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Sagona Island

Sagona Island (pop. 1966, 97) is a resettled fishing community located in Fortune Bay, about 12 km south of Harbour Breton.

The community appears in the first Census (1836), with a population of 59 people in nine families. Twenty years later there were 158 and in 1874 there was a population of 289, engaged in the cod and herring fisheries. Shortly thereafter the population of Sagona declined, remaining at about 200 people until the 1930s. This decline coincided with the heyday of the Fortune Bay bank fishery, for which Sagona harbour was poorly suited, its narrow entrance effectively blocked to larger vessels by a sunker.

There was a further exodus from the island during World War II. By 1945 the population had dropped to 117, remaining at about this level until resettlement. The remaining inhabitants were resettled over three years in the late 1960s, with most moving to Harbour Breton and others to St. Jacques-Coomb's Cove.

From the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador

Sagona Island, Fortune Bay

Sagona Island, Fortune Bay
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