- The Move
A video on the resettlement of the Rumboldt family
in 1968.


Image Acknowledgements

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Acknowledgements and Copyright

The Maritime History Archive is grateful to artist Craig Leonard for his contribution to this exhibit. Craig was so intrigued by our original work on this site that he secured his own funding and came to Newfoundland in the summer of 2006 to continue the research. He collected more than a hundred and twenty new images of other resettled communities which have been added to the site. He also contributed images that he had taken himself on his travels through rural Newfoundland.

The MHA would like to thank the following for granting permission to use the Resettlement Photographic Collection images on this web site.

Cliff Andrews for

Rev. Ralph Billard for
PF-317.612, PF-317.613, PF-317.614, PF-317.615, PF-317.616, PF-317.617, PF-317.618, PF-317.619, PF-317.620;

Rowena Caines for
PF-317.455, PF-317.456, PF-317.457, PF-317.458, PF-317.459, PF-317.460, PF-317.461, PF-317.462, PF-317.463, PF-317.464, PF-317.465, PF-317.466, PF-317.467, PF-317.468, PF-317.469, PF-317.470, PF-317.471, PF-317.472, PF-317.473, PF-317.474;

CNS Archives
-Collection 207 for
-Decks Awash for
PF-317.300, PF-317.304, PF-317.305, PF-317.307, PF-317.308, PF-317.329, PF-317.276, PF-317.273, PF-317.274, PF-317.275, PF-317.277, PF-317.278, PF-317.279, PF-317.280, PF-317.281, PF-317.283, PF-317.284;
-Geography Collection for
PF-317.005, PF-317.007, PF-317.008, PF-317.012;
-Mary Schwall Collection for

Craig Leonard for
PF-328.001, PF-328.002, PF-328.003, PF-328.004, PF-328.005, PF-328.006, PF-328.007, PF-328.008, PF-328.009

Marilyn Marsh for
PF-317.045, PF-317.047, PF-317.048, PF-317.049, PF-317.057, PF-317.058, PF-317.059, PF-317.061, PF-317.062, PF-317.063, PF-317.064, PF-317.065, PF-317.066, PF-317.067, PF-317.068, PF-317.069, PF-317.070, PF-317.071, PF-317.072, PF-317.074;

Philip Melvin for
PF-317.865, PF-317.866, PF-317.867, PF-317.869, PF-317.870, PF-317.871, PF-317.872, PF-317.873, PF-317.874, PF-317.875, PF-317.876, PF-317.878, PF-317.879, PF-317.880, PF-317.881, PF-317.882, PF-317.883, PF-317.886 PF-317.887, PF-317.888, PF-317.889, PF-317.890, PF-317.891, PF-317.892, PF-317.893, PF-317.895, PF-317.896, PF-317.897;

Giles Miller for
PF-317.770, PF-317.771, PF-317.772, PF-317.773, PF-317.774, PF-317.775, PF-317.776, PF-317.777, PF-317.778;

Elizabeth Murphy for

Louise Noseworthy for
PF-317.513, PF-317.514, PF-317.519, PF-317.520, PF-317.521, PF-317.522, PF-317.524, PF-317.525, PF-317.526, PF-317.527, PF-317.528, PF-317.529, PF-317.530, PF-317.531, PF-317.532, PF-317.533, PF-317.534, PF-317.535, PF-317.536, PF-317.537, PF-317.538;

Deanna Parsons for
PF-317.480, PF-317.481;

Harvey and Carolyn Pearce for
PF-317.540, PF-317.541, PF-317.543, PF-317.544, PF-317.545;

Arthur Pittman for
PF-317.546, PF-317.548, PF-317.549, PF-317.550;

Ken and Olive Pittman for
PF-317.501, PF-317.502, PF-317.504, PF-317.505, PF-317.506, PF-317.511;

Elizabeth Power for
PF-317.103, PF-317.104, PF-317.105, PF-317.106, PF-317.107, PF-317.108, PF-317.109, PF-317.110, PF-317.111, PF-317.112, PF-317.113, PF-317.114, PF-317.115, PF-317.116, PF-317.117, PF-317.118;

Shirley Randell for
PF-317.553, PF-317.554, PF-317.555, PF-317.556, PF-317.557, PF-317.558, PF-317.559, PF-317.560, PF-317.562, PF-317.563, PF-317.564, PF-317.565, PF-317.566;

Resettlers Museum for
PF-317.738, PF-317.739, PF-317.740, PF-317.741, PF-317.744, PF-317.745, PF-317.746, PF-317.747, PF-317.748;

Leslie Rogers for
PF-317.794, PF-317.799, PF-317.801, PF-317.802, PF-317.803, PF-317.812;

Gerald Squires for
PF-317.752, PF-317.753, PF-317.754, PF-317.755, PF-317.756, PF-317.762;

Al Stevens for
PF-317.482, PF-317.483;

Michael and Hilda Symmonds for
PF-317.484, PF-317.485, PF-317.486, PF-317.487;

Trinity Historical Society for
PF-317.844, PF-317.845, PF-317.846, PF-317.847, PF-317.848, PF-317.849, PF-317.850, PF-317.851, PF-317.852, PF-317.853, PF-317.854, PF-317.855, PF-317.856, PF-317.859, PF-317.860, PF-317.861, PF-317.862, PF-317.863;

Ken A. Tulk for
PF-317.393, PF-317.394, PF-317.395, PF-317.396, PF-317.397, PF-317.479, PF-317.591, PF-317.595, PF-317.596, PF-317.600, PF-317.607, PF-317.608, PF-317.609, PF-317.647, PF-317.820, PF-317.821, PF-317.822, PF-317.824, PF-317.826, PF-317.835, PF-317.836, PF-317.837, PF-317.838, PF-317.839, PF-317.840, PF-317.841;

United Church Conference Archives, St. John's for
PF-317.129, PF-317.144, PF-317.145, PF-317.146, PF-317.147, PF-317.148, PF-317.149;

Jack Wadman for
PF-317.448, PF-317.450, PF-317.452, PF-317.453;

Ernest Walsh for
PF-317.654, PF-317.655, PF-317.656, PF-317.657, PF-317.658, PF-317.659, PF-317.660, PF-317.661, PF-317.662, PF-317.663, PF-317.664, PF-317.665, PF-317.668, PF-317.670, PF-317.674, PF-317.675, PF-317.676, PF-317.677, PF-317.678, PF-317.679, PF-317.680, PF-317.681, PF-317.687, PF-317.688, PF-317.689;

Copyright Disclaimer:
As always, the Maritime History Archive has made every reasonable effort to determine and locate the copyright owners of the material on this site. Despite our efforts, at the time of posting we were unsuccessful in finding the copyright holders of several images. If you have any additional information regarding the copyright of this material, please email us at mha@mun.ca.

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