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Miller's Passage

Miller's Passage (pop. 1966, 108) is a resettled fishing community on the Connaigre Peninsula in western Great Bay de l'Eau.

The population was 89 in 1869, with the family names Grant, Green, Gorman, Habbit, Hind, Lambert, Martin, Ridgley, Sheppard, Smith and Whelan. The population continued to increase steadily into the 1900s, peaking at 142 in 1935. While at this time some people from smaller settlements had begun to relocate to communities like Miller's Passage, where there were stores, churches and schools, many people were leaving the area. This movement of people is reflected in the fact that family names in the 1930s -- Abbott, Bullen, Bungay, Drakes, Green, Lambert, Martin, Quann, Ridgley, Sheppard, Snook, Skinner and Vallis -- were very different from those of the late 1800s.

In the mid-1930s the Commission of Government noting the area's extreme isolation, encouraged people to resettle to the Port au Port Peninsula to develop the agricultural potential of that area. Several families were relocated to Lourdes from Miller's Passage and other nearby communities. After Confederation the community was abandoned at an even faster rate. By 1968 the community was completely vacated. Most people went to Harbour Breton, while others moved to Stephenville, Lourdes and Lamaline. The last families to reside at Miller's Passage were Bungay, Dollimount, Drake, Lambert, Ridgley, Rose, Sheppard, Skinner and Snook.

From the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador

Miller's Passage, Connaigre Peninsula

Miller's Passage, Connaigre Peninsula
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