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- Abbreviations
- Seafarers' Names
- Sources
- Tax Lists Explanation
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- Lanier Databases

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Databases and Tax Lists
Used in
Young Men and the Sea


The search capabilities of the three voyage databases below allow the visitor to obtain a sample of the data we used in developing our arguments but are of limited use in working with the data in depth. Historians and other professional scholars who would like to extensively work with the data may request a copy of one or more of the databases by emailing either Vince Walsh at or Daniel Vickers at If we feel the request is a serious one we can provide you with copies in a number of formats such as Access, db4 or Paradox.

However, the search engines can extract a surprising amount of information by using several steps. To learn more visit our Search Tips page.

Salem Tax Lists

Salem Tax Valuation Lists

Updated September, 2005

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