Voyage of Groves, Peter from Philadelphia to Salem in 1764

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 RecID:   2696
 Mariner:   Groves, Peter
 Age:   55
 Origin:   Philadelphia
 Destination:   Salem
 Duration (mths):   0.0
 Year:   1764
 Wage (£Sterling):   0.00
 Home:   Salem
 Tonnage:   50
 Sources:   3
 Notes:   Sloop Abigail 35 tons. He sailed as master on this vessel between Salem and Philadelphia from June 1757 until July 1759. In Oct 1759 he sailed to the West Indies. Sloop Abigail, 50 tons. He sailed as master in this vessel to and from Philadelphia between June 1761 and July 1764. Sloop Bellona 32 tons, Peter Groves, master. This Peter must be Peter jr. He sailed to Philadelphia in Oct 1759 and returned to Salem in Dec 1759. Andrew Herrick then sailed her as master to and from Phil. from Dec 1759 until May 1760. Peter Groves then sailed again "from" Phil. in June 1760. Then Andrew Herrick sailed her from Phil. in Aug 1760. We also have a record of a voyage of the schooner, William, 30 tons, Peter Groves jr. to the West Indies in Dec, 1758. This is likely Peter who became master of the sloop Bellona. According to the death records he died in Guadeloupe in 1760.

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