Voyage of Stone, Benjamin in 1697

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 RecID:   4245
 Mariner:   Stone, Benjamin
 Age:   31
 Duration (mths):   0.0
 Year:   1697
 Wage (£Sterling):   0.00
 Shipowner(s):   Marston, B ¼; Browne, Sam 1/8; Gerrish B 1/8; Parkman, D 1/8; Turner, Jn 1/8; Browne, Jn 1/8; Stone
 Sources:   Perley III 318; N.R. EIHC 41 183;
 Notes:   Ship Salem Merchant, Benjamin Stone, master. This was the French ship Light which had been captured off Newfoundland by Richard Harris and returned to Salem. The above owners had bought the vessel at a public auction for £920.

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