Voyage of Lindsey [Lynsey], El(i)ezer from Salem to Barbados in 1715

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 RecID:   4138
 Mariner:   Lindsey [Lynsey], El(i)ezer
 Age:   70
 Origin:   Salem
 Destination:   Barbados
 Crew:   6
 Duration (mths):   3.0
 Year:   1715
 Wage (£Sterling):   0.00
 Home:   Salem
 Tonnage:   60
 Sources:   CO 5 848; CO 33 15;
 Notes:   Brigantine Newbury of Newbury, reg in Salem 1712, 60 tons with 6 men. Sailed on July 5 1715 and returned on Oct 14 1715. Entered Barbados on Aug 15, 1715 and cleared for Virginia on Sept 10, 1715. Ralph Lindsey was also mentioned as master of this voyage, or he may have been the mate.

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