Voyage of Webster, William from Salem to Fyall in 1753

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 RecID:   1231
 Mariner:   Webster, William
 Age:   33
 Origin:   Salem
 Destination:   Fyall
 Duration (mths):   5.8
 Year:   1753
 Wage (£Mass):   48
 Wage (£Sterling):   36.00
 Home:   Salem
 Shipowner(s):   Orne Family
 Sources:   Orne, Box 2, Fl 3
 Notes:   Schooner Beaver, Wm. Webster, master, 40 tons, with a crew of 6. Built in Haverhill in 1748 and registered in Salem in the same year. Owned by Joshua Ward. The vessel on its outward voyage to "Fyal" on Aug 13, 1753 carried 700 hogsheads of fish, 9 boards, 1800 staves, 1 ton of pot iron, 5 desks, 2 tables. It returned from Fayal on Nov 12, 1753 carrying 42 pipes of Fayal wine - CO 5 849. The custom record stated that only 5 men returned whereas 6 had departed. However, the portledge bill clearly states that all sis returned. Two were paid off on Nov 22, 1753 and the other four, including Webster were paid off on Dec 6, 1753. An interesting discrepancy since one of the seamen, Timothy George left no other record of his existence.

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