a number
sawn in inch board for Fredk. M.
October 27, Thursday

Thursday 27th To day the weather wind & sea was similar to yesterday. The pleasant
weather enjoyed until recently seems to have passed away. The mill was operated again by
J.B.M.- he finished sawing the logs belonging to Fred. a few of WHG. Sr. and about 50
bedding pcs, for the walk to the wharf. Hry. Stuck up 700 stick of wood to wood gallows and
afterward assisted in mill. Son John returned at noon after being away since Wed. 12th Philip
Button went home at noon. Considerable business was done in shop again to day.
October 28, Friday

Friday 28 A very stormy day with a gale of NE wind and sleet like rain at times & cold &
chilly withal The sea is in an uproar but not nearly as great as may be expected. At night it was
very wild with sleet like snow. J.B.M. spent the day again in Mill sawing pcs. of timbrs again
for the walk. Hy. assisted him at times. G.C.M. was also at work for us to day clapboarding a
well house fastened to stable. Many customers were around to day and quite a little business
done considering the inclemency of the weather.
The anticipated visit of the Premier Sir R.A. Squires & Hon. W.W. Halfyard expected at H.Hr.
to day and to visit this shore tomorrow is persons that stirs the mind for talk of the hour.
October 29, Saturday

Sat. 29th Early this am. and all through last night a tremendous storm of N.E wind raged
furiously and tended with the tide of the New moon to stir the sea to a height unknown [sic],
and caused a certain amount of destructon in every place. So that not alone here were loses
[sic] alone but stores, flakes, stages motor boats & wharfs were destroyed in each of the
neighboring places Numbers of qtls. cod fish & brls of turbot Rope lines [&?] twines grapnels
etc. were also washed away and on the public highway bridges are removed & debre filled
along the road so that one place is put to disuse. The day was spent in picking up the timber
from our lost store & wharf – Elisha, Hy. Pynn Reuben Goodwin & Herbt Bursey being at
work from noon on G.C.M. also assisted for a little while. The losses are felt by all and bears
heavy on our people. Johney attended to the shop and did some business all through. The
Premier and M of P. did not make the visit spoken of above.
October 30, Sunday

Sunday 30th Still another very stormy day with a fierce storm of wind and a furious sea still
raging Service was led in the am by Rev Mr. B. who preached to a vry small congregation
[sic] from text 2nd Tim 4 Chap 6 verse School was again Supt by wife but the service at night
was suspended owing to the bad weather
October 31, Monday

Monday 31st
The wind weather and sea was in every respect similar to yesterday with no abatement of the
storm which is now the talk of the day all along the shore as every place have felt it to great
extent. Hy. P & Elisha spent the day picking up the debre & otherwise clearing away the
wreck timber Hbt. Bursey also assisted in the forenoon. Geo. C. & Josiah Mansfield & Arch.
Clark went for HHr and gave attention to the Schnr John CM & Luther left today for the Bay
of Island herring fishery. There were no mail recd to day owing to the breakng up of the
railway at places caused by the storm & high sea.
November 1, Tuesday

Tuesday 1st To day was a social one weather finer particularly so in the afternoon. wind light
& N. sea abating. Hy. was with us again to day & assisted Elisha in picking up the rem. of the
board and all other wood lodged about by the great storm both by the factry and about the
"Room." Geo. C. M. was again at work on wheel house. [J.?] & mysef [sic] were kept busy
in shop and office and considerable business of importance was done. Several men were
employed to day at public works replacing bridges and removing rocks and other debre from
off the roads.
November 2, Wednesday

Wednesday 2nd A very dull day with light E. wind but with more sea continuous
throughout the day. Hy. was with us for a few hrs & carted to N.C. with J.C. horse 7 empty
steel drums left 20 to 10 & redt 10 to 12 noon G.C.M. was with us all day & finished the
stable well. Business attended to a few a/c. settled Abrm Button visited us & W.J.B. of old
Perlican brot. to us from there 5 sacks flour S.J. & Sml. Woodland returned from railway
work being away since early Sept.
November 3, Thursday

Thursday 3rd To day the wind & weather was alike yesterday only it rained
considerable from noon on. The sea is still to [sic] rough to make any repair to wharf. With the
assistance of stephen Durdle & also Reuben Goodwin for a little while Elisha & myself had the
48 casks oil removed from? stage the day of the storm put back again and carted from mill to
store 4 Drums Kero & pumped in thank [sic]. Business attended to by John & fairly good.
J.B.M spent 3 or more hours in mill finished sawing timber for wharf and a few sticks for F.M
No mail to day nor from st Johns this week.
November 4, Friday

Friday 4th Another very dull day damp & inclined to rain as it did during the night. wind light &
W. quite a sea still on. Hy Pynn was with us again for 7 hrs to day & carted with J Clarks
horse 5 steel drums to N.C. [‘?] after his return at noon he spent the evening carting logs from
south side of place to mill. JBM. spent the evening in the mill but did not saw anything worth
while as owing to a stone in a log he broke the saw & took all the time to sharpen again. Elisha
with 4 men spent 3 hrs each removing rock of slip. Business attended to by J.W & was fairly
good. News of the destruction wrought by the great storm of wind & sea was recd to some
extent by mail to day which is akin to appalling.
November 5, Saturday

Saturday 5th A little brighter than yesterday but not very drying. wind light & w. sea
slowly becoming smooth. Geo C.M. Hy. Pynn & Hbt Bursey spent from 7:30 am till 5:30 pm
& B.J. Woodlnd from 10 am to 5:30 at work at wharfe [sic] principally building walk leading to
wharf as sea still prevents work upon it. JBM was again sawing pine belonging to us and Elisha
assisted him. JW & myself were at work in shop & occassionaly [sic] busy. The work of the
storm is still the general talk.
November 6, Sunday

Sunday 6th A fairly fine day with a gale of S.W. wind and a little cold. Attended the three
services of the day Moring cond by Alex Haris evening J.BM wife supt the school
November 7, Monday

Monday 7 A fine day weather quite normal again wind light & westerly sea quite smooth.
"The s.s Malicof" [sic] called in the evening the first visit since 24 October and we shipped by
her 2 Cases eggs J.W. with Hy P & [R.B.?] went unboard At 7:30 am The work of making
repairs again to wharf began Geo CM. SJ & Sml. Woodland Levi Diamnd John C & [?]
Durdle Hy Pynn Herbert Bursy & Reuben Goodwin & lathr [sic] Geo. C. Driscoll were
employed all day & consideable [sic] improvement made. Hy. P & Reuben G. went to N
Chelsea in the am and retd at dinner hr. bringing along 4 large wharf sticks
J.B.M. spent afternoon in the mill he sawed or slabbed 4 Beams & afterward spent the time
repaing saw bench
Geo C.M. spent some time fittng and attaching pcs to his brothers motor and in the afternoon
travelled to H.Hr to put unboard of Malicof [sic] 5 Brls turbot to be shipped to sidney but was
November 8, Tuesday

Tuesday 8th A very unpleasant day. Rained quite a lot in the am & blew a storm of s.w. wind
all day sea smooth. Stephen & John C. Durdle, Geo. C.M. & Herbert Bursey worked from
morning until 3:30 pm. public meetig was held S.J. & Sml Woodlnd Geo. Driscoll Reuben
Goodwin & Hy. Pynn work from 10 am to 3:30 all at wharf work & repaired quite a bit.
A public meeting held in Orange Hall in the interest of the poor by Archbl. Targett MH.A. &
Rev. Mr. B- at 3:30 pm caused the work to be suspended for the evening. J.B.M.- was
sawing all day in mill especially for us.
November 9, Wednesday

Wed. 9th A fine day but cold with strong W. wind and freezing all the day. Geo C.M. Sml. &
s.J. Woodlnd Hy. Pynn Herbert Bursy Reuben Goodwin & Arch Clark were at work at wharf
to day & made much improvemnt so that the work is again presenting a substantial appearance
again. other labourers who had been at work was employed on the road to day as a result of
yesterdys meeting. J.B.M spent the afternoon only sawing or slabing logs only a lot belonging
to Stephen Durdle. Beside the usual busines we spent until midnight at work on Govt.
Guarantee a/c.
November 10, Thursday

Thursday 10th A lovely morning with all the appearance of a beautiful day & thus it was until
noon when it became cloudy & betokened weather which fell at evening & continued into the
night wind S & light until evening sea smooth. At 8 am FM- GCM [Jon?] M- and Arch.
Clark the crew of the schnr. Grilse left for H.Hr to bring from there the goods left unboard
when last here Tuesday Oct 25th The boat brot. the goods in two loads & finished the work at
dusk. Stephen J. Woodland & Hbt. Bursey was at work on wharf all day & Hy. Pny [sic] &
Jos Clark until noon when they left in motor boat to assist the crew of Grilse in handling freight.
J.B.M. spent the day in the Mill again sawing the logs referred to yesterday
November 11, Friday

Friday 11th A fine day but a little cold & chilly wind blowing a strng breeze from s.w. sea still
continues smooth Geo C.M. s.J. Woodland, Hbt Bursey, Hy Pynn & Arch Clark were the
labourers employed to day at wharf and the [sic] spent the afternoon fastening iron sheathing to
wharf two pcs was [fastened] to the North side and one sheath to Soth [sic] side J.B.M- spent
the day again in the mill Business was attended to & considerable more than some days
Many of the men are now engaged at road work so as to provide against winter.
November 12, Saturday

Saturday 12th A dull day with light w. wind which at evening veered to E & at night blew
strong. sea not quite as smooth. The same labourers as yesterday was again employed at
repairs to wharf & fastened on another pc. of sheathing finished the wharfing up of wharf &
walk both with wood & rock so that a few more days will see the completion of the work
again. J.BM spent the afternoon in the mill sawing 1 ½ in wharf flooring for us To day was one
of the busiest in shop & office for a long time.
November 13, Sunday

Sunday 13th A dull day with Easterly wind & much sleet & rain so that church was suspended
in the am at eveing it veered to N.E & blew strng. more sea than usual.
Wife suptd. school in the afternoon & Rev M. B- preached at night from Ex. 20 chap & 8
verse. A good congregation present
November 14, Monday

Monday 14th Finer to day but cold & not much of a day for drying wind W. & a great sea on
all day, particularly at eveing & night s.J. Woodland & H. Bursey offered themselves in our
service for labour in the am. but the sea prevented them working. In the afternoon they were at
work nailed on a few pcs. to side of wharf walk & picked up the matchd board & stowed in
stage. The day was a good one in shop $125.00 [cash?] coll. 2 Casks Cod oil, and 4 qtls. fish.
The destruction wrought by the great sea on 28- to 1st is still the talk of the times. Govt. relief
a/c. of the destitute & employment of them in each place is criticised freely and in some
instances disapproved.
November 15, Tuesday

Tuesday 15th wind ES.E. & blew strng all day at night quite a storm was on with rain & sleet
all through particularly at evening. S.J. Woodland & Hbt. Bursey spent 7 hrs. a pc work
helping to shore up three beams of flake wrecked by recent storm the [sic] also did some piling
to wharf walk until prevented by weather Hy. Pny [sic] & Arch Clark spent about 7 hrs.
hauling wrecked wood to yard. J.B.M. worked in mill for a few hrs. sawig logs on halves
November 16, Wednesday

Wed. 16th Dull with light drizzling rain until noon after which it cleared and as evening
advanced became clear & cold with a storm of N.W. wind which blew all through the night S.J
woodland & Hbt Bursey was at work on repair to wharfe [sic] again particularly at "walk"
leading to wharf all day & Hy Pynn & Arch Clark with his horse was also all day hauling debris
from "room" to wood yard & finished the work with Elisha helping all the while. J.B.M also
[again?] spent much of the day in the mill & finished sawing what logs was about the place.
these to day consisted of 5 Sticks plank belong to a Rd. H Cove man some of GC.M 5 of Hy.
Pynn & a few of F. Pynn. Business attended to but not quite as brisk. Mail brot. account of
goods landed for us by S.S Malicof [sic] at H.Hr. last evening weather conditions preventing
her calling her [sic].
November 17, Thursday

Thursday 17th A fine drying day with light W. wind sea rought [sic] breaking afar About 12
qtls fish was spread for drying in the morning and other business attended to Wm J. Button
brot us 1 Brl. [Beef?] & 2 sacks rice from Old Perlican and Allen Tuck & Hiram Janes brot.
10 sacks flour & 1 Brl. Meal and chest tea from H.Hr. Hry Pny [sic] & Arch Clark spent the
day clearing up the mill hauling the rubish [sic] to wood yard Geo. C.M- S.J.W. & Herb
Bursey was again at work on "walk" & wharf
November 18, Friday

Friday 18th A fairly fine day but not quite equal to yesterday wind light N.W veering to E. at
evening. sea becoming smoother S.JW. & H.B. spent the day making repair to wharf breast
work & slip. Hy P. & Arch Clark finished cleaning the mill in the am, also went to Sibleys
Cove & cated [sic] up 5 ½ qtls fish removed some rock from the outer part of slip and brot.
home 2 cwts [hay?] from Clb Reids Geo. C.M & Sml. Woodlnd spent the day at walk laying
irons etc. wife attended the burial of Dinah Strong at Brownsdale. The day was a fairly busy
one in shop with good results.
November 19, Saturday

Sat. 19 A dull day but the little snow which fell last night disappred wind light & Easterly quite
a sea on but abating. Arch Clark & Reuben Goodwin went to H.Hr & carted down 2 Brls
Pork each arrivng soon after dinner hour Geo. CM. & Sml. Woodland were the only [sic] at
work to day they finished laying the irons on the wharf & made some improvement to end of
stage. In Business we were active and with good results.
November 20, Sunday

Sunday 20
A dull day but not cold as a s.w. wind blew somewhat strong service at 11 am was led by
Alex Harris school at 2 pm was supt. by wife & the service at night by J.BM The day passed
rather pleasantly. Many who had been away for some time were present in each
November 21, Monday

Monday 21. Still another dull day wind N.E. & veered to E. and at night snowed a little. Geo.
C.M. Sml. S.J. woodlnd Hbt. Bursy & Hy. Pynn was again at work the end of the stores were
walled & the breast work of [planke?] studded, repairs made to flake & slip & further repairs
to wharf occupied the time. At night in the school room a committee meeting over which Rev
Mr. B presided considering the needs of the poor was held & occupied the time until 11
November 22, Tuesday

Tuesday 22nd The weather today was again dull and a little cold with the ground covered with
snow. wind light & N. a little sea on owing to snow & wind in the moring our work men did
not labour to day – so work was suspended Business tho was a little brisk in selling but no a/c
paid. The talk of the day was on the meeting of last night with criticisms not at all friendly.
November 23, Wednesday

Wednesday 23 A fine day but cold and freezing all the day with a storm of N.W wind from
early mornig and all through the day & night.
Geo. C.M & Sml. woodland was at work on wharfe & nailed down what 1 ½ in plank we had
on hand & put 4 beams in place which was hauled by Hy Pynn & sawn by them - as well as a
slide runner belong to Eli Goodwin A half hour or more was spent sawing wood & about the
same time making repair to slip. our time was spent in business & in measuring & stowing
board in Mill & other minor things there.
November 24, Thursday

Thursday 24th
Yet another fine clear day alike to yesterday cold with much frost all day and still blowing a
gale from N.W. making the weather uncomfortable Business was dull to day and not much
done in consequence. Wm J. Button brot along from Old Perlican a few Bgs. Nails & 2 Bgs.
shot Did not have any one employed today for want of flooring material. Some people still
engaged at road making with poor result.
November 25, Friday

Friday 25
To day was not quite as bright not yet as cold as yesterday. wind light & W. sea practically
smooth. Elisha with the help of Joseph Clarks horse & Hayward hauled 3 loads of logs from S.
side of place to mill. Hy. Pynn also cut & hauled some there. Business was attended to much
time in forenoon was spent with S & Hbt. Button of Lead Cove who brought Cod oil & retd
Gasoline for measuremnts
November 26, Saturday

Saturday 26th Fine & clear but cold freezing all day wind N.W. sea not quite smooth.
Business attended to much time particularly spent in office. with disappointing effect. packed a
barrel fish [J.F.SS?] intended [to?] [at?] No [word?] of importance to relate. several parties
still on road which is the general topic of importance wherever men gather.
November 27, Sunday

Sunday 27 A fine clear cold day wind strong N.W. The 11 am service was led by Rev Mr. B
who preached from 13 Chap 1 Cor 1-2-3 verses School supt by wife & service at 7 pm by
J.B.M the day was spent in service by many.
November 28, Monday

Monday 28th Day similar in every respect as to weather conditions as yesterday Many men
now in the place from other places cutting timbers & other sticks to build & repair the ravages
wrought by the wind & sea of Oct 28th Train at old Perlican begins a tri weekly service from to
day - and the same applies to Hearts Content. Rd work by the people destitute still continues.
Business not very active
November 29, Tuesday

Tuesday 29th A nice pleasant day fine & not very cold but yet betokening weather wind light
& westerly sea smooth Geo. C.M. was at work with us to day & ceiled the well house
attached to stable and made other repairs to the floor of our drinking well. The forenoon was
spent by us in the shop but the afternoon Elisha and self spent the time packing fish in tubs in the
store for shipment. W.J. Button of Old Perlican brot us a parcel of Tbco - 6 caddies
November 30, Wednesday

Nov. Wed, 30 A very stormy and dirty day all through the wind blew a spirited gale from
South E and rain like sleet fell all day. Very little work was done to day by the people as
weather conditions prevented their working in the woods
we spent from 10 am in the store who with Geo CM who began work at this hour helped us to
pack & prepare for shipment several qtls fish. He made 3 boxes for the same & we packed
them. No event of importance save the closing down of the mail services which begins to
December 1, Thursday

Thursday Dec. 1st
The weather in the forenoon was a little clearer than yesterday with light N. wind but by noon it
was raining a little & was chilly & misty after with strng N.E. wind. The tide was very high
seldom seen higher unless sea on. The morning was a busy one in respect to business. at 10
am, we (Elisha & self) – Albert Reid driving us – left for Lead Cove to visit Uncle Abram
Button & returned at 3 pm. John B. Mansfield spent from 8 to 4 pm sawing flooring for wharf
& Geo. C.M spent the same time making box for fish & securing the boxes already packed.
They also sawed 6 cill [sic] pcs. for wharf.
At 7 pm. a meeting was held in the school presided over by Rev. Mr. Broughton most of the
representativ [sic] of the [houses?] of the place being present to finalize matters respecting the
new burial ground. The meeting had beneficial results and satisfactory conclusions arrived at _
December 2, Friday

Friday 2nd The weather to day was very unpleasant with NE wind damp & chilly. A very
tempestous [sic] sea is now raging & breakers as far as the eye can discerne [sic]. No event in
busines to day labour suspended and everything passed along in the usual ratio. Frank Cram of
Old Perlican visited wife for dropsical remedy for his father Several men of the place spent
some time as agreed at last nights meeting clearing ground for Mrs. Jas. Goodwin
The closing down of the steel Pant [sic] Glace Bay NS & two coal collereys [sic] as well and
the consequent closing down of employment on a thousand men heard to day.
Several men still at work on roads the usual relief work giving the employment.
December 3, Saturday

Saturday 3rd
Weather dull & cloudy raw & chilly without sunshine wind [high? light?] & E. Mill was
operated to day for a few hrs. by J.B.M. sawing a few logs only for Noah Cummins. Geo. G.
& Fred Mansfield Reuben Goodwin and Arch Clark left at 10 am for Old P. with horse & cart
taking along 4 Cases & 4 [Butts?] fish 22 qtls. to be shipped by rail to St John's they returned
again at 5 pm. & F.M. brot a small case of goods to us. Several men again at Relief Work
working widows allowance. Business fairly brisk [nett?] results better than past days.
December 4, Sunday

Sunday 4th A fairly fine day & not very cold with light w. wind JBM conducted the service at

11 pm also at 7 pm & my wife supt the school both I attended. The day passed away a very
peaceful one enjoyed by all
December 5, Monday

Monday 5th The day opened dull & cloudy with weather in evidence which began at 11 with
light snow and dring all the afternoon it was quite [wintry? windy?] at night it changed to sleet
& rain & blew a strng W. gale. Most of the men of the place engaged putting fence around
cemetery and allotting plots in newly [bot.?] ground Geo. Button & his brother Noah visited us
on matters pertaining to the fishing of cod traps & trouble [thereinat?] with Mrs. Peter strong.

Moses Button & his bro Hy was also here & made settlement with the fishing of our cod trap
the past summer. The day was a satisfactory one with business
December 6, Tuesday

Tuesday 6 Blowed a storm last night & the early morning from the S.w. but became quite
moderate as the day advanced signs of the strength of the wind in evidence weather fine & not
very cold.
Geo. Driscoll & Gordon Bursey killed our pig to day and did other minor things finishing at 2
pm. Business attended to with some degree of satisfaction.
Mail service now calls for some criticisms since being now subjected to three mails
December 7, Wednesday

Wednesday 7th A dull day with snow like rain from 10 am to noon when it cleared again – the
wind also changed from s.w. to n.w. & became colder with frost. Wm J. Button visited us in the

morng & brot along 1 Cask mols 1 Roll W. paper & 3 small Boxes. Geo C.M & Geo Driscoll
was at work [flooring?] wharf from 8 to 11 & again from 2- to 20 to 5. Business to some
degree occupied the time with us. The event of the day was the death of Sml. Durdle in the
very early morning & the loss of several Nothern [sic] Schnrs Monday night & at Caplin Cove
one with the loss of 8 lives.
December 8, Thursday

Thursday 8th Fairly fine & not very cold wind W. sea smooth. S.S. Malicoff [sic] called at
Brownsdale at [9?] am but passed us by. Geo. C.M- & Geo D spent the forenoon at work on
wharf the former sawed a [score?] or more pcs flooring & that work is now finished & the
south cill was fastened to it. Afternon the burial of sml Durdle by the Rev Mr. B- & the
memorial service occupied the evening or nearly so Mr. W.J.B. visited us again to day &
hauled with slide 1 Brl. [Grocys?] & a small case of goods. The disaster of Mondays storm the
loss of many lives and the destruction of 16 Large schners & the loss of the s.s. [Foghorn?] is
the talk all the day and sympathy of every one is felt & expressed.
First visit of Malicoff [sic] on shore since Nov 7th
December 9, Friday

Friday 9th A dull day not very cold wind light & W. sea smooth. Geo. C.M. & Geo. Driscoll
was at work again to day until 2:30 and finished. The cills was laid for store on wharfe. North
Side of stage was renailed as shingles was falling off & the upper length of slip temperoraly [sic]
nailed. Wm. J. Button visited us again & brot the punchen containing 20 or more galls. Mols.
Business in the usual way was attended to by us.
December 10, Saturday

Saturday 10th A fine day but cold wind N.E. with wintry looking appearance Time spent in
shop & office. proceeds of to day helped in our business transactions.
Capt. R. short visited us to day and remained for a while. General talk of the recent storm &
the loss of schnrs. & crews particularly those at Caplin Cove is heard on all sides
December 11, Sunday

Sunday 11 Day dull & cloudy with light S. wind Rev Mr. B. prached in the am [Deut shoes
Iron & Brass?] wife supt school Alex H. service at night.
December 12, Monday

Monday, December 12th weather dull and raining for a time so that immense quantity of water
was about the place. wind blew a storm from the s. at evening & night Business attended to as
usual dullness prevailed proceeds for the day only a few dollars. No event of importance to
December 13, Tuesday

Tuesday 13 A very unpleasant day rain began to fall at 9 am and continued the real down
pour until 1 pm. with a few showers after wind strong from S. direction. Wm. J.B. came from
O.P. at 10 am bringing to us 1 Brl Mols & 2 Chests Tea. A few men still at work on roads at
intervals Business was attended to no other event of interest.
December 14, Wednesday

Wed. 14 Night was fair & clear but the day until noon was dirty with much rain afterward fine
& clear. Reuben Goodwin left at noon for O.P. & carted up 1 Brl. Sugar & 2 Bundles Leather
got back again at 8 pm. At evening sold one of [our?] cows to Andrew Hyde of Red Hd.
Cove for $33.00. J.BM. again spent the afternoon in the mill. More customers than usual
around to day Business a little brisk At night heard of two more men of the crew of schn
Passprt lost at Caplin Cove recoverd, so that now all of them (6) are recovered.
The first of the week night services began to night
December 15, Thursday

Thursday 15th A very disagreeable day with high N.E. wind and snow at evening at first it was
rain & then sleet like snow a good path will now be on as a result of the snow. J.B.M. was
sawing a few hours in mill principally fish cask staves. A little business was done by us each.
No event of passing interest no mail service to day and the telegraph system has been of no
service since Monday
December 16, Friday

Friday 16th wind N.E strong weather clear but all of a wintry aspect as ground is now covered
with snow & good paths about Reuben G. Arch Clark & Geo C.M. were to O.P. & hauled
with slide a load of goods each Mr. W.J.B also brot us along a load. Goods recently arrived
by train. Mail matter recd. to day and wires are again doing service. Some business of
importance was done by us each. apart from local gossip nothing new to report
December 17, Saturday

Saturday 17 Light N. wind fine & clear. Good snow paths about & people busy using them to
advantage. w.g.B of old Perlican was here at an early hour with the [box?] of our goods which
recently came by train [?] 1 Keg & 1 Bg. Nls 1 Dz Broom & [1 Dz?] wash Board & 1 Box

soap. In the afternoon wife went to New Chelsea being driven along by J.B.M with his horse
& sleigh they did not return until [nearing?] midnight. Some business of importance was done
no event of interest
December 18, Sunday

Sunday 18 Weather unpleasant snow at first and then light rain in the afternoon which
continued and entirely brok [sic] up the nice snow paths & disolved the snow. Joshua
Goodwin led the morning service, wife supt school & John B.M- led the service at night.
December 19, Monday

Monday 19 A fine day with light W. wind not very cold or chilly owing to the rain of last night
the snow has all disappeared again and the ground is as bare as in summer J.B.M. spent much
of the day in the mill but as the bench was out of square did not saw anythng. The day was

spent by us in the usual way. The mail broke the monotony No new event transpired
December 20, Tuesday

Tuesday 20th The wind and weather to day was alike to yesterday Roads dry & clean water
caused by the snow a day or two ago is now all dryed [sic] away. Day passed quietly away
no event of importance apart from the return of three men who had laboured at Sidney since

spring and now returns because of closing down of the collerries [sic]
December 21, Wednesday

Dec. Wed. 21st Day fine & clear wind west Busines attended to No Event of importance to
December 22, Thursday

Thursday 22 weather similar to yesterday but a little milder until night veered to N.W. &
became cold & freezing Attended Lodge meeting the first this season and the first opening of
the [Lode?]. Nelly & pearl also arrived after midnight from College & [Training House?] being
brought along here by Francis Single.
December 23, Friday

Friday 23 A nice clear day but a little cold wind light & westerly. Apart from business the day
passed quietly

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