Voyage of Marret, Richard from Salem to Jersey in 1681

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 RecID:   288
 Mariner:   Marret, Richard
 Origin:   Salem
 Destination:   Jersey
 Duration (mths):   10.0
 Year:   1681
 Wage (£Mass):   40
 Wage (£Sterling):   31.96
 Home:   Northern Europe
 Shipowner(s):   Jawverin, 7/8; Murrell, 1/8
 Sources:   EQC IX 323-5, 393-6
 Notes:   Charter dispute - Ship Daniel & Elizabeth, Daniel Jawverin, master. Murrell was a shipwright who had an 1/8 part in the ship and who had signed on in New England possibly as carpenter. Wage dispute whereby Murrell claimed his wages were not paid. Jawverin argued that he had already paid him for 8 months. Route: Salem - Bilbao - Jersey. Also a charter dispute over who was responsible for payment of a portion of the wages. Voyage appears to have been 10 months long but many of the mariners may have signed on in Jersey which would make their length 5.3 months. See pp. 394-5.

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