Clap Entry, Ship’s Captain’s Medical Guide, 1868, p. 55-56:


(2) Clap. –This disease generally appears from two days to a week after connection with a foul woman.
Symptoms. – There is a itching at the end of the passage through which the urine flows; the nut also swells, and its skin has a red shiny look ; there is a felling of heat and smarting when passing water, which soon amounts to scalding, and sometimes causes great pain. The stream of urine is twisted and broken, and in bad cases may stop altogether. Then follows a greenish-yellow discharge, at first thin, but afterwards thick and mattery. There is also a sense of itching along the under surface of the yard in the direction of the vent, and patient is often troubled by painful erections at night. If the foreskin be long, and discharge from the passage allowed to collect underneath, the foreskin swells, cannot be drawn back, and external clap, as well as ordinary clap, appears.
Treatment. – Give a purging pill, followed by a dose of salts or a black draught, and repeat this dose if necessary. The injection of the sulphate of zinc (page 76) should be used twice a day; and if, after the expiration of a week or ten days, no improvement takes place, the copaiba mixture (page 75) should be given three times a day.
How to use the Injection. – A squirt is to be filled with the injection, the end of this squirt put into the passage as far as it will go, and the injection then slowly and steadily squirted into the yard. When the squirt is taken away, the passage should be closed by the finger and thumb for a few seconds to keep in the injection.

Clap Mixture, p. 75:


5. – Clap Mixture.

(This must be well shaken.)
Balsam of copaiba . . . 3 drams
Spirits of nitric either . . 1 dram
Add water to . . . . 6 oz.
2 tablespoons for a dose.

Clap Injection, p. 76:

12. – Clap Injection.
Sulphate of zinc . . . 12 grains
Rain water . . . . 6 oz.