- The Move
A video on the resettlement of the Rumboldt family
in 1968.


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Taken from the A.G. Stacey Collection at the Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives (CNS) at Memorial University of Newfoundland, the documents provide great insight into the various stages of resettlement, from its origins as a "centralization" program in 1954 to the establishment of the Federal-Provincial Resettlement Program in 1965. Public announcements by Premier J.R. Smallwood, reports by officials, community assessments by welfare officers, physicians and clergy, correspondence from community residents, and survey forms and questionnaires combine to give researchers a sense of how the program was established and evolved.

(Stacey was a senior level bureaucrat in the Newfoundland Government involved in the resettlement program during the mid-1960s.)

                                Smallwood Statement, Feb. 1957

                                Cochrane Letter to Stacey, 1967

                                Confidential Circular to all Welfare Officers, 1957

                                Letter, 1957

                                Chart, Why People should Move, 1957

                                Community Chart, 1957

                                A. E. Hart Reply to Circular 4, 1957

                                C. Hicks Letter to R.L. Andrews, 1957

                                E.R. Rowsell Letter to R.L. Andrews, 1957

                                G. Crewe Letter to P.H. Jardine, 1957

                                Smallwood Statement, Oct. 1957

                                List of Persons Inquiring about Resettlement, 1957

                                Forms Requesting Resettlement, ca. 1957

                                Charles S. Curtis Letter, 1957

                                Smallwood Letter to Mrs. Walter Stoodley, 1958

                                Letter Stating Procedure for Moving, ca. 1958

                                North West Arm List, ca. 1958

                                Raymond Combden Letter to Isaac Mercer, 1958

                                Seymour Goodyear Letter to J.R. Smallwood, 1958

                                Leander Perry Letter to Robert Wells, 1958

                                Robert Wells Response to Leander Perry Letter, 1958

                                Harvey Downer Letter to Robert Wells, 1959

                                Robert Wells Response to Harvey Downer Letter, 1959

                                Letter of Financial Assistance, 1959

                                Annual Report with List of Places Vacated, 1963

                                Announcement, 1965

                                List of Communities Abandoned, 1965

                                List of Reception Points, 1965

                                Resettlement Act, 1965

                                Agreement, Minister Fisheries Canada and Minister Fisheries Newfoundland, 1965

                                Outline of Policy, ca. 1965

                                Points Regarding Regulations, ca. 1965

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