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A video on the resettlement of the Rumboldt family
in 1968.


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Bibliography - Introduction

This bibliography is a part of an on-going project on Resettlement in Newfoundland undertaken by Dr. Reeta Tremblay, vice-president academic (pro tempore) and Ms. Heather Wareham, archivist, Maritime History Archive. It includes a comprehensive listing of published and manuscript material found in the province's libraries and archives related to the subject of resettlement.

The sources were collected by Allan Byrne, the project researcher. They are arranged in nine series, each in its own page, ranging from historical works to government reports and are arranged alphabetically within each series.

We are grateful to the following people for their assistance:

Joan Ritcey and the staff of the Centre for Newfoundland Studies,
Bert Riggs and the staff of the Archives and Special Collections Division, both at the Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University;
Melanie Tucker and staff of The Rooms Provincial Archives;
Larry Dohey, Archivist, Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, St. John's;
Christine Davies, CBC Archives, St. John's;
Dr. Pat Byrne, Folklore Dept., MUN;
Mr. Howard Brown, former archivist with the Provincial Archives.

Thank you all for your help.

We would appreciate suggestions for any material we may have overlooked. Please email suggestions to mha@mun.ca.

1. Historical Works - Histories which been written both by public and academic historians.

2. Sociology, Anthropology and Geography - Contains all other works besides those of academic historians. Many examine resettlement from the sociological perspectives of rural development and decline, as well as population studies.

3. Populist Periodicals and Magazines

4. Studies of Folklore and Folklife

5. Global Studies - Includes several examples of general sociological examinations of resettlement, as well as analyses of resettlement in other geographic regions.

6. Works of Fiction and Literary Criticism

7. Student Papers - Does not include MA/Ph.D theses, but consists primarily of the undergraduate papers that reside in the Maritime History Archive collection.

8. News/Journalism Articles

9. Government Reports.

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