Selected Sources

Manuscripts: Crew Agreements held by the Maritime History Archive

Alipore, ON 12547, 1863.

Birdie, ON 48213, 1866.

Dennis Horton, ON 38187, 1866.

Greta ON 69335, 1866.

Hecla, ON 19723, 1870.

Nile, ON 48437, 1874.

Queen of Beauty, ON 38730, 1870.

Raphael, ON 91858, 1893.

Tankerton Tower, ON 89852, 1911.

Thalaba, ON 37174, 1867.

Veronica, ON 28192, 1872.

Ward Chipman, ON 23515, 1868.

Wickwire, ON 52098, 1870.

Wolfe's Cove, ON 19709, 1868.


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