Titanic-Related Documents

Below are digital copies of documents held at the Maritime History Archive pertaining to the Titanic disaster in 1912.

Crew agreements for the Mackay-Bennett and the Minia covering their voyages as they searched for bodies from the Titanic disaster. Unfortunately, there are no logbooks accompanying the agreements and there is no mention in the agreements of the search efforts.

Years after the disaster a chart was found on board the Mackay-Bennett showing the wreckage path from the Titanic, and possibly showing the area in which the search was carried out.

Nicholas Ryan, brother of James Ryan, made the following entry on April 15 in the firm's diary upon hearing the news of the disaster.

Another diary in the archive's collection, from Philip Templeman Ltd. of Catalina, reports the disaster on April 15th and 19th.

A logbook from the Cape Race Lighthouse in 1912 with several entries on the Titanic.

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