Voyage of Horsman, Ankias from West Indies to Marblehead in 1661

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 RecID:   46
 Mariner:   Horsman, Ankias
 Origin:   West Indies
 Destination:   Marblehead
 Duration (mths):   9.0
 Year:   1661
 Wage (£Sterling):   0.00
 Shipowner(s):   Venner, Samuel
 Sources:   EQC II, 392-4, 403.
 Notes:   Ship Ann - Thomas Barnard, Master - see agreement. EQC II, 392-4 refers to two voyages, one in 1661 and another in 1662. From From EQC II, 403 it appears that the first voyage lasted 9 months although Jones is asking for 5 months pay in his wage dispute with Barnard. Origin of 1st voyage is uncertain but it ultimately went from the West Indies to Marblehead. Route of 2nd voyage: New England to Madeira to Cape Verde Is. to Barbados and home. This seaman also involved in wage dispute from 1st voyage.

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