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emma the cook

Maritime History Archive, Memorial University, PF-329.077, Emma the cook, Grand River, Codroy, Newfoundland, 1919, FOMOWA Fishing Club Records

Additional Information  In the spring of 1914 a group of prominent St. John's merchants and politicians purchased from John Cormier a house and land at the Forks Pool on the Grand River, Codroy, Newfoundland. There they established the "FOMOWA" Fishing Club - the club name was coined by taking the first two letters of the location and the names of its members - Forks (Pool on the river) and Foote (Samuel J.), Monroe (Walter S.) and Morey (J.), and Watson (Hon. Robert) and Warren (William. Robertson.). Each year the members traveled across the island, most likely by train, to the Grand River and for several weeks from late June to mid-July fished for salmon, trout, grilse and other species. When they weren't fishing they played golf, tennis and cricket on their property, and from time to time shared a few games of cards. Emma was the cook at the club.